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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 15, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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they want a seed the bark is being bigger than the u.s. bites so. what is it then that you see if u.s. actually wants out of iran. i think they're trying to drag iran to the negotiating table will obviously on its own and u.s. terms think the iranians will not go ahead with that is there a possibility for negotiations down the line if you one feels that it's in a position of strength and if it comes to the conclusion that the remaining signatories of the j c p a way won't be able to to deliver you know if it if they cannot that here too it's all tomatoes that's one potential road down the line but it's but you know it's very difficult to forsee right now under current circumstances what what motivation would iran have to go back to the negotiating table when they went to negotiating table before end the deal was wrapped up i mean that's a very valid question and that's what exactly they want is a saying we signed a deal with you guys not just with you with other international powers it was
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ratified in the in the u.s. security council resolution 2231 and the u.s. still tore it up i think the reality is that while the u.s. cannot be trusted to adhere to its word which is what they want is a war and before they sign the nuclear deal it's still the sole remaining superpower in the world at some point to be some kind of understanding with the i think if they're in a position of strength and if it's clear that the other members of the jury subpoena away you know the signatories or jason cannot deliver at some point down the line if the decision is between perpetual war or a cold war then some kind of settlement where he won can get the benefits it seeks perhaps a lifting of primary u.s. sanctions then that's something that can be achievable by i don't see it happening right there has to be a lot of steps before he won the u.s. get there ok and there seems to be a new development every day mohamed alysha by joining us from london thank you so much for your time. plenty more ahead in the news hour and go to rallies and
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palestine to mark a day they call it the catastrophe. kind of signs of weakness partly for china's economy is growth and retail sales it's a 16 year low and it's for the world's best golfers have a tiger in their sights ahead of this year's 2nd major tournament. in sudan a deal to transfer power to a mainly civilian administration is expected to be signed later on wednesday the military council in opposition groups have made several concessions after weeks of deadlock they agreed on a 3 year transitional period the army had insisted on 2 years while the protest leaders wanted 4 years so during that transitional period the opposition will have a 2 thirds majority in parliament but they have not agreed on who will lead the sovereign council that was actually guide this transition the opposition insists civilians must be in charge let's go live now to mom and to his life in cartoon
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somehow but it seems like a lot of progress has been made what's the latest on the ground there in khartoum. well the latest is the again this afternoon resume talks this this is the final day of those 3 day deadline they had given each other on monday the has surprised everyone when they say that they had agreed on the structure of the transitional administration and then on tuesday they came out and said that they had agreed on the duration the transition should be in power today they're discussing this council which is the highest point of this administration and the console that is going to guide the entire 3 year transition of course it is going to be a tough task and there will be a lot of ogling and horse trading involved but generally the.
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exiled to mint among the people of sudan my colleague we're going to pause. after 2 days of talks that started on monday and violence that resulted in the deaths of protesters and injury of at least $200.00 the 2 sides in sudan's quest to form a transitional government an ounce more progress. with greed on all the powers given to the servant council the council of ministers and villages that have council and we have agreed that the transitional period will last for 3 years. the transitional military council which has been governing sudan since the overthrow of the country's 30 year president and the opposition coalition which has been demanding the council hand power to a civilian rule and say a final agreement will be signed before the end of wednesday make this a sovereign council which will be formed in consultation between the military
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council and the forces of the declaration of freedom and change and the cabinet of ministers and a consultative council 66 percent of which will be allocated to forces of freedom in china. i was minutes after the announcement was made thousands celebrated in front of the army headquarters they've been camped there for nearly 6 months initially to demand the military take action against the country's president then to demand that they hand over power to civilian government after they ousted the president since sunday they have been increasing pressure on both sides to reach a deal by calling for strikes and setting up barricades on main streets in the capital khartoum but to this announcement didn't cover all points of contention the final point that the military council and the opposition coalition have to agree on is the structure of the south frank council which will be guiding the transitional period people here say if the military doesn't agree to having a civilian head that's council then protests will continue. they also have other
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questions they want answered and other demands they want to response to another one who like to know who is responsible for guaranteeing the results of this agreement between the military council and the coalition of freedom and change the coalition of freedom and change represents the interests of the people in the street. when they announce tomorrow that the deal is done in our revolution will be complete we need to get justice for all our martyrs that's when our revolution will be complete with all the demands in new concerns one thing people agree on is that this announcement brings them closer to the civilian government that they've started the revolution for more than ever before morgan are just there. a final argument between the parties the later although they will be a huge deal and will also bring a period of months something to them but the process of finishing the formation of the transitional administration is expected to be
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a very long one however the protesters are saying i'm not living here until it's and every component of the administration which is to be led by a civilian according to their hopes is complete all right mohamed atta live press in khartoum mohamed thank you joining me on set is founder and president of the sudan policy forum thank you very much for joining us what do you think was the tipping point that led to this breakthrough and obviously there's still a long way to go but this it seems to be a significant development what was the tipping point. i think whoever instigated the trouble on monday just held t.m.c. the transitional military council if see the forces of freedom and gain make a breakthrough at the beginning they were just dragging their feet not realizing when you go into a negotiation is you're noticeably trying to make
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a deal you you are hoping for a compromise but definitely not a deal so having said this i think now the you realize after monday's given the situation can be very precarious because the whole thing could have consumed many lives in a more over a more grevious lee it could have put. up its support forces against the army or the army against the people so it was going to spiraled out of control and it could have even into a civil war because this is a country in which there are many groups many many shias and 50. percent of the land according to the u.n. is considered a war zone for 2500000 i.d.p.'s internally displaced community 1500000 in neighboring countries but what would what i mean what i am mostly.
