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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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there made a state visit to morocco that year. germany lost 8000000 citizens to world war 2 and faced the post-war years with a severe manpower shortage. to rebuild germany needed men and negotiated guest worker agreements with countries across southern europe and by the mid 1960 s. morocco and tunisia. shift. a german off to nissin descent. i've been a spiritual guide to many arabs who came from north africa since the 1960 s. . home for but that. is. the statement from my home.
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stereo well i'm your. mother. janet. hamill. a little better than what i come when i actually had to. last almost a month and we already have in this but. what i can. be led when we go and. that's when i'll get. home. and how we year. when. i thought coffee been especially the congeal of the fee.
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and how. low it was small local tunisian and then. i was slender. by it the size was intent on straight but it's the classic. one should be. made in. the indian. name in and took one out of. of large scale immigration to germany has become a national discussion even in the country's vos museums so. well at home the gorgeous distortion will we here at the exhibition multicultural chair meet the country from the creation we have in germany
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a very emotional discussion about the creation. since the beginning germany was a country from the creation and here we want to show the creations from the fifty's up to now he see a little bit how people were coming how they would see fit and how what was the view from the german side as well on these guest workers who are coming. already in the sixty's. germany had the same to cream in a cream and with with my rocor and 2 museum right with turkey so that came already as well and from tunisia as well but basically from morocco guest workers it passed a little bit a notice. me train with them and you know it was some whole invisible but it is interesting for me also to see how the people tried and i'm damon try to do to invoke themselves in that political movement some of them to ask for that rights
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and. that is what we wanted to show here as well that the migrants were in tier like then it's not something that you only can talk about but that you half and wants to so we show on this side we showed when we have here in opposition and that is one of the voice of the my concern here as well the wards off. the discussion in the german society with all the fears stand. prejudice and already in the in the in the eighty's the ship is full and here we have a i think that it's fascinating. character to. that shows the current dorm the cathedral in cologne surrounded by minarets so representing the fear of a completely overwhelming islamic movement in germany and that is from 1806. to. despite islamophobia dating back decades the overall attitude towards
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foreigners in germany's is still inclusive in de mass in the i'm yet stiffish thing and mustn't have the sheens in on this for fairly here and sylvester gave him how to shoot him with a stack and kept that to shine and it also would a game like that. but i took the exhibit 0 tax cuts here. in 2015 frank walter steinmeier germany's foreign minister explained to government critics that with a shrinking workforce and an aging population the german economy needed the manpower refugees could provide. german trains are a lifeline in my search for fellow arabs across this process country.
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analyst and. maddy allaire we came to cologne to study sociology in 1902 he's an activist trying to stop deportations of young arabs and the aftermath of the cologne new year's eve events close to 20 have already been deported and 2 arrested. yeah yeah yeah. my dictatorial a dollar of money at about mossad that you know i had to do what the world knew about me at the bat. oh. yeah. and how can you. let the. wealth of cable done in.
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his. maties words reflect my own belief that our exile may be rooted in our nation's lack of democratic rights and responsibilities. in the small town of copeland's just outside cologne a syrian refugee couple have settled in the countryside. i want to know how they are doing out there in the german woods. and i. said. in the way in farsi. the only new car you. see how you can. house. in the others are somehow.
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so my us spent several months in an apartment in cologne and hated it. in my d.n.a. can a table full. of. a mom. like me i'm on. a minute hasn't been diminished. how does she ever get for money back. i'm not going here saudi you submit. it was the one with the had on hand. and money . abdullah and so may have differing views on raising their daughter and the possibility of returning to syria one can if it could be only young to thomas and men team lottery or domicile of old hello i'm beardless i'm numb to simulate most
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the hate missile among in canada that must have a depressive. there's a record i'm a. doctor gaby viber is a german physician and one of the founders of cafe palestina a cultural organization promoting arab and palestinian issues in the southern city of hi brooke. when she found out about my newspaper she invited me to come and meet members of the arab community there including her own family. i'm glad gaby speaks very good english because for me doing an interview in german is still
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very difficult. so you see we have all different kinds of things people from their region they are selling their products and. you know they work in the field steering that we can this is the ok shoes for them to to come and so also to make some profit and people love to come here because the atmosphere is very special. and i want you to look up at the list and we have been let's say there were times where we have been between 5 and 10 women who are doing a lot of things they 6 years we did more they went to $120.00 events and here is the. one. hand. the number of people. still had the say that the birth of the world.
