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or several others who have coherent policies on almost everything yet which seem at odds with each other along with all drags on the more confusing it becomes. in the southwest of england. and this is the fullest of all his competing in the european elections and in the southwest of. and the a 7 week long election is drawing to a close with a final phase of voting on sunday the governing body campaign has focused on prime minister narendra modi who is seeking a 2nd term in office the opposition has accused him of stirring up hindu nationalism so while raman reports from vida nassif one of the prime ministers votes to heartlands. it's loud it's passionate and it's drawing crowds to the city about an hour see they've come to see priyanka gandhi from the indian national congress party drum up support her
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party wants to unseat the incumbent m.p. that's prime minister narendra modi for the moment it's more about political celebrity and less about politics. but analysts say a resurgence of the opposition is countering modi's record his personality and hyper nationalism what has happened is a modi has projected himself as a personal figure who represents india india's national interests well as everyone else has seemed to be coming short of what might be nationalism in this country as a result the campaign is incredibly vitriolic incredibly personalized. on the other side of our nancy supporters of 2 other major regional parties the somali unbuttons the march parties have joined forces to take on voting questions like these are in the final stages of the election. crisscrossing takes a constituency trying to win the every single. general election has been described
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. to us the most divisive and the most polarized indeed history. of the use of members of the public agree with. friends becoming. family have been the dogs of. on religion hindu muslim and these things have never happened in the past we're doing together regional party leaders like says the government's failure to deliver on its promises of don't be dressed in favor of nationalist fervor they're not talking about extras when they're not about blood and they're not talking about the humor dilation advantages they're not talking about how d.s.t. has worsened the business of local businesspeople so they're not talking about the relevant issue they're only about national issues that is only because they're talking about terrorism. the state of west bank goals all campaign related violence of choose to ignite injuring several people the election commission and did
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campaigning there on thursday evening but not before the prime minister spoke. you have all seen what's been happening in west bengal the criminals of the ruling t.m.c. have made the state into a living hell the spread across this region is a stain on democracy. as the campaigning for india's weeks long general election and many are now looking forward to the final phase of voting but some here wonder if democracy is reputation has already been damaged so al-jazeera. taiwan's parliament has the same sex marriage legal a 1st for i. a fall as years of debate about marriage equality took place on the international day against homophobia transferred here and the life she said was i. actually when i started to learn about myself i mean in the time when i came out i never thought that i could get married in taiwan i
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thought this would not happen in my time i knew that they would come in taiwan but never thought it would be when i am still young but maybe when i would be 50 or 60 years old. pater has all the. qualifiers. maria driven by poverty into prostitution and drugs and. now is a. round with the help of the theatre a group of women fighting the challenges they face. compelling series which showcases talent. find a lot in america presents. the us is
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a tipping point. that we. as the world's leaders fail to agree. on a solution i'll take you to the. top . which is significant because one of the songs that goes on that it kills people now is critically both fronts were to the people who still don't know just 0. and it's time to support peter. thank you very much australian rugby star israel folau say he's deeply saddened of the he's contract was terminated following
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homophobic comments he made on social media he was sacked by rugby australia on friday after a panel found him guilty of breaching the team's code of conduct for well who is an ultra conservative christian posted on instagram last month but how awaits with homosexuals and drunks among. rugby australia admitted it was a painful decision to take and of leave the country without their best player for this year's world cup in japan we want to strafe but this. is a painful situation for the guy might be a strange did not choose to be in the situation but rugby astride his position the mindset as. just ordinary choice i've communicated to replay with the play is all professional playas to make it clear that rugby is trying to fully supports the i'm right to they are in very late and nothing has happened. but when we're talking about inclusiveness in our guy we're talking about respecting differences as well
