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rights abuses a war crime. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes reports of gunshots in sudan's capital was security forces are accused of attacking protesters demanding civilian rule. parts of sri lanka remain under curfew amid sectarian tensions over last month's easter sunday attacks . around links what he calls extremists in the white house where a tax on ships off the coast of the u.a.e.
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. software developed in israel blamed for a hike of the water messaging service intentionally affecting one of the half 1000000000 users worldwide. in sports like the woods is returning to action for the 1st time since his win at the masters a 2nd major win of the year at the p.g.a. championship. now protesters in sudan say shots have been fired near the city and outside the military headquarters in the capital khartoum demonstrators are reinforcing barricades on the roads despite a warning from the military council the military is denying its security forces have used live fire against demonstrators in khartoum at least 5 protesters in the soldier was killed during the violence on monday night in the. blames what it calls
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for traces of protesters reject that morgan has more from call to. i doctors in this makeshift clinic tried to save the life of a young man in one of the dozens of protests he's injured by who they say were members of a military unit known as the rapid support force has. said. they fired bullets at us and on protesters we tried to protect other protesters who were bleeding so i removed my shirt to use it to help someone the rapid support forces took the chance and attacked when. the shooting began on monday evening the protesters the members of the rapid support forces tried to remove roadblocks they set up on some of the main roads when they refused to allow that the gunshots . the military denies that day or the rapid support forces were behind the shooting tensions have been on the rise in
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funding when the military was accused of trying to disperse they said they've been camping outside army headquarters demanding the military council which overthrew the country's 30 year president i'm going to be here to hand over power to a civilian government right now if i can. get it right more than 30 more than 30 and right now it might be 40 or even more shooting for you and it must be bullets injuries or injuries from gunshots gunshots all of the injuries are gunshots. right oh protesters are demanding justice and the country state prosecutor may be able to deliver some on monday his office and mounts that the ousted president is being charged with inciting and participating in the killing of protesters since the demonstrations began in december last year bashir will be tried under article $130.00 according to sudan's law if convicted he faces the death penalty the. littery council that ousted him says some security members also
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died in monday's confrontation of this the a 3rd party is behind the violence as an attempt to diminish the progress in talks with the opposition coalition in forming a transitional government and. seen with relief there were people who are infiltrating these groups they are or md and they targeted some of our military personnel we are aware of these people their elements and plans of provocation we know the means that they use they have targeted the military with armed i mean but these outlaws were using very crowded areas to target some of our soldiers but those at the city are seem to have no faith in the council and are not convinced to market by another market isn't enough the people who died did there have to be more deaths today and all the forces are saying it isn't them then who was it who blood for blood no compensation was. on it was no protest this day no force would make them break their state in which
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is in its 2nd month they say too many lives have been lost in the quest for an independent civilian government for them to give them tensions are at their highest since the protests began and the risks of further escalation and further violence remains people morgan are just they are a part of me but it was ok i was going live now to mohamed in khartoum as we can see in those pictures people not happy with the waters transpired with the killing of protesters how is that anger translating now into what's going on in the square mohamed. well yes sammy the protesters are very angry and they have been escalating things says last night the minute they have about the cod not only how they reinforce the body caves around the square where they've been sitting in for the past 5 weeks but the extended to the streets are distant another now but one main entry to the square that also closed
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some of the major routes and the bridges that are coming into the cup you talk to them saying they wanted to implement what they're calling a virtual lockdown of khartoum something they say is in response to the blatant a touch on them when continuing with their sit in the square by members of sudan's up in support forces. or i will leave it there for now thanks so much mohammed of. though is a policy adviser he says the violence is a sign of discontent within the military. i think this is going to actually is an indication that there are some in the military grounds in or in the security organization and. problems also today in the issue of the oil money even president obama the sheer not a lot ip agreement we created on this military council and the freedom and
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jake forces this because of the freedom agenda forces that is just and that to be a power moving day people to my mission would be held by secretly and and that any longer than he did in truth because in addition or assume we want to go there fog has been an agreement of these 2 points to create and that's why you see this is going to change and this is it is a problem associated his bottom is what local additional the freedom and gates was i believe what has been completely there if your progress if all the advance of the room institutions of the constitution and the followers and managers for who's in the situations be them i'm james losses have resized. in the new situations we reassign think grounds him soon what he credited as a 40 man native. cabinet was fully said that while it is an elitist living body
