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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 19, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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and you. know where whole knowing i was that i see is up to them on the bill like these business uses anderson was the book is besides the those english for me it still national book alina absolutely believe me to eat all coming your way you soon will be devised i mean that's they had us wrapped around their little pink is an iceberg i mean you can hide it we're. me you would assume equally bad to me and with what you. i mean it would be a good over with a solution to me. but at the most and we didn't. get one vote. but it's just a bill istana i talk national experience on what the court as i say you must you should only report the pieces you put on. the roots of today's tensions can be found in russia's recent history. presidents gorbachev and reagan start of the process of dismantling the iron curtain. me as office and as you say i don't see
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any threat for us from the west for the troops withdrew from east to the europe peacefully they were dismantling their own them by it. was the end of the cold war years of isolation and separation from the west were at and then the berlin wall fell to jubilation in the west. boris yeltsin russia's 1st elected leader transformed the country from the one party soviet system to multi-party democracy. so what went wrong. way the west treated russia would play a powerful role in the course the country would follow my good friend alexander bono expert at the carnegie moscow center has been considering these issues for a long time.
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or i'm glad that all men are the one in on their i gin steve. stockton come behind of walsh that option which. is going yeah because of dollars at last you see gosh. this one nurse says. anything near city or similar simply things that doesn't your mails that are sending you mostly just. in of the jungle started. just to prove which. nor is it always that i mean. at the even though. sources james much company grow. sinusitis callable. what my a time machine that i shipped over to an admission is going to. come. home when you're in the cross hall thing and the. only scar you would walk.
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and what africa speech from. medical speech and then the creation of the speech with the pledge buttons yeah he looked like she did the copy. the road to capitalism was sudden and shocking for the vast majority of the russian population . not going. to be we're a fully fledged capitalist country but the tide is turning back to state control this is alphabetic one of the only top banks in moscow that is still privately owned. alexa su if vice chairman of the board was the deputy prime minister in the yeltsin era electical is just the. thought if i want that of him in the store what . will you sleep as
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a. schoolboy thought that the. if there is the. new mom. or. a new. buzzword or a sheet that her sheet was not there i'm always ground to. tree there are always ground to the number. 3 new micro. is going to. go through. you could let me shoot you speak you. some more. did you want. me to draw all the surplus which she knew it would be will do. the stream president . but he 2nd election was struggling to maintain his popularity while communist party leader gennady zyuganov was getting ever more supporters it's widely believed that the elections were manipulated to
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save freshest democratic experiment from failing. there. really isn't some. group. or. your own god who will be. there as. you call us to push. when used. to walk into what you want not all there is always. with the police just you know what to listen to so what you. do sloan. or. don't you want to use it. at the end of yeltsin's 2nd term he appointed a successor who has become very popular in russia but who is no disillusioned with
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the west yet if. you know i hear. you. for. your. very. simply failed. to call us to doom is god's will but isn't it a legend because i want to be good to her as she was good will. when it goes well you know is yours you sure it'll actually it was for us you drugs that are for us god be good to nourish. which would be a short rescue doc of only 2 but a story with. redeemer
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put in is no excuse for film offers he's still popular and he's edited to the west has a hard. russian society though is divided in its attitudes to the west. of the we teach you scum. discourse rest see. when noncombat hoarded by those nearly money i start seeing some as they actually mean some west in the me i deal in the near. east issues do list it. is was more than it was a total business loan and with the mess is it your sense ignored us and even will be at the bar what was up about why would somebody. even with those i start to slowly cannot it isn't it because there's a machete less than that. you know you don't even think. of my hue
