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tv   The New Germans  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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else involved in human rights abuses a war crime. that nic luck and other top stories here on al jazeera one of president donald trump's top economic advisers has admitted american businesses will suffer from tariffs on chinese goods larry could lose comments contradict trump's claim that it will only be china that pays united states place a 25 percent tariff on $200000000000.00 of chinese imports on friday coincided with a failure by play sides to reach a deal in the latest round of trade talks in washington one hour from major brown in beijing. well larry kudlow scott ments in a sense bear out what chinese leaders have been saying again and again namely it will be the u.s. consumer that will be hardest hit by this increase in tariffs larry kudlow also
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indicating it'll be at least another 3 months before all these tariffs actually start to take effect because there has to be a 60 day consultation period for the levees that president trump says he now wants to put on some $300000000000.00 worth of chinese goods that's the balance of the goods that china of course exports to the united states the language we're getting from chinese leaders continues to be fairy restrained very moderate i think that's because they want to be seen to be very much the adults in the room right now but state controlled media is not holding back in particular the global times newspaper which has a very sort of nationalistic leaning it has a very belligerent editorial on monday warning that the u.s. strategy right now was useless and also saying that china is prepared for a worst case scenario but the central thrust of the editorial was essentially this
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the chinese people have a far higher pain threshold than people in the united states saudi arabia says 2 of its oil tankers have suffered significant damage in an attack on cargo ships off the easy eastern coast of the u.a.e. government says 4 commercial ships were subject to sabotage early on sunday it says is happening close to the port of jeremy and sororities say there were no casualties there's been no independent confirmation of the incident. filipinas of voting in the midterm elections seen as a tensor roderigo to his presidency more than $18000.00 posts are up for grabs including hopes of the senate wins for candidates. he will make it easier for the president to push through his policies including his controversial war on drugs to melinda and his ball from an. hour since polls opened and despite the sweltering heat nothing has stopped filipinos from coming into local precincts to vote to cast
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their vote and to make themselves heard however hours since the voting opened there has been increasing concern about the credibility of these elections there have been many reports of machines in voting precincts breaking down in fact the former vice president jejomar binay was unable to vote because his machine broke down several times there has been an attempt and even in many many areas there have been reports that people were unable to vote frustrated basically because machines were functioning malfunctioning and there were not enough technical assistance to come in and help still many remain optimistic specially those supporting members of the opposition those gunning for the seats in the senate that because that's because the senatorial seats remain critical it will determine whether checks and balances will be able to maintain in the last half of president of the good that they're at this therms midterm elections basically is a determinant whether the current administration will be able to continue its
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influence through its popularity and grip in power and by continuing its policies that it has started since 2016. trillion has been some media platforms and has imposed overnight curfew that a number of areas from violence in the off months of last month's use to sunday bombings mosques and muslim owned shops were attacked in the western town of juneau just north of the capital colombo. magnitude 6.2 earthquake has struck panama near its border with costa rica the epicenter was 50 kilometers northwest of panama is coastal city of so far no reports of fatalities. yesterday with headlines he got another bulletin right after the new jets after.
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my name is wrong. i'm a newspaper editor and syrian asylum seeker in germany. i arrived in this country in 2014 a new asylum will dictated that i should live in cologne and that evil german city that i've come to love. i'm one of nearly a 1000000 ethnic arabs who have come to germany since 2015 fiend war and violence
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back home. initially we received a warm reception by the germans but what happened here in this square on new year's eve 2015 when young men said to be arab were accused of robbing and attacking german women brought that welcoming to an end. german police encountered distraught women and girls were reported fights thefts and sexual assaults against women by groups of male immigrants. life here has not been the same since that night. there widespread calls to halt the entry of arab refugees. and the party of chancellor angela merkel who champion the cause of refugees is losing votes in the polls. how do we stay here and how do we survive. learning german is my 1st essential task.
