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tv   Super 30 2018 Ep 3  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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the region that we had earlier predicted that they would carry out such measures. in the region. north korea has demanded the return of its cargo ship seized by the us washington says the vessel was carrying coal in violation of un security council resolutions. a curfew is still in place in one province in sri lanka because of religious on rest of the violence is happening just north of colombo where mosques and muslim owned businesses have been targeted. france's honoring 2 soldiers killed in a rescue mission in the last week the special forces commandos died while trying to free for tourists they'd been kidnapped during a safari and been mean in an area considered an a no go zone by the french foreign office live pictures from paris where emanuel is among those paying tribute to the soldiers those were your top stories. one of the most.
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under threat. of a. campaign. to. make. it. could hardly have. more different backgrounds their partnership might seem
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unlikely but it works we understand each other. there's certain things which we have in common that's what makes us what together does that do do something for the put a beep beep you have not had so much. he's also one person it's not that much of a lake meet. at the end of this hot april day jyotish is leaving the exam center. for the super 30 the burden is now lifted.
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later that evening and they assemble for a d. brief with an uncommon. it out. he wants to know how they think they've scored a mathematician. 60 percent matt the robot a little nuts it was clearly a very busy. night out with your family were there with a problematic. if not the hollow thought me of quite a leak a odd assata made it. bust memory limb or just sat on the front doorstep it gone have high. on law on have fallen off but he . got. the hated hated hated they did it stop us made me look bigger i'd say here where. he appeared the curious iraqi are the.
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be aware. the 3 people end up being. valid. involve other life so far. so far. from your ticket if so will you. feel when. it's time to move out of the hostel this is 30 months each other for a couple of months until the exam results are announced. at last it's results day and the news is good if. you do then. you can a culprit. get planning to be the indian media descending on
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anonymous neighborhood the super thirty's achievement will be broadcast far beyond but now. they can live. on 29 of the 30 have passed it's the best ever result. prince is super thirties highest ranking candidate and has come 3rd it's no less than a noncom are expected to bow the telegram he says. as a follow up. but chip which improved their chair but jim in. up mikami role for their. goal from which they have all those most of the hot ago brioche got a film called bit about monica priyanka is. very near. here he has
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a significance to how they rank the higher the students mock the mood choice they have over what to study and which i i t campus they'll go to. a bar you know you and your body. will tell you. so many camera crews have arrived at the press conference has to move into the garden and if you give them. a real holiday feel out of a support that big job here bought up nicky. liver my but not us operative by a sun set but a lot of the what your budget bought cover had here. but it has a lot of touch be. c an answer. believe. that.
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if. you. do think it will now be going to i.t.v. but he has only the haziest idea of what it actually is and isn't. oh i could be for that but. with this guy hopefully done. so that. the court. will give the boat. was. i tell a god to get you back to give me the way i. am this is secured with the cliff with santa downs that was a few. of his sister was a man out of them without having to kill himself with the little guy with ak and they. had this.
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time and i am one of the family man and. sean didn't do as well as george but he's relieved to have got in at all this was his 2nd and final chance on the prisoner part that may wipe out all of what we've done with you on many others was a very. generous are going to go mark my she died of the real bullets these are going to give a more humane treatment from which me my release was did he commit another nuclear as many people are looking to hospital or put or i will pull nerves this could be take. them. to. the city. who can go dig. in that it turns out he. gives her a big thing. because she's. shown his mother has no doubt about where the credit
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really belongs or subsidize the island said king mark. will shoot protecting the car not been lucky but didn't but chill cool car not. to look like they come to let it leak in want to you or better cut the wood or the whole the water button called big. the cops will but it's hard to fit. but out may discuss she had her mom on and said keep mark wanted to see. prince's making his 1st visit since the results were announced he came 165th out of the 5000 who'd been accepted from all over india. lol riddles of the summer. mark are here. some here but you're fortunate to get very little going for this and me that that much like yeah but. here they were fighting for the right.
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to mock nearly $700.00 i'd like to hear that would come so. near marseilles that the whole of the border. is what i will call but i'm glad about the heart i had been. so much by the. history but japanese. office and demand done without the album or by the chairman the sort that is near my desk. on the long haul of both of us on the down i can just walk to hospital. that evening the winning team is busting for a final appearance at the rom a new john school coming here to inspire the next year's super talented hopefully thank you think.
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they're not just through. this and have here but finally get to know what you put up a lot like you're not going to like a full. body. product to get there early with a child hears program. because it has to. situate suddenly. you're providing are good but. when you go. to leave take 3. 100 down i've already bought them or. he would hear it from our peers it just like he had. i am going to fire and got don't progress because they're the last know why your mo syrup brotherly arch that is so much that he wrote thank.
