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pompei oh it was trump bolton has said it thousands of times pompei o has said it pence has said it that all options are on the table including the military one if we are prepared for all scenarios the us has reached a deal with mexico and canada to remove its tariffs from steel and imports the move could put the 3 countries a step closer to ratifying a deal that would replace the north american free trade agreements the agreement will eliminate u.s. metal tariffs and canada's retaliatory tariffs on u.s. products including pork beef and. obviously these continued tariffs on steel in aluminum and our countermeasures i represented significant barriers to moving forward with the new now. now that we've had a full lift on these tariffs we are going to work with the my united states on timing for ratification but we're very optimistic we're going to be able to move forward move forward well in the coming weeks and has more from washington.
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it's been a sticking point in the relationship between the united states canada and mexico the president including those countries on his tariff list for steel and aluminum 25 and 10 percent he's now heralding that those tariffs will be removed there's some context here that it all goes back to renegotiate in the north american free trade agreement the president campaigned on this he said it was the worst deal the united states ever made and basically he renegotiated it now there's not many huge changes but still he needs to be able to tell his base before the election that he kept his promise it is facing stiff opposition in congress and a very influential senator chuck grassley of the state of iowa had said he would not put that for a vote that he wouldn't get a vote on this new nafta deal until he got rid of the steel and aluminum tariffs so the president's people been pushing on capitol hill they want to see a vote on this new trade agreement and now because those tariffs have been removed they have
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a better shot than they did before still ahead on al jazeera more on the families still searching for answers about their loved ones a decade after sri lanka's civil war and. how well we've got quite a mixed bag of weather across europe at the moment lots of showers into central air isn't even over towards east but east impulse will turn a little quasi as you go on through the next so this because we got lost because every of high pressure settling things down or flabby area of high pressure down towards the balkans over towards the black sea but wet weather in between around the baltic states some heavy showers long spells of crying that wet weather will gradually drive its way a little further west was already got some lovely showers into southern parts of france northern areas of spy 19 celsius for madrid the cloud in the rain will
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linger into the northeast corner. of spying types started to pick up for london paris back up to around 20 degrees celsius but the showers along with spells of fright never really too far away from those central parts east and i was on the other hand writing up must be 18 celsius in the sunshine for moscow and i also saw a sign saying across northern parts of africa well sunshine here 36 there in karachi generally getting up into the the mid to high twenty's across a good part of north africa some bits and pieces of fat whether cloud or rolling 3 meanwhile a cloud across central africa is using some rather lofty shallow is that what weather stretches from the gulf of guinea right into the heinz. anything you say tight or browns can be held against. food lines investigates how governments are using israeli software to turn critics into the ultimate tools of
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surveillance just exposure of your personal world doesn't just stop you right it extends out to the people you care about who trusted you and it makes you toxic cross food any friends anyway targeted by text on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera polling booths in australia are such a close. election which could see a change in government and leadership by mr scott morrison conservative coalition is going head to head with the center left labor party syrian state media says there has been an attempted attack at the from
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a mean air base at least one person west. when armed fighters launched rockets towards the base close to the coastal city of latakia. the u.s. has reached a deal with canada and mexico to remove its tariffs from steel and. the move brings the 3 countries a step closer to ratifying a new deal that placed the north american free trade agreement. victims of coalition airstrikes on the yemeni capital say they have no idea why their neighborhood was attacked the coalition insists it was only targeting the fighters and that it's investigating what it calls the possibility of an accidental airstrike at least 6 people were killed and more than 70 others wounded including 2 russians. reports. the sound coalition. strikes on military positions in the capital sanaa but these pictures of damaged
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homes tell another story residents of iraq say there is no justification for the destruction of their neighborhood. again and i sat at 8 in the morning i heard an almighty explosion god knows what kind of rocket it was we don't know why we were bombed. sleeping in our beds. taxi driver he was injured in the attack he's come straight from hospital to see what's left of his home. i went to look for my children the stairs were full of shrapnel and blood they got us out and took us to hospital my 3 taxis are damaged we have nothing more than taxis we don't have rockets we're just ordinary people. this school was also damaged it was closed. and it's unlikely to reopen anytime soon the injuries are being treated in hospital many feeling traumatized. as. i was with my children. we
