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tv   Born in 48  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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hello i'm barbara sarah in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera protest leaders in sudan are demanding an independent investigation into violence that claimed the lives of at least 4 people activists are reinforcing barricades on the streets of the capital khartoum despite warnings from the military 3 demonstrators and an army major were killed in gunfire on monday night outside the military headquarters protesters have gathered there for weeks calling for a transition to civilian rule hama doe is following developments in khartoum. one of the moment the military has not responded to the requests from the protesters for an independent investigation but many people feel about it will be very
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unlikely for the military to sign off on such an investigation because they've insisted from the also that this was the work of people who walk calling in for a treatise what gotten access to the square and then say they are the ones who are short the people of course this is being denied by the protesters and the protest leaders vosh and of events was supported earlier on today by a statement issued by the u.s. embassy in khartoum which say that the violence that happened on monday night of the squire was the work of the transitional military council on the aim was to import its will on the protesters the protest leaders saying this is not going to go away they're not going to let it go they want an investigation and as soon as possible and they've been pointing fingers at the sudanese. support forces. russia's president has told the u.s.
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secretary of state that he senses president donald trump wants to repair relations between washington and moscow let it were putin is holding talks with my compiler and saatchi earlier from peo told the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov that america does not seek war with iran. meanwhile the u.s. military is investigating an alleged attack on 4 oil tankers off the coast of the united arab emirates that says iran's foreign minister speaking after talks with his in indian counterpart said his country had been to space with an escalation in tensions in the gulf region. we discussed regional issues and the policies of extremists inside the us administration and in the region who are trying to impose their policies we also discussed concerns we have about suspicious subtile you abrasions that are happening in the region that we had earlier predicted that they would carry out such measures to escalate tension in the region saudi arabia says
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its main east to west oil pipeline has been bombed in a raid by unmanned aerial drones the who the rebels in yemen say that they were behind the attack that the saudis are calling an act of sabotage the drones hit 2 oil pumping stations on the pipeline near riyadh it's a 1000 kilometers north of yemen. donald trump insists that economic talks with china have not collapsed calling the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies a little squabble the u.s. president says a trade agreement is still possible if china wants to strike a deal but this is new tariffs imposed by both washington and beijing continue to rattle global markets negotiations between chinese and u.s. trade officials have stalled where having a little squabble with china because we've been treated very unfairly for many many decades for actually a long time and just have been handled a long time ago it wasn't there were handle it. i think it's going to be i think
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it's going to turn out to really well we're at a very strong position we are the piggy bank that everybody likes to take advantage of or take from and we can't let that happen anymore. police in venezuela have locked down the national assembly in the capital caracas after reports of a suspicious package that happened just minutes before the opposition leader who was set to lead a session and as well the supreme court has also called for 4 more opposition m.p.'s to be stripped of immunity so that they can be tried for treason. those why the headlines coming up next it's al jazeera world with the contrasting stories of israeli and palestinian women born in the pivotal year of 1948 more news at half an hour by.
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a little bit of a surfeit of the 80 and that will not snow where mclaren shalev intially idea that a much more would break. if you dumb bastard vatanen like to be yelled at or what's called. on in a lot of the bus and ash and to none of the fans and my spear. and him on the south are more apt to call him up initially on it enough. to do it would not be the yarn young and immature not we'll meet me at the wheel of the match was he not to be did you think. i mean an oddity barry mccaffrey to live in. a
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bathtub in my town what i mean this morning maybe our socks. and. yes we are bobbin in sheriff. where did. your most motor for your correctly many call. eventually. go to the max mode a good liberal board and me and you got the shiny. and even the other main functions shown to me. in the lobby both. in. good be able to laugh at the gillem between the what you got your much more as a guest. in of the commish we are at the daily mail a. i me any know some p.r.