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good i mean what are considered we get what are you concerned about now at this point going for yeah this at this point i think they are they have you only given us figures and nothing was mean or. i mean it was put out to quantify those figures i don't know the criteria upon which they are going to they have decided the. methodology was which they are going to go to choose the names i mean is it going to be your graffiti book asian ideology affiliation so everything is up in the air so i think this is where they are truly hard work oh yeah and they haven't done it i mean you look at it i mean interim period 3 years presidential dances parliamentary system and 67 percent for f.f.c. and 33 percent for the rest of the population did they need 5 weeks to decide to determine that i mean any expert could have told them that the interim period is
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minimum 3 years you go for the minimum and then it's a part of them in theory and system and then when it comes to choosing. i mean the figure of 67 percent you you should qualify it i mean why is it that you have given yourself 67 percent knowing that you don't represent more than 20 to 25 . i mean percent of the population at most so you have to quantify these figures because otherwise they can not only be elusive but they can be diffuse if they come out of the old and also in our report from our our my colleague there had been morgan shell suspect to someone who said he. concern about who is going to enforce all of this you know that that you've got this agreement this general agreement and then if you're saying the devil is in the details and even once you get through all of that who's actually going to hold anyone to account so you know that's a pretty good judgment because i know they have more important than all of this is
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the constitution the declaration yes because it's going to be the document that's going to provide the. rules governing that relationship between the president's office the prime minister's office and the bridge a lot of work remains to. be easily and we'll call on you again thank you sir thank you and it's been 71 years since hundreds of thousands of palestinians were evicted from their homes to make way for the creation of israel the day is known to palestinians as or the catastrophe it's being marked by rallies in the occupied west bank are also staging a strike against israeli occupation and gaza so this was palestine before as it existed under the british mandate from 1920 to 948 on may 15th 1048 the state of israel was created setting up new borders that triggered the 1st arab israeli war and force more than 700000 palestinians from their homes not my day has been marked
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ever since 1948 with protests at times turning violent and highlights palestinian displacement and their demands to return to their land name joins us live now from gaza obviously it's been tense and there has been sort of a peace that's been holding for about a week now what is what is the tension now like now. well the crowd here at the border as you can see has been in doubt people are going home but that hasn't stopped the injured from being transported we just saw an ambulance fly by a few minutes ago at last count according to the ministry of health in gaza 30 people were injured along the border today from bullets rubber bullets and tear gas but it's important to note that compared to previous protests not only was the number of injuries somewhat modest so was the overall crowd here at the border how much
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had been urging people on this day off from school and work to turn up in large numbers to protest what it calls the occupation and to show resistance this is day 9 of the ceasefire here and it's also a moment where people are just trying to go back to quote normal lives as they said to me you know this is ramadan the holy month for muslims it's a time for families to get together and people have told me that's what they want they want to enjoy this month with their families they want peace many parents i've spoken to this week have given me troubling stories about their children suffering from p.t.s.d. during this latest cycle of violence which was the deadliest cycle of violence between hamas and israel since 2014 on the israeli side there were media reports that the army was at high alert that the iron dome anti-missile system was at the ready throughout the country and that soldiers were being urged to exercise
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restraint unless facing imminent danger they were told to consult permission from a senior officer before they could shoot all right natasha going to aim live for us in gaza natasha thank you. there's been heavy fighting near the southern city of ties forces loyal to the saudi u.a.e. coalition had been battling who the rebels meanwhile un brokered talks between both sides are taking place in jordan the u.n. says who the rebels are withdrawing from 3 major ports partly as agreed under a cease fire signed last year after shocked and as a researcher at the el science center for strategic studies she says the rebels to a losing political relevance if they settle their conflict with the saudi coalition . the international community is really pushing for is a lucian when it comes to peace in yemen and i think that the fear about degrees you have right now would be to to lose ground politically speaking when it comes to what happens next after the war is over for them it's about political and you know
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i think that they're trying to assert and defend that position in yemen politically speaking they want to remember elements of the resistance movement in yemen is still very strong when it comes to property support that being said there was an understanding now that it cannot continue much longer when it comes to the military complex and that's something we have to give the problem that we have is that on the saudi side nothing no guarantees have been given or even put forward to guarantee that the problem movements would actually have a say in voice in the political future of yemen and i think that's the main worry and you know these grandstanding over ideology of the military you know indoctrination i would say in the sounds that is going to get worse for the yemenis is not helping until the situation so i think that we need to go back to understanding what both politics could fathom in terms of peace what they're willing to stomach and so far. have not helped the conversation in that they are
