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tv   Blood and Land - Erodos Story  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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reports of gunshots in sudan's capital where security forces are accused of attacking protesters demanding civilian rule. i'm sam is a down this is al jazeera live from the hall so coming up the rounds foreign minister links what he calls extremists in the white house to attacks on ships off the u.a.e. coast. social rank or remain under curfew amid sectarian tensions over last month's easter sunday attacks. software developed in israel is blamed for a lack of the messaging service potentially affecting 1000000000 users worldwide.
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protesters in sudan say shots have been fired near the city an outside the military headquarters in the capital khartoum demonstrators are reinforcing barricades on the roads despite a warning from the military council the military is denying its security forces have used live fire against demonstrators in khartoum at least 5 protesters and a soldier were killed during the violence on monday night the military blames what it calls infiltrators for the protesters reject that have a morgan has more from call to. i doctors in this makeshift clinic tried to save the life of a young man one of the dozens of protests his injured by who they say were members of a military unit known as the rapid support force has. said. they
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fired bullets at us and on protesters as we tried to protect other protesters who were bleeding so i removed my shirt to use it to help someone the rapid support forces took the chance and attacked when. the shooting began on monday evening the protesters the members of the rapid support forces tried to remove roadblocks they set up on some of the main roads when they refused to allow that the gunshots. the military denies that day or the rapid support forces were behind the shooting tensions have been on the rise since funding when the military was accused of trying to disperse they said they've been camping outside army headquarters demanding the military council which overthrew the country's 30 year president i'm going to be here to hand over power to a civilian government right now if i can. get it right more than 30 more than 30 and right now it might be 40 or even more so shooting at you and it
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must be one of the injuries are injuries from gunshots gunshot all of the injuries are gunshots. right oh protesters are demanding justice and the country state prosecutor may be able to deliver some on monday his office and mounts that the ousted president is being charged with inciting and participating in the killing of protesters since the demonstrations began in december last year bashir will be tried under article $130.00 according to sudan's law if convicted he faces the death penalty the military council that ousted him says some security members also died in monday's confrontation of this the a 3rd party is behind the violence as an attempt to do. minister progress in talks with the opposition coalition in forming a transitional government. seen with relief in there were people who are infiltrating these groups they are or md and they targeted some of our military personnel we are aware of these people there are elements in plans of provocation
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we know the means that they use they have targeted the military with armed i mean but these outlaws were using very committed areas to target some of our soldiers but those at the city and seem to have no faith in the council and are not convinced talking by another matter isn't enough the people who died did there have to be more deaths today and all the forces are saying it isn't them then who was it who blood for blood no compensation. no protesters still no force to make them break their state in which is in its 2nd month they say too many lives have been lost in the quest for an independent civilian government for them to give and tensions are at their highest since the protests began and the risks of further escalation and further violence remains people morgan are just they are part of. go live now to mohamed always live for us
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in khartoum has the anger playing out on the streets now. well sammy of protesters. things not only holding them 4th of the tickets around the square where they've been camping for weeks all full of closed some of the men just streets in the central part of khartoum forcing people to walk to walk and then there were also the bridges that. we have been seeing some protesters also crossing some of the highways getting out of the city to places like solve hold off on. a highway where many people. use. for not only their daily commute to the cup at all but also in getting their supplies and that is bound to get very inconveniencing for many people the protesters a couple of go to call that knowledge the caucus up and what they're calling
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a face of acts of civil disobedience and they say this is in good television for the blatant arts hock as they call it that was cut it out on them by people they call that hopwood support forces or saddam or whether things stand with the hope for a resumption of talks then. what both sides saying that they're still keen to continue with talking but the events of last night of course i hitched to the talks because they had a clear plan they were supposed to have results within 72 hours the 1st day which was monday and that very well with an agreement on the structure of the transitional council that's going to take the country through a period of transition which will have members from both as the civilians and the military as sides. but now with these happening and the potential
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is that it's going to really did lay although some people feel that acts of disobedience of that by the protesters probably also make the 2 sides for the truck the talks or mohamed oh they're saying so much. saudi's energy minister has ordered the suspension of a major oil pipeline after a drone attack the east west pipeline a 1000 kilometers north of yemen was reportedly struck by 2 drones saudi arabia says the strikes were carried out by the rebels in yemen earlier who said they were responsible for 7 drone attacks on the border with saudi the same and behold he is a journalist he joins us now from sun are so 1st of all can you could firm or the saudis are reporting or saying that in fact it was a houthi drone strike that hit. the oil pipeline in saudi arabia.
