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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 19, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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today in khartoum negotiations for a new governing body were suspended for 72 hours on wednesday after protesters built more roadblocks in the capital who are morgan has the latest from hard to talks are set to resume between the opposition coalition as the declaration of freedom and change and the military council which has ousted president from power on the 11th of april now talks have been suspended for 72 hours following an outbreak of violence when protesters accused a unit of the military known as the rapid support force of firing at them and trying to move some of their barricades now the military council has ordered the protesters to remove some of the barricades from the main road and protesters are saying that they have done that and that they want the opposition coalition to go back to the negotiating table and negotiate for an independent civilian transitional government they may think the 2 sides will be focusing on later is the sovereign council which effectively will be the presidential body the opposition coalition wanted to be a civilian lead. counsel with
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a civilian majority while the military council wanted to be led by the military with either equal representation or military majority representation so a lot of things to talk about just around that sovereign council and protesters are saying that they know they're the power base of the opposition coalition if the military council does not hand over power then they will continue with their protests which is now going to 7th week and that they will escalate into 4 more strikes civil disobedience and further roadblocks of setting up barricades on more main street they're saying that they have been waiting for the military council and they have already listened to some of their demands of opening roads and allowing the trains to cross and they are saying that they do not want to create any political impasse but if the military council does not also show signs that it wants to deliver on and handing over power to an independent civil in transitional government then there will escalate their protest and their strikes still had on al jazeera we get exclusive access faso is the government tries to find out who's responsible for church attack that killed several people and
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a different tune from pro palestinian protesters as israel hosts the euro vision song contest. and we've got quite a few showers over the southeast in parts of asia at the moment the majority of them on the satellite picture are showing up over parts of borneo and towards the west and this gnawing here is where we see some of the heaviest of those thunderstorms lots of strong winds in with them as well again this region will see plenty of showers as we head through monday but they'll also be a few popping up towards the north as well as for cambodia and into vietnam one more of them every parts of the philippines as well for the south i think this is the best chance of seeing some drawing whether i have a pulse of java and into bali but i think even for the western parts of joe of it
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there's the risk of seeing want to showers at times australia has also seen a lot of wet weather too thanks to this weather system here for some of us just north of out of springs we saw 60 millimeters of rain in the average for this whole month is around 15 so it really was quite a welcome downpour though showers though a clearing and i think we will see just a few more perhaps on choose the monday though is looking may mostly dry towards the southwest there will be a bit more in the way of what weather here that's making its way across perth that we as we head through tuesday so a brighter day for us and the rain is also retreating from the southeast as well spermy still a fair amount of cloud with us but still at least for most of us on tuesday it should be dry. on counting the cost as the u.s. ratchets up the pressure on iran we look at the straits of hormuz the most valuable waterway in the world lanka's tourism industry takes the heat off to the east the
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sunday attacks and flying cars as the future just a rough go through the cost on a. hybrid fill the bridge is a job that was. going to the truth of the. that's what this joke. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera indians are voting in the final phase of national elections wrapping up a 6 week long process around 100000000 people across 7 states are eligible to vote in sunday's poll prime minister narendra modi is seeking a 2nd term goal for iran and saudi arabia have said they are not seeking war as the
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u.s. builds up its military presence in the region. called for talks with arab leaders after the u.s. deployed an aircraft carrier to the gulf over what it says are threats from. sudan's transister no military council says it's ready to restart talks with protest leaders following pressure from the u.n. and african union demonstrators continue their demands for a civilian government and further protests in the capital of khartoum on saturday. no one has yet claimed responsibility for a church attack in northern burkina faso a week ago in which several people died the government believes i saw in the greater sahara may be behind it nicholas has an exclusive report from the remote region of where the group is expanding its reach. we travel deep into northern brick enough. on the front line of an expanding war against the group islamic state in the greater. this is. a christian town
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in the muslim region. now living in fear. my go was running late for last sunday's mass when 20 mouse gunmen stepped in front of him they shot the priest in the head then they randomly selected 5 worshippers killing them one by one while perishers watched. among those killed was by my goes father a devout christian now buried in the church grounds. when they were in military fatigue we thought they were the police but then they told women and children to leave and the carnage started. while no one has claimed responsibility for the attack the government believes it has the hallmarks of the stomach state in the greater sahara. in april self-styled ice a leader of. the welcome new affiliates from bric enough aso in mali.