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arabs began coming to germany in the late 1950 s. . there were nearly half a 1000000 arabs already here when the most recent influx began. why did they come here. were they welcome. how did they survive. what has become of them. i preoccupied with understanding the historical relationship between arabs and germany. klaus leg of a is a professor of cultural studies an advisor to the german government on islamic affairs he. will stand on soon not from felt such an illinois. and visit slant on a policeman's of any ted and not done. quarterly but still to connect.
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after his defeat in world war 2 germany was occupied by foreign powers something many arab countries have experienced throughout history. stands all of us. inspires on the. arc of the mission so stiffness in the world and i'd need an awesome political than a scalpel be the kind of political content to. this can get much done in keizer on and off and it is and it also all of us done. the horse and. there come a phantom visitation lloyd said he had taken. to the engineer of a. comfy diddy and. destroyed it. in 1960 the german academic exchange service opened its 2nd foreign office of the
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post-war era in cairo egypt. using the promise of free higher education germany specifically courted arab students for its universities with the aim of supplementing its ranks of white collar workers and professionals who had been decimated in the war. i met had come up to lead the shortly after i arrived here he lives in the suburbs of cologne and the scene as a mentor to young arab journalists in the country he came here to study economics in 1958 ww a lot of money i could. use or treasure island of 40. 5 money. to move a lot of money if so they say and he said very bad you can't feed yanni. file and be the wiser that out of emotional too long you will fix. mine any can't he met
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them in my him initially. being a month and then move to do so but the policy in. the soran. treaty with. oh i look i'm out of. vision gene yanni. a demo and then a money for gemini posies and i said the gemini the end i want. to bet. but now there are a lot more of us here and most of the new comers are not as well educated as those of high comes generation and a member stood by and had no kin in the seat of the war in which the but in the side of peace. in the civil the without a serene mode you did more than mad. that in a mirror of let me know how. many believe the bible what
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a feat district among equipment come. at the end mad mad and those who are in this battle political of the hajj you know my duty when i can is admin anger had on me you could almost say mean methadone hello make good or be an afghani. at the turn of the 20th century germany was in colonial competition with france and england. as a result it created alliances with countries wishing to end french or british colonial rule. in 1005 the german cause or threw his support behind morocco's bid for independence and to underscore that position the kaiser made a state visit to morocco that year. germany lost 8000000 citizens to world war 2 and faced the post-war years with a severe manpower shortage. to rebuild germany needed men
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and negotiated guest worker agreements with countries across southern europe and by the mid 1960 s. morocco and tunisia. shift boss sabri a german of tunis in dissent. i've been a spiritual guide to many arabs who came from north africa since the 1960 s. . home for but that. is. the statement from my. stereo well i'm your. mother. janet. hamill who. asked me what i like
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when i actually had. it how awesome is a myth and we are already having this but. what i can. be led. to that when i'll be at. home. and how we year. coffee been especially the congealing feed. the. small local tunisian and then. he wouldn't. just buy it he says was intent on straight but it's the classic.
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the. zip to just the. name on and on took one out of. the issue of large scale immigration to germany has become a national discussion. even in the country's vast museums. well at home the gorgeous distortion will we hear now at the exhibition multicultural country from the creation we have in germany a very emotional discussion about the creation. since the beginning germany was a country of human creation and here we want to show the creations from the fifty's up to now when he see a little bit how people were coming how they would see fit and what was the view
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from the german side as well on these guest workers who are coming. already in the sixty's. germany have the same cream in a cream and with with my rocor and 2 museum right with turkey so that came already as well and from tunisia as well but basically from morocco guest workers it passed a little bit a notice. me train for them so you know it was some hold with a bull but it is interesting for me also to see how people try to and i'm damon try to do to invoke themselves in that political movement some to ask for that rights and. that is what we wanted to show here as well that the my quince were in tears like then it's not something that you only can talk about but that you have from wars to you know so we show on this side we showed when we have here an opposition that has won the voice of the microns and here as well the wards off. the
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discussion in the german society with all the fees and. prejudice and already in the in the in the eighty's the ship is full and here we have a sense that it's fascinating. character to chose the current dorm the cathedral in cologne surrounded by minarets so representing the fear of a completely overwhelming that. movement in germany and that is from 1986. 66 despite islamophobia dating back decades the overall attitude towards foreigners in germany's is still inclusive in de mass in the i'm yet stiffish thing in mass and after scenes in the news for fellow hero and sylvester gave him how to shoot him with a stack of kept that to shine and it also would a game like that in. light of the exhibit 0 tax cuts here.
