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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2019 12:00am-1:00am +03

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it is and the protests obviously started in december last year and now people are saying that if the military council does not show any sign of wanting to hand over power to civilian government then they will escalate until it into a civil disobedience and strikes from war and so they're going to try to force them into account in every way they can the big opposition coalition led by the sudanese professional association which has been spearheading calls for protests say that more people should be arriving today and in the coming days to join the sit in to join the people here in the demand to have the military council handle will power to an independent transitional government and people are saying that if that government is not formed if it is not independent if the military is in charge then they will not move from this place in front of the army headquarters and had. plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including more people around the world have been forced from their homes and ever before we'll look at why plus i knew hospital offers hope to palestinians who have lost their limbs in the israeli crackdown in gaza and the portland trailblazers come back from the brink to force
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a deciding game seven in the n.b.a. playoffs joe will have the details straight. it's a first friday in the muslim holy month of ramadan and palestinians are continuing their weekly protest at the gaza israel border the palestinian ministry says three hundred four people have been killed since the protests which organizes call the great march of return began last year natasha good name is live for us now at the gaza israel border natasha less about what's been happening this friday first friday of ramadan as we've said how big are the crowds. and also the first friday protests since the cease fire the latest one between israel and hamas took effect on monday morning as you can see people are starting to go home ostensibly to get home. break their fast because as you know it's ramadan according to the
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israeli army there were only thirty five hundred protesters along the border today that is a significant decrease from previous fridays hamas had been warning that if there was a big escalation here that they would have responded with rockets now since the march of return protests began last year in addition to the casualties you mentioned more than seventeen thousand people have been injured. jaime's food you is what you might call a wounded veteran of the march of return protests in gaza on a friday last august he was shot in the left leg came one of the growing number of protest amputees. i'm not disabled being disabled is a state of mind i believe if my mind is disabled i'm disabled but if i lose a part of my body i'm not disabled the. food you is one of twenty people who will
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soon be fitted for a state of the art prosthetic leg at the newly opened how mad hospital for rehabilitation and artificial limbs there are already forty people on the waiting list the executive director of the hospital says there are six thousand eight hundred amputees living in gaza since the march of return protests began last year one hundred thirty six people mostly young men have lost their limbs. patients can now get free treatment at the qatari funded hospital it's the first public rehabilitation facility in the gaza strip. the aim is to provide more advanced prosthetics and treatment programs that are currently available but given the land sea and air blockade it posed by israel and egypt since two thousand
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and seven there are many obstacles to overcome the deficient and sometimes also a bit too into gaza city because of for some but it's a good on some security issues that's why it'll take time for the one hundred bed hospital to be fully operational clothed but who is hoping by the one year anniversary of his amputation he'll have a second leg again well in. my life will change after i get a prosthetic leg and i can walk up and down the stairs to my fourth floor apartment drive a car ride a motorcycle and go outside without crutches. losing his leg hasn't deterred food from attending the protests each friday he goes he says all palestinians must make sacrifices in their fight for a return to the land they once called home and for
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a life better than the one they have now under siege. and there are signs that israel is abiding by its commitments in the ceasefire today fuel arrived from qatar and the zone in the mediterranean sea where fishermen can catch seafood was expanded hamas is calling for gazans to return to protest on wednesday afternoon to keep the pressure on israel to ease the conditions here thank you very much for that natasha the name reporting and i'm from the gaza israel border. at least seventy refugees and migrants have drowned after their boat capsized off the coast of tunisia they had sailed from libya hoping to reach europe fee united nations says sauza is of libyans have been displaced since fighting broke out between rival factions near the capital tripoli last month i mean while more people have been forced from their homes by violence and natural disasters last year than
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ever before that's according to the norwegian refugee council over forty one million people are displaced around the world a majority of them are from ten countries with syria and colombia topping the list in twenty eighteen there were twenty eight new didn't twenty million new displacement ethiopia the democratic republic of congo and syria account for more than half that figure nearly eleven million people were forced out by violence and conflict sub-saharan africa was higher than any other region with nearly three million people affected in ethiopia alone but the majority of new displacement about seventy million of them are because of natural disasters the philippines china and india accounted for on sixty percent of all new displacement well let's speak to alexandra about this she is the director of internal displacement monitoring center she's from geneva thank you so much for speaking to us a record number as we've heard there displacement tell us more about the fact is that are driving people from their homes. thank you very much indeed we are
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reporting a record number this year of forty one point three million people currently living internally displaced because of conflict across the world and the reason why this number is so high this year is because we're seeing more and more complex across the world but also political crises that are not finding solutions so cyclical and protracted patterns of displacement but explain this this high figure what challenges does this present to the cities and countries where these displaced people are are heading to are living. one of the challenges are many many and we actually are highlighting four of them specifically today one is that displacement is very much a repeated and a cyclical experience for many people it's very rare that people experience it as a one off episode more and more people are experiencing multiple hazards and multiple waves of displacement sometimes in the same year we've also seen that