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since then attacks on the mali burkina faso border have multiplied 4 western hostages were abducted and then freed after a military operation in this area a spanish priest was damp to death and gunmen shot at a christian procession killing worshippers. you know. has to stand up against these terrorists and we will fight them into violent extremism and intolerance leaves our country. in a faso is a muslim majority country but all of its presidents so far have been christians whilst these 2 face have co-existed and live together peacefully so far the latest attacks seek to stoke religious divisions especially in the north of the country. northern birchenough faso is rich in gold and minerals yet the muslims of the north who are mostly full on the herders live in poverty newly formed rebel groups are
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exploiting old grievances inequality and absence state and religious differences luring young men into what has become a new battleground nicholas hawk al-jazeera double o. northern brick enough. the former us vice president joe biden has officially kicked off his 2020 presidential campaign with a major rally in philadelphia the veteran political leader launched his bid last month and use his speech to attack president trump with a message tailored to republicans and moderate voters gabriel is also has more on why biden thinks he's best placed to take on the current commander in chief you were in the battle for the soul of this nation when joe biden announced he was running for the democratic nomination for president 3 weeks ago he began by attacking president donald trump. but on saturday in his 1st big campaign rally officially kicking off his run for the presidency biden tried to present himself as
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a man who could unify politically divided america to defeat trump this politics is boring so hard it's written in this country park to see. our politicians our politics today traffics in division and our president is the divider in chief. choosing pennsylvania for his kicks off rally was not by mistake the state's voters will play a key role in picking the next president in 2016 hillary clinton merely was defeated by trump in the state by less than one percent of the vote the 20 electoral votes in the state helped trump become president this time around it might be different biden was born in pennsylvania and appeals to the state's white working class voters there is no one no one's going to work longer no one's going to campaign harder to win your heart your trust and your support than the sound of character you're doing
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a free turn scranton pennsylvania. far by. polls indicate he's beating trump in the state by more than 10 points but before then there are 22 other democrats vying for the nomination. diverse field that includes 6 women 3 african-americans and 2 people under 40 years old biden is 76 but he's familiar to voters having served in washington as a senator since 1973 before being brock obama's vice president for 8 years biden will face questions already being talked about is a controversial crime bill he sponsored over 2 decades ago that even some of his democratic challengers say led to mass incarcerations mostly young black men for nonviolent crime. thank you it's just part of his record that will come under scrutiny in the coming weeks and months ahead. al-jazeera washington
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former argentinean president cristina kirchner is hoping to make a comeback as vice president in october as election heard this isn't seen as a surprise because she was considered the most likely challenger to conservative president my router machree whose support has fallen in opinion polls a corruption trial involving courage there is due to begin next week the 66 year old is also implicated in other scandals. venezuela's opposition leader why though says he will not enter into any false negotiations with president nicolas maduro as governments. around the supporters' after a mediation meeting between the opposition and the government in norway maduro says he's trying to build a peaceful and gender to resolve venezuela's political crisis why there is a clear himself interim president less than 4 months ago a move president maduro has dismissed. we have
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a strategy of people that are mobilized a plane for the country we will not be deceived and the door government will not deceive us they are so weak and insist they want to manipulate talks we went because of an invitation from a friendly country norway let me say clearly to norway the contact group europe the united states the lima group we appreciate all your if it but we have barry clear in the doura government will not confuse us austria's chancellor sebastian kurtz has called a snap election after his deputy was filmed apparently offering to fix state contracts with a russian woman the hidden cameras thing has brought down the coalition just days before european parliament elections and what's far right movements are striving to gain ground so you're going to go how small. a political downfall and a humiliating and political austria's vice chancellor heinz christian strong have faced the cameras after handing in his resignation but he was adamant that he was
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the victim in this scandal. the only criminal offense that is present here is this state secret service trap with illegal withholding this. is and then set it off and yes that was a targeted political assassination. i think that it's a scandal that's proof that for the survival of austria's coalition government just hours after except. stratas resignation the chancellor sebastian cuts announced snap elections over this i believe that the new coalition is currently not possible with anyone the freedom party cannot if the social democrats do not share the substance of my approach and the small parties are too small to really be able to support us in. this is the video that led to his demise recorded secretly at a villa on the spanish island of a beef just months before the 2017 auster now elections in it another senior member
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of the freedom party and a woman posing as a russian oligarchs nice wanting to make a $280000000.00 investment that led to talk of funneling funds from the russian national to the freedom party turned an offer of lucrative austrian government contracts. for the election now for the election campaign yes yes. tell me. then you have to translate these are some very wealthy people they paid between 500008 1000000 and a half to 2000000. for the current election. yes however they do not pay to the policy between nonprofit association you have to explain not to an association. that this is not going to the court of order to. the freedom party issued a statement denying it had accepted any funds but
