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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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in fact both sides will pay both sides will take in these things one of donald trump's top economic advisors admits americans will also pay a price for u.s. tariffs on chinese goods. come on p.w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up voters in the philippines cast their ballots in a midterm election which is expected to strengthen the president's grip on power. is trying to ban several social media platforms as concerns grow of a possible anti muslim attacks. i would go to tech and love to america not the
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house and we're in mozambique where people are struggling to pick up the pcp's off to to cycle. one of us president donald trump's top economic advisors has admitted american businesses will suffer from the tariffs on chinese goods larry kudlow as comments contradict donald trump's claim that only china will feel the effects the u.s. raise tariffs on $200000000000.00 worth of chinese products 25 percent on friday that coincided with a failure by both sides to reach a deal in the latest round of talks aimed at resolving the trade dispute. both sides will pay these things and of course that's a tariff on goods coming into the country the chinese aren't know but the chinese will suffer g.d.p. losses and so forth with respect to
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a didn't initiate an export market and goods that they may need for their own. president says china doesn't china it pays the terrace they may suffer consequences but u.s. businesses and u.s. consumers who paid correct yes to some extent i don't disagree with that again both sides both sides will suffer on this one. well larry kudlow scott ments in a sense bear out what chinese leaders have been saying again and again namely it will be the u.s. consumer that will be hardest hit by this increase in tariffs larry kudlow also indicating it'll be at least another 3 months before all these tariffs actually start to take effect because there has to be a 60 day consultation period for the levies that president trump says he now wants to put on some $300000000000.00 worth of chinese goods that's the balance of the
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goods that china of course exports to the united states the language we're getting from chinese leaders continues to be fairy restrained very moderate i think that's because they want to be seen to be very much the adults in the room right now but state controlled media is not holding back in particular the global times newspaper which has a very sort of nationalistic leaning it has a very belligerent editorial on monday warning that the u.s. strategy right now was useless and also saying that china is prepared for a worst case scenario but the central thrust of the editorial was essentially this the chinese people have a far higher pain threshold than people in the united states the u.s. secretary of state might pompei o is done playing talk of war with iran last week the white house announced the deployment of extra warships to the gulf the commander of iran's revolutionary guard described the move us psychological warfare
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mr pompei o says washington does not want war with tehran but a change in behavior. we're not going to miscalculate our aim is not war our aim is a change in the behavior of the iranian leadership we hope the iranian people will get what they finally want what they did so richly deserve the forces that we're putting in place of course as we've had in the region before you know we often have carriers in the persian gulf but the president wanted to make sure that in the event that something took place we were prepared to respond to an appropriate way and as the secretary of state i want to make sure that we had all the political diplomatic tools in the right place and we want to make sure that we can. provide the president with an option set in the had to in the event that the iranians make a bad decision well mr pompeo is due to meet the e.u.'s policy chief and other european foreign ministers in brussels later to discuss the situation in iran for their. supporting the iran nuclear deal is key to maintaining security across the
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region. we'll continue to support it as much as we can with all our instruments and all our political will this is very well known i think both in washington and in tehran and we. obviously also discuss on the basis of that work with iran the regional developments on some of the issues we have very serious differences and they're going to insist we also always believe that dialogue is the only and best way to address differences and avoid escalation in the region which is already tense enough and any escalation should be avoided iran is describing reports of attacks on saudi arabia and u.a.e. ships as alarming and called for an investigation and says 2 of its oil tankers suffered significant damage in the attack on cargo ships off the u.a.e. easy eastern coast the a morality government says for commercial ships were subject to sabotage close to the ports or for gyra early on sunday so far there's been no independent
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confirmation of the incidents joining us now here on the search is my one cabal and he's the head of policy analysis of the arab center for research and policy studies here in doha marwan thanks for coming in thank you what does this say about the fragility of the mood music across this region just now it's says a lot in fact. because such an incident and this to this tension between the united states and iran a choice that anything can happen any time at this particular region but let me 1st of all see why this incident is really important and its importance actually is . the arrived from the importance of the board which airport is the united arab emirates mean all the shipment ports in other areas for the past few years actually has been trying to morph it's always shipment from inside the home.
