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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2019 6:00am-6:33am +03

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that the talks themselves are not over that there will be another meeting between the u.s. and chinese trade officials in beijing the date has yet to be determined so from that sense they're still talking to each other and even donald trump suggested on friday that he could roll back these new tariffs sense implied and so quickly to have them imposed but the question is how soon could that happen and how soon will u.s. and chinese negotiators be meeting once again it doesn't seem as if the process has been torched full whole whole scale but it does mean that this process of trying to get a trade deal between the 2 countries something that seemed almost completed a week ago is now going to take that much longer in order to achieve and this really does come down to whether the negotiators can somehow put aside
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a lot of the political rhetoric coming not just from washington brunt but from beijing as well and actually work out a deal that can be approved by their raw governments on both sides of the pacific that is the challenge isn't it thank you very much ron and jordan in washington well let's get a view from china now because adrian brown has this report from the capital beijing on reaction that these new high tariffs imposed by president trump. it was just after midday beijing time the china and united states moved closer to a full blown trade war not that many people seem to notice in this busy beijing market shoppers we spoke to say the trade war hasn't so far affected what they've by but it has affected the way some now think about the united states and nationalist sentiment is building it in may which it isn't going to it is the america's normal practice to bully others money countries always do this buttoned
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down but what can tell you when we get strong enough america we're not even think about bombing us he's referring to what happened 20 years ago this week when u.s. missiles struck china's belgrade embassy during nato's bombardment of yugoslavia killing 3 chinese journalists nato called it an accident china called it an act of war and still does here in china it's a year of political and emotionally charged anniversaries the most important one falls in october when people mark 70 years since the foundation of the people's republic a year in which china's leader has to appear strong especially over trade if you don't agree. with what you were china knows what it's like to be on the losing side in a real trade war in the mid 19th century it lost 2 to britain which was trying to force china to buy opium a humiliating episode of chinese history and one to which president xi jinping
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often refers to today the trade war with the united states is one more concern in a critical year at the economic expectational is that the economy is going to be very weak there's financial risks from her risks are rising and the housing market is not particular strong either so what we're looking at is a fragile economy and a very difficult situation from the outside. they've been dismantling the old u.s. embassy in beijing it's diplomats moved to a vast complex on the other side of the city years ago but this week of all weeks chinese workman began knocking down the old building befitting metaphor perhaps for the state of sinaloa u.s. relations adrian brown al jazeera beijing alef former president of interpol has been formally charged and will face trial for corruption in his native china main
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hallway is accused of abuse of power and taking bribes he disappeared in september while on a visit to china beijing later confirmed he'd been detained on suspicion of corruption mang had been head of the international police organization since 2016 chinese officials say he resigned shortly after his arrest for you were the news hour live from london much more still ahead on the program and go on the streets of tehran over the latest u.s. sanctions as the revolutionary guard rejects the idea of talks with trump. will also be visiting the state of the art hospital helping palestinians who have lost limbs in the gods of protests and brazilian star neymar is in trouble with the football authorities again peta has the details and. the u.n. says at least 65 migrants have drowned while trying to reach europe from libya
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after their boat capsized in the mediterranean sea a boat sank early on friday after in countering strong waves of the tunisian coast near the town of the facts another 16 people rescued by the tunisian navy is the deadliest migrant boat sinking since january. meanwhile italian authorities have seized a charity boat which rescued 30 refugees and migrants off the libyan coast the ship was escorted into the port of lampedusa by police after picking up the migrants from a sinking rabbit italy says the boat was seized for aiding and abetting human trafficking . now some news from venezuela because the u.s. has imposed sanctions on 2 shipping companies involved in trade with the country u.s. treasury department says the restrictions are in direct response to the arrest of an opposition member the vice president of venezuela's national assembly at guys and bronner has been put in a military prison on treason charges he's accused of supporting an alleged coup