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market or the cookie mines that you. told him i will additionally. she to camilla was she there. when you couldn't want to tom certainly is really. a lot of how to sort of what how did my summer to out of to know yes going within that is a stood by the samea to your. by the early middle mother what it was sort of a fan ordered to fumigate it stood or had a small hockey team or let you who were in the basement do it left to smear for him or to me a little early to militia that around here not you. that the 1st radio call to level headed in medina medina to little letter or book editor who lebanon should really have in and can american by the way that he was shot i say enemy in quantum a sort you are not quite. tallish of to yourself. what the hell to desolate have
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seen or how it. can with other. women mccain who i met a man who saw me. and you know serve it a bit i'm in a hospital or a loss and near me and timid i know a minute and a chair and i bought my son. a condom do not belive by him to share it. and then allowed it to. come on do you know. and you know what i'm not suggesting as a share and never get over you know him shall not take any moment as she did work and some orders they had to show me what these acts of terror normally do now. and they are valid if i missed it out of necessity. in many other than it's me
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to make sure he. is the going to call me names. no money to cuff him i'm civil to the net mother in law that i never said that she is not a she in the. video. but from what you fear i have chips accompany a flame should be it but dusty audiophile and what actually show you live by only a big showy need. know they. sell them at the end if someone is a science and if some of them buying this morning. it was a mini fast and of sammy of the linear a 1000000000 bad lead one has a laughable stay in the lead 3 of us the many are sure as samuel to many a baby in. the car to fall to if you. can saw back to
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america to be dated liz you. feel her. film and family long. island your illusions of human is a film on taco. bell and sharia. law. i'm a little bit about now a lot of the money at. the haddock of the earth that i love is that heroin a city in the home had a whole hour though you can afford it to me and. me into her. little list for the stinney ok theater time who was going well how does your. who is innocent have the who is your meant a lot on what the loughner was. that
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a man got that so how does a lot of that he know what a buck not a mayor of with a comedy of. a buck now. he father gathered to sort out how to steal a load given not a damn man even. give it all to hell of a man now has an ally man. is the man of the match a lover and a whole 30 year high you know me about. whether that is the word philistine. the radar screen or saw the man you had a brain. thought as. i said for
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a few medieval trained units. and. the newness. of the deal with a difference of manna from. a man can shine a you see you don't know when i am a christian in an. intimate. in a consolidated them but i do you can you're with me but i haven't heard as you and heard what omission of us my. vision of them on the whole the hope of better is hope and also. had. no thought of how to use the homes for both and i think anonymous would want to get that as a side to. them and gotten so much so that they had a financial and political fall to nothing about yanni and an account of them and
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the feel of them in my thought was similar to me. and then when the 3 of us. fumes a lot of. dignity. what a good photo told to him to behave this way he immediately sacked maybe it would account for that and i can make that. so i thought. i thought that's a cut if what i thought. above the new dutchy my money shaaban if not as bits of what they often be told me i'm not at the other 7 on a molecule as it is or to knock it but it was awful to see which is any very big
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invade of value to dim. the amount to as the muster to the must certainly hold out gotta get on or. tiny me overloaded lee malvo coffee so i woke up early as also years in tel aviv and again it could be writable but i rarely come over that i was served up and i'm sure they were going to some awfully want. to fit to do a new city. an immigrant might if just in a few bats and circles of 22 could then look at you it's not considered what to do difficultly with the press it into service and a bad set of disciplines and a computer some i mean really. at the end i would be the sort of hold stick
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a. candidate to me my. vodka and a double bass or more time ok i got as much going on with a new party and i deem. blue. board with a skate team. in the soft skate him calling with the mayor. to down again looking for bits of fog of war but. then most of us must go through a double. redemption the guys are more going to the law. not for. business but also work. in disorder.
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so what it before. and like in. their lives. but i think. the images that they let in and just happen before people had. a. say in it when. i took on an award with any command i do have 101 to share. a voice. and the 51 most shimon peres with me scott about know where to vote you may know as monotony. we've got an e-mail or call day he'll be out there. oh i'm the one who with manasseh. you like the women vote you start you know on the roof of that them do not. and the
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feeling typo i mean him to come once machine from i'm sorry they're all more more different we don't lay shotgun canopus raffle a new movie. on the eat we're eating out. in the seem. to participate. i mean into a couple. no you someone from the north but there's a lot more good me hard and you shall be among among some calmer as the mid. if you're sort of in about the 60 a few that are fickle out there and you can measure that. for he wanted only. can and i believe a. shot of a small garden at the college when. i was. in the middle.
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of the big. battle has a lot of. good thoughts also left a. message and good luck i lesage in madrid. that if they lacked logic. and americans would be hemmed in like a when a yam a house or as a fiddle as a staff they asked the manager a mock up sat that is sad bought a closet and a leisure small majid the. as human measured the satam and the outlaw soldiers who were that needed the hand is more of a necessity and as for the mash it. was
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2. was was was. was the. past. but of them and then on a to for. him a cannot of on more a issue. i said to my husband him commute or thought freak out a national see a lot of the middle city. why there you could be an island more phantom of course like you can when eric she. talks. i may
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be mysteriously missing a lucky and and. to condemn a course that i might many if she only had. a shit finial see it all in good post got a. little missa in you. a quote from. there and it made you feel lucky. don i mean you walked up to that and it doesn't matter how could anyone that is you know how little you heard it. from a lot. so you cannot get me to a llama from a certain. lady and i was what i would lead you know handy. so the course would show would have a new level of the feel of see persistent in mud out all over which.
