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tv   Peace And War The View From Russia  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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developments pose a dilemma for china's leaders the relationship between china and iran has been affected a lot by the sanctions from america especially the recent escalating big nami sanctions and the military threat this cause a very big challenge and uncertainty in relations between china and the around creating added diplomatic pressure for china china's leaders are in a bind they still appear committed to the iran nuclear deal and maintaining trade ties but so far as we know china is not imported any iranian oil since the beginning of may a sign behalves the china is reluctantly going along with the sanctions it publicly opposes so does china still have iran's back no not at this point. and there isn't is that china is really not in a position to back here on right now the only the only party that can back iran
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is the europeans and they have 60 days to decide that but they probably have done everything they could and for china it's the best strategy for china actress stay out and maybe boys some support quietly. china has already begun to pay a heavy price for its relationship with their own mom when joe the c.f.o. of war way is awaiting extradition from canada to the united states on charges of conspiring to violate u.s. sanctions on iran 2 years ago another chinese telecommunications company paid the u.s. government a fine of more than a $1000000000.00 after admitting trading with iran. the question now is whether china's leaders will be prepared to defy trump over iran and risk further diplomatic and economic fallout given the state of that relationship though they may well feel they have nothing to lose adrian. brown al jazeera beijing. still
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ahead on al-jazeera as trump looks to tighten immigration we need terrorists who are doing one thing to help migrants to the u.s. . and canada on a day of that fast stadium built for the wild card in good time for 2022. but it's something of a wet week into southeastern parts of china and for the same as we go on into the weekend actually lots of clouds still diving down towards hong kong heavy rain certainly on the cards and we'll see some pretty wet weather there for saturday 31 celsius showers pushing up towards chain do go on into sunday to become more widespread hong kong perhaps a little dry but the showers never really too far away if the truth be no. showers
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continue across parts of india china i want to show it to the eastern areas of india a little more cloud up towards the northwest of india northern parts of pakistan spilling out of afghanistan so this is just speeding its way through it'll gradually run over towards nepal south of that with temperatures struggling to get to $35.00 celsius it need to be because there is a little more cloud around here but still very hot for many $42.00 celsius from that pool or so far harder about a want to 2 spots also than that says one would expect as we go on through the coming days to the mid forty's so the possibility for some it warms up you notice for sunday the in new delhi just want to see showers into the far south of india 2nd half of the weekend to tell us a little bit of rain around the eastern side of the right of dimentia on saturday and sunday. i really want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality where there are online
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when you have a male chauvinism that is managed with in our global federation it is really hard to get a piece of that or if you join us on sunday. they're going to be held there by this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us in our live you tube chat and you too can be in history join the global conversation on how does iraq. hello again i am the star a reminder of the news this hour. the un humanitarian affairs chief has spoken to the security council about the worsening situation in syria's province he's
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described attacks on camps and hospitals within the deescalation zarin. troops from sudan's rapid support forces have tried to remove barricades in place by protesters outside the army headquarters but they eventually gave up more demonstrations are expected in court today. iran's foreign minister is calling on china and russia to work with terror on to save the 2015 nuclear deal from collapse just as a reef is in beijing where he's trying to shore up support after the u.s. tighten sanctions on iran's oil sector. while in britain cross party talks to strike a compromise on prime minister to resume is brecht's a deal have failed jeremy corbyn says discussions have gone as far as they can the 2 sides have tried for weeks to agree on the terms for the country's exit from the e.u. britain was due to leave on march 29th about bret's that has been delayed until october
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31st. president proposed changes to the immigration policy could see security increased at the border potentially stopping tens of thousands of migrants and refugees but across the country groups of volunteers are refusing to turn your backs on the reports from san diego. in fall for is texas eddie canoas fills a barrel full of jugs of water to save migrants who might otherwise die of thirst in the dry thorny brush in el paso texas volunteers at the church of god to hand out donated clothing to destitute migrant families in san diego professor joyner brooks and a handful of student volunteers collect letters from people fleeing violence and poverty were being held in detention. across the u.s. a small army of volunteers spends time money and energy to help migrants and asylum
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seekers in any way they can canalis has been putting out water into the wilderness for years he's seen what happens to people who don't make it to safety since 2004 we've had $750.00 recovered bodies and remains and until we fix a system that is broken we're going to continue to have a humanitarian crisis a people dying pastor méribel velasquez has turned her el paso church into a shelter for people who are released from detention with no place else to go it's horrible and in the beginning i never thought it was going to be to this stream they're tired to be hydrated they're hungry authorities say a record number of migrants were detained in april exceeding 100000 for the 2nd month in a row most are families from central america professor brooks center student volunteers are archiving over 1000 letters from migrants in detention pair