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attempt by opposition leader one last week or brando is one of 12 politicians now stripped of their parliamentary immunity off the failed bid to topple president nicolas maduro in the last 2 days 3 others have taken refuge in a foreign embassies richard blanco is in argentina's embassy and caracas well my than this and a medical degree at sea are in the italian embassy former national assembly vice president also from why doe's party has been inside the chilling and deceased since november 2017 when he was stripped of his immunity. well now to raise a bow is following the story for us she is inside venezuela in the capital caracas and some very interesting remarks from president nicolas maduro who's been speaking on state t.v. what's he been saying to reza. well as you were just saying the united states has now new sanctions on venezuela on 2 companies
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venezuelan companies and 2 vessels that are taking all to cuba but mother would appear on television here defiant challenging the united states saying that to the united states it's trying to overthrow him and he spoke a lot about what happened on april 30th when the government says there was an attempted coup to overthrow nikolai mother let's not forget about what the united states had to say that happened that day they were saying that they were in touch with 2 of the most important men in motherhood osa can govern the government of venezuela one of them is led by the north he's the minister of defense and also michael moore you know who is the president of the supreme court here in venezuela well what he's saying is that he knew that the intelligence services here in venezuela had been infiltrated that the leader there had been speaking with the united states that he's a traitor and also he said that even though the united states believes that the
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supreme court precedents and the minister of defense where it away helping the u.s. and its cloth him venice will never be were permanently loyal to the presidency of venezuela and that they were not tweets or is that he trusts his them completely since april 30th a lot of people here have been wondering what really happened that day whether this important man within the administration where actually planning. against nicola smuggled or not while my little is keeping them in place and saying that the united states has been lying this past few days. now what about the opposition because obviously that was the. attempted coup and that failed to one of their plans now. what he we have seen in this past few days is definitely a government move to in a way some say attack the national assembly here some members have been stripped of their immunity some of them are hiding in the tide in embassy other in the
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argentinean embassy one of them has been detained another one was forced to flee. what they're saying is that they remain challenging what we have seen until now is that the government has been extremely careful we're dealing with the especially because the united states has warned them of the administration that touching him would be taking very very seriously but still why you know remains defiant he's been calling for protests this coming saturday and the biggest challenge the opposition is facing right now is in a way disappointment since last january while you go it's been saying that he was going to be removed out of office that people's problems enormous for problems venezuelans are facing today are going to start changing this year with it hasn't happened and many have lost face that actually one way bill will be able to deliver on his promise and still the opposition to the front why though it's calling people on to the streets at this coming saturday thank you very much to raise a boat with all the latest from crime because the french government has paid
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tribute to 2 french soldiers killed during a nighttime hostage rescue in bikini so drake and. among a group of soldiers deployed to rescue 2 missing french tourists one american in a south korean war also rescued cheering the operation and tasha butler has more from paris. well the french defense minister and the chief of frogs milledge military said that this was an extremely cold flex and risky operation and it actually began last week all made the 1st when these 2 french tourists went missing in bending that being on holiday they were on their way to wildlife they didn't return and at that point the alarm was raised that tool guides and bending was later found dead well it seems that the french military began tracking these hostages right then they managed to find them being held by a group of kidnappers in picking a faster north of spain and it seems that over the past few days they will walk in
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them waiting for a moment where they could move in and release and that moment almost thursday night they were worried at that point the 3rd is would be transferred to another home to or across the border in mali and at that point it might be too difficult to try and retrieve them some 20 special french forces moved into an incumbent in beni on thursday night in the dark and we are told it was a very difficult i risk operation with 4 hostages were in the end freed those 2 french tourists along with an american and a south korean but in the process these 2 french soldiers sadly lost their lives they were killed by some of the kidnappers we're told now in terms of who was behind this kidnapping in the 1st place we don't know the french defense minister saying only that 2 armed groups operational in this area one affiliated to islamic state the other 2. they suspect that the kidnappers may have been linked to one of
