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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 15, 2019 1:00am-1:33am +03

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it's going to sound that it kills people and it kills people now it's critically both fronts with the people. on the edges iraq. protesters in sudan blocked roads and demand an investigation after 4 people were shot dead during anti-government demonstrations. alone barbara starr you're watching our jazeera live from london also coming up russia's president holds talks with america's top diplomat just hours after the 2 countries failed to agree on how to deal with iran venezuelan troops blocked access to the opposition controlled congress while the government is accused of crimes against humanity and the 2nd successive night of curfew in sri lanka as worries
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grow of more violence against muslims. we begin the program in sudan where protest leaders are demanding an independent investigation into violence that claimed the lives of at least 4 people activists sort of reinforcing barricades on the streets of the capital car to spot a warning from the military not to do so 3 demonstrators and an army major were killed in gunfire on monday night outside military headquarters but that have gathered there for weeks calling for a transition to civilian rule the military is the 9 claims the security forces used live fire and are blaming what they call infiltrators for the deaths were. done in syria we want the army to show us evidence that they weren't responsible because the injured people see that those who shot at them were in uniform and were driving armored vehicles they didn't. these allegations so the blame goes straight to the
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military council the military council has to do an investigation and tell us what happened we cannot accept their explanation that they were outsiders sowing discontent. a protest leaders say that while discussions will continue they want answers for the violence to kill demonstrators on monday. hit morgan reports now from khartoum. the military council is saying that it has nothing to do with what happened on monday evening and that they they have been infiltrators among the protesters themselves so to set up an independent committee to investigate what happened last night is going to be a little bit tricky the members of the coalition of the opposition coalition are saying that witnesses on the ground have said that the people who shot at them while wearing military uniforms were mounted on military vehicles so they're largely playing the responsibility on the military council and it doesn't look like the military council would want anyone or anybody investigating them at the moment
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as they are trying to form a transitional government with the opposition coalition so chances of some kind of accountability being delivered to those who were killed and those who were injured and the protesters who have been in front of the army headquarters for the past 2 weeks looks unlikely at the moment but if a transitional government is formed then there might be more probability and more chance of that happening but protesters are calling for and 2 were to talks between the 2 sides they're saying that at the moment all they are seeing when that when they look at the military council is images and remnants of the former regime so they're saying that the old former regime is very much still intact and still in place the opposition coalition and the military council are in talks to try to iron out their differences between in terms of forming a transitional government we've already heard from the 2 sides that they have they have agreed on the structure of that transitional government but there are going to talk today and there are currently talking today on how long the transitional period should last and how much for presentation each side should get now that last
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point has been a point of contention since the military council took over it wants to be the one chairing the transitional period but the opposition coalition is saying that they want the civilian who is independent not affiliated to any party or military to be the one chairing the transitional period. russia's president has told the u.s. secretary of state that he senses president trump wants to repair relations between washington and moscow let it be putin has been holding talks with like pump a 0 in sochi earlier peo met his russian counterpart sergey lavrov and said that the u.s. doesn't want war with iran step fasten is in sochi for us. very rare but very important meetings here in sochi between my compare and the russian foreign minister and after that with vladimir putin basically the leaders now want to improve the relationship which has been very bad between the united states and russia and one of the reasons that they can do this is because the report has basically officially cleared the collision allegations that were made between the
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campaign and the russian authorities put inside that that was an objective investigation and basically now it sort of clears the way to have an order changing situation between the 2 nations as he described it but then there's of course all these differences that the 2 superpowers still have they have different opinions on iran on afghanistan on syria and also on venezuela on iran had hoped the russian foreign minister that you could give him more guarantees on too profound a military operation in the gov region which couldn't get the united states want russia to stop supporting nicolas maduro in venezuela that also something that last laugh of couldn't guarantee but then there were some baby steps some small progress on other issues like north korea where both nations the united states and russia
