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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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sean penn an a.f.p. . crit thank you thanks for your time i want to follow up on a couple of statements you said 1st for for mr law for a few mention that spike the disagreements with iran that there's a possibility of a certain agreements on iran going forward could explain what what you see in common with us in iran where you can go sort of pompei oh if i could ask you about the mysterious incidents in the u.a.e. we're in the oil tankers have you can point to is responsibility for that and of a follow up in your statement about the election said that there are things that russia could do to show that a much interference is a thing of the past what's what are those things what do you what do you like russia to do thank you very much. concerning the situation in iraq iran and iran the jointer comprehensive action plan on their regulation on the iranian nuclear program program problem. i hope that it a little big logic will be will prevail that they rule most of the year alleged
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sending to the region $128.00 hours and. ami of that is states which we spoke today with my he said that's the matter of the military that this are almost on the ground it because the region as it is is too full of conflict situations or we the brackets we also spoke of the prospects or the palestinian israeli settlement and when i say that we hold that to find a political solution to the situation around iran will really will contribute so that the situation doesn't it doesn't make has a military scenario how to do it is the task of the diplomats and i felt that the american to the american party they have also this attitude to find a political solution the situation is a complex one we as you know didn't support and we think it's
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a mistake to decision a lot of states to withdraw from this a comprehensive election plan and those measures which the undertake about the u.s. government because it is setting its sanctions which for debate. and me to have any madness with iran buying oil or to trade with iran now it's for bad and i hope that tale jointly with our european colleagues with the chinese who are all so but to suppress of the agreement on the oh the copper has an action plan well will break in contact with the american center of trying to find ways to get out of this crisis because so why. it will do you will getting sucked into this funnel into this hole i want to take advantage to have a microphone to touch upon the topic which is you know we missed the point here concerning the declination and the internet and intervention all for your russia
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and the election of for us again tomorrow to mike a copy of the article which was published in the us in 1987 about the warnings that the soviet union will be a will try to influence the election so the president of the us who are to have to be to take 98 in this article mentioned by the political ambitions of the then successful entrepreneur donald trump that's why this topic can be discussed and display but so far as we have no conflict facts and i want to on the table want to be able as adults to speak on this about this topic the facts. say there's no proof those who try to inflate his topic that there have any proof we on many occasions propose to have a proper fashion professional or is he on the context on the problems of the cybersecurity within the framework which it would be able to discuss annie concerns
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which arise by one party in respect to the other and. also concerning our it in internet resources. those will subside so we have also but we have things to discuss concerning the latest of this presidential campaign in the us we for since 2013 we had there would have been the channel of the exchange of information in place on the possible. risks which arise in cyberspace. from. 2016 when the democratic administration of the us for the 1st time raised this is here till january 2070 until the on a gracious a tramp or korea business channel there was traffic of the questions and replies queries and replies were proposed not just recently when. when
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the attacks upon russia and connection in a with the alleged interfere in intervention they were the actions they were they reached their peak we proposed to this exchange of the communications. going setting to structures which deal with the avoidance or for incident the cyber space we proposed to publish and i reminded mark about it then ministration of trumpets now refuse to do it i did know who took the decision but the publication of this data was blocked by the american party though in our conviction to make them public would lift with all this or almost all the speculation will remove all the speculation which are being sprayed where won't definitely unilaterally publish these negotiations by the very fact i would like to. to speak about this fact and we are ready with our american partners where will we want to deal with
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you with the questions which are a society space in a professional way without any emotions without any pilot has a should i delegate to make it without any attempts to make this topic even as if the the main in the internal political. struggle in the united states also incidentally since dantley i also had a dollar to mike. an official of such an official memorandum non paper as we say in english which it was states not. concocted but the real proof of the it if indeed ference of that it states into internal policy of russia including the known sailin law to support or in the ukraine which was taken by congress where this a secretary has got them and got a mandate he's obliged to deal with the promotion of democracy in russia directly
