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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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all knowledge is easy. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the out as ever news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. in fact. and these things. one of donald trump's top economic advisors admits americans will also pay the price for u.s. tariffs on china. calling their bluff on the arabian military commander accuses the u.s. of playing psychological warfare plus. despite efforts by the government colombia appears to be losing the war against cocaine trafficking. and in support of
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manchester city with about english premier league titles with a resoundingly victory on the final day of the season. we begin this news with the escalating trade dispute between the u.s. and china one of president trump's top economic advisors has admitted that american businesses will suffer from tariffs on chinese goods laurie could lose comments contradict trump's claim a little ot be china that pays well the u.s. slapped a $200000000000.00 tariff on chinese imports on friday about amounts to a 25 percent tax on goods it coincided with a failure by both sides to reach a deal in the latest round of trade talks in washington. both sides will play and these things and of course it wouldn't be such a tariff on goods coming into the country the chinese aren't paying no but the chinese will suffer g.d.p. losses and so forth with respect to
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a diminishing export market and goods today may need for their own history on this because the president says china doesn't china it pays the terrace they may suffer consequences but it's the u.s. businesses and u.s. consumers who pay correct and yes to some extent yeah i don't disagree with that again both size both sides will suffer and this may not trumpet since restated his claim that it will be the u.s. that benefits from the new import tax a few hours ago he tweeted we are right where we want to be with china remember they brought the deal with us tried to renegotiate will be taking in tens of billions of dollars in tires from china buyers of products can make it themselves in the usa or buy it from countries whereas in jordan joins us live now from washington d.c. rose there was also a stern warning to the u.s. from beijing not to underestimate china in this trade war so what's pushed china to make this warning now. well basically this warning comes in the face of
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now a week of criticism from the u.s. president donald trump that beijing was basically a backing out of commitments it was making during this ongoing negotiation for a new buy a lot of trade agreement between the 2 countries and so this is really a push back from beijing to say that they're not simply going to roll over and give the united states everything that it wants in these trade talks of course it is worth pointing out that they're also very much a wear of the fact that there is a political dynamic to doll trump statements about the ongoing a negotiation process and about his use of tariffs in order to try to get an advantageous deal for the united states and so there really is nothing to lose from the chinese perspective to digging in their heels and basically saying you're going to have to meet us halfway we're not giving up everything just so that you can have
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a political talking point for the 2020 presidential campaign the white house economic adviser larry kudlow says he expects china to retaliate office of president trump more than double those tariffs on chinese imports so where are you now with the trade talks where they stand. well there is this perception daryn that the trade talks have fallen apart that there is not going to be some sort of bilateral trade deal in fact during that same interview that mr kudlow was giving on the sunday public affairs shows he did note that the chinese have invited both the secretary of the treasury steven ition and robert light hisor who is the u.s. trade representative back to beijing perhaps in a month's time for another round of discussions but mr kudlow also stressed that the details haven't been worked out the date hasn't been worked out but the important point is that these talks continue and that essentially as mr kudlow was
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up portraying it this is something you should expect in a lengthy and significant trade negotiation you're going to have these hiccups you're going to have these up public shows of animosity but he did indicate that there will be another round of discussions in beijing in jordan there in washington d.c. rose thank you for that let's bring in stun void also in washington d.c. he's a resident scholar with the american enterprise institute at the white house economic adviser larry kudlow who we saw earlier this says it's u.s. consumers who ultimately pay the price for trump's latest tariffs hike so just talk us through which americans will be feeling the pinch and how much more will they be paying. well so the new tears are tears of 25 percent on about $200000000000.00 worth of goods imported from china every year the rate used to beat them percent now is $25.00 so that's a 15 percentage point increase most of the most of those goods are intermediate
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goods and so they are purchased by american businesses they use them as components for their own final goods the preliminary incidence is on those firms of course they ultimately sell products to american consumers and what we've seen so far is that the incidence of these tariffs has been on american consumers there are some american firms that will benefit from these tears because they compete directly with the chinese companies whose products are now subjected to arabs and of course they're also 3rd party producers who benefit that way and show their workers but the net effect for americans is certainly negative as even the ne see that wrecked the recognize this morning and president trump tweeted that the u.s. will be raking in billions of dollars in taxes from these tires but it also rattled the markets and i'm really sorry it will decrease the competitiveness of u.s. companies and weaken the global supply chains ultimately why is it the donald trump