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were hit by an airstrike. the ceiling collapsed on top of us. led coalition in yemen now says it will investigate a possible accidental strike but for those who survived the airstrike very little sense. and it didn't take long for these residents to protest the attack a brutal crime against civilians it's not a high. a senior iranian politician has called for talks between his country and the u.s. after weeks of escalating tensions. chairman of the iranian parliament's national security and foreign policy commission he tweeted the highest iranian and american officials have rejected the war option but there are 3rd parties who are rushing to destroy a large part of the world there must be a table in iraq or qatar where the 2 sides can meet in order to tension he however
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has no major influence on iran's foreign policy as the explains from to her on. mr fuller is a senior m.p. he's an elected member of iran's parliament there is power is distributed between the parliament the presidency in the judiciary with the supreme leader of course sitting on top of all of these institutions and at the end of the day what the supreme leader says that is what is actually actionable so mr follow as a senior and p. and the chairman of the iranian parliamentary commission on foreign policy and national security does hold a great deal of sway this body is has the capacity to call on the foreign ministry to call on the presidency to question senior leaders but in terms of actual state policy it doesn't necessarily have the authority to influence the making of those
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decisions of foreign policy of diplomacy of military strategy and in response to this tweet the supreme national security council actually issued a statement saying as much saying that the personal opinions of individuals aren't shouldn't be taken as as the policy of the state and so there seems to be some disagreement between him as a member of parliament no doubt a senior member of parliament and the government the supreme national security council whose chairman is president hassan rouhani and self palestine's foreign minister says a u.s. plan for ending the israeli palestinian conflict would be an unacceptable act of surrender speaking in london riyadh with maliki says the plan would only compound palestinian suffering president donald trump has described it as the deal of the century washington says the proposal could be unveiled in june but it hasn't revealed any more details this administration is preparing to give its
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stamp of approval to israel's policies. the us administration has shown nothing but this regard. right and for palestinian life. for international law and the internationally recognized terms of reference for common sense and decency saturday marks a decade since 25 year long civil war ended tamil tiger rebels made their last stand against the government on a narrow strip of coastline along with 300000 civilians sheltering from the file battles both sides have since faced allegations of war crimes and rights abuses without fernandez reports from kill an o.t. where victims families say they're still waiting for justice the pain never stops for jacob. at the end it ended as mothers were dying every day we had children bring them up as good human beings for
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a good life we think of our children 24 hours a day and die again and again her eldest son ugandan was shot dead in 2006 seconds and even killed by a shell in the last month of the war she was separated from another son martin then as the final battle raged and thought he was dead until she saw a picture showing him in a government rehabilitation center. but after 10 years of searching she's never found him. then we don't know where he is but he's not that he's alive i believe what is my child situation the government has to give us an answer we're asking to give our children back let them go or else give us an answer what do they do with our children say publicly. after the civil war government troops battled the tamil tigers who were fighting for a separate homeland following years of discrimination by the majority singhalese population in 2006 then president mahinda rajapaksa backed his brother the defense
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secretary to launch an all out assault on the tigers in the final stages almost 300000 civilians were trapped in the middle many died in the crossfire sri lankan troops work used of deliberately shelling no fire zones a charge they denied the tigers used to villains as human shields. and they're no longer believe. after the war the suffering continues hundreds of wives and mothers have spent the last 10 years visiting all branches of the police the military government and attended every protest demonstration and vigil they've tried to raise their plight with international figures from the u.n. but nothing. subtle just of a child and who has worked with many of these women says the vulnerable bear of getting income is so important for them. for survival north or that are
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for many. and even then they go out to have their livelihood to work. even if they go and work in the how work their fears head us mind because they had the everybody knew all the never. the present government came to power in 2000. in 15 promising change setting up an office of missing persons has been a key achievement but an office of reparations and truth and justice mechanisms are still pending a fact the senior most government official in the north admit i think government representing the time i do not bring anyone is fully happy of all the tombs. we should do more and we could have done more that admission is of little comfort to jacob mari and hundreds like who just want justice 10 years after the end of the
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war there's still a lot of work to be done many families depend on those and they're struggling to make ends meet. and rebuild their lives that this government would help them find answers is fading and patience is running thin but yet the we are desperate for any scrap of information about their loved ones. as al-jazeera. representatives from the un the african union the u.s. and europe have called on sudan's military to resume talks immediately during a meeting in washington d.c. they also expressed concern about the violence against civilians the military and protest leaders in sudan had been expected to reach a deal earlier this week but talks were suspended for 72 hours after protesters extended their roadblocks across the capital hard to morgan has more from hard to.