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and also through the work with the russian nongovernmental organizations and also a $20000000.00 allocated every here for this this not this a document which has which is a law in the united states where ready to speak about it at the ambassador mr john houseman is here now here who also knows how difficult it is. difficult work in russia and our ambassador knows about the questions which arise there we we want to lift this is serious so that all those obstacles hendren says. or started by the. actions or that we had to respond so that directive file the situation so that diplomats could walk transparently in an open way in become plans with the vienna convention on the diplomatic relations and not create an impression with the op this party that somebody tries to influence the internal political process we incidentally also. conduct. gave an
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example one in $933.00 on the initiative that it states the president roosevelt. and the people. mean if we take change memorandums where we gave them stuff not to intervene and to internal affairs of each other us i want to stress in united states what they need to all this process what a few years starting with the administration we proposed to american. time this agreement so far they are not ready to do it so you can make your own conclusions. you can see we have some disagreements on this issue. i promise not to go back to history from the early thirty's. but i made it clear to foreign minister lavrov as as we've made clear for the past months that
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interference in american elections is unacceptable if the russians were engaged in that in 2020 it would put our relationship in an even worse place than it is ben and encourage them not to do that that we would we would not tolerate that. you know we've said this not only about the russians but about other countries as well are our elections are important and sacred and they must be kept free and fair and with no outside country interfering in those elections your 1st question was about what we know about the attacks that took place. the united arab emirates i don't have any information that i can share with you yet. about the nature of what took place there. i were working diligently to get answers to what caused those. those ships to have the problems that they have today. almost but then let us ladies and gentlemen that concludes with thank you for the
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participation. so they have it there was my poem pump air concluding a press conference after discussions with the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov. saying that they had a frank discussion many places where we disagree but ready to talk syria iran north korea ukraine they disagreed certainly on venezuela the u.s. wants to go and wants russia's support for it to end so you get leverage from his part also describe the discussions as franken useful saying that tensions between the 2 have a negative effect on the whole world and russia wants to normalize dialogue let's bring in starbucks and who's been following that press conference forests in sochi give us a little bit more about the nitty gritty and what it's all about. well it's interesting to see how they were basically struggling to find some common ground between the u.s.
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and russia at this meeting of course so we had seen the relationship seriously deteriorating in the last year after donald trump and a lot of you put in math in helsinki last july of course that was also caused by the pending reports about russian interference and the collision with the campaign now the report has been released and there has been no proof of this collision of the campaign it seems that the this guy is cleared a little bit and that's the reason why this meeting could take place in the 1st place and that's why also this was the 1st time. that in russia and also having these discussions. about what happened during the $2016.00 elections russia stays with its stance that its all fiction there was no interference despite the fact that dozens of russians and also russian companies have been indicted
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through the model report because of this interference they say they still insist that didn't happen but. the district commitment for 2020 so it can't happen again even though he insisted on that last for 4 was not very clear on how much he can commit to that basically just sat we've been asking about a communication dialogue about this cyberspace incident for quite a while and americans never really wanted to listen interesting also i think despite the fact there was no much common ground on iran on venezuela on syria seems to be some common ground on the arms control race after the collapse of the i am i and our nuclear treaty the intermediate nuclear forces treaty which basically collapsed half a year ago when donald trump. now said he was going to step out of it there's only one sort of nuclear pact that still intact which will expire in 2021
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now. basically it is a potential possibility that the united states wants to extend this treaty has of course said that he wants this treaty to be different to be more elaborate he wants to include china in this treaty something that the russians are not too optimistic about that china actually is interested in this but at least there's a discussion going on extending this very important and last strategic nuclear pact between the 2 big superpowers so that's one of the few very positive i would say from this conversation and it's very 1st meeting here after a serious crisis between these 2 countries has been happening for a long time now. and thanks very much indeed let's get a reflection of that picture in sochi here in doha joining us on set is a cousin of a visiting associate professor at harvard university's golf studies center nicholai