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doesn't realize that it is as you say a tax on the american consumer. well i think he's always been very protectionist as as long as he's been involved in the public debate starting in the 1980 s. he just doesn't seem to understand what it really means to run a trade deficit he doesn't seem to understand that there are gains from trade in international trade and then if you can purchase goods somewhere at a low prices that that benefits both you and the producer. the direct mechanics of it is indeed american companies and american consumers who produce that that's revenue collected it's a harder it's a tougher question to answer why he doesn't understand that part of the over the last few weeks we seemed to sense that a trade deal was pretty much in the making now those stem things seem to have gone back to square one that's that's absolutely true and so i think
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there's 2 things to be said there one the policy making process in this white as in this administration has been very chaotic for the past 2 years and often policy seems to be made by hissy fit and not after a long considered process secondly as i said the administration is very protects and protection is and so we should see this in the context of a broader policy stance toward increasing tariffs increasing their varistor trade then that's not exclusively a chinese affair we've seen the administration do the same thing visa v. your a visa v. even canada and mexico despite the fact that they are within a free trade area and deeds of egypt banned all of its other trade trading partners it's not just a final thought from you i mean the latest round of trade talks ended last friday with no announcement of a deal and u.s. politicians on both sides say these times could undermine years of economic growth
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so what happens next. well what happens next is the administration has already announced that it's going to start the bureaucratic procedures required to impose even more tears on chinese imports these are remaining $300000000000.00 of imports every year they want to impose the same 25 percent tariff many of those products are consumer goods and so those tears would be much more salient to voters they involve products like the i phone. the same time on a different track the administration week from now or so it's supposed to announce what it will impose tariffs on cars and car parts and so that will be a very big deal especially as it affects the trade relationship with the european union and so you know both of those processes are tending toward more protectionism more barriers to trade and so i think that's what we what we should expect and i
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stumble again thank you for talking to al-jazeera. now the commander of iran's elite military unit the revolutionary guard says the u.s. does not have the ability to wage a war against his country ills i described the deployment of extra u.s. warships and fine to aircraft in the region as psychological warfare the pentagon says iranian aggression is a reason why did the increased u.s. military presence was discussed in the iranian parliament on sunday president hassan rouhani in the face of pressure he calls unprecedented saying this robbie has moved from tehran. while it is a matter of routine for the new head of the islamic revolutionary guard corps to address iranian members of parliament and answer their questions major general though since a lot of these turn comes at a time of heightened tensions with the united states the new i are g.c. chief assured employees that a war with the united states is unlikely because americans know the closer their military hardware comes to iranian territory the more vulnerable it becomes to iranian defenses and iranian firepower the head of the air force was also present
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and reinforced his boss's comments saying warplanes and worship. represented a threat in the past have since become an opportunity and potential targets since moving closer to iran shores following the briefing a senior m.p. and the head of parliament's national security and foreign policy commission said iran can hit targets up to 2000 kilometers away by the estimated that american ships are at most 500 kilometers away that might put them somewhere in the arabian sea or perhaps in the gulf of oman so the message this day is that iranian forces are watching and waiting and are ready to respond to any perceived threats from u.s. forces at their doorstep meanwhile a former u.s. defense secretary has criticized u.s. president donald trump the tightening sanctions on iran on military deployments to the gulf robert gates said washington and tehran need to return to the negotiating table i think that there's
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a conflict between the united states and iran would have tremendous unforseen consequences in the middle east i think would be very dangerous so i think that the strategy needs to be how in fact do you get the iranians back to the negotiating table and understanding that the agree that whatever agreement emerges has to be broader and has to deal with some of these other issues well let's bring in lawrence korb he's a former assistant secretary of defense on a senior fellow at the center for american progress and joins us via skype from the u.s. state of delaware lawrence the former u.s. defense sector there robert gates we saw him a 2nd ago making the point that the u.s. escalating tensions with iran is extremely dangerous is he right to make that warning do you think. you know there's no doubt about it when you will carry it's gas for sponsor another ship once you know bombers that are capable of carrying nuclear weapons into an area you take a chance on this getting out of hand and of course as you call
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a war bob gates for this interview the rainy ends themselves are saying you you know if you try to retract our suit you know even if you're not going to be very successful we you know we can handle it so you really do have to be careful you put a lot of forces in they are and something could happen even if you don't intend it to yeah i mean critics say that president trump is provoking iran into a conflict so why is he doing this now i mean is this all about trump doing israel's bidding and to a lesser extent saudi arabia i mean they both want to bring iran to its means well there's no doubt about that but i think he's got people on his staff who are taking not for example john bolton had been talking with 20 years about attacking iran and getting rid of the car and got a car and got government trouble on the other hand i think he believes that well put a nice forces and you can pressure iran to come back to the table and get