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when we say rugby is a game for all we may not. it's been depleted lineup on quarter finals there at the italian open tennis after roger federer and soccer both withdrew from their matches through injury defending champion rafa nadal wasted little time against fellow spaniard fernando verdasco he dropped just 4 games in a straight sets win. and an upset for the 6th seed kane issue corry knocked out by diego schwartzman the unseeded large and so on but he sings some incredible shots in a 6462 victory to reach the series. in the women's event the dream run of maria said khare has continued the qualifier from greece's into the semifinals after a 3 sets victory over christine i'm a did it surprise taking the final 6 last. show in our face the 4th seed catalina prisca who had to show plenty of character to get past a tory as a ranker she came from a sit down to take the decider 16 and progress to the last. there was also
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a final set aside as you had a contest came through against a market of on the last of our children after a 6 seed if you push and sing the same finals you had the day off thanks to osaka injury with 2. event as coach muster many on our legacy will leave the club at the end of the season having won 5 city are titles in succession you they haven't yet given a reason for the italians departure a legacy has led the 2 inside to 2 champions league final since arriving in 2014 but the club has not won a major trophy in europe in 23 years speculation about our legacies replacement has already begun but pep guardiola says it's not him the manchester city manager also had some comforting words for their rivals about whether they'll be spending big to try to sign anton griezmann the summer. the people from barcelona don't worry guys much as it is not going to buy. to buy and griezmann we cannot
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afford it so for people from brussels of the world we are not interesting which is meant. as manchester city will become the 1st team to do the domestic travel in england on saturday if they beat watford in the f.a. cup final what fits captain truly dini is hoping the weight of history on city's shoulders will help he's team's chances at wembley. pretty much we miss it it was. so. naïve enough to feel no we could just turn up and we're going to be. arguably one of the best teams in terms of this generation of football football it ain't. the respect they deserve also so one of anything could happen by munich need a point in the final round of bundesliga games on saturday to clinch a record extending 7th german title in a row but they're up against i'm trying frankfurt who can still qualify for european football next season and they are determined to spoil the party so to them
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says if we get this research. we know that there is a lot at stake of course we know that our team our club has a wide range of outcomes from forced 8th place and that's something we're also aware of that's why it's not just about an important game for munich. games on track frankly we want to conclude our season in such a way that we achieve our goals. for the area concert remains the man's a catch after friday 7 stage of cycling's jaded italia the 185 kilometer trick to luck will i was won by spain's pale bilbao the astana ryder made his move in the closing stages to hold off the challenge from the chasing pack but it's the italian county of team emirates who retains the bracing is pink jersey holds an advantage of one minute and $32.00. thank you it's. coming off again later. thank you very much for that now it is a big year for brazilian cinema the 29000 cannes film festival but 7 movies on the
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show the 1st screening coincided with mass demonstrations back in brazil against education cuts by president is government cuts that are hurting the arts sector to cuti hog farm can challenge a reports on the political message that brazil's films ascending. to the cost of brazilian film background this is their moment to enjoy they say it's also the moment to protest. extreme times cool for extreme cinema. used and though conceived 10 years ago angry tale of oppression feels like a bang up to date critique of brazil's current political climate. here an isolated impoverished village is forced to defend itself when threatened with being wiped off the map it's a film that shows the power of the community under fire and under fire is how the
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directors now feel as brazil's president. cracks down on what he calls cultural marxism with the rise of the extreme right for some reason they have. they despise artists and culture and it's all very sinister and the way it is it seems to function. so. they have slashed federal funding for cultural basically and of course in a film. another distinctly brazilian film is sick sick sick a feverish story about 1st love that becomes dangerously infected. it's a poetic 1st film from director alice fatah to who shows brazil's youth liberal and . it's in some way reflects the kind of nightmarish 6 states of residence of science. and i think that the ending of the film is like.