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protesters in front of the army headquarters and hearts are saying that they're waiting for the military headquarters to let them know what will happen after the 7 to 2 hour deadline expires now that deadline expires on saturday at midnight and they're waiting to know if the military council will extend an invitation to the opposition to resume talks or whether they will continue with their sit in to put pressure for a civilian independent transitional government to be formed now the 2 sides still have a lot of things to sort out including the sovereign council which effectively will be the presidential body the military council wants to be the one chairing that council as well as either equal or more presentation than civilians meanwhile the opposition are saying that it has to be an independent council with mostly civilians and military representation so that is the last hurdle they have to sort out before they can announce a transitional government is formed in the meantime protesters are saying that they will be in front of the army headquarters they will not be deterred by violence from the from the military and the rapid support forces and nothing will stop them and less this the an independent civil in transitional government being formed and
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accountability for those who have committed crimes over the past 30 years lots of demands but lots of high hopes and expectations that will be sorted out once the 72 hour deadline passes from the military council in the west african country have been in the continent's largest community has managed to preserve its lifestyle and traditions for more than 2 centuries but as reported to people in the fishing village of janvier are finding it increasingly difficult to defend their unique legacy from the pressures of modern life. what they say about gun view is that life is peaceful. for more than 250 years people have been living on the water and what's thought to be africa's largest lake community it's grown to around 35000 people. to go our guide is 23 year old herman. who grew up here but is now studying on the mainland he shows us around the fish farms. the main
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source of income for most families. we meet gerard when you he explains that business is tough because they have to invest so much in it for so little return. to go around the world when we castanets and don't catch any fish it breaks our hearts we have no choice but to come back to fishing because we have nothing else to do if we can get some help to move away from this work it would be good what we really need is help. the water reaches up to 2 meters in depth so a boat is the only way to move. them and tells us that each family has at least 3 the community is divided into what they call villages the chief of this one is no new he tells us they need help with basic facilities. we have no electricity or clean water because of the way the population is growing the clean water we have is not sufficient if the government could help us with this we would be happy.
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for 25 and sells food for a living she has plans to open up a store she is the exception among her age group and i want all of my friends are gone they've gone to the mainland to look for money i'm the only one left congo is a fully functioning community with schools churches a hospital and even a cemetery one of the challenges for people here is how to preserve their way of life without being left behind by the rest of society. tells the story of how his ancestors found sanctuary when they were escaping the war between binion's ancient kingdoms now there's no escaping the fact that many like him though proud of their heritage are looking for a different future i'm a blessing al-jazeera. headlines on al-jazeera this hour polling booths in australia are set to close soon national
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election which could see a change in government and leadership prime minister scott morrison as conservative coalition is going head to head with the center left labor party an airstrike in syria in the province on friday killed several civilians including a father and his baby daughter many more people were injured on friday the u.n. aid chief warned the offensive there could result in the worst humanitarian tragedy of the 21st century venezuela's president has welcomed talks with his representatives and the opposition in norway nicolas maduro says the meeting in oslo is the beginning of dialogue with those who want to step down the mediation bed comes after months of a power struggle between. the opposition leader. they wes's reached a deal with canada and mexico to remove its tariffs from steel and aluminum imports the move brings the 3 countries a step closer to ratifying a new deal that will replace the north american free trade agreement. obviously
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these continued tariffs on steel and aluminum and our countermeasures i represented significant barriers to moving forward with the new now. now that we've had a full lift on these tariffs we are going to work with the united states on timing for ratification but we're very optimistic we're going to be able to move forward move forward well in the coming weeks presented to us from the un the african union the u.s. and europe have called on sudan's military to resume talks immediately during a meeting in washington d.c. they also expressed concern about the violence against civilians the military in protest leaders and so don had been expected to reach a deal earlier this week but talks were suspended for a 72 hours after protesters extended their roadblocks across the capital hard to those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera we'll have more news in less than 30
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minutes after inside story. on counting the cost as the u.s. ratchets up the pressure on iran we look at the straits of hormuz the most valuable walk away in the world sri lanka's tourism industry takes a hit off to the east the sunday attacks and flying cars as the future just iraq. costs on a. 10 years since sri lanka civil war ethnic and religious tension is running high again buddhist groups are accused of attacking muslims while time will demand justice over alleged war crimes can sri lanka ever achieve lasting peace this is inside story. the and hello and welcome to the program fully back to sri lanka is remembering
