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saying that their pressure their support to be has been the protesters who have been in front of the army headquarters for the past 6 weeks they're saying that these people their presence in front of the military headquarters is what is going to force the military council to hand over power to civilian rule now the main talking point that the 2 sides are going to discuss later today is the sovereign council that body will effectively be the presidential council and what they're going to decide discussed is who is going to be in control of that body who's going to chair that body and how much representation both sides should have but the military council misting that it wants to have equal representation or to be the one chairing that body so effectively it wants to be the one running that country which would contradict the demands of the people in front of the army headquarters now they're saying that they want an independent civilian transitional government they're saying that they will not back down and they're saying that they've already listened to the military council when it says that they wanted to question them to remove the barricades from some of the main roads they say that they don't want to do to create any kind of hindrance or any kind of impediment to try to negotiate
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a civilian government but if the military council does not hand over power and insists on the one chairing that. council then it will continue with the protest and it will continue with the escalation and build more road blocks therefore making it harder for the military council and the opposition coalition to try to negotiate and even if a final deal is reached though how likely is it to be accepted by all. the people in front of the army headquarters once again are saying that the opposition coalition represents them but then again there are other political parties there in their parties that were once part of the national dialogue an initiative that was launched by former president obama and now they are not in the talks and discussions between the military council and the declaration of freedom and change and they're also the other coalitions the islamist coalitions for example yesterday they came out and said that they do not accept the talks and they do not recognize the deals that have been reached so far between the 2 sides they've already gone. assembly and prime minister and executive cabinet so these
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are the things that they've agreed on but other parties other political parties are coming out and saying that the deal doesn't represent them and that will create some kind of imbalance which means the 2 sides even if they do reach a deal then they'll have to go back and talk to the other political parties to try to reach some kind of consensus to form a transitional government otherwise it would be very hard to see sudan being stabilized or instructional period if a deal is reached ok morgan thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera we get exclusive access and work in a fossil is the government tries to find out who's responsible for a church attack that killed several people and a different tune from pro palestinian protesters as israel hosts the eurovision song contest.
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hello again and welcome back to your international weather forecast or here across europe we're watching 2 particular places that are causing a lot of weather over here towards the east as well as across here in central europe but here in turkey the storms have been quite severe over the last couple of days and unfortunate they are going to continue as we begin the week with very heavy rain across northern parts of turkey as well as into north eastern turkey up towards the north though we are looking at a lot of rain there as well crossing over towards parts of western russia but here across central europe that is where the biggest problem is going to be as we begin the week this area of low pressure really begins to organize and heavy rains can be seen all the way up here towards parts of poland all the way down across parts of italy as well temperatures not too bad with berlin seeing about $25.00 degrees but a little bit cooler out here towards the west with zurich a rainy day for you at 14 degrees well here across the northern part of africa we're seeing quite a few clouds not a lot of rain within those clouds though temperatures hover into the low twenty's for most locations but we are going to be seeing
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a little bit more clouds and possibility by the time we get to monday of some rain here across parts of central algeria towards parts of morocco they're looking quite nice at $22.00 degrees up here towards algiers it is going to be a partly cloudy day 23 in tunis more clouds in your forecast with a temperature of 23 degrees there.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera this hour the leader of iran's revolutionary guard says his country is not pursuing war earlier the saudi foreign ministry said the kingdom also doesn't want to escalate tensions but will respond if iran chooses to engage in conflict. called for 2 summits with arab leaders often the u.s. deployed in aircraft carrier to the gulf over alleged threats from iran indians are voting right now in the final days of national elections wrapping up a 6 week long process around 100000000 people across 7 states are eligible to vote in sunday's prime minister narendra modi is seeking a 2nd term. sudan's transitional military council says it's ready to restart talks with protest leaders following pressure from the u.n.
