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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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worsening disputes with the united states for china the issues trade for iran it's the threat of war iranian foreign minister zarif was last here 12 months ago just after the u.s. pulled out of the iran nuclear agreement that china helped broker it was meant to curb iran's nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief china and other nations roll out to keep buying iranian oil. china is one of the most important partners of this logic republic of iran it is also a political partner or a very close economic partner and also one of the remaining members of the nuclear deal monday during this new stage it is important to have close consultations with the chinese but earlier this month donald trump canceled the exemptions that had permitted such purchases just before raising tariffs on $200000000000.00 worth of chinese goods these recent developments pose a dilemma for china's leaders. the relationship between china and iran has been
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affecting a lot by the sanctions from america especially the recent escalating big nami sanctions and the military threat this cause a very big challenge and uncertainty in relations between china and the around creating added diplomatic pressure for china china's leaders are in a bind they still appear committed to the iran nuclear deal and maintaining trade ties but so far as we know china is not imported any iranian oil since the beginning of may a sign perhaps that china is reluctantly going along with the sanctions it publicly opposes so just china still have iran's back. no not at this point. and the other reason is that china is really not in a position to back here on right now the only the only party that can back here on is the europeans and they have 60 days to decide that about they probably have done
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everything they could and for china the best strategy for china actress stay out and maybe boys some support are quietly. china has already begun to pay a heavy price for its relationship with iran mongering the c.f.o. of war way is awaiting extradition from canada to the united states on charges of conspiring to violate u.s. sanctions on iran 2 years ago another chinese telecommunications company paid the us government a fine of more than a $1000000000.00 after admitting trading with iran. the question now is whether china's leaders will be prepared to defy trump over iran and risk further diplomatic and economic fallout. given the state of that relationship though they may well feel they have nothing to lose adrian brown al jazeera beijing. among the stories that still ahead the battle of
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a donald trump the multibillion dollar border war which has caught. the strains most of the election that couldn't deliver their 6 prime minister in 6 years and. the king of clay is looking regal and rob peter has the action and the sport. the trump and ministration has reached a date with canada and mexico to remove u.s. tariffs from steel an element of imports the move could put the 3 countries a step closer to ratifying their new trilateral deal that. replace the north american free trade agreement equipment and emanate the us metals tariffs and canada's retaliatory trask's on us products including pork beef and bourbon. obviously these continued tariffs on steel and aluminum and are countermeasures
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represented significant barriers to moving forward with the new now. now that we've had a full lift on these tariffs we are going to work with you my united states on timing for ratification but we're very optimistic we're going to be able to move forward move forward well in the coming weeks like a spider patty callahan is joining us live from washington d.c. for more on this so patty is this the end of at least one trade dispute that the u.s. has been involved in. it appears that it is that now this also has to come with a little bit of context the president was out talking about how he made this deal and so he's letting the tariffs go the bottom line is he had to do this remember he campaigned on getting rid of nafta the north american free trade agreement called it the worst feel ever made his base needed him to renegotiate that so he has so he has this new agreement that he wants to see congress pass no it's not all that new of an agreement experts say if you look at it it's just basically some pretty tiny
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tweaks but still to he is to be able to say before his reelection that he kept his promise that nafta has been renegotiated there was a very important senator who said you know that's not going to happen until you get rid of tariffs on the aluminum and steel coming from china and mexico so the president has been pushing his people pushing on capitol hill what looks like it's going to be a pretty tough sell but it was a nonstarter till he made this move so it wasn't as if the president did this without some pressure senator grassley chuck grassley from iowa very important said you're not getting this until i get my way and now he's got his way to senator that is not the president ok so possible progress even if the changes are small petty trump has also been speaking about the ongoing trade war with china where there has been progress. he was giving a speech today and he again reiterated what he's been saying is that they had a deal they tried to renegotiate so he's not going to do that he was very flippant
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about it and if you talk to experts here in washington they're really questioning the strategy of the president granted his fallback position is to be belligerent to sort of basically beat people into submission but experts here say if you know anything about the chinese culture what he's doing every time he seems to believe all this or say that the chinese tried to renegotiate is putting president thing in a corner because obviously he does want to be seen as losing face the president though thinks that he's got the winning hand that the u.s. economy is stronger than the chinese economy and that he can keep making this point until he gets his way lot of experts don't think it's going to work but until he starts to feel a political cost as such as the economics of it start to really impact his base the president signaling that he's going to continue as he thank you very much for that and with the latest live in washington d.c. thank you. to algeria now where hundreds of thousands of pro-democracy protesters have been back out on the streets for the 13th day in a row protest as