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displacement affect people in richer and poorer countries in very different ways so it is systematically the poorer households the poorer families and the more vulnerable groups like women and children who are disproportionately affected another key trend is that. it is becoming increasingly difficult for displaced people across the world to find solutions to their displacement but in particular to return to the areas that they are from and that is very much because many of the cities that these people have been destroyed the damage to infrastructure has been syria which may and in many cases they're also filled with mines which makes a return very difficult in many cases and so alexandra who perhaps how then can we respond to the crisis what new ways are there to deal with the issue. well first and foremost as i said and many of the crises that are
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causing this displacement are first and foremost political so we need political solutions to the conflicts that means more investment in peace building more investment in conflict mediation in some of the largest conflicts that we but in terms of disaster displacement we also need more investment in disaster risk reduction in this in the early warning systems and of course in climate change that patients now many of these investments on the prevention side of the insurance. on the response side of course the issue is very much a humanitarian issue and we can see that the humanitarian funds are. too limited across the world so there needs to be also an engrossment on the development side to look the longer term displaced. can be taken care of by the development banks as the governments would also internationally. thank you so much for speaking to us and xandra billick from the displacement monitoring center joining us there from
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geneva thank you very much for your insight thank you for the ride hailing company has launched its shares on the stock market for the very first time. over as chief executive rang the opening bell on the new york stock exchange the initial share price for what's expected to be one of the biggest stock market list exists here was forty five dollars a share that values the company which has a made a profit since it started ten years ago at eighty two billion dollars christensen only joins us now live from the new york stock exchange christine there was a lot of excitement a lot of anticipation leading up to this i.p.o. why why why so much excitement over a company that has yet to be profitable. yeah well the name ober has become synonymous with the ride hailing the technology has really changed the transportation landscape the app is now available in sixty three countries around
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the world more than seven hundred cities so yes the company has yet to make a profit in fact it's lost more than a billion dollars this year alone it's incredible but it continues to grow exponentially and uber says you know we're doing things that haven't been done before not only ride hailing but we're investing in driverless cars and scooters now we have a food delivery service uber eats which is really taken off so they are counting on the fact that even though they say it will take probably ten years for them to be profitable that ride hailing is here to stay and that investors will continue to look to to lead the pack but it's an i.p.o. that's not without controversy christine drivers were protesting earlier this week around the world in the lead up to this public offering what do the drivers want and what are they likely to have to get what impact is that going to have. yes in fact it has already lowered the expectations coming into this initial public
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offering they. drop their share price to the low end of the range that they were talking about in this in the face of those driver protests and also the initial public offering of their closest competitor lift lift went public last month and its share prices have fallen since that company also has profitability issues and driver issues the drivers are really calling attention to a problem facing both of these companies and that is that they say they can't make ends meet as drivers anymore that their wages have fallen in and this is really a problem for over because if drivers can't make ends meet they want more rights more guarantees things that full time workers would get in terms of a minimum wage guaranteed minimum wage and regulations are passed that would impose those things for workers who say that they won't become profitable in this
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driverless technology that we hear so much about is still many years away they still need these drivers so this is kind of something that has them concerned and has had expectations lowered but still what we're talking about now at forty five dollars a share is eighty two billion dollars a valuation for the company it would still be one of the ten top ten companies valued to ever go to market in the united states i thank you very much for that christensen only live for us on the new york stock exchange meanwhile facebook c.e.o. has met french president to coin paris the tech giant and france are hoping to find better ways to curb online extremism and hate speech france wants to take up the leading technology regulation. is a digital rights activists he says censorship should be controlled by individuals rather than governments. given their talks to get facts on human rights and on democracy we should probably be taxing them at
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a much higher rate we should probably be taxing them like we tax big tobacco so let's start thinking about that let's start thinking about taxing big data big tech like big tobacco and beyond that so i think we have to ask ourselves what is it we really want do we want better censorship do we want these organizations to become better filters of our reality do we want our governments involved in that or do we perhaps want to start looking at alternatives where the people would have control where the people would have ownership of both their own data and would have freedom of speech because that's what i would favor more than government interest eg intervention in censorship we should be doing everything in our power to regulate them as much as possible to break them up to tax them higher to try and pass regulations towards data minimization so that we cut off the thing that feeds
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them what can we do these are our government strong enough to do things does someone like mike ron who you know he said he wants to run france like a startup doesn't even want to actually regulate them or does he maybe after he leaves like obama said after he left the presidency said maybe i'll become a venture capitalist maybe that's what i'll do you know neo liberals love this business model you know liberals love silicon valley's there are the i think even the right people to be regulating them i don't know what i do know is we can build ethical alternatives to these platforms to head on this fallacy is a very new valid topic is going into the news as some support but hold on to the need to gain a national election process we are on patrol with security forces in nigeria where many lives the n.p.a. off killings and kidnapping and rafael nadal sends out a warning to his right. i was at the madrid open as the games when it's very strong the season two of the task coming up later discovered.