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club natanz ition and their remit of the military grounds of these means that they have accepted to he lend and. really trying to be a part disobedience of the level of the something council so what they missed a lot in then in the midst of a head is only done $101.00 to be that one critic. iran is accusing the u.s. of escalating tensions in the gulf region iran's foreign minister divides or if it's on a new day is in new delhi on an official visit to see his indian counterpart he says to her on predicted what he called a sabotage operation to escalate the situation in the region. for cargo ships south of the strait of hormuz were targeted and damaged by explosions and american military team is helping with the investigation. more now from joins us from toronto iranian officials pointing the finger westwards what evidence are they offering. well
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a lot of what the iranians are saying now follow on from a report citing an unnamed source who is a member of a u.s. military team and in their initial assessment they seem to suggest that iran might be behind the incidents that happened at fujairah ports now since then we've seen a senior members of parliament saying that the information being provided about what is happening or what actually happened in fujairah is too unclear it is still too vague it may be a circumstance of someone trying to goad the u.s. president donald trump into a conflict in the region another senior m.p. during a close session of parliament just earlier today seemed to suggest that israel might be behind the incident that happened at the port and as you mentioned just a few hours ago during his visit to india the foreign minister jaafari from self making a statement that squarely pointed a finger at the united states here's some of what he had to say how. we discussed regional issues on the policies of extremists inside the u.s.
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administration and in the region who are trying to impose their policies we also discussed the concerns we have about suspicious about tiger operations that are happening in the region that we had earlier predicted that they would carry out such measures. in the region. never ronnie and members of parliament that have been speaking about the incident continue to echo some of the things the foreign minister divides vary from said himself has said all along which is reaching out to neighboring countries in the region to partner up on regional security jobs or from south has continued to say that the countries in the region have been here longer that the united states is an outsider in this part of the middle east and it is up to neighboring countries to maintain security and stability here in this part of the middle east of course they have been longtime trading partners iran as well as the other countries in the waterways around it they have been sometimes friends sometimes supposed but they have always cooperated on regional issues how. for the invitation from iran now comes at
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a time of heightened tensions with the united states the countries in the region are all looking out for their national security and remain on high alert and there seems to be no clear path forward at the moment especially with heightened tensions with more u.s. military hardware in the area at this moment. from the hair on the. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including. china heads back and the markets react we'll have the latest on an escalating trade war with the u.s. and we'll meet a lake chad communities struggling to survive after increase attacks in the. biggest names are on course to return to a historic track in 2020 and he'll be here with that story of. security forces in short tackling an increase of violence against muslims
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a curfew is still in place in one province after attacks on mosques and muslim owned businesses so far one person is being killed in rioting in the united nations is worried the unrest could spiral under simmons reports. security forces say the violence is a direct result of the easter sunday bombings muslim businesses have been either set on fire or vandalized here a factory attacked by what police describe as mobs this was in the north where a curfew continued on tuesday morning police say they've used tough counter measures and the violence is now under control sri lanka's prime minister gave this warning in his speech to the nation ip. the unit that i have given all necessary powers to the security forces to take stern action against those breaching the peace by violating the curfew and emergency law security forces will take all steps
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to take action against those breaching the law therefore i request the fullest cooperation to the military and police to safeguard peace. police say in the 3 worst affected districts north of the capital colombo young people grouped together in what appeared to be planned actions. among the targets were muslim owned shops mosques were also attacked butyl. this small group must stop the dangerous game they play against the lives and property of innocent people i must state that we want to allow the country to be led to anarchy by those who show their strength on unarmed innocent civilians sri lanka's muslims make up less than 10 percent of the country's $22000000.00 population and political leaders here are warning that violence will not only crease tension but also hinder the investigation into these 2 bombings in which more than $250.00 people died andrew symonds how does it. go now to colombo where we connect the very latest from the