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was this is what i mean at the. gabby introduces me to a german palestinian i'm going to gyptian friend over coffee in the sky book market cafe. the mystery of what happened to germany's earlier hour of community is about to unravel before my eyes. i mean how dad was born in germany to a palestinian father and a german colombian mother. i'm in the comfort of god beaver's garden he explains his relationship with his are a parrot age the nice thing about it is that my father was able to transmit through music his love and his appreciation to his own culture so it was really always a living the arabic culture is very emotionally attached and with the food and with this nice combination of sharing community food music art that was basically you
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know i'm able to feel like an arab feel like a south american or feel like a european like a german of course my name sometimes they would make a little bit fun because it's like me asylum mia salami you know the salami you know example kids would say something about it but i was laughing at it too i mean i made the best of his multi ethnic heritage his experience gives me hope get his daughter marry maku is also another half german half arab child of an earlier our immigrant life ever so much in german you know. just. dish but. in this especially as amazed. me she need us into a film a sewer palestinians or. the promised you know. and he also.
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so my neighbor. some may say if sasha they are so. bad i don't mind a foreign and i'm not. only still finish reading in my. own shop which of. but i shouted stunt of the and. my part is to you know. i'm like i me your face considerable prejudiced at school. he's been on all cylinders and i wasn't just him he's been this into the can to come nate's minus from me to here. on my mama's it's not so how's. the spirity endorsement is on s.s.
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money my mother and i was tortured so money i'm going is so bizarre. my momma scabby reba it's been. a listen or. a 100. the difficulties maybe i'm faced growing up here gave me pause for thought. i'm beginning to realize the journey of germany's iris has a times been a painful one. how was it. i think it started at that time picture of. people who are not. being fanatics like today also. what made it difficult for me was. fear of my parents and trying to manipulate and influence me and at
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a certain time to kick me out of the house. and. it was very heavy want to go. they have named me. first and last which was also a big problem for my parents they wanted them to be have to german last name at least and. me all the time why do you choose arabic names their names they live in germany. they should consider being germans it makes it not easy for them as well sometimes in school or even if they apply for jobs so. they can have a disadvantage of course with. senator marco came to germany in 1800 to train as a psychotherapist his motives father and gardeners ex-husband. you saw the miners
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or money on a money out there yet when i look. in the match from which the amount of money said you'd been. i'm of iraq that i had a doctorate in or a lot of money and force on the other side and in the beaches did a sop in marriage and i can at the nest more than a few know mcdermott at the terrified little asian i asked him how he perceives the identity of his children a sort of a what must sort of. surged yanni in the kind of between your dorm a small money at the powell and a little small town in. a minute but on the late.
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fly cattle are ways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together. rewind returns with updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentary. the moving story of 2 young tuchman girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after visa for pressing taliban occupation. but what has become of their dreams. rewind pencils and bullets. on al-jazeera. in a 2 part series. 0 observes the lives of 2 children.
