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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 20, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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disruptions that could be caused by civil unrest in some countries with which we have a lot of sympathy and support member countries and we care for them and we hope they quickly stabilize but currently. experiencing a lot of difficulties there are jew political issues including sanctions on some countries that are members of our grouping that could impact their supply. going forward we're going to go back now to our guest trita parsi who we lost our connection with earlier in the program talking about our lead story iran and those threats from donald trump saying that if our iran wants conflict it will be the end of iran mr possum you know the last time i can remember president trump talking like this it was about north korea that did force north korean leader kim jong un to the table of course iran and north korea and not comparable his language towards
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both countries that is but it's unlikely isn't it that that sort of language is going to have the same results. actually even in the north korean case it did not force him to sit at table what actually happened there was that kim prove that he actually could hit the american homeland with a list of mistah that had nuclear weapons attached to them and thanks to the secret diplomacy behind the scenes by the south korean president he managed to get the suits at a table so i think a similar thing may actually happen here we see a similar pattern the president of the united states makes all kinds of different threats hoping that this will cause north korea or iran to botch but in reality they don't and then it's united states that is forced to come to the table and completely shift its rhetoric in its posture because if you take a look at what happened in the south korean case what has actually given in substance the north koreans have not giving anything yet and i think that trump administration is going down the same path with iran in which they think that
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economic warfare threats or war will cause the iranians to break so far that hasn't happened but he has brought the 2 countries closer to war and we've seen that is actually trump it up and leave it at least until this last week was walking back from the brink and as you know. as you mentioned south korea played a key role and getting north korea and the u.s. to the table what want to take and to deescalate tensions and this case and who could play. a role where they mediate him best. well in the past the 2 countries that are happy that the most effective diplomacy between the united states the iran have been on mon and the swiss whether they can do so in this specific case remains to be seen but it would be wise both tehran and washington to seek out their advice and their services but i think in this specific case i really doubt that the iranians are going to engage in any diplomacy until at
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least trumpet fires bolton and starts to abide by the g c p a way because if the idea is to go to the table with this extra leverage that trump now believes that he has because of the sanctions while the iranians are not going to go to the table without them 1st also building some leverage would most likely would mean that they would restart other aspects of their nuclear program and that's not a good scenario for anyone it's actually much better for trying to walk back some of this illegal sanctions that he's been imposing on iran and then go through a table just passively thank you very much for your time and your expertise on the subject that is trying to do it live in reston virginia thank you. we're going to move on to other news now in sudan's military rulers and protest leaders say the talks to finalize a new governing body are making progress and will continue discussions resumed on sunday after the military suspended the previous round of negotiations a few days ago demanding that demonstrators remove road blocks from the capital car through the 2 sides have been unable to agree so far the make up of the governing
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body protesters want civilians to be in charge of it well let's take a look at how we got to this point of mass protests which began in december of 11 costs for the military to depose almihdhar the shared on april 12th he had been president for nearly 30 years a transitional council was set up but protest leaders weren't satisfied while the macit and outside army headquarters continued they held talks with the council eventually reaching some agreements last week 6 people were killed when violence broke out near the protest as certain demonstrators accuse the army of resorting to tactics used under bush. the council there suspended planned talks for 72 hours mohamad though has more now from 4. the generals in the transitional military council have been meeting with representatives of the opposition movement that talks about a decisive phase it's what happens from now or agreement on that crucial
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point of the formation of the sovereign council by highest organ in the transitional i miss that's been proposed for sudan that will prove why tuppence in this country the protesters are saying they want civilians problem exists in the council the military been given the responsibility of making managing the transition since they removed prison the model but she had from power and want to see a small to visit for majority stake and maybe even the leadership of the council is what they have been discussing school far they have not come to an agreement yet but the whole she is optimism of course something is going to give way and the will be. the formation of dark council will be possible for the sake of this nation thousands of pro-democracy protesters are back on the streets in
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algeria's capital they want to everyone from ousted president of the disease both a flake as in a circle to step down they also want to lections in july to be scrapped saying they won't be fair if the current administration is still in power with a flick of resigned in april after months of anti-government protests the army is now overseeing a 90 day transitional period before new elections are held we have plenty more ahead on the news hour including the popular congolese politician who is returning home after 3 years in exile facing multiple corruption charges south africa's former president is jus in court again but claims it's all a political conspiracy and the king of play reigns and by rafa nadal when the italian open to have her. and for. at least 9 civilians have been killed in the government shelling in the north west
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and 3 in province of ed lib the attack occurred as russia says syrian government forces have implemented a unilateral cease fire in the north west of the province opposition activists say shelling and airstrikes have continued the syrian government stepped up its attacks on the last remaining rebel territory last month despite a cease fire brokered by russia and turkey last year. the 1st stage of donald trump's long awaited blueprint for peace in the middle east will be unveiled in june and by trump's son in law and white house it was a jab koestler the plan is supposed to boost investment in the west bank and gaza strip it will be revealed during a conference in bahrain aimed at highlighting the financial benefits of ending the israeli palestinian conflict palestine's prime minister has already called the plan financial blackmail and says it will likely favor israel or the white house as the peace plan won't address issues such as a palestinian state and the status of jerusalem an adviser to the palestinian president says that means it's likely that little will be achieved.