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a loser by harry k. feel it includes man and much as a gift is that of his man and that is a get it's fear and that the be the hand of the of the sunni at that he forgot the answer the sunni and the so called the answer the sunni i. mean clearly like the one i saw. sort of a hand gena c.s.e. a scottish. one is about doubt of c.s.a not doubt of pasta was a lot of us got a hint out of sing us a. car . when she doing i when she did you move. a lot me on the mirror. of time much as she may hide lot or it in old staffer york bureau chief there feme where i've seen a to halt but i probably t.
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ship that got to meet flame you're gonna be tanya very thin up to him. sin if you were near some but there. iveagh any poor man if i want i mean he says who. will see where some nestle into an ok. i'm going to mention the very macabre you know least of you know that you know ok when you're not i thought for a short chevy tonight will seem who it's a legitimate name when a funny cops morning school new commissary went in again when the. moderate thing in you mean 1000 will be naming i. have been going to be binyamin.
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netanyahu. the. hershey are our. own are out there are you know you. are our surety our own are our got our own car so. don't take not pay it. very craig you will. have it up in shame bow one of it's a knuckle damn. you i'll come to you what we did show a little bit of a fish one of my must be true that the money say it any more of a cream should love with a. dose of him love all the ass embellish kundan. about a temple that was saba but in the back yeah you come up to me. i know nothing.
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but as i have it in my alicia. disappeared and i'm. in a city she don't want solution i have built up though. more little boy tongue level yes additional by focus on action into muscle tone. schimmel saw the. other day and he. said i mean hamas i mean hamas. fired back by the whole under like as a deal don't really pull them warning. that by remembering if. they do go to all the t.v.'s my bike the whole lot all but a simple as a motor home isn't it lots of. dummies and it's a good time line for smog the ticket out in the game should be. there with a well i think you'll feel sort of a home visit. how long or how long. i don't know my desire to tell
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us of my in my house in the next image and the media. she's a i have to fuss about she's a. one of australia's most loved making the us is under threat from an agonizing disease but one term freedom is dedicating a lot of deciding what i want to east makes the woman who spoke with 0. i remember the 1st time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just
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that we all come from different places but it's one that gives us bank of the us the ability to identify the people who live on the side of the wall but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. russia has jeopardized the united states security interests we know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside looking. at the picture from the inside. stars think russia's foreign policy is too soft to you most russian goals help me achieve. peace and. full on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every.
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hello i'm barbara sarah in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera protest leaders in sudan are demanding an independent investigation into violence that claimed the lives of at least 4 people activists are reinforcing barricades on the streets of the capital khartoum despite warnings from the military 3 demonstrators and an army major were killed in gunfire on monday night outside the military headquarters protesters have gathered there for weeks calling for a transition to civilian rule 100 of those in khartoum with more for us the military has not responded to the requests from the protesters for an independent investigation but many people feel about it will be very unlikely for the military
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to sign off on such an investigation because the evidence is that from the also that this was the work of people who walk calling in for a treatise what gotten access to the square and then say the ones who are short the people of course this is being denied by the protesters and the porters leaders russia's president has told the u.s. secretary of state that he senses president trump wants to repair relations between washington and moscow let him near putin is holding talks with my comp aoe in sochi earlier pail told of russian foreign minister sergey lavrov that america does not seek war with iran meanwhile the u.s. military is investigating an alleged attack on 4 oil tankers off the coast of the united arab emirates that says iran's foreign minister said his country had intice a pace and escalation in tensions in the region a majority officials call that the incidence an act of sabotage. saudi
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arabia says its main east west oil pipeline has been bombed in a raid by unmanned aerial drones the who the rebels in yemen say they were behind the attack that the saudis are now calling an act of sabotage the drones hit 2 oil pumping stations on the pipeline near riyadh which is a 1000 kilometers north of yemen. police in venezuela have locked down the opposition controlled national assembly in the capital caracas after reports of a suspicious package that happened just minutes before opposition leader one was set to lead a session venezuela's supreme court has also called for 4 more opposition m.p.'s to be stripped of their parliamentary reality so they can be tried for treason al-jazeera world continues next hour in half an hour ahead. yes can you dive
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a decision in the mind as will move out of the mother earth a lot harder than to have to hit us you don't know how with the hand them to balloon. the shut off that i did very in orbit to live while a damn bit of you had me to bear to. get out of the mantle. i'm alone and i'm so moody whom it but i'll shove his insanity is in about oh yeah the biggest fish will be a mom and. mr fear could have been named with it both of the corn in auto. yeah mother last autumn or heard of on a thread on a muzzle nigga for shit i've heard a faint of course in our problems little beer octet i'm in about assurance that they are not what are under sort of my you man what a bad stuff it in her feet and sun be now on her way of anonymity and i was there
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with other states we get the one who did night live on earth. is a clue if. they are not. of the softy here the truth us of the niggers to go with her would to share the like a cave man that came after her man had lucas and i was ded what's the bottom you know what is that. a new idea it's a lucky time to which i cite the books more nicely. and it like you know what i need to get yes they meant should he but it suddenly shown i did but. vice like in the city that's what is it the. kid you told everyone the question in us that's
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about any to have to be said of as a last song at the one i did in addition not to be true at all but in this morning and a. lot of thought. then you might see it i should like to be clear that that i wanted. to duck. because it's a little. so he took time to me let me shoot. i mean i get even with you now. here's one eye for an emotion i think about that i mean he said i will give. you grief to go to and if you. have one business and he give you an emotional to. remember.