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a straw has stood down anger erupted outside chancellor kurtz's office many here blaming going into coalition with the far right freedom party in the past sunday diagonal al-jazeera the german chancellor has announced what she described as politicians for sale angola merkel visited croatia before the european elections starting on thursday as she faces. the right wing challenge at home merkel warned of the threat to the european union posed by hardline nationalists of the. highest in the us our common values mean we are all proud of our native countries but at the same time we want to build up europe patriotism and the european union are not in opposition to each other nationalism is the enemy of the european project and this is what we have to make clear in these final days before the european election an army of israeli security personnel have confronted pro palestinian protesters
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trying to make their voices heard at the euro vision song contest they were calling for a boycott of the widely watched event to condemn israeli government policies and the occupied west bank and gaza harry faucet has more from tel aviv. oh months in the making israel's eurovision finale was at last getting underway in tel aviv fans from around europe around the world here for the music and the party thousands of police have been moved hugely over matching the small if the risk group of protesters nearby competition has been the focus of profilers tinian calls for a boycott in protest of the israeli government's policies in the west bank and gaza whether israel really you're right about blitzer and happy songs it's actually daily. i think of people who are just right back to the right. well those ticket holders are arriving for the or vision final they're walking past this group of protesters who say it shouldn't be happening here at all they may have failed in their endeavor to get it stopped but they are at least using this opportunity to
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try to get their message across. oh israel's national broadcast promised to put on the best show in europe vision history to an estimated audience of 200000000 people madonna provided halftime entertainment having rejected calls to boycott the event on the grounds that she would not stop playing music to suit a political agenda and that she would continue to speak out on human rights before the event is really p.r. effort was well underway with a controversial somewhat tongue in cheek promotional video referencing jewish stereotypes in the occupation along with tourist sites where the projected eurovision boom may have fallen below the expectations of some hotel and restaurant owners it still allowed for a showcasing of israel's main tourist city yes at least 3 and out of the last 11 me so yeah but there are still nice. but it's also provided an opportunity for another type of tourism the former israeli soldiers turned anti
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occupation activists of breaking the silence have been targeting eurovision fans taking them on tours of one of the starkest examples of conflict and occupation the divided west bank city of hebron you have this amazing liberal city with beaches and wide ball of ards and then you have empty streets and a ghost town and this complex city is something that we want them to see we want them to see the full picture and we don't want to allow the israeli government to use liberal television ordered to hide occupied have brought israel has certainly made the most of your vision demonstrating its ability to host a major international event but its critics have also made their mark highlighting the unresolved conflict playing out just a short drive away hari forsett al-jazeera television. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour indians are voting in the final phase of national elections wrapping up
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a 6 week long process around 100000000 people across 7 states are eligible to vote in sunday's poll they include those living in prime minister narendra modi's constituency he's seeking a 2nd term go 5 balls iran and saudi arabia have said they are not seeking war as the u.s. builds up its military presence in the region the leader of iran's revolutionary guard says his country is not pursuing a conflict and that saudi arabia doesn't have the will for it his comments came after the saudi foreign ministry said the kingdom doesn't want to escalate tensions . have a saudi arabia does not want war in the region and is not seeking it and will do its best to evade it but at the same time if the other party chooses war then we will respond with all strength and determination and will defend itself and its interests the kingdom hopes others to be wise and the iranian regime and its agents to stay away from recklessness and stupid acts and spare the region instability in
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saudi arabia asked the international community to take responsibility to stop that regime from destabilizing the world sudan's transitional military council says it's ready to restart talks with protest leaders following pressure from the u.n. and african union demonstrators continued their demands for a civilian government in further protest on saturday in hard to because she sends for a new governing body were suspended for 72 hours on wednesday after protesters built more roadblocks in the capital. former argentinean president cristina kirchner is hoping to make a comeback as vice president in october his election her decision seen as a surprise because she was considered the most likely challenger to conservative president. she's currently facing several different corruption related investigation and set to go to trial next week. austria's chancellor has called for a snap election after his deputy was forced to resign heinze christian from the far
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right freedom party stepped down over a covertly verio which showed him promising state contracts in return for campaign help those are the headlines viewfinder latin america is up next. and. if you find fresh perspectives through the lens of local filmmaking around the globe.
