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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 20, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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will pump a baby but the whole to her extended family. wants one but. either . one or you'll see what our. video montage. i know. it will be felt. yet by a guy on the gang also causing me funds at the moment. i'm a guy on the amount of time that i. pushed. by god i want to stick to what i said to him or. said i want you to get you get i. don't see how not all my money can function without it no more than 1.
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196 i know the city is going to resembles a huge building site. the economy is taking off faster than anyone could have predicted. thanks. to you. now. than i know why. thank you. good idea but then i go. back to zach. now mind you. can't. carry my different.
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we found we had a i was taken. was it was almost was my mind it. was that was you could. call you that was sick you got you got it i wanted to buy it was it was the one that you know this was the bundle all. legacy i d and cons you know about sin day did you do it is a fun one jan this you call it how you why it was sent our guys you know was found out that you saw it as a little well. we use a nice little song seeing the video using it and you then oh.
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my god. help me good. child. you could. fool some. of what you. said that i wanted to the other the lives of all it's is it being free without form with a scene you seem to be just you know you down a song sung the times with boy down. the. one for who she is you know see. if you see it's a good course if you want. to meet and thank you oh i'm familiar with. you know. thank you. it's going to come out of the mistake of saying you
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was too good for music when you got back from the front of you see the music tell us algeciras was asked. by the. way. to go i don't know about holmes and. paul told us she. named many talent shows or. that they say for the past 6 they employ somebody. play. play.
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play. play play. play. play. live again tonsil our daughter dorian holley thought of us influence other than so quiet minds of us. by george harmon moment to talk with really no one on to. the town dog house with the wife. and daughter as you ponder the stuff i was on the door. so i come to the north and south. going over what he now means i will see. how many. people say low.
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ball wanting to be in that community is i don't always see the my. stuff. was. oh. thank you. thank you. i thought it was a physio you if you go beyond the union on down was not sins of so i say this is a value you would have been is up. to you this is money down. it's
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the year 2002 parents have now left their extended family home for a small apartment of their own. to give up on their you know how you don't feel safe you go from there though. so i want i'd argue that it's only so. blurry that of. going over a meadow. already. already. from. their law.
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and the time to read i do not go to the wall over. the robot fox i'm. told but if. something is obama comes out that's it's a little. it's a little you saw him pull no idea. why that. they didn't want us. if you thought it was. full of all don't want. from my mom all. the roof off now come. so i'm going to the.
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real. value will move the ball over. all over time i always took in doing so with love i may tell you there was a good question i always say only found all the love yet using in one as i was talking about was a live all out. almost . 00. 0. 00. 0000. 000. 00. 0. 0. 0000.
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000000. 0. 0000 you. look you. let you. down. why. are you. willing to have a good feeling down for a man who was fast no one shank you assemble the budget of one of the food. luckily not just 100. was it was nothing. but oh oh
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oh. oh. i can't tell you how it is. closed with a whole. palm bay and i wanted to make a deal. to get it at full time to get the palm bay and what he called we'll probably saying look i'm not going to have on the whole song single. was really going to be a hobby you were hanging. around with young to not. let you out. to our. blue i'd have to walk up to someone don't you know what a. couple don't know a one pack you have the honor to call for what we. knew
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of on a movie what i am looking don't go well they're looking into what you are using bong is what i was it was on call but the founders again was i was a what are you telling me what i want to be part of what you have to and she took advantage of the upload. of nato wanted to go some thoughts on why there's a bombing it is the economy the more paul. according to what she. wanted. to go off on a sunday going on there which i think i don't i don't have to we are going to have all. no one really knows. you. well i know because you have although you don't say you buy a lot of lately did you did you have a low blow most of the one young girl that was
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a lot about the outcome. and i don't but i have all of the. missing and the lives that i had that i couldn't. live far away from their extended family. has to get used to spending her evenings a lot. more to watch a. town pan a cool down. for a few days he. now cool to be so low. but how did you know the hating dollar. didn't go below. half. glass to you that. i am simply open to a quasi new. season. because you are going jack
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wrangler i have to. pass we are on do you well fall cool. do you. know love was. playing somebody that. you know you might kill to have. been these. long what to my much loved so much she going to. have laid out what have you what a man you know what you must have my. college town where you met so i guess you could still go maybe a. dozen times that you would. yeah. this was. done. by cho michel can you.