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a decade since the end of its civil war hundreds of thousands of people were killed over 26 years as a government for an ethnic minority tamils who wanted to create their own state by justice ability was returning to the country attacks on churches and hotels killed nearly 260 people on easter sunday last month i still claimed responsibility but the government blamed a little known homegrown armed group mosques and muslim owned businesses were burnt down this week in revenge attacks the government is blaming what it calls hardline buddhist groups it says the situation is now calm enough to lift a nationwide curfew but the united nations is warning that the violence could undermine peace efforts not a civil war ended in 2009 let's take a closer look at what's happened since then in 2012 the government rejected a un resolution urging it to investigate crimes committed during the last few years of the conflicts but in 2015 months he promised syria scenery pace mind the
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rajapaksa as president and pledge accountability over civil war. last year sarah scenery praised a prime minister with rajapaksa and dissolved parliament by the supreme court ruled against this and reinstated the former prime minister to end the political crisis and in march the un approved another extension to set up a credible war crimes investigation or will bring in our guests in just a moment but 1st now for 9 days reports from kilinochchi and northern town that was ravaged by the civil war and where people are trying to rebuild their lives. strip dr tangle to subtlety has worked hard since the end of the war in 2009 to put the brutal conflict behind him he's one of 5 doctors who treated civilians caught between government and tamil tiger fighters mother and father brought to till then so that one was hidden does not call them. the in the
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road the next one the next. and they told of this one also going today. they were crying. at least one arrested by the government questioned and released after the war he quickly returned to his job he now uses his spare time to teach young people how to make the best of their education 10 years after the end of the war dr south of the hopes programs like these will give students more opportunities to build a better future. it's an option that many have kept candle and from joining the tigers when he was 16 years old today his battle is to provide for his family after spending 3 years in prison i got conditional bail and have to go and sign in every month this is a must no matter where i work i also have to attend court hearings the 3 years that i was in prison we got into a lot of debt. that's
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a common feature in most households here in the former war zone many families struggle to make ends meet these people who are devastated during the war who could not win a living for many many years even over the last 10 years are still in an economic crisis of saud's and. to see how we are going to get them out of this high rates of unemployment have not helped the aftermath of the war has left households struggling to cope financially with little few opportunities and many have lost family members or beatings the news of those still missing. government troops battled a 26 year war with the tamil tigers who fought to win their rights against what they described as discrimination by should learn to sing in these majority successive governments could not defeat the tigers until president mind the drug
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packs it took power he won the war but many say he lost the peace and alienated the tamil people i made serious allegations of human rights violations both the government and. or accused of committing war crimes but only the government has faced pressure to answer for its actions so far a senior government official in the north says the government could have done more if real life. and every life need to be on 3rd fall and without which we can move forward i would a mark of if you move forward without answering i would have a call to review and i very well won't be any justice for that and i'm standing for that dr southam of the hopes those pledges will be honored till then he's concentrating on helping young tamils better their lives and their philander's al-jazeera killing archie northern sri lanka. let's bring in our guest now for today's inside story in. dublin tamil and anti
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vinaya gun lecturer in international law i griffith college joining us on skype from london cero a lot to haunt an associate fellow a champ house and chair of the board of trustees of the sri lankan campaign for peace and justice thank you all for being on inside story charo if i can start with you in london 10 years since the end of the civil war has there been closure. i think the most clear and decisive oncet would be nil. not for the tamil community not healing and no real recreative process has been put in place you know not just in terms of judicial accountability which is a far cry i think in terms of really an outlet to ceiling on so those 2 there are many questions. questions about the thousands of people the timers who've been disappear. questions about continuing militarization and military
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presence in the northeast which is a very stark reminder that the time of a brutal end to the conflict so no really there has been. but presence there is seen a insists the country is on path to a consolation chair or what concrete lee has been done since 2009 to bring about reconciliation and unite communities where the measures that have been put into place you know the office of the missing person and very fledgling attempts at transitional justice mechanisms have really not borne any fruit so far you know the measures have been taken as a response to international pressure dehydrate to the human rights council resolution on sri lanka which called for busy these measures to be put in place and accountability to be measures of accountability to be put in force. these