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a better deal because he sees them so as the ultimate deal maker which is what he for example has been trying with north korea for the past year or very unsuccessfully i might add and iran has repeatedly threatened to retaliate against the u.s. by blocking the strait of hormuz where about 20 percent of the world's oil passes i mean this could have a devastating impact on the global economy as well as increased regional instability right. well there is no doubt about the fact that we have crippled iran's economy by what he just sanctions on unending waivers we can't produce you're by iranian oil and this is what they might think is a way to get back at the united states and its allies for a war we were not and then of course we could have a global international crisis and it would be demands on the united states to use its carrier task force to reopen the u.s. or it's just a final point law and so where does this escalation now leave the iran nuclear deal
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and we know that trump has pulled out of the deal and the europeans seem to be holding it together for now what least well it's gotta be up to the your team's only even the russians and the chinese to convince the united states to get back to the table as a lot of gay says there are a couple of tactical issues you might work out without changing the essence of the you know what if you continue this with the sanctions and iran starts a nuclear rising again and you have a real problem at sea ultimately a threat in that area is to have a nuclear arms race between iran and some of the u.s. allies like saudi arabia the u.a.e. lawrence korb thank you for talking to others there there thank you for having me finance of the arab emirates has confirmed an attack on 4 cargo ships off its eastern coast of the government says the commercial ships when its words subject to sabotage early on sunday it happened close the port of for gera there have been
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reports of explosions on 7 ships in the port on sunday morning which officials denied at the time of origin say no one died in the attack the regional bloc of gulf states the g.c.c. has condemned the incident for georgia affair as a fellow with gulf state analytics he says the incident raises the stakes in an already tense region. as the white house is intensifying its so-called the maximum pressure campaign on the islamic republic officials in tehran are also considering what options they have to put pressure on iran as adversaries for a long time people have speculated about a certain ario whereby eat romney and his close the strait of hormuz located right next to this incident and this is certainly something that raises the stakes for all players internationally given how much oil transits this artery separating the arabian peninsula from iran but i think there's no doubt that you're going to
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see. many voices not only in formal media but also in social media trying to spin this episode to further their own narratives in their own interests during this very sensitive period of time are not also to come here in the news hour including why syrians living in the world's largest cost of displaced people are facing a new crisis journalist since about to say they've never felt more free to do their jobs and a long time and it's more to find out if one of football's most feared strike has been signed off his pro career with a gun. a magnitude 6.2 earthquake has struck panama near its border with costa rica the epicenter was 50 kilometers northwest of the coastal city of david there are reports of several damaged homes and businesses and these one person has been injured so far there are no reports fatalities. the united nations says there was
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drool of yemen's who the rebels from 3 major ports is going according to plan but the yemeni government says the put out is just a ploy it accuses the who these of handing over control to their allies is the redeployment of fighters as part of a un banks deal and is expected to continue over the next few days. heavily armed and defiant pleased with the fighters and leaving the vizsla important port of high data under a u.n. mediation agreement they have 4 days to leave 3 ports data salif and russia. and the u.n. says the deal is going to plan but he say they're moving under unilateral u.n. agreement so coalition forces led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates should also move. the agreement in sweden actually stipulates that all forces must be withdrawn from her data completely we have withdrawn our forces from
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the 3 ports it's a partial withdrawal and of course will continue and hearing and implementing the swedish agreement in full will withdraw our ports from the red sea by one kilometer and this will continue like some government ministers have accused the who taking a pullout and handing the port to some its own fighters but in a tweet government negotiators sadik the weight of noised it was implementing the stockholm agreement he wants clear time frames for the un to inspect ships clear mines and remove military installations. plans for the who the fighters to withdraw were brokered by a un led committee under the stockholm agreement a pakistan between the rival combatants last december. but after 2 similar agreements failed the ceasefire deal was fragile sporadic fighting soon resumed in and around have a. fighting between rival factions has caused the world worse humanitarian
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crisis with more than 2 thirds of the 28000000 population in need of 8 the u.n. will assess on tuesday whether the 1st redeployment is a success but it's taken 5 months to kick start the whole data deal and with the fighting continuing across yemen there's no clear plan on how the country will end the 4 year war. sure that demand the out just there are. more than a dozen un ling to aid groups of suspended the operations in syria's rebel controlled adlib province several hospitals and buildings belonging to aid agencies of condor attack in recent days more than a 1000000 displaced people are believed to be sheltering in the last major opposition stronghold the u.n. says since late april a syrian government offensive in the area has forced 180000 people from their homes but david swanson is the u.n. regional spokesman on the syrian crisis he says the government offensive in the mills has put severe strain on the hospitals and schools not providing critical aid