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i just. thank you. for what. you would i'm not a. thief a feel. i will be down the road. this is just good i work with the time the homie i'm going you could hear that piano i don't want to. have. contact with the pan. am. glad i just got out jammies. you know kind of laugh. i get out my little. brother was already in use i really wanted all the time know what the damage is
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being done. and i'm going to go end up come from more. to go doing back there they are pulling with baby mama you. know it's only a few months you know. where you all to hold on. to what is i wonder how you could argue with a man that out. in. 2 part series. observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that shape
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lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of mean continues with good morning group senior on al-jazeera. this is a really fabulous news from one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. the latest news as it breaks local communities here importing are very frustrated because the lack of post storm services with detailed coverage this last night of
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the flag though people flock to see this struggling to make landslides and just want a better life from around the world and obviously has been offered to those who rebel against the government often quite low to accept those involved in human rights abuses or war crimes. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera a rocket has been fired into baghdad's heavily fortified green zone which houses government buildings and foreign embassies there were no casualties according to the iraqi military the u.s. embassy in the iraqi capital was that evacuated non-essential staff earlier this week citing a heightened threat from iran charles stratford has more. of course there has been
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increasing freeze of any kind of escalation as this crisis between the u.s. and iran develops as you mentioned all non-essential u.s. embassy staff were ordered to leave or last week we also saw an evacuation of exxon mobil exxon mobil employees foreign employees with exxon mobile the river q 80 from. an oil field in the south of the country and it's incidents like these that only obviously increase the tension in iraq. a roadside bomb has hit a tourist bus in egypt near the giza pyramids injuring at least 17 people the bus was carrying 25 south african tourists from the airport to the area of the pyramids egyptians in a nearby car were also injured no group has yet claimed responsibility. so the answer military has resumed the talks with protest leaders who say that they will
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insist a civilian heads the new governing body the generals suspended the last round of negotiations a few days ago demanding that demonstrators remove roadblocks in the capital khartoum the army has ruled sudan since president omar al bashir was the posed last month the white house has announced an international peace to prosperity conference to encourage investment in palestine it says the move is part of a peace plan for israelis and palestinians the conference will take place in bahrain next month palestinian officials have opposed the plan saying it will heavily favor israel the world's biggest democratic election has finally come to an end in india more than 600000000 people have voted for a new parliament in a mattress an election spread across 6 weeks and 543 constituencies exit polls suggest prime minister they're on their mo these hindu nationalist b j p will win another term more on all those stories on the al-jazeera news hour that's in half
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an hour rewind continues next. it's 2002. and her parents have now moved into a bigger company a pop. song so how do you. feel. like. i'm going to ask what. k.k. is now 10. was a good thing. she's proud of the new apartment. so this is. about the fact. there's more space here for the whole family. sammy and. that's yourself
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that. want to play that. only role for a while i'm no. shots in the parking. lot about being followed by would i go old. ones and go with the things you are going to love them you know that i'll be one of the up to one of them was it's the only thing i think i'm going to find are those songs i want to thank you very much i think. like you know. i'm. shocked. that. i was coming home. but. i think that. this. let me let them learn how.
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thank you tom thank you. not i'm a. past. 30 yeah we're going to go it's a lot like maybe the hunting down you know we have horns we've got the i mean child all right so do i yeah your whole i'm calling. out of all you out was out of our. field a good. move through. things. through school but eventually i was on the show and so on i actually just turned hand. he was how young. man you dimwit have been the new york sun doesn't bridge tensions until you know
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this is. not some missions it's relevant so the general cops. did and i have had such an. hour. how. c c 9 9 our. question sound. was. the.