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and african union demonstrators continue their demands for a civilian government and further protests in the capital khartoum on saturday. no one has yet claimed responsibility for a church attack in northern work you know faso a week ago in which several people died the government believes eisel in the greater sahara may be behind it. has an exclusive report from the remote region of where the group is expanding its reach. we travel deep into northern brick enough. on the frontline of an expanding war against the group islamic state and the greater sahara. this is diablo a christian town and the muslim region now living in fear. my girl was running late for last sunday's mass when 20 mouse gunmen stepped in front of him they shot the priest in the head then they randomly selected 5
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worshippers killing them one by one while perishers watched. among those killed was by my goes father a devout christian now buried in the church grounds because. they were in military fatigue we thought they were the police but then they told women and children to leave and the carnage started. while no one has claimed responsibility for the attack the government believes it has the hallmarks of the slavic state in the greater sahara. in april self-styled the ice a leader of. the welcome new affiliates from bric enough aso in mali. since then attacks on the mali burkina faso border have multiplied 4 western hostages were abducted and then freed after a military operation in this area a spanish priest was damp to death and gunmen shot at a christian procession killing worshippers. you know. has to stand up against
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these terrorists and we will fight them into violent extremism and intolerance leaves our country. in a faso is a muslim majority country but all of its presidents so far have been christians whilst these 2 face have co-existed and live together peacefully so far the latest attacks seek to stoke religious divisions especially in the north of the country. northern birchenough faso is rich in gold and minerals yet the muslims of the north who are mostly full on the herders live in poverty newly formed rebel groups are exploiting old grievances inequality and absence state and religious differences luring young men into what has become a new battleground nicholas hawk al-jazeera northern brick enough. in the democratic republic of congo the world health organization says it will move ebola
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transit center of the town of time both to avoid attacks by rebel groups health workers have also been targeted by local communities more than a 1000 people have died since the ebola outbreak was the clear last august. in the capital kinshasa. the capital kinshasa. which is now the. fighting mission. of response to the security situation increasing. treatment. by a rebel group called. just last week. on. the show. now is to move. where people were suspected of having a ball off. so the plan is to move some of them to areas and all this.
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money. also saying that they want to go back to the. people who live in this area so they want to go back and just continue talking to them because there's been a lot of misunderstanding. in those areas. brought out. there really needs to reengage them and show them just serious the situation is. a need to give confidence to the local community. in. trust more than a 1100 feet off the now this. could spread across borders to neighboring countries from the international committee of the red cross. money for barry all the other logistical needs so
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very complicated thank you wish. i help way having to deal with security problems just acknowledged money problems as well as they think and extremely hostile. the former us vice president joe biden has officially kicked off his 2020 presidential campaign with a major rally in philadelphia the veteran political leader launched his bed last month and use his speech so attack president trump with a message tailored to republicans and moderate voters. has more on why biden thinks he's best placed to take on the current commander in chief who were in the battle for the soul of this nation when joe biden announced he was running for the democratic nomination for president 3 weeks ago he began by attacking president donald trump. but on saturday in his 1st big campaign rally officially kicking off his run for the presidency biden tried to present himself as
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a man who could unify politically divided america to defeat trump this promise 64 and so far it's written this country park to see. our politicians our politics today traffics in division and our president is the divider in chief oh yes choosing pennsylvania for his kickoff rally was not by mistake the state's voters will play a key role in picking the next president in 2016 hillary clinton merely was defeated by trump in the state by less than one percent of the vote the 20 electoral votes in the state helped trump become president this time around it might be different biden was born in pennsylvania and appeals to the state's white working class voters there is no one no one's going to work longer no one's going to campaign harder to where your heart. your trust and your support and the sound
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of character you're doing a frequent scranton pennsylvania. was polls indicate he's beating trump in the state by more than 10 points but before then there are 22 other democrats vying for the nomination in a diverse field that includes 6 women 3 african-americans and 2 people under 40 years old by his 76 but he's familiar to voters having served in washington as a senator since 1973 before being brock obama's vice president for 8 years biden will face questions already being talked about is a controversial crime bill he sponsored over 2 decades ago that even some of his democratic challengers say led to mass incarcerations mostly young black men for nonviolent crime. thank you it's just part of his record that will come under scrutiny the coming weeks and months ahead gabe rolls on dough al jazeera
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washington former argentinean president cristina kirchner is hoping to make a comeback as vice president in october as election heard this isn't seen as a surprise because she was considered the most likely challenger to conservative president it's your machree whose support has fallen in the opinion polls a corruption trial involving current stars due to begin next week the 66 year old is also implicated in other scandals. but as well as opposition leader high dose says he will not enter into any false negotiations of president nicolas maduro as government i. tried to rally supporters after a mediation meeting between the opposition and the government in norway dura says he's trying to build a peaceful agenda to resolve venezuela's political crisis declared himself interim president less than 4 months ago i moved president to maduro has dismissed do not