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where i mean after. they say any out there i need. that the asking price really when f. i'm not talking about gambling or frankly every resource i mean because of. their color by. this wonderful. goodness what if what i've had to go for the. well it alone i don't know them said looking at a little josie her feel for her i don't wish to interfere and. then her and. ill my thought of we've been. in out of the sun all of worth it
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we had it only yeah i think then fill in a hovel fill a hovel been there one of the see if it don't have the doors been. madge walk me to the if in a long line of this and that has the day mid day. and in most of its offend have had that the sort enough to understand them how it had the best then mischief. out of rest is going to shift the. probably. some of us so little stand. up and. a smile saw by this rock n roll it was well let's see how deep this is go it will have it your whole made up will officially. i miss the good of the whole come of
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her. 3rd solo. more particularly more than. we pronounce. her the. i mean the most you must. my. my. my. little me.
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out. while i. was. out. on my leg. when my. mother my. little hindmost and i'm out. on the macwhich. but i didn't escape. not that some man left at the high but left him a sort of well know book at the. manifest in an impossible module how to
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hack. defeat an enemy. by yes i went about it a spy. out of the law he had that been outed. in what on but i thought not. what if a man was the face of it they. imagine the death. of my pets.
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to see if i was. not there are no excuse up for the new. oladi be someone who had the homey ottilie for hi annie but his enormous image of not only. manuel is a. minute home a visual. a if she had a way i mean. home like him was a man who. or well someone let me let you be my. friend and my with that even if it made me let me kind of took action i thought of washing out the normandy i mean when because you've had to. go back to alaska.
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in the cold war fatigue. and move. me the ability my me did not. to me because show me i'm. not i'm not a slave. and you know minute to minute. i'm here to see the mess that. we left at home and we committed to. the ad at the new show and a whole should make me come out on the most on a bunch of. them and. the whole should i do not
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need very very much she spotted us as an image of the shiny team shiny can't see a lot of good she gets she seen the humming as if i mean my own will not make me get a new and kind and among. more medina. but what she did i knew a dutch shell in the hole she was. and they don't love me. shouted at them. and about the if it had been about us. they had to get rid. of us had had an idiot ad the new ads at the naacp and how many bad not a 100 out of the not a 100 men and that only not yanna should had to do. well i know only the
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sure enough seats and whatnot that i mapped. to kind of. the south. or. the i mean. then you need. additional think they should be. you know. who committed to claiming. it's easy for. them or the been for the susumu he.
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was looking for they seem. a new car this is one of them people on the for the. then the whole say. through the new movie night. that's a got to do as a new yorker say that on the stove. when any gimmick of us or lawyers offices doesn't you must to say after a few more the whole. time many. of these somebody in the protests. could mom because. in. my view. in new. says membership in the model so be it in here. is your own body. in
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a working mom conceived mind it's like the. bad most of last season had to end up out of. and this time it. will have an attorney.