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detainees with pen pals on the outside and there are letters we archive. with privacy protection so that future researchers will understand the magnitude of this humanitarian crisis and the real lives of refugees the letters tell of escape from violence poverty and of fear and loneliness in incarceration sometimes migrants send little gifts baby shoes woven from bits of plastic a dreamcatcher crafted from dental sloss grassroots volunteer efforts like this one stand in sharp contrast to the vast sums expended by the us government for border police barriers and incarceration even while our government has locking up refugees we will be humans we will extend our. no matter how modest the effort because this the world depends upon small acts of kindness sparks of humanity amid
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a humanitarian crisis robert oulds al jazeera san diego. india's near 7 week election is drawing to a close official campaigning ends today friday with the 7th and final phase of voting to be held on sunday the governing the j.p.s. campaign has been highly focused on prime minister narendra modi who is seeking a 2nd term in office and as the electorate deliberates for the final time in certain parts of the country hell raman reports from a very nasty a stronghold of the incumbent prime minister narendra modi. it's loud it's passionate and it's drawing crowds to the city about announcing they've come to see priyanka gandhi for the indian national congress party drum up support her party wants to unseat the income but he doubts prime minister narendra
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modi for the moment it's more about political celebrity and less about politics. but analysts say a resurgence of the opposition is countering modi's record his personality and hyper nationalism what has happened is a modi has projected himself as a personal figure who represents india india's national interests whereas everyone else has seemed to be coming short of what might be nationalism in this country as a result the campaign is incredibly incredibly personalized the world on the other side of our nazi supporters of 2 other major regional parties a similar to what he and behold johnson march parties have joined forces to take on voting locations like these are in the final stages of the election the crisscrossing states and constituents in the trying to win the every single vote. general election has been described as the dirtiest most divisive and the most polarized in india history.
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of you some members of the public agree with. friends becoming enemies within families that have been divisions and box of books on religion hindu muslim and these things have never happened in the past we're doing together regional party leaders like says the cult but failure to deliver on its promises of people dressed in favor of nationalist fervor they're not talking about extras really they're not about blood and then out of the more danish an advantage is they're not talking about how d.s.t. has worsened the business of local businesspeople so they're not talking about the relevant issue they're only about national issues that is only because they're talking about terrorism. the state of west bank goals all campaign related violence of choose date night injuring several people the election commission and did campaigning there on thursday evening but not before the privatised the spoke.
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you have all seen what's been happening in west bengal the criminals of the ruling t.m.c. have made the state into a living hell the type of oil that has spread across this region is a stain on democracy. as the campaigning for india's weeks long general election and many are now looking forward to the final phase of voting but some here wonder if democracy is reputation has already been damaged so he'll robin al-jazeera varanasi. for millions of muslims around the wilds the holy month of ramadan is a time for reflection and for family but for foreigners living in the besieged gaza strip it's a difficult time israeli restrictions make it difficult for many of them to go to their countries and visit their parents and tasha game reports. borscht a beet root soup and ukrainian favorite is on the if to our menu as the abu out a family prepares to break their ramadan fast it's
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a way to provide their daughters a taste of their heritage one spoonful at a time in this ukrainian and a palestinian family touch on i met while both were university students in ukraine they married and moved into the dolls' childhood home in the gaza strip in 1907 touch yanna is ukrainian she hasn't been back to her native land in more than a decade last year her father died now her older brother is ill. sajid it is really very difficult and i'm an indescribable pain in my hearts. the government in gaza doesn't track the number of foreigners living here however community leaders estimate there are about 850 foreign wives in gaza most are ukrainian or russian many say the israeli government has repeatedly and for years denied them entry to israel so they can travel onward to their countries or even go
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to their embassies in tel aviv elizabeth. this should be respect for ukrainian russian or any other nationality this should be easier access from gaza to israel and i'm on. a charity called friends of merciful hearts helps facilitate travel for these women the group says it's become impossible for them to get permission from israel to leave gaza that leaves the egyptian border crossing it still takes months to get clearance and the women say it's a difficult journey the only time tachyon i went home in the last 22 years she ended up stranded in cairo for 3 months because egypt close the border. procedures at the crossings are you legal it's a violation of human rights and a violation of all the international treaties that guarantee the free movement of human beings. we contacted the agency in the israeli ministry of defense which
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handles these issues it says in quote extraordinary humanitarian situations it reviews these cases taking into consideration security concerns last year 784 people from gaza were allowed to enter israel for visa interviews at various embassies it did not provide a figure of how many people traveled abroad. touch on a not only wants her 4 daughters to visit ukraine but to obtain citizenship barring peace she says they have no future living in the open air prison gaza has become natasha going to. the gaza strip. now katz a has unveiled a nearly built well cup stadium the 2nd of 8 planned venues for football showpiece event in 2022. was that was i
