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tv   Iyad el- Baghdadi  Al Jazeera  May 15, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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this announcement didn't cover all points of contention the final point that the military council and the opposition coalition have to agree on is the structure of the south frank council which will be guiding the transitional period people here say if the military doesn't agree to having a civilian head that's council then protests will continue. they also have other questions they want answered and other demands they want to response to another one here would like to know who is responsible for guaranteeing the result of this agreement between the military council and the coalition of freedom and change the coalition of freedom and change represents the interests of the people in the street. when they announce tomorrow that the deal is done in our revolution will be complete we need to get justice for all our martyrs that's when our revolution will be complete with all the demands in new concerns one thing people agree on is that this announcement brings them closer to the civilian government that they've started the revolution for more than ever before he morgan al-jazeera. well at
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school life to mohammed as a cartoon for us at the country appears to be a step closer to civilian rule just how is that news being received on the streets . well the people of sudan are hopping about up to the last an agreement is on the horrors and the ease the possibility that the country could soon be back to civilian led rule of some sort of this is what they have been i do treating for that's why for the past 6 weeks or so those protesters have been companies outside the military had waters asking them to heart of a power they remember times in the past like 100-624-1985 when they were popular uprisings like the one that's happening right now is done and slowly in the military a lot of them it's over 40 and they had decades of military rule
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that is not what they want to see now they want to see a civilian led to done and various. and mohamed that support they're after but there are major sticking point several maining we do understand that the sovereign cancel decisions on this both remain deadlocked to this possibly didn't really any progress has been made. there is a possibility of us happening abouts why today is the most crucial day in those 3 days a 3 day deadline the parties have given themselves the generals in the transitional military council have said from the beginning that they are more power hungry they want to see a smooth transition to civilian rule and today is the day that statement of the us will face a test what comparable misers they make and the opposition and the protesters are
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both saying that they will not accept anything short of a civilian leader of the so-called in council. a committee of an incident is personalities results han to mediate in case there is another block but every everything will depend on how much compromise and good will there is between the president of course there is a lot of international pressure being put on the parties to come to a final agreement. in khartoum for now i thank you. china has reported slower than expected economic growth in april that was a period before the higher u.s. trade tariffs took effect crossroads a 5.4 percent last month a drop from an 8.5 percent growth rates in march the aegean brain has this update from beijing. well these figures will worry china's leaders because they
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demonstrate that in april there wasn't much confidence among chinese consumers in fact the figures for retail sales were the worst in 16 years and that's a worry for china's government because at the moment it's trying to convert china's economy from one based on manufacturing to one based on consumption also down was industrial manufacturing output that fell from 8.5 percent to 5.4 percent meanwhile president xi jinping has been addressing a conference here in beijing entitled the dialogue of asian civilizations the theme very much asia for asians this conference another example of chinese soft power now the thrust of president xi jinping speech was essentially that all civilizations are equal and that all civilizations should treat each other with respect.
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the no civilization is superior over others the thought that one's own race and civilization is superior and the inclination to remove or replace other civilizations is just stupid and meanwhile the state media here in china continues to maintain a very defiant and strident tone and for the 1st time in several months is referring to a trade war as opposed to trade tensions but not naming president trump not blaming president trump blaming the u.s. government and not blaming the u.s. people either now it still seems very likely that president xi jinping and president donald trump will meet at the g 20 summit in osaka in japan at the end of june but analysts are warning the by then the damage to the relationship could be very serious indeed. still to come on al-jazeera they will not purchase die in venezuela's opposition leader remains defiant after being shot so it's
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a parliament. and we'll tell you why people in mexico city have been warned to stay indoors. the weather sponsored by the time. this is a weather over parts of europe is just spilling into parts of turkey we can see in the satellite picture this bright white area of cloud here just making its way into the western fringes that's giving some of us some rather heavy rain ahead of it we're seeing the winds all feed up from the south so it's making things pretty hot for some of us here and korea there getting to around 30 degrees and force in aleppo we're getting to $56.00 even in baghdad it's going to be a hot one with the top temperature getting to around $41.00 for the east we'll see a few showers around and it looks like those will be intensified particularly around kabul there as we head through thursday so if you roll the live the
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outbreaks of rain here and there's do stretch all the way out towards the as well before the towards the south and here in doha it looks like it's going to be a hot one on wednesday the winds a feeding down from the northwest and so that's ensuring it's a very dry as of the temperatures can get that little bit high up by the time we get to 1st day though the winds will swing round to dragging in some will and so the temperatures won't get quite so high 38 degrees will be our maximum but it will feel very sticky as the humidity is the important point at the moment the further towards the south of this plenty of drawing weather across the southern parts of africa but in the northwest of our map that's where the most likely showers all the northern parts of angola for the southeast cooled in cape town. the weather sponsored by qatar airways name allowed the i was born in the same year as this one invoice i feel as though the state is my mother. in law because of celebration for some a catastrophe for others the nakba is still going on they put my sons in jail so