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unwilling to bend just even just a little bit and that makes things difficult for him to accept any real cease fire a such a any potential for peace right now. all right time for weather with everton with news of cooler weather across northern india yeah that's right richelle in a glass of the satellite picture will tell us why there's a big lump of clay out there has been blocking the sun out so we've had some very wet weather across the fall north of the in the s. and big down pulls into new delhi that clouds made its way just over towards himalayan plan little china of storms here right the way up the eastern side of india as well lasting producing some lively showers as well in between temps been getting up into the mid forty's for many has not been the case new delhi has been throwing it down some really heavy rainfall see people sheltering from the heavy downpours whether we'll gradually ease as we go on through the next couple of days and temperatures will start to pick up that rain that we had at the eastern side of india as getting out of the way that rain furthermore again that's getting out of
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the way to snow just around the foothills of the himalayas but to temperatures in new delhi at around 38 or 39 degrees plenty warm enough but the ruhi that stays into central parts of 43 from the pool or even higher as you go on through the next day or 2 going to see that wet weather as in making its way further research as we go on through the next day i. want to show is just pushing the way into kerala for a time clear skies coming up the eastern side of the country but we have got a little bit of cloud just making its way into pakistan now that's pushing its way further east but again with a chance of showers richelle thank you have written still ahead on al-jazeera international is calling it a year of shame for human rights in saudi arabia. people of mexican capital have been warned to stay indoors will have the details and then support this man is being tipped as a future n.b.a. star find out which team now has the best chance of signing at.
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until now in the coverage of latin america most of the world was a cloud cover included todd's tragedies quakes and that was it but not how people feel how they look how they see it and that's what we do we go anyway 5 and a half months of demanding an end to an education system that was introduced. in latin america as europe has come to fill
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a void that needed to be stilled. and watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now and the u.s. state department has ordered all non-emergency government employees to labor iraq immediately the order follows a warning by the u.s. military of the threat from iranian linked groups sudan's military council has agreed with opposition groups to form a 3 year transitional period the opposition will now have a 2 thirds majority in parliament a both sides have yet to decide on who will guide that transition there's been a heavy fighting near the southern many city of thais that's despite the resumption
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of u.n. broker talks in jordan the u.n. says who the rebels are withdrawing from 3 major ports partly as agreed under a cease fire signed last year. as extending a no. curfew into 2 provinces after a series of attacks against muslims police are warning they'll respond the maximum force to any further violence at least one person was killed in rioting in recent days or it spent the ports from now on golden north of the capital of libya. going to hit an appeal for calm from one of the 9 mosques attacked in a wave of violence across northwestern sri lanka this week. and from these catholic priests a show of solidarity with they told us their 1st visit to a mosque 3 weeks ago on easter sunday suicide bombers targeted churches and hotels in sri lanka killing 253 people. so said that the thing like this had happened in. the church had been digging. taps in order to look previous working in these has
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become that people don't you can never know. there are certain moves you know we don't be the more you see it all and but the gunman months put a stop to these sri lanka's minority muslim population is now living in fear they break the ramadan fast behind drawn curtains there's no visiting friends and neighbors a curfew empties the streets the mosques usually busy in this muslim holy month a closed. we're not sure what will happen we're hearing reports of attacks in different places and we don't know what to do we don't really trust any government in the witnesses describe what they called mobs of sinhalese young men smashing up shops in and around 30 towns and villages the businesses in this town are owned by sinhalese people who are mainly buddhist as well as muslims but hama jessamy
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watched helpless as bricks rained down on this mosque land and these people however it blames the government that my but it turned out a military when really we knew this was coming and the government warned there would be atrocities but they wanted this to. happened to us the government thought we'd leave these areas so those goons could unleash made him a. true lanka's prime minister says the country will be destabilized if sectarianism escalates more than 70 people have been arrested and are in custody facing charges related to this week's violence nightly curfews have been keeping a lid on the violence and they'll be another want to night it's wednesday but they're only a short term measure of the much greater challenge is repairing the entire community relationships which have been so badly fractured by these to sunday bomb burn it's an al-jazeera northwest in sri lanka china has reported slower than expected economic growth and april that was the period before higher u.s.