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if this was a taste of what fans can expect at the world cup in 2022 then cattle impressed a dazzling opening ceremony moved to its 1st purpose built stadium you know what crowd and keen to demonstrate its global appeal organizers of the tournament invited international legends to watch the show you just it's an amazing when you look at also the stadium it's very close to the to the players it's got a great feel to it and it actually feels like you're at a world cup this is not typical but also talk about it it's a stadium that compares to the santiago bernabéu it's from all over the state and it's good for the public and good for the players. oh what kristie adium is set to host 40000 fans for games up to the quarterfinals and the me a cup final was a sellout the late architect zaha hadid was influenced by traditional arabian dels when she designed it but as well as nod to the past cathles latest stadium also features state of the art technology one of the coolest things about our what
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krista idea is the air conditioning system and maybe in the high thirty's outside but in here it's in the low twenty's and that's because the whole stadium is egg condition right up through the seat down to the pitch. the fans did give former spanish international shabby a warm sendoff though as he played one of his last much as before retiring from the game keeper's president jannie in pantene i was also in the crowd alongside the emir of qatar he's been pushing for an expanded 2022 world cup which would see the country's neighbors share hosting rights despite a blockade cats are must be hoping they've done enough to change his mind joining al-jazeera cattle. now taiwan's parliament has approved same sex marriage making it the 1st territory in asia where it's legal. to give same sex couples similar protections as those given to others it follows
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years of debate about marriage equality the vote took place on the international day against homophobia transphobia and by phobia well tributes have been paid to one of the world's most renowned architects i am pe who died at the age of 102 some of his most recognizable works include the louvre in paris and the 72 story bank of china tower and hong kong the museum of islamic art and castles capital doha was one of his last major projects. i am the stars you take in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera mark lowcock the un humanitarian affairs chief is warning of a humanitarian disaster in its lead if syrian government forces unleash a full scale assault he's described attacks on camps and hospitals within the
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deescalation zone around 3000000 people are affected. in the last 3 weeks we have reports that up to 160 people have been killed at least 180000 people have been displaced and millions of people are crammed into an ever smaller area 180000 in 3 weeks while many people have moved to camps more than 80000 people have found themselves with nowhere to go so they are simply parked in open fields or sheltering under trees. troops from sudan's rapid support forces have tried to remove barricades put in place by protesters outside the army headquarters but they eventually gave up on wednesday the military council suspended talks with the opposition for 3 days negotiators have been trying to reach a consensus about who will govern the country before new elections a cold iran's foreign minister is calling on china and russia to work with tehran
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to save the 2015 nuclear deal from collapse just as a reef is in beijing where he's trying to shore up support after the u.s. tighten sanctions on iran's oil sector in britain cross party talks to strike a compromise on pm to reason that deal have failed labor leader jeremy corbin says discussions have gone as far as they can the 2 sides have tried for weeks to agree on the terms for the country's exit from the e.u. britain was due to leave on march 29th but breaks it has been delayed until october 31st president donald trump has announced his plans to overhaul the u.s. immigration system the changes would strongly favor skilled migrants and make it more difficult for non english speakers and asylum seekers the saudi u.a.e. coalition says it's investigating what it calls the possibility of an accidental airstrike in the yemeni capital sana'a on thursday the coalition says it was talking military positions but residential neighborhoods were also bombed those are
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the headlines next stop the stream. it's a tipping point trying to start telling us right now that we have just 12 years as the world's leader. taking to the. ego you. get the sound that kills people and it kills people now it's critically ill from. the people. i of i mean ok and i'm really going to be here in the stream today how is china cracking down on ramadan and we'll also look at 2 other stories why people are boycotting the your vision song contest and anti abortion bills in the united states and as always we want to hear from you so send us your questions your
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comments via twitter or in our you tube live stream chat. human rights groups continue to criticize china's crackdown on was the readers who take part in fallston and regular prayer these and other common muslim practices a few point chinese authorities as acts of religious extremism and dissent against the state so what do china's actions mean for weakest in the holy month of ramadan here with us to talk about this we have via skype from washington d.c. sophie richardson china director human rights watch and right here in the studio russian about asked directly of campaign for good to have you here russia can you describe what it is like as a muslim as a week in china to try more mock the holy month of ramadan. all aspects of. the band the chinese government made all the normal activities of this from normal
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practice like just praying fasting eating hello food not eating pork not drinking alcohol made all of these are illegal under the pretext of extremism currently they're holding 3000000 muslims in the concentration camps therefore for we. they are not being able to fast and it's just a sort of viable for them like trying to just exist there they are living under the complete. civilians police state being monitored 24 hours a day they are for the months of the holy month of ramadan is just being another time of terror and the people are afraid of this practice ignore more islam. when you hear what those restrictions are like there and they sound very restrictive people online and in the diaspora are trying to do something about it