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from iraq as a dilemma as which is scary adults nearly inwards now mildly dust oily strongly. doesn't i'm only in the rooms there where you're going to i'm only star noir the total media nearby yet. but i wish i was there with interests of the national aesop's e-book about your thoughts on the direction elian should connect butyl mr dawson i would say. it's just good he was c e. substance the. sheila e. a she had also. she was the mr it's a dump which has you under all new versus the pretty little thing you believe because literally little do so only anybody mash. songs they add to. the ability to school daughter one as does the with all the discussion in yes they're still using it but it's going to come back a dissertation augusta honestly. we know but she has an across the carson and
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probably among. or to show of new. host in the would crush. my old university teachers the diplomas of tomorrow. please locals were here in my day. when i started and thought here it was a more liberal time. these students will have to call with a new era of mistrust. the rector of the university is also chair of the board of channel one russia's most popular channel controlled by the state. can offer is also a former ambassador. to the. he should still go out at or i see is up at this me almost i sees god who is it is a girl of some across the convenience store up at the nearby humid place when you
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used to go to war with iraq we look at you she. got out of the bush with the she was up at the. up with you going on bush. so are you. suddenly into. the 1st threat to russia sphere of influence was the move of some former soviet republics towards the west. disputed elections in georgia led to mass protests and the selection of a young western educated lawyer as president. i believe that nato would benefit. with georgia being a member of nato and i think georgia would benefit. here later a pro western leader came to barbara in the ukraine. carrying a stone in latvia lithuania mania slovakia
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mania. time again they have demonstrated their desire and ability to defend freedom against its enemies. and now it is time to make them allies by treaty. nato absorbed 7 members of the all for that alliance georgia and the ukraine who are in the queue to join them. at a security conference in munich clearly sets out his resistance to the direction things are taking. this will remain at the heart of his foreign policy until the present day today actually does when you know when you are at napoleon and their mother did you do it can you. even. marlen the rest of the buzzing 3 minutes of it is that he had an issue an option he made can use the market but i want to migrate to the good business not unless the
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bushels throughout. egypt in the regions to be used in the bill actually would be. globally visible. just in precious to the near of even your by the assume from your ruby ridge about it but i was really just year. on it was like in the. old man's obsession young couple who just got lighter which. a crowd behind me which i want but also with the shit you. can't bargain that is god or store or company my post if she wasn't. going to. get. stuck. i thought it. speech was very aggressive but i'm president putin's comments were quite
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provocative give a follow up think a lot of what they're actually disappoint. into $1013.00 european leaders met to discuss a future association agreement with the ukraine. like they're americans they didn't consider that russia had any place at the negotiating table so short of leaving you by your style if you're going to score the picture of muscle privilege in your post above you go order. so soon to be used to use them which you do in the us who poses. across the globe should kill them or go to them ski you employ the notion of must surely be silly. or would be at the post the. bitterness of your goodness i should post as this. since it is so good to get a little polluted. with the worst of folk. music is in too soon for
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a bilateral agreement between 2 pm union and great beer should be no trilateral for. the times of limited sovereignty over in europe. like president you know each had to return to power and refused to sign the european agreement. unfortunately we did not manage on these occasions to sign a necessary and agreement the offer of signing the most ambitious agreement to european union has ever offered to a nonmember state is still. came out in large numbers to protest the failure of the group. at.