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them well the hostages returned to france at the weekend so their families they will be extremely relieved they are apparently in good condition but it will be a much sadder moments of the beginning of next week when the bodies of those 2 french soldiers those 2 special for soldiers return for a ceremony attended by the french president. french president of iran has held talks with the facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg in paris meanwhile amid threats of sweeping new regulations a report commissioned by the french government concluded it should have more access to the tech giants algorithms it also wants to audit a company's policy against hate speech facebook has been heavily criticized off to failing to quickly live footage of the christ church mosque attacks earlier this year. and as a digital rights activist he said the tech giant should face high taxes but not necessarily more regulations given there are talks that give facts on human rights and on democracy we should probably be taxing them at
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a much higher rate we should probably be taxing them like we tax big so back oh so let's start thinking about that let's start thinking about taxing big data big tech like big tobacco and beyond that though i think we have to ask ourselves what is it we really wants do we want better censorship do we want these organizations to become better filters of our reality do we want our governments involved in that or do we perhaps want to start looking at alternatives where the people would have control where the people would have ownership of both their own data and would have freedom of speech because that's what i would favor more than government. intervention in censorship. in algeria tens of thousands of returned to the streets for 12 consecutive weeks of protests against what they call the ruling elite they want to keep figures connected to oust a president i'm to lazy to fake
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a to leave power presidential elections are expected in july that protest as unrelenting in their demands for complete regime change pressure from demonstrators and the military force the president to step down last month has led to multiple arrests. well pro-democracy protesters in the sudan of defying $45.00 degree heat in the fasting month of ramadan to continue their 5 week long sitting outside army headquarters protest leaders are threatening a civil disobedience campaign they're growing increasingly frustrated with the military's delay in handing over power more than a month after it ousted president tomorrow bashir military rulers are promising elections in 6 months if an agreement can't be reached with the opposition. well now to south africa's the ruling a.n.c. party has retained power with a 6 successive election victory but a reduced majority in wednesday's vote with results in from 95 percent of the voting districts the a.n.c. carney has 57.7 percent of the vote and can't be beaten it's nearest rival the
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democratic alliance led by melissa my money has 20.7 percent and the economic freedom fighters of julius malema a former president of the a.n.c. as you think is in 3rd place with 10 and a half percent of the vote there with the news hour much more still ahead. slow off the rank quite as much publicized play taishan isn't exactly going to plan plus. i'm charlie rangel at the venice biennale lympics if we are well find out how artists around the globe are responding to the wild crises. and a day to forget behind the wheel reaction from the practice spanish from pre.
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we still have plenty of spring showers or even longer spells of right across central and eastern parts of europe was a cloud showing up on the satellite picture areas of low pressure we got some right just for the coming in samoa. storms down towards the adriatic pushing across into the aegean sea kwacha weather will come back into western parts of europe still a few showers there just around the by of biscay 4 tiber high pressure will build as we go on through the next couple of days does look disappointing yes just 14 celsius for london in paris also cloud and rain around there for a central possible source germany over towards the east side of the country we are going to see more weather coming through but then it will drive its way further raised as a cane north late there's some stuff there coming back you know over the alps once again but 5060 celsius there for london in paris by sunday and 27 in madrid that's the place to be for warm sunshine not seep out into the southeastern corner of your mind 23 in athens but we got some showers there longer spells of right around italy
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into the balkans arad across the adriatic on the other side of the mat this lousy fine and dry let's get here over the next couple days lots of warm sunshine around temperatures in changes will fall back to around $23.00. 0 world goes on an incredible journey through firsthand accounts and extraordinary archive footage to the cities of palestine as they were before 948 and the impact the creation of israel had on the. witness the vibrant commercial and cultural values of america and haifa up close and the heritage that many of today's palestinians have never known lost cities of palestine on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks local communities here important are very frustrated
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because the lack of post storm services with detailed coverage this past month of the flag though people often say this struggling to make plans meets and just wants a better life from around the world as agassi has been offered to those who rebel against the government often except those involved in human rights abuses or war crimes. welcome back a look at the top stories this hour now the u.n. says yemen's who's the rebels of made an offer to withdraw their forces from 3 key ports over the next 4 days a move needed to pay the way for busy possible little negotiations to end the war.
