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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 19  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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act. but it's the world's biggest financial scandal. that. faces more than 40 criminal charges from money laundering to abuse of the majority of. misappropriation of hundreds of millions of dollars from. a question. about the role of his wife. son from a previous marriage was a close friend of joel the now fugitive malaysian financier an alleged mastermind behind the full point $5000000000.00 heist raiser rizzi is allegedly received almost $240000000.00 of one m. d.b. money. and of cording to the united states department of justice used it to produce the hollywood blockbuster movie full of wolf street and to buy tens of
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millions of dollars worth of 8. different life but no one will benefit more. than i did send it in getting. the one who. so you can say that you know that from that also we know that. she's ready for something that seemingly didn't go on no interest by joel. famous for parties private jets under $250000000.00 superyacht. allegedly laundered more than $1000000000.00 of one named money buying luxury real estate famous artworks and jewelry not only for supermodels but also for roles. from. the whereabouts of a pink diamond. worth $27000000.00 which the united states justice department
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alleges jolo boards for rolls is unknown. but the former prime minister insists it was a gift from the brother of the crown prince of the united arab emirates but your wife met with joel the jeweler she knew it was a gift from him no no no no joy present that this as a kid from sheer month so ok there's a culture in a belief that expensive presents are given he's a master liar he's lied about every single matter. once again deepak dismisses the former prime minister's defense but this time goes on to accuse him of lying about something even more sinister than corruption covering up a mood on. the war he lied that he never met.
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also in 2 years sure of who was a young mongolian translator in 2006 she was shot dead on the outskirts of kuala lumpur then blown to smithereens with military grade explosives knology it was then defense minister and she'd had an affair with his close confidant an advisor. to ministerial bodyguards were convicted of her murder but no motive was ever established. warm the u.c. and these were only can be accessed so in the ministry of defense. those who kill mongolian lady sit openly in court they didn't know. this not if the question of who killed them the more important question is who gave the insertion for those bulls this guy who didn't even know the victim. you see
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this is our the you know. this is of the summary alton to you is suspected of being murdered because she wanted $500000.00 promised from an allegedly corrupt submarine deal the deal was signed off on my now do you resign. 111. 1000000 you will or. will a very sensitive issue in malaysia. and still is for the former prime minister there's no charette of evidence. totally totally innocent of done to your case absolutely he's never been charged over the mood but the big question it is why did he allegedly tried to put forward to the course of justice. in 2009 a private investigator who was one of the last to see old into you're alive came
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forward with a statutory declaration implicating knowledge in her mood. he scramble when to force statutory declaration was issued and sent his brother in the date off the night to meet the person. and signed a 1st. to reverse every wife. that's in short piece involved in the case based nor reason for him. to do that if he was not involved in the murder. deepak says knowledge even rosemont directed him to take the private investigator known as bella to meet younger brother are not see him according to deepak threats were made against bella and his family leaving him no choice but to change the statutory declaration to clear knowledge. the next morning. bell and his family were schooled it out of the
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country that muslim had given him money when he left it was part of the arrangement . leaving militia enough money for him to leave deepak saying is knowledge you then go to him and others to facilitate pile humans to ballarat is c. it was even a deputy minister in war in the needing a payments to by law in their world he won something. why did your brother get involved with forcing ballard to change his statutory glamorization make you are you was making a while baseless education but he was going reactionary where there are no gration said he was so i mean it has a fair we are hearing nothing today introduced her home or what i think you know she was owed money she was promised from a corrupt almighty god some real deal i have no knowledge of i have not met her. bella died suddenly of a heart attack in 2030 his wife launched legal action against rules my knowledge of
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his brothers and deepak the loss of income during the time her family was forced to leave go to see. by this time deepak had severed ties with roles mara najib but the court case thrust him back into their web page and he says he was forced to use their lawyer and file false defense statements exonerating them have been literally held at ransom by analogy and he's emissaries. not to testify against him not to give testimony not to give not to sign affidavits against him in court every time i turn we need to be a lawyer he would bring up a met and sit. with taking action against you the income tax department is winding you up right now. bank is calling on. deepak
