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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2019 1:00am-1:33am +03

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$1058.00 he promised to to really step up the security situation while the situation has deteriorated before that it was let's compare array that was in charge of the country for the last 25 years he was the point man for the french in terms of hostage negotiation in terms of talking with these rebel groups that are operating in this hell in since his removal from office in 2015 really didn't situation in this country and in the south hell has deteriorated dramatically now of course a lot of countries including france the former colonial power are calling for for more more armies more boots on the ground and just in december the g 5. convened a meeting and it was pledge of a half a $1000000000.00 and aid for the security sector so far only $63000000.00 from the european union has been disbursed now according to the united nations here there is
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1.2 children that are in urgent need of assistance there's been 200000 people displaced so yes this is an emergency situation that's being played out out of sight deep in this hell and really the whole u.n. security council and the government here in britain of us are really trying to alert the international community to try to help them with this situation along in a cab we'll have to leave it there but thank you so much for bringing us that live update nicholas live from rockets. now egypt's military says has killed 47 armed men in multiple raids across north and central sinai hundreds of explosive devices and other weapons were seized and more than 150 people were arrested 5 soldiers were also killed in the offensive egypt has been fighting armed groups in the region for several years well amar the director of security program at the doha in scituate he thinks information coming from the egyptian military these sweet
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verified 1st. it's the largest group that has been fighting there since to solve them 14 is sinai province which is an affiliate of islamic state organization isis but it's more complex than that because there are multiple armed groups that are trafficking networks that are drug drug lords so it's more complex than that and the history of basically state and non-state violence in sinai goes back all the way to southern for so it's not it's not something new there was a promise that is going to end in 2 weeks when general sisi took over in september 23rd dean we are in may 21000 did not and by some estimates it escalated i think the same news info from reuters said that they had 385 i e d's confiscated from these tunnels if that is true and this we have to
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be very very careful because you know the numbers the that the media spokesperson give are very controversial you know if you counted them the counted the number of deaths is 47 to day yesterday another 50 and so on and so forth it would exceed the maximum estimate of the number of good in those in this in this area the number of insurgents with exceeded by far so we have to be very careful there but if there was a 385 i confiscated then we're talking about a significant blow to. sign up and if it was the target organization. plenty more still to come on al-jazeera including allegations of war crimes in libya we speak to on the scene to national which says it has evidence to prove it sounds were in sri lanka to find out what's behind the recent wave of attacks against the muslim minority it's.
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got some rather lively showers pushing down across central and southern parts of china at the moment the the plumb writings the gathering quite nicely now some wet weather but if he doubts was the southeast of china hong kong seeing some big showers and thunder downpours as we go through friday 30 oneself to see a southerly wind kicking in across many parts and it's a slot a little further west was as we go into saturday by sas i sang all is good temperatures here 28 celsius plenty of sunshine a hot one for hanoi temperatures could reach the 40 degree mark and we've been up into the forty's across a good part of india recently but over the last day or so the big story really has been the lively shall is a crop of showers just rather decent sort of india and down towards the far south this is bengaluru of the lightning bolt being picked up i started the showers in the process of easing away at least during the overnight period come the heat of the day there's always a chance of catching one of 2 shallow as it has to be said want to show us there
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into trouble not they for example there we go with the temperatures in the into the forty's for hyderabad for not pull close to 40 degrees for new delhi but the top temperature 39 degrees celsius it falls back to 37 on saturday afternoon and cool enough in karate. in 2008 al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking skee. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. 10 years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super 30 announces a are. you
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watching al-jazeera quick reminder of the top stories this hour. at least 6 civilians have been killed in society you equal missionary strikes in or around yemen's capital sana'a the coalition insists hooty military positions were targeted residential neighborhoods have also been bombed. saddam's military rulers have suspended talks of process leaders for 3 days the opposition who demands civilian rule have coal the decision regrettable. and egypt's military says it's killed 47 arms men and multiple raids across north and central sinai hundreds of explosive
