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it's mostly in the south are advancing tough and the abortion laws alabama sentences are expected to vote next week on a bill that would criminalize most abortions from conception if the proposal passes doctors who help women terminate pregnancies could face up to 99 years in prison and in georgia a new law was passed this week which bans all abortions at the 1st signs of a fetal heartbeat that's before many women even though they're pregnant they see a similar heartbeat bills have already been passed in kentucky mississippi and ohio all of them facing legal challenges to serious roselyn jordan reports now from washington. the latest round of laws being passed in u.s. state legislatures that put new tougher restrictions on women's access to abortion has become a controversial development here in the united states those who support the outlawing of abortion say that they are glenn getting closer to the day when the procedure is outlawed in all 50 states and u.s.
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territories those who support abortion rights say that these new laws represent really a new frontier in trying to undercut the lives of women and girls and so they are trying to find a political way to respond to this new slate of laws being passed we've already seen demonstrations at state legislatures there's already talk of raising money to fund efforts to try to defeat the laws or overturn the laws in the state courts perhaps in the federal courts as well but in the meantime this is a process that has been really going on since 1973 when the roe v wade decision was decided by the u.s. supreme court that ruling says that women do have a constitutional right to seek an abortion however that does not mean that the u.s. states have not had any efforts in that time to try to restrict access to abortion
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and in fact $43.00 of the 50 us states do put limits on where an abortion can be performed how many doctors can be involved after how many weeks during a woman's pregnancy and abortion can be performed there are penalties but none as tough as those that have been passed recently in some southern u.s. states we're going to weather update next year and i was here and then migrant ship some of us of a shipwreck mourn those who didn't survive the journey to europe. sign the seeds of division a chinese construction project disrupts a french peace and. qur'an stage. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast well the southern part of united states has seen quite
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a bit of rain over the last few days and that has been leading to flooding across much of the area unfortunately we're not going to be seeing much of a break these storms are on a train which means we're going to continue on the same path over the next few days heavy rain extending all the way from the gulf coast up through parts of the eastern seaboard here on sunday not only problems with the rain but that also means airport delays anywhere from boston new york all the way down here towards atlanta so flying on sunday could be difficult in those areas as we go towards monday though things get better down here towards the south but up here towards the northeast we're still looking at cool conditions as well as rainy conditions where new york only seeing a high of about ninety's there well cross much of the caribbean it is typical for this time of year we see those pop up thunderstorms across much of the region center domingo is going to be seeing a rainy day a $3129.00 pretty much staying the same as we go towards monday but we do expect to see some heavier showers down here across much of panama as well as coast rica as well as speaking of showers we did see some very heavy showers across parts of paraguay in uruguay over the last few days the rain is going to edges way
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a little bit more towards the north and south are going to sing better conditions towards one of the others but for a sense you're on it is going to be cloudy with a temperature of 18. on counting the cost from union leader to business magnate can still ram a post a turnaround a troubled south african economy as india's economy churns out a new breed of tech savvy old for now as we find out why the benefits of growth not reaching everyone counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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and again this is i'll just remind you of the main news the rebels began redeploying fighters from 3 major ports in yemen they say it's part of a un brokered deal but the yemeni government says it's a ploy. an attack on a luxury hotel in a pakistani port city developed by china has ended with a security guard and 3 gunmen that separatist group the liberation army has claimed responsibility saying that it targeted chinese and other foreign investors. and polls are open in the 6th phase of voting as india's one of the half month long parliamentary election approaches its final week around 10 percent of the total seats are up for bribes on sunday including those in the capital delhi. as well as opposition leader has called for direct contact between his movement and the us
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military he made the appeal as opposition supporters gathered for another day of demonstrations against president nicolas maduro but taught out for. short of expectations. reports. another prove test in venezuela this one to demand the release of the vice president of the national assembly. so i have a son to says she cannot wait any longer for a change in her country i am in we cannot continue with nicolas maduro in power we can hardly eat another detaining our lawmakers what else needs to happen from a door to go away. but for now it seems the little is not going anywhere venezuela's president denounced the cia as being behind efforts to overthrow him last week at coole attempt that did not succeed. because the person who carried out the coup is a coward a traitor his name is manuel of the heart of the christopher