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we've still got want to see showers around the middle east maybe northern parts of the middle east some cloud here pushing out of iraq easing over towards iran runs right up across the caucuses georgia armenia azerbaijan could see some wet weather then pushing across towards the caspian sea south of that is generally dry just not just a little bit of cloud there just around that the eastern side of iran pushing over towards afghanistan for sunday to catch wanted to share was it was kabul southern parts of the caspian little chain of storms you can see just run up towards the black sea it is out of the med fine and dry twenty four celsius for beirut with plenty of sunshine is the plenty of sunshine across the arabian peninsula but somewhat the cloud there into central parts of saudi arabia might just squeeze out
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one or two spots of right thirty eight in doha forty back to around thirty six on sunday i think by sunday that when starting to pick out so the possibility little bit will lift the dust and sand by and large pretty much dry for the most part dry for the most part too across southern africa we have got one of two showers just pushing up towards the northeast of mozambique southern areas of tanzania the heaviest rain will be into tanzania and the designs to the south of that is fine and dry. rewind returns with updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries. the moving story of two young tuchman girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after is a presage taliban occupation. but what has become of their dreams.
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rewind pencils and bullets. on al-jazeera. in a two part series. al-jazeera observes the lives of two children. over twenty years. where insights into circumstances that shaped lives. in a rapidly changing world. twenty years of me starts with blood and learned to build a story on al-jazeera. you're
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watching al jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories on this news hour donald trump says the u.s. is preparing to impose tariffs on nearly all chinese imports that stop to america more than doubled sarris on two hundred billion dollars worth of products made in china the u.s. and chinese negotiators have started a second day of talks aimed at ending the trade war between the world's two largest economies saudi ship which was due to load weapons in france has sailed with outtakes congo human rights protesters say the shipment contravened an international arms treaty france is one of saudi arabia's leading bomb surprise. and the ride hailing company has lifted its shares on the stock market for the very first time as chief executive rang the opening bell on the new york stock exchange that speaks more about this now to jeff thomason who's the founder and c.e.o. of best sport of capital his life from new york thank you so much for being with us
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this i.p.o. hotly anticipated of course this is mean the end of cheap writes yes and unfortunately they're going to that's going to happen that's a really great point to bring up because they've been doing so many incentives over the last you know five or six years to get people comfortable to ride sharing and that's something that you're going to see disappear over the next three to six months so what are they going to be doing exactly are they going to be raising prices getting rid of drivers how do you would dissipate this. well i think one of the things you're going to see is obviously the incentives right to that are going to disappear and you know one of the. one of the things that i think they're concerned about is they have to start making money you know if you look at how over the last one billion dollars this quarter last year they've lost one point eight billion dollars so when you look at the valuation that they're coming out to the market today you know you have to be really concerned as an investor on the future
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of the over how they're going to make up the difference of losing a billion dollars a quarter and there's been a lot of attention on the plight of the driver is one of the biggest precious relationship with its drivers how do you see this evolving going forward some drivers want and they could they get that well you've seen it is it here in the united states i think in seattle washington they're putting in a lot where they're going to have to pay a minimum wage and that is a huge problem for going forward because even today when it's supposed to be in celebration a lot of the drivers are protesting because they want to be employees and right now the way has it in in their business models they're independent contractors so if all of sudden you had to start to put these drivers as employees on the balance sheet that means that there's a huge cost to the bottom line of hoover and that says that that world obviously hurt them in the long run and in the wrong one of the ways they're going to combat
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that it growing one of the ways on they going to go that being good. well one of the things they're doing and how this is a long term play is obviously self driving cars right is they are putting they are investing a ton of money into self driving cars now they think it's going to be five years from now a lot of other people are believing it's going to be ten to fifteen years before they have self driving cars but if they could eliminate the drivers that also totally changes the business model and makes it much more closer to probably profitability ok so. what could get in the way non term profitability well the one thing you know i you know you see this is that if to get to be profitable when you have in such steep losses a lot have has to go right and let me let me give you some of the pros like they are trying to you know not only do ride sharing but they're you know doing freight they have freight share and right now they they're into they have each so they