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a demond in the removal of the political elite forcing oust their longtime president the tory gates and the reports. there were ugly scenes in the capital algy is on friday as protests turned violent 1st a police officer fired tear gas at a protest as i. some in the crowd retaliated by throwing objects at him he was then attacked by 2 men who climbed on to his police van it's not known if he was injured in the pool i was tens of thousands of protesters blocked roads around the main square for the 13th consecutive friday that demanding the removal of politicians and officials from the regime of ousted president after these beautifully for the i think a similar mix over to where the they want to destroy us what they want we demand late only we reject their stories of the beings we are the ones who choose who
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represents us not even though you know many protesters don't believe that interim president abdel cardin salah is the right person to run the country at this critical moment presidential elections are scheduled for july the protesters are unrelenting in the demands for a complete regime change that it was in such a project an election is under this president can only lead to a far joint government but we is the one who fix $6000000.00 forms for bootlicker but weasel actions are rigged and valid and we will not take part in them and we say no to the elections the west many want army chief of staff rahm edguy it's not there to step in and remove the political elite but he's warned against what he says are attempts to create a power vacuum so i see despite such warnings anti-government protesters seem determined to continue their rallies until the political establishment is gone. victoria gate to be. representatives from the un the e.u.
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and the african union are piling pressure on sudan's military and protest leaders to reach an agreement immediately both sides were expected to reach a deal earlier this week the talks have been suspended for 72 hours after protests to set up roadblocks across the capital car thaw and the latest round of demonstrations here are morgan has more from car too. protesters in front of the army headquarters and are saying that they're waiting for the military headquarters to let them know what will happen after the 2 hour deadline expires now that deadline expires on saturday at midnight and they're waiting to know if the military council will extend an invitation to the opposition to resume talks or whether they will continue with their sit in to put pressure for a civilian independent transitional government to be formed now the 2 sides still have a lot of things to sort out including the sovereign council which effectively will be the presidential body the military council wants to be the one chairing that council as well as either equal or more presentation than civilians meanwhile the
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opposition are saying that it has to be an independent council with mostly civilians and military representation so that is the last hurdle they have to sort out before they can announce a transitional government is formed in the meantime protesters are saying that they will be in front of the army headquarters they will not be deterred by violence from the from the military and the rapid support forces and nothing will stop them and less this the an independent civilian transitional government being formed and accountability for those who have committed crimes over the past 30 years lots of demands but lots of high hopes and expectations that will be sorted out once the 72 hour deadline passes from the military council the u.s. house of representatives has taken its bastion of donald trump's border wall to a federal court it's urging a judge in california to stop billions of dollars being transferred to its construction of the wall the house is being joined by 20 states and 2 advocacy groups and february congress approved $1400000000.00 for border fencing that swell short of what president trump wanted to obtain the additional money he declared
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a national emergency and diverted cash from other government programs let's get more on this our correspondent rob reynolds is joining us live from los angeles so what does the house the 20 states and other parties argue. well elizabeth this is all of course about the money that the president. didn't get from congress when he asked for it back during the early part of this year and he then declared a national emergency and said he would take the money as provided by the national emergency legislation from various pots of money controlled by the military by the pentagon the department of defense so what happened today were that arguments were heard in federal court here in california brought in a lawsuit brought by 20 states and a separate lawsuit brought by environmental and civil liberties groups saying that the president's actions in this were illegal and unconstitutional that there is no
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state of emergency that he in fact telegraphed in advance that he was going to do this if he didn't get the money that congress if he didn't get from congress the money that he wanted so essentially he's doing an end run around congress and this violates the separation of powers the chief lawyer for the house of representatives sent a letter to the judge as part of the evidentiary materials at this at these hearings today saying that the president is does not have the authority to spend this money for a project that is the wall which congress has not authorized so it does get into some matters of constitutional law president wants billions of dollars and already under the department of homeland security and other agencies billions of dollars are being spent by the u.s. government even without the wall on incarceration and border patrolling policing
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and so forth but in contrast to that elizabeth there's a really a small army of ordinary americans if you will volunteers individuals church groups and other houses of worship and and all sorts of people who are gathering. gether to try and help migrants on their own live a better life once they get into the united states. in fall for his texas eddy canalis fills a barrel full of jugs of water to save migrants who might otherwise die of thirst in the dry thorny brush in el paso texas volunteers at the church of god hand out donated clothing to destitute migrant families in san diego professor joy and a brooks and a handful of student volunteers collect letters from people fleeing violence and poverty who are being held in detention. across the u.s.