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a traitor who is guilty and a coward after which he fled. many people in venezuela believe mother would or is not the legitimate president. they say the lections last year were field with irregularities. opposition leader asked people not to lose hope and says he has ordered he's envoy in washington to meet with the u.s. southern command. will talk to anyone that will help us transition to democracy in venezuela with the armed forces with the people on the streets and the international community that turnout is demonstration marks i'm older than you crave yes ok well i tired and chanted with the current situation in the country when it is going through an enormous economic crisis that has already forced to millions of people out of the country. the government has tried to implement some reforms to improve the economic situation but most analysts believe that as long as
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my in power it's unlikely to get any better. there is no option since there are for. restrictions and because there was a crisis the government has no credibility in oil production has dropped so it's almost impossible the students were not happy with saturday's turnout they say they don't have a future in venezuela but do not want to leave. our disappointment is what motivates us to take to the streets we have to win the street caracas we owe it to our friends who have died we do is not going to go away if we keep on talking. many here are calling for an intervention to force out. but the consequences of such a move could be catastrophic in a country where he supporters have sworn to fight back. government forces in northwestern syria i think nord cause for calm pushing further
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into rebel held territory rebel fighters fail to reclaim on claves and hama province which were captured by forces loyal to president assad the renewed government campaign against rebels in both hamas and provinces has killed more than 100 people and forced 150000 others from the. search operation continues after a boat carrying almost 100 refugees sank off southern coast at least 70 people lost their lives when the vessel capsized on friday. for reports those who were rescued are in a state of shock. this bangladeshi man set off in the hope for a better life in europe but is now stuck at this refugee reception center in tunisia. yet he's one of the lucky ones. he makes a painful call home 3 of his brothers who were on the boat with him when it overturned
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didn't make it. a fishing boat tried to bring as many passengers to shore as it could. only 16 survived out of almost 100 people who set sail from the city of the vajra on the libyan coast a lot of. they put us on a large boat after sailing for a while they moved us to a smaller inflatable boat with more than 70 people on board they left us and sailed away because of the number of people it started taking on water and overturned some of us are from chad of morocco but the rest are from bangladesh. the un agency for refugees refers to the mediterranean as the world's deadliest sea crossing it's a popular transit route for those desperate to reach europe last more than 2000 people died trying to cross. the international organization for migration says $101.00 people were returned to libya on friday the wide range of nationalities of
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the passengers on the boat have made it difficult for the tunisian rescue is to identify the victims and. we took 4 of them to the regional hospital for treatment and the rest of the survivors are here we will present them to psychologists and experts in order to give them the support they really need as you can imagine they all traumatized tunisian human rights organizations are blaming the european union saying tough immigration policies are forcing people to risk their lives crossing the mediterranean but for these men who have lost friends and family blame won't bring back their loved ones. so here is i've got 0. the world health organization says that more than 450 people have been killed in the battle for libya's capital tripoli the united nations security council has called for a cease fire as war continues his campaign to capture the city the red cross says
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the residential areas are turning into battlefields with almost 60000 people displaced by the facing aid agencies say that hospitals are struggling with power cuts and chronic medical shortages. talks between sudan's military council and opposition groups remain deadlocked a month off the street protests forced the military to oust longtime president omar al bashir he was replaced by a transitional military council which is resisting protesters demands to cede power to civilians but as demonstrations continue the economic crisis which sparked them has taken its toll on people but i don't report stuff or how to wear basic commodities are in short supply. full fuel it. seems like these on site in most parts of the city multis say sometimes they spend the entire day waiting to fill up their vehicles. the fuel
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crisis shortages of bread and electricity outages are posing a major challenge for the country's transitional military council moderate men on the run and everything is as before there is no difference between the old regime and the military council we still have shortages and queues for bread and fuel. back used to full money at banks and the few tele motions that still hold koch under the c.n.n. hit dozens of people wait patiently in line to get money out one of the most out of interest of and it may take us up to a month sometimes to withdraw full salaries treat government imposed limits it's ramadan and people are fasting it's unfair to wait for this long to collect our own money our own right according to bungle fishbowls it's been taking an average of 6 hours for the few a.t.m. . talked to be emptied. the financial ecosystem they say house quite simply seized. yet since that remove all of them are all bushy and from office the
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sudanese palm pedley strengthened against the dollar on the black market sulfides it again almost a 3rd of its value but not is yet to fully come bought into law prices will basic commodities. while live on the oligarchical oil prices had begun coming down but have once again risen due to the mess of demand for commodities during ramadan we can only pray that things get better for us. a decision to cut food and fuel subsidies i mean last year increased discontent with all bullshitters government and 3 that mosque protest in december that ultimately led to me to move the from office the protests. the people of the ball i used to making do with a little. venting removal thing and coming together to find new ways to make it the effects of 3 years of political on the comic isolation that i think to