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at least. here's generation reaping the rewards of china's industrial revolution. their parents could only dream of school facilities like these. oh. and see us here in the answer sang. clancy's. wasn't my chance. to be. your. past why i don't want. that i want. our china. lost they asked my mom how to cha cha
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x.p. cha is 5 yo. now i was counting in. busy the low. 10 young high standing on the number to call me in washington yes he answered the
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question with something that seems as easy as. this is of course kansas in the sense that you. are going. to new time nightly news since you are going to the doctor so you. are going. how nice. well no no no i miss you so my it's oh my. milo. do you remember me. man it is. easy yes. i. am and so i said i doubt that. susan mentioned you on the other hand
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what that handle with our i opine low. res. so. so what that's what's a lot. of doubts owns holds on both sides. till just a meal to show that oh. since i think. that ash joshi actually joey go seem to have it i doubt it. oh so you and i say i don't see it the way i see it. but. no no ok ok. let's go outside ok.
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the earth. let's see. cozens are cool calm down to. just wipe down the ends of the house with the single line oh. it's a facial you know the don't see one section you. showed the let me ask show played. the what dance is it to. slow down the answer going i am sure. well good 20 years old is the company of
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a province the produces one foot just trying to expose the signs of wealth visible it's really. feel her. face hunting down how that sounds i guess that male male it's only a boy's hand on my out leslie and now see me what i see the other these. things but i wasn't so much. to know he is to tokyo. to what i call was a halt. your whole show at that time. look at me ok yeah well it's. illegal to come to. leeds for the. leaders and listen to it is usually good enough to send you to do we've got huge issue with the legion to.
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tell you that. look up to. the uk we know how police chief think so please please. please. don't let that to you. for council go the museum here. tommy and the young this time don't use it. you got no hold on young call mohamedou didn't hate you. in the hay it's hard i was sure his whole deal was 800-0000. 00 a long ago the one being gone and i'm gonna hate. you already do you think that
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obama is going to do you know him. that money wasn't enough. to stick. 2 6 around. to see 10000 syria the way the men were. welcome to. come to assist in the field. so you'll have. to deal with are always in them of the guys i'm sure that all my 6103. up and i can't come back and. then dig. out. the whole. of the little soviet model good. the
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earth move. so you got man to be mean it's been told we're not. going to call on you to do to put. them to. one again why it's not allowed to fall. all so it's you believe the. number. or the fight. was so fun it's all a joke. flick so we. told you. he's only. for you so seem. to hold all of them but we in one of the. moment we always call. them what we're you know this is the well you got to pull
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away. from what is seems on the dollar. now that. that back problem one that. i find. really. live. the way i want to open my juices have said ian chillag i just see the current. play joe. boy in motion that i plan to sound like you. know it's a city until it's too. cold yet i thought. dishes the guys thought i would just. go against them so. that old. fellow you could be in the hot seat no danielle one pound on the way
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i'm going up and see how we should go next year call me yeah she was found out i say shake shake shake and i would say we're at contour x. and i which is funny until the shit. on some guy you know. her new with as. she whole was a still haunting the words of the clay you will see that he went to you sound that was the whole this is from what i have been taught dido says he. so if you want to allow small woman pull my dr and that's where i sell me a little too close to home an outrage at the. time when my solomon will feel the love. of all a hoax by a comet usual fido your mom bought me was a woman to play with it was
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a particularly good morning wanting good eating well you know your day job goes you know bomb on. someone. will. cut. off. any kind of tunnels in my old file where i love the designs a lot of us will come out of. so sad and. down to to live to. see one out. so our loony how to lead us into the toff. it's easy. to. walk out of
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these the sound of a coffee. house or church al says intuition and i see all the same male cats she said. so you know it's our you. have a elementary husband cook why oh me seeing those answered yes also you must go cook so you must yes which are the feeder cooking i just could be as cool as she says. this is a bit to go all clear is a muscle or a case of motion. although it doesn't seem harmless as you said somewhere. so so said the subway to get. home or don't know why she was. in. shock and sadness it seemed. to phase out the can was.
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so this is he paid to so uses choice of the out copious notes also to get on the talk show agenda so if i'm going to a dose of face how does actual face time a see one. but most of the students are the parents of a child in the 1st generation and their families to benefit from university. or some of the books are. full. he goes i need to come yeah as usual but i'm going to have to go. pick up when you go to.