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and shelter. we've had since april 28th more than 180000 people becoming newly displaced and on top of that we've had since april 28th we've had 18 hospitals that have come under attack and that are remain out of service so the situation on the ground is particularly dire so providing assistance in the context of that is going to prove credibly difficult challenge for all of us in the humanitarian community while cross border operations from turkey will continue which is credibly important for the people in the area sadly 16 n.g.o.s have suspended their operations in the area which will of course have a knock on effect impacting tens of thousands of people in the area well i think it's pretty interesting i mean included cell we currently have a population of about 3000000 people this is against a pre-war population of approximately one and
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a half 1000000 people now all of the 3000000 people living in this area approximately 1200000 people are displaced and this is an area approximately double the size of luxembourg but 5 times the population so it's a particularly densely populated area which puts and increases and hence is the levels of vulnerability for these residents even more so security forces in pakistan that create a hotel of government in the port city of got off a day. after an attack there left 5 people dead separatists in the southwestern province of baluchistan of claimed responsibility for the raid a security guard 3 have told staff and a special forces soldier were killed cities a major hub for chinese investment. venezuela's opposition leader seeking the support of the u.s. military to help topple president nicolas maduro from power one has failed to get the backing of venezuela's. after appealing to them last month in the past few days the material government arrested his deputy and stripped at least 10 politicians
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a parliamentary immunity that's forced many of them to seek refuge in foreign embassies. colombia is infamous for its cocaine cartels and the latest estimates from the united nations suggest they're selling more than ever before that's despite the army targeting cocoa farmers and destroying hundreds of the barges had been in the jungle. reports on how the end of the war against fox rebels is fueling the supply in the drug world wide. from the sky the coca fields that scarred this once virgin jungle in southern colombia tell a story of failure the inability of the country's government to control the cultivation the plain meaning greed and for cocaine. according to united nations estimates we are dealing with the 171 had to have cocoa that's more than 1000 metric tons of possible cocaine our president ordered a frontal assault against drug traffickers. producing more cocaine than ever before as a new criminal groups fight over territory under the control of gravels who signed
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a peace deal with the government in 2016. the conservative government. years elections calling the drug traffickers. and promising an irony. but it wasn't enough to avoid the united states president whose blame to colombia the u.s. is best ally in the region for flooding his country with drugs and i'll tell you something colombia you have your new president of colombia really good guy i met him we had about the white house he said how he's going to stop drugs more drugs are coming out of colombia right now before he was president so he has done nothing for us ok. response colombia launched one of the largest kartik separation in recent years going after poor farmers making a living cultivating the coca plant as well as the drug traffickers selling the cocaine. since the beginning of the year the colombian police says this troy
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$8000.00 of these smaller bora tori's the farmers use to process the coca leaf and dozen of the larger ones to produce the final product of the cocaine that is then sold on the streets of cities across the world. but most experts say the increase in drug production is being driven by a number of global factors from the rise of the us dollar to an increase in demand . for the previous government created an integral ambitious plan for crop substitution but this government already said it will not find its own anymore so an effort that lasted only one year only a comprehensive solution can make a difference unless all rural regions get roads infrastructure access to markets for illegal crops people in there will have no alternative but to grow coca survive military strength made bring results in the short term and help placate the united states but if history is any guide this excess may be short lived.
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at least 6 people including a priest have been killed in an attack on a catholic church in west africa about 20 gunmen enter the church near the town of dublin that's northeast of the capital while the witnesses say the attackers locked people inside and set the building on side. the opposition coalition in. the work to resolve differences with the military rulers by tuesday both sides remain deadlocked over how to proceed with the transition following a military coup last month since then journalists enjoy the new freedom as one of the reports in the capital. on demand television the news coast is preparing to read the evening news the past few weeks ushered in a new era for journalists here with censorship and media harassment gone with the deposed omar al bashir. limits animal the fear of retaliation
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journalists as i just watched at least from. the helot. for a long time we festering and controls and injustices from this day but something that made our jobs almost an unnecessary before the revolution and there was no media to speak off in sudan and. sudan is ranked 174 all to 180 countries and reporters without borders 2018 world press freedom index the biggest crackdown on the media came last december when up to government protests begun across the country. according to reporters without borders at least 80 journalist was that the authorities also confiscated copies of a list 16 newspapers between december pool. the people's confidence in both public and private newspapers television and radio stations is slowly returning. we need to be a more responsible media now more than ever before we need bodies to govern us in
