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market where u.s. companies are selling in china and that that would have disastrous consequences for american businesses especially on the profit lines thank you in egypt a roadside bombs exploded as a boss carrying tourists drove past injuring at least 17 people most of them south africans for egyptians and many of by car were also hurt it's not yet known who is responsible but the attack will be another blow to the country's tourism industry after years of turmoil and violence as a torah gave me. this is what remains of a tourist bus hit by a roadside bomb in a cairo legal economically this witness was driving behind the bus when it was attacked we're going to hold up a moment for you all the foreigners in the front are injured he says i saw the whole thing from my car. 25 south african tourists were all moot when the bomb exploded in a district place to the giza pyramids tourists in egypt have been increasingly
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targeted as the government tries to suppress groups in the sinai peninsula. last december 3 vietnamese tourists and their egyptian guide to be killed in a similar attack in the same area. tourism is key to egypt struggling economy visit in numbers dropped by more than 60 percent after the 2011 uprising that ousted former president hosni mubarak the egyptian government has been working hard to lure tourists back the psychological impact can still be quite substantial it will i think jar a number of governments who have been lobbied by bt if you government to withdraw its outlay by streets for their citizens who are consider a visit egypt the victims of the blast to being treated in hospital meanwhile investigators are trying to work out how a tourist bus could be bombed egypt's heavily secured capital victoria gate and be out is there are lots more news still to come for you including these one south
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africa's former president is due back in court today to face corruption charges he says are all part of a conspiracy. and the centuries old tradition in pakistan that's helping poor women to make money. the band. will. hello again it's good to have you back we are going to sing a few more showers as well as clouds passing through parts of iran over the next you days particularly down here across much of the south you can see the clouds right there are no satellite image those are passing mostly across the coast we will see some clouds up here towards tehran with a time to there of about 30 degrees maybe a shower for you as well but you notice as we go towards tuesday most start to make their way towards the east over here towards parts of kabul you'll see some rain as well but down towards karate maybe a little bit clearer for you but a temperature of 34 degrees well we have been seeing some showers very light
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showers across parts of the gulf as well as some windy conditions we do expect that to continue as we begin the week and into tuesday here in doha though the temperatures may come down but the humanity could be feeling still quite high across much of the area over here across parts of saudi arabia and into amman we are going to be watching the threat of heavy rain and that could lead to some localized flooding as well but for parts of south africa we are going to see a frontal boundary make its way across parts of cape down that will bring a shower or 2 as well as some windy conditions and by the time we get towards tuesday things start to improve temptress come up to about 17 degrees but for durban you'll be seeing that front about to come through attempt a few of 21 degrees in johannesburg a nice day with a temperature of 23. russia has jeopardized the united states security interest we know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside. once the picture from the
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inside. i think russia's foreign policy is too soft. russian goals be achieved not peace and if you will russia all knowledge is either. welcome if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from doha these are your top stories so far today the u.s. president donald trump has issued a direct threat to iran on twitter he said if iran wants to fights that will be the official end of iran and comes just days after saying he didn't want
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a war and was prepared for talks. sudan's military rulers and protest leaders say talks to finalize the new governing body are making progress and will continue discussions resumed on sunday after the military suspended the previous round of negotiations a few days ago. in egypt a roadside bombs exploded next to a bus carrying tourists and pyramids of giza at least 17 people were injured. at least 9 civilians have been killed during a government bombardment in the northwestern syrian province of idlib opposition activists say shelling and airstrikes continued even after the army and its russian allies declared a cease fire the province which is the last major rebel stronghold is also subject to a wider ceasefire brokered by russia and turkey. the 1st part of donald trump's long awaited blueprint for peace in the middle east will be unveiled in june led by mr trump's son in law and advisor jarrett cucina this part of the plan is designed to
