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tv   Super 30 2018 Ep 3  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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harlem and over the proposed rules critics are concerned that fair trials won't be guaranteed on the mind not just only. hong kong as with the international community have very little to no trust nor confidence. over the hong kong china extradition business are the reason for us to be feared. because it's court has. to prove kept us safe got the human rights but sides of politics are an impasse over who would chair this committee which will scrutinize the extradition bill for the city's chief executive wants a vote by july the philippines has taken drastic action over canada's failure to take tons of rubbish shipped to manila more than 5 years ago canada was given until may 15th to ship back more than 100 containers filled with household waste the
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philippines has responded by recalling at some data and councils in canada to melinda going to has more on the story. in 2014 during the time of former president beneath your keno members of the bureau of customs the convert that there were more than 50 container vans containing toxic waste shipped from canada to the philippines says that since then this is been quite an irritant issue between the 2 countries the beer of customs in the us sending letters to the canadian government appealing to find the solution to dispose of this trash when a canadian prime minister just introduced visited the philippines a few years ago he said it was not legally possible for canada to ship that trash back because of limitations of its laws that's changed last year when he said it may now be theoretically possible for canada to bring that trash back this has been quite an irritant issue between the 2 countries last month a deadline has been set with no less than president to be good at their day quote
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unquote threatening to go to war with canada if the trash is not shipped back that mean 15 deadline was set and that shaft was not brought back and a tweet from the secretary of foreign affairs in manila basically saying that there have been orders for members of the diplomatic office in canada of the philippine embassy to come back but nothing has been confirmed since that tweet and it's something that many here find surprising even the spokesperson of president of the good that there to said there may be other ways to solve this problem it is unusual for the philippine government to go hard to try to diminish the magic relations with other countries even when it is an issue concerning the safety and security of the millions of overseas filipino workers are broad. well the one bats is one of australia's most loved to native animals but wildlife for thora to say they're
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under threat from a faithful and painful disease the one that population and one national park has declined by 94 percent in just 6 years to ambrose reports from a strain of southern states of tasmania so he's back legs all these legs walnuts are under attack from a contagious parasite called suck up to my left untreated the results are horrendous the mind works with a community action group to try and tackle the disease we've seen them disappear in the hundreds just in this area admittedly this is the worst area probably but it's not on a slide it into this area tasmania's directed to national park and the surrounding forests a ground 0 for the worst recorded outbreak the woman population in this national park declined by 94 percent in just 6 years because of my age. in an attempt to save the population volunteers placed flaps outside borrowers then put
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a sheep lice treatment on them every week the strain scientists are working on more effective medicines at the moment if we want to treat a woman that from an angel while on that we have to use treatments that we have to deliver every week and it's really challenging to do that consistently so what we're trying to look at as a longer lasting single treatment that can protect individuals for up to perhaps 3 months. stepan runs a century on the mainland and doesn't believe flat treatments work with help from a university she's been testing what she calls borrow hospitals built over a woman it's natural borrow it enables one to be treated with pills while they are fed we know it works we use it here for the last 2 years if we could recreate that over and over again in the different states managed by the people who currently put their energy towards bets in the wrong way the results would speak for themselves
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donna believes innovation is the only way to save a strategy as one bats from the disease in the last decade it has escalated every single year the amount of area is. just continuing crisis on the critically endangered list when 20 is no doubt in my mind. government has no national major monitoring program but says the disease is being adequately controlled however few states are. populations and that's heartening the concern of wildlife carers. al-jazeera has made yet. still ahead. he's been given. the buggy.
