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the men had been jailed for their investigation into the killing of 10 real hinge of muslims by me and maher security forces news of their release was welcomed by journalists and activists around the world in me and marto reporting the real him just story remains incredibly challenging since 2017 almost 3 quarters of a 1000000 row hinge of muslims have fled to neighboring bangladesh and me and maurice government has been aggressive in its attempts to control the narrative however one network has been reporting the story from the inside will hinge a vision t.v. run by exiled royal hinge of the network relies on undercover reporters to get the information out the stories that they tell contest the official state narrative as well as the work of media outlets in me and maher that have closed ranks with the authorities the listening posts johannah who's now on the perilous state of media freedom in me and maher and the news network telling the real him just story its way.
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i don't want to ruin. and fire. at it. and the lesson is that a lot. the money. i think he said judy. put refugees like new roman stuff comment and mohammed to buy the same thing i've seen on the ground acts of rape torture and massacres of their own people at the hands of the bird. the security forces stories that journalists from me on my tend to shy
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away from. for the hundreds of thousands of refugees across the border in bangladesh or hinder vision t.v. our vision provides news from a perspective. that we started to get news actual facts and figures from the ground and i started to broadcast saw the ultimate goal was to tell the truth to tell the anger side of the story and to advocate. because it is under reported reported their reporting that mass rapes are because. there has been effectively a scorched earth campaign against the ranger but i'll go to where the monish are going to be done that are good about the it's you know women children have been executed along with men range of vision t.v. help to sort of counter this idea that it is just
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a targeted operation to weed out range militants. but there are of course branded as brazen propaganda and they've been targeted with relentless attempts to discredit them we saw at the start of the crisis range of vision t.v. very accurately reporting what was going on the number of people who were fleeing the scale of the violence. the animal you know. and that information wasn't used by international media at all because there's been such a fuss made by the government of burma or about the reliability of or interest sources and that's a loss because they are getting information out on the ground in rakhine state. and that significant me on mars government has blocked access to the region turning rakhine into a black hole for the news. without taxes international journalists have come to rely solely on refugees accounts for much of the money on my media run with the government. version of events. over
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a hinge of vision still has eyes on the ground according to its founder mohamed nor the channel as a network of around 20 undercover citizen journalists working around the clock and a great risk to feed information from our kind for our economy as it's known in the range of language to their colleagues in the nation. broadcasting in 3 languages our vision operates primarily online through each year to chant the network has become a primary source of the news for the range of community and its multiple platforms typically get more than 150000 views per day. our vision is very unique and it is the the world 1st of its kind of international media's are not allowed here so they can all do their jobs or now we have to take over the job we are the news break up of our account because we convert a citizen into a citizen journalist existing people into
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a journalist training them and getting the information out would whatever possible it could mean they have it is very dangerous for the people on the ground that are doing this the government want to shut this down they want to stop information getting out and so anyone who's found to be involved with or interest in t.v. you would be in danger of being jailed or disappeared they'll go after the people that are interviewed they'll go after the fixer as well as going after the journalists or during the reporting. those tactics aren't just going to lie to the writing to a journalist i'm operating in iraq coming ever since the start of the military crackdown in august 27th seen the government on some sushi has embarked on a far reaching campaign to silence reporters local and foreign. intimidation and harassment and the weight of the law had been used some journalists to cast the government were military the badlands. case in point in december 27th seem to greeters reporters were arrested. and charged under the official secrets
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act a lot of that back to the colonial era for allegedly having to illegally acquired information with the intention to share it with foreign media. and those documents which oppose it will contain information about mass graves in our car and were in fact handed to them by the media more police just minutes before they were arrested and i was ridiculed for you this past week while alone and jaw so all were finally released having spent more than 500 days behind bars clearly told which resulted in the journalists are now free but critics remain suspicious over the circumstances of their arrest. 2 reporters. very well respected the very door good wall own door so the the you know the reuters teams and the a.p. teams in the country not going to be very courageous in their reporting on this issue the government and the military and police would want to silence them the 2
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reporters were trying to expose something that the military was you know wanted to hide what the journalist it is the main reason that the government had detained them they still use you know a number of law to detain journalists and these laws are very useful for the government. when myanmar began the transition from military to civilian rule back in 2011 there was whole space would open up for more independent reporting that has since been shattered and cheese rule reporting critical of the authorities has disappeared especially on issues relating to recount. and it's not just due to government intimidation or self-censorship when it comes to the range of most media outlets in myanmar simply agreeing that the government line. the vast majority of the journalists journalists inside the country appear to share the government in