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responses these small initiatives really a response to exacerbate stress but actually in reality not a single case has been dropped against you know housing the lights were lots of civilians were killed and indeed as egregious war crimes and crimes against humanity were committed but all sides all parties. but none of this. country's accountability map so when we talk about the current season another thing to consider is a recent. easter sunday attack and i think they would also bring to the fault lines that sit on. society i think it's very important that you point out there that both sides in the civil war have been accused of committing crimes it's not just the government at the end of the conflict but also the tamil tigers that's
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wrong in tamil in dublin tunnel you wrote recently in an article that sri lanka might be post war but not post conflict and said media events of the past few weeks isa sunday bombings the religious tensions the political climate have raised concerns about the future but is another conflicts really likely i mean many sri lankan is that we spoke to have been speaking to say you know never again. thanks very much for having me yes indeed as a wrote in a recent article is. a country that of sports war but certainly not post conflict and as you said i. the recent developments in the country especially in light of the anti muslim sentiments that are now emerging i see a new conflict coming to the forefront we have seen already the signs in 20142018 at the recent into religious riots that had happened in the
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country. and we also have to stress that. is at the end of the day still a country that has never gated since this post colonial times within a prescriptive parameters of single leave buddhist nationalism and we have to understand that any kind of an intervention on behalf of the minorities in those countries is seen largely with suspicion as i have also pointed out in my recent book. that is dealing with the human rights and gauge went of sri lanka with the united nations so yes to answer your question there is a conflict looming and we have to be highly vigilant to encounter the rising nationalist threat towards any minority in the country while let's take a closer look at sri lanka's population it's largely divided into 2 ethnic groups
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the sinhalese buddhist majority any minority tamils who are mostly hindu buddhist account for 70 percent and dominate the political and military establishments while just over 12 percent of the population is hindu muslims make up 9.7 percent and christians around the number at nearly 7.4 percent so you know when you talk about the current tensions tamil are they religious tensions or ethnic tensions are both . well i think it's a it's a mix of many things that have accumulated all over the years of course colonial governance in the country and different legislative measures have actually paved the way before a narrative that has fostered the attitude that it's the country of the single least buddhists. many scholars have written with with.
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many research indications that. is a country where the single leaves are living with a minority complex they are the majority of the minority complex and. this is kind of an attitude that was carried from pre-colonial times already. where. certain leaders of nationalist religious movements like that of a ball or had infuse politician a lead singer leaves politicians with this ideology where she should be only governed by the single leaves and minorities are just subjugated to then the taro during the civil war muslims were also targeted by the tamil tiger rebels there and suffered at their hands what has the government done to restore confidence among young muslims following the recent attacks by by some members of the majority thing
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halle's buddhist community as a government done anything to address the grievances of the minorities whether it's the muslims or the temples i mean so far we've seen sort of quite a strong reaction in terms of declaration of human emergencies and. we've also seen that. the narrative from the state is quite an ambiguous about not tolerating violence which is always a good. however you know the risk to be here is that there are elements very strong national nationalist elements within the political system and they're the does have a very strong history of tallie retaining attacks on minority communities you know what we saw on easter sunday came as a huge shock but it is sort of it has a relevance and to it has they was a resonance to what happened in 2012 what has happened you know in 2014 you know
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the continuous pockets of attacks that have happened against the muslims were not addressed and indeed there was complete impunity and complete lack of state accountability in terms of investigating these attacks and holding the perpetrators to justice so that sort of has bred an environment in which the minority can be attacked and there is a feeling of deep insecurity within the minority community i would like to make a very quick point about the city state the sri lankan state which is above this state you know also with me say that it has operated as as you know my majority area with this and ashley lism is in you know is it has been the norm this is entrenched in the constitution of the country so and it has been politically manipulated and utilized and acts of terrorism or acts of violence on t.v.
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so to perpetuate and strengthen the hands of matches we know he talked about these to sunday bombings and i want to come back to that economy lot of people by surprise do you think they are some elements within going to side here right now who are wanting to take advantage of the current instability to perhaps create more trouble and who would be those elements precisely. well i think it's quite clear that any sort of destabilization of the government and the fact that there was a big failure in terms of the information about that that intelligence was instead would be different between the prime minister's office for instance had no clue the fact that you know there is there is a history of complete political breakdown recent political. doubt.
