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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 20, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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will pump a baby but the whole to her extended family. wants one but. either . one or you'll hear what though i. really hope on top. i know. it will be felt. yet by a guy on the gang also causing me funds at the moment. i'm a guy on the amount of time without. the police by god i want to stick to what i said to them or. said i want you to get you get i. don't see how not all my money on fucking with a little more.
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is no $996.00 i know the city is going to it resembles a huge building site. the economy is taking off faster than anyone could have predicted. thanks. to you move. down from. the. sand why no one. thank you. good idea but then i go. back to zach. now mind you. can't. carry my different.
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we found we had a i was taken. was it was it was almost was my mind it. was that was you could. call you that was sick you got you got it i wanted to buy it was it was the one that you know this was the bundle all. legacy i d and cons you know about sin day is a fun one jan this you call it how you why it was sent our guys you know was found out that you saw it as a little well. when you see a nice little song seeing the video using it and you didn't know.
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i'm going to. have a good. child. because you could. fool some. of what you. said that i wanted to the other the truth is all it says in the movie without form with a scene you seem to be just you know you down a son song goes on so you boil down. to one solutions you know see. it you see it's a good course if you want. to eat and thank you oh i'm fine with the whole. you know. thank you. when you know i'm up to the mistake of. being.
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too good for missing 25 from the front of you see it amazing how last algeciras was asked. by the. way. to go i don't know about homes and. all told once she. named them intelligence good or. bad they say for the past 6 am i somebody. play. play.
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play. play play. play. play. game tonsil our daughter dorian holley thought about influence other than to go quiet minds of us. by george harmon moment to talk with really no one on to. reach out to. the wife. and daughter as you ponder the stuff i was on the. north. going over what he now means i will see. how many. people say low.
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ball wanting to be in the movie is i don't always see the my. stuff. was. oh. thank you. thank you. i thought it was a physio you if you go beyond the union on down was not a sense of so i said this is a value you would have and it is up. to you this is money down.
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it's the year 2002 parents have now left their extended family home for a small apartment of their own. to give up on their you know how you don't feel safe you go from there though. so i want i'd argue that it's always so. bloody that. by going over a meadow. already. already covered. from a dog in law.
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of the time to read ha you not to go all over. the obama fox i'm. told but if. something is obama comes out it's a little. by little you saw him pull no idea. why that. they didn't want us. if you thought it was. full of all don't want him. gone. from my mom all. the roof off now come down. so i'm going to the.
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real. value will move the ball over. all over time i always kept him going to love a little there was a good question i always say only i found all the love yet using him one as i was talking about was a live all out. almost . 00. 0. 00. 0000. 000. 00. 0. 0. 0000.
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000000. 0. 0000 you. look you. let you. down. you. want to know. he'll announce well america was flat we won the shank you know somebody back to the land of the food. luckily not just 100. was it was nothing. but
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oh oh oh. i can't tell you how it is. closed with the whole. palm bay and i wanted to make a deal. to get it at full time to get the palm bay and what he called we don't really seem local but hey dave on the whole song single. was really going to be a hobby you were hanging. around with young to not. let you out. to our. blue eyes have to walk up to someone don't you know what a. couple don't know a one pack you have the honor to call for what we. can
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milk a new one a move what i am looking don't know what they're looking into what do i use a bonnet when i was a quad core part of our jersey gang was yelling bonzi what are you telling me what i want to be part of what you had since you took advantage of the upload. of nato or did you go on some thoughts on why there's a bombing in it is the economy the more paul. according to what she. wanted. to go off on a show only there jessica i don't i don't have to we are going to have all. no one really knows. you. well you know because you have a lot you don't so you might want to. live in those days you. low low low to one young girl that was
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a lot about the outcome. and i don't buy that all of the. missing and the lives that i had that i had to. live far away from their extended family. has to get used to spending her evenings a lot. more to watch a. town pan a cool down. for a few days he. now cool to be so low. but how did you know the hating dollar. didn't go below. half. glass to you that. i am so close to a quantum. because you are going jack
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wrangler i.v. . we are on do you well fall cool. do you. know love was. playing somebody that. you know you've. killed 2 of. these. what to my much loved so much she going. to. have laid out what have you what a man you know what you must have my. college town where you met so i guess you could still go maybe a. dozen times that you would. yeah. this was. done. by cho michel can you.