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wanted their whole philosophy is to be the amazon of transportation now but for that to happen they have to spend a lot more money so on a short term basis you know you have to be very concerned like if i wanted to get involved in investing i'm not investing today i want to see over the next couple of quarter's are these other business ventures starting to make their money because that's the only way that i can see and profitable because right sharon is you know is only one bit of it and then you have competition you have a lift and we've saw what happened to the i.p.o. with lift you know it's down almost what thirty forty percent from the high so any time a company like this with a lot of hype starts to go public you have to sit back and take you know kind of take some control and say place i have to wait to see if they actually can execute their business plan all right very good to talk to you about this thank you so much for your insights jeff thomason the founder and c.e.o. . of capital joining us there from the oh thank you. but thousands of iranians have
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shown their support to the government's decision to roll back some of its commitments under the twenty fifty nuclear deal. with. tehran cheered on president hassan rouhani his declaration of an ultimatum to e.u. leaders to protect iran from u.s. sanctions meanwhile american bombers that the pentagon sent citing threats from iran have landed at the u.s. air base in qatar and the u.s. navy released video of its a craft carrier abraham lincoln passing through egypt suez canal on thursday the battle strike group is heading for the gulf has the latest now from tehran. within the last twenty four hours a fleet of american warships has gone through the sways canal into the red sea and is getting closer and closer to iranian waters to iranian sure the sea but iran's armed forces has been relatively reserved in any sort of show of force or talk of
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force in response to what is a clear american move against iranian security iranian borders even the supreme leader himself eyelets on the only company has been silent on all matters with regard to the united states since president hussen ramana made a statement made an announcement that iran would begin to lessen its cooperation with the twenty fifty nuclear deal but the supreme leader is thoughts on the matter his feelings on the issues are likely to be made known here at the weekly friday prayer sermon the government has also called for an anti american demonstration of protest to follow the prayers this week it's all fairly standard but it comes as the chances of an open conflict between the united states and iran are higher than they've been in recent memory any time in the past many weeks and months and it's not just american military hardware moving closer and closer towards iran that has
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people worried iranians are worried that the rhetoric by hawks in washington and people that are part of the white house of u.s. president donald trump senior members of his government who have been making very hawkish comments towards iran iranian people are worried that the prospect of a war with america is a real possibility now more than ever now iranian leaders have tried to assure their people that they're doing everything they can to avoid a conflict with lloyd's a direct war with the united states but in a speech earlier this month supreme leader ayatollah khamenei did tell his people that the united states has a past record of the stable. they are in the region and despite their best efforts to iranian people should be prepared for a cause which should be prepared for a potential war. japan is accusing north korea of violating un resolutions with this latest missile test a second weapons test within a week north korean state media showed at least one missile being launched on
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thursday the u.s. says multiple ballistic rockets were also fired tensions have risen following the failed denuclearization summit between the american and north korean leaders. not to nigeria where there's growing concern as violent attacks in the north have increased significantly more than one hundred people have been killed in the past month by armed gangs and what began as a conflict between farmers and cattle herders a decade ago has now turned into regular kid killings and kidnappings and i did research went on patrol with nigerian security forces in some far state. i direct it says the nigerian air force on what was a hired out of one of the criminal gangs terrorizing communities in northern nigeria i the one. on the ground troops patrol towns and villages they took us with them to an area where a large group of armed men or bandits as they're called had been seeing but after
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a long search they found nothing we're told it's been like this for weeks in this part of them for a state the gangs seem to disappear from this village has been attacked several times lead on his own and kept using out of the towns we've paid huge sums of money as one site we can't be any more they said to kill the life would be easier with the rebel soldiers. tired of running some of the villages are now helping the security forces with information and the question when and what happened i lost nearly everything family friends and money i joined to protect what's left. but despite the presence of the army and hundreds of volunteers vigilantes like. the bandits continue to kill and maim is our daily. car in unfortunate trend sometimes even while to pull attacks in a day we have about men major cams and about thirty six men are cams you know all
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over the state are taken off of our tents how than or more by needs presently and it's not only the number of armed gangs that's of concern there now went into the use of sophisticates a weapon such as. a k forty seven the evil use aircraft glance they use general purpose machine guns are off limits they did launched rockets on our. military veterans not far from here is a forest thought to be a hiding place where hundreds of gunmen are going to run these are not allowing us to this point the military how superior firepower in times and planes but one just like they make up in local intelligence and dollars in ransom money to pay for that . but the military says it's making progress due to our receive the troops fighting part rules cordon and search. not roadblocks