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believe we have a path a strategy of people that a mobilized a plan for the country we will not be deceived and the door government will not deceive us they are so weak and insist they want to manipulate talks we went because of an invitation from a friendly country norway let me say clearly to norway the contact group europe the united states the lima group we appreciate all your if it but we have barry clear in the door government will not confuse us the netherlands has won the euro vision song contest but the hosting of the events in israel is television has proved controversial the event was targeted by protesters they were calling for a boycott and protest against the israeli government's policies in the occupied west bank and gaza harry fossett has more from tel aviv. months in the making israel's eurovision finale was at last getting underway in tel aviv fans from around europe around the world here for the music and the party thousands of police
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have been mobilized hugely over matching the small if the risk group of protesters nearby competition has been the focus of protagonist in calls for a boycott in protest of the israeli government's policies in the west bank and gaza what is really really. happy sounds it's actually they really. think of people who are just right back the right. well those ticket holders are arriving for the or vision final they're walking past this group of protesters who say it shouldn't be happening here at all they may have failed in their endeavor to get it stopped but they are at least using this opportunity to try to get their message across. oh israel's national broadcaster promised to put on the best show in europe vision history to an estimated audience of 200000000 people madonna provided halftime entertainment having rejected calls to boycott the event on the grounds that she would not stop playing music to suit a political agenda and that she would continue to speak out on human rights before
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the event is really p.r. effort was well underway with a controversial somewhat tongue in cheek promotional video referencing jewish stereotypes in the occupation along with tourist sites rather protected eurovision bumi of the expectations of some hotel and restaurant owners is still allowed for a showcasing of israel's main tourist city yes c.b.s. 3 and out of the last 11 me so yeah but there are still nice. but it's also provided an opportunity for another type of tourism the former israeli soldiers turned anti occupation activists of breaking the silence have been targeting eurovision fans taking them on tours of one of the starkest examples of conflict and occupation the divided west bank city of hebron you have this amazing liberal city with beaches and wide ball of ards and then you have empty streets and a ghost town and this complex city is something that we want them to see we want them to see the full picture and we don't want to allow the israeli government to
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use liberal television ordered to hide occupied have brought israel has certainly made the most of your vision demonstrating its ability to host a major international event but its critics have also made their mark highlighting the unresolved conflict playing out just a short drive away hari forsett al-jazeera television. you can have to our website al. just 0 dot com to find out much more about the day's news and all the day's top stories at al-jazeera dot com. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera the leader of iran's revolutionary guard says his country is not pursuing war earlier the saudi foreign ministry said the kingdom also doesn't want to escalate tensions but will respond if iran chooses to engage in conflicts called for 2 summits with arab leaders off the u.s.
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the poit an aircraft carrier to the gulf over what it says are threats from to run . out of saudi arabia does not want war in the region and is not seeking it and will do its best to evade it but at the same time if the other party chooses war then we will respond with all strength and determination and will defend itself and its interests the kingdom hopes others to be wise and the iranian regime and its agents to stay away from recklessness and stupid acts and spare the region instability in saudi arabia asks the international community to take responsibility to stop that regime from destabilizing the world indians are voting in the final phase of national elections wrapping up a 6 week long process around 100000000 people across 7 states are eligible to vote in sunday's poor prime minister narendra modi is seeking a 2nd term. the australian prime minister scott morrison is conservative coalition has won the general election it's not yet known whether he'll have
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a parliamentary majority. sudan's transitional military council says it's ready to restart talks with protest leaders following pressure from the u.n. and african union demonstrators continued their demands for a civilian government in further protest on saturday in khartoum. for a new governing body responded for a 72 hours on wednesday after protesters builds more road blocks in the capital. the former argentinean president cristina kirchner is hoping to make a comeback as vice president in october as election her decision seen as a surprise because she was considered the most likely challenger to conservative president my read your mockery support has fallen in opinion and she's currently facing several different corruption related alley investigations. those are the headlines on al jazeera more news in less than 30 minutes time right here on
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al-jazeera for now it's inside story. algis iraq. and to. the north koreans facing another famine 10000000 are hungry because of the worst drought and for decades could the suffering force the north to abandon its ballistic missile development to reach down. and told the whole trump this is inside story. and welcome to the program i'm not clog an estimated 2000000 north koreans died
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during the famine in the 1990 s. because a calling for international help to prevent history repeating itself. even north korean state media was sounding the alarm the official news agency is reporting the worst drought in 37 is and it blames economic sanctions for making matters with us north koreans are being to fight what's called a war against nature to find new water sources and protect crops the united nations has just reported the lowest harvest in a decade and has warned that millions are going hungry south korea is sending cash to help. so a little country minute here on. our government has decided to provide $8000000.00 to international organizations projects to support north korea including the world food program and unicef based on our stance that we continue to humanitarian aid for north korean people political situations well before we move on to our discussion let's take a quick look at the situation in north korea the capital pyongyang should have