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the military's antagonism towards the ranger magazines when newspapers like the state wrongly lots of myanmar which publish is very unsettling antagonistic editorials in articles that allude to the ranger as for example human fleas so regardless of whether you know there is space or there isn't space there's a real lack of will in reporting critically on the military but i think the local media try not to. they audience their readers so they try to sort of tread a very careful line. trying to balance doing their work as well as not sort of make them the readership unhappy because i think they understand that the majority of the people don't like the the this people the government of burma is trying to say look what can we do we can take action on a range of citizenship because there are injuries so. so hated within the country
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but the government has used its media channels in newspapers and radio stations and television to encourage and whip up that fear and hatred of muslims so they they create this crisis and then they use it as a defense for not being able to act on it it's a tactic that they're using. it's a tactic that is proving to effective which makes outlets like range of vision t.v. source of the new rating the authority of secrecy more important when trying to understand all sides of the story. nation's course a textbook case of ethnic cleansing. and finally are you ready to seize the day trust your instincts and reach for the stars if not we have a little something for you anyone scrolling through a news feed these days risks being inspired even when you're not in the mood who approves of all those inspirational quotations anyway who dares assume that there
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is a market for these kinds of things you cannot walk past a coffee shop these days without someone trying to galvanize your inner something or other luckily though there's an instagram account designed to redress the imbalance it's called. and it offers plenty of useless life tips and d motivational messages all you'll need to be left on sparked we'll see you next time you're at the listening post.
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he had it all. the fashion the success and the popularity. and then he gave it all up. for the love of his homeland. football rebels delves into the realm of footballing legend rashid look clue free. full of the algerian national liberation front with his feet rashid mclean free and the f l n t on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera where every your. on sammy's a down in doha with a look at the headlines here now just here and now sudan's move 3 leaders have agreed with opposition groups to a 3 year transitional period as the country slowly moves closer to civilian rule for the military council and coalition for freedom and changes yet to announce the make up of so called sovereign council will have overall control until the elections are held the agreement follows weeks of deadlock and growing tension violence on monday left at least 4 protesters dead and close to 80 in critical
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conditions from gunshot wounds have at morgan reports from car to. after 2 days of talks that started on monday and violence that resulted in the deaths of protesters and injury of at least $200.00 the 2 sides into dance quest to form a transitional government an ounce more progress if i like i mean. we've agreed on all the powers given to the 7 council the council of ministers and villages that have council and we have agreed that the transitional period will last for 3 years . the transitional military council which has been governing sudan since the overthrow of the country's 30 year president and the opposition coalition which has been demanding the council hand power to a civilian rule and say a final agreement will be signed before the end of wednesday make this a sovereign council which will be formed in consultation between the military council and the forces of the declaration of freedom and change in the cabinet of
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ministers and a consultative council 66 percent of which will be allocated to forces of freedom in china i was minutes after the announcement was made thousands celebrated in front of the army headquarters they've been camped there for nearly 6 months initially to demand the military take action against the country's president then to demand that they hand over power to civilian government after they ousted the president since sunday they have been increasing pressure on both sides to reach a deal by calling for strikes and setting up more barricades on main streets in the capital khartoum the 2 this announcement didn't cover all points of contention the final point that the military council and the opposition coalition have to agree on is the structure of the south frank council which will be guiding the transitional period people here say if the military doesn't agree to having a civilian head that's council then protests will continue. they also have other questions they want answered and other demands they want to response to another one here like to know who is responsible for guaranteeing the results of this agreement
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between the military council and the coalition of freedom and change the coalition of freedom and change represents the interests of the people in the streets. when they announce tomorrow that the deal is done in our revolution will be complete we need to get justice for all our martyrs that's when our revolution will be complete with all the demands in new concerns one thing people agree on is that this announcement brings them closer to the civilian government that they've started the revolution for more than ever before morgan i'm just there. russia's president has told the u.s. secretary of state he senses donald trump wants to repair relations the comments follow talks between vladimir putin and the u.s. secretary of state insult cheat on tuesday earlier mike pompei was told russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov the u.s. does not want a war with iran but would respond if its interests were attacked. we spoke
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a bit about the activities that are taking place in the middle east today with particular focus on the actions that iran is taking i made clear that the united states will continue to apply pressure to the regime in tehran until its leadership is prepared to return to the ranks of responsible nations that do not threaten their neighbors or spread in the stability or terror. saudi arabia's state owned energy company around stopped pumping oil through a major pipeline after a drone attack the government says 2 stations were targeted on the east west pipeline hoofy rebels in yemen say they launched the strikes to warn the kingdom to stop its aggression those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera rewind pencils and bullets and of course there's always our website.


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