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law as necessary to guide us we have a runaway media we can't hear progress. but there are growing concerns about abuse of the newly found freedom of expression by some media organizations accused of censorship and even spreading fake news and let's go to a stamp that began. in the past the state security apparatus used to dictate what a journalist could write or not we're seeing a steady change the media is freer than ever. a lot of sacrifices have been made by journalists throughout the past 30 years in sudan present progress towards a more free and open media has given them hope for greater freedom to report the news sudanese journalists understand too well but the change of leadership in their country does not necessarily mean an end to their struggle for media freedom all redeem has been replaced by
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a military council which they say could take them hostage once again but now but they have tasted freedom they say going back is not an option for them mohammed at all jazeera how tom sudan. time for a short break here on al-jazeera when we come back sri lanka holds its 1st sunday mass a month after the easter sunday. article our reporting from. norway which has become a prize destination for it streams surface from around the world. and i suppose it was hamilton rains in spain as most ideas clinches its 5th consecutive one to one pretty status. hello again what we have seen plenty of rain across parts of the southern area of the united states the system is now moving out but we had
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a lot of flash flooding across much of texas louisiana as well as mississippi i want to show you some video that came in from mississippi this is what the flash flooding did taking out the tracks here and derailing this train system right there this is only one of the areas that caused problems we did see a lot of roads washed out across the region as well the good news is over the next few days we could be seeing the rain ending that's going to be pushing over here towards the east but we are looking at the mississippi river still quite full and they are opening up the spillway is just to the north of new orleans to let out that excess water so hopefully new orleans will not be getting any floodwaters there as we go towards monday though we are going to be seeing the rain across parts of new york as could be quite cool at 9 degrees there and then as we go towards tuesday the rain begins to pull out but still quite cool across much of the northeast actually snow and some of the overnight hours there down towards atlanta it is going to be a nice day at about 22 degrees across the caribbean the things looking quite nice not a lot of rain to speak of some afternoon showers there across much of the area for
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cuba have it is going to be about 32 degrees there and as we go towards tuesday the bahamas is going to be cloudy at about $29.00 degrees for them. maria driven by poverty into prostitution and drugs and. now as a mother she's turning her life around with the help of the theaters a group of colombian women fighting the challenges they face to that. al-jazeera was compelling series which showcases fresh filmmaking talent from a down the globe the find a lot in america presents acting innocent. on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs. to be told . with exclusive interviews very dangerous for journalists to editors publishers
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all around the world and in-depth reports are real being taken for to play with al-jazeera as teams on the ground are not my world to bring you more award winning documentary and life means. welcome back amount of our top stories here this hour one of president trump's top economic advisers says that the u.s. businesses will suffer from tariffs on chinese goods a lot of good lawyers comments contradict trump's claim that it will only be china that pays the u.s. slapped a $200000000000.00 tariff on chinese imports on friday. the commander of iran's
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revolutionary guard says the u.s. doesn't have the ability to wage war against his country he described the deployment of extra u.s. warships and aircraft middle east as psychological warfare the pentagon says it's in response to iraq pressure. and more than a dozen u.n. linked aid groups have suspended their operations in syria's rebel controlled within the province several hospitals and buildings belongs agency is under attack by government forces on the russian allies in recent days. doesn't violence in the 2nd to last phase of parliamentary elections in india a candidate of the ruling party the b j p was targeted in the opposition ruled state of west bengal almost 60 seats were up for grabs on sunday including those in the capital new delhi more than 100000000 people across 7 states were unable to vote over a 6 week period the last round is on may the 19th and counting will take place on the 23rd. well one of the candidates running on sunday is a self-styled ultra nationalist hindu she's got a ticket from the b j p it but what. campaign on the usual is that she's facing
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terrorism charges scott highly reports from bhopal. prague is a 1st time candidate running for parliament in the central indian city of bhopal under the ruling. party or b j p banner she the party the prime minister and then there are modi have centered their campaigns on hindu nationalism. but also has passed last year terrorism charges laid against her as a suspect in the $2008.00 mosque bombing that killed 6 people she's out on bail due to poor health. visiting a hindu temple for a cleansing ceremony she adamantly maintains her innocence in the case and points to the opposition although there are many from the opposition congress party out on bail and also fighting in the elections these people want to break the country but i am 100 percent innocent. on these
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attorney explains it's illegal for her to run as she is not yet convicted but it brings into question the decision by the b j p to field a candidate facing terrorism charge. if it's proved that she is implicated by the court and gets a prison term then she would never be able to run for elections and. it's not just the b j p that's pushing hindu nationalism in bhopal albeit a softer version the congress party candidate has also been promoting hindu ideology in this community with a 20 percent muslim voter base 35 years ago one of the worst industrial accident in history happened here in the union carbide ghastly thousands were killed and now more than a 3rd of 2000000 residents are still affected and some who work with victim support groups feel that the rule. party due to its national agenda are ignoring them and other minorities. even though abdul-jabbar is health is failing he still runs an
