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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 77  Al Jazeera  May 15, 2019 7:33am-8:00am +03

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before he morgan al-jazeera. russia's president has told the u.s. secretary of state he thinks donald trump wants to repair relations like amir putin and mike pompei all met in the russian city of sochi the 2 men discuss washington's standoff with iran and their differences over venezuela step fast and reports. that they disagreed on nearly everything but michael visit to russia brought hope for a new start between moscow and washington mutual which the unusual pretty you have the impression that the president said for the restoration of russian american ties contacts and resolving problems together that are important for both sides for our part we have said multiple times that we would also want to regain full ties. it was the 1st high level meeting between the 2 superpowers since the miller report came out clearing trump from collusion with russia in the $2016.00 elections the only thing both nations agreed on was the fact that they want their relationship to
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improve on the iran nuclear deal their positions are far apart russia has raised concerns about u.s. military buildup in the persian gulf concerns bombay you could not dispel the u.s. secretary of state did not deny reports that the u.s. wants to send 120000 troops to the region i made clear that the united states will continue to apply pressure to the regime in tehran until its leadership is prepared to return to the ranks of responsible nations that do not threaten their neighbors or spread instability or terror. russia and the u.s. are also on opposite sides of the crisis in venezuela don't pay your urge moscow to stop supporting nicolas maduro russian foreign minister sergey lavrov replied democracy can be implemented by force and the result of mistresses social we're threats from both the official representatives of the us administration and from mr
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quite oh who constantly talks about his right invited armed intervention from abroad this has nothing to do with democracy. this by their 1st high level meeting in months the united states and russia are struggling to find common ground while no progress has been made to find solutions on a crisis in iran and venezuela or a new dialogue on arms control shows that their relationship has somewhat improved after the collapse of the intermediate nuclear forces treaty earlier this year the superpowers now aim to start a new discussion on arms control because as both laugh off and pompei o pointed out if the u.s. and russia don't get along the world will feel it step fasten al-jazeera so i cheat . iran's supreme leader. ruled out negotiations with washington over its nuclear program but he also said there would be a war. the u.n. has denied his country was involved in an attack on 4 ships off the coast.
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in the immediate aftermath of a legit sabotage attacks on oil vessels at the port in the united arab emirates like other countries in the region iran was quick to condemn the incident demand an investigation and offer support on tuesday carefully worded statements gave way to pointing fingers during talks in india iran's foreign minister left little room for doubt about who to consider is responsible. we discussed regional issues and the policies of extremists inside the us administration and in the region who are trying to impose their policies we also discussed the concerns we have about suspicious. that are happening in the region that we had earlier predicted that they would carry out such measures. in the region. zarif comments followed a report attributed to an unnamed member of an american military team sent to
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investigate the alleged explosions and. the initial u.s. assessment seems to say iran had a hand in the incident but no senior u.s. officials immediately backed up the report senior iranian parliamentarian say there still isn't enough information about what happened. what happened at the pull to project is still vague unclear but it seems there are some in the region that want to drag trump into a war and we're dealing with the issue with a strong mind towards our historic responsibilities i think the talk about explosions in just a hasty scenario and it suffers many shortcomings who have a stands behind this is pushing for a failed plan after a closed session of parliament on tuesday morning another senior m.p. said israel may also be behind the alleged attack as a sort of false flag operation to turn up the heat on iran. neither side has offered any evidence of their claims and this is all happening as iran and the
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united states exchange strong words but prepare for a fight. earlier this month president hassan rouhani announced iran's plans to roll back cooperation of the 2050 nuclear deal as well as look at restarting enrichment activity at various nuclear sites his move came after the latest round of u.s. sanctions that targeted iranian nuclear activity allowed as part of the nuclear agreement itself to her and continues to call out to regional capitals to say that the united states is an outsider and that it is up to the countries in the middle east to maintain their own security and stability together while iran's neighbors seem reluctant to have more conflict in the region the path forward is still here and tensions are still specially with more american military presence in the region same bus ravi al-jazeera from. saudi arabia state owned energy company around care has stopped pumping oil through a major pipeline after
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a drone attack the government says 2 stations were targeted on the east west pipeline that's a crucial supply line that transports saudi oil from the eastern province to the halt on the red sea with the rebels in yemen say they launched strikes to warn the kingdom to stop its aggression this 100 thought iraq in which they are 7 drones belonging to the air force of yemen attacked pumping stations related to the strategic pipeline that carries oil from east to west in saudi arabia it was a successful operation we found assistance from people living in saudi arabia and we had excellent intelligence the attack is seriously damaged the economy of the enemy. and un brokered talks between her theory balls and representatives of yemen's government are taking place in jordan the u.n. says her 3 rebels are withdrawing from 3 major ports partly as agreed under