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boost investment in the occupied west bank and gaza it will be revealed during a conference in bahrain highlighting the financial benefits of ending the israeli palestinian conflict palestine's prime minister has already called the plan financial blackmail and says it will probably favor israel phyllis bennis is the director of the new internationalism project of the institute for policy studies and she says his plan for peace is doomed to fail. well i think what jared kirschner is trying to do is substitute an econo piece if you will for anything remotely resembling a serious solution to the long running israeli occupation and colonization of palestinian land this will probably be the main part of the so-called deal of the century and like so many other things in the trumpet ministration and trump's own view is that money is the solution that you can buy a palestinian surrender in this case there is the statement from questionnaire that
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the palestinian grandparents as he put it are destroying the future of palestinian children when of course it's the fact that palestinian children are being denied access to their land to sovereignty to freedom that these are the kinds of rights that are being denied to all palestinians and the notion that buying them off with massive investment in something it's not clear what is certainly not going to work the idea that jerusalem may or may not be talked about we already know that the from the vantage point of the trumpet ministration jerusalem is no longer on the table they took it off the table by handing it over to israel that's not likely to be changed. at least 11 people have been killed in a shoot and brazil's northern city of bell 7 gunman opened fire at a bar in a part of the city known for drug crime the bodies of 6 women and 5 men were found at the scene it's been a particularly violent weekend in brazil on saturday 5 people died in
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a gang shootout in the northeastern city of salvador. days after the u.s. state of alabama approved a near total on abortion donald trump has weighed in he indicated on twitter that alabama has gone too far as its new law makes no exceptions for pregnancies that occur from rape or incest pro-abortion rights activists have been protesting in cities across alabama stacey fox the president of planned parenthood so. it was one of the. i think this is nothing more a than a political game that our president is leading the way on we know that 70 percent of americans do not support overturning roe v wade and that holds true right here in alabama no matter if you cut it on party lines republicans democrats evangelicals people do not support these bands and the politicians here just aren't listening which means they will get a pink slip next fall when we all had to the voting well let's me clarify are planned parenthood and the a.c.l.u. will be taking the state of alabama to court and hope that like every other fight
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we've had that we will prevail in this law will never take effect but banning abortion doesn't stop abortion it stops safe abortion and who this impacts is poor women and women of color across this country and what these politicians should be focused on are the real health crisis like the one here in alabama where black women are dying of cervical cancer at 6 times the rate of any other state in this country south africa's former president jacob zuma is due back in court later hoping the judges will throw out hundreds of corruption charges against him zuma is accused of fraud money laundering and russia tearing but he says it's all part of a conspiracy for media mill reports from pietermaritzburg where the case is being heard. jacob zuma is most challenging days as president involved protests like these demanding his resignation it's 15 months and zuma succumbed following months of public dissatisfaction and pressure from within his own party the african national congress at the heart of his fall from grace one hundred's of corruption
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allegations zuma was charged specifically in a corruption case going back more than a decade. was you know was deputy president the french arms company tallis $180000000.00 government contract to build 4 frigates africa's navy state prosecutors say tallis agreed to pay summa half a $1000000.00 rand that's around 54 $1000.00 a deal for his political protection was allegedly brokered by his former financial advisor should be a shake. he was jailed in 2006 for 15 years but was released 2 years later on medical parole the difficulty for the national prosecuting authority is that when they charge should be a shake with corrupting jacob zuma they chose not to charge jacob zuma the former head of the n.p.a. . said this was because while they had a prima fucking case or they had a level of evidence against jacob zuma they weren't sure that the case was winnable zuma was fired as deputy president but stayed in the a.n.c.
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he was elected president of the party ahead of the 2009 elections which the a.n.c. won zuma then became south africa's president in 2007 zuma was charged with corruption racketeering money laundering and fraud the charges were dropped 2 years later because judges said they'd been political interference but last year prosecutors had another change of mind and the charges were reinstated zuma wants the charges dropped because of what he describes as a political conspiracy jacob zuma is due to appear at this court way it's expected his lawyers will argue that it's been more than a decade since the case against him began and it should be thrown out the former president also says there have been irregularities ahead of the trial including that he has been spied on by the government if he must put on trial it could have massive implications for the divided in seen resume retain significant support going to be train time for the a.n.c.