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saif side there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with this while the us is a tipping point scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 us the world's leaders fail to agree on a solution. to taking matters into their own. you know. which site is significant because it's one of the sounds that it kills and it kills people now it's. both roads with. people's doors. 0. hello i'm the star and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next
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60 minutes millions of indians votes on the final day of parliamentary elections seen as a referendum of prime minister narendra modi's rule. regional rivals iran and saudi arabia say they don't want war as the u.s. strengthens its military presence in the middle east. saddam's military leaders are expected to resume transition talks with the opposition days after they were called off juicer violence. and bowing admits for the fast time for all is in 737 that simulates is off to 2 crashes that killed over 300 people. and i'm we're hard here with all of your sport as manchester city's trouble winning captain vincent kompany announces he's leaving the club after 11 years. well some call it a battle for india's soul and others see it as a pitch for a new india tough on security and open to business we begin this news hour in india
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where in a few hours the mammoth 6 week long indian general election will be drawing to a close the 7th and final phase of voting continues in $59.00 constituencies across 8 states and that includes prime minister narendra modi's constituency very nasi he is seeking a 2nd term in office well let's take a closer look at what it's all about the numbers are simply staggering there are about 900000000 voters in india 543 seats in the lower house are at stake the magic number. needed here to form a government is 272 so who are the main contenders well leads the ruling b j p his challenger rahul gandhi is the leader of the indian national congress party there are also powerful regional parties who may hold the cards if national parties don't win an outright majority so who will lead more than a 1000000000 indians for the next 5 years while for that will have to wait until
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counting day on may 23rd so how raman is live for us environ r.c. where prime minister modi has his constituency so he'll talk us through the significance of an aussie on the stage over to pradesh especially given that it's modi is incumbent seize it. indeed yes the prime minister has been here environ arcee these past few weeks and certainly across the whole election campaign drumming up support and making sure that the public here realize and understand the investment that he says that he has made into the city in terms of its roads and infrastructure and also what he has been able to do on a national level and in the past few days of course we've also seen an influx of senior. cabinet members also coming in to show their support and to make sure that the base and the huge majority that he got here environ i see is maintained or even extended version i see is of course one of 13 seats up for grabs here in the state
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but as you said 80 seats in the pradesh go to the locks about the power that is incredibly vital that you get people on board and make sure that they vote for you here in this state because whoever wins this state could go on to potentially. become or form the next government but there's very different voices here in florida and this is what i found out about what they want from the next government . they've been queuing up since daybreak it's the 7th and final phase of india's general election on sunday people from 59 constituencies across 7 states and one union territory head to the polls more than 900000000 people were eligible to cast their ballot in the world's largest democracy over the past 7 weeks voters waiting here are excited that their day has finally come should be given. more infrastructure his physical situation that is should be given to. this day i
6:53 pm
felt really nice voting for the 1st time i want prime minister modi to come back to power and move the country forward and develop it so that the unemployed can get employment. environ arcee is one of 13 seats in the state of. that's being fought over on sunday it's the parliamentary seat of the incumbent prime minister nuri and remote there are many issues the electorate has had to consider communal politics unemployment the economy education and national security. for some small scale manufacturers the issue is clear this factory produces fans and has been severely affected by the monetize ation and the introduction of the new goods and services tax g.s.t. which is added to the manufacturing cost and impacted of the workforce. the new government to revisit the amount of tax small cottage industries like kids have to pay. for about 50 to 60000 people depend on cottage industries like us here my
6:54 pm
sales are down and property margins by about 60 to 70 percent when it comes to workforce i used to have about 30 employees now i can only afford. analysts suggest there is a disconnect between what the public needs and what politicians say they can deliver i think one of the reasons is that. india has been quite an immigrant from the masses they don't have things to offer our. economy. going deep into a crisis and the promises that they are making the parties i mean it's very difficult to fulfill their promises so they don't want to talk about that. while these voters wait patiently in line for their turn to vote the country will have to wait until thursday before the national vote count begins. so how this is the american election involving millions of people how peaceful has it been.