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phone and there's a minute we know that the curfew has been lifted in most parts of the country how volatile is the situation there. tensions are still pretty high particularly in that northwestern province i mean where a lot of these flashpoints were about 80 to 100 kilometers north of the capital colombo where you have several sort of towns where there were full radek violence there will be mobs there will move in business because residences that were targeted and now there are indications of reports still to be sort of confirmed but that they're world organized groups that was going around these areas specifically targeting muslim order to establish mint and that is one reason for concern among the muslim community the. sort of government muslim politician is around hakim is
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called on the government of the prime minister the tribe forces and the police to ensure that they get a handle on the violence to ensure that this targeting of the muslim community is brought to our hold but even with the curfew lifted in the rest of the country but in in the northwestern province we were still hearing reports despite the curfew so i mean that there was still pockets of violence are back again something for concern that curfew in the northwestern province will be lifted for 2 hours from $4.00 to 6 pm local time obviously to allow people time to stock up and things like that but will be in place once again this evening sami one of 4 as he's saying about the criticism that police just stood by and been active to stop these kinds of raids. that those reports have been coming through from the ground sami it's not
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a sort of overall inaction but there's a significant number of people particularly victims of this violence who've seen their businesses being torched basically mosques being destroyed saying that the police and some in some cases the armed forces who had been present what a new bill to quote to control the mobs that in some cases there were large groups of very very violent unruly people that basically the police and security forces deployed in those local areas couldn't actually control so this stood by helpless while they went ahead vandalizing burning destroying all these properties so that is a cause for concern and particularly where the muslim community is concerned has sent concerns and fears among them because what they want obviously is the armed forces and the police to ensure their security so obviously 6 these these comments these
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i witness accounts coming through but obviously we are talking about hawaii the area of an entire province now it is something that we're hearing that these mobs or these groups seem to be working on an organized scale that they keep hitting places that are left blind for example blind spots where at the moment there might not be a security presence obviously the police can be everywhere at all times but these people seem to be working on a very organized manner hitting places withdrawing moving on to the next and also if you look at the arrests we're hearing that 9 people in minong going to one of the worst affected one of the badly affected areas within the northwestern province 9 arrests made those people being charged with being responsible for instigating the violence also reports that more arrests have been made to particular arrests of particular interest. 2 people associated with anti muslim violence in the past
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have also been taken in by authorities and that's what we're hearing at the moment i mean. there's there thanks for that. the rebels say they're responsible for a drone raid on saudi arabian soil 7 drones attacked several saudi installations including according rather to the television station but it didn't mention the locations that were targeted or whether there were any casualties well her saying oh boy haiti is a pro hoofy journalist he joins us now from sun our good to have you with us if we could start with these reports and perhaps you can clarify for us what the both iran and syria television has been reporting what exactly was targeted in these drone rates. they haven't declared their exact target but we have seen in this statement that they said by. the installation and this is the 1st time that
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they've declared that they have part of good military installation and they believe that. clarify the. term vital installations are non military installations. yeah i believe there are non military installation and they could be vital installation for the saudi economy. economy committee has one saudi 2 weeks ago that if they are not going to stop part of it in yemeni economy that yemeni army will do this a month ago i said i think he has at least 48 of one of them a saudi worth of plan or as we call it. with a blunt in jazz on and i believe this footage was a warning to saudi arabia that if they continue with the thought of get yemen they will be kind of installation will be thought to get it and they believe it could be this work that blunt one of those how to get. it the timing is interesting because
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this comes after the reports of attacks on ships including 2 saudi ships off the coast of the u.a.e. are there any suggestions from who see forces that that might be part of the attack . on a yemeni voters in some i have conducted previously. on saudi arabia would they have not declared only months or few weeks after that is not kid who conducted those i thocht. ships but maybe in the end if you come in a days we will know exactly. that but that i have to say that the yemeni army on salado they have the right to conduct any ship either military or nonmilitary any economy in that it just of journalism that if you are aware of a deliberate targeting or civilian infrastructure would be considered in
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contravention of international law when you say though things have a right to target even nonmilitary infrastructure. no i mean i believe after for almost the now over for 40 years of saudi war and yemen they have destroyed all yemen infrastructure we haven't seen any diet condemn nation from the international community or from the united nation yorkey or france this country who are directly involved in support in saudi so i believe that yemenis rather than those who would still apply to both sides. so that i couldn't hear you know the laws of war the abrogated even by the actions of another side if the other side does not respect him and. maybe will move on from that and i think that is the 1st time let's ask the question the officials also speaking on the syria t.v. talking about more harsher more unique time to come from your understanding with