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to the open sea so the established by applying from the capture an oil field in abu dhabi to who juggle like 350 kilometers long and the. objective of that but for the construction of the oil. pipeline is to. decrease the dependence on the state of hormones in case of getting blocked for some reason 1500000. is exported from the port. when this incident actually takes place it sure is that. situation not only for china it's not only very tense it will also affect international markets in a major way and that actually will affect but is then from domestic directly because you know that the president has been actually for the pass few weeks
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especially after he said that he will not extend the weavers of top of the iranian oil exports he was very interested actually in keeping the oil prices low with such and so that takes place at such a vital port in the us it will indeed lead to major oil prices increase and that is the fiercest concept one spare haps of the pressure on the united states is putting on iran saw the goddess of who did this the message is a clue. but a shuttle will actually result in a blow back and that will buck the fist step and that blowback perhaps has just arrived concerning that would be i says who do you think did it in your mind and also might we see more of the same it's very difficult to see who did it but at the end of the day in my opinion it's syria's that interests of those who are trying actually to demonstrate that the u.s. pressure will be there will be actually reaction to the u.s.
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pressure on iran and that that action actually attack on the on the commercial ships and is just the fiercest in a chain of actions that we might see more deaths of this sort of holland's thank you so much i'm saying. more than a dozen u.n. linked aid groups have suspended their operations in syria's rebel controlled province several hospitals and buildings belonging to aid agencies have come under attack in recent days more than a 1000000 displaced people believed to be sheltering in the last major opposition stronghold the u.n. says since last april since the syrian government offensive in the area forced 180000 people from. voting is underway in the philippines for mid-term elections which could see you president. strengthening his grip on power filipinos are deciding who will fill $18000.00 positions including half the seats in the house senate mr is aiming to have more elected to the senate which is pushed back against
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some of his controversial policies including his crackdown on illegal drugs. joins us live from manila for the votes what with the big issues here. peter the main issue really right now. is the credibility of the outcome of this election as you know since we started this morning the mood here was. turned into a frustration they were to wait for hours and. hours to get to vote with many machines breaking down during a press conference earlier today about 400 machines broke down today and so many had to resort to. still it is looking to be a peaceful elections there have been skirmishes across the country but that remains to be. efforts that remain to be well on their way here now this is a very critical election because the next this midterm elections will define the
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kind of power and hold the administration will have on the last 3 years of its government as you can see controversial policies are at stake the continuation of the so-called war on drugs more than 5000 dead and of course the. growing and easy relations with china that man you oppose still those in the opposition know it's an uphill battle to clinch a few seats in the senate but they remain optimistic as far as the opposition. did the right thing in the wrong way because you're looking at the opinion polls many filipinos actually think well maybe yes there was a big price to be paid but we feel safe in our homes because of what he's done. well those in the opposition those running for the senatorial positions basically say there is a an atmosphere of fear and intimidation and so these even those who are opposing
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the so-called war on drugs and all the street killings happening they fear that they are afraid to speak out as you can see major polls surveys show that you know the administration candidates are likely to sweep the positions but if you look at other local surveys that have been conducted mostly in universities you can see an overwhelming support for the opposition so there is a disconnect between older voters and younger voters it depends on how the turnout will be again the most important here is the most important thing here is the credibility of these elections you know with machines breaking down and many are resorting to manual voting it is important for the commission on elections basically to assure the public that it's going to be honest and clean elections important to note also peter earlier today that a commission on elections officer basically said that vote buying it across the country that it is dirtiest and dirtier than in 2016 elections and in fact a local official running for mayor was arrested yesterday for both buying so all of
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these need to. be for the government to act and then they need to basically assure the public that the outcome is credible and i look up to thank you. lithuania's prime minister has been knocked out of the presidential race sally escape an endless conceded defeat a few hours after the polls closed the runoff vote to be held on the 26th of may and economists promising to build a welfare state will be up against a conservative former finance minister. still to come for you here on al-jazeera the lengths that running the refugees have to go to get something approaching a balanced diet. reporting the real approach to the island in norway an area rich in biodiversity also in the cross-head the big oil co.