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will deal proposed by the u.s. president at a time when the u.s. dominant role is gradually when bill in world war even in latin america and therefore we are insistent if we want to go to the peace process there has to be a solution although we proposed to the jews in the past our willingness to have a one state democratic. show we wanted to states one palestinian district on the 1967 borders with full control and sovereignty on its territory with east jerusalem as its capital. well let's get more on this we're joined by finance then is the director of the new internationalism project of the institute for policy studies and she's joining us live from washington d.c. misspend it's always a pleasure to have you with us on allergies there are so the 1st phase of this plan
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is going to be revealed in june what do you make of what this administration watch out kushner is trying to do sort out the economics for the political issue here. but i think we're trying to do is substitute an econo piece if you will for anything remotely resembling a serious solution to the long running israeli occupation and colonization of palestinian land this will probably be the main part of the so-called deal of the century and like so many other things in the trumpet ministration and trump's own view is that money is the solution that you can buy a palestinian surrender in this case there is the statement from questioner that the palestinian grandparents as he put it are destroying the future of palestinian children when of course it's the fact that palestinian children are being denied access to their land to sovereignty to freedom that these are the kinds of
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rights that are being denied to all palestinians and the notion that buying them off with massive investment in something it's not clear what is certainly not going to work the idea that jerusalem may or may not be talked about we already know that the from the vantage point of the trumpet ministration jerusalem is no longer on the table they took it off the table by handing it over to israel that's not likely to be changed and is it any surprise that this plan is could be as ill advised given that jared kushner has 0 experience and diplomacy international diplomacy. it's not surprising at all we should note that both cushion are and his the special envoy jason green blatt and the u.s. ambassador david friedman all have 0 experience as diplomats what greenblatt has a little but questioner and and friedman of course have 0 experience as diplomats
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but they all have significant experience as funders individually and with their families and their institutions major funders of the settlement project in occupied palestinian territory and israeli settlements so the notion that they are the ones who have the best sense of how to deal with this long running crisis of course is nonsensical that was never really the goal the goal here was to provide israel with a kind of pacification and again i think the goal here in the in the meeting in bufferin is to find enough money that will be invested or granted to the palestinians to at least replace the millions of dollars that the u.s. used to fund. the u.n. agency for supporting palestinian refugees and which they have not been funding any longer and to say that other countries now particularly the wealthy gulf states should take over that role and pay the palestinians to give up any claims to land
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and he claims to freedom and he claims to human rights and we think we know how the palestinians are going to respond to any part of this peace plan they have been very vocal about it but what about israel. there's little doubt that the israelis are in intending to participate there has not yet been of an official confirmation that they will be there but it's already been announced that their delegation will be led by the minister of finance who is likely to be the same minister of finance who is serving in the current cabinet and when the new cabinet is created he will be designated in that position i don't think there's any reason that they would refuse to participate on the other hand this isn't really about negotiations this is about the u.s. dealing with other countries to try and get money to buy off palestinian public opinion and palestinian diplomacy so the israelis are not really a necessary component they'll be there or they won't be there they certainly will win the advantage of this conference but they don't really need to play