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in whatever way they can and so one of those ways is something that caught our eye it's hashtag this is. this ramadan people must act fast from china to show their support for millions of leaders who are being banned by banned from celebrating ramadan by china the creator of that hash tag in that campaign sent us a video comment her name is him as a baby and she's the director of outreach for the save weaker campaign here in d.c. and she talks to us about what's behind that. we started this campaign because $3000000.00 muslims are in concentration camps in east africa is that under the chinese regime china will not let muslims fast during the month of ramadan so we are fasting from china it's super easy we want people to not buy anything made in china and post those pictures of things that they did not buy on their social media this campaign will continue after ramadan until we are muslims are free. so what do
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you make of measures like this will they have any effect at all oh i think it's a brilliant idea to link together you know these. these pervasive pernice restrictions on people's ability to practice their faith that i agree with everything that just said but would add to it that you know it's not just that people aren't allowed to fast or you know introduce their children to their religion the chinese government is actually describing islam as an illogical virus as if it was some sort of dizziness that had to be eradicated and i think anything that muslims or non muslims around the world can do to raise awareness but also you know to put some pressure on governments particularly in the organization of islamic cooperation who've actually praised china you know citizen activism around the world to get those governments to change their position really could make a difference on one hand i'm just thinking about what is happening to the leaders
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have been many times during our history where we have not been particularly sophisticated and banned different faiths and religious it seems so not all of this time that this is happening to leaders but during that time people have gone underground and still practice their faith is it safe for you to tell me how people are still managing to remain muslim even and very difficult circumstances 1100000 country deployed or you go home to monitor their daily activities to live or is them live in their houses asking their troll drone to spy on their family if they are practicing their 4 and the plus the every home has q.r. codes implanted scanning that this monitor who is going in and out. the cameras are everywhere and when you fast during ramadan it's not like you don't eat during the day from sunrise to sunset but when there are cameras every corner and there.
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offering drinks and the sin that at work at schools it's almost impossible to fast because people are so afraid of what it's like to taste if you don't eat and even though your. faith tells you that. you do abstain from fasting if you are able to see if you don't eat them then you are in trouble in trouble serious trouble yes. maybe it's not possible even in private. yes extraordinary it's almost impossible we have been doing it in private and china is getting away with this in the front of the world community's labeling and the fine islam how can it was core principles of the religion or any real need to can be compatible for coming to say. so i wonder who we interviewed and so if we don't go ahead one person we interviewed who had actually been detained in a political reeducation camp and came back out who obviously had had to comply with
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restrictions on your observing his faith at all when he was detained so something really quite evocative to us which was that no matter what had been done to him that in his heart he was always kinds of be faithful to his religion and i think when you hear people who have endured that kind of treatment and yet remain so true to their beliefs it's really i think it's a testament of how strong this identity is how critical you know campaigns like fashion ramadan can be in educating the world about the need to show some solidarity that's the only thing keeping we were muslims going the faith and the hope so i want to bring in this comment from arsalan who says that this hash tag this campaign fast from china is a start but why stop there people don't understand the severity of the situation of the weaker muslims were getting unofficial figures of 50 to 100 dying daily in camps he says not to mention the total ban on islam and the extermination of an
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ancient culture and so while we can't verify those facts talk to us about what this is meant for members of your family your sister is one who. something extraordinary has happened to her and you're not sure what. well i was very high outspoken and they talked about the atrocity the conditions of the camps and the fate of my in-laws at one of the think tanks here in washington 6 days later my sister and my aunt were abducted just disappeared has been more than 8 months now i don't know anything about my sister house her conditions and the if she is where she is i had no idea for 8 months we didn't hear anything the chinese government kept claiming that those are very education centers or walk ational training centers on my sister is a medical doctor speaks fluent chinese what kind of vocational training a medical doctor goes through and also recently they invited some of the reporters
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to the region. to guided tours to some of the camps and saying that the prison guard official saying these people come here from mondays through fridays and then be able to return home on the weekends we have not heard from my sister for 8 months. thank you for sharing that story i know it must be difficult for you but i do believe that getting the word out there is educating people online thank you so much for your time thank you to. you for joining us for this segment moving on our next story is the boycott of euro vision activists are calling on artists and music fans to boycott this year's widely televised euro vision song contest which is being held in tel aviv those who support a cultural boycott of israel say artists who choose to perform in this year's competition are art washing and normalizing the israeli state's treatment of palestinians others including singer madonna say all human rights should be
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respected and that music should be seen as a medium for peace so is a cultural boycott of israel justified and how effective are such protests with us to talk about this in edinburgh scotland merriam barghouti a writer with a focus on palestinian issues and in waltham massachusetts shana weiss associate director of the center for israel studies at brandeis university welcome to both of you things for being here for this i want to write in to our community because they have so much to say about this topic the 1st tweet is from martin who says everyone has the right to support any cause they choose whether popular or not but no right to upset the fine of other people spend your time being positive or risk being a nuisance to the very people who might even support you one day so a little bit of criticism right off the bat merriam i will direct this to you what would you say back to martin. i think a lot of people can play the cultural boycott with. something that it isn't the