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the mid to boy do we do a boy do you call with my. mommy did too high more money. the only. girl power. i. am going to see am sorry. but not mine actually promise or took a sample just to which it. just a kind of nauseous he know you know which allows you to go out to. lunch and wants us out. she always. says. galloway you go send him home they don't meet now joe. was home
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a oklahoma. just at the what could be it still that have a joke only and. sound sense himself. i am missing i can't use asio koku or that this was the police and it was the loves to lift up the. lid because. it was the bat. in the coming years educated generation who enter the workplace.
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she's in new doubt about the challenges the future holds for. the young ones in 6 days in the family or iowa. or so on and see that we are saying that it was a saying that says he means our progress so we're going to have arrows and so on this is. an extraordinary film 20 years in the making well i'm joined now by bruno the man who spent more than 2 decades of his own life documented in cold case squad a commitment start well 1st of all it's not that i spent 20 years only tearing up one of a dozen babies that we started filming in 1900 or around the world and the way that it worked is that every year every couple of years of taking on a around the world trip you know stop it if location for
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a few weeks and film and then go back home and then 2 years later do the same thing . and gauge and hope help but fall in love with it and how did you choose the family well. tom ridge is the babies because babies don't talk shows the parents and parents seem to be very much the model of. china's vision you know the one the want out. living in a part of china seem to be really emblematic of china's new industrial revolution that when i was gearing up at that time usually when you make a documentary you if you're lucky you have a few months sometimes just a few weeks that you spend with the people you film with when it's over a course of 20 years or 25 years in this case it becomes almost like a kind of family sort of relationship it's very privileged. films are always a kind of a canned version of reality a kind of canned story of condensed. and if you film over that period of time
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different things become apparent and the camera sees different things that you would never see in the space of a couple of weeks or a few months how did the camera do you think change. change her family dynamic. i don't believe it did i don't believe it did at all. the key thing with with with all the other people i filmed is the kind of relationship that you form with them and if you don't speak the language the person that's really important is going to be the translator to the local person and as a matter of principle i do expend a lot of time with the translator and really make sure that we're on the same wavelength you know that we're in sync with each other we both understand what it is that i want and they are the person the child is also interacting with. my presence is always there but that relationship is really vital you can see they're
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very comfortable with badness and their huge element of trust yeah. one joe we saw change extraordinarily the 20 years would you say that those changes that you saw in that city were mirrored across china it's how the whole country has changed itself over 2 decades yes and i think at that time in china when we started filming everybody knew that this was going to be happening. and a kind of universal thing you know with parents is they want their children to have the chances that they never had to move themselves as they grow up take a parents when they're different. but in contrast to some of the other countries where i've been filming they have actually seen those changes happen and their children have had those chances. to go to university and have the chance of a professional career maybe without what they thought he wanted what is now she got her dream job to work in a bank was it her dream job there she wants to design drones what is on dresses but
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you kind of want to go to university that was a big thing and designing wedding dresses absolutely but. she got married. after her after finishing you know sort of. the love of her life they don't aren't they have to not want to build one child just holding the biggest is about 4 years old for 4 months old i think. she doesn't need to work they have enough money to be happy and concentrate on their children but a great speech thanks so much for coming back to thank you very wide and that's it from us to join us again next week adam do check out the rewind page at al-jazeera dot com for more films from that area and i'm not going to join in thing again.
