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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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after the in top political elites has replaced interrogates in the reports. for months protesters have gathered outside the iconic grampus building in the capital j is demanding political change. but on friday morning they arrived to find the area barricaded by police officers. tens of thousands of protesters tried to push their way through at 1st security forces responded with tear gas but outnumbered and under attack i they eventually pulled out of the area it's the 13th consecutive week protesters have gathered in the main square to demand the removal of politicians and officials associated with the regime of alstom president abdul aziz beautifully kept cutting the similar mix somebody from the they want to destroy us but they want we demand lates only we reject their stories of verbiage we are the ones who choose who represents us not the only many protesters day
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believe that interim president up till caught up and salah is the right person to run the country at this critical moment presidential elections are scheduled for july the protest is not just in the capital but across algeria unrelenting in that demands but complete regime change i did such a project elections under this president can only lead to a fraudulent government but we is the one who fix $6000000.00 forms for both flicka but weasel actions are rigged and valid and we will not take part in that and we say no to the elections. someone on the chief of staff my guide salah to step in and remove the political elite but he's won't against what he says are attempts to create a power vacuum so i spite such warnings anti-government protesters seem determined to continue their rallies until the political establishment is gone victoria gates and be al jazeera. so to come here at al-jazeera the buffalo. it's $1000000000.00
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border wall now goes to court. and hundreds of wives and mothers in sri lanka demand justice for the relatives they haven't seen in the decade since the end of the civil war. however we've got fine weather dry weather bright weather across the eastern side of the mediterranean but because a few showers into parts of the middle east iran could see one or 2 showers to spring up over the next couple of days some showers still in play there for afghanistan over towards to make that many stan temperatures getting up to around 24 degrees there in kabul you can see that cloud just draped across the central southwestern parts of iran this is sort of the math there we go 24 celsius of beirut 25 interested in some of that is as we go on into sunday something else
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a little cooler in baghdad temperatures about 38 celsius and warm enough this 100 in family high still be a few showers there to couple around 22 degrees possibility of one or 2 showers into the eastern side of the arabian peninsula over the next day or so is a little cosimo humid here in doha temperatures around $3435.00 degrees right today to come on sunday strong price of course much of southern africa we have got a little bit of cloud just creeping towards the western cape towards the southern capers we make our way through sunday before much of the region plenty of sunshine to come to be a few showers into that eastern side of zambia but the west the weather will be across southern parts of tanzania this weekend. sweden has his her. northern iraq his timeline.
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from which. camera in hand he retired. to film his tiny taste to run. a story soon transformed by a chance encounter. the gal who saved my life i witnessed documentary on mount is here. to take a look at the top stories here. and there strike by the syrian government on live has killed several civilians the attack happened as the u.n. a chief warned his worst fears are being realized in the west and syria where the
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government and its allies are attacking profits to retake the last rebel stronghold . and very things on the way in australia in elections that could deliver a 6 prime minister in as many years the opinion polls suggest the conservative governing coalition will lose to the center left labor party. president trunk has reached a deal with canada and mexico to remove us tiris from seal and al a 1000000 the move could put the 3 countries a step closer to russia fighting the new trilateral trade deal that would replace nafta the north american free trade agreement. and the u.s. house of representatives has taken its battle over donald trump's border wall to a federal court the house and others are urging the judge to stop billions of dollars being transferred to the walls construction. opposition to president immigration policy is not confined to political circles as rob reynolds
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ripples in san diego livable to with mexican groups of volunteers are refusing to turn their backs on migrants. in fall for is texas eddie canalis fills a barrel full of jugs of water to save migrants who might otherwise die of thirst in the dry thorny brush in el paso texas volunteers at the church of god to hand out donated clothing to destitute migrant families in san diego professor joy and a brooks and a handful of student volunteers collect letters from people fleeing violence and poverty were being held in detention. across the u.s. a small army of volunteers spends time money and energy to help migrants and asylum seekers in any way they can canalis has been putting out water into the wilderness for years he's seen what happens to people who don't make it to safety since 2004