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received an average of 170 millimeters of rain by may state media say the entire country has recorded only 54 millimeters so far that's the lowest since 982 this year's harvest is expected to suffer the world food program estimates that at least 40 percent of the 25000000 population suffer food shortages united nations says people are receiving just 300 grams of food rations a day that's home of the government's target the last famine in the 990 s. is thought to have killed up to $2000000.00 people north korea's government never released an official total. or let's bring in our guest now from augusta in georgia in the united states by skype is han park a founding director of the center for the study of global issues from beijing we have guitar ball who's advocacy manager for the country cluster support team that's of the international federation of the red cross and red crescent societies and by
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skype from exeter in the united kingdom is aiden foster carter and honorary senior research fellow in sociology and modern career at leeds university thank you all for joining us guitar ball if i could start with you from the red cross you have people on the ground there give us an idea of the scale of the problem in north korea right now well it's not just one 5th year it's one year after the west's year in a decade i mean it really looks really really bad we have people they have been visiting 3 provinces cendant. communities. all i can say now is that it's not getting better they made an assessment and the report will be out next week so unfortunately i can't i can't come in and that yet but it is really bad we see mountain nutrition we see under nutrition that is chronic and we also might see now the effect that there is no water there is no safe water for for drinking or for cooking so so what
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we might be seeing now is also new cases of diarrhea and and decease like that and i understand it's really bad it's round about 40 percent of the population gets her in and out of the 40 percent as usual in these situations it's the elderly and the very young who are most at risk yeah it's the children it's the children i mean 20 percent of the of all children under 5 are stunted they are they don't get any near the nutrition they need it's a pregnant women it's women who are oppressed feeding the children and it's the elderly so once again those are the most who suffers or those are suffer the most raw is the picture across the whole country or as a specific part of north korea well that difference it difference but of course there are some provinces that are in worse shape than others. i don't have the full picture of that but what i can say there are differences but but still even though
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you're not living in one of those provinces maybe you're used to getting some food from some relatives who live there so so it's a very large deal of the population that can feel this and finally at this stage get to die i know you can't talk specifically about the reports coming out but if things do keep going in this direction do you think we could see a repeat of the terrible terrible events of the 99100 well i think it is it is all right yeah yeah yeah well i think it is already terrible it's hard to measure terrible but up but i mean it's not just bad getting worse now it is it is really worse. bordering on alarming i would say that ok well that's the situation is that thanks very much for let's bring in john park a obviously you've been to north korea many times if 50 or so times we talked about this event back in the ninety's do you think we're heading in the same direction now to that day that north korea has a serious problem. is to relish stablished we don't have to go over that your
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question is what can we do. the world around the insula is traditionally do 90 states and china are very crude and rich countries and south korea may also be included here as a potential donors or helpers in disregard for north korea and its solid korea is prepared to do that already for the $8000000.00 but south korea can send rice and their. humanitarian assistance to red cross the border and china can do or likewise so i think it is showing off his shafilea soon not include the. sanction in divin lucy equation because political sanction in dario through again
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humanitarian necessity mount to weapons. against the country to very very serious weapon ok to me to think you think that a sanctions a weapon izing the issue of food will come on to the geopolitics more just a moment but enforce a kind of i could bring you in from a store in the u.k. . they say the climate change is to blame for this lack of snow during the winter leaving crops exposed to freezing temperatures as well as prolonged dry spells due to rainfall that's less than than predictable and less predictable to what degree 1st will before going to a port is to what degree can north korea prepare for such events as this and deal with them without outside help. the north korean government could do a great deal more than it does it could do here's an example we know from the united nations panel of experts set up to monitor sanctions and their impact in the ways in his career voyage them that out of experts claims that in recent years
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north korea earned more than half a $1000000000.00 from saima for all essentially various i think korean cryptocurrency is raging back and so on well obviously they shouldn't have done that but that means they have a cash aisle they choose to spend their money differently most countries normal countries trying to get any degree of calf of their citizens or responsibility to their citizens would it be importing food that if they're not imports from food on any scale if they're not cheap the singer imports as far as we know that's a political choice economics one i wonder where says to give an example of the choices all governments face gums versus bottom it's very literally true in the north korea case so that i have here to see in him temp sympathy for the very long suffering north korean people this government could do what other governments do even before we get on to things that are obviously it's not going to do like to terrorize and generally change spending and they could do a lot more they could also change the way the economic system is organized if i can