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you. is now at a tea deli but he's spending his holidays and to home in but no teaching this year's super 30 but i. may. be without their game was a moment of the. dark mirror but there's a rhythm. going over the top of that the guy. almost feel to have this lovely smile but jazz. didn't you know move with this so much that he made me feel that. i take it on we return to but not to find out what had become of the studio and of
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super 38 sell. our stuff home village. but i look at his family had moved on later that day we tracked them down to a nearby village. and our strike. i look at his family have left. and moved in here with a relative. to let them down there shania by me again will look a bit dutch i've got that. covered tape now when you know when india says. look it never better get in. morning me. like a little financial condition of not. because father ok i think that. means
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how do we. go then you're going to get the handsome salary. so. father mother when he brought up their partner made up the. thing you need to. look at they said there was a castle. but not what they're going to. be taking in 80 what angles and if you were in the movie were. placement in the piece and we want to make it through. make about me posting believe me about my partner me posting a good news. about it transmutes. business
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across the country. for the ready yet. to give me my job. so one of the best company in the world. a few kilometers away from office and now lives with his parents after super he went to the to study engineering but now he's chosen a different. guy to did the dark. came getting me who had to do either side to me. in good name abroad and the same just need a podium and a logo on. enduring love but short notice i'm down meeting 2 of the i don't have to
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go that are to me and i didn't you could try to go to. our dividend live maybe talk maybe a. little hard to miss him but the economics making. noise about a basic need. to do as it was given to the economics me i was give up going to new made me a deal has to be a 2000 acres i'll be missing it is has to look i'm a mother the inverse he did mrs stand for that. as that. lady. friends were. literally dulled by that sort of sense that i know that says my lovely family. or you know what i got me telling me here. change that is money i'm another that says it got. next to me yes it's all good and next to me i did believe there may have been that love but just meeting with
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another just one name because there. have been my that this got out and i love it i'd give her say in the lake in india institute. in the me india made for the devil made up mother done in the there. by holy cow it's an oath to have been a democrat a band of images from the sale of the mabel. doing things think that you. already made their targets are below the campus legs and in your place and you know because there's been no because nice company because when they get home i didn't make a lot of utopia good to society can take some numbers of blanche support. my dad you're not looking. so cheap but look you short which was from what i. just. but if i could have. but he.
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was super thirty's star. he now works for a management consultancy in the by he recently got married and we found him visiting his family. and we just sat. this little one it was like why dick costs. as. many of the. after 2007 and so paternity i joined i did early in electrical engineering. for the best years of my life where i met a lot of smart people. after their joy in opera solutions in new delhi as my 1st job in 2011 in 2014 i got the chance to. this was a great cultural change for me i moved from delhi to dubai and and the work in one minute was really fast there was a lot of multinational. i thought i could novel with spanish people pakistani
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people people from what i call people from china so it was a great beginning for me. in the management content consulting space in the butt and i currently travel to where my project is 4 days a week and the weekend i am in dubai. made out when. i was. hiking. or to. the way to go to. but so far only. next stop is. i t capital of india where raja. working with my city's as a software engineer in the research and development institute currently i mean to
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me i'd be a ballo office. here joining us today on 16 and since then i'm working with them. and what going for electric and hybrid vehicles software development by saying we are going to do this with a broad had my. eye is scored. then after your joint. appearance and they were imagined like the way i was thinking that i would never come out of the how you could listen or thinking about insoles who but now they are really saying that they can probably say that my son is you're working with that i want to be a going abroad supporting all lines all over the globe supporting the society. back in but now we want to find out what happened to the super 30 program itself.
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our band and our founding fathers super committee retired from his job as police chief of bihar state and since them has been working hard to grow the idea deliberately part of the experiment. that bart having been successful. i thought this experiment is good for society and therefore it should come out of that shell and grow big. and then. people who were not going to the business of indication. they got in touch and express their do their due. investing this concept. and their philanthropy measure. and that's how some of these play their money. and let there be so much good so let's do it with the natives i know it's being right as time goes sundown. but those super 30 programs have sprung up right
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across india to model fairies according to needs to invest when. is different for different. super turkeys for example i'm going to protect the lives of people needs to say to never similarly a community in the minority community you muslims they've got to get it and put to use that money to the end of their leadership both. a lot of lead and i mean we know the chief of the all india muslim person. here so far ramani designed specially for muslim students has been the most successful venture for a band and i mean if you started with the best centers to have you have to do such centers across india you have been able to a scale that we have been able to portray and this community asked for such
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a community report and everybody knows is a most. district education deprived community disport tickler project has changed the mindset of the community a predictor of the students are going about examination says the students want to do so it is not that they want to work wired they're going from. which is a basic technical training like plumber being electrician going to make rockets or planes or changing over and getting into tears zone. now simply petty's branching out still further goes on the project the best students plus several competitive exams. and there's a sports academy which is managed to produce several nationally acclaimed athlete. eats and plans. how to game care how and where
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you can portray. buying your kid. but you're your shadow a child named here on choreographed. air force and really really hard radio government department job i don't think i'm going to blackburn. but in general good job security. but your to a national level put. up a native of your. community schemes goals only projects sports academy this one thing that binds all these projects together giving something back so we have grouping that. these. things start with human records might be.
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needed if this is under construction maybe our new mother will get. better but out of a job like that about. about 100 m.b. but i'll get the op actually going on a possibility are you see i'm really up on what this is almost a walk. on. one of this or that isn't top of mine is. doing something with the traffic on the scales you wouldn't. let me make it if they were going to say it but now that the monkey i'm equipped. to do this. i wish and i hope and a very nice. sincerely believe that 50 percent of the way. back into his more of the americas is
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a. piece of cake with. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together in a 2 part series. 0 observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. or insights into circumstances that shaped lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of me starts with floods and land erode historian one just 0. the latest news as it breaks local communities here i'm pretty are very frustrated because the lack of post storm services with detailed coverage this past month of the flag though people often say this struggling to make translates and just want a better life from around the world and obviously has been offered to those who
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rebel against the government of new except those involved in human rights abuses a war crime. but. it will all this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sammy's a dime this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes reports of gunshots in sudan's capital was security forces are accused of attacking protesters demanding civilian rule. parts of sri lanka remain under curfew amid sectarian tensions over last month's easter sunday attacks.


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