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there is no confirmation yet there from sanaa but i believe and i'm sure if this is those are some of the drawings that would that would allow us to day by yemeni drones unit against saudi arabia this book person or for yemeni out of out of the voters on the popular committee in sanaa have said that in the coming hours he would release a statement. detail in all of the attacks that they're on how far to get it so i believe that those 2 were some of the attacks i just need to remind the people watching that yemeni army has threatened saudi money time that it will get this over the economic infrastructure if they continue to get in you have an infrastructure just 10 days ago. to the yemeni army. the
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militia forces not the just to clarify here why is the why are the hotels being so slow to give an account for what exactly they hit. because i believe that this is difficult. to get information from saudi arabia so this is actually they have been doing from the beginning they wait to see what saudi arabia declared and then they would release a statement or maybe if they have any footage to show the whole thing they want i will do so that the saudi sometime do lies some time. forces inside iran some of the he has conducted many i think in saudi arabia without the collated attacks they waited till the saudi deny all of the saudi did not release any information about it then they use this kind of statement that i think this is a kind of a war that we are in you have to wait to see what damage you have done inside saudi
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arabia and i believe in the coming hour we will know all the information about that that is this the beginning of a wider campaign by the houthi is now to target the oil infrastructure of saudi arabia yes i believe that that we are in the 1st step of this campaign against saudi economy and the structure and we have seen that . the statement about this i thought in the morning it has saved a vital installation and this is the 1st time they i thought the. military thought to get in saudi arabia is not going to be only the oil field it could be as well what these depend on which like water. treatment plant because we know that how do you respond to those who would say in their lives are getting water infrastructure treatment plans these are civilian infrastructures
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which would be in contravention of international law to target them. i mean i know but the word this law hasn't done anything to yemen is we've seen that they no i didn't they said that south has taken so with the idea photo my list for killing children twice because saudi has said it then that they will cut the money they give into the united nation so this international law i think we. can run the world itself because i'll start for yet it's no it we have now yemeni forces and sort of law of the order in yemeni we have now the right to thought of get any installation in saudi arabia to damage that economy that oh you'll see that all of that infrastructure support because if we don't know if we are not doing so it means that we are allowing the saudi to continue killing yemenis of course some people might see this is wrong but i think what saudi have done in the last more than 40 years people should have said should have stopped that not waited for 5
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years through a response on that they would say well i'm not i'm not going to i do my international law would agree with with that interpretation but thank you very much for your perspective in a little haiti that you. iran is accusing the u.s. of escalating tensions in the gulf region iran's foreign minister divides the reef is in new delhi on an official visit to see is indian counterpart he says predicted what he called a sabotage operation to escalate the situation on monday for cargo ships south of the strait of hormuz with damaged by explosions an american military team is helping with the investigation. as. we discussed regional issues and the policies of extremists inside the us administration and in the region who are trying to impose their policies we also discussed the concerns we have about suspicious sabotage operations that are happening in the region that we had earlier predicted that they would carry out such measures. in the region the
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same bus driver has more now from to have. following an initial assessment by a u.s. military team sent to fit your report to investigate the incident that occurred there unnamed member of that team seem to suggest that iran might be behind what happened in for jarrod now iranian leaders have been responding to that senior members of parliament have said that the information being provided as to what happened in future was too unclear it was too vague and there is not enough to determine actually what went on some suggesting that 3rd parties or some other actors might be trying to goad the united states into a conflict in the region earlier on tuesday a senior member of parliament seemed to suggest that israel might have been behind the incident and during a diplomatic visit to india a foreign minister zarif himself seemed to point a finger at the united states saying that the u.s. may be trying to destabilize the region and that iran had warned about possible