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all bets the fact there may be instability when. those who support a more right wing. call right nest misspent and so they will be a political faction in the country with food stamp again. and charo i want to bring in a 3rd guest now who has just joined us from colombo. on who now are dana is an advisor to the sri lankan prime minister and former director of the information department thank you so much for joining us we're already started a conversation and cero and tommo both think that today is at a very. precarious position in a very precarious position at a crossroads if you will and that they could meet could be more instability in the country because of what we seen in recent months and recent weeks what is your take so where is today as
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a country since the end of the civil war in 2009. thank you for having me. actually we have been trying to consolidate. since last year what are its coliseums situations where sri lanka government was actually given more time to perform and fulfill their obligations so like i was looking good and we have managed to start developing our own national institutions especially the transitional justice institutions we have established office of the missing persons also of his or her petitions so we were actually looking quite good come to the many other nations which came across the judicial specht is but there soon or in 21st of a pill that something unexpected happened where suicide bombers blew
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themselves in sri lanka so we beat off an uncertain situation but i can tell you all now as of today after 3 weeks off the situation we managed to bring the situation under control and we. tried to celebrate the festival that we use the most important day for the buddhist in their country from to morrow and the after ok let's allow tamil to respond to that tamil. says said that the government has been trying its best the office of missing persons has been set up as a state body to look into those who disappeared during the civil war also alarmed reparations is being worked on a slow growing certainly but it's working is it not. well things. well i when i heard the comment so the russian i had to smile a bit because we are hearing the same narrative over the last 6070 years that we
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need more time and that we have a special case intra longa and that also needs to establish its own indigenous. institutions to address the concerns in the country however we need to understand that after the end of the war there was the infamous special session in 2009 at the united nations human rights council that was a rather applauding the sri lankan government for what has happened and then moving on a certain evolution until 2015 and an immense pressure by the united nations and the international community as such for long to create transitional justice mechanisms and helping them also to pave towards that goal yes i acknowledge that that we have an office for missing persons and i do acknowledge all of that however even after 2015 there the movement towards ready fully reconstitute the country is
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not moving very much forward rather the contrary in my eyes when entering the united nations you mention the united nations salman and it's true that after the war ended there were quite a lot of efforts by the u.n. to bring about justice but do you think the u.n. is i think vested and is committed to bringing about justice today than it was a days after the war ended. well i think after the retreat of the united states which was a country that was very much pressing on accountability in the country and given the fact that under the obama administration that was the predominant foreign policy in some of the asia and now under the trumpet mr a should we see a retreat of the united states. from the international fora but especially from the united nations human rights council as such i see there is a lick of momentum. i see that the international community is not asked committed
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as it was say 3 or 4 years ago however in the last report of general 2018 though a high commissioner for human rights of the united nations has stressed again that must follow ready the path of transitional justice and was very much concerned about the level of violence in the country and was very poignant in that aspect to say that this kind of violence that we have seen against the muslims in spectacle or in 20142018 comes in a in a continuous cycle of 10 years right and the reason why right well let's let's ask . about that why this continuous violence and you know with the new elections that are planned in november a lot of people are wondering you know where the current power play between the president and prime minister whether the political whale is really there to to bridge these their friend says and you know to heal the wounds of the war.
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this government actually came into power in 2015 with the promise of good governance and conciliation saw the promise is still valid and we have come a long way especially by a dozen democracy differently and also creating the independent constitutional institutions such as the constitutional council and with that consulates appointing the members to the independent commissions and so on and so forth nawa yes we are looking forward the next election possibly in november. and having acquired dictation government british and governments it's very natural to have tensions and also it's so the 1st time we know history like in history that 2 major parties come together but i must tell you that at this point at this national tragedy what president prime minister working closely know and there is more differences of
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opinion about how to address these and also both parties. made it very clear they are committed to it because national reconciliation so therefore i don't see that the the differences between parties and differences of opinion would not affect the agenda of national reconciliation the clear indication was that even though there were many debates prior to the 2000. and 19 march when i was counseling sessions the government managed to send a unified delegation and of a foreign minister at the head of the liberation actually made comments and confirmed that 3 lanka is willing to continue in this part of the process not just is and the conciliation ok therefore i would like to assure that the government has
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our intentions to address this issue because we want to make sure that country will not get back to the the past i chair oh there's been talk about a tooth and re consolation commission for sri lanka based on the south african model do you think that could work in sri lanka where it certainly i mean it's a step in the right direction it's moved very very slowly as field space but i think one important point to me a stat true reconciliation and healing of those who lost and are in a state of trauma really over having suffered decades of conflict to reconciliation will come by. and small steps that mean the stop this or that and on the tamil community decrease the militarization in the north ensure that people have an equitable an equal chance at employment and access to resources which is something
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which is the driver of the conflict for all these years so you know it is setting up institution it's all very. but small steps which in the right direction need to be treated all right thank you very much for a very interesting discussion thank you so that i shan't go now are they now untagged nyanga and charulata hog thank you all for being on inside story and thank you as well for watching it can always washes program again any time by visiting our website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com for sasha a.j. inside story you can of course also join the conversation on twitter our handle is that a.j. insight story for me for me back to one whole team here in doha thank you for watching back and. russia has jeopardized the united states security interests we know what you are
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doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside looking. into the picture from the inside. i think russia's foreign policy is too soft. russian going to be a train not. washing all knowledge is in. the air. in a 2 part series. 0 observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that she cloyd's. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of mean continues with good morning groups in young on how to 0.