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claims one of knowledge emissaries went to extraordinary lengths to make sure he'd never take the stand. i tell you what. my friend said dr he's going to see that you're already sick. he's going to say that you need to be admitted and you cannot attend the cross-examination coming friday. businessmen says lawyer shafi a dollar then got involved. fees defending against the $1.00 m.t.b. charges and has himself been charged with 4 counts of money laundering and tax evasion you know when. i was in the water he came up with a medical report. he didn't like the medical report edited it instructed the doctor to change it and debt medical report. and
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finally came deepak bella moment he was told to leave the country exactly the same situation as our on my way to go with his no no no no. no one day after the court case you come back. i to go i don't have a choice take his destruction or be destroyed. i'm a businessman i've got a library piece i've got i cannot afford. his brother his wife rosemary and you know you should feel have not responded to one o one east regarding the allegations made by deepak in this programme. but dallas wife has commenced contempt proceedings against. and deepak has launched a police reports documenting what he alleges happened to him and he's suing now shipping rules for millions he says he's owed from cancelled contracts. they destroyed me financially and there was no way anybody could go against them and it
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seems that was the case when it came to the alleged stealing of one m.t.b. families from 2009 to 2014 hundreds of millions of dollars of one m. d. be money allegedly flowed in and out of the then prime minister knowledge you were zach's personal bank account he claims he believes the transfers were donations from the saudi royal family are you going to inform the central bank of malaysia but there was no. indication there was any concern in fact begging to go to approve the funds that came in and approve the funds that went back out so i assume everything was fine. but the attorney general at the time had a different view in july 25th dane just as he was reportedly preparing to challenge najib over crimes related to the misappropriation of one in v.b.
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phones he was removed from the position the amount of power that i was or had to be able to dismiss an attorney general at the at will lead to the situation. lawyer lim chiwetel was on the review panel of malaysia's. anti corruption committee or m i c c he says the new attorney general knowledge appointed refused to cooperate with international investigations into the laundering of one m.t.b. from the new agey despite repeated requests by in the c.c. did not issue which illegal assistance requests to foreign teams to his excuse was that there was ongoing police investigations with asia as a lawyer i certainly don't subscribe to that excuse what do you say to people who say that you put that attorney general there so that you could control him so that
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you could cover up the corruption that was happening early in one empty reject totally because i'm on record i've made. many statements to say that anyone. who has done some wrongdoing. will be held accountable no one is above the law we should have but then i think in general to look at the investigation papers in a professional manner and do what is right and what would have been right. now things are transpired the right thing to do would be actually to prosecute. gee we says members of the review panel came under enormous pressure when they called for approved into the prime minister's bank account i understand phone calls were made some amount of persuasion would have been applied through the phone calls and i guess it was the power of the prime minister that was coming to bear on your review panel yes one can say that. at the end of all.
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none of us had our extended and this is we contrast that to the then attorney general going public to say that then prime minister met did not commit any wrongdoing then attorney general didn't. respond to 101 east on these matches i think we have to live a lesson for what has happened in the past and that is concentration of power and create an abuser. and i think it's rather ironic that. the. currently are some of the prime minister is seeking to restore all vied institutional checks and balances which he as a 4th by minister as we could decide is for he can e r. when. there came a 1st time early eighty's then he changed the ventilation system. we have people been new people start the bill you money out today this is no more but
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your principle is no more what will it take is no more but can you believe he says no more. back in his studios zuni continues the fight. he believes if malaysia is to avoid another corruption scandal it needs a cultural revolution will come to corruption in malaysia corruption in this year is a 1000000000 he how many computer allowed to be 1000000000. one thing says on the set when they are put in listen to belinda people why you are allowed to fork out so much. in lisieux people are very happy you 1 i can get benefit from me this is the character that destroyed many so why even in limbo now we got a new government de mint and it is there that. i'm in them. but it's
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a mentality not exclusive to malaysia as a country's justice system prosecutes knows even more and a handful of their in a circle the international banking system and regulatory authorities must also take responsibility for the role they played in the world's biggest heist. one of australia's most loved making random the bombast is under threat from an agonizing to say one wildlife term freedom is dedicated to a lot of deciding what i want to east makes the woman who's pulled one out of the road. al-jazeera. and 3.