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sabotage attacks like this being carried out by the united states iran's leaders continue to press their neighbors to try to create an atmosphere of cooperation in the region saying that the. united states remains an outsider in this part of the middle east and that it is up to countries leaders in the middle east itself to focus on their own security their own stability and manage the region's security by themselves and for themselves of course the latest overtures by iran come at a time of heightened tensions with the united states iran and its neighbors have been sometimes friends sometimes foes but throughout it all they've been strong trading partners they've cooperated on regional issues but at the moment there seems to be no clear way forward is specially with more american military hardware in the area so to have an al jazeera the u.n. issues a dire warning about the risk of starvation in. those considered to be at the bottom
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of india's social hierarchy turn to politics to be. we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and with point on a story that you might take an international network for months to be able to do it now to me these people are out there really anti-riot. they are challenging the voices were challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. i really want to get down to the nitty gritty the reality whether on line we'll have a male chauvinist and that is entrenched with in our global federation and it is really hard to get. or if you join at sunset. they're going to beef up their mind
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this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us there live you tube chat and you too can be in the street join the global conversation on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. every. al-jazeera this is the opportunity to understand sometimes in a very different way where there is something happens and you don't leave after. he had it all. the passion the success and the popularity. and then he gave it all up. for the love of his homeland. football rebels delves into the realm of footballing legend rashid look through free. fall of the algerian national
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liberation front with his feet rashid mcclean feet and the f.l.n. team on al jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our top stories now saudi arabia has suspended pumping adam a. pipeline after a drone attack the government is blaming 3 rebels in yemen earlier who said they were responsible for 7 drone attacks across the border. protesters in sudan say shots have been fired near the city and outside the army headquarters in khartoum
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on monday night at least 5 protesters and a soldier was killed. iran is accusing the u.s. of escalating tensions in the gulf region foreign ministers arrives or leave says to her on predicted what he called a sabotage operation a day earlier 4 cargo ships were damaged off the coast of the u.a.e. . back now to our top story and the drone attack on an oil pipeline in saudi arabia andrea screed is an assistant professor at the defense studies department at king's college in london joins us now by skype from london good to have you with us i think this is the 1st time there's been a drone attack on a ram co pipeline how significant is this. very significant and of particular very significant in the wider context of the tension that we've been hearing about over the last week or so with the americans repositioning or reallocating some of their resources to the go and you know the horrible narratives that has been going
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on for the last month a couple of months actually about you know that we hear from saudi israel u.a.e. in america about how bad it ron is and one big of a threat that is it is a very significant development it is also significant development within the context of the yemen who are obviously because in a smaller one takes obviously week we see that the police now are able to actually penetrate quite deeply into saudi territory when apparently when they are actually getting to detected or as shoot shot down by. a missile defense or or an offense there's thems and actually striking critical infrastructure which is quite scary but there are quite a lot of question marks about both of the stories the for gerald tagon story and that story about the oil pipeline both of them he does suggest that iran is targeting critical oil infrastructure those of them suggest that iran seems to be trying to talk with the oil price which is a u.s.