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every day i feel this protest for a few twice over al-jazeera world tells the stories of palestinian and israeli women born in the same year but on opposite sides of this divide born in $48.00 on al-jazeera world. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of the top stories this hour. the u.s. state department has ordered all non-emergency government employees to leave iraq immediately last week the u.s. deployed warships to the gulf in a move it said was a response to threats from iran. sudan's military council has agreed with opposition groups to a 3 year transitional period civilians will not have
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a 2 thirds majority in parliament 2 sides have yet to decide who will guides the transition. and china has reported slower than expected economic growth in april called slow to 5.4 percent that's a drop from an 8.5 percent growth rate in march. now more than 60 people have been arrested after a wave of attacks against muslims in sri lanka the police chief has warned that officers will respond with maximum force to what he called riots in morgues that have killed one person all this follows last ones bombings targets in churches and hotels during easter middle fernando's has more now from colombo. in recent days groups of people have attacked muslim homes businesses and set fire to vehicles. this is what's left of a factory that produced. police age was destroyed by what they called. one man
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was killed in the violence while another is critically injured and being treated in hospital the catholic bishop in vallance mendis visited the area on tuesday. to make sure no or maybe. because the common feeling that. people. in the dark. my personal. understanding is that it is better that maybe our freedom is. the truth. police say the 3 worst affected districts north of the capital colombo young people together in what appeared to be planned attacks muslims and christians in sri lanka have lived peacefully for generations and many say the recent backlash against the muslim community appears to be an orchestrated campaign to create division they say the
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government must act to stamp it out. some people in the violence hit areas see outside as a responsible for the attacks that would. be big that many can still live peacefully with people in this village it's not the people here that attacked us we don't know who they were but they were all from the outside it became ready and they were armed with swords and holes all ready to attack. the monk as muslim community makes up less than 10 percent of the country's $22000000.00 population political leaders here are warning the violence will not only increase tension but could also hinder the investigation into the east this sunday bomb attacks that killed 250 people there fernandez al jazeera colombo. attacks a driver in south korea has died after setting himself on fire he was apparently protesting against the introduction of
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ride sharing. what mcbride has this from seoul. it seems the driver wanted his protest and his death to be as public as possible taking place right here in downtown seoul and in front of the city hall it was here in the early hours that he set himself on fire sustaining injuries from which he later died in hospital it's all part of a dispute with south korea's taxi drivers that's been going on now for several months and which has claimed other lives in december and then again in january 2 taxi drivers took their own lives through self immolation it's all over the use of car pooling good right sharing apps that the taxi drivers of vehemently opposed to we're not even talking about car hailing apps such as google that's caused controversy in other parts of the world those aren't allowed to operate here in south korea carsharing is normally something that is welcomed as
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a way of reducing pollution and congestion especially here in south korea where they have such good mobile internet but according to the taxi drivers it simply takes away too much of their business the government here has brokered a deal limiting the numbers of hours that these apps can operate during the day taxi drivers here say it takes still too much of their business some of them feeling so strongly about this it seems they're willing to take their lives. venezuela's supreme court has called for 4 more opposition things to be strips over the nearest city so they can be tried for treason police in the opposition controlled national assembly in the capital minutes before positions of 1.0 was choose to leave the session the cinnamon has more from caracas. it was his last chance to speak in public before going underground minutes earlier opposition deputy cameras but only had been stripped of his legislative immunity so that he
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can be tried for subversion. all the regime knows how to persecute the national assembly but we want to render it won't fall to its knees and give up the struggle for freedom that we have begun. with with that he left joining 13 other opposition deputies who by their gone into hiding asked for political asylum in embassies or been imprisoned since losing their immunity just in the last week but . for opponents of president nicolas maduro the day had begun badly they discovered they'd been locked out of the now powerless legislature the only institution they control the national assembly building is directly behind me but since early this morning police and national guardsmen haven't allowed anybody to go inside one officer told me that it's because the bomb squad is inside but according to opposition deputies who were due to be meeting there today this is just a ploy another attempt they say by the government to intimidate them. the deputies
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gathered in an adjacent building as a handful of government supporters shouted insults and we're here to raise our voice against those traitors. president macdougall has targeted the deputies who form part of the opposition leader idles tightest inner circle but why the remains defiant valen to convene the assembly again on wednesday. if we have to hold our stations on the streets we will but the federal legislative palace belongs to the parliament to the people of venezuela and we want to announce it to do they have brute force on this side obviously yes but that will not dissuade us no matter what they do to us. why dos's his representative in washington will be meeting with the head of the u.s. southern command on monday to discuss possible u.s.
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military cooperation. mother did not immediately respond but while attending a military ceremony in honor of those who helped for oil in uprising against him on april 30th he said the armed forces are prepared to defend venezuela against any outside aggression this as members of the 28 nation venezuela contact group prepared to arrive in caracas this week to attempt the seemingly impossible a negotiated settlement to the increasingly explosive political conflict you see in human i just got access. to the u.s. state of alabama has passed a bill outlawing almost all abortions including in cases of rape the measure which is the nation's most restrictive was approved by the state senate so the bill.


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