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support a dialogue with north korea also afghanistan there was some progress and most importantly on the arms race the arms control after the important intermediate nuclear forces treaty collapsed earlier this year there's only one significant nuclear treaty in place which is the new start treaty that will expire in 2021 well both nations now seem to agree to continue dialogue on having an extension or a possible different agreement on nuclear forces because they. despite differences the 2 still need to get along to have a better situation in the world. the united states military is investigating an alleged attack for oil tankers off the coast of the united arab emirates this comes as iran's foreign minister said his country had anticipated event that would escalate tensions in the gulf region 4 ships were damaged on sunday in what i mean
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called an act of sabotage. reports from tehran. in the immediate aftermath of a legit sabotage attacks on oil vessels at the fujairah port in the united arab emirates like other countries in the region iran was quick to condemn the incident demand an investigation and offer support on tuesday a carefully worded statement gave way to pointing fingers during talks in india iran's foreign minister left little room for doubt about who to consider is responsible. we discussed regional issues and the policies of extremists inside the u.s. administration region who are trying to impose their policies we also discussed concerns we have about suspicious. that are happening in the region that we had earlier predicted that they would carry out such measures. in the region. zarif
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comments followed a report attributed to an unnamed member of an american military team sent to investigate the alleged explosions in. the initial u.s. assessment seems to say iran had a hand in the incident but no senior u.s. officials immediately backed up the report senior iranian parliamentarian say there still isn't enough information about what happened. what happened at the pole to project is still vague unclear but it seems there are some in the region that want to drag trump into a war and we're dealing with the issue with a strong mind towards our historic responsibilities i think the talk about explosions in particular is just a hasty scenario and it suffers many shortcomings whoever stands behind this is pushing for a failed plan after a closed session of parliament on tuesday morning another senior m.p. said israel may also be behind the alleged attack as a sort of false flag operation to turn up the heat on iran. neither side has
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offered any evidence of their claims and this is all happening as iran and the united states exchange strong words but prepare for a fight. earlier this month president hassan rouhani announced iran's plans to roll back cooperation of the 2050 nuclear deal as well as look at restarting enrichment activity at various nuclear sites his move came after the latest round of u.s. sanctions that targeted iranian nuclear activity allowed as part of the nuclear agreement itself to her own continues to call out to regional capitals to say that the united states is an outsider and that it is up to the countries in the middle east to maintain their own security and stability together while iran's neighbors seem reluctant to have more conflict in the region the power forward is still here and tensions are still specially with more american military presence in the region same with rob you know just 0 from.
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saudi arabia says its main east to west oil pipeline has been bombed in a raid by unmanned aerial drones the who the rebels in yemen say that they were behind the attack and attack that the saudis are calling terrorism and sabotage the drones hit 2 oil pumping stations on the pipeline a 1000 kilometers north of yemen the pipeline is owned by the saudi oil giant iran co which says it's halted supply well earlier i spoke to the former u.s. army drone commander bred for the cove h. one of the world's leading authorities on drone warfare what we know from previous drone attacks from the who 3 is which we still at this point don't know the exact drone that was used in this attack but we can look at previous attacks where they have used basically a drone that the iranians built for them something that's known as a cost of one which they've used in at least 12 different attacks in. and over the course of the last few years and this is
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a drone that has the capability of flying about $100.00 kilometers of range to fly to about $200.00 kilometers as well but the iranians have built this drone specifically for who the rebels to use not necessarily for surveillance but specifically for weaponization and that's in my opinion what's happened here is that they've asked them to step up their attacks specifically on saudi's energy infrastructure the united nations says the who the withdrawal from 3 major ports in yemen is being carried out partly as agreed the redeployment to find has began on saturday as part of a un brokered deal the current withdrawal in one day that is part of what's known as phase one of ongoing peace efforts to end the 4 year civil war u.n. brokered talks are currently taking place in jordan between who the rebels and rival government parties are. now donald trump insists that economic talks with china have not collapsed calling the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies a quote little squabble the u.s. president says a trade agreement is still possible only for china wants to strike
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a deal this is new tariffs imposed by both washington and beijing continue to rattle global markets the go between chinese and u.s. trade officials have stalled where having a little squabble with china because we've been treated very unfairly for many many decades for actually a long time and have been handled a long time ago it was a good one handle it now i think it's going to be i think it's going to turn out to be really well we're at a very strong position we are the piggy bank that everybody likes to take advantage of or take from and we can't let that happen anymore meanwhile china's foreign ministry has again warned the united states not to underestimate hits the terminations to protect its interests asian stock markets took a hit on the opening after the escalation in the trade dispute adrian brown has more now from beijing. both the stock markets here in china were down slightly on