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we've had $750.00 recovered bodies and remains and until we fix a system that is broken we're going to continue to have a humanitarian crisis a people dying pastor méribel velasquez has turned her el paso church into a shelter for people who are released from detention with no place else to go it's horrible in in the beginning i never thought it was going to be to this stream they're tired to hydrated they're hungry authorities say a record number of migrants were detained in april exceeding 100000 for the 2nd month in a row most are families from central america professor brooks center student volunteers are archiving over 1000 letters from migrants in detention one pair of detainees with pen pals on the outside and there are their letters we archive on with privacy protection so that future researchers will understand the magnitude of
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this humanitarian crisis and the real lives of refugees the letters tell of escape from violence poverty and of fear and loneliness in incarceration sometimes migrants send little gifts baby shoes woven from bits of plastic a dreamcatcher crafted from dental sloss grassroots volunteer efforts like this one stand in sharp contrast to the vast sums expended by the us government for border police barriers and incarceration even while our government is locking up refugees we will be humans we will extend ourselves no matter how modest the effort because this the world depends upon small acts of kindness sparks of humanity amid a humanitarian crisis robert oulds al-jazeera san diego. crossed party tools in britain aimed at striking a compromise on terrorism aes breaks it deal have failed labor leader jeremy corbyn
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says discussions of going as far as they can if the sides have tried for weeks to agree on terms for the country's exit from the e.u. britain was due to leave a march the 29th for that's been delayed until the end of october well the bracks it uncertainty has been threatening to close britain's largest still works in scunthorpe but it has a reprieve for now as emma hayward reports. for more than 120 years the steel works have dominated scunthorpe skyline its glory days when tens of thousands of people were all long gone and these are anxious times the 4000 or so stop on share with worries about bricks it leading its owner to ask the government to loan it tens of millions of dollars for a business in profit so we're actually getting somewhere and then the seat is causing us problems the problems that's happening at the moment are no fault of the
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workers out there no fault of the management. it's way above the problem is the deal. british steel has now found the cash from its own lenders and investors to carry on in the short term a few orders from the e.u. because of the crisis have been added to already tough trading conditions hair it can be a long way from the political workings of westminster and even further from the e.u. is based in brussels but uncertainty surrounding breaks it is having a real impact on people's lives. 20000 jobs in the supply chain. grow them. at. busier than ever fabricating steel construction and industry certainty and the body will tell you whether i voted labor my. certainty that kills businesses people hold
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back an investment i can people and it has a pro quo all the life of economy. more than 2 thirds of people in this area voted to leave the e.u. back in 2016 there are pockets of deprivation in scum top so securing the still works long term future is important to the town survival if we're serious about being an independent self-sufficient nation. pain union can stand on its own 2 feet we have need to have our own steel building capacity that's the foundation of our manufacturing the foundation for our of our defense and our security. which still is in no way alone in its struggles because of the uncertainty regarding brics it and britain speech a place in the world here they just hope it's known history of still making won't be snuffed out i mean who would al-jazeera scum top. there today saturday marks 10 years since relying because long civil war ended tom what are the rebels made their
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last stand against the government on a narrow strip of coastline in the north of the country along with 300000 civilians many thousands of whom were killed both sides have since faced allegations of war crimes and rights abuses but now for them this ripples out from killer nazi where victims' families say they're still waiting for justice. the pain never stops for jacob. armando laurean now at the u.n. didn't see it as mothers who are dying every day we had children bring them up as good human beings for a good life we think of our children 24 hours a day and die again and again her eldest son ugandan was shot dead in 2006 her 2nd son kojo even killed by a shell in the last month of the war she was separated from another son martin than as the final battle raged and thought he was dead until she saw a picture showing him in
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a government rehabilitation center. but after 10 years of searching she's never found him. then we don't know where he is but he's not that he's alive i believe that what is my child situation the government has to give us an answer we're asking to give our children back let them go or else give us an answer what did they do with our children say publicly. after the civil war government troops battled the tamil tigers who were fighting for a separate homeland following years of discrimination by the majority singhalese population in 2006 then president by in the rajapaksa backed his brother the defense secretary to launch an all out assault on the tigers in the final stages almost 300000 civilians were trapped in the middle many died in the crossfire sri lankan troops work used of deliberately shelling no fire zones a charge they denied the tigers used to villains as human shields. and they're