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in 2015 frank walter steinmeier germany's foreign minister explained to government critics that with a shrinking workforce and an aging population the german economy needed the manpower refugees could provide. german trains are a lifeline in my search for fellow arabs across this process country. analyst and. maddy allaire we came to cologne to study sociology in 1902
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he's an activist trying to stop deportations of young arabs and the aftermath of the cologne new year's eve events close to 20 have already been deported and 2 arrested. yeah yeah yeah. it's about their dictatorial and the money at about. the what the world knew about me at the bat. oh. yeah. the queen. and how can you. let the. wealth of cable done in. his. maties words reflect my own belief that our exile
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may be rooted in our nation's lack of democratic rights and responsibilities. in the small town of koblenz just outside cologne a syrian refugee couple have settled in the countryside. i want to know how they are doing out there in the german woods. and i'm sort of. in the we enforcing a. new kind of you. know sort of see how you can. house. in the others are somehow. so my us spent several months in an apartment in cologne and hated it.
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imagine a candidate about her for. a month. it took me a moment as a minute hasn't been diminished. how does she ever get for money back. what good and. good he is saudi you submit. it was the one with the real hand and you had gotten money. abdullah and so may have differing views on raising their daughter and the possibility of returning to syria one can if it could be a promise and lottery although most of the old hello i'm beardless i'm numb to simulate most the haze missile i'm on in canada that most of the. pleasant when i'm a. doctor
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gabby viber is a german physician and one of the founders of cafe palestina a cultural organization promoting arab and palestinian issues in the southern city of hi brooke. when she found out about my newspaper she invited me to come and meet members of the arab community there including her own family. i'm glad gaby speaks very good english because for me doing an interview in german is still very difficult. so you see we have all different kinds of things people from the region they are selling their products and. you know they work in the field steering that we can this is the ok shoes for them to to come until also to make some profit and people love to come here because the atmosphere is very special.
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and i want you to pick up a list and we have been let's say there were times where we have been between 5 and 10 women who are doing a lot of things they 6 years we did more they went to $120.00 events and here is the. one. hand. that was. still had the say that the this is the end. was this is the. gaby introduces me to a german palestinian i'm going to gyptian friend over coffee in this high book market cafe. the mystery of what happened to germany's earlier our community is
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about to unravel before my eyes. i mean how dad was born in germany to a palestinian father and a german colombian mother. i'm in the comfort of god beaver's garden he explains his relationship with his are a parrot it's the nice thing about it is that my father was able to transmit through music his love and his appreciation to his own culture so it was really always a living the arabic culture is very emotionally attached and with the food and with this nice combination of sharing community food music art that was basically you know i'm able to feel like an arab feel like a south american or feel like a european like a german of course my name sometimes they would make a little bit fun because it's like me asylum mia salami you know the salami you
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know example kids would say something about it but i was laughing at it too i mean i made the best of his multi ethnic heritage his experience gives me hope get his daughter marry maku is also another half german half arab child of an earlier arab immigrant like i've met some in germany you know you know. just. dish but. in this especially assamese. misread us into a film a sewer palestinians are. in the promised you know. and he also. saw my neighbor. some except sasha they are so. that may. have i don't mind a foreign and i'm just fine i was only still finish. on to shut me
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off. but. stunt of the and. my palestinian. unlike any you faced considerable prejudice that school. is going on all cylinders and i wasn't just him he's been this into the can to come nate's minus from me to here. on my mama's it's not so how's. how dispiriting endorsement is on assets money my mother and i was tortured so money i'm going is so bizarre. i lost my mama's gobby reba. listen or. a 100.