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interest and all kinds a looks like a bit of a pretext to a war there some of the hawkish people who are washington and area and who that we want to help. but i mean bringing it as you are hinting at into perspective as it would like there is a concerted campaign on the way to target the oil infrastructure of saudi arabia. absolutely the east west pipeline is very significant it's very significant for saudi arabia but it's also very significant for a global oil supplies so a democrat that has already actually it's not working actually has an impact on the oil price and so that is very significant and it's quite questionable how they would he's able to fly $1000.00 kilometers into saudi territory without being detected and without being shot down and and that is actually that clearly shows that the only capability has increased massively in recent years some of it home
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grown but in there is definitely something that we read suggests that the iranians have helped out for for for quite a bit we know they have their drone strike capability we know that they've been using drones for him for reconnaissance and information they've used drones torso target u.s. and am sorry coalition forces on the ground but all within ready the parameters of yemen they have never been able to actually deeply penetrate saudi arabia there's been reports recently by the u.n. as well that suggest that this particular u.a.e. the and has been developed in yemen with the help of the iranians is able to deliver. you know ordinance quite deeply up 21550100 kilometers from the desk from the origin to a particular target so it is definitely possible that there were these are behind it and all kinds of kind of looks like they are targeting the oil infrastructure. and thank you so much. sri lanka's government has ordered a nationwide curfew for
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a 2nd night security forces say they want to prevent attacks against muslims so far one person has died in the rioting in the un is worried the unrest could spiral under some as reports. security forces say the violence is a direct result of the easter sunday bombings muslim businesses have been either set on fire or vandalized here a factory attacked by what police described as mobs this was in the north where a curfew continued on tuesday morning police say they've used tough counter measures and the violence is now under control sri lanka's prime minister gave this warning in his speech to the nation i'd be honored to have the aneta i have given all necessary powers to the security forces to take stern action against those breaching a peace by violating the curfew and emergency law security forces will take all steps to take action against those breaching the law therefore i request the fullest cooperation to the military and police to safeguard peace i police say in
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the 3 worst affected districts north of the capital colombo young people grouped together in what appeared to be planned actions. but. among the targets were muslim owned shops mosques were also attacked but also butyl. this small group must stop the dangerous game they play against the lives and property of innocent people i must state that we want to allow the country to be led to anarchy by those who showed their strength on unarmed innocent civilians sri lanka's muslims make up less than 10 percent of the country's $22000000.00 population and political leaders here are warning that violence will not only increased tension but also hinder the investigation into these 2 bombings in which more than 250 people died andrew symonds al-jazeera. has got the latest now from another. who is in colombo. have they now got
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a handle on the situation. so i mean that depends on who you talk to obviously the police. coming down hard 7 on the northwestern province where we had that eruption of violence over the last $48.00 hours the last day a particularly violent flashpoint in after least 4 towns within that province we had particularly muslim places of business was the very cause house was being targeted in many cases there were basically mobs that were coming together reports of more basically marauding through the streets of certain areas picking out you know of muslim establishments for attack now we have a stringer in that area this morning and speaking to the people interesting lee some people have claimed that the doors behind the violence in some of these areas
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were actually people who came from outside their village their city or their town and this kind of feeds into reports that there were organized more carrying out this violence now obviously we've seen. 9 people in many one going to one of those areas badly affected by violence of were arrested produced before a magistrate and remanded and also reports of other arrests have been made so the authorities trying to get a handle on the situation and basically clamp down and ensure that they are in control sami. or of saying so much from. an israeli cyber firm is accused of developing a software used to hack mobile phones through whatsapp the financial times newspaper says the n.s.a. group's pegasus program targeted an unknown number of people using the app or tab says the spyware was used to penetrate phones through missed voice calls the firm
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has urged its 1500000000 users to update their applications now israel classifies n.s.a. technology as a weapon and the company must obtain approval from the israeli ministry of defense to sell it to foreign governments the ferment tains its software is only sold to fight crime and terrorism but a number of lawsuits accused of improperly helping the governments of mexico the united arab emirates and saudi arabia to spy on journalists and activists the murder of demand last year put the firm under renewed scrutiny a friend of the journalist ahmed abdul aziz filed the lawsuit saying his phone was monitored by the saudi government shortly before her show g.'s death are filed sutter is an investigative journalist at the associated press who's been covering the n.s.a. group extensively he explains whether the company must be held responsible for how
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its technology is used. it's one that dog the n.s.o. group for years in fact because on the one hand they say that they they sell a product and what their customers do with that product is between the customers and their own national authority on the other hand and as a group has also said that they investigate allegations of wrongdoing and they suspend customers who behave badly we don't yet fully understand just how much of an insight n.s.o. has into its own customer's behavior and that's a question i hope will see answered sometimes i think that in the n.s.o. groups defense i would be very surprised if it least some of their products weren't being used to genuinely go after criminals and terrorists and and others of that iraq that being said if you sell to countries like saudi arabia or other authoritarian governments then i would hope that
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a company in that position would ask themselves some very serious questions about how their products are really going to be used and also monitor how their products are going to be used that's not so difficult in the cyprus in cyberspace. thousands of children in angola are risk of starvation juice is very drought and ice according to the united nations many being treated for malnutrition how has this report. these health workers in and on are trying to save the weak vulnerable and hungry it hasn't rained properly in months and some of these children are severely malnourished the united nations says more than 2000000 people in the southern puppets of can any urgently need food and water and there are fears the situation is going to get worse pre-modern gesture we are not hearing food in the community and in defense milly's directly affect the children because they rely on families we have little food reserves that's why so many are in this precarious health condition. some families try to survive on wild fruit if they can find any
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and finding clean water to drink and to irrigate crops is another challenge. in some communities farmers like. say they have lost everything. this year we have nothing. as soria is worried what water and food he has is running out and he has a family to feed most of the lives in an emergency situation all support is necessary there is that only from the central government but also from the international part of the angolan government because this is a critical strategy ration one of the most severe in the last 20 years. some parts of southern africa have recently been hit by sly clones flash floods and droughts people affected by that extreme weather agency need help and some humanitarian workers said that aid isn't coming fast enough. out of their. u.s.