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talks to end a full blown trade war between the u.s. and china have come to an abrupt end in washington with no breakthrough president trump has just said they were candid and constructive and italian authorities have seized a charity rescue boat in the mediterranean as the u.n. says 65 migrants have drowned while trying to reach mira from libya. but want to look now at how the markets have been responding to the u.s. touch china trade talks ending with no deal kristen salumi is following this for us from new york how did the day and that kristen. well the day ended on a surprisingly positive note the dow jones industrial average staged a 450 point comeback after president trump said in the afternoon that negotiations on trade with china would continue but that was after a very rough start to the day
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a day that began with new terrorists being imposed on some $200000000000.00 worth of chinese goods when the president was tweeting about there being no rush to reach an agreement with china that sent the market tumbling on what had already been a very difficult week ever since last sunday when the president 1st tweeted that the united states may be increasing tariffs the markets have had a really rough ride but then again by afternoon he was tweeting that they had candid and constructive talks and the market was rebounding again so it just all left analysts scratching their heads a bit and warning that this trade battle could continue in a while the markets ended higher today this volatility is quite possibly could continue now in separate developments christin has been a rocky start for the right hailing company which was floated on the stock market
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on friday didn't do as well as expected what went wrong. yeah it's a good question hoover began trading at $42.00 a share that was below its an initial public offering price of $45.00 a share it traded 8 percent less and this was the most highly anticipated i.p.o. of the year. people were talking about it for a long time it was really expected to be a big one and it disappointed in over has a lot of questions to answer about its business model it's been growing by leaps and bounds since name is synonymous with right handling it some $63.00 countries around the world in the 700 cities but it is yet to make a profit in fact this year alone it's already lost a 1000000000 dollars even as it continues to grow so there's been a lot of questions raised about that there were
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a number of strikes around the world this week by drivers who say that they're not making a good living anymore and that this business model is no good investors also saw what happened to lift which is biggest competitor lift went public in march and since going public its stock has fallen it has a lot of these same issues that we were is dealing with so investors were very very cautious in this has people raising questions about i.p.o.'s in general and whether or not investors are getting tired of these very fast growing but not so profitable tech companies going forward at the end of the day the i.p.o. valuation the initial public offering put hooper at $82000000000.00 it's still one of the top. ever in the united states but it's a lot lower than what people were expecting just months ago thank you very much kristen salumi in new york. we'd like to bring you more now on venezuela fears of
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a crackdown on opposition politicians there this after number of them was stripped of their parliament she and unity after a failed uprising we can speak to. is a deputy in the opposition dominated national assembly now he represents the atari neighborhood in caracas and joins us on the phone from just outside the venezuelan capital thank you very much for taking time to speak to us so as we said a number of opposition politicians have been stripped of that parliamentary immunity we know that iran has been detained are you concerned that there will be more such arrests and detentions off to the attempted uprising. yes thank you martin who are helping me with the truth one won't know that it will be a sloth he said. they could only both see that it is their national anthem the uprooted from did not happen it doesn't help their own to believe that would be for
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them dies. off frequency for diplomatic protection extended look at the nations are shouting for unity if they're our girls refuse to press for the work you've been to them or get the care and feeding the invaders so these are the very difficult situation right now persecution and it is canadian but it doesn't appear that it's a quick because you don't have to fear 2 month in these conflicts then you build mobile economical to more than one bed for you to go out across the moat even so a lot of people. i mean i suppose that the problem for the opposition is that one why don't did make a bold risky gamble by making his strongest call yet for military intervention to overthrow the doura you must have anticipated that the government would react to that and that there would be consequences. we are we are we have to have open
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agenda to this exchange show it is you pleasure to be on the lecture and it's all up of course to put both sort of the cue for more than 50 states in the world in the proposition on the cocoa produce solution rather the modern god church socials q who want to use all the levers or there was a power available to produce a piece whose decision because the war started but remember you don't help us learn our options because the national cooperation on these is on the very during the peak of democratic party and can i ask what happens next we want to why does declared months ago that he was the competing president of the country he has then made a play well repeatedly to spark some sort of rebellion that would end the majority government bought him a doer of remains in place and crucially he has the backing of the military
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world in but it's one of the little house commuted move people are quick to call and disrupt busy it from a little of the wind it's a bit empowered by those all you live you can expose her to the concert it's typical to pull pearl business where once you do so them some of you people in the building all put their woodridge of the constitution what have you let's keep it spoils the process brought this on corruptions in the us as long as most efficient causing those rules surely twas he would 1st bug the people the local was good for a purpose again next day so this is a process it's not the end of the process was a little chaotic solutions for all our problems as a reserve price hyperinflation a real problem but the but the evil people to a country thank you for joining us this evening and head of that other deputy in the opposition dominated national assembly there in venezuela.