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minutes to struction and disband a group of friends resist. rescuing books from the rubble they've built a refuge for freedom and democracy. a secret library of hope from which they endeavor to rewrite their story and that of their country. to witness. bombs on al-jazeera. yemen syria the rebels say they will pull out of 3 key ports but the government says the offer is inaccurate and misleading. the clock this is out of your life and also coming up trade talks between china and
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the united states come to an abrupt end as donald trump prepares to palm more times on all remaining imports from beijing. alleging intimidation why several of position politicians in venezuela are seeking sanctuary in embassies or neighboring countries. and the long running crisis in venezuela hits are like cuba has its forced a russian supply of basic food products. so then yemen's who the rebels say they will unilaterally withdraw forces from 3 key ports over 4 days starting on saturday that he thinks ought to redeploy troops from the ports of her data salif and iraqis while the yemeni government says their offer is an accurate and misleading who thesis a their action is a result of the saudi led coalition's refusal to implement the stockholm agreement dream that this report. the battle for the port of her data has been
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at the heart of the humanitarian crisis in yemen aid agencies have pleaded with the warring factions to withdraw from the strategic port a gateway for desperately needed food and medicines. for millions of facing famine after more than 4 years of fighting between the who thiis and coalition led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and now who 3 rebels will withdraw fighters from her data according to the united nations. over 4 days the group says it will also be deployed forces in the ports as the means used for grain and mass is an entry point for oil. of course this near is a very welcome from the standpoint of humanitarian interests but again you know we have a huge problem terms of the lack of trust between the saudi led coalition ready on one side who has the rebels army other worse very good but develops
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a little bit of trust that could potentially pave the way to eventually solving this conflict is going to really require some actions the yemeni government backed by the coalition has expressed skepticism over the withdrawal agreement the minister of information mohammed tweeted on friday any unilateral deployment that does not allow for the principle of joint monitoring and verification of the terms of the sweden agreement is a noose if and on acceptable the yemeni government did not state whether their side would make a reciprocal move with dural plans were brokered by a un led committee under the stockholm agreement a pax ixtapa between the rival combatants last december but soon after a ceasefire was agreed on the 18th of december fighting. a student in her data and since then repeated attempts to enforce the truce have failed the un is expected to
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monitor the redeployment of fighters from the ports yes it is still unclear how far forces will withdraw and who will eventually control the reports. but if the withdrawal happens it could be the 1st major breakthrough in peace efforts in more than 4 years each obama took way i'll gie sarah. donald trump has escalated america's trade war with china by preparing to add new terms or products that are already facing import taxes move comes after the u.s. president imposed other new levies and the latest round of trade talks failed to deliver an official reports now from washington d.c. . donald trump says a deal was close until the chinese broke it so in came you tell us he believes will lead to a better deal i happen to think that tariffs for a country. a very powerful you know with a piggy bank that everybody steals from including china the white house issued
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a statement from the president saying hiking tide of some 10 to 25 percent on 250000000000 dollars worth of goods means china piece a lot more money directly into the u.s. treasury but that's not how tired of swak they will drive up prices on their own 6000 i thumbs america imports from china from washing machines to steal from food where to fish importers pay the tab of the costs almost always passed on to the customer and all kaymer gets parts for a south carolina bike shop from china he's already added 20 dollars to the cost of a new machine we don't know how he perceived that china is paying for this we're paying for it and it's been passed on to our customers $1.00 tree group says for a family of 4 they'll be paying $767.00 more a year because the increased costs kind of spring it's just frustrating because you just know that most politicians aren't familiar with what it's like to live every
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day you know in the middle class you had to juggle what you can afford and which you can't afford and a lot of people can't even do that donald trump says a tough negotiation brings a better deal than american manufacturing might benefit as companies turn away from high priced chinese goods. to chinese or retaliating of one sector being hit is u.s. farming both sides are under pressure to do a deal on the world's 2 biggest economies have a problem with each other and the potential is there for the rest of the world to feel the pain alan fischer al-jazeera washington. china's vice premier and top a trade negotiator and you says there has been progress in the talks to spite temporary challenges. we have come here with sincerity on behalf of the chinese government so the 2 sides of conducted candid and constructive talks we both agree that the 2 sides need to maintain the good momentum of the consultations