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the protest last to several months until in february rioters clashed with police resulting in dozens of fate teletubbies and thousands of injuries. president yet of course fled marked the end of strong russian influence in kiev. weeks later russian soldiers in unmarked uniforms in crimea and installed themselves at the airport train stations and administration buildings. referendum was hastily called by moscow the people voted to rejoin russia the russians had taken over crimea in the east in the ukraine referendums were also held much fighting erupted between separate. this in the ukrainian forces. russia is accused of supporting the separatists militarily which he denies despite overwhelming evidence
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. that. the fighting in the eastern ukraine the don't pass is ongoing and there is a strong indication in countless testimonies that official russian forces were involved. the west has responded by introducing sanctions against russia for violating the sovereignty of the ukraine if the russian leadership stays on its current course together we will ensure that this isolation deepens. sanctions will expand and the toll on russia's economy as well as its standing in the world. well. since these events in the ukraine the relationship between russia and the west seems to have been
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irreparably damaged. as the u.s. ratchets up the pressure on iran we look at the straits of hormuz the most valuable waterway in the world. history takes to the east the sunday attacks and flying cars as the future. cost. the united states i learned that the 1st amendment is really key to being a freedom of the shoulders going to be lead. to believe sources that are available but your story is that we just don't tell you what the soldiers of the story want to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for. we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. i was born in the sea. i feel as though the state. should be
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a cause of celebration for some. so every day i feel. the stories of palestinian and israeli women born in the same year but on opposite sides of this divide born in $48.00 on al-jazeera world. and elements of the problem and with the headlines on. some of these foreign minister says the kingdom doesn't want to warn the region but it will fall and the iranian regime chooses war. has called for. emergency summit involving gulf and arab leaders in mecca to discuss escalating tensions in the gulf the u.s. has deployed an aircraft carrier and bombers to the region over alleged threats
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from iran for commercial ships the sabotage off the coast of the u.a.e. last week and or the installation west of the saudi capital was attacked by yemen's hoofy rebels austria's chancellor has called for a snap election after his deputy was forced to resign heinz christians from the far right freedom party stepped down and on the cover that he overcharged her promising state contracts in return for campaign help german chancellor angela merkel has referred to the scandal on the campaign trail for the european parliament elections speaking in croatia. to stand up to what she described as politicians for sale or facing a rise of the right at home nickel also warned of the threat posed by hardline nationalists. our common values mean we are all proud of our native countries but at the same time we want to build up europe petri a tism in the european union are not in opposition to each other nationalism is the
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enemy of the european project and this is what we have to make clear in these final days before the european election defying all the predictions astray and promise to scott marston's conservative coalition has won the general election it's not yet over the morris that will have an outright majority but he is already calling the win a miracle the un is one of the major humanitarian crisis in somalia which is again in the grip of drought the failure of what are called long rains which usually sweep east africa between march and may has caused crop failures across the region . well as well as opposition leader why though says he won't be deceived by the government's awful thoughts why the rally supporters after a meeting between the opposition and president nicolas maduro government ended in norway without a breakthrough says he's trying to build a peaceful agenda to resolve the political crisis well those are the headlines on al-jazeera have the news hour for you in just under 30 minutes piece and wall the
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view from russia continues next thank you for watching. relations between russia and the west have never been as tense since they ended the cold war . the fighting in the eastern ukraine is ongoing and after 5 years there are 13000 deaths and 30000 wounded. as a result the west has imposed harsher and harsher sanctions on russia's businesses abuse assume some super merely various television he was due to stall a mission. this would just come up if you stahl are going to get. the premier bunker. who is responsible for what you have because lust after. this lust on us we see here. lost on us. also for.
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a good thing his mission of. that was because she when you when you mired. in leave the disputed american skillet you know what script was going to be up when you might join in you've been you might and you can you my out store your we up with the reunion i see you see you with which west is going out of us a machine here so the medium is silly or the bits that are most of it at least of all you just are going to predict human i want to talk about in store i'm sorry. mr anytime someone did not splotches would. say you did you have done some shit which in it's unseemly little about and using your school class because of a national the muslim holy god have. just let me bring my should michigan as up in the store and you gotta know god's will to predict what you know scott ritter i owe
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to those in as many to open the genius in that chair. to. i mean most of us used to in this edition of the industry but the woman. has less to throw in the book the room we used and we're measuring in less t.v. since we're still in the. 3 years before sanctions were built russians came out in force to protest against what they said were rigged elections and government corruption. i i r. opposition politician alexina volume led the movement. was very good. damage to your chest why does a horse but is don't die soon alexina bali was prevented from taking part in the presidential elections in 2008 t.v. but continues his work best to getting the corruption of the president's closest associates and has a popular view tube channel with
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a large following among young russians. the bottles of someone in the world as a. new war. in the stance. of the us all. of you have not seen you with which of the new year when you have not seen your. school. that they live thought only. absolutely that if there's going to put it in we have a shelf polish but i'm sure it was most well not all to go it was through me a year. on the year of using. the new noodles this nuke on the. new york court so yeah because it was. good that was. a jew was in them. but he may have thought that. i know what i seem to. do that.