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briefly mention that sensible communist regimes like china and vietnam long ago 30 years ago a mole gave more responsibility to enterprises to farms to break up collective farms north korea has been tinkering with a bit of that and that because they've got a very difficult situation the soil is exhausted it's a lot of that sort of thing to go into ever got much to work with out of that money margins at the best of times but they really you know that they're not doing these things that the regime has brought a culture they put it upon themselves to sound callous but the regime has focused upon the people and 14 of the people are going to suffer and not the regime said no i'm not front to what degree bend the sanctions have an impact on the north and north korea as a country be able to deal with a situation like this. they do and there's no doubt about that i mean the what is happening there's now was a 10 year history of sanctions and then the beginning at north korea's 1st nuclear test 2006 well that time ago the sanctions were confined to its arms trade but in the last 2 or 3 years they got tighter and tighter since the north koreans took not
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a blind bit of notice any of these i may say unanimous united nations security council sanctions voted for by russia and china as well as other members so they tightened that ship basically a lot of north korea's main exports are now banned and it's hard for them to import or things like you know oil at the margins and saying it's a date through it as such of course is not affected but things that help the agriculture. from n.g.o.s on the ground and i'm sure you'll recall especially with their more you know from from the feel of the night to you there's no way that this can go this cannot start this communicative it out sanctions certainly don't help so that's a huge pileup of all the sickest people and get there from your point of view what are you seeing on the ground in terms of sanctions and the kind of impact that they have been restricting that the nation's ability to carry on. well that's difficult for me to say and as you know red cross we're not about politics we we don't take sides we do the humanitarian work on the ground that is possible for us to do and
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we cooperate in doing that we cooperate with the national red cross society and they are all in all the affected areas and so what we do is well to provide civil order pumps needed to to make sure that we can do things on the ground that will that would help here and now and of course will also do things to improve then or to prepare this for happening by building greenhouses send but you know it's a different scale than than the carefulness call told i know that but but i would not make this a comment on that or ok well i'll take that on with kind of as i can but you know you mention this issue of very question equipment and water pumps and to combat the problem the state run. newspaper has called for a war what they describe as a war is being translated as a war against nature mobilizing all available water pumps in their occasion equipment to what degree we come back to this question of how how capable north korea is is capable of dealing with a situation like this to what degree does north korea have this kind of equipment
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to hand and how much are outside help does it need. ha i don't i don't know the scale of that but i know that that in 18 it actually helped that we were able to when they were able to provide some some water pump pump for the affected areas right now people are carrying water in water buckets out in the afternoons and at night and of course having water pumps having fuel for those water pumps having tends to cover them from the heat all these it sounds like small things but that this is actually what will help the crops to grow and the people to move to get feed to get fit but it doesn't solve the whole crisis of course it doesn't but but it it would come a good way so if you just one more thing can you tell us about the issue of food rationing in north korea understand that most citizens something like 70 percent live off with it 500 grams of food a day and even that is going to have to now be be cut to 300 grams a day and that's very that's very very little if you think of what the rest of us
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are consuming i mean it's it's barely it will bear the ability you have to keep that keep the people alive i mean it is really bad and you can see the malnutrition on the ground you can see the how this effects we just like i said have our people been visiting different communities and it is clear to see there that that there isn't enough there is a lack there's a lot of everything and. then that used to much there used to so these ration so in the last years that there are are getting smaller but this year if something's it's not happening it's it's really worth getting worse ok and he talked a little bit ago it's a it's a wake. so you talk about this issue of. weaponize ing food if you like what do you say to those who say that north korea want to make it sound like sanctions equal starvation so you know the united states really should be benevolent towards them
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unfortunately in all countries in the world that would give you in their security interests food aid or economic development we're expecting north korea to do that then we will not and north korea would like to maintain it to socially is just it's a collective kind of system in continuous city deaths were to russia and china no one is wet saw that if we expect north korea to change to political system characteristics all together to you nor to get now i.m.f. or world bank assistance i think we should look at somewhere else north korea is not going to give meaning to these kind of international pressure it's the route rather as a resort in 179990 is doing rather have not of
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starvations its its own derives shock 1000000 metter of world of public opinion and weaponized thing through or the works in north korea but it works only in that sense a lot of people will suffer rather than changing their military or political posture us so it's difficult to see to asia now their world would have to adjust to that situation i don't foster kind of what do you think about that if it's this concept that that the north korean government may be kind of playing on the issue of food supplies in north korea or using it i should say. to aid its political positions and in negotiations with the united states. oh i'm sure they using it i mean the north korean government is a very skilled operator it's a very cynical and i think it's a contemptibly immoral operator and if i thought i understood dr park correctly he