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no longer believe there are only after the war the suffering continues hundreds of wives and mothers have spent the last 10 years visiting all branches of the police the military government and attended every protest demonstration and vigil they have tried to raise their plight with international figures from the u.n. but nothing. subtle shifts of a child and who has worked with many of these women says the vulnerable bear of getting income is same porton for them. for survival nor thought their. thinking and even then they go out to for their livelihood to work. even if they go and work in the how work raises their fears head us mind because they had the everybody knew the never husband the present government came
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to power in 2015 promising change setting up an office of missing persons has been a key achievement but an office of reparations and truth and justice mechanisms are still pending a fact the senior most government official in the north admit i think our government representing both paper brief time i do not bring anyone is fully happy of obvious humans you all would say yes we should do more and we could have done more that admission is of little comfort to g. kemarre and hundreds like who just want justice 10 years after the end of the war there's still a lot of work to be done many families depend on widows and they're struggling to make ends meet find employment and rebuild their lives hope that this government would help them find answers is fading and patience is running thin but yet the we are desperate for any scrap of information about their loved ones enough and then
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there's al jazeera killed in a chain. in the west african country of pennine the continent's largest lake community has managed to preserve its lifestyle and traditions for more than 250 years barters am a blotting reports people in the fishing village of gun very find it increasingly difficult to do. their unique legacy from the pressures of modern life. what they say about gun view is that life is peaceful. for more than 250 years people have been living on the water and what's thought to be africa's largest lake community it's grown to around 35000 people. our guide is 23 year old hermann's also he grew up here but is now studying on the mainland he shows us around the fish farms the main source of income for most families the 5 we
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meet here are doing year he explains that business is tough because they have to invest so much in it for so little return. to go around the world when we castanets and don't catch any fish it breaks our hearts we have no choice but to come back to fishing because we have nothing else to do if we can get some help to move away from this work it would be good what we really need is help. the water reaches up to 2 meters and so a boat is the only way to move. them and tells us that each family has at least 3. the community is divided into what they call villages the chief of this one is no. he tells us they need help with basic facilities. we have no electricity or clean water because of the way the population is growing the clean water we have is not sufficient if the government could help us with this we would be happy. for 25 and sells food for a living she has plans to open up
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a store she is the exception among her age group and i want all of my friends are gone they've gone to the mainland to look for money i'm the only one left congo is a fully functioning community with schools churches a hospital and even a cemetery one of the challenges for people here is how to preserve their way of life without being left behind by the rest of society. a man tells a story of how his ancestors found sanctuary when they were escaping a war between pennines ancient kingdoms now there's no escaping the fact that many like him though proud of their heritage are looking for a different future i'm a blessing al-jazeera. let's have a look at the top stories here it is here and now strike by the syrian government
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on it in the provinces killed several civilians the attack was carried out as a u.n. aid chief was warning that his worst fears are being realized in northwestern syria where the government and its allies are attacking in order to retake the last rebel stronghold explorations of it had in the capital damascus state media is reporting quote luminous objects coming from the direction of israel and that they've been shot down israel hasn't commented but in the past its forces of attack sites in syria that it says connected to iran and the lebanese group hezbollah. the votes are now in from both major leaders in the australian federal election conservative prime minister scott morrison has voted within the past hour of opinion polls suggest his governing coalition will lose to the center left labor party. i think on no very full will what it is that we're sighing in terms of keeping our economy strong keeping our budget under control investing in the services the distractions
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rely on keeping us try and siphon secure ensuring that we create another one and a quarter 1000000 new jobs this is our plan for a stronger astride the plan i talked about when i launched the campaign over 5 and a half weeks ago as i stood in the prime minister's courtyard and to die is dragons of making the choice it's their choice it's absolutely up to them representatives from the un the african union the u.s. and european powers and couldn't sudan's military to resume talks immediately at a meeting in washington they also expressed concern about the violence the military and protests seasons in sedan had been expected to reach a deal earlier this week but dialogue was suspended for 72 hours after the protest has extended the roadblocks across the capital beyond what has become the accepted demonstrations site all right chad today there is the latest headlines coming up next it's football rebels. one of australia's most
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