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hello again and welcome back to international weather forecast or here across europe we are looking at one major system that has made its way down here across italy parts of the adriatic and this particular storm is going to bring some very heavy rain over the next few days and the reason being is it's not going to be moving very far as we go towards the next $48.00 to probably $72.00 hours so they have the rains going to be isolated over parts of italy over here towards croatia down across all albania as well we're talking about 50 millimeters widespread across the region but in some locations well over $160.00 could be seen and that could lead to some localized flooding across the region now as we go from monday and into tuesday notice we do have some snow in some the higher elevations as well the temperatures are coming down in some locations so here in vienna high temperature here in the middle of may of only getting to about 7 degrees there over here towards rome it's still going to be kind of a cloudy and rainy day with a temperature of about $1000.00 degrees also much cooler across the northern part of africa that same area of low pressure is going to be bringing those winds down
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from the north and this area is going to be a little bit cooler than average for this time of year we're talking about the high teens in the low twenty's there so for tripoli or the facts about 20 degrees for you as we go towards tuesday not really seeing too much of a change but over here towards. into the low thirty's at $33.00 degrees there.
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are watching al-jazeera these are your top stories one of us president top economic advisers admitted american businesses will suffer from tariffs on chinese goods the comments contradict claim that they will only hurt china. iran's describing reports of attacks on saudi ships as quote alarming and it's called for an investigation said to happen close to the port of that's just south of the straits of hormuz which is a key maritime passage. voting is underway in the philippines for midterm elections which could see the president would be good to strengthening his grip on power mr. elected to the senate which pushed back against some of his more controversial
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policies. at least 6 people including a priest have been killed in an attack on a catholic church and in west africa about 20 gunman stormed the church near the town of daraa northeast of the capital water to go up witnesses say the attackers locked people inside and set fire to the building. sri lanka has blocked some social media platforms after violence across parts of the country an overnight curfew was imposed in several areas after several mosques were attacked there's still a tense security situation there after churches and hotels were attacked in bombings on easter sunday in elfin and has more from killing in northern sri lanka. social media networks once again under restriction by the sri lankan government i spoke to the information department director while ago and he said that one of the main reasons was to clamp down on tensions on incidents that have been erupting over the
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last 48 hours we did see chill out of the northwest of the country there was an incident where someone had posted on social media some comments which was seen as offensive there was a crowd that gathered outside his place of business obviously there was an exchange there was weiland and this continued later on in the evening where we saw at least 3 places in the country where there was a police imposed in the police administrative area so the government basically using this. as a long term measure but. basically a tactic to clamp down to dampen any tensions that might erupt now obviously a time where there are a lot of fears a lot of sort of concern regarding the whole specter of one of the attacks i mean just this morning on my phone i got at least 3 messages you know warning of potential attacks all in the backdrop. from the government. that
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they have got a handle on the situation but for people they're taking no chances as you can see the school behind me here in one of the biggest government schools there's a heavy security presence as their reason schools throughout the country catholic schools yet to reopen after the easter sunday bombing so people are not willing to take chances security forces in pakistan have cleared a gunman in the port city of. people that separates us from the southwestern province of baluchistan the claimed responsibility for the raid which killed a security guard 3 hotel staff members under special forces soldier the 3 attackers were also killed the port city is a major hub for chinese investment. health officials in yemen have recorded more than 200000 suspected cases of cholera since january they say they've seen the disease spread among increasing numbers of african migrants and refugees entering
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the country. now reports. exposed to the elements hungry and struck by disease africans who have crossed the sea from g.p.u. tea in search of a better life are the latest victims of yemen's cholera epidemic this dusty hospital courtyard in the southern province of lahiji has become a makeshift ward the security forces brought the sick from a migrant detention center but the hospital was full many have already died of the disease there's barely enough food and water and hospital staff work with limited supplies to keep survivors alive. today we were fed during lunch one piece of bread and one flat bread nothing much and the people here are still hungry it is not enough there is so much heat and there is no air conditioning in the detention center even the water is a little and not good enough for drinking it's estimated that more than 4000