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sanctuaries felicity huffman has pleaded guilty to conspiring to gain a place for her daughter at a prestigious university known for her role in desperate housewives have been paid $15000.00 to improve her daughter's exam scores the person who corrected the answers and the test supervisor also face fossick you should. let's take you through the headlines here and i'll just 0 now protesters in sudan say shots have been fired near the city and outside the military headquarters in the capital khartoum demonstrators are reinforcing barricades on the roads despite a warning from the military council at least 5 protesters and a soldier were killed during the violence on monday night the military blames what it calls infiltrators what the protesters reject that. saudi's energy minister has
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ordered this is a major oil pipeline after a drone attack the east west pipeline a 1000 kilometers north of the amman was reportedly struck by 2 drones saudi arabia says the strikes were carried out by who think rebels in yemen. iran is accusing the u.s. of escalating tensions in the gulf iran's foreign minister divides aviv says tehran predicted what he called a sabotage operation to escalate the situation on monday 4 cargo ships off the east coast were damaged by explosions an american military team is helping with the investigation. as. we discussed regional issues and the policies of extremists inside the u.s. administration and in the region who are trying to impose their policies we also discussed the concerns we have about suspicious sabotage operations that are happening in the region that we had earlier predicted that they would carry out such measures. in the region. whatsapp is urging its one and
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a half 1000000000 users to update their applications after a major cyber attack reports say the attack involves software developed by the israeli firm m.s.o. the firm has been implicated in the spying of journalists and activists across the world china's foreign ministry is again warning the united states not to underestimate its determination as the trade war rattles global finances asian stock markets took a hit on opening they weren't as badly affected is the u.s. which suffered its worst losses in 4 months on monday beijing has retaliated to american tariffs for back to the top of the hour.
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in north carolina undocumented grandmother finalist a bar taker is seeking sanctuary and as a church community in greensboro has come together to provide sanctuary protection for a woman who was scheduled for deportation yesterday. or take is checked in with immigration officials actually here and they have allowed her to stay until now last month she was given a listen call monitor and told she needed to leave the u.s. . and i don't miss my guess that and took us for. ice regards churches as sensitive locations and they don't generally enter them to make arrests or detentions st barnabas a possible charge says they're taking shifts to stay here with why that she can't
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wait the whole to reform will live in this small vial for how long is anyone's guess. but in most of the uk and all their bus you. can one. person got here. just. in the stomach while the. promise academy from india. can. make it that is. a myth both eliminate your mind to keep the great upright in
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a comma. i am a bit. back with part of the. sanctuary is not a legal concept. this is a ministry of social justice american friends service committee called asking if we were considering offering sanctuary if there was anyone who needed it and told us about juana. for a smoker. but they're good folk. there
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are times when people of faith after make a choice between serving the people that we believe god has called us to serve and serving the government. and some laws are simply on us. so we agree. to welcome our into saying. who do you say that i am. jesus looked at his disciples and asked them that question and peter blurted out you are the messiah son of god but we have to know what that means we have to know what the messiah is there to do. let's err on the side of hospitality. err on the side of love and mercy not on
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judgement or condemnation. or on the side of making sure that all people belong in the family. and to be. the lord. of the. earth. so. if. you. want to. kill cancer the wood. is going to go but i can't impose i am once but i'll.