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over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that shape lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of me starts with blood and land to build the story 100 to 0. hello your child is there on soho raman in doha these are our top news stories in yemen who the rebels have begun redeploying forces from 3 besieged paul 2 dataset leaves and. and vitally important areas for food and aid imports no yemeni government leaders are unhappy that the who the redeployment and the u.n. supervision is happening without their agreement south africa's electoral real
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commission announced the ruling african national congress party has provisionally won wednesday's general election but with 57.51 percent of the vote it's the worst ever performance by the a in c. in the 25 years that it's ruled. a u.s. warship designed to land u.s. marines is on its way to reinforce naval forces in the gulf iran is dismissing the deployment of psychological warfare and that intimidation the arlington is joining the abraham lincoln aircraft carrier strike group which has sailed through the suez canal on thursday. some members of the u.n. security council wall of a humanitarian catastrophe in syria's province of the fighting continues more than a 100 people have died in the last week as government forces push into rebel held areas. so the transitional military council is called to resume negotiations with protest leaders within the next 72 hours but these are the rejected with protesters saying the approach by the military doesn't match the demands of the people. the
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u.s. and china have agreed more talks to end their trade war despite donald trump giving the go ahead to impose trigraphs and all chinese imports trump says he's in no rush to reach a deal or to go she is in washington ended without a breakthrough. democrats in the u.s. house of representatives have issued a legal demand for president trump's tax returns the ways and means committee which oversees taxes set a deadline for the internal revenue service to release the documents earlier this week the treasury rejected the demand saying it had no legitimate nor making purpose. in hong kong politicians of come to blows over the government's bid to allow extradition to mainland china. proposing politicians and rivals who want more democracy scuffled in the legislative council changing the law would allow suspected criminals to face vague national security charges in china. those were the headlines more news of course of the website al-jazeera dot com but
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with the news hour in 30 minutes to stay with us the next program is the new german it's. the story of gaby said. has made me more curious. i was. to know if other arab german families have faced similar pressures and challenges. to go to the back of what is a point of. view happens by sighting of to tell. all via have and i know that website. in tight spots and yes a lot of b. is a friend of him and he came to germany as a business student from syria nearly 6 decades ago and. we are only therapy it is slimy your mom look. to have the you are muslim all of this but
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you are mine or an american thought so. do i feel blessed by. a little more i ask about how he raised his children. that worked on. our 400 mostly when i was young we have been little thoughts that the really might be are for how be it. you have a flock. to mark his 50th year in germany yes and in all of the both a $4000.00 euro advertisement in local newspapers thanking germany for welcoming him 5 decades earlier and for granting him citizenship the army side on the issue are. enormous so visuals of money a government. sometimes i feel each one of the half a 1000000 arabs who came to germany before us has had a different experience and nurtures different feelings towards their adopted homeland. since the exodus from syria and iraq in particular the arab population in
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germany has tripled. it's very difficult for us to go back to our countries because our people there they haven't been this this long way with us so in the monsoon i was born to egyptian and lebanese parents and came here after marrying a german 45 years ago she grew up speaking french and the shy to express herself an arabic always kept the contact with with my culture with my people so they feel very it is and always said they say immediately i'm german but my mother comes from it's the way you're proud of it my goal was always to see the good show the good side of the arab so that i accept that the music the literature the good my now there was bitterly too we have so many nice things so i only saw those those ugly things hindu believes does not belong in germany although i'm not pious i
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disagree with her my mother is muslim and when i saw my mother sleeping for example in my place and i have friend and my place and they see her his job somehow like when. i cover her because this is how she wants to be it's her right to be as she likes to be in egypt you would see one woman dressed with jeunes and the next sister with the hijab i don't go thank you very in that country they do what they want it's here which is why because the eye of the other the eye of the other scare me i say they will start putting us they would say see how they're like this and that's not i don't like this and i don't want them to look at this like this. i cannot teach the people how to be smug if they want to put all of us in one focus and once through time it's their proppants not mine i'm different everyone is
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different she wants to be with the you will work well think about the many because you said you know the manhole i like this or so think you know those if it will go and for this and that. and those paper but don't think scared me. on my way to the train station i find that my taxi driver is iraq he. has lived in germany for 30 years he reluctantly agrees to an interview but only if we don't show his face it's not up to me to form an opinion and lacking that when one is seen to be sure we met the mom peaceful intentions. i don't see anything like an understudy it could be that. the dolphins minus 12 yet in the other kind j b l won the senate seat and no one has said that. can it come up with
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a lot of the last name you find. on a state level to the no one son who acts out of the mean. time so what about insanity or bad guys and i like to see it i think not enough to see. that when i do most of the payout on that side. for them if i can log on. to that bit sooner rather than in. ready germany now has over 1500000 arabs living in it 16 federal states that's close to 2 percent of their population not a lot but enough to. we noticed. the older generation of immigrants appear to have assimilated. their children for the most part also assimilate but those who haven't
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are suffering. many germans seem to be on the fence about how they feel about this . it's a condition indicating that in 9. hours here and i have a feeling that's and i will for bush to move us and that's in the moment as monday mentioned it's anscombe or the deeper blame. than ones it. is islamic should have been it's only me run on sept 9th and it's just a speed reader a size dimension that. could move the talking it into its own eyes mostly does most monstrous day in and then proceed at last into scientists discuss yet and a slimy sea of all nations in islam and someone here decides to try to do that again i'm not sure on the turkish. but awfully curious this is snitched stealing their faith or. even my since. this issue until they get in fights.