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african migrants are in yemen security forces in the cities of aden island huge have detained them in camps where poor conditions have allowed the epidemic to thrive. they're dying before eyes and we cannot do anything there are still cases to come just a few minutes ago the authorities called and told us that there were still more than 100 cases in which the patients were critically ill the destruction reeks by yemen's 4 years civil war has created prime conditions for the spread of cholera fighting and as strikes have damaged sewage systems and water stations and many people don't have access to clean water color is spread by contaminated water causing dehydration through vomiting and severe diarrhea. in the capital sana'a health workers go door to door giving children the color f.x. the it's a slow process but these drops could mean the difference between life and death. in
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march the u.n. reported that the number of suspected cases had increased by 150 percent in the space of a month and a port of those affected are young children. might as we'll be going to help others and give their vaccines and educate people because it's a very dangerous disease vaccines cannot ensure immunity and their fat sickness declined rapidly after a year but this temporary measure is the only option to help stem the spread of cholera an epidemic adding to what's already regarded as the world's worst humanitarian crisis. al-jazeera. a magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck panama on sunday near its border with costa rica the epicenter was 50 kilometers northwest of panama city of some businesses and homes were damaged several people were injured but the be no reports of any deaths. thousands of people are struggling to rebuild their lives after cycling northern
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mozambique last month storm was the 2nd to strike the country in 6 weeks. as more oil and which is one of the worst affected locations. this is the 1st time combat evil island since hit last month his family home is gone so to have all his belongings i'm not. feeling it look to see. the 4. now the rain is eased aid workers a sturdy managing to reach more remote areas and small islands in some places the damage is extensive patients had to be evacuated from this hospital when the storm
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hit thousands are now homeless. in schools and community holes even in this old fort. the 16th century building survived the people who lost their homes safe leaving india because it's so strong. families drinking water close to it and food. aid has started to arrive. but many people are still waiting for help. many crops in northern missouri. we are grateful for the help we have received so far but we need more it's not. just food people also need medicines some clinics and hospitals were destroyed to join the cycle. mozambique was still struggling to deal with the impact a cycle when the 2nd one struck this is already considered one of the poorest countries in the world and the building will cost a lot of money and in people's well. even island most and.
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norway has and billions of dollars exporting oil and gas and it still boasts a vast untapped resources many lying areas rich and biodiversity but as nick clark now reports there is growing pressure to stop drilling the far north of norway is spectacular a lot of mountains and fjords and raw beauty it's an important fishing area and as you can imagine it brings in the tourist dollars this is actually the highest mountain in. particularly in the folk nile and we're getting up close to nature is what you do. the problem is the wealth of little lies beneath the waters for a long time let's hope niland for being in the crosshairs of the big oil companies because red geologists know that in these coastal waters lies the whole field where an estimated 60000000000 dollars and their bosses or their life to explore in the past this has been supported by the government for many it's
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a big concern i would say on all against oil but i'm also really afraid of the damages that can happen if there isn't big always been so i wouldn't take the risk . but things may be changing recently norway's opposition labor party withdrew its support for next gratian meaning now there's a majority in parliament to keep the islands off limits the young people today and they are more important about the future climate change. votes. and i think the fish wrists and the tourism industry is the future more than oil and gas especially in the. arctic areas. norway is a nation made rich by 4 decades of oil and gas extraction the sovereign wealth fund with a colossal one trillion dollars so every move away from fossil fuels is significant and the climate crisis is also more real it's close up in our face you have to do
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serious stuff the next 10 years. and educated people in norway understand that that's it when we start to understand but there will be some changes on the silty even maybe a politically the side that the markets will change to the mound of consumers will demand. we're happy with that we're making progress but for those in the face and who rely on these waters in fear the potential impact of oil spills is still skepticism we're never gets. the fully. fully no for oil exploitation so for me it seems like it's only until it's yes and when it's yes there's no turning back at a time when the world needs to radically cut back on fossil fuel emissions it will become increasingly hard for the nation to justify new extraction contracts especially in these waters near clark al-jazeera the liberated islands nor. the something new on the menu in the world's biggest refugee camp in bangladesh more vegetables and greens are being introduced into the diets of those who live