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seems to suggest that we should all just put up with that wherever a barrel of course and what hasn't been mentioned yet i mean even kindly south korea offering a modest 8000000 i would like to know what think so the fact that north korea has more or less spat back in their faces and criticize them for daring to offer this it's you know it's incredibly for anybody who believes in a a peaceful and better world international order sure any country wants it security thankfully most countries in the small countries in the world do not think that security consists of getting a nuclear weapons getting intercontinental ballistic missile a strengthening the world i mean it's i call it militant mendicants north korea is a market and a beggar at the same time and it's infuriating but of course we don't want the people to suffer the north korean government they care about its people one bit weak and that's that's the intent style or not but let there be no doubt about the net it is not reasonable for the north korean government to behave as it does in
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any way. north korea maga and a beggar at the same time what do you say to. oh yeah i think empirically that may ever vary some truthfulness but in reality north korea has its own dollars ready and. north korea are never achieved completely of their nuclear capability and they're not going to give up their socialist system collective ownership and united of kempton is manaul back if we expect north korea to do those things he needs change will food aid and humanitarian aid we are wrong it will not work it has never worked for decades and what do you think i'm paca about the fact that this is being talked about now partly because the north koreans themselves have asked for help and being very bold in asking for help and very public about it yeah but we received but it did kind of pressure that united states
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through john bolton's idea it is not going to work but you know the libya model. so north korea room not just a one to economic prosperity it wants socially it's a north korea kind of economic christe parity but we'll really see but with china we need help in depth regard and was probably going to come in the. well they have a service that one could say i mean it's an incredibly difficult situation it's that must be a way i mean you can how it's coming to what point can i pick up on as i said before a sensible communist regimes as in china and vietnam you know you can have you can keep political control i mean whether or not one likes that system a different talking about i think is that we shouldn't say north korea when we mean the kim family regime to keep who have got the rest of the country in their grip
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threats that we're talking about in other socialist countries they've dad to try it you know that and they've got very china has become a great china was very impoverished under mao and much nastier it is now china is now well how about doing sensible things economically you can do sensible things economically and a communist party can keep up kim jong un is a bit more daring than his father kim jong il but unfortunately not very much there is so much more they could do and should do the job of this they you know they're very stubborn and we don't really have the leverage to rebel we've been talking about this a $1000000.00 that the south is going to mobilize to supply the north korean administration to provide food and medicines and so forth. to what degree will that even touch the sides of what's required there how much more is needed oh i don't want to put a number on this because i think all the help they can get will do some when we do some people and will do some good but of course. everybody can can it when you talk about more than 10 pillion 1000000 people not getting the the food they need 40
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percent of the population when you talk about chronic under and malnutrition you know that that it takes a lot to reach all these people but i mean all the help they can get and one part wasn't i mean julian is doing in the south and sending this money no it doesn't actually have that much necessary that much support in south korea there are those who say that the north has gone to resources as we've been discussing here on its nuclear arms program that should have used to help his people let me quote one a spokeswoman for the conservative career liberty party who said this is a time to stop aid if there is any gain to the north not to provide it she accuses mr moon of irresponsible appeasement if what is happening in north korea really ventured more likely sooner than later we look at south korea and says where they're thinking about some sort of. reunification a peaceful coexistence if north koreans are starving and children are not growing
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not given you know through nutrition then people with the horror north and south korea combined with the impact will be jack so south korea is concerned it very seriously about north korean economic situation fool situation and then willing to help north korea his current regime but declaring american. it's so important that the united states show the world that north koreans have the right to life not just the freedom but to life so we are we deny action north korean children's lives. for because of a nuclear situation so we should not have connived full well that prefer. and foster carter as the united states look on at the situation they would have been very well aware of the impending crisis affecting millions of people in north korea
4:43 pm
as they continue their negotiations or go back and forth with. the administration in north korea how much of a factor do you think this crisis is in how they play that hand. sad to say i mean aside i was i would assess it and not very much a toll i mean you know working out what matters to donald trump apart from bill will trump himself is really quite difficult the trouble is and i think we have to say a little bit about the broader context and again tabulations barry but and pop and i might agree on this and the red cross has never post excess we don't have a compass blending it i mean i had hoped you know i was very hopeful about the peace the various peace processes summits that he had lost 2800 seemed to be history already unfortunately i thought we were going to get from the longest a circus we've had into a virtuous month where south korea this government which doesn't help the north could go ahead starting with things like joint ventures with reconnecting the
4:44 pm
rebuilding roads and railways so that you could actually stop the north korea gradually all attempt at the or it into a a more benevolent relationship with the outside well i think that was a possibility trump blew that annoy kim jong un blew it as well but i don't really conceding anything at all i guess we don't have time for too much detail on that but there is that broader context and to come back to your question i don't think trump gives a concept that kind of i don't think trunk has very much about the welfare of the north korea people. with 40 percent of the population in trouble in north korea what about the the other 60 percent would they be aware of the situation or is it kept under wraps as far as they're concerned is it manage this crisis yet must create 3 mockery. you've got to tell you in society everyone knew somebody even 40 percent i dine with starvation their message 50 percent are very.