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cultural boycott is to stop normalizing israel as a racist apartheid colonial state it is a state where. the israeli diplomat call african migrants a cancer and then become israeli minister of justice it is a state where on average and. 2018 has killed one palestinian child per week it is a state that has almost 70 percent of the palestinian male population incarcerated $67.00 it is the state that has an apartheid wall that breaks the west bank from the rest of the population that has glaus under siege for more than a decade that has palestinians with israeli citizenship treated as 2nd 3rd class citizens i think everyone that experiences these hard realities will find it difficult to be positive. when artists
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or otherwise academics entertain israel when they legitimize it or for a temporary satisfaction when they negate this history until today is what has been held accountable for the mass exodus of 700000 palestinians and until today 50 percent of the palestinian population is in the diaspora because they cannot return so i want to play something because the criticism of particularly around staging and the host of the you vision song contest 29000 and there is euro did a little bit of publishing a little bit of p.r. to say hey guys you should come and hang out with us not only are we a cool place but we're also can put an ice musical together i'm sure you little clip from the video and your vision 2019 the music when it comes from cannes public pool cost 8 in asia have a look. i don't believe just what you heard it's the war or not you.
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know much more than just the bright. really likes it dollars. this is the. real. change i'm just wondering about i mean that some can get into the top 5 of your vision so easily perfect amount of from all of that very cheesy but i'm just thinking these ideas of to a cultural boycotts against how people see israel and their relationship with palestinians and then using new vision song contest as a platform for that do you feel that's an effective place to make those criticisms . so that video is really interesting because it's actually a satire of how israelis are trying to use your own vision i think to fight stop
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the conflict what's interesting to me about the issue of boycott is right so a whether or not it's justified but whether it's effective and my concern is that a boycott plays into the hands of the israeli right wing and it is a blunt tool that pushes away israelis who would otherwise be interested in some sort of peace and. and really pushes them into the arms of the right which are able to use this narrative there's no partner there's no one for us to make peace with and there's no one for us to talk with and i worry that an isolated society will lash out and do even more horrible things i think that's more telling the israeli society then it is of whether the boycott is effective or not that the fact that palestinians again have to appease israeli society because there's a fear that they're going to lash out is more telling of the colonial reality of israel and boycott historically has been utilized in various colonizing struggles
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what we call it is the nonviolence gravity so one of those things are criticized when they're up in the streets protesting or when they use armed guards the stance and then at the same time criticize them when they're using something that is still nonviolent that emphasizes not targeting individuals by targeting institutions and still that is not enough that is not enough to hold a conversation on the meaning of justice and still adopting the notion of peace in a vacuum that does not address equality does not address accountability does not address justice is not just a disservice to palestinians it is a disservice for any struggle in the world and in pursuit for equality any pursuit for an end of racism an end of anti semitism an end of homophobia and of islam it is much larger than just worrying about israeli society becoming more right wing
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lariam here someone who might agree with you this is mark on twitter who says hi i support the boycott for several reasons i come from ireland where much like palestine we have experienced invasion decimation injustice from the british i cannot partake in a competition that is taking place in a land that is oppressing and actively killing but with that said shane i. i go to you with a video comment we got from the author of this piece the headline is year old vision it's political this year as it is every year so take a listen to what dean told us he's a historian at the university of vienna and he's currently in tel aviv for euro vision so have a listen in the last decade some countries have withdrawn from your vision due to the political tensions with host countries for example georgia did not go to your vision in moscow in 2009 i mean you don't go to the edition in 2012 and russia did not go to kiev in 2017 this year however there were no countries that employ
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causing your vision and i think what has kept fans away from this contest most of all of the high prices for tickets and accommodation. saina. i completely agree tell if you know it's very expensive the hotels are very expensive and the tickets are expensive as well i think it's important also to realize. your vision is an inherently political it's political every year and what's interesting to me is that even the most outspoken critic of the icelandic band how tare is still there and has chosen to visit had brown to visit the occupied city of hebron and to make a statement while still attending and that to me is really interesting and we'll see what happens in the final competition ladies i'm going to wrap up this conversation because you just said that vision some contests is inherently political anyone who grew up with the vision song contest knows how the voting goes and now that every year you can tell how is your doing regarding the voting this is