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keep that it's. been missing who i am yes i am part of the thought of him i think that he's. in this weighing is she coming here. my high as being is. now i'm carlos i am he is why. how quartier that. so you can see with what. we believe that jesus would have done this or something similar and our priest you know emphasizes doing what jesus would have you do and we'll consider ourselves the body of christ right and we're all brothers and sisters and unfortunately are some people who tend to get mixed up about that. i
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looked at st barnabas this facebook page there were 2 people that heard there a thumbs down and said you know you ought to be ashamed of yourself and we have reported you well we go ice knows where she is she's got an ankle bracelet on with someone and you know i think like they know where she is there was no secret what we can report there were. harboring a fugitive every they call an artery a fugitive and those matrix are very important and this is not harboring a fugitive sanctuary just. upset. me welcome my lamb i've been there on that and they are going and you. marry an alien go in the lobby and then.
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i don't know and i don't. want us you know political things i made us the only extend the oem to me so that i want. to know when they know having meaning i must go and is that when we in fact. were. there and they are there i guess all i mean they're gone quiet this. here at us and that a man made us young. and they don't have been misled. and i am ordering i started making a point that a man i face. i don't want to press a living i'll be. there when they ask in a mile can i ask this here. military. to get us help out out of the.
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one. you're like ok on the i am us overnight in front of me relax i'm going to be fine we're going to be right behind. us. my. mother. in law ok. i read all about it. all right let's see. who i was now i'll tell you i was in the. us.
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when you improve. my most out of this. whenever my mom 1st went into sanctuary it was so overwhelming because all the time i remembered to go to bed like 12 midnight get up in a morning at 5 and have to go to work. i was kind of like remembering or as a child. i came into this country and left us and then it was going to happen again . what we want is for
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people to know that this is happening. you can't just turn away. because we're not the only ones. fine force it would only be that it was just one more signal to be yourself is this not a little bit always good if you don't mean everybody is needles or creation seaforth a little is a little bit. like it is doing the commute. into work all that anybody has really bothers me and i hear mr will usually be fairly near of you mean busy about these little obvious lesson numbers when i get money that will be here for a listen in gary no nor do i but only those who are bored of you. almost on the. matter
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come on about some of their asses yet their master is the one to send to him though that is in the bonus is. that he stays up on those quit you can must bet so on the his dumbass on the bottom. yes why not. you know money that me yeah i was going to cut it off and then when our belief is in the way you know this is a narrow. girlfriend not. that much how do i go look i am on. the we have to have.
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that when i can ask you know where you are. going to face. what he. that i love that that was mother's improvement and they were like oh boy oh. you know what i mean. only one day i thought. so i almost get a comical for you seem to have you heard there is this you know the u.s. could try to put because because they have it in the went out on a list just getting some flowers right here i looked over there i saw something like i didn't see the face i saw the back and i got released here told by government i shouldn't do nothing about this although the mood is generally
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a most and below growth a bit of news that is if not most but as a scent that i don't know about the employed or better but this is going to spend me. i reckon may remember how my words no growing list of. things. yes.
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and here's mammals violet anybody'd think that asio there was neil palmer's personal. and your deluded ask what happened when lazio gag. me off more. more more you get us here saying you are model. where are you married am i am already understands that i am handling a load and there is no demand on ballyhooing way other latin or male yes well you know why are you admitting your abuse from your enemy almost past the last mile when really was an. annoying little one home is only going on with. any of the horses on the all that in. busy a megalomaniac feel only they only. busy busy know you knowingly and. yet.