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it's a set into the our converts communications and. every other man over his deal with mccain were able to. move several steps ahead of the. the nigerian military is increasingly being asked to intervene in trouble spots across nigeria it's currently engaged in fighting criminal gangs and under groups in at least thirty of the country's thirty six states from broke or i'm in the northeast dorothy's in the south and suspicion is in the east with a number of attacks increasing this could be a long and difficult campaign not only for the military but for the people here who just want to live in peace but you grease al-jazeera northwest nigeria in booking a fossil to find soldiers have been killed during an operation to rescue hostages the french government says four hostages were rescued and are now safe they include
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an american a south korean and two french citizens at. the details. well they lease a pushouts a communique paying tribute to the two french soldiers special forces who were killed on thursday friday night during a raid to release some hostages in the defense ministry also reacting paying tribute to their courage and their service now four hostages were actually free during this raid there was a south korean one american and two french citizens we don't know anything for the time being about the american and south korean citizens but in terms of the two frenchmen we know that they had been on holiday and been in south of bicheno faso last week on may the first they left their hotel accommodation and were heading to a wildlife park with their guides now they didn't return and that was when the alarm was raised now their tour guide was later found shot dead the four wheel
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drive that been traveling in was found across the border in bicheno fasten it was it was burnt out now we've heard a bit from some of the the relatives of those two frenchmen apparently they are in good health and they will be returning to france this weekend in terms of coup took these two frenchmen hostage who is behind this kidnapping we don't know only the french french government has said in the past that armed groups of course operational in the area they want citizens in the past not to travel to certain parts of west africa for this very reason but one of the questions which will really be raised over the next few days and weeks is how it is the two french soldiers were killed in such an operation these were special forces soldiers they were highly skilled highly trained they both had experience in the saddle region and for now we don't know the circumstances of their death but i think that will be a question that many will want to want to ask particularly their families. south
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africa's ruling party is expected to be officially announced the winner of wednesday's general election but with nearly all votes counted the. he has a lower share of votes in the end of apartheid twenty five years ago the main opposition democratic alliance won almost a quarter of the vote. now to venezuela where the family of a close aide of opposition leader one is increasingly concerned for his safety after his arrest by intelligence agents brando is vice-president of the opposition controlled national assembly traceable has a story from caracas. so lisa medina is going to every public office he got access to try to locate her father ever got a somewhat i know the vice president of the opposition controlled national assembly at the time. we don't know where he is he was kidnapped by this government and taken illegally he is innocent they talk about treason he has been defending democracy in venezuela because the national assembly is the only democratic institution left in venezuela. somebody i know will stake in on wednesday night he
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did not want to leave his vehicle so intelligence officers used a told truck to take him at this point nobody really knows where it ever got to some but i know he's being held his lawyers that he's been detained in this prison it's known as. it's where political opponents and students for example that participated in protests are being detained someone write scripts say that prisoners here are tortured and abused by them in. the government controlled constituent assembly voted to strip of immunity to several opposition lawmakers somebody i know is one of them two others had to seek refuge at the italian embassy and another one is hiding at the argentine embassy. the government is accusing them of treason and rebellion but has provided no proof. but it's not just lawmakers the government is going after this is
12:35 am
a video from april thirtieth and involved members of the volley varian national guard that. government believes sided with opposition leader one way those attempted insurrection. traffic. can be seen in the video he doesn't know where his son niece. is i don't even know what he was doing there i was told he was detained i know there is an investigation going on but i don't know where they have him or where he is why the war is demanding the government releases those detained he says the government is the one who is not respecting the rule of law in venezuela. the government wants to talk about a coup no but the real coup is here because mantling of the rule of law with the constant attacks against me only on the judgment body and burns weyler the national assembly that is why there is a crisis and they can show the people results that will impact their lives in the. human rights groups say that with the current situation in the country it is
12:36 am
difficult any of those detained will stand a fair trial i mean one of the. neck and i thought we know there are reports of planned or stein detention centers they are not in regular prisons and prosecutors are not demanding that those imprisoned charge within forty eight hours of being detained people are being abandoned with nowhere to turn. and zero say there are almost eight hundred political prisoners in venezuela today prisoners whose future is uncertain so long as the institutions are controlled by the government they said well i'll just pass.