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a small army of volunteers spends time money and energy to help migrants and asylum seekers in any way they can canalis has been putting out water into the wilderness for years he's seen what happens to people who don't make it to safety since 2004 we've had $750.00 recovered bodies and remains and until we fix a system that is broken we're going to continue to have a humanitarian crisis a people dying pastor méribel velasquez has turned her el paso church into a shelter for people who are released from detention with no place else to go it's horrible in in the beginning i never thought it was going to be to this stream they're tired to hydrated they're hungry authorities say a record number of migrants were detained in april exceeding 100000 for the 2nd month in a row most are families from central america professor brooks center student
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volunteers are archiving over 1000 letters from migrants in detention one pair of detainees with pen pals on the outside and there are their letters we archive on with privacy protection so that future researchers will understand the magnitude of this humanitarian crisis and the real lives of refugees the letters tell of escape from violence poverty and of fear and loneliness in incarceration sometimes migrants send little gifts baby shoes woven from bits of plastic a dreamcatcher crafted from dental sloss grassroots volunteer efforts like this one stand in sharp contrast to the vast sums expended by the us government for border police barriers and incarceration even while our government is locking up refugees we will be humans we will extend ourselves no matter how modest the effort because
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this the world depends upon small acts of kindness sparks of humanity amid a humanitarian crisis. and it's a crisis that extends from the rio grande border to courtrooms all over the country the house of representatives itself has another. legal action a lawsuit pending that's going to be heard in a washington d.c. courtroom next week on may 23rd elizabeth rob thank you very much for that rob animals live in los angeles. still ahead this hour we'll look at why the talks in norway between venezuela's government and opposition have solved anything. and in sports pages will tell us about spanish success and that she wanted to tell you.
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how low we've got warnings in force across central parts of the u.s. for some severe weather bring up as we go on into the weekend lots of clouds showing up on the satellite picture from the appalachians moving across the plains right up into the mountain states and beyond will see some rather wet weather also feeding into the civic northwest and into b.c. there's some snow the sunset over the higher ground war weather comes in behind as we go on through saturday across the pacific northwest washington state oregon northern parts of california could see some lovely showers longer spells of snow over the mountain states through the rockies possibility some snow to just around central parts of canada it's the sable that's where the warmth is 28 celsius there for daisey and rising meanwhile sas day does see more showers longer spells of rain brewing across that eastern side of texas into oklahoma heavy downpours severe
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storms sunday looks like a really nasty day large files a possibility we could well see some tornadoes bring up as well as this system really peps up 31 celsius there for d.c. see some find hot weather coming through here not so hot but into a good parts of western u.s. we could even see some snow coming in over the mountains may well into the caribbean war right for the greater antilles. in a 2 part series. observes the lives of 2. 20 years. where insights into circumstances that shaped lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of me continues with good morning good syria on al-jazeera. al
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jazeera is there when a story breaks but it's also good to see what happens when you. look at it. for a model. 73 that believe you hear the movies now is we're all about change people have gone here they are the mission of the national army is the entire complex and i'll just there are stories about telling it to people 1st but what they think is happening they're called. good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour and these are our top stories and by the syrian regime and it has killed several civilians the attack happened as
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the u.n. a chief warned that their worst fears are being realized to northwestern syria where the government and its allies are pushing to retake the last rebel stronghold a senior iranian politician has called for urgent talks between tehran and washington after weeks of escalating tensions u.s. president has offered direct talks with iran's president hassan rouhani to discuss its nuclear program but white house officials say they're yet to get a response and donald trump has reached a deal with canada and mexico to remove u.s. tariffs on steel in the minium imports the move could put 3 countries a step closer to ratifying the new trilateral trade deal that would replace the north american free trade agreement. closing started in a strain for elections that could deliver the 6th prime minister in as many years opinion polls suggest the conservative governing coalition will lose to the center left labor opposition opposition leader bill shorten has come. the 2 more ambitious