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almost leave the sweat on the litigant and it's your duty to see how often this can be near one off and so with. these guys beat it's emitted early go on mine i ignore collectivity then to ted out of the presidency then to get off to my own. germany's most prominent citizen of our heritage works for one of germany's largest t.v. networks born here to iraq and physicians only hire is a national celebrity and was voted germany's journalist of the year in 2016. if underfund dar bought us but i'm a visa into much the ass the minute we got zones for a bite in a family 5 different enough and present it and if dr murray about him or even the mighty might my beamish on the management of one in 5 don't know about with us that much as it climbed just voiced or about us my mind would have found that it was of
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. them as a as a or your host gunderson us or what we had to him on the scope often by this as not really a mess of items on certain vaska with no i mean if one owns up to him course on guns some kind of this community should cite did this community will come to gets. set if bynum's i deem it in focus been. able to successfully mention a mia on and on and mine up has a one on and on my hotel room. i didn't so exclaimed f.i.o.s. don't you know i made headlines when she responded to racist hate mail by correcting the german grammar in the letter and posting it on facebook as a kind of times i. am so obvious in the entire guitar. sonata edition of must never be allowed to go on but owned up by the money name most. of us sign in
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a mass destruction thing and just make some. sort unless by money finest like this in. order to make my human for the 2 or one voted off i'm on via to vote through this guy to office. on and on and. on the public not really fight it and it's been even typed higher it's been though it has been of all if it's just blue does to mine i've been fleeced just brought my net time. donia lives in a multicultural neighborhood with many established arab citizens most of whom have built successful lives but now many germans associate them with the new refugees and jetstar to flourish plus yet for us. under cooked oxy vavle. disc they did it or not. yeah.
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by. lifting up. i list i look. at it on the. cup put on my bus come get in the mood so torn us it's a lot of the thoughts on come on. wow the stuff me. the old immigrant turning against the new refugees. is right. happening but it is. come to dresden in the former east germany for a meeting with anti-racist activists. it's my 1st time in this part of the country. expected the grey sat city but found something
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very different dresden was a center of german culture. germany's revolutionary priest martin luther came from this part of germany he was the founder of protestantism which began as a protest movement for social equality. my refugee solidarity meeting is in the technical school of the university of dresden. blub is the 1st arabic newspaper in germany it's for the arabic speakers here the newcomers and settled also but we have a lot of followers on facebook 50000 people and our past. there is no r.c. translation of the right notes for us i mean we are group of syrian and arab so we
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don't speak 1st unfortunately these activists are well intentioned but dealing with arab refugees is as new to them as dealing with german activists is for me. on one side there was one of these stupid questions for which came up always in the newspapers jane to get to discussions how much money does a refute you get already rich richer gets more money. than the hots feel. that a good person hurts for receivers are welfare recipients they give their claims that the german government spends more money on a refugee than on a poor german. the fact is refugees and hurts for recipients both get $400.00 euros per person per month. he still. can't move you can. say the
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state says the good news no that. it's monday night in dresden near the beautiful square showcasing the cultural glory of germany's costs each week thank you does the growing right wing movement claims a spark to protest against the government of i'm going to merkel who they regard as the principal enabler for the ista mys a ship of germany as. i . i. i. figure the supporters are renowned for their hatred of the press. and the police presence is partly to protect the journalists but heins joachim was willing to explain what was going on and why is it the it's money how do i get because it's good shop with
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a good long just years shop or both were tearing it up see i knew bill wolff if you qualify because you wanted me to bust the outsells to eat you need to go on as is saw the assumed cost and you could see because. i live political pot tied to flourish in the damir called sin divided on me and i was called an unbelievable being that sort is i thought i was going to use a flood levy on for good school as in so noisy for going on 3 percent was the mission mentioned on my far does these unmentioned nish in also couture so in g.p. and soon our does move in feel a mention of years and as is the job done. and you mention dizzy he is good but he is the bacon is even more gustavus not so he does soon to be a nazi as he got somalia both was dark on. choice did i and fuck does try and plots and. does your own so it is
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a shot in schism that he cut his ear and commit to die jots and be seen deny somebody crime here. be. there. was a man was. you needn't even be able to but mention feedin in the eye nonetheless protester must now and then also since you can plug this in happening is that you come to the end finishing time in on the 6 boys aren't. making sure that.