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who forces what are they referring to. i believe that the come in stead of the war against saudi arabia it will be and it couldn't. war many investors just be steady feared or the oil companies in saudi arabia which are actually the backbone of this over the military campaign into yemen out of the world without the. us that i've just always wanted to be able to buy their weapons other support from saudi arabia so i'm sure that in the coming days and coming weeks we get to see and you type of attack for yemeni drone units what yemeni but is that missile against some vital infrastructure inside saudi arabia and the whole and many shipping in the red sea. say the average american who the on of the world. but isn't there some other was
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killed by saudi arabia last year he have said that if there is any actor on holiday that there will be a major i think. that it's the on of the well inside saudi arabia because it will be really really silly for yemeni to receive this war for almost 4 more than 40 years while so it is used in international water in that it's easy to attack yemen which it is against international law they are you going to yemen water to attack him and so it would be silly to leave the either or your ship. or any any thought of ship related to saudi economy to go through that it see without their product in it i think i can add the same way they do. that we always say an eye for an eye on whose party is the one who should stop the war that would obviously have major implications for the world as well as serious concerns about violation of
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international law there was clearly a lot to talk about well thank you for your comments last fall. a rise in attacks by boko haram has forced tens of thousands of people from their homes in over the past few years the un refugee agency is warning of a growing humanitarian crisis. of course people in one community by lake child in the defer region struggling to survive. lake chad is shrinking which means today's catch will be a small one but at least for now these men can fish here legally in 2014 the governments of jerry and chad banned fishing on the lake to try to prevent the armed group boko haram making money from the lake and its surroundings that restrictions have recently been east. one of the government's decided to lift the ban on fishing growing paper and exporting fuel into clinic for 2 lies is at the time these things have been banned years ago as the biggest beneficiary in. this
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5 year ban has taken its toll on those who live around the lake and boko haram remains a constant threat it's always been tough living in one of the poorest regions in the world it's even more so now as part of its fights against the armed groups the government stepped up security which includes a curfew. before book ahora everyone used to go to the lake but not anymore the government has banned vehicles from being closed and the fish isn't enough to sell . one feeling red pepper industry is also struggling these peppers are turned into chili powder and sold all over the west africa and although farmers are again allowed to grow them finding a market is not so easy the movement of goods between najarian neighboring countries is difficult because of boko haram attacks. these women are preparing incense as favorites in gulf countries where many of
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their customers are based and used to be a thriving trade but now only a handful of people buy their products at this local market in the us and i'm in the podium industry was profitable in deferred before the war because of the closure of the road between us and modern grae we have to wait for months to get hold of the role materials we really makes aisles. the number of boko haram attacks has increased this year triggering a major exodus never southern border with nigeria there are now 250000 displaced people in the different region of southeast asia more than 800000 have arrived since march with the ongoing conflict overcrowding and poverty aid agencies are warning the humanitarian crisis here is only going to get us sort of high about al-jazeera. or about what have all the weather with staff are still ahead here and i'll just see what the un issues a dire warning about the risk of starvation in one go with. those at the bottom of
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india's social hierarchy turn to politics to address thank grievances that is for one of baseball's biggest stars is back from injury and looking better than ever. mention. hello there we've had some very stormy weather across europe recently and it is going to stick around if we have a look at what is done so far you can see the strong winds there in parts of croatia pulled down trees and damaged homes and it looks like the winds there are going to stick around and we've also seen some very very heavy downpours from the system as well these pictures. see the water has just risen and flooded some people's homes and made some of the roads impassable so making things
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a little bit difficult for some of us there in bosnia but also through the northern parts of italy we've seen the severe weather as well and you can see this whole massive cloud still circulating around this region now as we head through the next day or so the system will begin to ease we'll see the winds begin to drop out and we'll also see the rain turn less heavy but for the time being we start with the severe weather so particularly around the coast of the adriatic we could see the winds gusting to one $140.00 kilometers per hour very very strong men and we could see around $180.00 millimeters more rain in some places which would give us more flooding across the region certainly during the day today it is looking pretty wet for many of us here and cool as well with the winds firing down from the north and then the whole system sort of swirls around and still with us as we head through wednesday look at vienna 8 degrees there for maximum are we nearly in from it is looking summery towards the west $32.00 in madrid. sponsored.