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welcome to the program what was it what did you make of the relations have been rock bottom do you get any sense of reconciliation well i'm afraid that there will be a long list of all the points of convergence between russian and american point of view on quite a number of issues we've got a long list of disagreements just confirming that there will be quite a lot of problems they had before the congress can manage to work out a position if they do particular interests right now of course relevance at this moment or the escalating tensions in the middle east region particularly with iran and the latest news of the hooty attack on the pipeline in saudi arabia and also what they were talking about the. so-called sabotage attacks on vessels in. the situation around iran is going to. what's. the dog's on the tankers in persian gulf he didn't bring enough stability or in
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come the existing tensions in my take is that the main concerns of both the. russian authorities right now exactly how the situation iran a nuclear program is going to unfold because the recently iran declared about his will to withdraw from. certain portions of the agreement and there's something which creates a lot of concerns both in moscow in the united states where we all know about dylan transposition on the on the nuclear treaty and the was agreed to supported by other nations but the fact that the united states pulled out so how important is this relationship between the united states and russia to try and resolve things like this. the beginning we see that there are a lot of divergence between russia and the united states and probably iran is one of the best example of how difficult these relations so on the one hand moscow is
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not interested in the fall of the iran getting a sound a nuclear bomb but at the same time iran is important for russia on quite a number of issues always foreign policy agenda so it cannot put a lot of pressure on iran and obviously doesn't want to do this at least for now and this growing tension with iran and the pressure that seems to be being applied by the united states the fact that lever of talk about being sucked the situation has been sucked into a final in the tensions continue to escalate how dangerous do you think this situation is. and again this relationship between these these 2 superpowers how important is it to resolve the situation well they're found to be too porous and the represent the most influential players outside of the region that are involved in the whole issue and given the most hope. of or stands in the region which is which it has been playing for quite a long time at least since 2015 since and some won't in syria it's quite important
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for the 2 powers to have certain common language on the existing issues but again given certain specifics all russian relations with syria russian relations with iran it will be quite difficult for them. to make it both sides talked about this desire to normalize dialogue given all these disagreements the listed. how possible is that while 1st of all i'm happy that there is a dialogue. because it's quite important to have the power is talking to each other otherwise there will be just a moment of misunderstanding and so the. numbers of accusations growing. the prospects for a normalization of a dialogue between moscow and washington on. the sea are hard to be seen from me
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even from a shortened even me term perspective. because enough just great to get your perspective this day appreciate it thanks a lot. now iran is accusing the u.s. of escalating the crisis in the gulf region as we've just been discussing its foreign minister javid zarif is in new delhi on an official visit and he says tehran predicted what he called a sabotage operation to escalate the situation now monday for cargo ships south of the strait of hormuz with damaged by explosions an american military team is helping with the investigation. as. we discussed regional issues and the policies of extremists inside the u.s. administration and in the region who are trying to impose their policies we also discussed the concerns we have about suspicious sabotage operations that are happening in the region that we had earlier predicted that they would carry out such measures. in the region while a 10 or more now from examples rob you has more from tara. following an initial assessment by a u.s.
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military team sent to fit your report to investigate the incident that occurred there an unnamed member of that team seemed to suggest that iran might be behind what happened in for gera now iranian leaders have been responding to that senior members of parliament have said that the information being provided as to what happened in for carol was too unclear it was too vague and there is not enough to determine actually what went on some suggesting that 3rd parties or some other actors might be trying to goad the united states into a conflict in the region earlier on tuesday a senior member of parliament seemed to suggest that israel might have been behind the incident and during a diplomatic visit to india a foreign minister zarif himself seemed to point a finger at the united states saying that the u.s. may be trying to destabilize the region and that iran had warned about possible sabotage attacks like this being carried out by the united states iran's leaders continue to press their neighbors to try to create an atmosphere of cooperation in
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the region saying that the united states remains an outsider in this part of the middle east and that it is up to countries leaders in the middle east itself to focus on their own security their own stability and manage the region's security by themselves and for themselves of course the latest overtures by iran come at a time of heightened tensions with the united states iran and its neighbors have been sometimes friends sometimes foes but throughout it all they've been strong trading partners they've cooperated on regional issues but at the moment there seems to be no clear way forward is specially with more american military hardware in the area but as we were also discussing saudi arabia the energy company has stopped pumping oil through a major pipeline through drone attack and the government says 2 stations were targeted on the east west pipeline if the rebels in yemen say they do all the strikes to win the kingdom to stop its aggression a rebel spokesman is threatening