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almost half the people in this berlin neighborhood are middle east and. it's been this way for decades so like that or so you can so no matter what the oneness or love songs for the love model is about the subject is sort of like so others here are a coward lot of those are sort of my guess is you want to build on the ground are going to france and. here you say soriano was in life and it's. not something i did i was ease came to germany to look for work via italy where his family lives he says muslims face discrimination across europe. muslim and i. know you are going to miss the one as it does as well. because underpins our rule we sure you are looking into another world to others who wonder who it was who. ruled the world is that the book of the good and.
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i go to a newly opened syrian restaurant to see how hard it is for newcomers to find work. however still the students at the bottom of the arm of the state of looking out of a lot of the right look out for. probably how to have a lot of that not something else like i want to thank my lawn with enough for her i think the one i want the world to have the man or myself in the foot. i live. near el salvador had to but because of my mother and not let me look i was about like my mom the flower that was on the phone with a little girl i did so by telling the story of one of the philosophers like listening to this call for some of your floor for most likely. it's municipal election season in berlin and all the major parties except the right wing a.f.d. have come to there's a 2 in a mosque annoy her and to woo arab voters. i think it might have been.
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cured she will i'm going to think it is a game i think but if you want including planting the most only female. dancer who just didn't want nice things. since michigan. easy nothing. to eat you do stupid things from under. me. just each week if you didn't think it was he just looking to see if you could use it. he. said he'd miss but most of them fell into a bet. that. they
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said and i think off into the office. and this with me to about. the assumption. let me. into a bit of business but you know home stuck with him for a number of cuomo same fee intelligent poet in with you. but i don't wish to see this. be. politicized to the cuff in holland in funk ice you need to learn it in trade and in denmark. all seem. to be going and going to meet him and simitis for them once a new one. is so many despots see it then got until it's unkind in dutch and alice movie pussy and couldn't do a shunt. for folks they hadn't. this
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is one of germany's famous welcome politics held in berlin as a way to get germans and refugees together. the merkel government was seeing they needed manpower for the work force were also aware of their humanitarian responsibilities something reflected in the actions of many ordinary german citizens. sanitizing the gathered commitment to the end of the motherland this invasion they're not afraid of in the manner that if this is not just anger at me and that what dish i'm qualified to come but i'm too hot head for the hand please let the count wearing. had them on the field it will be at if i hate you or that you have something. to eat and have the guts of the country she's strong but i'm not a cynic. my
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trip across germany has been an emotional roller coaster. meeting early arab immigrants who have found their peace as well as those still searching to balance their multiple identities. i met germans who have welcomed us. all those who fear us. and those who study us. and perhaps by coincidence i wrap up my journey at the german celebration of their own history. and germany this photo surprises.
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i i i. feel. it is here from this musician but i learned how our obscene germans have been
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linked for over a 1000 years. when see this position of magick or to. play with the other disciplines yeah it's a media yeah something out of this kid this. well be all been published of a leftist mantra or nothing but often doesn't get something a little piece of music if you go on for months. now that's come out and source was on it once at 40 cure hinson top of ford in this city oh not invulnerable to have music transferred to earthly good. will not liking for food looks like a no and yes thursdays of my deal making quite soon. post in a non do not feel good of you to which i like to think just diviners and come off against instrumental. i'm left cautiously optimistic that one day germans will see arabs as a positive threat then the fabric of german society. and between new immigrants
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will find more than a refuge. but for those of us who wish to remain. surely you will one day become. ill again and welcome back we're here cross parts of south america we are still looking at some very heavy rain across parts of perth way as well as your of way and that will continue at least through today and into tomorrow your forecast map showing that very heavy rain across parts of the sun sea on as we go towards sunday