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algis you. see. where every. the 1st polls close. with climate change and the economy on the minds of voters. at headquarters and. also ahead.
4:49 pm
syrian government. as well as foreign minister. if they abide by the constitution. and searching for answers about their loved ones we. follow polls have just closed on the east coast of australia in an election which could see a change of government and leadership more than $16000000.00 australians are registered to vote in the compulsory election prime minister scott morrison is conservative coalition which has held 2013 is in a tight race with party led by bill shorten. will close in 2 hours on the west coast. joining us from melbourne and this is been
4:50 pm
a tight race. extremely tight yes as you say the polls in most of australia on the eastern side the cities of melbourne brisbane and sydney closed about a minute ago now but the polls who remain open in the western part of this country for a couple of hours get a very tight race opinion polls for the last 2 years have given the left of center party a lead but that lead has been narrowing particularly in the last few weeks and it really could go either way as things stood in the last parliament well labor height 72 of the 150 seats in that pollen as it was then there's one extra state this time around 151 over rule don't need many to go their way so when this election i'm here in the room where bill shorten the opposition leader as he is at the moment will be lights are there to celebrate all commiserate but it will come ultimately down to a few marginal constituencies on the outskirts of some of australia's biggest
4:51 pm
cities and i've spent most of saturday in one of those constituencies to the west of melbourne. giving people a sausage sandwich when they arrive to vote is an australian tradition. almost every polling station in every electorate has a sausage sizzle but there are 151 a lecture it's in australia 151 seats in parliament having 76 of them delivers a majority the labor opposition party already has 72 so if it takes just 4 more overruled from the right of center governing liberal party labor government one liberal electorate that could pull to labor is karanka might west of melbourne but here it will be tight it is a point. for. every rush. most are towards refugees so i went. well maybe the leaves. basically
4:52 pm
politicians deciding it will not each other's best friend ignoring kicking each other out that's a common view they have been 5 different prime ministers since 2013 for came to office through internal party coups rather than at elections where people say again and again as they walk in here is how frustrated they are by the constant changes in political leadership in australia some of even said to me they'd rather not be voting at all but that's not an option in australia where voting is compulsory and people are fine and if they fail to show up bill shorten the labor opposition leader voting in nearby melbourne promises if he wins they'll be stability he's put a few tax breaks for the rich and the environment is at the heart of his election campaign the rest of the world's fighting climate change a strain has been missing this is not the aussie way to go missing in the big fights. world will know that a flyby gets elected a stray is back in the fight against climate change in
4:53 pm
a city sydney that's popular my parents' generation fought for environmental issues and now it's all gone backwards i'm praying for a change of government i'm crossing my fingers for a change and. it's possible the former prime minister tony abbott could lose his normally safe seat over the issue of an independent candidate campaigning on the environment is the narrow favorite to beat him in his part of sydney with a very tight election result independents could hold the balance of power. current prime minister's message is the highest taxes and more environmental regulation will cripple an already delicate economy and the selection i've been making a simple point of doing saying i want to thank you i would have backed your respirations the things that actually drive you to your goals your achievements to get a job to buy a house decide if you have time to live in your retirement and the why do you stop life is high taxes on all of those things is to vote liberal and national stood out . as good again morrison will be in sydney for the result will be in melbourne but
4:54 pm
neither will be confident so once polls close in western australia in about 2 hours time andrew when then do we get an idea of the results. of what works in a funny way in australia you don't get constituencies declaring one by one it's a very complicated voting system that i won't go into but what it means is all the television networks here will take a sample of voters and they will work out where those marginal seats but take the elect into full and that process normally takes 234 hours after the final polling stations close so we should be getting a result perhaps about 56 hours from now we've seen that indication of exit polls though by one of the major newspaper groups here in australia and they deciding that across new south wales and the state of victoria exit polls are suggesting a shift away from the governing rights of center party towards labor well that would be in line with what the opinion polls have been saying for the last few days
4:55 pm