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rewind retaliates with updates on the best of out is here is documentary. the moving story of 2 young tuchman girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after these are progressive taliban occupation. but what has become of their treats. rewind pencils and bullets. on al-jazeera. meet maria driven by poverty into prostitution and drugs as an early age now as a mother she's turning her life around with the help of a theater a group of colombia women fighting the challenges they face through their art how does it was compelling series which showcases fresh filmmaking talents of down the globe find a latin america presents acting lessons on al-jazeera. welcome
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back you're watching all the 0 time to recap our headlines now protesters in sudan say shots have been 5 near this city an outside the army headquarters in the capital khartoum on monday night at least 5 protesters and a soldier or killed. iran is accusing the u.s. of escalating tensions in the gulf region foreign minister gerard's r.t. if says to run through the decks of what he called sabotage operation a day earlier for cargo ships were damaged off the coast of the u.a.e. . security forces in sri lanka trying to contain an hour. break of religious unrest
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the violence is happening just north of the capital where mosques and muslim owned businesses have been targeted so one person has died in the rising. for more on this we're joined on the telephone by your ofac team who is the president of the sri lankan muslim congress who joins us on the line from hetty polar in sri lanka good to have you with us have authorities lost control of the situation. for a few are lost control or are they have this controlled ready by now unfortunately . several incidents that taken place in the not distant province. particularly in the western portion of the crew actually expect. several villages have come under attack by a mob. very unruly mob to go in and every. muslim place of worship at the. business places and
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a few residences. that come under. attack by the mob that people keep complaining that they jump in so the criticism that the police are simply not doing enough and in some cases simply standing by and watching mobs attack mosques and muslim owned businesses. well i am sure affected areas at the moment have come to a meeting. this morning the prime minister did with us and then we. have also come some in p.d.f. we may see it and be. a media story or. probably. nearly standing by when last i heard it was attacked mosques and he says please and some houses. are generally being spoken about everywhere
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so there can be smoke without fire but still it all depended on because the forces and the police to give us protection and this we have as the insisted from the. clay forces top brass yesterday ready in a meeting that was summoned and subsequently. so i'm curious to know so you say you requested. better security assistance your also a minister in the government i mean what kind of response are you getting when you are speaking to your own government. governor. chris. christie and then they are not trying to. contain this. all right we apologize that we seem to have lost the line to rove i came that.
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an israeli cyber firm is accused of developing a software used to hack mobile phones through what's up u.k. newspaper the financial times says the n.s.a. group's pegasus program targeted an unknown number of people using the app whatsapp says the spyware was used to penetrate phones through missed the voice calls the firm has urged its 1500000000 users to update their applications now israel classifies any technology as a weapon the company must obtain approval from the ministry of defense to sell it to foreign governments the ferment tains its software is only sold to fight crime and terrorism but a number of lawsuits accused of improperly helping the governments of mexico the united arab emirates and saudi arabia to spy on journalists and activists the murder of the last year put the firm under renewed scrutiny a friend of the journalist ahmed abdul aziz filed the lawsuit saying his phone was
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monitored by the saudi government shortly before her death or for more on this let's be. in london he's an investigative journalist at the associated press has been covering the n.s.a. group extensively thank you for being with us if we could start with the latest allegations how strong is the evidence that it is indeed and this technology that's now being used to hack whatsapp. so this information comes from the financial times which is citing a spyware reseller. the strength of the evidence is going to have to stay between the f.t. and their source but it's important to note that whatsapp hasn't exactly denied that report quite the contrary they've referred in their statement to a well known private cybersecurity company that is known to sell hacking tools or
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that fits and it's so group to a t. and when we spoke to them late last night they said that they wouldn't push back against any of the media reporting so that's pretty close to confirmation how reliable i guess with a company be for what others do with its technology their line is though you know it has to be before we sell anything it's vetted by the ministry of defense and the so products that have been linked to the targeting of journalists nutritionists even a human rights activist who is now jailed in the united arab emirates. yeah that's an excellent question sam in the it's one that dogged the n.s.o. group for years in fact because on the one hand they say that they they sell a product and what their customers do with that product is between the customers and their own national authority on the other hand and it's a group has also said that they investigate allegations of wrongdoing and they suspend customers who behave badly so it's