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the front start to ease a little bit more towards the north giving that aerial break but we don't think that break is going to last very long what have you rain is expected to fall as we go into next week down here towards one as odd as it is going to be a nice day at 20 degrees in rio more rain in your forecast at $32.00 degrees there across much of the caribbean though it is seasonal showers this time of year now looking at anything too heavy and in terms of temperatures we are seeing temperatures here in kingston at about $31.00 degrees same thing for have an as we go towards saturday and for nasa more clouds in your forecast on sunday for the time to them of 29 degrees and then very quickly here across united states it is still a flooding situation across much of the south we're talking about parts of texas louisiana as well as these thunderstorms continue to push here across to the east as we go towards the rest of the weekend more heavy rain expected fall here but also a here towards the eastern united states with washington see a cloudy and rainy day at 14 and atlanta heavy rain in your forecast with
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a temperature of 23 degrees. the weather sponsored by town. leverage years. of duction killings and unanswered questions we don't know what happened sorry we can't heal faultlines investigates why native american women are vanishing in disproportionate numbers in the us in the search. for missing and murdered indigenous women. on al-jazeera they're still searching. yet still working. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera by a major dish every weekly news cycle brings
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a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel but that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most embarrassing is a free palestine are they listening post on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. columcille rahman you're watching your jazeera news our life more headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes rebels in yemen begin redeploying fighters from the port city of the data until all jazeera expect government forces to do the
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same also a stalemate in sudan the opposition rejects an offer from the military to hold talks with. in $72.00 hours to form a transitional government. and after days of counting south africa's ruling a.n.c. is set to be declared the winner of the general election. time joining us roscoe with the sport as the defending n.b.a. champion golden state warriors make the conference finals i'll have all the action in the next 60 minutes. welcome to the news hour we begin in yemen where he 3 rebels have begun redeploying fighters from 3 key ports under u.n. supervision they include salif of us and to data which is the gateway for nearly all food aid for millions of starving yemenis yemen's government is dismissing the hoofy mover's inaccurate and misleading south korea has the latest.
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the battle for the port of data has been at the heart of the humanitarian crisis in yemen aid agencies have pleaded with the warring factions to withdraw from the strategic port a gateway for desperately needed food and medicine. millions are facing famine after more than 4 years of fighting between the forties and the coalition led by sad eurabia and the united arab emirates. according to united nations healthy rebels will redeploy from full data and the ports of salif use for grain and there are safe and entry point for oil we have huge problem terms of the lack of trust between the saudi led coalition on one side who see rebels on the other worse very good but develops a little bit of trust they could potentially pave the way to eventually solving this conflict is going to really require some actions. there are many governments
9:51 pm
backed by the coalition have expressed skepticism over the agreement on friday the minister of information mohamed el any any tweeted any you know actual deployment that does not allow for the principle of joints monitoring and verification of the terms of the sweden agreement is elusive and unacceptable. the amany government did not state whether vest side would make a reciprocal move. the agreement stipulates that both sides withdraw at the same time we complied with the agreement and we expect the saudi led coalition to do the same if they don't we've made our point plans were brokered by an led committee under the stockholm agreement a pakistan blish between the rival competence last year. but soon after a cease fire was agreed on the 18th of december fighting resumed in the port city of hadera and since then repeated attempts to enforce the truce have failed the un says it is monitoring the redeployment of fighters from the ports yet it's still
9:52 pm
unclear how far forces will go and who will eventually control the 3 ports so hired as. well said all the military council has called on the opposition to resume negotiations within 72 hours of help from the transitional to form a transitional government but these have been rejected with protesters saying the approach by the military doesn't match the demands of the people. is live for us in the capital khartoum and so really the talking there is certainly a resumption of attempt to try to make sure that the talking continues but they seem to be on different pages. oh now yes they do have a position now saying well then malt totally all polls to a lot of time to talk to the transitional military council they say they do not like that talk to us the transitional military council has been we're told any different from those of the film team but they say they face a more big
9:53 pm
a problem which is divisions within the opposition forces for freedom and change to themselves last week difference as a margin between the civil society wind which is led by the sudanese professional association which doesn't like living behind the protests and sudan's post went opposition parties and they traded insults and all kinds of comments against each other in the media and now. holding talks to try and. bring opposition unity box although they can face the transitional military council from a united front of full so there is always against time saddam is facing so many problems including the economy where people are facing so many shortages of most of the basic necessities. multi-use q all full fuel it.