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duncan lawrence he is entering the universe and some contest in behalf of the netherlands he's going to be a backdrop because we also see you vision song contest for a statement also them about this boycott and they said the contest is a long running normal political entertainment event and i just looked at the last little bit there have been no discussions with any of the members or associates concerning a boycott of univision song contest 2019 all of the countries that are taking part think you seen him unfortunately that's all the time we have for now but we will continue to keep an eye on this story thank you for your time and finally abortion laws in the u.s. on wednesday the state of alabama pasta country strictest laws against abortion the law would criminalize nearly all the portions unless the woman's life is in danger but also makes no exceptions for cases of rape or incest alabama and at least 15
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other states are part of a recent wave of so-called bills which about abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected have a listen to what georgia governor brian kemp had to say after he signed his state's bill into law. understand why. some of this legislation. is it in the court of law but our job is to do what is right. not what is. we are called to be strong and courageous. and we will not now we will always continue to fight for life. the bills are likely to be challenged in court and are seen as one more step towards the u.s. supreme court eventually overturning the $973.00 roe versus wade case that establishes the right to abortion access in the united states here to talk about this much she said she's come to an professor of law because your school can
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believe you've got a lot of work for you to see this is so busy on. let's start in alabama because of course online that is what most people are talking about in our feeds so sophie here is one of them she says alabama's abortion ban is the direct result of brett kavanaugh is confirmation to the supreme court where the firmly conservative supreme court justice supreme court 7 states this year have been emboldened to pass flagrantly unconstitutional laws to set up a test case to overturn roe versus wade and this is why we need hash tag court packing so a lot there to unpack in that tweet kimberly to talk to us about what she gets at the why the why now what do you make about. well there truth is that basically since 1973 there have been in tight race forces that have been trying to overturn roe versus wade so it's certainly the case that brett kavanaugh is confirmation has. emboldened people and maybe given them
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a little bit more hope that they would actually be able to overturn roe at this point but abortion access has been attacked in the united states for many years and including in 1902 when planned parenthood versus casey was decided which was the 1st case that really were rolled back. the roe decision 1st came as you see any link between or the states that have these heartbeat bills wanting them to be nor can you say oh those are the 15 states that want to do this to d.c. that. i missed out of your question there was something about a commonality among the states exactly that's exactly my question but you said it so much better than i did great so certainly we see a lot of action in states that we would describe as red states states that are more conservative in the united states states that tend to vote for conservative politicians some of those are southern states not all of them are southern states
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so there's definitely a divide here between what we would call blue states states that tend to vote democratic and states that are red states that vote that tend to vote for conservatives and for republicans there's someone on watching right now writes my home state of georgia passed a law like this it's dangerous for women and for a democratic society that's elizabeth rainey on you tube thanks for that comment but another person on twitter says there is a specific group of women who this will affect the most she sent us a video comment after writing this piece and march on black women will always work to assure abortion access she says have a listen to what she told the stream like women have always freeze policing of their reproductive rights and freedoms and you can go back to the history of slavery to see that and so what what's happening in georgia and alabama with lawmakers in strict and access to abortion is nothing new for black women and you know that the law. uniquely impacts women in poverty and women in poverty black
11:44 pm
women are more likely to face poverty in this country. can really just absolutely right i mean one of the things that we know for sure is that the impact of making abortion more difficult to access hits certain women are certain women much harder than it hits others so women who are low income women of color particularly black women women who are immigrants younger women women who are under the age of 18 you know these are the people for who making abortion access more difficult really creates the highest burdens and the highest difficult. in terms of being able to not only control their own bodies but really control their own future so there are very deep race and class implications in all of this i'm just thinking when we saw some pictures of the make up with the supreme court if you look at that line up came really can you predict what may well happen to abortion rights and abortion
11:45 pm
access in the united states just looking at you know in where their positions on where they come from where basically where we are now is you know the supreme court has 9 justices for a very long time it was the court where you could be pretty certain that any abortion case was going to be decided 54 in favor of continuing to have a right to abortion that is protected by the u.s. constitution brett kavanaugh his nomination through a significant wildcard into that calculation justice kennedy who is to see that justice cavanagh took was a pretty reliable vote to protect access to abortion there's really no reason or very little reason to think that justice cavanagh will do the same so will say so i want to end here with a few perspectives from our community says this is a nightmare this is about will mean women's bodies and making them feel less than human another person writes that people with financial means and political
11:46 pm
connections will always facilitate safe and professional abortion services through travel private doctors and hotels and will avoid the consequences. thank you so much kimberly for joining us and thank you for all of our 3 part show we will see you are always online at all stream so next time. he added to. the fashion the success and the popularity. and then he gave it all up. for the love of his homeland. football rebels delves into the realm of footballing legend rushy bulletproof free. fall to the algerian national liberation front with his feet rashid mclean free and the f.l.n.