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a major role their major sponsor the united states government and donald trump are playing that role instead of the spanish thank you as always for you and science we do appreciate it phyllis bennis live and washington d.c. thank you. a roadside bomb has exploded as a tourist bus drive past an age it navigates a parent's injuring at least 17 people most of them south africans it's not yet known who is responsible but the attack will be another hit tourism after years of turmoil and violence but toyah gate and be reports. this is what remains of a tourist bus hit by a roadside bomb near cairo. this witness was driving behind the bus when it was attacked. all the foreigners in the front are injured he says i saw the whole thing from my car. 25 south african tourists were on board when the bomb exploded in a district place to the giza pyramids tourists in egypt have been increasingly
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targeted as the government tries to suppress armed groups in the sinai peninsula. last december 3 vietnamese tourists and their egyptian guide were killed in a similar attack in the same area. tourism is key to egypt struggling economy visit in numbers dropped by more than 60 percent after the 2011 uprising that ousted former president hosni mubarak the egyptian government has been working hard to lure tourists back the psychological impact so be quite substantial it will i think the number of governments who have been robbed bit by bit if you don't. buy streets for their citizens who are visiting each of the victims of the blast to being treated in hospital meanwhile investigators are trying to work out how a tourist bus could be bombed egypt's heavily secured capital victoria gate and be . just south africa now where the scandal hit former president jacob zuma and court
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he's hoping that judges will throw out multiple corruption charges zuma is accused of forward money laundering and racketeering and an arms dealer with a french washed up company 10 years ago he says he's the victim of a. conspiracy farmer the miller has more. where the case is being heard. jacob zuma is most challenging days as president involved protests like these demanding his resignation it's 15 months and zuma succumbed following months of public dissatisfaction and pressure from within his own party the african national congress at the heart of his fall from grace one hundred's of corruption allegations zuma was charged specifically in a corruption case going back more than a decade. old zuma was deputy president the french arms company tallis $180000000.00 government contract to build for frigates africa's navy state prosecutors say tallis agreed to pay summa half
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a $1000000.00 rand that's around 54000 dollars a deal for his political protection was allegedly brokered by his former financial advisor should be a shake. he was jailed in 2006 for 15 years but was released 2 years later on medical parole the difficulty for the national prosecuting authority is that when they charge should be a shake with corrupting jacob zuma they chose not to charge jacob zuma the former head of the n.p.a. . said this was because while they had a prima fucking case or they had a level of evidence against jacob zuma they weren't sure that the case was winnable zuma was fired as deputy president but stayed in the a.n.c. he was elected president of the party ahead of the 2009 elections which the a.n.c. won zuma then became south africa's president in 2007 zuma was charged with corruption racketeers money laundering and fraud the charges were dropped 2 years later because judges said they'd been political interference but last year
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prosecutors had another change of mind and the charges were reinstated zuma wants the charges dropped because of what he describes as a political conspiracy jacob zuma is due to appear at this court way it's expected his lawyers will argue that it's been more than a decade since the case against him began and it should be thrown out the former president also says there have been irregularities ahead of the trial including that he has been spied on by the government if he must put on trial it could have massive implications for the divided inseam resume or retain significant support going to be a trying time for the in c. some members of the party will have to make a difficult decision as to whether they support the former president or not and i think knowing in looking at how divided the parties still is this will really not make their lives easier suma says he's done nothing wrong but if found guilty could face at least 25 years in prison for me al jazeera pietermaritzburg south africa.
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at least 11 people have been killed in a shootout in brazil's northern city of bellaire 7 government reported to have opened fire. at a ball in a part of the city known for drug crime the bodies of 6 women 5 men were found at the scene it has been a particularly violent weekend in brazil on saturday 5 people died in a gang shootout in the northeastern city of salvador. still ahead on the news hour a painful anniversary 10 years off to sri lanka civil war ended we'll take a look at how the victims are being remembered. another blow to huawei as a global plans as google suspends business for the chinese tech giant and. the dream of champions league football gets closer atalanta has the actions for.