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is me. my mind. just. willy yeah. yeah well if they did that in the release of a. miracle at any. one so a little survivor sure if she was with us it's beautiful vicky vine the view from this beat the somali what the groom they're going to. look but on the political process list the world. really is none of us got. near yes. that may be. years later would know what machine year. or question
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you. are not of my league just me luthe not my only business man there. because i'm going to know what. i snore. been if you'd certainly would resume with . me bullshit it's illusions are quite silly. to look pretty great see in the most up to deploy. business men are close to the president several are on the us and european sanctions. charke a former presidential candidate in 2008 t.v. is part of the russian elite. the father until he was the leading liberal mayor of st but as a group in the early years of russian democracy he was also put in his box. he died
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in 1900. see. i see that goes up which. i need when you watch the me as the what the from now you get from c. the d. to achieve this from his because surely even you know i'm. just sick of that we've got to watch the last they did to bush it's a little cool on the hudson when the mighty will. get that i need not come forth with the lucia chip with but that's the bike with you. which alone sure still sucks. garc one is meal so there's a good. food i'm in a low yes you used to go to for her glove me of the book visit with here was to me. one just people of the new piece of data show. me see on
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the chaise which i haven't got but have to be it seems that i seen one general said some gruesome at the most in the by the by yorker so those are the most honest i was the food was for dust and the beast machines do you keep still i do as the was the only ones with the still and doing it live a solo out of touch with reality and the wish that the new toy story and the stars to put some what they. talked a little not to me at a more vivid video but let's just look at those are what they need are. they much rather than eyes and so one should die just toys. goes into the soul of islam again yet i see news into following you but that was tiny but a byte seats up i was to come i mean you would lay me the slot would i see you i need seen it i see. the more you have to. do you would me up of the body with what they probably am i knew by then it. would be cheer style no
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a couple of new foods at the. it's block of stone. and you want. me to the chest and i says can be equal. to the joint yet so. no violence. rebels. in 2010 protests have broken out across the middle east leading to the fall of governments in tunisia egypt and libya. people of libya today are inspiring the people in tehran. in damascus and even in beijing and moscow they continue to inspire the world and let people know that even the worst dictators can be overthrown and replaced by freedom and democracy. watching the fate of libya's gadhafi buton drew conclusions
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regarding u.s. foreign policy really didn't. used to but it was the way it worked with nuclear nukes. and because of this deal if you're good you will then you convince me she was going to see. it as a lesson. from sleep then you're going. to go well this is a good thing to do i mean because tonight in your. video game a good each. missed by the normal duties. of. achievement. russia wanted to avoid regime change in syria and has backed her ally president assad since the beginning of the war she brought in her air and land troops into 1015 proving that she was back on
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the world stage. ready for combat. ice year or the north to get it was your body. but i would like to study the reasons. to get all the goodies month not just the images night but you more than letting us know. you wouldn't usually. make is that for you but i will of. iraq leave this year. but what i did is i don't know how the city on matters is got there it is what it was a few mutal still me still you put on the list is composed and. is delia that i share your doom or your usual with leslie's to please her usual person you will be more than billy's visit. in this premier of known.
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position you got about. them using your chest pushed pushed is again yeah. up daughter. it would say about. this was about specially i seen a some. good support. from the. way to make me pay my we're going to see which side. which is also why but just on the porch at the start but a good job so again a war for. prosecutors from the c.p.s. counterterrorism division have continued to charge alexander. president bush off
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to a russian nationals with the following offenses conspiracy to murder sir guy square full attempted murder of sir guy's whipple use the composition of not to choke contrary to the chemical weapons act and causing grievous bodily harm with intent to yes cripple and nick bailey. resumed almost threw up on the pacific but across the world saw the earth. on what i'm sure the future through or. from his name in your. eyes i mean you're a sub or. somebody have to work on this i mean you're going to go up so you're on the moon you're. either going to hurt him here.


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