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a good question and we don't yet fully understand just how much of an insight n.s.o. has into its own customer's behavior and that's a question i hope will see answered sometimes one assumes if you're selling spyware technology to regimes or governments who have such a wreck or of internal suppression of internal dissent of targeting journalists of targeting human rights workers and activists. can you really think that this is going to be used in a purely legitimate way. i think that in the n.s.o. group's defense i would be very surprised if it least some of their products were being used to genuinely go after criminals and terrorists and others of that iraq that being said if you sell to countries like saudi arabia or other authoritarian
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governments then i would hope that a company in that position would ask themselves some very serious questions about how their products are really going to be used and also monitor how their products are going to be used that's not so difficult in the cyprus in cyberspace so what you raise is a very good question if you sell to bad people i'm sure in some ways responsible for the bad outcomes. or i will leave it there for now thanks so much for. thousands of children in angola a risk of starvation due to severe droughts and as according to the united nations many are being treated for malnutrition how has this room for. these health workers trying to save the weak vulnerable and hungry it hasn't rained properly in months and some of these children are severely malnourished the united nations says more than 2000000 people in the southern puppets of can any urgently need food and water and there are fears the situation is going to get worse. when i'm not hearing food
1:39 pm
in the community and in defame milly's directly affect the children because they rely on families we have little food reserves that's why so many are in this precarious health condition. some families try to survive on wild fruit if they can find any and finding clean water to drink and to irrigate crops is another challenge. in some communities farmers like i saw. there they have lost everything. this year. soria is worried what water and food he has is running out and he has a family to feed and most of them it is in an emergency situation all support is necessary there is that only from the central government but also from the international part of the angolan government because this is a critical strategy ration one of the most severe in the last 20 years. some parts
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of southern africa have recently been hit by supply clones flash floods and droughts people affected by that extreme weather urgently need help and some humanitarian workers said that aid isn't coming fast enough. china's foreign ministry is again warning the united states not to underestimate its determination to protect its own interests as the trade war rattles global finances asian stock markets took a hit on opening they were badly effective as the u.s. which suffered its worst losses in 4 months on monday. retaliated against america's new tariffs for imposing duties of its own on u.s. imports. brown is live for us in beijing so clearly there the chinese foreign minister ramping up the rhetoric right. yes it's interesting we've seen falls today on the stock markets here in chains
1:41 pm
then and shanghai but the falls actually were very small not as big as you might have expected given china's return a tree moves on monday but the the market in hong kong though was down by almost 2 percent and that's you know a continued reflection of the nervousness among investors really worried now about where this trade war is heading what is changing i think sammy is the propaganda that's becoming a lot more strident i was watching state t.v. on monday night and the main anchor read a lengthy editorial in which he essentially said that china didn't want is trade war but he was now quite prepared to fight it and win it and he also quoted president xi jinping saying that the chinese economy is not a pond but a sea a rainstorm can destroy a pond not a sea so we've had all these sort of metaphorical flourishes which you always see
1:42 pm
times like this i was also caught actually by something the editor of the global times newspaper said he's a man who seems to be pretty well connected and he's saying that essentially it may be time for china to start selling some of the vast amount of u.s. debt it has in the forms of u.s. securities and also to perhaps start reducing the orders that it places with boeing now that's the sort of talk the really does you know unsettled the stock market. or a adrian brown there thanks for that. north korea is demanding the return of its cargo ship seized by the united states from gang says the seizure goes against the spirit of the recent summit between the u.s. and north korea the vessel was detained in indonesia last year and towed to america and some are on saturday washington says the vessel was carrying coal in violation of sanctions against north korea brive has more from the south korean capital seoul
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. the cargo ship the wise honesty is one of north korea's largest and it's now been towed to the u.s. territory of american samoa in the south pacific it was originally seized in indonesia for allegedly breaking sanctions against north korea by exporting coal which is one of north korea's biggest money so it's easier comes as a major blow your careers foreign ministry has demanded its immediate release saying that it seizure goes against the spirit of the summit in singapore last june between kim jong un and donald trump meanwhile north korea's a weapons testing and missile launches of last week seem to have put a strain on the whole process of dialogue and reconciliation the world food program's director david lee has been in seoul trying to organize a food shipment for north korea but finding problems with moon j.n.