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i just. thank you. for what. you would i'm not a. thief a feel. i will let you down that. this is just good no work come with the home even though you could feel happy and yet i don't want to. have. contact with you pan. am. glad i just got out jammies. you know kind of laugh after i get out my little. brother was already in use i've even wanted although we don't know what the damage
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is being done. and i'm going to go we end up going fun more. to go doing back there they are putting with baby mama you. know it's only a few months you know. where you all to hold on. to whether someone died you know you could always you would have done that out. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we have al-jazeera fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passenger drive and present
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the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing. and cover that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera. just a few months after journalist jamal a special she was killed another arab dissident was under threat norwegian security officials had to take him from his home in oslo to a secure location after attempts at the saudis were targeting him. human rights activist added about the daddy talks town jazeera. meet maria driven by poverty into prostitution and drugs as an early age now as a mother she's turning her life around with the help of a theatre troupe
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a group of colombian women fighting the challenges they face. al-jazeera was compelling series which showcases fresh filmmaking talent down the globe find a lot in america presents acting lessons on al-jazeera. i love nic luck and all the top stories here on al-jazeera and the u.s. president has issued a direct threat to iran tweeting that if iran wants to fight it will be the end of the country iran's foreign minister javid saudi 1st hit back saying that iran will not be intimidated by quote. an aside taunts tensions between washington and tehran have been on the rise of the u.s. deployed an aircraft carrier group and b. 52 bombers to the gulf of unspecified iranian threats well shortly after trump
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tweeted folks news in this interview i want to invade if i have to economically we've created a much stronger country economically than when i took it over when i took it over we were heading our g.d.p. would have been very negative regulations did not allow you to do you know yesterday as you probably saw i was in louisiana opening up a $10000000000.00 plan that would have never been approved under another type of administration. palestine's government is rejecting the 1st part of donald trump's so-called deal of the century the u.s. will co-host a conference in bahrain next month focused on raising billions of dollars for the occupied west bank and gaza but senior palestinian leaders say they're not they have not been invited nor are they willing to participate russian in syrian government strengths are reportedly killed tens of billions of lives. has continued despite the declaration of a cease fire south africa's former president jacob zuma is in cold judges will
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throw out corruption charges against him zuma is accused of fraud money laundering and racketeering some of those charges relate to a controversial deal while he was deputy president prosecutors say he received money to cover up illegal purchases of combat gear for the south african navy. ukraine's new president has used his swearing in ceremony to dissolve parliament triggering a snap election fraud to me as lenski also said his 1st task is to get a cease fire agreement with pro russian separatists in the east he added talks with russia could only happen after the return of ukrainian territory and prisoners of war russian forces annexed crimea in southern ukraine 5 years ago. google's parent company alphabets has suspended some of its business with the chinese tech giant while way saying it's complying with the u.s. government orders the company's new smartphones will not have access to the google play store which includes apps like g. mail and you tube. the headlines got more news here not deserve right after rewind
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. it's 2002. and her parents have now moved into a bigger company a pop. song so how do you. think you. meant to ask what. is now to. either. she's proud of the new apartment. so this is. about back. this small space here for the whole family. sunny and.
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that's yourself that. was to play that. song by the only role for the arm no. in the parking. lot of the apollo followed by gold. coins and all the things you are going to know a lot of them you know those about the one of them the love to one of them was it's the only thing i think i'm going to have are those songs i want to thank you very much i think. like you know. i'm. shocked. that. i was coming home. but. i think about. this. let me let them learn how.
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thank you tom. thank you so many not move. past. the yeah we're going to go it's a lot like maybe the hunting down you know we have horns we've got the i mean child all right so do i yeah your whole i'm calling. out of all you out was out of our. field a good. move through. things. who won't let me give it to you no one on the show and so on i just turned hand. he was how young. man you dimwit had been then to your son doesn't bridge tensions until you know
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this is. not some missions it's about so many gentile cops sunday jan 13th and i have had such an. hour. how fast. c c 9 our. place is how natural. how. the the.
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here's generation reaping the rewards of china's industrial revolution. their parents could only dream of school facilities like these. oh. and see us here in the answer sang. clancy's. wasn't my chance. to ask why i don't want. that i want. off china my last day asked my mom how to cha cha
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x.p. cha is why you. sound . in. busy the low. young high standing on the you're going to be in washington yes it's
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a pleasure something that seems easy. this is of course kansas in the sense that you are going. on your time nightly news since you are going to the doctor saying i'm glad. you're going. how nice. when no no no and me see you so mads oh my. milo. do you remember me. when it is. easy yes. i. plan and say i said i doubt. susan and china on the. hand
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that i handle with our i opine low. res. so. so what that's what's a lot. of god's own children's on both sides. till just a meal to show that oh oh. since i thought. that ash joshi actually joey go see is how i jack. oh so you and i say i don't see it the way i see it. ok. no no ok ok. let's go outside ok.
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the earth. let's see. those are cool calm down to. just wipe down the ends of the house look the see go why oh. rachel you know the don't see one section you. showed there would be a show played. the what dance is it to. slow down the answer going i am sure. your 20 years old is the company of
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a province the produces one foot just trying to expose the signs of wealth visible if you want. her. face hunting down how that sounds i guess that male male it's only a boy's hand on my out leslie and now see me before then i see the other these things but i wasn't in the mind you need to know me is to tokyo. to what i call was a halt. your whole show at that time. look at me ok yeah well it's. illegal to come to. leeds for the. leaders and listen to it is usually good enough to send you to do we've got huge issue with the legion to.
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tell you that. look up to. the uk we know how police see things so please please. please. don't let that to the. forecastle go. tommy from the young this time don't use it. you got no hold on young call mohamedou dan hey you. in the hay it's hard i was sure his whole deal was 80000000. 000 a long ago the one being gone and i'm gonna hate. you or they don't.