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trying to. get the intensity back trying to get the. i don't know the love back maybe because we were in the society of haters. it's unclear what help films like this will get from the government going forward president both has recently merged the ministry of culture with a ministry of citizenship brazil has brought 7 films to catalyse it's a record for the country and something to be celebrated but for the filmmakers here there is concern that back in brazil the crowds gathering and their future artistic freedom could be under threat charlie i was al jazeera. finally the bulletin a cat lovers a morning the internet sensation grumpy cat has died aged 7 the cat has real name to start a source famed for her permanently clumpy appearance a result of a rare form of feline. she had more than $12000000.00 followers on social media and
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made more than a $1000000.00 for her owner who quit a waitress job to become the cat's full time manager right. that does it for the news hour thank you for watching. just a few months after journalist ramadhan special she was killed another dissident was under threat norwegian security officials had to take him from his home in oslo to a secure location after a tip that the saudis were targeting him. human rights activist. and her husband gavin were sleep when 4 teenagers broke down the back the teenagers just. scribed his being of african appearance still on the run before all of this happened i wasn't scared out of black people or people of color or. whatever
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the focus on african gang crime began in march 26th seen when violence broke out at the moon the festival at federation square in the center of melbourne to gird soup of african young people coming together and no one there was a fort bragg added because of my role in all it feel or some of it was because the place because i'm involved in the start of choice and they're just people and that crowd all narratives in the media to talk a lot of political person. these people to commit crime interesting to raise whole human gets blamed for the actions of the few. people have to base cypher i have to feel side to side there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with this well. he had it all. the passion the success and the popularity. and then he gave it all up. for the love of his homeland and. football rebels delves into the realm of
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footballing legend rashid look through free. fall of the algerian national liberation front with his feet rashid mclean feet and the f.l.n. team on al-jazeera. our worst fear is now coming true. the u.n. aid chief warns of a humanitarian nightmare in northwestern syria where the last rebel stronghold is being bombed by government forces. hello welcome to our jazeera live from doha i'm latina and it's also coming up
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australians facing the elections that could deliver the 6 prime minister and as many as. a step closer to replacing nuff to the u.s. removes terrorists on steel and alan minium imports from canada and mexico. the angry tale of oppression from brazil stealing the spotlight in cannes. but 1st the u.n. aid chief has warned their worst fears are being realized in northwestern syria where the government and its allies a fighting to retake the last rebel stronghold mark local says the offensive in italy province could result in the worst humanitarian tragedy of the 21st century diplomatic editor jane space reports. the russian ambassador vaseline
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depends under pressure in the security council last year russia was one of 2 countries with turkey that guaranteed it as a safe now it stands accused of unleashing with its syrian allies a campaign of bombardment on the province since late april this escalation in violence has reportedly killed and injured over 100 civilians and further displaced 180000. the aerial bombardment is alarming including the use of barrel bombs in populated areas. with 18 medical facilities and 17 schools destroyed or damaged in just 3 weeks there were even more powerful words from the un's most senior humanitarian official when i briefed you here on 18 september i said a full scale military onslaught could result in the worst humanitarian tragedy of the 21st century. despite our warnings our west phase and now coming true mr
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local revealed the un had shared the precise coordinates of humanitarian facilities with all warring parties so they wouldn't be hit but the u.k. ambassador then asked if they'd actually been deliberately targeted as a result mr president it would be absolutely grotesque if n.g.o.s and health workers providing coordinates to a mechanism they believe is there to assure their safety but finding themselves being the authors of their own destruction because if deliberate targeting by the regime when it was time for russian ambassador benazir to speak he accused the council of double standards ignoring civilian deaths during the us bombardment of the eyesores stronghold of russia but he denied his country's air force was currently targeting medical facilities for you but it's that we categorically reject accusations of by
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a lady in international humanitarian law neither the syrian army nor the russian space and air force is conducting has delivered against civilians or civilian infrastructure or you bombing hospitals in the us or no outside the chamber but in his speech to the council the syrian ambassador bashar jaffrey said military operations were being carried out against what he said were terrorists they were he said operations that will continue it seems this meeting has failed to stop the devastating bombardment of it lebron james pays out his era at the united nations believe him all that security council meeting is taking place in new york an airstrike in their lives killed several more civilians including a father and his baby daughter many more people were injured and explosions have been heard in the capital damascus state media reporting what it described as lou.
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mina's objects coming from the direction of israel and that they have been shot down israel hasn't commented about in the past its forces have attacked sites in syria that it says connected to iran and to the lebanese group hezbollah. and to iran itself now where a senior politician has suggested talks be held between his country in the us after weeks of escalating tensions. species chairman of the reigning parliament's national security and foreign policy commission and he tweeted the highest iranian and american officials have rejected the war option but there are 3rd parties who are rushing to destroy a large part of the world there must be a table in iraq or in qatar where the 2 sides can meet in order to end this tension but this m.p. doesn't really have major influence on iran's foreign policy as a neighbor's ravi explains from the iranian capital. mr fuller is
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a senior m.p. he's an elected member of iran's parliament there is power is distributed between the parliament the presidency in the judiciary with the supreme leader of course sitting on top of all of these institutions and at the end of the day what the supreme leader says that is what is actually actionable so mr followed as a senior and p. and the chairman of the iranian parliamentary commission on foreign policy and national security does hold a great deal of sway in this body is has the capacity to call on the foreign ministry to call on the presidency to question senior leaders but in terms of actual state policy it doesn't necessarily have the authority to influence the making of those decisions of foreign policy of diplomacy of military strategy and in response to this tweet the supreme national security council actually issued
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a statement saying as much saying that the personal opinions of individuals aren't shouldn't be taken as is the policy of the state and so there seems to be some disagreement between him as a member of parliament no doubt a senior member of parliament and the government the supreme national security council whose chairman is president hassan rouhani and self. voting is underway in australia for elections that could deliver a 6 prime minister in as many is the opinion polls are suggesting the conservative governing coalition could lose to the center left labor party the opposition leader bill shorten has committed to more ambitious environmental targets is also a promise to bring stability after a year is that they're seeing both sides of politics switching prime min this is impact crew. we'll be ready to hit the ground from tomorrow we'll be ready to start straightaway and we'll start straight away my 1st cabinet meeting.