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there so corrupt reports on new projects attempting to reduce malnutrition to. a basic diet of just rice and lentils is what most refugees such as thereto bacon have been surviving on in this camp but a trip to the front to stop promise is something different she has a wide selection of nutritional food to choose from to feed her family a more varied and balanced diet is on the menu thanks to a new electronic russians voucher for refugees they rely on rations every 2 weeks and the vouchers are especially welcome for under 5 year olds who need a wider range of meals have access to 20 food items which include fresh vegetables eggs dried fresh and alive for a lot more dodgy diverse diet for a few refugees we are currently feeding about 330000 refugees through this mechanism by the end of the year we hope to have all 880000 refugees will have
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access to this mechanism. elsewhere in the camp abdulmutallab tends to his micro vegetable garden ranger refugees are being given seeds and tools supplants food they can use their agro kits on any patch of land next to their huts to grow nutrient rich greens and vegetables. they're giving us seeds and plants for maize chilies eggplant spinach better lemons carrots squash and pumpkins we've planted all of them. we're comfortable now and it also keeps just cool there being out here but something to do. there's also the added bonus of selling any extra produce for profits f e o worked really closely with the department of agricultural extension to increase food production not only in the camps but in the host communities. in $2000.00 and we've delivered micro gardening kits to $25000.00 households inside the camps an additional $25000.00 outside of the cabs and the plan is to expand this to more families by the end of the year so not only provide them with
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a healthy balanced diet but also help range refugees to be more self-sufficient side afraid of what. this is al jazeera these are the top stories one of the us president donald trump's top economic advisors has admitted american businesses will suffer from tariffs on chinese goods those comments contradicts mr trump's claims that they will only hurt china the u.s. secretary of state might pompei always done playing talk of war with iran last week the white house announced the deployment of extra warships to the gulf region mr pompeo says washington does not want to conflict with iran. but i'm going to miscalculate our aim is not war our aim is a change in the behavior of the iranian leadership we hope the iranian people will get what they finally want what they did so richly deserve the forces that we're
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putting in place of course as we've had in the region before you know we often have carriers in the persian gulf but the president wanted to make sure that in the event that something took place we were prepared to respond to an appropriate way and as the secretary of state i want to make sure that we had all the political diplomatic tools in the right place and we want to make sure that we can provide the president with an option said in the in the event that the iranians make a bad decision iran's describing reports of attacks on saudi and u.a.e. ships quote alarming and it's called for an investigation said to have happened close to the port of gyra that's just south of the straits of hormuz which is a key maritime passage so far there's been no independent confirmation of the incidents voting is underway in the philippines for midterm elections which could see you president to turn strengthening his grip on power mr 30 wants more allies elected to the senate so he can push through his more controversial policies at
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least 6 people including a priest have been killed in an attack on a catholic church in bikini about 20 gunman stormed the church near the town of double northeast of the capital where the 2 group witnesses say the attackers locked people inside and set fire to the building this comes 2 weeks after a similar attack against the church also in the north. lanka has blocked some social media platforms after violence in parts of the country curfew an overnight curfew was imposed in several areas after mosques were attacked there's still a tense security situation there after church isn't a tells were attacked in bomb attacks on easter sunday. more news on the web site al jazeera dot com talk to me on twitter i'm at peace at all be one up next it's inside story i will see you very soon. as u.s. sanctions and levied against iran we want them to like this one on iraq's relations with its key trading partner will not be part of 3 alliance against another.
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iraq's deputy prime minister and the oil minister. and i'll just say around. here wins the elections in south africa by a small of margin should the african national congress be celebrating all soul searching and can the president meet the challenges behind the we could victory this is inside story. hello and welcome to the show i'm sammy's a than south africans of just handed the african national congress its 6th mandate in power but voters also gave the party a reduced majority in parliament the a.n.c. has ruled south africa for more than 25 years.


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