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i know i guess for brochures every week. we don't know how long should going to be a sanctuary so we gotta make the best out of it. we are all the same for life she's still here but we also have jobs and we have families that we have to live for. lovely montanans mary. is very supportive you know that i know this is what i have to do for my mother. but it's really hard because i feel like i can take over my life. but. god knows what door and i got to be a support and. i don't want to show this type of a motion in front of her when i know she's already struggling so
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just trying to hang on. thank you for being here today. this morning america learned. that. a barrel immigration judge had bake a did her order for deportation. thank you so much to me. it means a lot to me too and i might be the embodied. think you. think you. are. more. like we're gonna. fall on you here where he's moving but look from for me it's. the. more we
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did see menus for me on thing seen you. see it but i don't want us to focus on what the. scene where my from. that this bridge a literary. god does lexically right there. there's there's hand. best grandma.
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has lost on the leave go back to our modern. it was really hard at 1st because we were doubting this is the right decision and we knew that of our people are probably not going to accept that we have family members are still like this ago but we're the ones going through this people out there have no idea. and in my fear i felt like i had pushed her into it and then i spoke to her and i said you tell me what you want and i would if you want to believe that it's ok i will love you i'm going to forget about you but you tell me what you want because i don't want anyone to blame me for you being there. you.
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know i'm going to. go. you're not remember. when i was thinking maybe you. missed. that one usually much.
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more thank you. i don't think we can afford to be silent. the question isn't if something is wrong we know it is. the question is what we do. and i'd prefer if i'm going to air. to err on the side of doing something and refusing to sit by and watch fairbanks because. there's a celtic notion of stand places when the the distance between earth and heaven is short. and if you paula and bree get quiet you can see through it. you can hear through. i want to suggest to you
3:54 pm
that over the last 7 months st barnabas has become one of those then places. in the out that mean that is. the are most likely to being. as i have i would rather months he had gone fianna mass and that mass faith. in them is kind of at my that i'm a baby yes. the
3:55 pm
image of. the you know my ass is that on the end of the muscle it was the most they've made to me when people. see minimalist eco more or less biomass on the knoll i mean a missile that is they say. but then the law that required. only. if it was hard on the top. job when the pins are good then it isn't going to go maybe the year that regulators are not a bit. slower that one of those article was. one . of the same think of knowing where congress you know. me you come on now. and i think.
3:56 pm
i mean that of. the of. ready them having a. fly
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cats are airways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together.
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hello there we've got a couple of rather wet days in store for rio for look at the satellite picture we can see the chad at the moment is making its way through parts of brazil just scraping its way into parts of paraguayan as well and it's this system that's expected to just nudge it for the northwards during the day today and as we head into wednesday so this region here looks pretty wet at times some of the downpours unlikely to be fairly heavy to the north of that that's plenty of showers here but for the south is more in the way of drawing weather now as such it's not too hot were 22 and around 19 4th in buenos aires but over the towards the north and we're seeing quite a few showers over parts of florida this system here is part of some severe weather every part of the u.s. it's also training its feet a bit further south in hunting the rains over the bahamas and the northern parts of cuba so this region again is looking fairly unsettled during the day on choose day
3:59 pm
and then gradually on wednesday just push a little bit further towards the south so more showers are expected here elsewhere generally lots of sunshine just want to shower perhaps if you're lucky and towards the west there's also a bit more in the way of cloud here for north america then we've been seeing that severe weather but that's now moving away from the east coast things here are calming down still a some weather swirling around the eastern parts of canada expect more wet weather out of this day. whether sponsored by cattle ranch these. people have looked away your record on this travel in fact a few years ago there is a place only for one state on the land of israel you do not believe in a 2 state solution the official story is unfair and unfair we also know you don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been telling you now the world isn't black and white there's lots of brazen here join me mad the hot sun on the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here on
4:00 pm
al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. alarm sami's a dime this is the news hour live from don coming up in the next 60 minutes reports of gunshots in sudan's capital where security forces are accused of attacking protesters. iran's foreign minister links what he calls extremists in the white house to attacks on ships off the u.a.e. coast. sri lanka orders a nationwide curfew for a 2nd night and he tries to contain religious tensions. software developed in israel blamed for the high.


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