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trade tariffs took effect and gestural growth slowed to 5.4 percent last month that's a drop from an 8.5 percent growth rate in march adrian brown has a set date from beijing. well these figures will worry china's leaders because they demonstrate that in april there wasn't much confidence among chinese consumers in fact the figures for retail sales were the worst in 16 years and that's a worry for china's government because at the moment it's trying to convert china's economy from one based on manufacturing to one based on consumption also down was industrial manufacturing output that fell from 8.5 percent to 5.4 percent meanwhile president xi jinping has been addressing a conference here in beijing entitled the dialogue of asian civilizations the theme very much asia for asians this conference another example of chinese soft power now
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the thrust of president xi jinping speech was essentially that all civilizations are equal and that all civilizations should treat each other with respect. the no civilization is superior over others the thought that one's own race in civilization is superior and the inclination to remove or replace other civilizations is just stupid and meanwhile the state media here in china continues to maintain a very defiant and strident tone and for the 1st time in several months is referring to a trade war as opposed to trade tensions but not naming president trump not blaming president trump blaming the u.s. government and not blaming the u.s. people either now it still seems very likely that president xi jinping and president donald trump will meet at the g 20 summit in osaka in japan at the end of june but analysts are warning the by then the damage to the relationship could be
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very serious indeed. president trump is playing down the trade war with china saying it's nothing more than a little squabble trump says a trade agreement is still possible with china wants to strike a deal to tariffs imposed by both washington and beijing have rattled global markets although they have since rebounded the last round of trade talks ended on friday without a breakthrough. where having a little squabble with china because we've been treated very unfairly for many many decades for actually a long time in jeddah financials a long time ago and it was a 3rd one handling now i think it's going to be i think it's going to turn out extremely well we're in a very strong position we are the piggy bank that everybody likes to take advantage of or take from and we can't let that happen anymore taxi driver in south korea has died after setting himself on fire he was apparently protesting the introduction of ride sharing mobile apps mcbride has more from seoul. it seems the driver wanted
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his protest and his death to be as public as possible taking place right here in downtown seoul and in front of the city hole it was here in the early hours that he set himself on fire sustaining injuries from which he later died in hospital it's all part of a dispute with south korea's taxi drivers that's been going on now for several months and which has claimed other lives in december and then again in january 2 taxi drivers took their own lives through self immolation it's all over the use of car pooling good right sharing apps that the taxi drivers of be eminently opposed to we're not even talking about car hailing apps such as google that's caused controversy in other parts of the world those aren't allowed to operate here in south korea car sharing is normally something that is welcomed as a way of a reducing pollution and congestion especially here in south korea where they have
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such good mobile internet but according to the taxi drivers it simply takes away too much of their business the government here has brokered a deal limiting the numbers of hours that these apps can operate during the day taxi drivers here say it takes still too much of that business some of them feeling so sad. wrongly about this it seems they're willing to take their lives. and say well supreme court has called for 4 more opposition m.p.'s to be stripped of immunity so they can be tried for treason and place lock down the opposition controlled national assembly in the capital minutes before opposition leader was due to lead a session c.n.n. has more from caucus. it was his last chance to speak in public before going underground minutes earlier opposition deputy kindness but only had been stripped of his legislative immunity so that he can be tried for subversion. all the regime
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knows how to persecute the national assembly but we won't surrender it won't fall to its knees and give up the struggle for freedom that we have begun. with with that he left joining 13 other opposition deputies who by their gone into hiding asked for political asylum in embassies or been imprisoned since losing their immunity just in the last week or the. proponents of president may go last month the day had begun badly they discovered they'd been locked out of the now powerless legislature the only institution they control the national assembly building is directly behind me but since early this morning police and national guardsmen have been allowed anybody to go inside one officer told me that it's because the bomb squad is inside but according to opposition deputies who would do to be meeting there today this is just a ploy another attempt they say by the government to intimidate them. the deputies gathered in an adjacent building as