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tuesday but the falls not as great as you might have expected in hong kong though the fall was almost 2 percent that is a measure of the nervousness among investors in hong kong worried about where this trade war is now heading meanwhile the propaganda war has begun on the main bulletin on state t.v. last night the anchor read out a very strident commentary in which he essentially said china didn't want a trade war but it was now quite prepared to fight when he quoted president xi jinping saying that the chinese economy is not a pond but a sea a rainstorm can destroy a pond but not a sea we've also been hearing from the editor of the nationalist global times newspaper and he's saying that essentially it may be time for china to start selling the debt it holds in the united states in the form of u.s. treasury bonds and perhaps for china to start reducing its orders from aircraft
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makers like boeing now the 2 sides still have a window for negotiation because the new tariffs the china has announced won't take effect really for at least another 2 weeks and of course the terrorists that president trump raised on chinese goods last week well those tariffs were to fly applied to goods that left china for the united states after midday last friday so there is still a glimmer of hope but the time for those talks to happen is rapidly beginning to run out in new york times is reporting that donald trump jr has agreed to be interviewed by the u.s. senate intelligence committee the newspaper says the private closed door appearance will be limited to around half a dozen topics and would last no more than 4 hours that republican led committee had subpoenaed trunk jr last week to answer questions about his. contacts with russia $24.00 still to come on the program including calls for
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a boycott of the euro vision and those designs were grows at the host venue for this year's assault. and what's up with whatsapp why the world's most popular messaging service wants its 1500000000 users to download an urgent a. hell of a cyclamen ad has been churning off the northeastern parts of australia you can see it on the satellite picture this is a blob of cloud here not too intense a so we shouldn't cause too much destruction as it gradually makes its way across the northern parts of queensland throughout the southwest here where it's of warm and settled a force in perth a top temperature of $25.00 but that's all going to last as we head through into thursday will see more in the way of wet and windy weather make its way towards us
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and the temperatures will really drop as well so a maximum this time just of 17 degrees the southeastern parts of australia what is cool here for some album with a top temperature of 16 over towards new zealand there's lots of cloud over the south island at the moment and it's been pretty miserable for some of us recently i think it's that we had through the next few days it's still going to be a good deal of cloud for the south island with some rain in the southwestern parts but i think for many of us in the north island it should be a lot drier brighter with 70 a maximum temperature in clint if we head further north we can see the area of cloud that we've had with over japan is trying to move away we're just seeing a few showers just lingering on that eastern coast of honshu there should eventually begin to move away as we head through into thursday and then there should be more in the way of sunshine should be warm and taking the top temperature of $23.00 degrees a won't day. he
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had it all. the passion the success and the popularity. and then he gave it all up. for the love of his homeland. football rebels delves into the realm of footballing legend rashid makushi. to fall to the algerian national liberation front with his feet rashid mcclean feet and the f.l.n. team on al-jazeera. welcome back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera protest leaders in sudan are demanding an independent investigation following the deaths of 3 demonstrators and an army
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major outside the military headquarters russia's president vladimir putin has told u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o that he senses president trump wants to repair relations between washington and moscow and saudi arabia says it's east to west oil pipeline has been bombed by unmanned aerial drones yemen's who the rebels say that they were behind the attack. venezuela's constituent assembly has stripped 4 more opposition m.p.'s of immunity so that they can be tried for treason a total of 14 opposition lawmakers have now lost their parliamentary privilege privilege 5 of them from the opposition leader one of those inner circle meanwhile police have also locked down the national assembly in the capital caracas just minutes before why though was set to leave the session officers cordoned off the building and several surrounding blocks after reports of a suspicious package the national assembly is controlled by the opposition and has
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been marginalized by president nicolas maduro government. well all of this comes as the human rights group amnesty international says venezuela's government is responsible for crimes against humanity and wants the international criminal court to investigate their new report says quote systematic policy of repression was used by security forces during 4 days of protests against president maduro in january in which at least $47.00 people were killed amnesty says were due to has a history of executions of arrests and excessive force against his opponents. sri lankans are under a nationwide curfew for a 2nd the success of night security forces tackle a wave of violence against muslims so far one person has died in the rioting in the united nations is worried that the unrest could spiral mail fernandez reports there from colombo i hear injury lanka's northwestern province there's