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the difficulties maybe i'm faced growing up here me pause for thought. i'm beginning to realize that the journey of germany's iris has a times been a painful one. how was it. difficult i think it started at that time picture of. people who are not. being fanatics like today also. what made it difficult for me was. fear of my parents and trying to manipulate and influence me. to kick me out of the house. and. it was very heavy of want to go. they have a name i think. first and last which was also a big problem for my parents they wanted them to be have to german last name at
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least and. me all the time why do you choose arabic names their names they live in germany they should consider being germans it makes it not easy for them as well sometimes in school or even if they apply for jobs so. they can have a disadvantage of course. came to germany in 1800 to train as a psychotherapist his motives father and gardens ex-husband. you saw the miners and on money out there yet when i look. in the match from which the amount of money said you'd been. i'm of the rock that i had to look at in the role of money and force on the other side got it in the
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beaches did he mean marriage and i can at the ness more than them at the thought of a father and i asked him how he perceives the identity of his children a sort of a what must sort of. surged yanni in the kind of between good boom a small money at the how and a little. money at the good ole good but. people have to weigh your own record on this trouble in fact a few years ago there is place only for one state on the land of israel i do not believe in a 2 state solution the official story is that there are no i'm sure we all see you are you i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been telling the world isn't watching like there's lots of grays in here join me mad the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues
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here and i'll just say are. you responding 6 continents across the. aisle jersey or is corresponding snooping bring the stories they tell you that this was not good enough. and that's this now. we're at the mercy of the raj camp for palestinian refugees al-jazeera through din world news. rewind returns with updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentary. the moving story of 2 young tuchman girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after these super cressy taliban occupation. but what has become of. rewind pencils and bullets. on al-jazeera.
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about how the top stories here on al-jazeera one of president donald trump's top economic advisors has admitted american businesses will suffer from tariffs on chinese goods larry kudlow his comments contradict drum's claim that it will only be china that pays the u.s. placed a 25 percent tariff on $200000000000.00 of chinese imports on friday it coincided with the failure by both sides to reach a deal in the latest round of trade talks in washington. both sides will take and these things and of course it will be such a tariff on goods coming into the country the chinese aren't paying no but the chinese will suffer g.d.p. losses and so forth with respect to
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a diminishing export market and goods to day may need for their own destruction because the president says china doesn't china it pays the terrace they may suffer consequences but it's us businesses and us consumers who pay correct yes to some extent and i don't disagree with that again both sides both sides will suffer on this study arabia says 2 of its oil tankers have suffered significant damage in the attack on college ships off the u. easy east in case the government says 4 commercial ships was subject to sabotage early on sunday and says this happened to close to the port fujairah authorities say there were no casualties and there has been no independent confirmation of the incident and the commander of iran's revolutionary guard says the united states does not have the ability to wage war against its country it is scribed the deployment of extra u.s. warships exact to the middle east psychological warfare the pentagon says it's in response to aggression. filipinos are voting in a midterm election seen as
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a test the road presidency more than 18000 posts are up for grabs including health of the senate wins for candidates allied to deter he will make it easier for the president to push through his policies including his controversial war on drugs his critics say he's using violence and intimidation to influence votes and it's. true lanka has banned some media platforms and imposed overnight curfews in a number of areas following violence in the aftermath of last month's to sunday bombings mosques and muslim shops were attacked in the western town of chill just north of the capital colombo.