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some members of the party will have to make a difficult decision as to whether they support the former president or not and i think knowing in looking at how divided the parties still is this will really not make their lives easier zuma says he's done nothing wrong but if found guilty could face at least 25 years in prison for me al jazeera pietermaritzburg south africa. the art of rally or making patchwork quilt has existed for centuries this tradition lives on in pakistan's far does. well it gives poor woman an opportunity to make money the quilt to become a household name in cities all over pakistan and beyond as the story. every morning these women in pakistan stargazer to queue up to kill a quarter of what they daily house or do you have a difficult day ahead looking after the elderly they're young and doing other household chores despite a hard life they still find time to make. a song and i listen and we make
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these quilts after finishing our household chores we try to make our designs better every time we give these quilts as wedding gifts after finishing our work at home we teach our daughters or younger sisters. the word dryly in the local language means to make them good night and it's also a way for the women to make friends sitting together under a shade of straw poll and they go about their work eager to throw their talents no i but i recall this is a traditional walk and has been passed on to us from our great grandmothers while cost 4 months to make a single currency but we're not paid well we make these quotes from scraps of cotton fabric to make extra money but the shopkeepers keep most of the profits the art of making back to work we're said existed for centuries in this region although do you mean by liberal difficult conditions there are
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a guarded ward they do and i did making bad 2 of which have now become famous around the country as we prepared to leave their women want to sell out some of their work and choice there richard wright you of really. traveling to the nearest shop selling these were the shopkeepers happy to shortage based p.c. this one was. like. these patch quilts are sold at very high prices to make only one piece of patchwork quilt the women work for almost a whole year or sometimes longer foreign buyers pay as good money for this sometimes up to 5000 u.s. dollars. each these women get less than pretty 5 percent of the price for their hard drugs they get by middlemen and a profit by shopkeeper the women of target say. some help from their government
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to help reduce ball would be an all for their family dinner. come on hi there. don. says in switzerland to back tougher gun laws to bring them in line with e.u. legislation 64 percent of voters were in favor of reforms in sunday's referendum the restrictions would tighten the sale of semiautomatic and automatic weapons switzerland has one of the highest rates of private gun ownership in europe voters were also asked about tax reform most approved of scrapping corporate tax breaks. this year's cannes film festival is showcasing work by several north african filmmakers who are tackling subjects long considered taboo in their home countries the festival is also featuring will female directors from the region than ever before from the south of france has charlie angela. but.
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a new film from algeria about a free spirited student during the civil war of the 1990 s. and. is a party a feminist and a fashion designer loyal to algeria resisting the rising conservatism the help of her friends. it's a moving drama loosely based on the life of 1st time feature director. who explained why algeria is now seeing a greater artistic output. i think that me and my friends are filmmakers are part of a generation who needed some time we lived in the ninety's so we couldn't express ourselves because the situation was very complicated. we don't have cinemas we are a generation that needed to build itself and the generation is now ready to convey their stories. another film selected by can is added by moroccan filmmaker mariam
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to zani the story of a friendship between a single mother from casablanca and a pregnant girl who seeks her help both projects are supported by the doha film institute whose mission is to empower filmmakers in the arab world after all that evolution and the political issues that happen in that region. a window where they can speak about oppression. impacts and economical and. political. situations that they had to go through and this is a fantastic because the female perspective usually has a different point of view. and adam may be novelties for the cannes film festival but one to museum producer says the output was there in the past it's just been overlooked if you compare our region with. we've always had many thing they
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wrecked it into new even 11 years in it's not something new for us began of investable has the power to run these stories into the spotlight stories of oppression patriarchy and resistance told in their own way both films are strong contenders for the camera door prize the 1st feature film more importantly paved the way for future female filmmakers charlie and al jazeera. recapping our top story so far today the u.s. president donald trump has issued a direct threat to iran he tweeted if iran wants to fight that'll be the official end of iran comes just days after he said he didn't want a war and was prepared for talks. it's been fired into baghdad's heavily fortified green zone an area where there are many government buildings and embassies the u.s.