2:36 am
organization that trains women impacted from the gas leak. it's creating a toxic atmosphere and the hate speech is just like that a $984.00 poisonous gas leak all i hate speech is destroying the mix between hindus and muslims it's creating that engine it's creating hate. so when the people of bhopal cast their ballots they are not only choosing their next leaders they could also be deciding whether their community will become more divided it's got harder al-jazeera bhopal india. was a journalist and author he says there's been a massive rise in the hindu nationalist fervor modi came to power and a divided opposition may have a 2nd term. i think he's always kept 2 fires going at the same time on one hand he sort of speaks from both sides of his mouth to the world he's the great reformer he's going to make india south korea and then quietly and india he keeps this his
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sort of hindu nationalist background going alongside the same time and when things are not looking good for him in that tour lee when he seems not to have delivered it can all make clear when this kind of pushback against him then he starts to like charge up this other atmosphere and it seems to be very much it from his playbook throughout his career as a politician you often find that even more than muslims especially upper caste muslims. that are in the modis vote bank is if full of hatred for the lower cost and so there's been a whole spate of violence against the lower cost and while most he can afford to perhaps use the muslim vote you can lose the muslim book on the lower cost vote and then hope to be prime minister so this is someone of the kind of unintended consequences of creating an atmosphere where people are allowed to act in this way i think it's terrible i mean they've had 5 years to recuperate to think of what more these crushing victory meant electorally and they've come back 5 years later
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with exactly the same candidate who reduced them to $44.00 seats in a parliament of $543.00 and so it would i say in the piece it would be ridiculous it would be like literally if if we were to deal with trump by putting forward hillary again would perhaps like the added enticement to chelsea and so this is the congress is so steeped in a kind of dynastic principle that they haven't really understood the message of 2014 and haven't responded as a vital opposition should. lithuania's prime minister has been knocked out of the presidential race of an alice conceded defeat a few hours after the polls closed a run of vote to be held on the 26th of may an economist who is promising to build the welfare state will be up against a conservative former finance minister bread and butter issues dominated the campaign in the baltic state where despite strong economic growth there are high levels of poverty and income inequality. several states in germany have indicated their support for
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a so-called mosque tax aimed at making muslim organizations less dependent on foreign funding the scheme would mirror a voluntary church tax that's according to newspaper reports it's being proposed as a way to reverse the influence of foreign governments over the country's $5000000.00 muslims around $900.00 mosques in germany are run by the turkish islamic union of the institute for religion which is under the authority of the turkish government. the opposition in the west african country have been eans refusing to accept april's parliamentary election results members are now calling for president but at least i long to resign after days of violent protests we can assad has more now from the commercial capital. this is the been in president long wants the world to see not just soldiers patrolling the capital shooting at protesters arresting members of the opposition. here it's a different parade of been in younger lete who for the most part support the man
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who has ruled for the past 3 years but. i think patrice alone is working for our country he's doing the right thing for our country and he isn't hurting anybody we just need to do what he's asking us to do because he is our king our president. since the parliamentary elections boycotted by the opposition president calderon has ignored the violent protests against him and not made any public statements but his government did congratulate the restraint of the armed forces after the shot at an armed protesters demanding his resignation. before entering politics became wealthy after taking over been in state run cotton mills he financed the election campaigns of who was president until 2060 buddy returned the favor allowing him to take stakes in the management of the lucrative ports of cooking. but the 2 men fell out when they became political rivals not only by please turn on a rich man he's also
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a political outsider who took many my surprise when he won the 2016 presidential election he's often referred to as the donald trump of because he campaigned on a promise to change what he describes as a corrupt political system promising a greater share of been into wealth to those who have been ignored by politicians. but the poor are getting poorer and are growing in numbers despite the economy booming at the rate of 6 percent in the past decade the number of people living in poverty has risen to 40 percent according to the world bank. and newly elected member of parliament or dean dean says only the president. can reverse the trend. if i. get sick we'll take a plane and go to the us or europe for treatment paid for by the state the hospital is always on strike that's why we made going on strike eagle i know it's not
2:42 am
popular but we have to do it to help the poor. the opposition it accused of sweeping away basic freedoms so you can tighten his grip on power his supporters say he's just got a different style of governing. nicolas hawke al-jazeera. filipinos have begun voting in the midterm elections seen as a test of roderigo to test his presidency more than $18000.00 posts are up for grabs including half of the senate wins for candidates allied to detect it will make it easier for the president to push through his controversial policies among them a crackdown on illegal drugs his critics say he's using violence and intimidation influence voters police in sri lanka have imposed an overnight curfew in 4 different areas soldiers guarded catholic churches on sunday as they reopened for the 1st mass since the easter bombings worshippers were searched and police kept