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devices and other weapons were seized more than 150 people were arrested. at the rights group amnesty international says it has evidence war crimes may have been can i say it in libya. or literally for have to has waged a 6 week long offensive to capture the capital tripoli from the un recognized governments and the cia has gathered the statements compiled satellite images which it says reveals unlawful rocket attacks on a neighborhood of tripoli well the group is calling for an international investigation and this is my deliverer is the deputy director for the middle east and north africa region at amnesty international she does join us now on skype wife from london thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us just start off by outlining what war crimes are using have been committed against civilians and by whom. so we have looked at
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a number of separate incidents that have occurred in the past over the past 6 weeks of the enemies of plants in tripoli and have identified particularly 3 incidents that have occurred between the 15th than the 17th of april in the. neighborhood of tripoli where we believe western shore areas residential neighborhoods where no obvious military target was identified were being targeted with unguided and precise. rockets we've also looked at the 2 attacks that have struck migrant detention centers. including an air strike at a warehouse facility located in the immediate vicinity of an immigration detention center as well as
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a direct attack against migrants and attention. being trained in. immigration detention center in tripoli and who do you believe is behind these attacks is it just one side or are they bought off having a hand in this. well you know our our research has revealed that you know both the and as well as the t.n.a. . include 107 millimeter rockets as well as grad long trips in their arsenals the fragments of those rockets have been found at the site of you know the indiscriminate rocket attacks that we have identified in the absolutely area the other tele marriott though it is it is it is although it is controlled by forces affiliated with the government of national or core of it according to eyewitness testimony. that we have collected no
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fighters were being present in the area at the time the. witnesses have told us that day believe these were struck by by the libyan national army that this is something which must be established through an international investigation. which is why we have renewed once again our call on the international criminal court to expand their investigation and this of course is an act of conflict so when the fighting still very much ongoing have you handed off access to stand up those claims and how is it possible to investigate these claims of war crimes when the fighting very much so ongoing. well we've unfortunately not had access to. recently so we have been investigating these allegations from oakley we have been
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conducting interviews with but this is and victims we have been also. our digital verification team has looked at. great number of. videos and show to establish on social media which we have to locate it and verify it for authenticity and we have crucially been looking at satellite imagery analyzing you know what looking specifically at damage that may have been caused by either rockets or airstrikes comparing images before specific attacks and after them and looking at whether or not we could see any military targets in the vicinity of specific areas that have been targeted and force they will have to leave it there but thank you so much magdaléna mccarthy joining us via skype from london thank you. thank you. now the u.n.
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says at least 10 palestinian refugees were killed when rockets hit their camp in syria's aleppo province 4 children including a 6 year olds are among those killed 30 others are believed to be wounded. iran's foreign minister says u.s. sanctions are unacceptable and uncalled for but insists his country is committed to the 2050 nuclear deal so it's a reef is in tokyo for a meeting with prime minister. japan of course is a u.s. ally that depends on iranian oil well earlier this month washington ended waivers that allowed japan and others to buy crude from iran the u.s. has tighten sanctions on tehran and supplied warships in the gulf region in recent days. showing his government says the country is no peaceful enough that it can lift nationwide evening curfews that have been in effect since monday that were imposed after gangs attacked mosques and muslim businesses the government says
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hardline buddhist groups are under investigation over the attacks bernard smith reports from the combo in northern sri lanka a chat with almost any village monk will give you an idea of the challenge sri lanka faces in repairing relations between its muslim minority and buddhist majority population we'd like to talk with muslim and muslim community leaders to have a discussion and live in a mickle way to be able to live harmoniously muslims need to realise this is not arabia this is sri lanka in sri lanka has a culture in a civilisation and identity 31 man from this village are in police custody after violence in northwestern sri lanka on monday. open under their oath says the men were protecting the village and didn't attack muslim properties 9 mosques were vandalized and hundreds of businesses in more than 30 towns and villages were ransacked by what witnesses described as sin healy's young men
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a sailor wickramasinghe is not vines or to one of the buddhist nationalist political groups that are now the focus of government criticism after this week's violence if i go to saudi arabia if i say i am a buddhist person i need the right. if you're talking like that what will happen to you. saw me how do i understand the reality i had this is a mad already the movies people are seeing people and that is the norm now the real muslim people they understand their video of a police raid on a mosque where large knives were seized spread quickly on social media it's thought this helped fuel anger so the government shut down access to apps including whatsapp and facebook but we're missing a says the government hasn't done enough to calm the tension if someone said this there is a way. in this must see them you know on these muslim houses then of course emotionally raw trying to protect our children right so we we xpect from the government