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welcome back we're here across australia we have been watching one particular system pushing through the bite and now into parts of victoria bring a lot of active weather with it it is going to begin to dissipate as we begin the week but we are going to still see some very heavy rain across parts of tasmania here on monday and hobart it is going to be a rainy day for you but for passing charge too with attempted there of about 19 degrees over here towards the west another front is coming into play we're going to be seeing some rain coming into perth monday evening pushing through monday into tuesday morning but what's going to happen is with that funnel bondy it will be
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drying out and dissipating and we are looking at some much better conditions by the time get to tuesday attempt to there in 18 degrees with plenty of sun in the forecast well over here towards the north and south island of new zealand things are looking quite nice over the next few days temperatures are going to be into the low teens here across parts of christchurch but we do think it's going to be sunny to partly cloudy across much of the region for auckland how about 16 degrees for you here on monday and as we go towards tuesday maybe a few more clouds but still stay into the mid teens and then very quickly here across parts of japan it is going to be quite rainy over the next few days a big storm system is passing through the russian maritimes bring a lot of active weather there so for tokyo it is going to be rainy on monday as well as tuesday with $22.00 degrees. and that's just a whole not whether someone is going for someone especially when it's not a real answer i think it's how you culture in show and i think it is a subtle way of doing it. by story and find out. with bret's it still
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unresolved in the u.k. will join the other $27.00 member states to vote in the upcoming european parliamentary elections will the far right populist parties make huge gains as predicted and if so would that change the very nature of the european union get the latest on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thanks for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes talks resume between sudan's military and protest leaders who insist a civilian must head the new ruling council the white house unveils the 1st part of
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its middle east peace plan an economic workshop to encourage investment in the region. and voting ends in india's marathon 7 phase election with polls predicting victory for their under modi's hindu nationalist b j p party. and on peace summit in doha with all your sports books kept remains on course for the p.g.a. championship in new york king of clay reigns in room rafael nadal wins the tally on open. talks have resumed to between sudan's military and protest leaders who say that they will insist a civilian heads a new governing body for the country's transition the generals suspended the last round of negotiations a few days ago demanding that demonstrators remove roadblocks in the capital
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khartoum the military has ruled sudan since president omar al bashir was deposed last month and insists that the new ruling body must be military led while mohamed the dough is live for us in the capital khartoum so the general suspended the last round of negotiations because the roadblocks hadn't been removed why have talks resume the now. well because of 2 things one is that the protesters. fulfilled most of the demands of the military including the lifting of but it curbs they have put on some of the streets in the cup it will cut to one stop was achieved there was nothing else holding the talks but there was also a lot of pressure from the international community the united nations the african union utopian the indian ambassadors are credited to sudan who are to move been really piling pressure on gender of the go to hand who is leading the transitional
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military council what they're saying is that any more delay would mean that all the achievements of the talks are gotten small flower would have been lost and there was no need to lose the momentum and the parties should come back to talks they've done that they are in talks right now and the talks have a critical juncture it's a do or die situation right now as we speak they are discussing the last sticking point which is the best publisher mentor of a sovereign console which would be the top organ of the transitional administration that's been proposed for so done both sides want a majority stake in this council the military has been saying that they have the responsibility to ensure that the transitional period goes smoothly and that they are not power hungry they do not want to hold onto power eventually they will hand
5:52 am
over to an elected civilian government but they must get a majestic in this council the protesters are saying no we will not allow any council that's not civilian dead. i mean the deadlock in a sense has been the same almost from when omar al bashir stood down and that's why a lot of the protesters there are still out on the road considering how long it's been now that these negotiations have been go. and that ultimately the last sticking points are still quite serious how would you say that the atmosphere is in sudan or khartoum specific specifically are people worried that you know if a solution isn't found there could be violence things could escalate. well there's a general atmosphere of. optimism but it's a cultural one and people know it could go either way but the protesters are saying
5:53 am
and they are adamant that the that they would not leave until they get a civilian led council what's going to steer the country through a period of transition. the they would mention moments in history when there was a public uprising such as the one we saw from december until now which led to the removal of the president's not what in power point one was in 1065 another one in 100-8241 both occasions the military quickly with real started. off 40 and done ended up having a military administration which the sudanese people will point blank tell you how always been unsuccessful so what they want this time around is nothing to do with nothing of that sort what they want is a proper civilian run transition that will ultimately lead to free and fair