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further attacks. american oil and gas economist and she says the drone attack will not have a major impact on the saudi economy. it's not that significant because you know for the next few days they can happily you know load. the oil in into ships but what is significant is that the at the east to west pipeline was actually built going to it on the iraq war precisely to make sure that if things going got tough india arabian sea and the and on the in the gulf of gulf and the straits of hormuz they would have another evacuation route through d.m. through. the red sea so in that sense this is one of the main arteries but i'm course very competent and they will fix the issue quickly but it is certainly optimal and it will get it will have an adverse effect on the oil price of oil will
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go up because of the current uncertainty. so we have to see how to steve adults what what what worries me is that we just from the grandstanding we've now come to to actually you know actions. with regard to do all supply so that's not a good sign that this this this region is a powder keg if anything we want to avoid more more war things that could could make lead to major eruptions. restarted in sudan between the ruling transitional military council and the opposition coalition top of the gender violence which least 5 protesters and a soldier were killed protesters say shots were also fired near the city outside the military headquarters in the capital called demonstrators are reinforcing barricades on the roads despite a warning from the military council not to do so the army denies security forces
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used live far against demonstrators in the city i mean what it calls infiltrators protesters reject that claim has more now from culture. protesters. models not want to hog the reinforced the body caves around the square where they're been sitting in for weeks now also they are cruel some of the avenues and streets on the central business district in cut too brutal so some protesters moral high winds exiting the cup with poland heading to. regions of the country something that is going to be really inconvenient for people who not only need these highways for their baby commutes to the cup at all but also for the supply of essential goods from the capito we are seeing a situation where the protest is getting more under way and now they say a protest in
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a feast which they are calling the acts of civil disobedience have been cations of the crucial groups in some towns in other parts of the country and that is what the protesters are saying is what they intend to continue doing of course this is a setback for the talks between the opposition and the military council and they have had some progress on monday which was the 1st place is the focus of the z.m. but it would be unlikely that any talks from here on in would be hopping under the same atmosphere and there would be forced to also all talk about timetable they have set for the quick achieving over results. what some refer to a security breach in the software to the u.s. justice department the company discovered a vulnerability in its messaging service is allowed to be infected with sophisticated spyware the company which is owned by facebook says it's fixed the issue and is investigating who's responsible and shapiro has more. nearly
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a 1000000000 and a half people worldwide use whatsapp and a few dozen of them at least appear to have. been hacked by a military grade surveillance software prompting the company to encourage its users to upgrade their phones earlier this month whatsapp discovered hackers could use a vulnerability in its software to make a whatsapp voice call to a target's mobile phone and even if the call went on answered spyware could then be installed on the device and the call log would simply disappear just like that emails text messages contacts browser history and location data could be extracted this software can also activate the phone's microphone and camera for surveillance purposes now the company says it's fix the issue and wants users to update its application while saying the attack has all the hallmarks of a private company that reportedly works with governments to deliver spyware that takes over the functions of mobile phone operating systems it's unclear how many
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phones have been targeted now one israeli firm called and it's so group has developed a cyber weapon called pegasus that we know has such capabilities it's been licensed in the past to governments which have used it to spy on journalists dissidents and activists from mexico to the united arab emirates it was also implicated in the murder of saudi journalists. now the company says that its software has saved thousands of lives and that it's not involved in operating or identifying of targets using its technology which is solely operated by intelligence and law enforcement agencies but that it will also investigate any credible allegations of misuse however annecy international other civil rights groups and israeli citizens are asking the ministry of defense to cancel inus export license and the seas says the company's list of clients includes governments known for what it calls outrageous human rights abuses or let's play this out let's get to done ingleton who's
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a deputy director of amnesty international's tech program and joins us via skype from toronto welcome to the program understand that. supporting legal action to take the israeli military difference to cool to. export license of this group tell us about that and how it all ties into what we've seen with what. yeah absolutely so in fact the case was just filed this morning in the tell of the district court case involved about 30 israeli citizens and it's a petition to basically ask the court to force the ministry of defense which is the regulatory body that gives expert licenses for military grade spyware like this to revoke export license we have mounting evidence of attacks against civil society so as you said in the lead up to this n.s.a. has repeatedly stated that they only sell to governments to be used against crime in terrorism but the reality is we have many cases outside of that scope it's been used repeatedly against human rights defenders including one of my colleagues at amnesty international so yes we are supporting the case to revoke and its export