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targets to reduce the strain is clean house guest missions has also promised to bring stability after years of both sides of politics watching prime ministers and party crews now the state of victoria is a key battleground in this election andrew thomas says in its capital city melbourne and i'm here in the electorates of the labor opposition leader bill shorten his party is expected to win this election but only very very narrowly opinion polls are really tight in the final weeks of this campaign the issues that have dominated will front and center has been the instability in the governing liberal party if bill shorten wins will be the 6th prime minister overall in 6 years but also as my report in a moment explains taxes the environment and refugees of all features. if opinion polls are right the man in the middle of this crowd will on saturday be elected as australia's prime minister bill shorten from the left of center the
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labor party is popular with many young australians. he promises higher spending on schools and action to tackle climate change but many say it is the chaotic leadership of the governing party that has helped the opposition not just those don't. take action. we've got to stop this and take real action on 1st a living we've got to stop. take real action if you like. since being elected in 2013 m.p.'s of the right of center government of the liberal party have turned against their leader twice dumping tony abbott for malcolm turnbull before throwing him out the current prime minister scott morrison. m.p.'s of the previous labor government also deposed their own leader twice. this is where you go if bill shorten is elected he'll be australia's 6th prime minister in 6 years and change
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your prime minister through an election would be a break from the recent past what bill shorten is promising is a period of political stability with the full on climate change that means relatively ambitious targets for emissions reductions renewable energy and electric cars the current government has failed to act on climate change over many years and it's been rising for the last 4 years so it's really risen as a critical if elected the government says tougher action on climate will hurt the economy it also says a labor government's policies on refugees will lead to what it calls we care borders the government to sort of deter refugees from trying to reach australia and sent them to detention camps on remote islands in the pacific think the bottom line is as difficult as this policy is if you change it if you wait in it if you show a lack of resolve then you invite on this country and the poor souls who would type the risks the worst of all possible outcomes but labor has effectively removed
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refugees as an election issue by saying it's will continue those tough policies. opinion polls can be wrong but there is one certainty turnout will be high in australia voting is compulsory with fines for those who fail to show up to vote. so polling stations open motion was just over an hour ago they remain open for merely another 8000 shortly after that we should get a pretty clear stare as to who's going to win this election. cross party talks and russian aimed at striking a compromise on tories amazed that deal have failed labor leader jeremy colvin says discussions have gone as far as they can the 2 sides have tried for weeks to agree on terms for the country's exit from the e.u. britain was due to leave on march 29th but has been delayed until october 31st paul brennan has more from london. no surprise really that the 6 weeks of talks
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between the government and the opposition labor party have failed to agree a compromise position on how best to proceed with the 2 sides simply too far apart and 2 main sticking points where labor's demand for a permanent customs union that is uniform tariffs or lack of them within the european community that was a red line that the conservative leader recently was simply not prepared to cross and the other issue that was the sticking point according to those involved was the idea of having another referendum even a confirmation the referendum looks to be too much for the conservatives and indeed labor is also conflicted on the idea of putting the whole british you back to the people for another vote so where does that leave us well short of time frankly the european elections european parliamentary elections take place next week both the conservatives and labor are expected to get a hammering from the electorate because of the perceived incompetence over the way
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that handled this but immediately after those parliamentary elections parliament's goes into recess it won't sit again until the week of june the 3rd at that point we're looking at potentially the prime minister bringing back the withdrawal bill for another formal vote and it's looking increasingly likely that she will lose that vote again it will be the 4th time that she's lost where then well it's anybody's guess looks like if she loses it she will be forced to step down sooner rather than later but where does that leave bracks it well again very short of time there's no prospect i don't think labor indeed saying that they will not pass the legislation before the end of july that means parliament will go into the summer recess and remember the deadline for it is the end of october if we come back early september and there's still no firm idea as to how to tie up all these new sense. then we really are going to be very much up against it again to meet that deadline
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set by the e.u. . meanwhile the campaigning in the european elections is underway and it's being seen as a litmus test on whether there is still support in the european union. has new progress at party is leading the polls while at least 5 other parties are campaigning to remain largely has more from the southwest of england these people believe they are the defenders of democracy in britain under siege by elites which would stall the barricades and overturn the bricks and referendum the new brics it policy likes to encourage this fortress mentality and clearly many english people do too they are way ahead in the polls and this is a warning to parliament not just look in 74 to the labor party as well if they do not deliver for exit in a meaningful form that actually is