6:55 pm
yes on the whole pretty peaceful even behind me you can see that people are still coming to vote there's been a steady stream of people at this particular vote balloting center here in c. 100000000 cross the 87 states in the one union territory of voting on sunday and of course what the b j p the ruling incumbent government and party want is to make sure that they can maintain the 71 out of the 80 seats they got it's very rare that an incumbent government actually manages to secure that number of seats when they are reelected so it's going to be interesting to see how many they hang onto but the b.g.p. thinking that they might not be able to hang on to so many have got there on a state not too far away in west bengal it's run mainly by the t.n.c. they call the trinamool congress their leaders mum the ballot she does not like narendra modi and she's made that very clear over many many years now in recent
6:56 pm
days and in the last few days you would have seen or heard as our viewers have here on al-jazeera that there have been sporadic clashes between b j p supporters and t.m.c. supporters as the b j p leaders went into that state to try and drum up support for their electoral bid there are over 40 seats available in west bengal they're voting today but only. 2 of them in the last election so they're still trying to make inroads there it's obviously an affront to the t.m.c. small sporadic clashes there the election commission stopped campaigning 24 hours before it was supposed to on thursday night that caused a huge for or amongst the opposition parties because the election commission allowed the prime minister to speak in the state before election campaigning was halted once and for all at the moment small little clashes around the country we're hearing about nothing major at the moment i think that's the way of your thorough tease would like to keep it certainly in the final few hours of polling. across the
6:57 pm
indian election for us thank you for that update. well regional rivals iran and saudi arabia say they don't want a war as a riyadh's ally the united states builds up its military presence in the gulf in the past few hours the need of iran's revolutionary guard has come out saying terror on is not pursuing a conflict the saudi foreign ministry said the kingdom doesn't want to escalate tensions either but stands ready to defend itself. saudi arabia does not want war in the region and is not seeking it and will do its best to evade it but at the same time if the other party chooses war then we will respond with all strength and determination and will defend itself and its interests the kingdom hopes others to be wise and the iranian regime and its agents to stay away from recklessness and stupid acts and spare the region instability in saudi arabia ask the international community to take responsibility to stop that
6:58 pm
regime from destabilizing the world. and saudi arabia's king feldman has called for an emergency summit involving gulf and arab leaders at the end of the month to discuss the regional tension the united states has hastened its shadow of the points of an aircraft carrier and bombers to the gulf over what they say off threats from iran. well mohammad marandi is a political analyst and professor at the university of tehran and he now joins us live from there mohamed what's your take on the saudi statements we're hearing today are they stoking tensions or are they trying to calm them. or the iranians believe that the saudis and their moralities as well as the israeli regime that they're trying to push the region towards war they're encouraging bolton and pompei are to push the the white house towards a more confrontational approach the feeling also is that the u.s.
6:59 pm
president does not want that neither does the intelligence nor the military in the united states because they know that this the consequences would be very bad for the global economy. actually the 1st victims of any military conflict would be so the arabian them or it's they probably from looking at it from tehran they probably wouldn't last very long because they are completely dependent on oil and there are 2 very weak regimes as we saw in the war against yemen where both countries have failed to. gain any victory there on the hand that as you say there appear to be tensions within the trump administration between the president and his security advisers when it comes to an appetite for armed conflict who is potentially pushing this on the white house. well the feeling again is that the the the push is coming from bolton and those who are in his team
7:00 pm
but they're also being supported by. the pro israeli lobby or the zionist lobby israeli regime the saudi and the m r r t regimes but it seems very unlikely that the belief here is that there probably that there will not be a war because if there is a war then all the oil and gas insulations and the persian gulf region would effectively be destroyed and that would create a global economic depression and so and so the arabia and the emirates they are not just dependent on on oil but they're also in the case of the united arab emirates the the overwhelming majority of the population is not indigenous so it would be impossible for them to control the situation so the iranians have said repeatedly that we are. against war that they're against escalation but the same
7:01 pm
time the iranians are going to increase pressure on the saudis and them rocky's because.


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