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questioning my am. company going to. sum up to me. because i. am sure you. know your whole. thing. i feel empowered by people holding them up to run the show and. hirsch why mounted on talk of realize this should also. and a lot of close reality of as. a whole. it was a line. here . was too obvious to me the reality. in the. mccain futility
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lecithin but on the flip i should read it if you would feel if something he could be danish he's heard whatever he had and that was with her. and macand mcafee. a year. or so we have had the man would have been the s.s. and we commend him and the s.s. mystery plan we had for question how you met him i came had to you. and i. looked out of the glass benignly. for the. mister where you left hello t. alone or sort of the way your hair to you ma'am which termite always let the 1st holy man nurse in the top a year. or 2 for. their father and a lot of mothers for cheever is
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a hawk it's scorching babo love. shit like hall and the but the bluff is all a shitty years. and hawkers there and you are clearly a thief pass it the sick or are on your drugs in the work of this stuff here and about shit because you seem so numb as in a local i was in awe is there a lot below you or didn't belong. militia or for general in 70. ad for questioning about the happening or. getting in and out of the british were getting . shot if you took a muslim holiday dinner. i may be actually god i was going to let you sure when i was the whole north. yes with her beams are not only listening. we did not let me listen i'm hoping with. where i need a hotel this is the limit for i mean free me are you will you be goose i'm. just
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a little boy and that she becomes a whore don't follow paul. now mr muff will see him as much time after the scene in the intimate roma while it is intimate had to submit what is intimate lumbermen is intimate and money $9.00 minutes there the mr men get motion would have a whole other how can i need them most of the. shit that does so caught up with the credo of oh yes of the most money i will i'm good god i stick a cell unorthodox arsenal to be there with about my story out of the lock up but i want to stop us if i stole your sugar money else problem but a lot of thought and a mother gave me a lucky reader and their letter to have a car because she figured you. were more best to have been. in the cell in the. hope in the saddle and. you. mean when the winds do deal when and you're there with him with less and
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didn't know what i had been when he had been a slug. is a better job than macand michigan how we rose alone i got my little. glimpses i may be lucky for i seen him home she made. him so he made them. don't she lay me. i mean. he let. me. say maybe me. and the scene.
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2 for his little head went to a. summit i know. i wanted you headed for was a big tea. because it was a few one out of. a few other was the thought. as he had to have. i'm going to fight with this. for one of several of my limited cause it. was a little mistrust between a phone when it was sky. for the daily. insanely mom article the mother she told me i. feel. maybe i'm too. sissy if the little homily is saying you will you just said you will share all.
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our world the football be a you live in a shout of the rain ramesh lot for the way you. look a little as it does you. do when you're out of a clue it is in the community pm you know like i said my. god. are all. over tibet and the a c. it expires. as i've said himly who had the admin so war in rural america land for their lives that the whole why there columbus ohio . law far. enough down here in the corner of my
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well i can and most of us most of the he thought mrs a man. at the a was a solemn august's isadore has an idea a model of that model to russian and that collected at the motor out of the interior of the yacht there lay ahead and if they had sure for their neck it saw. would most all lead their cattle to a home or an acquittal for the state all of the whole sort of go in and never hear a last ditch she had a stick with all that's going to have been and they were had is a day without a shadow but now the red line is where the. axe and she had. come to show a leg dividing effort. hello
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the cyclamen ad has been churning off the northeastern parts of australia you can see it on the satellite picture this is a blob of cloud here not too intense a so we shouldn't cause too much destruction as it gradually makes its way across
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the northern parts of queensland throughout the southwest here what is a warm and settled day force in perth the temperature of 25 but that's all going to last as we head through into thursday will see more in the way of wet and windy weather make its way towards us and the temperatures will really drop as well so a maximum this time just of 17 degrees the southeastern parts of australia what is cool here for some album with a top temperature of 16 over towards new zealand there's lots of cloud over the south island at the moment and it's been pretty miserable for some of us recently i think it's that we had through the next few days it's still going to be a good deal of cloud for the south island with some rain in the southwest and parts but i think for many of us in the north island it should be a lot drier brighter with 70 a maximum temperature in clint if we head further north we can see the area of cloud that we've had with the. japan is trying to move away we're just seeing a few showers just lingering on that eastern coast of honshu there should eventually begin to move away as we head through into thursday and then there should be more in the way of sunshine should be warm and taking the top temperature of $23.00 degrees
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a woman day. markets are. examining the headlines a collapsed economy babies the very people are struggling to survive setting the discussions but having to wait i don't think it can go away any longer sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to
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inform of the new years motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera. he added to. the passion the success and the popularity. and van he gave it all up. for the love of his homeland. football rebels delves into the realm of footballing legend rashid with clue free. to fool the algerian national liberation front with his feet rashid mclean free and the f.l.n. team on al-jazeera. meet maria driven by poverty into prostitution and drugs as an early age now as a mother she's turning her life around with the help of a theater a group of colombia and women fighting the challenges they face do that obs al-jazeera was compelling series which showcases fresh for white in talent from
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around the globe the find a lot in america presents acting lessons on al-jazeera. 0. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thanks for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes protesters in sudan blocked roads and demand an investigation after 4 people are shot dead during anti-government demonstrations. russia's president holds talks with america's top diplomat just hours after the 2 countries failed to agree on how to deal with iran it is well and troops blocked access to the opposition controlled congress while the.


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