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south korea's president coming under domestic political pressure not to give such a gesture to the north after north korea's apparent provocations of last week north korea's food problems meanwhile seem to be getting worse it was confirmed recently that last year's harvest was the worst for 10 years and choose days edition of wrong symon the official party news paper confirming that things are no better this year with the whole of the country suffering in the 1st part of this year very badly from drought. u.s. president don trump has praised the immigration policy of the hungary and prime minister trump welcomed viktor orban to the white house on monday u.s. officials say the visit is part of an effort to reengage with central european countries as china and russia's influence grows in the region mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . well it's the 1st time viktor orban has met with a u.s.
1:45 pm
president a formal meeting since 1980 when he met bill clinton he was then a young reform guiding hungry into a new democracy in the post soviet era however since then he's driven his politics sharply to the right subsequent presidents george w. bush and barack obama have refused to have any formal meeting with him whatsoever because of his right wing politics not so president president trump held this meeting with him welcoming him to the white house viktor orban the saying that he and the u.s. president shares similar positions on immigration he's pointed out that both the u.s. and hungry of among the handful of nations that refused to sign the u.n. migration treaty for example this is what president trump had to say viktor orban has done a tremendous job in so many different ways highly respected respected all over europe. probably like me
1:46 pm
a little bit controversial but that's ok that's ok you've done a good job and you've kept your country safe well a number in congress disagree with the president democratic senator dick durban saying that president trump has betrayed american values by meeting with a man perceived as an extreme right winger and even among republicans his deep unease this mainly because of her bones relationship with russia this year for example he refused to route to send 2 convicted arms smugglers back to the united states for trial preferring their send them back to their home country of russia so even among republicans is at the bar to the meeting between president trump and viktor orban but certainly president trump himself seeing very much a like mind and to government protesters in albania have thrown fire bombs and flares a riot police in the capital to honor this is just hours after the u.s. and e.u. leaders called for restraint. the weekend similar protests turned violent with the
1:47 pm
opposition calling on demonstrators to keep up the pressure on prime minister the rammer to stand down he's accused of corruption and fraud. ancient class divisions among india's hindus are still a source of hardship for millions of people as the country votes in its general election hindu's from what's considered the lowest cost and once again turning to politics to be heard 1st reports from south on poorer districts in the state of uttar pradesh. it's been a life of labor for thoughtful things mainly working in farmer's fields to support his family. but it's also been a life dictated by caste hierarchy. thing in this family or low caste hindus known as delegates. he says the government ignores the violence and discrimination they face at the hands of caste hindus. want to. treat us with disgust
1:48 pm
from childhood i've seen this. if you want to drink what they stop us and don't allow us to know what it. was because of that he only trust political parties that have grown in size since india's independence. the most famous. who wrote india's constitution and advocated for adults rights that's the reason his statue is found throughout this region his legacy led to the creation of political parties to fight for rights and here is inspired a grassroots movement. they call themselves that there's nothing military about them i just want to dismiss they set up the school teaching children about the culture and history something organizers say they don't learn in the government schools they go to earlier in the day. particular. mindset. by the constitution that is
1:49 pm
relentless against the law. some kilometers away is where many upper caste hindus live and they also complain of discrimination want to. hear the men say reservations for adults in schools and government jobs puts them at a disadvantage. they are lower than us but we are. barred off of our culture from the beginning we have always been on the run going to be there have been more incidents recently of dulux being lynched by so-called cow vigilantes hindus who take their own actions over accusations of smuggling or illegal cow slaughter going this. family by political ideology. well back at things home he doesn't believe it's possible to break the centuries old mindsets of upper caste people in the area but he's hoping political parties
1:50 pm
can help him at providing courage meant for the next generation of delegates. district. us. guilty to conspiring to gain a place for her daughter at a prestigious university known for her role in desperate housewives hofmann paid $15000.00 to improve his exam schools the person who corrected the test supervisor also face prosecution dozens of wealthy parents paid a total of $25000000.00 for a variety of schemes to get their children into in the universities. still ahead on al-jazeera. european encounter with a younger sister. with that story.