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the web sponsors by the time. hello again and welcome back to your international weather forecast well we have seen plenty of showers here across parts of central china over here towards the east as well some of the showers have been quite heavy and now those showers are making their way towards the south so hong kong we do expect to see more rain in your forecast here on monday for joe the rain continues but by the time we get to tuesday we do start to see some improvement and most of the showers begin to head down here towards the south who is going to be getting the showers over here towards northern vietnam with annoy seeing about a temperature of about 29 degrees well across the southern parts of indonesia across central indonesia we are going to be seeing quite a bit of sun over the next few days not a lot here on the satellite image most of the rain remains up here towards parts of malaysia so on the forecast map we are going to see partly cloudy conditions for jakarta with the tempter there about $33.00 degrees and really staying that way by
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the time we get to tuesday and over here crush as well as southern india we are going to pick up a few showers as well as a few more clouds over the next coming days for carol estate though it is going to be quite rainy and that rain is going to continue on tuesday but across the interior we are going to stay dry with no protection for you of 43 degrees new delhi at 41 and by the time we get to tuesday we are going to see the temperatures level offical kutta with 38 degrees for you there. the weather sponsored by qatar airways with bret's it still unresolved the u.k. will join the other 27 member states to vote in the upcoming european parliamentary elections with the far right populist parties make huge gains as predicted and if so would that change the very nature of the european union get the latest on al-jazeera. yugoslavia disintegrated or descended on its inhabitants. amidst the death and destruction one man created
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a peaceful microcosm for boys whose fathers faced each other in battle episode 3 football rebels enters the world of footballing legend push each. from coaching boys football to teaching young men like. push each of the siege of sarajevo 0. 0. 00. 000. good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories u.s. president donald trump has issued a direct threat to iran tweeting if iran wants to fire that will be the official
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end of iran it comes just days after saying he did not want to war and was prepared for talks. saddam's military rulers and protest leaders say talks to finalize a new governing body making progress and will continue discussions resumed on sunday after the military suspended the previous round of the a few days ago after years of planning the 1st phase of the. one of trump's roadmap for peace in the middle east will be unveiled in june the plan is set to be released at a conference highlighting the economic benefits of ending the israeli palestinian conflict. days after the u.s. state of alabama approved a near total ban on abortion president all trump has weighed in he indicated in tweets that alabama has gone too far as its new law makes no exceptions for pregnancies that occur from rape or incest pro-abortion rights activists have been protesting in cities across alabama have condemned the law and hope it will be
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overturned by the courts now democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders joined the cause to overturn alabama's you nor during a rally in the state capital. it is an exaggeration to say that banning legal medically assists little borsch and forcing women back into the arms of quacks will literally kill women yes i will have a look at the state. and i will point anyone to the united states supreme court or less. than it is for the roe v wade. well let's get more on this we're joined by rena sharp from arrest in the virginia she is a conservative commentator and republican strategist very good to have you with us on al-jazeera why do you think that alabama has taken this step now despite public
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opinion but shows that only 31 percent of people of alabama what in favor of an abortion ban which lacks a rape or incest exception. well it's important to look at the political football this is because 29 there is a sense that the fact that we have 2 conservative judges now were since you have. put there by donald trump that perhaps they would overturn roe v wade across the country that is the alabama. one of the supreme court take up this case and so they went to an extreme measure in alabama it order to try to get it to the supreme court that's where they hope to be all it wasn't are that there are laws already on the books southern states just like not like them and others that are very restrictive abortion rate so this is really
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a political football and it's to me and miss shott is that a move that will pay off for the alabama politicians who pasta do they actually know what these new supreme court judges who as you say were put there by the donald trump and who are anti abortion whether they are anti abortion even in the case of rape and incest president trump has tweeted saying that he isn't and a number of other prominent republican politicians have spoken out against what's happening in alabama. correct i think at the time de alabama republican lawmakers took this on there was a sense that this was a sort of lock to seal the issue that the conservative judges would be one way about it but a poor's i think it means 3 republicans establishment republicans are gassed because when i'm not careful not to think for example i found out that i was at that time really only a member of congress at the time in 2000 the that was still against abortion the
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heath of incest and rape so that vote me that the party was really one of these exceptions one of those exceptions and i think it can be he thinks mean lawmakers in alabama really feel that you have a nominee there is high but i think he's a bit of a wild card i could see him saying no we're not going to overturn this is something that i believe. should save the state and just last week on friday we found out missouri lawmakers are getting the larger so there is a there is a what all of you being sort going on right now and they be the states are really getting very gutsy the republican lawmakers in the state and do you think that they could be false to back down not just by the courts i mean before they even get to the courts but again because the president of the country and the president all of the republican party has spoken out against it. yeah i think that's definitely
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going to change things i think this week the rhetoric perhaps will take a different direction because the president has now. publicly and. there is a sense that that's not the permit whatever we go the republican party really has been we need but again he is the part that he is not somebody those governor so very much there there is a sense that you souls are gone for the pro-life movement that they made this and now the moment there and why stop and i just think it's just an awful awful moment or of the republican party one that is or rita one that will be limited government like government band aid is not going to stop more abortions like musically i understand there are i'm representing that number now that it hits you but i just think this was
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a you and you're going to shoot or now the line michel we thank you very much for your time and your perspective that is rayna shall live and rest of the journey and thank you thank you. to venezuela now on top a severe shortage of food medicine and power people are now finding it increasingly difficult to find petrol of u.s. sanctions and mismanagement in the oil industry has pushed the energy sector to crisis point a latin america editor to see a new man reports. accused of philip cars with fuel the northwestern been this whale of a 23 to 4 kilometers long. near the city of motorists hope and pray they'll be lucky to make it to the pump before it runs dry i get a memo to you yesterday i was in line for 6 hours and couldn't fill up. isn't normal i ask go at that again about it then we have been out of money with this government apparently it is we are a major oil. country and look. on top of shortages of water.