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a police go through in place for a 2nd night. in recent days groups of people have attacked was in homes businesses and set fire to be close. this is what's left of a factory that produced past police aid was destroyed by what they called one man was killed in the violence while another is critically injured and being treated in hospital the catholic bishop in chilo vallance mendez visited the area on tuesday 1st use to make sure that there is no or maybe. because the common feeling that the various restrictions imposed on the media. people. in the dark of what is happening therefore my personal. understanding is that it is better that maybe our freedom is given so that the truth. police say
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the 3 worst affected districts north of the capital colombo young people together in what appeared to be planned attacks muslims and christians in sri lanka have lived peacefully for generations and many say the recent backlash against the muslim community appears to be an orchestrated campaign to create division they say the government must act to stamp it out. some people in the violence heat areas see outside isn't responsible for the attacks the one. big good man can still live peacefully with people in this village. it's not the people here that attacked us we don't know who they were but they were all from the old sari became ready and they were armed with swords and holes all ready to attack. to love as muslim community makes up less than 10 percent of the country's $22000000.00 population political leaders here warning the violence will not only increase tension but
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could also hinder the investigation into the east as sunday bomb attacks that killed 250 people. fernandez al-jazeera colombo the funerals have taken place in burkina faso for the 6 people killed in an attack on a catholic church on sunday gunmen arrived on motorbikes and began shooting at the congregation in the northeastern town of the priest was among those killed 4 more catholics were shot dead at the following day in attack on a religious procession. attacks by the armed groups. have forced tens of thousands of people from their homes over the past decade the united nations refugee agency is warning of a growing humanitarian crisis in a set of reports many people in the different regions on the shores of lake chad are struggling to survive. lake chad is shrinking which means today's catch will be a small one but at least for now these men can fish legally in 2014 the governments
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of new jersey and orange area in charge bans fishing on the lake to try to prevent the armed group boko haram making money from the lake and its surroundings that restrictions have recently been eased. the government's decided to lift the ban on fishing growing paper and exporting fuel into going to for 2 lies as at the time these things have been banned years ago the biggest beneficiary in. this 5 year ban has taken its toll on those who live around the lake and boko haram remains a constant threat it's always been tough living in one of the poorest regions in the world it's even more so now as part of its fights against the armed groups the government stepped up security which includes a curfew. before book ahora everyone used to go to the lake but not anymore the government has banned vehicles from being closed and the fish isn't enough to sell . one feeling red pepper industry is
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also struggling these peppers are turned into chili powder and sold all over west africa and although farmers are again allowed to grow them finding a market is not so easy the movement of goods between najarian neighboring countries is difficult because of boko haram attacks. these women are preparing incense as favorites in gulf countries where many of their customers are based there used to be a thriving trade but now only a handful of people buy their products at. this local market in. the ministry was profitable and deferred before the war because of the closure of the road between us and madhu gree we have to wait for months to get hold of the rule materials we really make science. the number of boko haram attacks has increased this year triggering a major exodus near a southern border with nigeria there are now 250000 displaced people in the different region of southeast asia more than 18000 have arrived since march with
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the ongoing conflict overcrowding and poverty aid agencies are warning the humanitarian crisis here is going to get worse so to hide out al-jazeera. a bill implementing the brakes a deal will be introduced in the 1st week of june reason is governments said that this was quote imperative if the u.k. was to leave the e.u. before parliament breaks for the summer they also confirmed that talks with the opposition labor party will continue on wednesday in an attempt to agree a way through the breaks a deadlock attempts to find across party compromise began after may's breaks a deal was rejected 3 times by parliament. protesters in israel are calling on people to boycott this year's your vision song called test which has begun in tel aviv they say they want to use the publicity that comes with the event to highlight abuses committed against palestinians herefore said is at
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a march being held by demonstrators and sent us this report. so this is the latest in a series of process that activists say going to be taking place throughout the week here in tel aviv tonight is also the 1st semifinal so it coincides with out of more broadly for the activists here it coincides with the 1st anniversary of the moving of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem and the border protests that took place in gaza on the same day when within 60 palestinians were killed by israeli sniper fire the activists years saying that they want to make sure that that kind of message is attached to all the coverage of the evasion song contest it's an opportunity to propagandize from like mike at israel as this pool here is more they call show european case where actually an apartheid state and posting it here is a political decision to hold the rights device in the 1st innings israeli government is doing all it can to counter this kind of messaging it's set up a website that directs people who are interested in the b.d.s.