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embassy evacuated non-essential staff earlier this week citing a heightened threat from iran. sudan's military rulers and protests leaders say talks to finalize a new governing body are making progress and will continue discussions resumed on sunday after the military suspended the previous round of negotiations days earlier demanding that demonstrators remove road blocks in the capital khartoum the 2 sides are trying to settle on the makeup of the governing body now. today we discussed the tasks of the transitional period which were entirely agreed upon and we also discussed the structure of the sovereign authority both sides agreed to create a committee from the alliance for freedom and change to follow up on the results that are reached by the commission formed by the transitional military council specifically on the events that took place in the areas of protests and others in which many dear sudanese people died. the roadside bombs exploded next to a bus carrying tourists to the giza pyramids in egypt at least 17 people were
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injured most of them south africans. at least 9 civilians have been killed during government bombardment in the northwestern syrian province of idlib opposition activists say shelling that airstrikes have continued even after the army and its russian allies declared a cease fire. the 1st part of donald trump's long awaited blueprint for peace in the middle east will be unveiled in june led by mr trump's son in law and advisor jarrett crucial this part of the plan is designed to boost investment in the occupied west bank and gaza it will be revealed during a conference in bahrain aimed at highlighting the financial benefits of ending the conflict. at least 11 people have been killed in a shootout in brazil's northern city of belem 7 gunmen a reported to open fire in a bar in a part of the city that's known for drug crime on saturday 5 people died during a gang shootout in the northeastern city of salvador those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera one o one east i'm back with
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a quick summary in about half an hour i'll see that. on counting the cost as the u.s. ratchets up the pressure on iran we look at the strait of hormuz the most valuable waterway in the world tourism industry takes a hit to the east the sunday attacks and flying cars as the future just iraq counting the cost. one of us trial is beloved. there under threats from one of the most painful diseases in the natural world don't be on the critically endangered list for the twenty's. in my mind. what i want to make so bold about warry these unique sanctuary could hold the key to this survival.
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marie is a survivor when she was hit by a car many of her bones were broken during. the local vet wanted to put her down but donna stepan doesn't give up on a woman was she's building a sanctuary dedicated to saving mumba it's its own sleepy bar and the life here. but sleeping in one would but would you describe your daily schedule of . insight because that's what everybody tells me i am.
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every year more than 301 back to me to help a lot here to her property in sound while. most of the one bats are orphans after they bother with people i call. to daughter and her husband to build their own individual net bag that is most generally pets can all this is casual. and this is eminem's to set your friends enjoy it for us. because. it's quiet. now they are. the youngest womad living 3 broods in the house and so to make themselves a hong kong summons to sponsors. to. keep.
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octagon brought with one. to many cheering. in the 9 n n n n n n n you. get into trouble. boy she is not that. it might not seem like it here but wombats. solitary territorial animals donna's job is to prepare the food it's easy for eventual late into the. search for the 1st one but it's better to around 6 am. come back to clock one around 11 pm so since all of this is . an old a job and frankly i don't think i'm cut out for a while whoa whoa whoa but.