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and now it's time for sports his fall in the south hit thank you very much it's advantage to the milwaukee bucks in the deciding playoff series ahead of the n.b.a. finals after they fall from behind to beat the trunks i rapped as in game one it was a rout says who started strongest away from home and they led for most of the eastern conference final standing out with 31 points. but the bucs rallied in the closing stages to take the victory broke loci have scored 13 points in the 4th
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quarter and they want it by 8 game 2 is coming up on friday night again in milwaukee. you know we have a lot of confidence in this group and all throughout the season the playoffs different guys been stepping up to the guys been having big nights and you know it was good to see us win a different way to you know i think you know going forward. we'd be all right though if they were all busy like that yeah yeah. so the n.h.l. playoffs and there was a very controversial when for the san jose sharks against the st louis blues it was locked at $44.00 in overtime when it is called sun scald to win it for the sharks. but sent lewis protested the goal and replays appeared to show that maya had set it up with an illegal hound pass but the officials didn't see that so the sharks took the victory to go to want to open
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a series of much to the anger of the blues on their coach. do you think it was a hand pass and did you get any explanation nor explanation the. floor you go saying yes. or reason all you want your you know nothing. but from a ceremony and football i accept put their champions league disappointment behind them by winning the dutch league for the 1st time in 5 years they only needed a draw on the final day against the coffee shop but ended up winning for one thanks to this free kick from last assuring 2 goals from tucson tablets it's finished 3 points clear of p.s.v. eindhoven and they also won the dutch cup as their 1st domestic double in 17 years which goes some way to make up for them throwing away a 3 goal lead against tottenham to miss out in the champions league final. while the likes of i.x.'s still having to play catchup in the financial world where real madrid have become the most valuable club and the worth of $1900000000.00 they've
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overtaken manchester united at the top according to the un your brand finance football 50 ranking well we're joined by one of the publishers of the report today declan ahern associate director brand finance declan reality united haven't had great is on the pitch but they're dominating financially what's the story behind that. paul thanks very much for having me and we've seen a huge amount of interest after the release of the report this morning and actually there is curiosity on real madrid and man united results given the fact that they haven't had a very successful year on the pitch however these 2 clubs are the most successful in football history and according to our original research we conducted those clubs consistently ranked higher in the world amongst fans on global reach heritage social media engagement and fan devotion and all of that translates to corporate sponsorship deals soaring man united and real madrid have the highest corporate
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sponsorship deals in the world that increases their revenues and goes a long way in contributing to them cementing atlases as $1.00 and $2.00 on this list it's always the same kind of names at the top can be poor clubs break into the financial elite without takeovers like we've seen at manchester city and p.s.g. for example you are correct this is the 14th iteration of the study and over those 14 years the top 10 has reigned realistically unchanged apart from the likes of man city and p.s.g. the reality is and this is study the top 6 clubs make up over 40 percent of the brand value of the table these clothes benefit from huge global reach and extremely strong brands which they live ridged to increase their commercial agreement amongst corporate sponsors who seek to utilize that brand strength and reach a global world wide audience unfortunately it's extremely difficult to break into the upper echelon of clubs but we are seeing the light of tottenham hotspur for
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example moving up the ranks recognizing rivet recorder its record revenues and profits this year and the things things like the 5th day for example is inhibiting the fact that while the owners incumbent insert large caps injections into their clubs to move them up these rankings are right thank you declan ahern associate director brown finance labor that. fernando alonso is preparations for the indy 500 are going from bad to worse 1st his mclaren had electrical problems in practice and then what it finally got out on track he crushed it. for a long as i was on the home provides more than can be said for the car which needs some serious repairs if he goes on to win the race later this month along as i will become only the 2nd driver to complete the triple crown of motor sports having already won the monaco grand prix on the 24 hours dispute on the street when the