4:45 pm
saw the horn country serious trouble but they're not going to feel go ready away their security as i said we've just been nuclear capability they have declared dead they're already nuclear power so all we can and do not. korea as that way yates. so we don't have to publicly acknowledge north korea as a nuclear state but we just move on and. the denuclearization is important but more him or. the expansion need deep rooted not renewed ration over nuclear capability is just said is important so are we should want to non ration edge of the nuclear it's asian indicates north korea certainly a very troubling a worrying situation and one that we will watch very closely here at al-jazeera
4:46 pm
that's all we have time for thanks very much to what i guess to hand part to get a rebel and agent force to counter and thank you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website our desert dot com and for further discussion just go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com ford slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me nick clarke and the whole team here it's by phone up. meet maria driven by poverty into prostitution and drugs as an early age now as a mother she's turning her life around with the help of a theater troupe a group of colombian women fighting the challenges they face to that ops. was compelling series which showcases fresh filmmaking talent probably around the globe
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if you find a lot in america presents acting lessons on al-jazeera. just off one of his main highways immediately yes family collects as much water as possible from the mountain above. a nationwide blackout left millions without power a regular water supplies. but this water is not portable the health ministry is recommending people treat it with chlorine but with none available other than and maybe hopes that boiling it 1st will make it safe for her family to drink dr. says the increased consumption of untreated water in the last 3 weeks is making an already catastrophic situation worse of anyone in norway to all ready we don't have the precise numbers yet but we know that in the public and private hospitals there's been an acute increase of cases of severe diarrhea that require hospitalization including children under 2 years of age which could be fatal local
4:48 pm
and international public health experts describe the crisis it's a complex humanitarian emergency. really still liberated as a journalist was. going to the truth doesn't. that's what this. gulf rivals iran and saudi arabia say they don't. war as the u.s. has its military in the region because of an unspecified threat. to watch al-jazeera life from a headquarters in doha and also ahead praying for a victory indian prime minister narendra modi's governing party seeks reelection as
4:49 pm
millions go to the polls on the final day of voting. sudan's military leaders are expected to resume talks with the opposition on a transfer of power to civilian rule. and a hidden camera sting exposes corruption at the top of austria's government forcing the chancellor to pull the plug on his ruling coalition. hello indians are voting in the final phase of national elections wrapping up a 6 week long process around 100000000 people across 7 states are eligible to vote in sunday's poll they include those living in prime minister narendra modi's constituency he is seeking a 2nd term here are the key issues about how 1300000000 indians are under 25 years
4:50 pm
old many of them don't have jobs government report says the official unemployment rate is at a 45 year high and about a quarter of indians are farmers and there are suffering from low crop prices as well as rising levels of debts hate crimes are a major issue attacks against religious minorities and marginalized communities have been on the rise since modi is hindu nationalist party to be j.p. came to power security there's also a concern especially after february's attack in indian administered kashmir which killed 40 indian paramilitary soldiers were planes were shot down as pakistan denied involvement. so hell raman reports from. they've been queuing up since daybreak it's the 7th and final phase of india's general election on sunday people from 59 constituencies across 7 states and one union territory head to the polls more than 900000000 people were eligible to cast their ballots in the world's largest democracy over the past 7 weeks voters waiting here are excited that their
4:51 pm
day has finally come should be given regularly and more infrastructure his physical situation is that it should be given to. the very 1st i felt really nice voting for the 1st time i want prime minister made to come back to power and move the country forward and develop it so that the unemployed can get employment. environ arcee is one of 13 seats in the state of pradesh that's being fought over on sunday it's the parliamentary seat of the incumbent prime minister narendra modi there are many issues the electorate has had to consider communal politics unemployment the economy education and national security. for some small scale manufacturers the issue is clear this factory produces fans and it's been severely affected by the monetize ation and the introduction of the new goods and services tax g.s.t. which is added to the manufacturing cost and impacted on the workforce there that
4:52 pm
gupta wants the new government to revisit the amount of tax small cottage industries like kids have to pay. 50 to 60000 people depend on cottage industries like us here my sales are down and property margins tool by about 60 to 70 percent when it comes to workforce i used to have about 30 employees now i can only afford in. analysts suggest there is a disconnect between what the public needs and what politicians say they can deliver i think one of the reasons is that. india has been quite an immigrant from the masses they don't want to. have things to offer as the economy is unfolding i think we are going deep into a crisis and the promises that they are making the parties i mean it's very difficult to fulfill the promises so they don't want to talk about the concrete delivery while these voters wait patiently in line for their turn to vote the
4:53 pm
country will have to wait until thursday before the national vote count begins and will bring in some help rama now he's joining us from for an aussie as he outlined in your report a lot of issues at stake in this election and you're joining us from vera nasi which is a modis stronghold so hail what happens there is quite key. yes it is during environ arcee is an integral part really of this voting. scenario and also a bit of indian history as well because obviously this is the incumbent seat of the prime minister narendra modi he's hoping to retain the seat he's actually hoping to increase the majority that he won with here but the political heavyweights from the congress party from the s.p. party from the b.s.p. have all been here to try and put a dent into his reputation and into his. conclusions and work that he's put into being prime minister across the country yet pradesh is