2:43 am
a close watch for anyone acting suspiciously tensions remain high after last month's suicide attacks on churches and hotels killed at least $250.00 people and injured hundreds of local group of muslim fighters linked to ice or claim responsibility. as christians we don't respond to terrorism with terrorism we must forgive them we must pray for them and bring them to the correct path. even though we have been through tough times. stronger than that that we rise up to challenge us through love kindness and forgiveness and that is exactly what the survivors of a boat sank in the mediterranean sea had been taken to a migrant reception center at least 70 people lost their lives when the vessel capsized on route to europe on friday. before reports. been rescued are still in shock. this bangladeshi man set off in the hope for a better life in europe but is now stuck at this refugee reception center in
2:44 am
tunisia. yet he's one of the lucky ones. he makes a painful call home 3 of his brothers who were on the boat with him when it overturned didn't make it. a fishing boat tried to bring as many passengers to shore as it could. only 16 survived out of almost 100 people who set sail from the city of the on the libyan coast along. they put us on a large boat after sailing for a while they moved us to a smaller inflatable boat with more than 70 people on board they left us and sailed away because of the number of people it started taking on water and overturned some of us are from chad or morocco but the rest are from bangladesh. the un agency for refugees refers to the mediterranean as the world's deadliest sea crossing it's a popular transit route for those desperate to reach europe. last year more than
2:45 am
2000 people died trying to cross. the wide range of nationalities of the passengers on the boat have made it difficult for the tunisian rescuers to identify the victims and. we took 4 of them to the regional hospital for treatment and the rest of the survivors are here we will present them to psychologists and experts in order to give them the support they really need as you can imagine they are traumatized tunisian human rights organizations are blaming the european union saying tough immigration policies are forcing people to risk their lives crossing the mediterranean but for these men who have lost friends and family blame won't bring back their loved ones. she hears i've got 0. now than a fuckin islands in norway are traditionally famed for their rich fishing waters people are still making a living from the sea but in dramatic new ways algis there was no reports yet
2:46 am
agrees. you won't find too many cold and halibut fishermen here one of the northernmost surf beaches in the world and one of the coldest here you can surf it nude in the phrase in winter darkness or under the midnight sun in a slightly less freezing summer it is a thing in the street where north where iceland were north of the arctic circle the rule of thirds a ball only 7 degrees celsius you go to wreak a and yet they come here from all over the world. from south africa all the way down south. florida is over the space because the cysts so beautiful and roland touched today's the day of the norwegian and it draws a crowd become well prepared for the entertaining hours ahead the waves are pretty reliable it and study the shape of the bay funneling in the ocean roll is perhaps one of the most dramatic beaches to suffer anyway.
2:47 am
this is marion fronts and he runs. a prize destination for any self respecting sef and this is tool probably the 1st. way. back in the sixty's he had an idea build a surfboard using only the cover of the beach boys album is a guy who went head 1st into the waves wasn't 63 the 1st time he was here but of course you have you know you have. last week you are again when i 1st started to surf in 1970 body in the willis were coming down to the beach it was like what are you doing be careful no no no no they were every time we were here they were people on the beach watching us now meet the 3rd generation that's marion and confronts and pretty much born and raised on this beach it's cold it's really cold in the winter. can't even live it's more like training to get out in
2:48 am
the water than to like me in the water surfing in the faith and has changed things in this form of fishing in farming habit but not much still any has a resident winter population been 11 but that's the time of year you can do something extraordinary under the swelling one of the northern lights you can't do that in hawaii. al-jazeera. night and in the. time for another short break and al-jazeera when i come back i will a sport in the world number one's looking good out of the french open more in the states. is the world goes on an incredible journey to 1st hand accounts and extraordinary archive footage to the cities of palestine as they were before $948.00 and the impact the creation of israel had on. witness the vibrant commercial and cultural
2:49 am
lives of black and white up close and the heritage that many of today's palestinians had never known lost cities of palestine on al-jazeera. once welcome now fear. dividing a nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world i feel more gentlemen and syrian the. much money does a richer get those people who don't think it's been one german and american the new germans on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
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hour i talk about time for the sport now his summer. alright we'll have that a little bit later for you but a quick reminder you can catch up on all the news on our web site there what is your screen they address is al jazeera dot com that's al-jazeera dot com. now for some villages along man miles border with thailand the promise of a new road is an opportunity but others see it as
2:51 am
a threat to life as they know it mama john jr has more on how the chinese construction project is threatening a fragile peace in myanmar's current state. when a road was built through his property to transport crushed rock from a nearby quarry sounding in few decided to take action. because. the vibration of the mine explosion is very strong and the neighbor houses and wells cracked with the series 5 gratian from the explosions these houses are a few yards away from the quarry whatever the situation is they didn't come and see the damage to grow all the hollow we have to save his crops he's attempted to break up the road on his land and is now being sued by the contractor. the quarry began operating in 2070 and people here say they're landscape is now being chipped away at a rapidly increasing rate. the area is under a fragile ceasefire agreement between warring ethnic groups and government forces