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the 1st order of business. submission to the independent umpire to get the why age is moving again for millions of our fellow australians my 1st legislation will reverse the cuts to penalty rates we will convene the parliament as soon as possible to start action on climate change the rest of the world's fighting climate change a strain has been missing this is not the aussie way to go missing in the big fights the world will know that if labor gets elected astray is back in the fight against climate change well our correspondent andrew tell us his embattled that's in the state of victoria and it's one of the swing see that could decide this election let's go live to andrew andrew we've just heard bill shorten the leader of the labor party talking about his commitment to environmental issues how far does that resonate with the people of ban it. well here it's one of
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these marginal constituencies that really could go either way at the moment the m.p. here is part of the governing party the right of center liberal party but she sitting on an incredibly tight margin and it's fairly likely that with any kind of swing it so will any kind of it's a weird sight this ain't into the labor column there aren't that many states around the country like this one there's 2 parts 3 in the state of victoria 3 or 4 up in queensland to the north of here the 3 in new south wales possibly full 2 of those in sydney another 2 just north of sydney there's a couple in western australia about a 4 hour flight from here and there are 2 more in the island state of tasmania just off the southern coast of australia those hunt full of states really will decide this election and it's going to be very bright spot the opinion polls suggest that labor has had a consistently for months but it's an elite that has been narrowing so i don't expect any landslide in this election as you say bill shorten there putting the environment front and center he's also put the state of work his way just right and
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center you heard him talking there about penalty rights these are the extra amounts that workers get paid for working on weekends or public holidays they've been largely scratched by the government party wants to bring them back in he's been boosted in the last 24 hours plus the right price used by the death of a very popular former prime minister bob hawke he was prime minister in the eighty's into the ninety's he was a labor prime minister so he was a great reforming leader only issues like workers' rights but also on the environment his death was really reminded australians of what a great prime minister in many people's eyes can be and probably has given a slight boost to his party the labor party and bill shorten so that's the lay of the land as it stands saturday lunchtime here in australia we should have results about 4 or 5 hours of the polls closed because of time differences in this country that means probably in about 10 hours 1112 hours from now and we're making quite an issue with the of the rather we calling it a revolving door of the australian leadership it is something the both of us say is
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the fact that they've had so many prime minister is in safe he is. so usually it's a huge day it's the one thing that is consistently talked about behind me is people walk into the election because they are absolutely fed up with this revolving doors of prime ministers it wasn't just a governing liberal party although they are on their 3rd prime minister in what 4 years it was the previous labor government as well that kept changing leader was trained kevin rudd and julia gillard by chinese leaders twice the current government is also change they just twice when the electorate had no say and if bill shorten becomes prime minister as a result of this election will be australia's 6th prime minister in 6 years and let me be the 2nd time and possibly the 3rd one i'm getting confused now that the prime minister has changed as a result of an election of the internal party to say really really annoying people in australia they want to name so that they want whatever party frankly will give them stability at the moment most people if you believe the opinion polls think
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that will be the lighter side all right thank you for now andrew next time we speak i expect you to explain the democracy sausage to us thank you very much. for low wages in sydney have been speaking and they've expressed hopes that this election will give australia as angie was saying at different leadership. i'm praying for a change of government i'm crossing my fingers for change and. i think gore and i do expect this but i think the general mood is pretty similar i don't really. you know i'm just hoping that we can have a salute have somebody come with a whole. government that is not going to be. displayed. shouldn't be looked down. on the us has reached a deal with canada and mexico to remove its terrorists from steel.


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