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moving boycott divestment sanctions something that looks like that but turns out to be about beautiful diverse sensational israel the khan public broadcaster which is in charge of the events as it wants to make the best eurovision in history and there are performers who are saying it is important to keep these cultural ties up with this kind of music event can be a bridge and it doesn't mean they aren't interested in palestinian rights however as far as a protest is concerned the whole of israel needs to be seen of the state of israel as an occupying force and it should be boycotted in its entirety and they say that these protests in their voice will continue throughout these weeks ago yes. if you're one of the 1500000000 people around the world who use whatsapp in maybe time to update the application on your phone the messaging service has accused an israeli firm of a sophisticated surveillance attack and says you need to download the latest version of whatsapp to protect yourself the company has referred the breach to u.s.
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authorities and the chapelle has more. nearly a 1000000000 and a half people worldwide use whatsapp and a few dozen of them at least appear to have been hacked by a military grade surveillance software prompting the company to encourage its users to upgrade their phones earlier this month whatsapp discovered hackers could use a vulnerability in its software to make a whatsapp voice call to a target's mobile phone and even if the call went on answered spyware could then be installed on the device and the call log would simply disappear just like that emails text messages contacts browser history and location data could be extracted this software can also activate the phone's microphone and camera for surveillance purposes now the company says it's fix the issue and wants users to update its application while saying the attack has all the hallmarks of a private company that reportedly works with governments to deliver spyware that
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takes over the functions of mobile phone operating systems it's unclear how many phones have been targeted now one israeli firm called and it's so group has developed a cyber weapon called pegasus that we know has such capabilities it's been licensed in the past to governments which have used it to spy on journalists dissidents and activists from mexico to the united arab emirates it was also implicated in the murder of saudi journalists. now the company says that its software has saved thousands of lives and that it's not involved in operating or identifying of targets using its technology which is solely operated by intelligence and law enforcement agencies but that it will also investigate any credible allegations of misuse however annecy international other civil rights groups and israeli citizens are asking the ministry of defense to cancel inus export license and the seas says the company's list of clients includes governments known for what it calls outrageous human rights abuses. much more on that story and everything else the we
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have been covering it here on al-jazeera on our web site the address al jazeera dot com. now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera a protest leaders in sudan are demanding an independent investigation into violence that claimed the lives of at least 4 people activists are reinforcing barricades on the streets of the capital khartoum despite warnings from the military 3 demonstrators and an army major were killed in a fire on monday night outside the military headquarters. we want the army to show us evidence that they weren't responsible because the injured people say that those who shot at them were in uniform and were driving armored
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vehicles they deny these allegations so the blame goes straight to the military council the military council has to do an investigation and tell us what happened we cannot accept their explanation that they were outsiders sowing discontent russia's president has told the u.s. secretary of state that he senses president wants to repair relations between washington and moscow but the mere putin is holding talks with michael. peo told russian foreign minister sergey lavrov that america does not seek war with iran the u.s. military is investigating an alleged attack on for oil tankers off the coast of the united arab emirates that's as iran's foreign minister speaking after talks with the indian counterpart said his country had anticipated and this collation intentions in the gulf region and iraqi officials called the incidents an act of sabotage. saudi arabia says its main east to west oil pipeline has been bombed in a raid by unmanned aerial drones who the rebels in yemen say they were behind the attack
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and the saudis are calling it an act of sabotage the drones hit to oil pumping stations on the pipeline near riyadh a 1000 kilometers north of yemen. police in venezuela have locked down the opposition controlled national assembly in the capital caracas after reports of a suspicious package it happened just minutes before the opposition leader white though was set to lead a session meanwhile venezuela's constitution constituent assembly has stripped for moral position and unity so that they can be tried for treason those are 1 the top stories coming up next on al-jazeera its football rebels thanks for watching. one of the most loved making. is under threats from an agonizing. one. is getting paid to say. one.


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