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all right tell your fans and these to bring us up to speed with what's going on in the woods no pun intended. not intended but plenty of thanks i mean talk was is returning to action for the 1st time since winning the masters last month this is him at the bethpage black course in new york preparing for the 2nd major of the year the p.g.a. championship it starts all thursday woods is groups with defending champion bruce kept an open champion and suster molinari for the 1st 2 rounds thanks to his efforts in all just the woods now has 15 major titles and is just 3 behind the record of jack nicklaus kevin garside is the chief sports cross one of the i
1:53 pm
newspaper in the u.k. he's been explaining why golf is lucky to have woods winning majors again. the economics of gulf just go through the roof for example you get more viewing figures more sponsors involved i mean this is not know not of course but if you ever listen to phil mickelson speak about his experience as a goal for the audience these kids play routinely for $1000000.00 every time they see it up in a p.g.a. tour event this is a consequence of the tiger woods effect so in that regard just everybody gets more interesting so you know the gulf as you've been striving to sign maybe a new sponsor everybody is drawn back to gold because of the interest in tiger just put sidewalls on the thing you know you talk about a historic figure and then there's a whole degree and a whole heap of ballast that comes with tiger woods in a golf tournament and you know ease a living legend in that regard so this is same as a shredder in tennis the schumacher was in may oh messi is in football but they
1:54 pm
have a substantial body of work behind him they're brilliant and people want to see these guys play now that tiger has stabilized a showing that he can win a major it's harder for him to win elsewhere in the deeper fields but as we showed as he showed at the p.g.a. last year and at the open last year when he when he when he when he led that with 7 hopes to play in the own champs you cross your mind then went on to challenge for the p.g.a. against brooks kept you know this this was easing contention using contention every major and i you know i don't think the goal committee will be surprised if you actually caught up jacques or even surpassed the dutch for a long groan presets return after a 35 year absence the race will be held next year at the historic zundel circuit as for the organizers hoping to capitalize on the popularity of dutch drama much for stuff and he's been telling his red bull scene a peer counselor about the challenges how the right scope profile. it's just i call it historic track i compared
1:55 pm
a little bit because it's designed by the same guy who also designed suzuka so i can understand the adequate practices of some of the sort. it was there is a lot of fun in the n.h.l. playoffs the sinless blues overcame the san jose sharks to sigh their western conference series at one game of ace but this game side it seemed over for the school to go ahead goal in the loose for the blues in the 2nd period finished 4th say the blues are looking to advance to their 1st stanley cup final since 1975. and i think jim remember i told them i do score if we're going to let the celebration and. you never complain when you're going to do it like i said it was just a rush of emotion and it's an intense game out there as everyone knows and that's all it is an emotion some of the service syria williams is sort of a meeting with sister venus in the 2nd round of the it's how you know i've been serious playing for the 1st time since coming out of the miami open in march with a knee injury 23 time grand slam winner beating rebecca petersen in the 1st round
1:56 pm
here the american is moving up to the french open that gets underway later this month. venice had a tougher time in her match against elise merton's the 38 year old needed more than 3 hours and 9 match points to overcome hope belgian opponents the 2nd round match between the williams sisters will be their 1st meeting on european clay in 17 years . at interval out of taking a big step towards securing champions league football next season the back up to 3rd in italy serry after the sooner we'll have a bottom side. policy on our own even paris it's got the goals which means with 2 games left they're looking good for a top 4 finish. tyson fury says he's aiming to become the undisputed world heavyweight champion within a year right now the undefeated former world title holder is promoting his gene brown's against germany's tom swartz the fury's main focus on is on setting up fights with anstey joshua and the manager against in december dion say wilder but
1:57 pm
with the theme hold the major title belts our presence. i shuttle flight them 7 days a week twice on a sunday is really on important to me because the only man with boxing gloves on and i'll beat both of them time and time again before 10 times i win 10 times out of 10 so all one need to do is stop math around get the fight on and japanese baseball star share helps the l.a. angels defeat the minnesota twins on monday missed the start of the season because of an elbow injury it's in his 1st hollywood run of the season to 2018 american league rookie of the year helping the angels to a $54.00 win breakthrough all but it is injury does that mean he's unlikely to pitch at any point this year. ok that is how you sports is looking for now so playing someone chandy that brings us to the end of this news hour be back in a moment with more of the day's news so do stay with us.
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i am a fish every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. examining the headlines
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reports of gunshots in sudan's capital where security forces are accused of attacking protesters demanding civilian rule. hello and welcome i'm peter w watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in the other top stories iran's foreign minister links what he calls extremists in the white house to attacks on ships off the coast of the united arab emirates. parts of sri lanka remain under curfew amid sectarian tensions over last month's easter sunday attacks. software developed in.


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