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now iran's revolutionary guards have rejected president trump's offer of talks and threatening to destroy a u.s. aircraft carrier steaming towards the gulf the u.s. is stepped up sanctions after pulling out of the iran nuclear deal same bus driver has been witnessing the anger on the streets of tehran. this is for a friday sermon and a chance for people to catch up on the latest developments in what has been a busy week for iran more u.s. sanctions a growing diplomatic divide with europe and an announcement by president hassan rouhani to start scaling back iran's cooperation with a 2015 nuclear deal the cleric speaking for iran's supreme leader said president rouhani should not have waited so long to do it as again at the moment we support and appreciate his appropriate. action and we are sure it will be successful united nations international community and european union to face a big test as iranians took to the streets to protest against u.s.
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aggression a fleet of american warships that it crossed the swiss canal a day earlier sailed closer to iranian waters protesters say the so-called pressure campaign by the united states is going too far this is my 1st time taking 14 sites more cheating actually. just because. because of what the president trying to did going to fix the end america's not patient enough if they could achieve something militarily they won't go for economic psychological and mediocre fear but if america could do something it would have done it by now or is impossible we've been through a protests like these before it's all fairly standard people walk out of the prayer hall about a city block to the next square and chant death slogans to iran's enemies along the way at the end they burn a few american flags but right now iranians have a few more reasons to be angry are a few more reasons to be a little more worried some are audience find there's no better way to express their
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anger towards the united states than setting a flag on fire was just it's become a ritual that seems mostly for the benefit of the cameras. nearly 2 years of what they see a psychological and economic abuse by the trumpet ministration has made iranian. more angry than afraid speech no dialogue with trump because no choice because trump is not good. while u.s. president donald trump continues to tell his own people that sanctions are designed to get iranian leaders to start a dialogue with him but he does not want to hurt anyone the iranian experience of trump's time in office suggests otherwise zain basra the old jazeera. one palestinian has been killed in focusing on those injured during protests along the border between gaza and israel demonstrations at the border fence on now in their 58th week palestinians have gathered there every friday since march last year
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demanding the right to return to their ancestral homelands in israel. thousands have been injured over the last year with many needing on one leg amputation so has already a long waiting list at gaza's new official lim hospital as natasha can name explains . jaime's food you is what you might call a wounded veteran of the march of return protests in gaza on a friday last august he was shot in the left leg he came one of the growing number of protest amputees. i'm not disabled being disabled is a state of mind i believe if my mind is disabled i'm disabled but if i lose a part of my body i'm not disabled and the food you is one of 20 people who will soon be fitted for a state of the art prosthetic leg at the newly opened how mad hospital for
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rehabilitation and artificial limbs there are already 40 people on the waiting list the executive director of the hospital says there are 1600 amputees living in gaza since the march of return protests began last year 136 people mostly young men have lost their limbs. patients can now get free treatment at the qatari funded hospital it's the 1st public rehabilitation facility in the gaza strip. the aim is to provide more it vance prosthetics and treatment programs that are currently available but given the land sea and air blockade it posed by israel and egypt since 2007 there are many obstacles to overcome the road at the fuchsia names sometimes also a bit too into goes the 3 because of for some but it's
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a good on some security issues that's why it'll take time for the 100 bed hospital to be fully operational. but who is hoping by the one year anniversary of his amputation he'll have a 2nd leg again well in. my life will change after i get a prosthetic leg and i can walk up and down the stairs to my 4th floor apartment drive a car ride a motorcycle and go outside without crutches. losing his leg hasn't deterred food from attending the protests each friday he goes he says all palestinians must make sacrifices in their fight for a return to the land they once called home and for a life better than the one they have now under siege natasha going to name does iran the gaza strip. after 11 days of negotiation in geneva around
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$180.00 countries have reached a deal which i'm still regulate the trade in plastic waste and to limit exports of waste to countries that are unable to dispose of it properly environmentalist say only 9 percent of way sent from industrialized countries to emerging nations is actually recycled much of the plastic ends up in the city as a lead to an estimated 100000000 tons in the well. oceans with $8000000.00 more added every year one country which didn't approve the deal is seen ited states rolph pay it is executive secretary of the paul rotterdam and start come convention the united nations environment program he welcomed the deal or have been agreed here is actually quite historic in march got there of negotiations because when no we submitted the proposal to amend the convention analysts who set up a partnership on on plus the.


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