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welcome back private companies are increasingly challenging national agencies in a new space race u.s. billionaire jeff bezos has unveiled a new note in lander that he hopes will be transporting astronauts to the morn within the next five years. explains. or. in a few weeks time it will be fifty years since three american astronauts landed on the moon now the united states is in a new space race with russia and china. but where is in the past u.s. rockets to earth's nearest neighbor were funded by u.s.
12:39 am
taxpayers multi-billionaires such as amazon founder jeff bezos are increasingly paying for private benches into space speaking to an audience of nasa scientists as well as investors he unveiled a lunar lander called believe moon he says it could be used to transport equipment and people to the moon in the next five years we do work on the slander for three years. it's a very large lander. of soft landing and precise way three point six metric tons onto the lunar surface. two months ago the u.s. vice president called for a dramatic acceleration in american space exploration mike pence said nothing rockets and other technology could be replaced by alternatives from private companies we have the technology to return to the mon and renew american leadership in human space exploration what we need now. is urgency.
12:40 am
his comments follow china landing a spacecraft on the far side of the moon for the first time ever that space x. founded by another billionaire musk is due to fly nasa astronauts to the moon later this year and nasa is drawing up plans to establish a future human outpost on the south pole of the moon scientists believe there's enough ice there to use its hydrogen for rocket fuel as well as the drinking water entrepreneurs hoping to sell that technology to the u.s. government space exploration as an opportunity to make money as well as history victoria gate to be al-jazeera. our time to catch up on. falling thank you paris sentiment striken neymar has been banned for three matches after lashing out at an opposition fan at the french cup final the incidents on the right here occurred as the p.c. players went to collect their runners up medals after unexpectedly losing to rain
12:41 am
in april the brazilian is not having a great run with the authorities last month he was also banned for three champions league matches next season after criticizing a match official. of p.s.g. coach thomas to wholesale the club accepts name ban and won't challenge the decision but he's warned the striker incidents like this will hold him back from being recognised as a great player. neymar is not the same leader as tiago mark you know sochi g.p. form he's an artist a very creative player he can be a leader with his quality with his creativity because he's always brave he's not afraid he always plays offensive and leaves our leadership qualities but i'm very satisfied with marquis jago as captains and i'm not changing now the two major european cup finals will be contested by four english clubs that soft at chelsea and also booked their places at the europa league final azerbaijan on thursday spurs and liverpool and already clinched their spots in the champions league
12:42 am
decider of appalls german manager was eager to point out the irony as this is all happening as british politicians try to leave the european union through praxair. least the big clubs want to stay with all they have in europe. you didn't understand that. because the rest of the country doesn't want to. go do what i do you don't even if that story it's my language. i really thought it's a good. fellow seventy six is a force to turn directors to a deciding game seven of the eastern conference playoff series after tying it up three three over in the west damian to lead it was in championship form as the portland trail blazers voided elimination from the n.b.a. playoffs they beat the demagogues to force a deciding game in their series in unstoppable form scoring thirty two points as the blazers bounce back one of the trying to get to their first conference finals since two thousand one hundred nineteen two hundred eight the final score so game
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seven awaits back in denver. but the defending champion golden state warriors have suffered a blow can drown out for at least the rest of the series against the houston rockets he strained his right call for landing a jump shot on wednesday the state will at least take a three two series lead but they'll need someone else to fill trans shoes. i will just find somebody on the bench you can give us thirty five. two blocks and a lot of nine assist. he's been the best for her in the n.b.a. in the playoffs he's been phenomenal and so. you know it's obviously a huge loss but our team has one confidence. and trust each other they want you happy just together. so we come out and we give our best shot well to the n.h.l. playoffs now and the boston bruins came from behind to seal a resoundingly win in game one of the eastern conference final against the carolina
12:44 am
hurricanes the bruins were two one down in the third period before two goals and twenty eight seconds away from the late not entirely intentional empty net goal didn't help the hurricanes calls it finished five two to the bruins to go one step closer to their first stanley cup finals. since two thousand and thirteen. dollars into a quarter final against fellow grand slam winner standard brinker after beating france's t a photo at the madrid open the spanish world number two hasn't been in dominant form on clay so far this season but it was too much for the american on thursday winning six three six four hoping to challenge for his six title in the treat. the boston red sox met donald trump at the white house on thursday with that manager alex cora and several black and mixed race players who are the latest to snub the u.s. president on political grounds where the breasts seem to enjoy themselves although trump was careful not to repeat the errors of some of his stuff in the build up
12:45 am
well good afternoon my pleasure to welcome to the white house the two thousand and eighteen world series champion the boston red sox a very special group of people. so truck may think the red sox are special but the white house managed to spell their name wrong with website stocks as in the ones that you put on your feet rather than s o x did demonstrate the correct spelling very the white house web site also called the world cup series champions white house aides perhaps mixing up socks with soccer. and finally beijing has celebrated one thousand days until the start of the winter olympics there was a huge turnouts in the olympic park on friday as the organizers and special guests started the countdown clock beijing will make history in two thousand and twenty two as it becomes the first city to have staged both summer and winter games china is hoping these olympics will go up to three hundred million people involved in
12:46 am
winter sports. just nine hundred ninety nine sleeps to go fully thank you so much for that john and that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera but do stay with us plenty more world news coming up including the latest on the chime a u.s. trade talks will be live in washington distributes. becoming a living legend to the young age was simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch into political clout the book piece to the ivory coast.