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when they're not close ignite him the young woman sleeps in boxes and bags sit up to replicate a borrowed or a mother's pouch this used to pay a living room and as you can see now. it has. completely the idea was never to have them in the house it was to keep it secret but the centuries just point now that it's not it's not possible. we were at 200 percent capacity. so if this is. the youngest. who survived after a car killed her mother if she was. just 50 grams when she emerged from the pound and was quite literally a handful of. what i do is i tend to oil them before me. so that
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when i fade her she's come to thank. you she's already got a little there. and this is her 4th week so she's. always nestled under donors should abba requires feeding every 2 hours. she's making good progress. 65 grams. of fiber and. i am happy. every cheerios with. another one. is right at home with the family dog. but domestication is he's probably. right used to the patient in the city and he
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was fed dog food and only type out saw it on car trips. one but it's normally about. before they're ready for release into the water but former pets like eddie. we hear of people who have the mill eagerly all the time you go to remember some of these moments of never being outside. he didn't know what day it is this is beautiful and that i can interact with him i can be with him but at the same time it makes me angry because it's not how he should be. but we'll fix. it was a callous. one way to use a guard that sits on the path deciding. she sorich hour of you run over warm about rising by the roadside then drive away. they probably didn't
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even know about them but it was probably just a night of fun. there was no thought to what would happen afterwards to the animal how long it would take to die the fact that they drove off laughing. i promised it to that animal that i would make a difference. i knew i could create something good with it so. certain. what has come out of that as horrible as it was is something i harp is more powerful in the long run for one bets. since then donna has built sleepy barros it was school for one but it's the pens around the sanctuary prepare them for last doc in the wad this is one but primary school in each of these compartments there is a bar which the young juveniles will go into i will bring them in and then only for
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short periods of time but that's to replicate what would be happening with their mothers and through that they will gain just that slight bit of confidence being on their own and they move it got back into the studio. by the time this would get longer and longer and longer when they get to a point where they actually don't want to come inside with me that's when we actually move them up into one that high school it's a long drawn out prices like rising a toddler multiple toddlers sitting. on the outer edges of the century place he's caught by working with the larger wombats as they become ready for relationship we go to so good why pretty quick. you'll start running. amok climbing with the. big guys with just a bag right. now this briggs keeps feel on his toys how do you determine
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when it's time to release. a big one but how do you know it's time for the sanctuary. for us to go hand in any type of office a little. you know if i can dig your big receive. and that is make up on the boat in the bar they're all pretty good songs that the older one is. one of the 1st one bats released into the wild has come back to be that sleepy barros. daughter calls big vege their teacher she. it's significant in that because of the bond that i have with or the trust that i have with. i was able to get in the boat . so i could watch monitor and then bring that information back and we based our we built their environment tips around what feds told us. brits and ours don't have
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discovered is a shocking development she has it start in the frontier all over here just head loss. big house saw coptic manage and she said she couldn't quite severely and her family. so clearly upset the sanctuary. not happy to see her if you're trying to. suck up to is a vice who could tie just to things with left on trees that the results are reduced to mange is a parasite in the last decade it has escalated to every single year the amount of areas with mange one that's just continuing creases 10 years ago i could have given you mange 3 areas that we look to release in i could not do that now from you going by day and he would we believe around 70 percent of the wall population in
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new south wales is directly affected by mange. but the worst recorded outbreaks of night which can be found on the southern island of tasmania and around to prove national park is ground 0 for the disease. the woman population in this national park declined by non to 4 percent in just 6 years because of mine which. now locals for you to venture. other wombat populations who go the same wire we've seen them disappear in the hundreds just in this area admittedly this is the worst area probably but it's not us alighted into the syria sea has made things at a caravan park mia by the main you showing me a graphic example of the problem. to wombats with badly advanced marriage looking
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for water and grosse that's one that we've been training now on and off for a year because we can't find his bar he doesn't seem to be responding to treatment really well. to try and save the local wombat population b. works with a community action group. in a la stitch efforts by swap one of the one bats backs with side deck to a chemical used to treat sheep last. how do you feel when you see one bats like that to me it's quite confronting to say is it is and if we say one that's died and we often do that it's just heartbreaking. the mites which cause mange can thrive in a borrowed for up to 3 weeks. getting up to another volunteer lauren for.


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