9:54 pm
seems like these on our common site in most parts of the city mall to say sometimes they spend the entire day waiting to fill up their vehicles. the fuel crisis shortages of bread and electricity outages posing a major challenge for the country's transitional military council moderate men and the law involved everything is as before there is no difference between the old regime and the military council we still have shortages and queues for bread and fuel. back used to fill my. at banks and the few teller machines that still hold koch under the c.n.n. hit dozens of people wait patiently in line to get money out what the most out of interest of and it may take us up to a month sometimes to withdraw full salaries treat government imposed limits it's ramadan and people are fasting it's unfair to wait for this long to collect our own money our own right according to bungle fishbowls it's been taking an average of 6
9:55 pm
hours for the few a.t.m.'s that are talked to be emptied. the financial ecosystem they say house quite simply seized up. yet since that removal of a model bashir from office the sudanese pound has strengthened against the dollar on the black market sulfides it again almost a 3rd of its value but that is yet to fully convert into law prices for basic commodities. well live on the dollars are going prices had begun coming down but have once again risen due to the mess of demand for commodities during ramadan we can only pray that things get better for us such. a decision to cut food and fuel subsidies are in last year increased discontent with all bullshitters government and 3 that mosque protest in december that ultimately led to me to move the from office the protest are still going on. the protesters will
9:56 pm
so fall for much needed liver and still no affiliation in this where continue our teeth they come out every evening in minutes the after opening delphos and they've been chanting the same slogan stop they will continue to stay here until they is the proper transition to civilian rule and that they would even embark on acts of civil disobedience if need be to question the military culture and to see the power of the civilian and. the family with them as of course join us situation develops thank you mohammed out on cots or. now let's take a look at how are these events have unfolded over the last month in sudan we start with april the 11th when president omar al bashir was ousted after months of anti-government protests and a military coup that ended his 3 decade rule and he was replaced by his vice president and have been our fool was the defense minister at the time but just
9:57 pm
a day later resigned following public anger was replaced by a man who's the head of the military council the opposition coalition accuse the council of delaying a transfer of power to civilian rule talks between them where they're in suspended then on april the 27th both sides reach an agreement and form a joint civilian military committee to iron out the differences but just a few days ago the military council rejected the opposition's proposal on what the transitional government should look like and has called for an election in 6 months time should the stalemate continue. the other is a research associate. in london joins me now here have you with us in this breaking news that we're just hearing now the civil society movement is saying they're not happy with the tactics of the military council what they actually mean i think there is huge you know mistrust between the protesters i mean the free
9:58 pm
forces for freedom and numb and kink and the military capacity there is no question about that because they're with them or. you know particular will to pave the way for a true. military i mean civilian pedophile or some sort of that and and for the last the it actually they see the the military council actually you know apply some sort of you know delaying tactic some buying time but other than actually you know going ahead with the with the transition for democracy and one of the delaying tactics if we can look at it like it is the fact that the military council wants to involve all types of civil society and that was the original group of civil society that pushed forward with protests against omar al bashir because that makes the sort of conclave of voices much larger than the original group that was negotiating with the military council in cruise if it actually sequoyah for any kind of true and
9:59 pm
given kind of peaceful transition in the country it is no question about that but i think they see is that you know some time is the military council bringing in some forces who are. you know i mean until the last moment they were part of the game and actually they want to read the transition rather than actually you know are trying you know to have a small transition for democracy or something like that i think that they're on their position you know about this incredulity but inclusive it is very important but you cannot bring those who are part of the game until the last woman actual to be part of the process you not want them is very difficult especially for these groups who have been up. you know struggling actually the last leg over of 90 action from you know the editor there there are you know colleagues you know during this process or for pricing transition is difficult certainly for you might say the military to a certain extent because they've been in charge for such a long time in the country there are bold and by. state actors who are supporting them in these sorts of scenarios normally people power takes over but here you've
10:00 pm
got countries very close by in the region who are supportive of the military and therefore may not want the military to sort of lose complete power straight away this is a problem actually that's why you know some you know disperse for power you know they have you know to put the order or because now the military council you know they said that actually it is too bad the civilians are not going to be on the heart of a port to civilian or some similar but also have you know that certain powers indeed got didn't want actually for their own you know very narrow national interest or something maybe the war in yemen or some sort of that you know you know saudi arabia united arab emirates actually have to support the military because they you know so that they can't possibly get more support for their military operations actually in amman and something like that but actually people of sudan. right now because they want this city to achieve their national bourse they don't want to give you another sinatra or something like that so that's why you know the the international community that they meet actually by.


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