2:52 am
after decades of conflict while some people were compensated for damage to their properties by the road construction most were not which is added to preexisting tensions between villagers. most cory's on the mountain are small and locally operated but the much larger chinese quarry was never assessed for social or environmental impact. the asian development bank suspended funding for the project and worrying has stopped which has left some without work on the other leg or what i would like to demand now is to restart the mining process we've been praying for this and people work in mining their livelihood is in good condition but now they're facing challenges everyone is in a difficult situation. numerous attempts to contact the china road and bridge corp were unsuccessful civil society groups say the chinese state owned company has been doling out excuses instead of compensation. they chose to
2:53 am
disobey laws that are already in place with the c.r.b. c came to construct a road they didn't respect the rights of the local population. while smaller quarries continue to supply road builders observers say large scale projects in korean state should wait until a final peace agreement is reached between the government and the region's armed ethnic groups until then a project meant to unite is instead sowing seeds of division. and dizzy to. recap our top stories here on al-jazeera one of president trump's top economic advisers says that u.s. businesses will suffer from tariffs on chinese goods lowry could lose comments contradict trump's claim that it will only be china that pays the u.s. slapped a $200000000000.00 target fun chinese imports on friday. the commander of iran's revolutionary guard says the u.s. doesn't have the ability to wage war against his country he described the
2:54 am
deployment of extra u.s. warships and their craft as psychological warfare the pentagon says it's in response to iranian aggression more than a dozen u.n. linked groups of suspended their operations in syria's rebel controlled province several hospitals and buildings belonging to agencies of colombia attacked by government forces and their russian allies in recent days. the opposition in the west african means refusing to accept a post parliamentary election results members are now calling for president tell him to resign the days of protests. in the commercial capital called on the. this is the been president the world to see not just soldiers patrolling the capital shooting at protesters arresting members of the opposition. here it's a different parade of younger lete who for the most part support the man who has ruled for the past 3 years but. i think patrice alone is working for our country
2:55 am
he's doing the right thing for our country and he isn't hurting anybody we just need to do what he's asking us to do because he is our king our president. since the parliamentary elections boycotted by the opposition president calderon has ignored the violent protests against him and made any public statements but his government dick congratulate the restraint of the armed forces after the shot at an armed protesters demanding his resignation. before entering politics became wealthy after taking over been in state run cotton mills he financed the election campaigns of. president until 2060. returned the favor allowing him to take stakes in the management of the lucrative ports of cotton. but the 2 men fell out when they became political rivals not only. a rich man he's also a political outsider who took many by surprise when he won the 2016 presidential election he's often referred to as the donald trump of because he campaigned on
2:56 am
a promise to change what he describes as a corrupt political system promising a greater share of wealth to those who have been ignored by politicians. but the poor are getting poorer and are growing in numbers despite the economy booming at the rate of 6 percent in the past decade the number of people living in poverty has risen to 40 percent according to the world bank. the newly elected member of parliament or dean dean says only the president can reverse the trend. if i. get sick we'll take a plane and go to the u.s. or europe for treatment by the state the hospital is always on strike that's why we made going on strike eagle i know it's not popular but we have to do it to help the poor. the opposition is accused of sweeping away
2:57 am
basic freedoms so you can tighten his grip on power his supporters say he's just got a different style of governing. al-jazeera. doesn't violence in the 2nd to last phase of parliamentary elections in india a candidate of the ruling party the b j p was targeted in the opposition rules state of west bengal almost 60 seats are up for grabs on sunday including those in the capital new delhi more than 100000000 people across 7 states were eligible to vote over a 6 week period security forces in pakistan appear to hold 10 of gunmen in the port city a day after an attack that left 5 people dead separatists in the southwestern province of baluchistan a prime responsibility for the raid a security guard 3 hotel staff members and the special forces were killed. all right so that's it for me down jorma for this news hour don't go away i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news stage of us watched by. subzero
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temperatures stream altitudes deadly. this is where the heart article is an extraordinary journey from polish to touch it you start braved quite ordinary joy at the thought of what we do high up there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all kurdistan on al-jazeera.
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in fact both sides will play both sides will take and these things. one of donald trump's top economic advisers admits americans will also pay the price for us tire of some china. slowing down jordan the saudis iran live from dell also coming up calling their bluff an iranian military commander accuses the u.s. of playing psychological warfare. why syrians living in the world's largest cluster of displaced people are facing yet another find success. and cracking down on colombia's cartels we look at how the fight to levitate hotel.


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