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the story of gabby said a man has made me more curious. i want to know if other arab german families have
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faced similar pressures and challenges. you have been citing. and i know a website. is a friend of his and he came to germany as a business student from syria nearly 6 decades ago. we are need therapy it is slimy among the. many months to have the you must live all of his posts you know mine on american thought so you know. who i feel blessed by. a little more i ask about how he raised his children that act one year chloral there are 400 mostly when i was young even little thought was that the
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really maybe are for can have a bit of corn or. a flock. to mark his 50th year in germany yes it all or be both a $4000.00 euro advertisement in local newspapers thanking germany for welcoming him 5 decades earlier and for granting him citizenship i miss out on the shore were enormous so visuals of money a thurmont. sometimes i feel each one of the half a 1000000 arabs who came to germany before us has had a different experience and nurtures different feelings towards their adopted homeland. since the exodus from syria and iraq in particular the arab population in germany has tripled. it's very difficult for us to go back to our countries because our people there they haven't been this this long way with us so in the monsoon i
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was born to egyptian and lebanese parents and came here after marrying a german 45 years ago she grew up speaking french and the shy to express herself an arabic always kept the contact with with my culture with my people so they feel very it is and always said they say immediately i'm german but my mother comes from it's a very proud of it my goal was always to see the good show the good side of the arab so that i accept that the music the literature the good my now there was be 30 we have so many nice things so why only show those those ugly things he believes the hijab does not belong in germany although i'm not pious i disagree with her my mother is muslim and when i saw my mother sleeping for example in my place and i have friend and my place and they see her his job somehow like when. i cover her
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because this is how she wants to be it's her right to be as she liked in egypt you would see one woman dressed with jeunes and the next sister with the hijab i don't thank you very in that country they do what they want it's here which is why because the eye of the other the eye of the other scare me i say that we're stuck putting us they would say see how they're like this and that's not i don't like this and i don't want them to look at this like this. i cannot teach the people how to be smart if they want to put all of us in one focus and once through time it's their proppants not mine i'm different everyone is different she wants to be with the you will work well think about the many because you said you know the manhole i like this or so think you know those if it will call and for this and that. and those paper but don't think scared me.
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on my way to the train station i find that my taxi driver is iraq he. has lived in germany for 30 years he reluctantly agrees to an interview but only if we don't show his face so none of the foreign ministers and lacking i'll take that one to soon be sure we met him on peaceful intentions. i don't see anything like an understudy at. the top of minus 12 yet unlike other kind j.p.l. won the senate seat and no one has said that. and it can be a lot of. fine. and a state level to be a no was son who acts out of me. and so what about insanity or bad guys and i look can see you know i don't think that it's. wrong that when i do most of the say out
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of. sight. for them if i can log on. to that gets on a planet and. germany now has over 1500000 arabs living in it 16 federal states that's close to 2 percent of their population not a lot but enough to. you notice. the older generation of immigrants appear to have assimilated. their children for the most part also assimilate but those who have and are suffering. many germans seem to be on the fence about how they feel about this. it's a condition indicating that in 9. hours here and i have a feeling that's and i will for bush to move us and that's in the moment as monday
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mentioned it's anscombe or the the public. lens it. seems and it's islamic should be able to in the me run on sept 9th and that's just a speed reader the size dimension. of the took it in fits and has mostly does most mantra stay in one done proceed at best into santas spicy earth and a slimy sea of all nations in islam and someone here decided to to add to that to get on the turkish. that are really curious this is snitched. their faith or. even my since. this issue until they get in fights. mostly in the sweat on the litigant and it's only. from this community of on all fronts of which they are low indeed that i feel it's emitted early go on and i ignore collective it into ted out of the presidency then to get off to moan.
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germany's most prominent citizen of our heritage works for one of germany's largest t.v. networks born here to iraq in physicians don't you hire is a national celebrity and was voted germany's journalist of the year in 2016. if underfund dar bought us but i'm a visa into much the ass the minute we got zones for our guns divided from the 5 different enough and present it and if the octomom ibrahim of india might be might mind image on the management of one in 5 don't know about with us that much as it climbed just voiced or about us my mind would have found that it was of course. there was a as a or your host gunderson us or what we had to him on the scope often by this as not really a mess about uncertain vaska would know i am a front owns up to him course on guns and kind of this community so should site did
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this community all my contacts. set if bynum's i deem it in focus been. able to successfully mention amir on and on the on line up has a one on and on my hotel room. i didn't so exclaimed f.i.o.s. don't you know i made headlines when she responded to racist hate mail by correcting the german grammar in the letter and posting it on facebook as a kind of times i. am so obvious in the in play guitar. sonata edition of must never be allowed to go on but owned up by the money. on the updates of was signed in a mass destruction thing and thus make some. sort list by money finest like this in. order my human for the 2 or one voted off i am on via to vote through this guy to get. this thing going on. here.