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a project that we won't come to the next general election and that m.p.'s of both parties are in dire trouble assuming the polls are right the brics that party will win at least a 3rd of the votes in the european election plus a further people in this country who actively want to leave the european union with no plan and no deal they are determined and they are organized and their opponents are in some disarray with the conservatives and labor at war with themselves and each other it has fallen so far you've other passes to try to fight off brick says he has a new one called change u.k. currently polling in single digits. and here's another resurgent centrist liberal democrats on around 15 percent nowhere near as high as the brics it policy so why don't they all stand together and if they don't which one should people vote for. the fear is going i would be much happier if there were 9 parts of the working together on a common platform it didn't happen i'm not blaming anybody it's just the way it is
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and now we're dealing with the reality and i think it's very clear from the polls people are gathering around the liberal democrats and i'm going to encourage them to be right then there's the greens registering their highest ever polling in the u.k. they accepted there have been infighting between the remain supporting policies not a good look when the aim is to defend the u.k. from the disaster of brics is if we're taking it as a proxy referendum i mean need to add up the votes of the brics the party not at the base to remain parties and then i think that both come out about a 3rd but honestly say it's the people in the middle who can make a difference and what we need to do is have a people we can actually see where the country is now and i'm trippin i'm pretty sure that will come out for remaining to the u.k.'s voters are offered a choice between a new policy that offers no policies whatsoever other than brick states and yet which is utterly focused or several others who have coherent policies on almost everything yet which seem at odds with each other along with. the more confusing it
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becomes gloriously al-jazeera in the southwest of england. and this is the full list of pashas competing in the european elections in the south west of england. mediation talks have wrapped up in norway between the venezuelan government and the opposition they were aimed at ending the country's 5 month pal struggle representatives of opposition leader on why though have now left in a way while venezuela's foreign minister factors in counterpart for help in the dialogue a latin america editor lucien human has more from venezuela's capital caracas. there is a tremendous amount of secrecy surrounding attempts to bring about some kind of a negotiated settlement to this ongoing conflict we do know that conversations that took place with representatives of both the government of president. and of opposition leader in all slow norway have ended their representatives have returned here to the capital we don't know whether those talks were stalled were ended or
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they were going to be resumed no nothing has been said about that all we know is that the foreign minister has thanked norway for its efforts to mediate or rather to this was about a dialogue. that there is no dialogue only mediation very very careful not to make it sound as though he is negotiating with the government and this is because he is under tremendous pressure from some sectors more hardline sectors of the opposition who say the time for talking is over that the only way to dislodge president at this stage would be to have some kind of international foreign military intervention the palestinian foreign minister says a u.s. plan for ending the israeli palestinian conflict would be an unacceptable act of surrender speaking in london maliki says the plan which president trump describes as the date of the century would only compound palestinian suffering washington says the proposal could be unveiled in june but it hasn't revealed any more details
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. to give it. to israel. the u.s. administration has sure nothing but this regard. who writes and for palestinian lives for international law and the internationally recognized terms of reference unfold common sense and decency politicians in the u.s. state of missouri have voted to approve a tough anti abortion bill days after alabama reenacted a similarly restrictive law missouri's governor will sign the bill saying it will make his state one of the most pro-life in the country the legislation bans terminations at 8 weeks of pregnancy there are exceptions for medical emergencies but not the pregnancies caused by rape or incest doctors could be jailed for up to 15 years but women won't be prosecuted landi gallagher tells us more about
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alabama's new abortion law from montgomery. susan and require to run their adoption agency together for 15 years in that time they found new homes for hundreds of babies they support a woman's right to get an abortion but described themselves as pro-life but even for this married couple with deep christian values alabama's near total ban on abortion has gone too far there are a lot of things in this country right now that are being pushed in the broke because of who isn't in office and and the men who are following the leader and we. we're not fans and that requires a lawyer by trade so supporters of alabama's tough measures want to get it before the highest court in the land their aim he says is to overturn the law ruling notice roe v wade that legalized abortion in 1973 i think it will go to the u.s. supreme court if it's not alabama georgia.


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