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break about determination and push them over the edge. how to kill him saddam 3 of the force just rescued by french special forces and so have arrived back in france president emmanuel mccall welcomed them at an air base near paris 2 french soldiers were killed during the rescue operation on thursday night. attempts to return jewish property stolen in world war 2 of anger at far rights activists in poland hundreds marched to the american embassy in the capital of warsaw against u.s. pressure on their governments to compensate holocaust victims and their families the protesters believe their country was a victim of nazi occupation and should not be held responsible for nazi crimes more than $3300000.00 polish jews were killed in the holocaust thousands of protesters in albania demanding that the prime minister at the rama step down they threw firebombs of the socialist party headquarters in the capital to run the opposition
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accuses the government of corruption of having links to organized crime drama denies the allegations. for some villages along man laws border with thailand the promise of a new road is a threat to life as they know as bus others are seeing it as an opportunity to have a jump june has more now on how the chinese construction project is threatening a fragile peace and koreans state. when a road was built through his property to transport crushed rock from a nearby quarry sound you decided to take action. the vibration of the mine explosion is very strong in the neighbor houses and wells cracked with the series 5 from the explosions these houses are a few yards away from the quarry whatever the situation is they didn't come and see the damage. to save his crops he's attempted to break up the road on his land and is now being sued by the contractor. the quarry began operating in 2070 and
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people here say they're landscape is now being chipped away at a rapidly increasing rate. the area is under a fragile ceasefire agreement between warring ethnic groups and government forces after decades of conflict while some people were compensated for damage to their properties by the road construction most were not which is added to preexisting tensions between villagers. most cory's on the mountain are small and locally operated but the much larger chinese quarry was never assessed for social or environmental impact. the asian development bank suspended funding for the project and has stopped which has left some without work on the other leg. what i would like to demand now is to restart the mining process we've been praying for this and people work in mining their livelihood is in good condition but now
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they're facing challenges everyone is in a difficult situation. numerous attempts to contact the china road and bridge corp were unsuccessful civil society groups say the chinese state owned company has been doling out excuses instead of compensation. they chose to disobey laws that are already in place when the c.r.b. see came to construct the road they didn't respect the rights of the local population. while smaller quarries continue to supply road builders observers say large scale projects in korean state should wait until a final peace agreement is reached between the government and the region's armed ethnic groups until then a project meant to unite is instead sowing seeds of division. and disease. it is good to have you with us hello adrian from going to hear in the top stories
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on al-jazeera the rebels have begun redeploying fights as from 3 major ports in yemen the yemeni government says it's just a ploy but the rebels say it's part of a un brokered deal and want other groups to fulfill the end of the agreement. now the ball is in the court of the united nations yemen's internationally recognized government and the you many people in order to perform a cycle of pressure on the parties who are being an obstacle future agreements cannot be. reached unless the countries of aggression and mercenaries commit to the implementation of this agreement an attack on a luxury hotel in southwestern pakistan has ended with the deaths of a security guard and 3 gunmen it happened in the port city of quote a separatist group the pulitzer liberation army has claimed responsibility for the attack saying it was a game the chinese and other foreign investors south africa's president oppose it has called for national unity out of the a.n.c. as election victory the ruling party came out on top with its smallest ever olive
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entry majority. i thought lute each and every one of you and i thank you for making it possible for this election to be rezoned expression of the will of the people of south africa we can declare with certainty that democracy has managed to beat tortillas in our country our people have given all of the leaders of this country a fair monday to both a better south africa for all that as well as opposition leader has called for direct contacts between his movement and the us military he made the appeal is opposition supporters gathered for another day of demonstrations against president nicolas maduro. was down on previous rallies amid a government crackdown the world health organization says that more than 450 people have been killed in the battle for libya's capital tripoli the united nations
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security council has called for a ceasefire as wards khalifa haftar continues to his campaign to capture the city. and those are the headlines these continues here on al-jazeera after this week's edition of counting the cost next. as u.s. sanctions and levied against iran we'll ask what impact this one on iraq's relations with its key trading partner will not be part of through we're a new ally this again is another of the iraq's deputy prime minister and will minister. 0. has i'm sick of this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week the poor kid who became a business magnate we find out if he can turn around south africa's economic mess.