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on the public now to really fight it and it has been even type higher it's been though it has been of all if it's just blue does to fleece is just brute mind i at times. don't you lives in a multicultural neighborhood with many established arab citizens most of whom have built successful lives but now many germans associate them with the new refugees and jetstar to flourish plus yet for us. under cooked oxy vavle. disc they did it or not. yeah. by. lifting a. mom's i list i look. at it on the top of the.
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cup what are some given the mint so torn us it's a few divides and i thought some come on. wow that's the. the old immigrant turning against the new refugees. is right. happening but it is. come to dresden in the former east germany for a meeting with anti-racist activists. it's my 1st time in this part of the country. expected the grey sat city but found something very different dresden was a center of german culture. germany's revolutionary priest martin luther came from this part of germany he was the
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founder of protestantism which began as a protest movement for social equality. my refugee solidarity meeting is in the technical school of the university of dresden. blub is the 1st arabic newspaper in germany it's for the arabic speakers here the newcomers and settled also but we have a lot of followers on facebook 50000 people and our past. there is no r.c. translation of the right no for us i mean we are group of syrian and arab so we don't speak 1st unfortunately these activists are well intentioned but dealing with arab refugees is as new to them as dealing with german activists is for me. on one side there was one of these stupid questions for which came up always in the
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newspapers are trying to get to discussions how much money does a refugee get already rich rich it gets more money. than hartsfield. did a good person hurts for receivers our welfare recipients they give their claims that the german government spends more money on a refugee than on a poor german. the fact is refugees and hurts for recipients both get $400.00 euros per person per month. he still. can't move you can. say the state says he didn't know they called up. it's monday night in dresden near the beautiful square showcasing the cultural glory of germany's pos each week thank you to the growing right wing movement
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claims a spark to protest against the government of i'm going to merkel who they regard as the principal enabler for the it's demise a ship of germans. i . i. i. begin to supporters are renowned for their hatred of the press. and the police presence is partly to protect the journalists but heins joachim was willing to explain what was going on and why is it the it's money how do i get because it's because shop with a good long just years shop or both were tearing it up see i knew bill wolfie she qualified cuz she wanted me to bust the out stars who are you you need to go on as is saw the assumed past and you could see because. i live political pov tied to
9:48 am
flourish in the damir called cindy a fight on me and i was called in the neighbors for being that sort as is i thought i was going to use of leave the on for good school as in so noisy for going on 3 percent was the mission mentioned on my far does these unmentioned nish in also couture so indeed the unseen hour does move and feel the mention of years and as is the job done. and you mention dizzy he is good but is the bacon is even more gustavus not so it doesn't kind of be a nazi disease got some olive grove was a dog on. choice did i and fucked us also gives it a try and plots and. does its own so it is a shot in schism that he cut his young. daughter jots on be seen tonight somebody conned here. be. there.
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was a man was. you needn't even be able to but mention d.-day in india in one of those protests there must now and then also things you can plug in happening is that you can design finishing time in all the 6 boys aren't. making sure that. almost half the people in this berlin neighborhood are middle east and. it's been this way for decades so like that or so you can so no matter what the announced for the song to learn models that are the subject is sort of south of here the power
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a lot of those are sort of move guesses you want to build on the ground are going to affect them. yeah he says soriano was in life is a good thing not something i did as ease came to germany to look for work via italy where his family lives he says muslims face discrimination across europe almost like a muslim and. yet it was the one as you does this way. because underpins our rule was sure you were looking into another 2 others were wondering who it was who. on the board is the head of the could. i go to a newly opened syrian restaurant to see how hard it is for newcomers to find work. however still the students at the bottom of the on the list of the most out of them out of the right. number how to have
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a lot of them are something else like i want to thank my lawn with enough for her i think the one i want the world for the man almost doesn't want to. somebody had to but it was i want it and we're not going to give up was about the working man the cloud that was going up the innocent all over differ about telling the story of one of the populace not listening to school for some of your floor with you for most of the day. it's municipal election season in berlin and all the major parties except the right wing a have to have come to there's a $210.00 mosque annoyed could to arab voters as it is mine and then when you hear kids you will find that i think using my this is a sham but if you want to interdict lancing the most only features. dance he would just point out nice things if he didn't sense faith in east
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asia he did nothing. to eat he diligently to stick his thumb on the in the. fish to eat eat eat eat even if it was he just look into it it's easy to. be mad. but most of them fell into a bet. that at the queen my dorm. they said and i think off into the office yessir. i mean this with and without going into about. considering the amount of shit. and them yeah. you had. me. into a bit of business but in the home if this kid i'm stuck with him but i know you're
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cuomo same fear intelligent poet in with you. but i don't without a course yes. politicized cuffed in holland in funk you need to learn. and simitis muslim wants a new one. so many. analysts and. c.n.n. couldn't do a shunt. for folks here. this is one of germany's famous welcome parties held in berlin as a way to get germans and refugees together. the merkel government while seeing they needed manpower for the work force were also aware of their humanitarian responsibilities something reflected in the actions of many ordinary german
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citizens. and. none of them well why is. there not in demand that if this is not just. too hot a handful of hands please let's turn to a new movie from there you have. the feeling that you will be out of here that you have something. you didn't have the depths of.