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al-jazeera where every. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm howard dean this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. despite our warnings our worst fears now come true. a grim message from the un's humanitarian chief as the security council discusses the
11:49 pm
syrian government's offensive in edler province. a standoff in sudan as military special forces try to remove barricades set up by protesters. iran's foreign minister calls on the international community to save the nuclear deal as he visits china to shore up support. and talks between the u.k.'s main parties break down without a compromise and peace time with all your support one of the world's top rugby players is kicked out of his national team australia israel folau for posting homophobic messages on instagram. but we begin in the united nations where in the last hour the un's humanitarian chief has warned of
11:50 pm
a grim humanitarian crisis and serious at live province arklow corke addressed the u.n. security security council at a special session after the bye. of hospitals and refugee camps within syria's deescalation zone where the council called for the urgent meeting after government forces backed by russian airstrikes when you there assaults on adlib and hama provinces late last month at least 180000 people have been forced from their homes while our diplomatic editor james bass is live at the united nations james what have we been hearing. very powerful words coming from the united nations very strong words about the scale of the problem in the scale of the bombardment bombing barrel bombs shelling and very much the the countries the been looked at for this syria and russia will tell you more about what the u.n. said in a moment but the closing part now of the speech being made by the russian ambassador
11:51 pm
let's listen in to try to. get a life a little. bit is also did you return the accusation against russia. that we've just stabilized that we enjoy it and as do the american colleagues and we have our own assessment of who is disable eyes in the region stupidity just wasn't what is important right now to the police is to want to prevent to enlist in the persian gulf gulf related to the growing american iran tensions yet the buzzword of this who would provide us with a great impetus for political settlement throughout the region as a whole and when i look through all of that this could make the region slide into chaos as we would like russia will continue making efforts bringing peace back to syria no national capacity and out about as a permanent member of security council and real art of the astronaut troika has been within the framework of that troika was more or was done for deescalation
11:52 pm
reducing terrorism there than in any other format as well as to extend humanitarian assistance and what's particularly important currently preparing the political process i thank you mr president. offended this in this the press and the russian federation now are led to give the thought of that if that was the russian ambassador vasoline speaking to the security council he made it quite clear that he did not accept many of the allegations that have been made by other members of the security council he said this was a case of deja vu the security council concentrating on the actions of russia but then he brought up for example what happened in the former eisel stronghold russia saying there be many civilians there who died as a result of the u.s. bombing and the security council haven't raised any meetings in any problems about that he said that russia was only reacting to what he said was shelling on how much and aleppo that was being carried out by elements he said were linked to.