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a cease fire deal signed last year as a gallon saturday part of what's known as phase one of peace efforts to end the 4 years of war. at least 60 people have been the arrested after a wave of attacks against muslims in sri lanka so far one person has been killed the united nations is concerned the rest could spread this all follows last month's bombings targeting churches and hotels during easter when the now fernandez is live for us now in colombo 1st of all milwaukee to tell us about reports the groups assisted i think really going from house to house searching for muslims. sami. now most of them hearing some very. very fight but this is a time when there are. lot of sort of stories that. night
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there were reports that there had been the best of the security the broad net search operations were ongoing and there were some claims that there had be essentially some groups going from house to house hunting basically seeking out muslims in the context of this and it was them talk of violence this is a concern but we are still waiting for a very few of those reports bad in mind that one of the reasons the government is clamp down so hard on social media is the spread of lot of rumors and sort of stories of this nature so while everyone is waiting and wondering about the last of the of the reports there's also 7 part of them. a little bit skeptical particularly in light of government warnings of being aware of having. in recent days groups of people have attacked museum homes businesses and set fire
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to vehicles. this is what's left of a factory that produced past police age was destroyed by what they called. one man was killed in the violence while another is critically injured and being treated in hospital the catholic bishop in chilo vallance mendis visited the area on tuesday prestigious to make sure that there is no or maybe. because the common feeling that various restrictions imposed on the media and. people. in the dark of what is happening therefore my personal. understanding is that it is better that maybe our freedom is given so that the people know the truth . police say the 3 worst affected districts north of the capital colombo young people work together in what appeared to be planned attacks some people in the
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violence hit areas see outside as a responsible for the attacks that would. be big good news you can still live peacefully with people in this village it's not the people here that attacked us we don't know who they were but they were all from the outside it became ready and they were armed with swords and holes all ready to attack. the monk as muslim community makes up less than 10 percent of the country's $22000000.00 population political leaders here are warning the violence will not only increase tension but could also hinder the investigation into the easter sunday bomb attacks that killed 250 people. all right now a salute about the arrests one of a revealing. basically so far the law enforcement authorities the police the armed forces seem to be
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zeroing in on people that they have reports that will be behind the violence a better mind that yesterday there was several reports that much all of those flashpoints and the violence had been perpetrated carried out by a very old denies groups now plastering investigations the police has brought in over 60 people been hearing that over 30 of them have already been reduced and reminded in some of these new periods in the northwestern province a string on the ground tells us that far the number of people who have been brought in expected to be produced in courts today as well so the authorities as much as they are using things like the police car few heavy presence have been turned but the flashpoint bill owns that using the strong arm of the adult on the emergency regulations to take action against offenders that might also be seen
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as a deterrent in other who oppose trying to stir up trouble sammy fernando's from colombo. said ahead on al-jazeera they will not put us down as white as opposition leader is defined after being shot how the parliament stock markets around the world us troops as the trade war between china and the us escalates. the west sponsors by the time. the severe weather over parts of europe is just spilling into parts of turkey we can see in the satellite picture this bright white area of cloud here just making its way into the western fringes that's giving some of us some rather heavy rain ahead of it was in the winds all feed up
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from the south so it's making things pretty hot for some of us here and korea they're getting to around 30 degrees and force in aleppo we're getting to $36.00 even in baghdad it's going to be a hot one with the top temperature getting to around $41.00 for the east we'll see a few showers around and it looks like those will be intensified particularly around kabul there as we head through thursday so if you roll the live the outbreaks of rain here and they stews stretch all the way up towards the as well before the towards the south and here in doha it looks like it's going to be a hot one on wednesday the winds a feeding down from the northwest and so that's ensuring it's a very dry as of the temperatures can get that little bit high up by the time we get to 1st day though the winds will swing round to dragging in civil war and so the temperatures won't get quite so high 38 degrees will be our maximum but it will feel very sticky as the humidity is the important point at the moment the further towards the south of this plenty of drawing weather across the southern parts of africa but in the northwest of our map that's where the most likely showers all the northern parts of angola for the southeast cooled in cape town. whether
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines today 3 leaders have agreed to a 3 year transition period with opposition groups to the country slowly moves closer to civilian rule the 2 sides say a final agreement on the makeup of the sovereign council should be reached within $24.00 hours russia's president has told the u.s. secretary of state he senses the u.s. president wants to repair relations. and held talks with my own peo. least 60 people have been arrested after a wave of attacks against muslims in sri lanka one person has died all this follows last month's bombings targeting churches and hotels during easter. donald trump insists economic talks with china have not collapse calling the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies a little squabble the u.s. president says a trade agreement is still possible if china wants to strike
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a deal new tariffs imposed by both washington and beijing of rattled global markets the last round of.


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