9:55 am
my trip across germany has been. an emotional roller coaster. of meeting early arab immigrants who have found their peace as well as those still searching to balance their multiple identities. i met germans who have welcomed us. all those who fear us. and those who study us. and perhaps by coincidence i wrap up my journey at the german celebration of their own history. and germany is full of surprises.
9:56 am
i. think. it is here from this musician but i learned how our obsession germans have been linked for over a 1000 years. once you just. played it was the end of your lungs yeah it's a media yeah i'm coming up on the disc in this young woman publisher of a bus this man. with nothing but often listening to something
9:57 am
a little piece of music i think you go for months. now that's come out and. it went up 40 cure hinson thought of opal ford and this year. we're not invulnerable to have music transmitters destroyed. or not like you talk a little like you know in yesterday's of the meeting clips you can. post in a novel soon after that of you to make sure i don't just diviners and come up against an instrumental. i'm left cautiously optimistic that one day germans will see arabs as a positive threat in the fabric of german society. and that we new immigrants will find more than a refuge. but for those of us who wish to remain germany will one day become a home.
9:58 am
hello again and welcome back or here across much of the levant we are looking at fairly nice conditions the rain that we saw across much of turkey is finally coming to an and we're going to be seeing some better weather conditions across much of that area some of those showers are going across parts of the caspian so far back cool not a bad day at 25 degrees but who could be see some clouds rolling through their baghdad though your temperatures are going up from $39.00 degrees to about 40 degrees as we go towards tuesday and windy conditions across the gulf now that's going to be a problem here in doha as we go towards the the 2nd or 3rd day of the week too because as winter can be quite gusty but temperatures are going to be coming up as well here on monday 40 degrees is expected high for delta but as we go towards tuesday and the winds coming up to it is going to be about $42.00 degrees but it will be dry so it's not as bad as it could be over here towards abu dhabi about 34 in the sky out and about $35.00 degrees well here across parts of southern africa
9:59 am
it is going to be clear and sunny for many locations temperatures into the mid twenty's across much of the area there is could be some clouds across much of southern africa with cape town a cloudy day for. you at about 22 degrees but as we go towards tuesday things get a little bit cloudy in that area but over here towards madagascar it is looking quite nice view we do expect to see a temperature there of about 26 degrees there. is the world goes on an incredible journey to 1st hand accounts and extraordinary archive footage to the cities of palestine as they were before $948.00 and the impact the creation of israel had to. witness the vibrant commercial and cultural rise of now and came from a close and the heritage that many of today's palestinians have never. lost cities of palestine and all to 0.
10:00 am
in fact both sides will pay both sides will take and these things $1.00 of donald trump's top economic advisors admits americans will also pay a price for u.s. tariffs on chinese goods. coming to stop you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up voters in the philippines cast their ballots in a midterm election which is expected to strengthen the president's work on power. is trying to ban several social media platforms as concerns grow of a possible and c. muslim a tux.


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