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the further you go from the harder it is to find petrol but in the past 2 weeks the hunt for fuel has become much worse. look we've started a great check called in focus. these are the messages from today. there's several causes for the crisis say industry experts. venezuela's refinery capacity is down to 20 percent of its normal level instead of $1300000.00 barrels a day we're only 260000 which means we have to import gasoline. putting it from the united states but as of april 28th the u.s. government stopped all sales not just of fuel but of the additives needed to make the petrol that than his whale is still able to refine at home and then there's the
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chronic problem of price distortions all the patrol in this tanker truck or 13000 liters costs less than $1.00 which means it's practically free but only if you can find it the shortages and these long lines are creating a black market with some people charging as much as $10.00 or 20 leaders now anywhere else that may be considered peanuts but here it is the only thing cheaper than petrol is the air that you breathe that is considered a fortune and much more than the minimum wage. shortages have not yet impacted the capital caracas but experts say it may not be long before they do in irony that escapes no one in venezuela the country with the world's largest oil reserves. parent company alphabet has suspended business with huawei and what could become. a
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another major blow for the chinese tech giant google says it's merely complying with u.s. government orders according to media reports new huawei smartphones will lose access to google's app store and software such as j. mail huawei will continue to have access to the android operating system available through the open source license bought google will stop providing with technical support the move comes as washington blacklisted hallway on wednesday making it difficult for the company to do business with the u.s. counterparts several countries have already banned huawei from 5 g. internet trial citing security concerns despite this while remains the world's largest telecommunications equipment and service provider and the 2nd biggest smartphone maker to samsung let's get more on this we're joined by in a free chief technology correspondent x c else and she's joining us from san francisco always good to have you with us on al-jazeera do google's actions make a less desirable to consume as you know this is
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a huge news so what we do doesn't so a lot of ready us but they do so a lot in europe. lots of parts of the world in those countries there's very high demand it's almost a nonstarter for a smartphone that doesn't. store g. mail those screens. so how much of a blow then is this to hop to huawei. if this stands i mean it's a pretty big blow i think they would be relegated to a bit later in most countries other than china and china they're probably ok where i don't think there is the same demand there are alternatives as far as app stores chinese consumers are why and we will services but everywhere else i think it would severely debt what has been an incredibly fast growing business while we not that long ago was not a major player on the global smartphone scene and as you mentioned is now the 2nd biggest phone maker after sense and cannot expect more of this album american
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companies to take some of the action action against given the us government has blacklisted it yeah i mean it's really not up to the companies i mean they're flying with the us order so i think you'd expect all u.s. companies to do the same and what we don't know is just which components the networking side which as you mention is the more of their business we don't know how much in the u.s. components software those services were lying around so i think that will be interesting to see as well and then they have a simple you see business that relies on windows for microsoft which i would imagine will also see its software supply dried out and why is the u.s. doing this as as it were right to be raija know that the chinese government can weigh for spying i mean it's a very complicated it's hard it really depends on where you sit who you believe so i think the questions about you know the security risks of the way network here you know are hotly debated.


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