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car. you need for a leaf did this right there on the on the into the corner it was not enough and you lost completely there. and you moved the wall came too close and too quickly but yeah unfortunately you know you happen today and yeah we will be rid of them in time again and i'm sorry for the team but we will learn and hopefully we will come back a stronger more sticking with driving goal for john daly has been given special permission to use a golf cart at the p.g.a. championship they won the p.g.a. in 1901 but now has authorized to say his name which prevents him walking more than 6 holes out on the course he'll be the 1st player to ride a cart in a major championship since casey martin at the u.s. open in 2012 the p.g.a. tees off lights in new york. the british open champion francesco molinari will not be using a cart this week he's grouped with tiger woods for the 1st couple of rounds last month or an hour it was leading the masters with 4 holes to go before tiger stormed
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through to take the win incidentally woods failed to show up for his final practice round but his management insists he's ok and was just resting. of why that's all sports and i will have more but later. while that for me in a starter tape for this news hour but during another gate i will be here in the chair in a minute with more after days news to stay with us. in 2008 al-jazeera documented
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a groundbreaking ski. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ready 10 years on we return to see how the students and the scheme are helping change the face of india. super 30 announces iraq. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tiger's mess hall astri seems to defy gravity every beauties is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness what it became a democracy in 2008 the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it brittany's happiness is what we ensure it if it is quantifiable but by simply
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turning its pursuit into policy bhutan has done what no other country has. he added to. the passion the success and the popularity. and then he gave it all up. for the love of his homeland and. football rebels delves into the realm of footballing legend rashid look lou free. full of the algerian national liberation front with his feet rashid mcleish and the f.l.n. team on al-jazeera. sela the u.a.e. airstrikes on the yemeni capital sana'a kill at least 6 civilians. watching
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al-jazeera life from a headquarters in doha i'm dead also ahead sudan's military suspends talks on a transition to civilian rule for 3 days certain like his government is investigating hardline buddhist groups over attacks against muslims and bob quote of australia's longest serving prime minister has died at 89. hello they saudi you eat coalition has launched several air strikes in and around the yemeni capital sana'a at least 6 civilians including women and children have been killed the coalition insists it targeted or theme military positions and weapons storage facilities. has more. for the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen the series of strikes was a successful operation targeting the military installations in the capital sanaa
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but these pictures depict another reality residents say the attacks targeted barely civilian areas and that an entire family was buried under the rubble. it is very clear that what happened this money here in sanaa i was a response to that through that whole drone attacks on the. oil facilities in riyadh it is very clear but unfortunately it was. blind completely blind response because it is only in killing women and children in there is additional area the escalation comes a few days after the healthy is attacked an oil pipeline near the saudi capital riyadh using 7 drones. it's the most daring military operation by the healthiest since the start of the war 4 years ago and
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a sign of the growing military capabilities the saudi u.a.e. coalition with means devant its as its military campaign in yemen will continue until the military installations are destroyed. these are the fighters of the moment they opened fire on what they say was assad road they remained. fire and despite of the prolonged conflict rugs a large army will repair the drone and will hopefully flight once again over saudi arabia israel and the u.s. . on the ground hope generated by a healthy withdrawal from the border city of her data is fading this biting of the oscars of the city raising concerns of a deepening humanitarian crisis data board the main entry point for food imports and aid is a lifeline for millions of yemenis frightened by starvation. in the south
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there's more fighting around the city of. government troops backed by the saudis us rivaling to push back the offensive. u.n. envoy martin griffiths has warned the united nations security council the recent ask elation might damage if peace deal. let's say to african also she's a yemeni journalist and editor in chief of sun out review that's an online magazine she's joining us via skype from malmo baths in sweden thanks for taking the time to speak to us on al-jazeera i know you've been speaking to family members in sana'a what have they been telling you about what they've witnessed the swarming. so i have the very early hours of this morning and it's during the holy month of ramadan people usually and for not across yemen the working time hours
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so people would be sleeping during the day and be waking up but you know it was a very very quiet day and actually nobody expected that any kind of airstrike would happen and that really must be supplied the kind of shock and and anger and also pain. there seems to be no political way he or even islam equipped to preserve and protect the holiness of this month so it came as a shock and it might seem like different from other. strike. specifically because of the one you know this month what do you make of what the saudi coalition has to say when they say that they were targeting a military saif and this is specifically in response to the whole thing is targeting saudi oil installations earlier this week. so there is what are many