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to take a necessary action. this control this current situation at st sebastian church in the gumbo they're continuing to repair the damage caused after one of the 8 easter sunday suicide bombers blew himself up here he killed more than 100 of the 253 people killed in a series of coordinated explosions across the country most of the victims of the bombings were sri lankan christians but they're not the ones that have been involved in this week's attacks on muslims rather one minister is blaming buddhist extremists are trying to tarnish the reputation of the government bernard al-jazeera and the gumbo in western sri lanka. the story is former prime minister bob hawke at 89 a former trade union leader mr hauck sir for terms as prime minister was considered a reformer is human too quick takes
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a look back at his life and legacy. australia had never had a more popular prime minister and there hasn't been one since at one stage opinion polls found 3 quarters of australians approved of how bob hawke was leading the country he took the left leaning labor party to 4 election wins his 1st in 1983 was his party's biggest victory will get embodied qualities australians like to see in themselves he was down to earth seen as having a great sense of humor and a sense of fairness. he could also drink. a plaque at oxford university commemorates the day the future prime ministers that a world speed record quit drinking almost an liter and a half of the year it was a reputation he played to in his later years. a former trade union leader bob hawke served 4 terms as prime minister and was considered
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a reformer he floated the strained dollar and in gauged in the privatization of state assets while managing to keep the trade unions on side. his government introduced a universal public health service and environmental protections for the great barrier reef and forests in tasmania. he handed back management of the room then widely known as as broke to local aboriginal people. also deepened australia's relationship with china and strengthen ties with other asian countries australia hosted the 1st ever asia pacific economic cooperation or apec meeting when who was prime minister in 1989 but for many australians it was a different international engagement for which he would be best remembered he reveled in australia's 983 america's cup yacht race when the meant in his place as
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a prime minister of the working man and woman was i announced thing in effect a spontaneous national holiday was essentially was with finance minister paul keating who walked took labor's reformist agenda into the 1990 s. but to the relationship turned sour keating challenge talk for the top job and one key thing was to win one more election victory labor's 5th in the row giving the party is the longest run in government to date. bob hawke divorced his wife of almost all ts in 1995 and married his biographer a month later thank you he said 5 by her and his 4 children. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories at least 6 civilians have been
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killed in saudi u.a.e. coalition air strikes in or around yemen's capital sana the coalition and says city military positions were targeted but residential neighborhoods have also been bombed. libya is a yemeni journalist from sunna and he explains what happens is very clear that what happened this morning here in sanaa i was a response to that through the whole drone attacks on the on the oil facilities in riyadh it is a very clear but unfortunately it was the. blind completely blind. response because it resulted on lee in killing women and children in there is a danger area. saddam's military rulers have suspended talks with process leaders for 3 days the opposition alliance which has been demanding civilian rule has called the decision regrettable negotiators are trying to decide who should head
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the council that will oversee a transition period before new elections are held egypt's military says it's killed 47 armed men in multiple raids across north and central sinai hundreds of explosive devices and other weapons were seized and more than 150 people were arrested it's. the years security council is holding talks on the recent attacks in the saddle region of west africa. is representing 5 regional countries the meeting in new york follows 2 attacks in the share and sparking a fast so in less than a week the death toll from chooses ambush on soldiers from the chair has now risen to $28.00 it's not clear who's behind the attack near the village of tongo tongo that's close to the border with mali but several armed groups are active in that area. trying because government says hardline buddhist groups are under investigation over a recent wave of unseen muslim attacks at least $31.00 people have appeared in court in connection with those attacks or those are the headlines the news
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continues here now to syria after super 30.
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the 2 men behind super 30 could hardly have more different backgrounds their partnership might seem unlikely but it looks we understand each other. there's certain things which we have in common best makes us work together. to do something for me put a people would be pretty bad not add so much. he's also one person if mark at much and lays on lake me. at the end of this hot april day jaunt that she's leaving the exam center. for the soup with the burden is now lifted.