and weeks and that would hand the narrowish victory so the labor party so in theory here in melbourne we should be saying a party later when bill shorten takes that state should be doing so as the man about to become a strong his prime minister all right i'll see what happens for the time being andrew thomas thank you. syrian state media says the airbase has repelled an attempted attack at least one person was killed and several others wounded when armed fighters launched drones on rockets towards the base close to the coastal city of latakia and explosions have also been heard in the capital damascus state media reported what they described as luminous objects coming from the direction of israel and that they had been shot down israel has commented but in the past its forces have attacked sites in syria that it says are connected to iran and the lebanese group hezbollah. and an airstrike in syria's province on friday killed several civilians including a father and his baby daughter many more people were injured. and the u.n. aid chief has warned his worst fears are being realized. the offensive there could
4:56 pm
result in the worst humanitarian tragedy of the 21st century our diplomatic editor james bays reports. the russian ambassador vaseline the benzene under pressure in the security council last year russia was one of 2 countries with turkey that guaranteed it as a safe now it stands accused of unleashing with syria a campaign of bombardment on the province since late april this escalation in violence has reportedly killed and injured over $100.00 civilians and further displaced 180000 the aerial bombardment is alarming including the use of barrel bombs in populated areas. with 18 medical facilities and 17 schools destroyed or damaged in just 3 weeks there were even more powerful words
4:57 pm
from the un's most senior humanitarian official when i briefed you here in 1000 september i said a full scale military onslaught could result in the worst humanitarian tragedy of the 21st century. despite our warnings our worst fears and now coming true mr revealed the un had shared the precise coordinates of humanitarian facilities with all warring parties so they wouldn't be hit but the u.k. ambassador then asked if they'd actually been deliberately targeted as a result mr president it would be absolutely grotesque if n.g.o.s and health workers providing coordinates to a mechanism they believe is there to assure their safety but finding themselves being the authors of their own destruction because it's deliberate targeting by the regime when it was time for russian ambassador benazir to speak he accused the council of double standards ignoring civilian deaths during the u.s.
4:58 pm
bombardment of the eyesores stronghold of russia but he denied his country's air force was currently targeting medical facilities for you but it's that we categorically reject accusations of by lading international humanitarian law neither the syrian army nor the russian space and air force is conducting has delivered against civilians or civilian infrastructure or you bombing of hospitals in. no outside the chamber but in his speech to the council the syrian ambassador bashar jaffrey said military operations were being carried out against what he said were terrorists they were he said operations that will continue it seems this meeting has failed to stop the devastating bombardment of it lebron james pays out his era at the united nations hundreds of people have protested in libya's capital tripoli against warlords and if i have to is offensive on the city they won't have
4:59 pm
to i just meant to put down their weapons has that is allied with the brook based government in libya's east the head of that ministration family has told us media they're prepared to negotiate with the u.n. back tripoli government but he refused to accept the preconditions that have terrorist forces withdraw from territory they've taken. venezuela's president has welcomed talks with his representatives and the opposition in norway my juror says the meeting at the beginning of dialogue with those who want him to step down the mediation bid comes after months of a power struggle between the opposition leader joe the crisis has resulted in demonstrations and with opposition supporters military. as well as foreign minister has spoken to al-jazeera about the talks in norway has told arline america at its alysia newman that proposals from the opposition will only be considered if they respect venezuela's constitution those we'll see
5:00 pm
a lot of things here and they are asking for all those things because the united states is demanding it we will sit at a table for talks and also or anywhere else all initiatives are possible with our constitution on the table not with a pistol not with an imperial order but with our constitution the options that they are proposing are not in the constitution numbers and the way down and i wanted to see him do you believe that there is a real credible threat of u.s. military intervention in minnesota or is it a bluff they're also going to have learned no with those hawks in the white house there is no bluff you always have to be careful and be prepared for all scenarios it was president trump who in august 27th teen said that he would consider a military option in venezuela it wasn't bolton or pompeo it was trump bolton has said it thousands of times pompei o has said it pence's said it that all options are on the table including the military one we are prepared for all scenarios but still ahead on al-jazeera a step closer to replacing nafta.


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