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airstrikes and that had come out and most of them had highly civilian populated area one of them my own my own neighborhood so i know the 3 tonight. you know the the neighbors and and even my own family my own mother were surrounded by civilians you know they live and civilian area that is no military target and these places that were had today that is no excuse excuse from that that would be led coalition it was a deliberate and systematic bombardment attacking civilians they want they they did this really retaliation all the. tack and all you had. already had this week and this is not the 1st time that the saudi led coalition do this clacked a collective punishment for all yemenis when the who the attack any. city
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and 2017 and the. early november that would like rockets that hit or fired by what you would the riyadh i believe michael and really retaliation the saudis to question at that time impose a total speed on on and so this is not the 1st time that the saudis want to take revenge with what these are doing against all odds to the end any time a boat trying to clean up to want to retaliate does this what happened this morning then risk a skill laving of the war in even more because that recently seen like there was possibly some sort of breakthrough with the holiday the agreement on the whole thing is reportedly agreeing to withdraw from there as well as to other ports. and
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that's also one thing that makes this. this. strike different from the other previous one because since december of last year there were a lot of discussion and negotiation and if the mac effort to be made by you and that special envoy and all of the discussion was surrounding about 5 finding agreement and making you know all the noise parties agree on that there is always more kind of conflict within the bigger conflict that. agreement for example yesterday was being you know pretty by doing the be think of a u.n. official envoy so that made a lot of people really think that maybe there would be an end and fight but with with. packing that lawyer the president sees and today's bombardment i guess one
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hour it seems like we're going to block you know as if there was not know any peace efforts being done in the past 6 months at the very very unfortunate situation and we've seen that we've lost all of that hype and that hope for the moment toward finding and ok often on our side we thank you very much for speaking to us from sweden. sudan's military has suspended talks with protest leaders for 3 days the office ition alliance which has been demanding civilian rule has called the decision regrettable at least 4 people were killed in violence on monday and protesters are demanding accountability meanwhile protest continue in the capital hart's room mom was always there with an update. traffic is once again running smoothly some of the streets. have been closed by the pope the pope says lifted the body caves that. rolled this time yesterday literally closed
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now the. only for you all the old. bridges. to pile pressure on the military to harm our civilian led to fulfill the to what they're saying. by the military. to postpone the call for 3 days was very flimsy. going to be distracted from main goal which is to see the time to civilian rule is. why they have taken the initiative all 3 feeling some of the key demands of the military council is. whether the military council will wait for a full 3 days to resume talks all resume talks with the poll. in the coming hour with all. of the main point of contention.
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over. which is a hybrid council which is going to be the highest organ in. both sides want a majority stake in. 7 husband what has been called. could. compromise from the site of the transitional military council. iran's foreign minister says u.s. sanctions are unacceptable and uncalled for but insists his country is committed to the 2050 nuclear deal mohammad javad zarif. is in tokyo for a meeting with prime minister. japan is a u.s. ally that depends on iranian oil earlier this month the u.s. government ended waivers that allowed japan and others to buy oil from iran washington has tightened sanctions on tehran and deployed warships to the gulf
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region in recent days meanwhile the leader of iran's revolutionary guard is warning of an imminent confrontation with the united states major general hussein said he says the u.s. escalation in the region represented what he called a decisive moment for the islamic revolution iran's u.n. mission also accused washington of trying to deliberately provoke a confrontation by claiming to horizon is a threat to the region themba thriving is joining us from where it seems like things are heating up should we be concerned about the latest comments from the head of the revolutionary guard will lot of what major general hussein salami said is a more. energized wording for stated policy or for things that have been said before by president hassan rouhani by the supreme leader himself he reiterated a lot of points that we have the country has to be ready for
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a confrontation with the united states but he also said that they were being ostentatious that they were behaving in an ostentatious way larger.


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