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license until it has a better due diligence in place until we can get accountability for past violations . and hopefully get to make yes we get accountability for these kinds of kinds of nasty attacks ok so then what's your reaction to that to the news that. has been infiltrated by spyware. yes well this is a very tricky piece as i was going to talking for a little while but having a 0 collect possibility that this is a really important development around the vulnerabilities of human rights defenders and to be targeted by this stuff so it used to be that you need to you need to be sent a link so you would only get a text message of some sort of a bait content which is really social engineering and you get a link and you have to click on that link what's particularly scary about this new development is it's basically just a missed call on your whatsapp and this really invasive spyware could be on your phone now not all 1500000 users of what's out of our risk it's been very targeted as far as we know but what it does mean is that human rights defenders who are
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already at risk of state harassment state repression are even further more vulnerable now because of this and it shows even more that the court really need to say here in favor of the case and basically get some control over this industry that has been very rogue and this company in particular which we have so much evidence of their tools being used to harass and violate rights of human rights defenders you say be. very targeted but talking to. what we don't know the details of exactly how this vulnerability was exploited in terms of the targets that were reached but what we do know is that it's roughly the same pattern as before meaning this could be human rights defenders who are speaking out against regimes we don't want them to i mean we have been seeing increasing criminalization of human rights defenders over the last number of years we know there are certain countries that are very actively trying to repress and suppress human rights work in the country one of the difficult things about the industry is it can be hard to know exactly what's government has fought this fire
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is a very secretive industry. so but what we do know is that the pattern of attacks is for legitimate human rights work people trying to be silenced people trying to to or people trying to intimidate them so they need to be troubling story i don't know who to appreciate this but these on this thanks very much. thank you. this is that is there are these are the top stories u.s. secretary of state might pumpin has met his russian counterpart foreign minister sergey lavrov in such it is the 1st time level meeting between representatives of both countries since the miller report was released both emphasized the relations between the 2 countries are improving but there were key differences on iran ukraine in venezuela. we spoke a bit about the activities that are taking place in the middle east today with particular focus on the actions that iran is taking i made clear that the united
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states will continue to apply pressure to the regime in tehran until its leadership is prepared to return to the ranks of responsible nations that do not threaten their neighbors or spread instability or terror. here we have many differences but what that that the fact that we talk about it al bill go on discussing this situation of course it gives us some hope that some agreements may be reached saudi arabia's state owned energy company around co who stopped pumping oil through a major pipeline after a drone attack the government says 2 stations were targeted on the east west pipeline if the rebels in yemen say they launched the strikes to warn the kingdom to stop its aggression. this is not true but your argument was they are that 7 drones belonging to the air force of yemen attacked pumping station this relates to the strategic pipeline that carries oil from east to west in saudi arabia it was
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a successful operation we found assistance from people living in saudi arabia and we had excellent intelligence the attack is seriously damaged the economy of the enemy. talks begun again in sudan with the killing of 5 protesters high on the agenda the ruling military council is blaming rogue elements for the violence on monday night but many protesters are rejecting the claim. sure lankans are under a nationwide curfew for a 2nd night as security forces tackle a wave of violence against muslims and which one person has died have been attacks on mosques and muslim owned businesses in recent weeks after more than 250 people were killed in bombings on easter sunday all right you're up to date with headlines are not just a mix up it's risking it all. what
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we're seeing. is just months off to journalist jamal khashoggi it was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul another out of dissidents says his life he's also in danger. baghdad he is a pro-democracy activist and strong critic of saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sound man the u.k.'s guardian newspaper reported that no we didn't officials took him from his home in 00 to a secure location there he was told the cia had warned norway's government that the saudis had him in their crosshairs el baghdadi gained popularity during the arab spring when he posted pro human rights messages on social media the palestinian activist was granted asylum in norway 4 years ago after being expelled from the united arab.


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