4:54 pm
the largest state in terms of offering m.p.'s to the lok cyber the parliament it offers a.t.m. peason in the last election the b j p 171 of those seats they want to try and retain that huge vote bank if they can because. it's very similar you might say to florida in the united states and whoever wins the production's got a very good chance of actually going on to control the government or maybe even become prime minister and this is the final phase of this mammoth 2 month election that we've seen how many seats are we talking about in this final phase. apologies we seem to have lost the connection. we'll try and get him back a little later on in the program but you're looking at live pictures right now of people continuing their vote. this is the final phase of
4:55 pm
voting in the election. go 5 also run in saudi arabia have said they are not seeking war as the us builds up its military presence in the region the leader of iran's revolutionary guard says his country is not pursuing a conflict and that saudi arabia doesn't have the will for it his comments came after the saudi foreign ministry said the kingdom doesn't want to escalate tensions but will respond if iran chooses to engage in conflict consider man has called for a 2 emergency summits involving gulf an arab leaders in mecca on may 30th to discuss the situation in the region. when. you have a saudi arabia does not want war in the region and is not seeking it and will do its best to have beat it but at the same time if the other party chooses war then we will respond with all strength and determination and will defend itself and its interests the kingdom hopes others to be wise and the iranian regime and its agents
4:56 pm
to stay away from recklessness and stupid acts and spare the region instability in saudi arabia ask the international community to take responsibility to stop that regime from destabilizing the world well the u.s. has deployed an aircraft carrier and bombers through the go for what it says are threats from iran for commercial ships were sabotaged off the coast the bay u.a.e. last week although it's not known who was responsible and an oil installation west of the saudi capital was attacked by yemen's the rebels had cocaine has more from washington. there are reports out of saudi arabia that the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon had a phone call with the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o from this side the state department will not confirm that a call happened much less what was discussed but we do know we do know the pompei has been making the rounds trying to gauge support for increased tensions on iran and getting pretty much tepid response from everybody so we don't know what they
4:57 pm
discussed but we do know in the past the discussions that have really proven pivotal in the relationship are those not between the secretary of state and saudi officials but between the president's son in law and senior adviser jared kirshner and mohamed bin sol none so waiting to see if there are any reports about what they're discussing this is a president who has said he doesn't want to go to war courting the reports at the same time we're seeing an escalation not only the military moves the unprecedented move to get u.s. personnel out of the baghdad embassy or oil workers are being removed and now we're hearing the federal aviation administration is warning commercial airliners to avoid the gulf for fear of being a target. an accident so obviously the u.s. is sending conflicting messages a big point is going to come in the coming days because members of congress both republicans from the president's own party and democrats are saying we want to see the intelligence we want to know why we're seeing these increased tensions so they are expecting a briefing in the coming week how they respond it could set the tone for how this
4:58 pm
moves forward sudan's transitional military council says it's ready to restart talks with protest leaders following pressure from the u.n. and african union demonstrators continued their demands for a civilian government and further protest on saturday in part to negotiations for a new governing body were suspended for a 72 hours on wednesday after protesters built more roadblocks in the capital morgan has the latest from hard to. talks are set to resume between the opposition coalition as the declaration of freedom and change and the military council which has ousted president from power on the 11th of april now talks have been suspended for 72 hours following an outbreak of violence when protesters accused a unit of the military known as the rapid support force of firing at them and trying to move some of their barricades now the military council has ordered the protesters to remove some of the barricades from the main road and protesters are saying that they have done that and that they want the opposition coalition to go
4:59 pm
back to the negotiating table and negotiate for an independent civilian transitional government they may think the 2 sides will be focusing on later is the sovereign council which effectively will be the presidential body the opposition coalition wants it to be a civilian led source of rank council with a civilian majority while the military council wants it to be led by the military with either equal representation or military majority representation so a lot of things to talk about just around that sovereign council and protesters are saying that they know that the power base of the opposition coalition if the military council does not hand over power then they will continue with their protests which is now going to its 7th week and that they will escalate into 4 more strikes civil disobedience and further roadblocks over i'm setting up barricades on more main streets they're saying that they have been waiting for the military council and they have already listened to some of their demands of opening roads and allowing the trains to cross and they are saying that they do not want to create any political impasse but if the military council does not also show signs that it wants to deliver on and handing over power to it in an independent civil in
5:00 pm
transitional government then there will escalate their protest and their strikes still ahead on al jazeera 2 years after a storm was per stood the brink of famine another severe drought leaves millions hungry. libyan president ever morale has launched his bid for a 4th term seeking to shore up the declining fortunes of the left in latin america . the web sponsored by qatar. hello again and welcome back to your international weather forecast out here across europe we're watching 2 particular places that are causing a lot of weather over here towards the east as well as across here in central europe but here in turkey the storms have been quite severe over the last couple of days and unfortunate they are going to contain.


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