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a handful of government supporters shouted insults and we're here to raise our voice against those traitorous. president macdougall has targeted the deputies who form part of the opposition leader idles tightest inner circle but why the remains defiant vowing to convene the assembly again on. wednesday. if we have to hold our stations on the streets we will but the federal legislature of pallas belongs to the parliament to the people of this world and we want to announce it do they have brute force on this obviously yes but that will not dissuade us no matter what they do to us. why they also says his representative in washington will be meeting with the head of the u.s. southern command on monday to discuss possible u.s. military cooperation. my little did not immediately respond but while attending a military ceremony in honor of those who helped for oil in uprising against him on
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april the 30th he said the armed forces are prepared to defend venezuela against any outside aggression this as members of the 28 nation venezuela contact group prepared to arrive in caracas this week to attempt the seemingly impossible a negotiated settlement to the increasingly explosive political conflict you see in human i just got back. amnesty international is putting pressure on saudi arabia to free many prominent women detained one year ago the rights group described the saudi crackdown as a year a shame dozens of writers academics and journalists were arbitrarily arrested many of them have not been able to communicate with their families and have no legal representation in court appearance says women reported being tortured and sexually abused in detention 7 detainee's were released in the past 2 months but many more face prison terms for making statements seen as critical of the saudi government.
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as a women's rights researcher for the middle east and north africa human rights watch she says the world is not taking a tough enough stance on saudi arabia. it's the hypocrisy of what's happening at the metal level of the crown prince mohammed bin so mum who has launched a reform agenda but in a p.r. form at the same time one of the most repressive campaigns to date now we know for instance that while they were about to lift the driving campaign the driving ban last year in june 24th just weeks before that in mid may they began the arrests of the most prominent rights activists that had been defined the driving ban that had been protesting to have the driving ban lifted now that made no sense to anyone in the world because it would seem that they should be honoring these women who have been actively actively trying to seek this reforms and not arresting them when the storage is themselves are actually saying that they're going to come through with this reforms and the reason for why they're doing that is because conference $100.00 some months not only wants to do few minor reforms but he wants the full
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credit and at the same time he wants to send a message to saudi society and to the activists that they cannot demand reforms they can only be granted them by him and so what he's telling the world is that he is the reform of the only reform and the world has to take it as it is no one else can be given the freedom to express or to ask or to demand any of their rights within their own country or now the international community needs to stand up strongly now we've spent a whole year fighting for these for the release of these women and they should be really standing strongly that this has to end the women's rights activists and countless others who have been since arrested must be released without condition and at the same time have all of the charges this sham trial dropped from them the state of alabama has passed a bill outlawing almost all abortions including cases of rape the measure which is the nation's most restrictive was approved by the state senate bill contains an
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exception for when a pregnancy creates a serious health risk for the woman it will now go to the governor to be signed into law and this is part of a broader effort to have the supreme court reconsider the constitutional right to abortion. gestures in israel are calling on people to boycott this year's your vision song contest that's being hosted there these are the same as in the city of tel aviv earlier on tuesday the demonstrators say israel is using the event to mask rights abuses palestinians in the west bank and gaza have been protesting. the mayor of mexico city has declared an emergency over its air quality cities among the 10 most populated in the world and people there blame wildfires for the toxic mix of smoke and car fumes. reports. a nightmarish haze has taken over the skies above mexico city but the already see the dense cloud of toxic air is the result of dozens of wildfires burning in southern
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mexico and central america is it's the season for high temperatures and this year has been especially hot on the other hand we've all seen periods of prolong.


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