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as india's economic expansion churns out a new breed of tech savvy entrepreneurs we find out why the benefits of growth are not reaching everyone. i'm the clock reporting from leaving a photo of an arctic norway on the threats faced by one of the most important fisheries in the world. when the end south africa's cyril ramaphosa was reelected the spite the failure of his ruling a.n.c. party to get a grip on the economy and corruption the former union leader turned business magnate has promised to create jobs and continue to fight corruption he needed a resoundingly victory to unite a party that has been deeply divided since the ousting of scandal plagued jacob zuma a year ago unemployment is at a 15 year high of 27 point one percent but youth unemployment is at the highest level in the world the economy grew just 0.8 percent in 2018 after recovering from
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a recession around the poster hopes to create 275000 jobs a year but the economy hasn't grown more than 2 percent over the last 5 years. and all this against the backdrop of inequality electricity and water shortages how does it is for me to miller has more now on the challenges facing the country during its election campaign the african national congress promised to clean up corruption now it's in areas like this where the impact of the corruption is most felt the government says that it loses at least 2000000000 dollars every year as well as $76000.00 jobs due to corruption critics say that money could be spent on providing free houses as well as service and the like water and electricity in many areas in kylie tried to develop after $9094.00 after the 1st of the private elections that's due to the number of migrants removed from other provinces often
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poorer provinces looking for work many of them often have to live in conditions just like this south africa's economy is stalling the international monetary fund has lowered the projected g.d.p. growth rate to 1.2 percent and that puts south africa among the worst performers in sub-saharan africa and conditions for businesses especially small ones have been made more difficult as the state owned electricity provider eskom isn't trouble now it's also riddled with corruption and to make up for the missing billions is increasing the cost of electricity above inflation eskom is also experiencing massive operational problems south africans have to live through rolling blackouts now continued blackouts will further hamper south africa's economic growth economists warn that power cuts could shave 0.5 percent of g.d.p.