12:47 am
hosted by eric cantona football rebels begins with a look at the life of. the football who succeeded with politicians but not. in the ivorian civil war on al-jazeera. the climate is changing and the time is running out to have christina elephant back. in a new series at your eyes meet some of the people driving the struggle to save the environment scientists are telling us that we have twelve more to make changes to transform every part of our economy and our societal. coming sitting on ounces there at. once welcome now fear. dividing a nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world i feel more judgement on syria and the. how
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much money does a richer get those people and put the fake. one german and i'm iraq the new germans on al-jazeera. television the fuck. up cut cut. cut. us and chinese negotiators meet hours after new american tires take effect but the talks don't last long. this is al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha fully back to people also ahead a saudi ship leaves france without collecting its load of weapons following protests
12:49 am
over the military campaign in yemen five weeks scene and no sign of stopping the city not saddam's on the headquarters continues. across all but looks for a five star review from investors in his hotly anticipated chairlift state. the trade war between the world's two top economies is escalating hours after chinese goods were hit with hundreds of millions of dollars in u.s. tires negotiators from the two sides have been meeting again in washington but the talks have quickly broken up with a chinese negotiating team meeting shortly after they arrived early in the day the u.s. president tweeted about the standoff saying tirades will bring in far more wealth to walk country than ever that even a phenomenal deal of the traditional kind also much easier and quicker to do he
12:50 am
also set off on his will do better faster and sobbing nations can now be helped waivers on some products will be granted all go to a new source that speaks to our white house correspondent kimberly hoggett so kimberly this was supposed to be a day to lock the talks but they've broken up already. yeah that is the indication that we are getting that there was a meeting that took place we're not exactly sure how long but we assume it happened over a period of hours in the morning but then ended with the chinese delegation leaving now we don't know if this means a breakdown we can't characterize it is that but there had been thought that this would continue much longer it could be possible they went to lunch we're trying to get some clarity on that but in the midst of all of this what we are hearing is the treasury secretary steve minutia in saying that these talks were constructive in terms of the discussions so there is a reason for optimism but at the same time the pictures of the chinese delegation
12:51 am
leaving leaves a lot of people answering core asking questions about what is going to happen next because as you alluded to in your intro there donald trump seems to be perhaps even misunderstanding how tariffs work or trying to put a positive spin on the situation sort of intimating that in fact canadian or rather american consumers may not be bearing the brunt of this that it was china that would be absorbing the cost of these tariffs but that's not necessarily true because when there are chinese exports they're brought in by american importers they do absorb those tariffs that they then turn and passed on to the consumer so the president again trying to put a positive spin on this he's been tweeting all morning it's a very complex situation that seems to be changing by the hour all right and the treasury secretary came in he's just quoted as saying now that the trade negotiations are done for the day is this time to work out a solution. well the feeling was that there was still
12:52 am
a window of opportunity here but now for hearing from the treasury secretary that in fact these are done for the day that looks last promising let me just explain why there had been some hope that something could be done in a last minute type solution and that is that the higher tariffs that have kicked into a fact these two hundred billion of goods apply only to goods that left china friday that means you know many goods are still en route to the shores of the united states and those would not be subject to tariffs so there was a feeling that there was a room for optimism in all of this but the latest indications the last hour looking less hopeful all right thank you very much for that update kimberly how good life for us at the white house and earlier we spoke with don who's a senior research fellow at the china institute of international studies he says both the u.s. and china have a lot to lose if this trade war continues i guess that china will resume its. higher tariffs are u.s.