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later that evening in their symbol for a d brief with. it out. he wants to know how they think they've scored matter and 70 percent. 60 percent man want to live in a trance it will kill you if. they were there was nothing. if not been hollowed. out assad to murder her but after all the love power plus memory limits a large a suddenly found. it gone have a high. 5 are law on her part of more put in sub.
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sub op us made me look bigger i'd say here where. he appeared the curious iraqi of the god rather the guy a guy a deal where indeed he had a bundle you got. rid of. the year 3 people end up being. valid. other law thought i'll cut. through. your teeth. it's all your. really really. cool. it's time to new photo of the host and this is the 30 loops each other for a couple of months until the exam results are announced.
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at last it's results day and the news. it is good itself i got it because it was right there are a part not given that you're still going but it will be how you'll get back if you can donate by pretty fit but tell me that i am i get panicked to be the indian media descending on a non commodity neighborhood the soup with the cheese achievement will be broadcast fabio but not. taking it for what 29 of the 30 have passed it's the best ever result. if prince is soo put that he's highest ranking candidate and has come 3rd it's no less than a noncom are expected to vote a telegram. that has as a follow up. but chick which improve their chair but to me that they have put.
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up an economy or bought their. your goal from which they have all those most of the hot ago brioche got a bit better but monica they are scum it's clear. he has a significance to how they rank the higher the students mock the mood choice they have over what to study and which i i t campus they'll go to. the bar you and i you. know you. like so many camera crews have arrived at the press conference has to move into the garden and if you give them. a real holler feel out of it so put that big job up make. the liver my butt not us or hop out of debt by a sunset but a lot of the what your budget bought cover health care ya has the while to be.
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an answer. 6 believe. me. if. you. do things will now be going to i.t.t. but he has only the haziest idea of what it actually is and isn't. oh i could be for the but. the larger the scope we don't. know if this is. the cause. or you devoted to. what. i tell a god to get you back to give me the way back i. am this is just to get the full to
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the dance that was a few i have to. give this was him another without having to kill himself but with the little guy with academic. dancer and i have had this. time and i am in the family man and. sean didn't do as well as george but he's relieved to have got in at all this was his 2nd and final chance i'd love to see more than a lot of what we've done with you or me other housing. donors are going to go mark marshall director real good design market next. thing with me my release was did he commit a non-nuclear as many people are looking to hospital or put or i have one lives this could be take. them. to. the city.
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to come good they could go in that it turns out always witty or big thing. sean's mother has no doubt about where the credit really belongs or such a dad alan said can mark. will shoot but we cannot deny but but joe cool cannot kill under. the law. lincoln wanted he would be better cut the wood at the head of the water button called big. the capsule but it's hard to fit. but out may scare she had her mom on and said good mark wanted to see. the. prince's making his 1st visit since the results were announced he came 165th out of the 5000 who'd been accepted from all over india. lol riddles the summer.
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marks are here local missing some here but you're fortunate to get very well going for this and me that you have that much like yeah but. here they were 30 below right. to mark millar. no 100 i'd like to hear what i'm looking for so. near marseille that the whole of the board that. is what i will call but i'm glad about. some of. this in but the puddles have profits and demand done without them by a mob by the chairman that it's near my desk in the. hall of both of us on the down i can just from rock to hospital. that evening the winning team is busting for a final appearance at the rom
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a new john school coming here to inspire the next year's super talented hopefully thank you think. they're not just through. this and have here finally get the probable likely get out going to mark a 4. 105 going to get away with the child he has prepared. for this. situation i believe. busy you provide an argument. for me. so you take that thank you card. your luck no father john i've already. got all he would hear is from our peers it just like he had. i am got their hand
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got don't follow us because they need us know why our small 00 brotherly arch that is somewhat over here or go thank. you. is now at a tea deli but he's spending his holidays at home in but no teaching this year's super 30 gillett but i. may. be without their game was north of a part of. america that are going to. be going over the bridges that protect the guy. feel to be the loveliest no but as some of which local chain. didn't come over there is some odds that he thought that made me feel
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that all was. a decade on we return to but not to find out what had become of the students and of super 30 that sell. their stuff home village. but i look at his family had moved on later that day we tracked them down to a nearby village the teacher an hour strike from patna. a look at his family have left. and moved in here with a relative.


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