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despite some temporary friction and obstruction we also agreed to meet again in beijing to continue the consultations in the future. jim brown joins us from beijing and adrian so we've had the trump now ordering tariffs to be raised on all chinese imports question is how will beijing respond. yes indeed there has been no official response so far other than those comments you heard from her china's chief trade negotiator who's been leading the talks on the chinese side since they began almost 10 months ago once we do get word it will come via the commerce ministry website that could happen on saturday it could happen on sunday it could happen on monday strangely enough the stock markets here in china started to stabilize on friday that was after president trump had announced he was raising terrorists and 10 to 25 percent on $200000000000.00 worth of chinese goods
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i think there was a feeling that as long as the 2 sides are talking then there is hope so i think you know the chinese government also factoring that into their decision as to how they respond to the question is what will be the proportionality of that response on the issue of tariffs china doesn't really have much room for maneuver because of course it exports far more to the united states than the other way around so it doesn't have as many targets as the united states but certainly china if it wanted to could make the business environment here in china very difficult for us firms that could delay the issuing of new licenses that firms need to operate in this country it could delay custom clearances for u.s. products it could raise tariffs on u.s. car imports and things like whiskey and beef which are all you know important purchases although mainly by the middle class in not by most ordinary people so yes
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china is now weighing up all these options but i don't think i don't sense that you know what trump did on friday came as a great surprise to president xi jinping because if it's true that china has gone back on some of the commitments that it made then that is possibly the result of you know direction from president xi jinping. you may have felt that during the past few weeks his negotiators had been giving too much away and of course this is the one year when you know a chinese leader cannot afford to appear weak because the communist party is 100 years old and in october china marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic a year when a chinese leader really does have to appear strong at this point lead over a sensitive issue like trade with the united states was going to say despite the fact that donald trump has imposed these these tariffs there is still time for resolutions and. you're absolutely right
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because these tariffs the trump announced on friday night will only apply to products chinese products that leave this country after midday beijing time on friday may 10th now that means it will be several weeks before those items those products reach the united states probably about 2 weeks so they have about 2 weeks in which to do a deal not a great deal of time but lou her china's chief negotiator has said that the talks are going to resume in beijing so it's quite possible that the 2 teams could be sat around the table again here in the chinese capital in just a few days don but of course we have to remember nick that you know trade is just a symptom of the wider friction between china and the united states right now a much greater concern actually to china is not trade it's taiwan and the support that the trumpet ministration is giving to the independence leaning leader of the
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island republic a german accent thanks very much indeed a jim brown there in beijing well president donald trump says he doesn't consider north korea's latest missile test to be a breach of trust he only has conducted 2 drills in less than a week trump told the american website politico he thinks the missiles are short range and very standard stuff tensions of risen following the failed her noise summit between trump and kim jong il in february. united states has imposed sanctions on 2 shipping companies involved in trade with venezuela the us treasury department says the restrictions are in direct response to the arrest of a senior opposition politician the vice president of venezuela's opposition controlled national assembly and so it goes on but on a has been put in a military prison because says he is suspected of supporting an alleged coup attempt by opposition leader one going to last month towards a boat has more now from caracas. earlier in january the us announced a very harsh sanctions on venezuela that effectiveness well if they don't kompany
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way they reset its subsidy area in the united states citgo which involves billions of dollars so most definitely this strategic the strategy here by the united states is to choke the government of motherhood are many say that over the fear is that it will affect even more the venezuelan people who are already struggling with a crisis an economic crisis here and not get out of office nicolas maduro responded to the united states saying that he trusts completely trusts he's for it he's defense minister and the precedents of the supreme court and he's also spoke about what happened on april the 30 years during what the government calls a pool by the opposition that's been led by the united states he referred to an intelligence chief who's currently in hiding who's been very very critical of the governmental nicolas maduro and he called him a traitor we also know that one way though is asking venezuelans to take to the streets this saturday in spite of what's been happening.


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