12:53 am
products of agricultural products which come for a larger part of the u.s. trade with china and a lot of u.s. farmers depend on china is a market also china is the chinese side me take measures against imports. in terms of its automobile the parts that is also a big part of u.s. trade and with china we know all know that the chinese export to the u.s. is a much bigger now u.s. export to china in terms of the sheer trade a volume and china of course cannot. match. the u.s. higher tariff against chinese. goods hiver china is china is a huge market for us for united states not only in terms of goods about. also goods
12:54 am
and export of higher technology so also china has a growing market for us that is a huge kind of leverage and so a lot of us business are actually very much concerned with a looming resume trade war a major trade war between the two sides. now a saudi ship which was due to load weapons in france has sailed without its cargo human rights protesters say the shipment contravened an international treaty and we sent our nine investigative site published leaks french military intelligence that showed weapons sold to the saudis were being used against civilians in the war in yemen old brennan has our report. the ship at the center of the latest saudi arms control the sea had spent thursday at anchor on the edge of french territorial waters the two hundred twenty five meter bar a young who waited to enter port and load up its cargo of french weapons destined
12:55 am
for the saudi military. in paris though two separate human rights groups had lodged legal challenges to try to have the shipment declared illegal and on the quay side around one hundred demonstrators assembled determined to take direct action to prevent the ship docking again. says its a junior to perceive the war in yemen is a difficult war we are turned into supporters of saudi arabia and if we the french citizens do not act we don't try to stop ourselves we will end accessories to this business we don't want this we don't want to be in the situation on. the four year long war in yemen has displaced more than three million people and their strikes by the saudi led coalition forces have killed tens of thousands of civilians several european countries now refuse to sell arms to saudi because of that but france the world's third biggest arms exporter says it's received guarantees from the saudis listen phil is uncommitted on your computer the majority of the arms that have been
12:56 am
sold a used within the territory or at the border nevertheless i would like to say here the what we reiterated was the guarantee for them not to be used against civilian populations it's a position that human rights groups say is untenable or. secure. we can't trust those words why because the store. he keeps changing we were told the arms were only used for defensive purposes and all of a sudden we're being told we never said there weren't any french weapons being used in yemen we said we didn't have proof that french weapons were used to kill civilians so france's word is jibberish we cannot trust what they say then without warning the body young departed without its controversial cargo ship tracking websites sure the vessel got under way just before ten g.m.t. on friday heading not fully half but for the spanish port of suntan death the question now has the shipment been counseled or is the french government simply going to send it via another route paul brennan al-jazeera. now four
12:57 am
foreign prostitutes have been freed by french soldiers in birkenau faso two soldiers were killed during the operation in the northern region of the west african nation the french presidential palace e.l.e.c. says the hosts hostages included two friend citizens an american and south korean and speak to our correspondent in paris natasha butler a clash of the french defense ministry has just finished a briefing i understand what more are we hearing about this operation. well what we heard from the french defense minister and the military chief the french military chief was that this was an extremely complex military operation and one force with risk it actually began last week called may the first when these two french tourists went missing in bed mean they'd been on a holiday they were heading out to wildlife when the alarm was raised because they
12:58 am
failed to return well the french forces on the ground we can then trying to track their whereabouts and they trace them to the. north they managed to find out exactly what they were made it seems that they were following them for a few days looking for an opportunity to be able to go in and see if they would be able to free to release these hostages were opportunity presented itself is seems. to state so friday it was thought that at that point unless the french forces went into an encampment where these hostages were being held and try to release them then then those forces would be taken over the border to mali and back how they wouldn't be able to be found again they trace would be lost so french forces went in some twenty soldiers we're told took part in this very risky operation and we know it was so risky because two soldiers lost their lives four stitches that were however freed do we know who was behind the kidnappings natasha.
12:59 am
well what the french defense minister says is that four of the kidnappers right to be killed but the actual identity of this group of kidnappers hasn't been released or is not known to them she said at this stage the french the french defense minister says only that there are two zero zero zero zero groups known to be working in this area one affiliated to islamic state the other two hours so in a way they suspect it is one of these armed groups in terms of the hostages well they will return so for all of the weekend the families of being reformed and informed they are extremely relieved that we've heard from relatives saying it seems that they are in relatively good condition and then of course the sadder moments at the beginning of next week when the bodies of those two special forces soldiers come back to france there will be a ceremony attended by the french president thank you for a live for us in paris. and south africa the ruling african national congress is
1:00 am
set to be announced the winner of wednesday's national election but with nearly zero votes counted the a.n.c. has a no a share of votes since the end of apartheid twenty five years ago the main opposition democratic alliance won almost a quarter of the vote. protests in sudan are defying forty five degree heat to continue their five week long sit in an army headquarters protest leaders are threatening a civil disobedience campaign as they grow increasingly frustrated with the military's delays in handing over power military rulers are promising elections in six months if an agreement can't be reached with the opposition he morgan has the latest for us from khartoum. here in front of the army headquarters protesters are seeing that continue.


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