11:53 pm
now they'll be many in the security council say it's deja vu which is russia noughts addressing the principal allegation that's been made in this meeting which is that they have bombarded schools and medical facilities in 3 weeks them and the syrian government. we've had some 17 schools damaged or destroyed 18 medical facilities damaged or destroyed according to the u.n. humanitarian coordinator mark local who had some more powerful words the secretary general has been warning about this for months last september he stressed that it was quote absolutely essential to avoid a full scale battle in italy and quote and he warned that that would quote unleash a humanitarian nightmare unlike any we have seen in syria. when i briefed
11:54 pm
you here in 1000 september i said a full scale military onslaught could result in the worst humanitarian tragedy of the 21st century. despite our warnings our west fear is now coming true. that james you mentioned there this could be a case of deja vu do you think this could change anything at all on the grounds well i think certainly that is what some members of the security council hoped they hoped by raising this in a closed meeting a week ago perhaps russia would not like the pressure on them and that they might back down they've now decided that didn't work the bombardment by the syrian air force and the russians has continued so they've gone to the next level which is to raise it in a open meeting hoping i suspect that some countries like the one that speaking now china which are on russia's side but are very wary about big death tolls
11:55 pm
in public situations like this maybe able to restrain the russians and the syrians but of course if you do push further there is nowhere else to go we've seen so many times the u.n. security council take things to actually the point of action which is where you get to a vote on a resolution and russia has made it quite clear that when it comes to that it's prepared to use its power as a permanent member and veto resolutions on syria james bays life as they're at the u.n. for now thank you. so the news now in protest as in sudan are gearing up for another day of demonstrations in the capital khartoum friday prayers were held a short while ago close to the army headquarters earlier troops from the military units called the rapid support forces tried to remove barricades put in place by protesters but eventually gave up long wait and stay the military council suspended
11:56 pm
talks with the opposition for 3 days because he says have been trying to reach a consensus about who will govern the country before new elections are colds let's stay with this have a morgan joins us now live from carter soon given the events of today what's the mood like among the protesters on the streets. well hello the protesters are saying that they are not going to leave their set in front of the army headquarters they say that they've been there for 6 weeks now and their determination has not torn down this attempt from the military council to try to disperse them now they have also struck a reconsider to atone they say that they believe that the army and the rapid support forces are their brothers in this revolution and that they could reach a deal but the sudanese professional association the body that has been spearheading calls for protests say that they do not understand the reason and they do not accept the reasons given by the military council in terms of suspending talks for 72 hours now protesters are saying that they have done what the military
11:57 pm
council has asked they've removed most of the barricades along the main roads around her the tomb and they're waiting to see what comes next they believe that the military council is trying to please them as goads and by by not handing over power to civilian government they're saying that they do not want to be an excuse for not forming a transitional government so lots of determination but lots of caution cautiousness in that square in front of the army headquarters people want to know what is the next step that the military council is going to take and what it was what is it going to say when it resumes talks once again with the opposition coalition absolutely or never will the protesters as your sig seem to be giving some sort of grain cheer but what about the army are they moving at all. well the army is saying that it's not going to be having talks again with the opposition coalition and till the 72 hours has passed now that 72 hours will expire on saturday evening so it's expected that they will issue another statement on sunday but the question
11:58 pm
is if the 2 sides come together how would they be able to sort out their differences they have been able to agree on most of the structure of the transitional government including the legislative assembly and the executive council but they are yet to agree on the sovereign council and that council effectively is going to be the presidency so they're trying to figure out who is going to need the military wants to be the one chairing that council with either equal representation or the majority and the opposition coalition it says that it wants a variance sharing that with military presentation but it's not even have so a lot of point they have to figure out in terms of that council as well as the issue of is it going to be an actual council or is it going to have just a term role so if they manage to agree on that then they can come together then they can say that they have formed a transitional government but unless they agree on that they would build a transitional government and people at the sit in say there will be continued with their protests ok but morgan will have to leave it there but thank you very much for bringing us that update live from the sudanese capital. let's take a look at how we got here the protests began last december against the wise in cost
11:59 pm
of bread and fuel then quickly turned into a nationwide and see government movements over the next 4 months dozens of protesters were killed in confrontations with the security forces president omar al bashir announced reforms but process leaders refused to back down and began that sits in at the army headquarters in khartoum at least 9 people have been killed there and on april 12th the military d. paused to share and set up a transitional council bartz process leaders have been calling for a civilian government since then or hodges kooker is a filmmaker activist and member of the nonviolence movements helping to organize those protests in. he joins us now on skype from carson thank you very much for speaking to. see those talks are deadlocks the sin is that we've had reports it's been under attack i mean how optimistic are you that any
12:00 am
concrete progress will be made. well yeah i was at. one of the blockades that we did in the main streets in the street yesterday and i was one of 20 people were holding it and there's this whole negotiation of actually giving up a street that we have just so. the military council is just saying that the only reason they stopped this whole thing and a negotiation is because i'm walking the streets so we actually gave it up which is a really hard thing to do to tell our activists the like old bag leave it open up the plays comedian and allow the soldiers who were you were just giving us a few days ago to come really close to where the action is happening like this it didn't happen so we are worried we don't think this is the real reason that the military council asked it stopped the negotiation meeting their main reason is the elephant in there which is.


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