5:54 am
elections which will see this country. get away from all the problems they have had for the past 3 decades and our model bashir. mohamed atta reporting live from khartoum as those talks have resumed there are and are ongoing mohammed thank you. a roadside bomb their city a tourist bus in egypt near the giza pyramids injuring at least 17 people the bus was carrying 25 south african tourists from the airport to the pyramids area egyptians in a nearby car were also injured in the center a bomb struck a bus carrying vietnamese tourists to the pyramids killing 3 of them no group has yet claimed responsibility for this latest attack. russia says syrian government forces of implemented a unilateral ceasefire in northwest province so opposition activists say shelling and airstrikes have continued the syrian government stepped up its attacks on the last remaining rebel territory last months despite
5:55 am
a cease fire brokered by russia and turkey since then air and there tillery strikes and then 5th infantry assaults have driven the rebels out of several villages. rocket has been fired into baghdad's heavily fortified green zone which houses government buildings and foreign embassies there were no casualties according to the iraqi military the u.s. embassy in baghdad which is based in the green zone evacuated non-essential staff earlier this week citing a heightened threat from iran. and the u.s. energy giant exxon mobil is also a vacuum evacuated all its foreign staff from an oil field in prompting criticism from iraq's oil minister amir got bronze says the decision is unacceptable unjustified and politically motivated on saturday saudi arabia's regional ally bahrain ordered all of its nationals to leave iraq in the run citing unstable
5:56 am
conditions and more now from charles stratford in baghdad a lot of developments in and around the iraqi oil what do you think the long term we know short term impact will be of all of this on the country. well it's very difficult to say at the moment certainly but these recent developments are certainly the seedlings what the baghdad operation command center says was a katyusha rocket attack they in fact saying that they found a katyusha rocket launch pad on a road close by to the green zone and it's incidents like this that of course are making iraq iraqis and iraqi politicians very nervous because of course iraq has incredible economic political and military ties and religious ties with neighboring iran and of course is a major u.s. ally as well we saw mike pompei as visit earlier this month warning the iraqi government about what he described as specific and increasing
5:57 am
spreads by what the americans describe as iran's proxies in this country these are these iraqi iran backed armed groups that were so very effective in the fight against eisel that were integrated into the iraqi military in 2016 and who certainly the u.s. say pose a major threat here to u.s. interests those $5200.00 or so american servicemen and women still in iraq so despite the fact that the iraqi prime minister has come out and said that he's seen no increase threat from these groups certainly incidents like this evening suggest just how fragile the situation is here although it's very important to say that nobody has claimed responsibility for this attack but
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it certainly shows just the kind of difficulty that iraq being both a major u.s. ally and a huge ally of neighboring iran the kind of difficulties that this country is facing. charles stratford with the latest from baghdad charles thank you. the u.s. navy says it's conducted exercises in the gulf to highlight how effectively it can respond to potential sets this is regional rivals iran and saudi arabia say that they don't want to war the leader of iran's revolutionary guards a said his country is not pursuing a conflict and the saudi foreign ministry says the kingdom doesn't want to escalate tensions but will respond if iran chooses to engage in war on the staunch ally of the u.s. has called for 2 emergency summits involving gulf and arab leaders later this month to discuss the situation in the region. saudi arabia
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does not want war in the region and is not seeking it and will do its best to evade it but at the same time if the other party chooses war then we will respond with all strength and determination and will defend itself and its interests the kingdom hopes others to be wise and the iranian regime and its agents to stay away from recklessness and stupid acts and spare the region instability in saudi arabia ask the international community to take responsibility to stop that regime from destabilizing the world. the tensions of rooted in present on trams decision last year to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and impose harsh harsh sanctions on the country just a few days before the anniversary of its withdrawal the us announced that was deploying warships and bombers to the region because of unspecified threats from iran on the 8th of may exactly a year after the u.s. pullout iran said it was reducing its commitment to the nuclear deal and set
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a 60 day deadline for the e.u. to come up with a new agreement a week ago for oil tankers 2 of them saudi were targeted in an alleged act of sabotage off the coast of the us iran has denied involvement in the attack on wednesday the us sorted its nonessential staff to leave its embassy in iraq as we've been hearing citing threat spike iranian backed groups but that same day president trump also told his officials he didn't want a war with iran but trump has just ramped up the rhetoric again tweeting that if iran wants to fight it will be the official end of the country while to put it all together is passee call hate she joins us live now from washington d.c. patty how do you interpret trump's latest tweet in light of you know the unfolding events of the past few weeks well it's been interesting he ended that tweet with.


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