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joining me now from london is reza current chief economist for africa at standard chartered. good to have you with us sir ramaphosa has got some big challenges ahead of him doesn't he the biggest of which is unemployment the chronic khana me is growing at less than 2 percent that's far short of what it should be doing to create $275000.00 jobs a year. yes this is the case this south african economy has really struggled to achieve lasting momentum and if any of the high frequency data releases from the 1st quarter of this year are anything to go by there is even the risk of another economic contraction quarter and quarter at the beginning of this year the question though is does this election result change anything will we now see the institutionalize ation of reforms will we see a surge in consumer and business confidence could we see household spending and investments taking off. and when you look at that 27 percent unemployment number
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you ask yourself how the economy is able to to support that. it's clear that the south african economy needs to be growing a lot faster there have been a number of measures put in place to try to reduce the overall impact of inequality not least the provision of social grants an extensive social grant system but ultimately the best way to reduce poverty would be to achieve an accelerated growth rate over time and it's this issue that south african policy must really focus on and south africa's debt rating is currently at a junk status does it have the space capacity to expand further to to bail out the power operator to improve the water supply and reduce unemployment there is one last investment grade rating currently assigned to south africa by moody's but
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there are increasingly concerns not least around the indebtedness of the state owned electricity it'll it there has already been the pledge of significant government support and south africa has in a sense run out of fiscal space to do anything more with spending there have been so many years of weak growth persistently weak growth revenue disappointments that it's very difficult for south africa to reassure investors that it is putting the macro economy right that it is able to bring down debt levels while still doing a great deal more to boost growth ultimately what needs to happen is with the public sector not really having the space for investment the private sector needs to step up what south africa needs is for private sector confidence to be reinvigorated for investors to start investing again in order to boost growth of south africa's been through 2 recessions. in the last decade as we've talked about
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before corruption is still a major problem but the one functioning institution is the central bank in south africa it's increased reserves have done a decent job of keeping inflation in check what do you make of that well there are many functioning institutions in south africa is still a country that is considered to be investment grade but at least one rating agency the south african reserve bank though has been a very credible institution it has been very clear around its price stability mandate even in the face of occasional political pressure the south african reserve bank has really stood its ground and that is starting to have an impact south africa is currently enjoying a lower rate of inflation than had been the case for many years and this is important that kind of macroeconomic stability the ongoing low rate of inflation
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will be important in order to boost growth going forward and just finally while hesitate to lump african nations together we have a similar set of issues don't we with nigeria muhammadu buhari one a 2nd term but i guess the biggest challenge there is insecurity isn't it. nigeria like south africa one of the big economies in the region and it's been experiencing a number of years of weak growth partly this was the consequence of the weakness in the oil price from the end of 2014 but a great deal of it has to do with the very slow adjustments and some of the policies put in place that perhaps weakened that adjustment to softer oil prices now nigeria is in sight of recovery or oil production is back while prices are better supported but the challenge for the authorities will be to ensure that there
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is growth in the rest. the economy is well there is a great deal that does need attention the health of the banking sector why it is that banks haven't been quick to start lending again monetary policy has recently been subject to different influences and maybe in a less tight environment we will see some of that growth momentum returning but given that my geria has very low median levels of per capita income weak growth is not a luxury that that economy can afford so nigeria absolutely needs accelerated growth if it's to make a meaningful impact and reducing poverty you can get to talk to you thank you well as we mentioned there nigeria's president mohamed will hardy has promised to diversify the economy away from oil and that's easier said than done nigeria is even struggling to grow its own food i don't want tasa reports from state.
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1st the cause is cleaned the machine also peels off the skin removing any soil live from the plant. in its ground into a sticky pulp the water is squeezed out after a few more processes that becomes a flower a staple food for nigerians the government's trying to increase food production for local consumption as well as to celebrate what it says agriculture could help reduce nigeria's dependence on crude oil. exports and imports. exports in. nigeria is a largest producer of casaba in the world to encourage more farmers to grow the crop commercially the government says it will improve access to finance and will try to attract more private investment in the sector nigeria imports
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a lot of it which is the 4th using money earned from selling its oil now farmers will be encouraged to grow. and i'd rather have some progress if there were not enough to feed the country. cooking with has been a way of life for generations but much of it is to have systems farming not commercial these women grow just enough for their families the little left over is sold for a few dollars. sarah does everything by hand she can afford machines to grind into flour she says she barely makes enough to feed her 6 children. you know sir and i didn't even know. how with. children so i doubt they need our children need to mourn the life you have to know around and there are money can be. moved. so the work is not done using. what. economists say diversify nigeria's economy after decades of relying mainly an
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oil won't be easy it needs more political will and more input from locals but they all signed some people are starting to see farming as a viable business one delivery at a time. ogun state nigeria. now india is home to the 3rd highest number of billionaires in the world including asia's richest person but while its economy expands many people are asking if it is only the wealthy who are benefiting from his demeanor reports now from new delhi this sprawling upmarket estate tucked away in new delhi is home for rival coastline this family a startup investor who's also runs his own digital consulting and marketing firm he says the government's policies in the past few years have been good for business just in terms of how we deal with the government with the governance it brings to simplicity informations lot easier for us to. understand our clients and other
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businesses have grown they've they've needed more services from us so with our services are growing our business is growing and that's been of her.


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