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want to do you know him. that wasn't enough. to stick. 2 6 around. to see that 10000 certainly is the way to. come to assist him to do so you'll have. to do it via we are always in that moment of guys i'm sure that all my 6103. up and i can come out and. and digs. out. the whole. of the little soviet model and. leave the
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earth. so you can man do they mean it's been told we're not. going to call on you to do to put. them to. one again why it's not allowed to fall in seattle. goldfields you believe the. number. for the fights was so fun it's all a joke. flick so we. told you. it's only. for you so it seems. to hold all of them but we in one of the. moment we always call you told all of. them what were the shows from the well you got to pull
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away. from one of the scenes on the wall and. now that. that back problem one that. i find. really. live. the way i want to open my juices have said ian chillag josee the can't. play joe. boy of the ocean that i plan to sound like you. know it's a city until it's. too cold yet i thought. dishes the guys thought i would just. go against them so will i. that old. fellow you could be in the hot seat no daniel one pound on the way
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i'm going up and see how we should go next year call me yeah yeah it was found out i see a shake shake shake and i would say we're at contour x. and i just i'm enjoying the shit. on some guy you know. 100 as. she whole was us in the words of the clue you will see that he went to you sound that was the whole this is from what i have been taught dido says he. so if you want to allow small woman pull my doctor and that's where i sell me a little too close to home and. somebody in my solomon will feel the love. and holy hope fiacre much usual fido
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your mom bought me was a woman to play with it was a particularly good morning wanting good eating well you know your day job goes to not bomb on. someone. we'll. look. for. any kind of kind of the old file where i love the designs you know the bugs the awful kind of. so that i thought. to ask you to live in. so our loony how lonely the us and 2 or. 3. or 4 would.
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walk out of these the sound of a call. to tell what setting to should we see only seeing male can see us. about so you know it's our we. had a elementary hug cook one 0 nice seen those answered yes also you must go cook so you must and so on yes origin of the cooking i just could be as how could she be either this. is a bit to the all clear is a muscle or a case of motion. ellipses and c one of the 6 you said somewhere. so so said took the subway to get. home or don't know where she was. in. her vishal closeout us it seems. to face how can one sound.
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so it's just that he paints it so uses choice of the out toby toby at the moment so which of the so fun. the phase one does send actual face on a sequence. it's. like ok most of the students are the parents of a child from the 1st generation in their families to benefit from university. her career. or some of the books. for him. he goes i need to come yeah as usual but i going to have a go. because when you go to.
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the moon made through the week you go day you call with a sick day you mondo c.m. did the mummy did too high more money. the only. thing i'm going to see. a gun nancy palace or took a sample in just to watch it. on just the. nurses who know you know which ones to watch out for. what's a sound question she always. says he isn't funny and. galloway goes send him home they don't meet now joe. was home
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a whole. sense of the word trinity yet still that haven't joe curly and. that's how. i am saying ok this is a coup or that. was. the of. the. in the coming years. educated generation into the workplace.
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she's in no doubt about the challenges the future holds for her. and that's how you can tell her you know what's in 6 days since you from your iowa system. or so woman see that we are saying that what you're saying time for. this year says he means our progress so we're going to have our own time and this is. an extraordinary film 20 years making well i'm joined now by bruno the man who spent more than 2 decades of his own life documenting cold case squad a commitment to how do we start well 1st of all it's not that i spent 20 years only during that i think one of a dozen babies that we started filming in 1902 or around the world and the way that it's worked is that every year every couple of years it's a kind of around the world trip you know. that is location for
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a few weeks on film and then go back home and then 2 years later do the same thing . and engage in couch and home help but fall in love with and how did you choose this. well you can't reduce the babies because babies don't talk shows the parents and parents seem to be very much the model of trying to vision you know one the want family living in a part of china that seem to be really emblematic of china's new industrial revolution that we're gearing up at that time usually when you make a documentary you if you're lucky you have a few months sometimes just a few weeks that you spend with the people you film with when it's over a course of 20 years or 25 years in this case it becomes almost like a kind of family sort of relationship it's very privileged. films are always a kind of a canned version of reality a kind of canned story of condensed. and if you film over that period of time
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different things become apparent and the camera sees different things that you would never see in the space of a couple of weeks or a few months how did the camera do you think change. change have family dynamic. i don't believe it did i don't believe it did at all. the key thing with with k.k. and with all the other people i filmed is the kind of relationship that you form with them and if you don't speak the language of the person that's really important is going to be translated to the local person and as a matter of principle i always spend a lot of time with the translator and really make sure that we're on the same wavelength you know that we're in sync with each other we both understand what it is that i want and they are the person the child is also interacting with. my presence is always there but that relationship is really vital you can see they're
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very comfortable with badness and their huge element of trust yeah. one joe we saw change extraordinarily 20 years would you say that those changes that you saw in that city were mirrored across china it's how the whole country has changed itself over 2 decades yes and i think at that time in china when we started filming everybody knew that this was going to be happening. and a kind of universal thing you know with parents if they want their children to have the chances that they never had to move themselves as they grow up take a parents when they're different. but in contrast to some of the other countries where i've been filming they have actually seen those changes happen and their children have had those chances. to go to university and have the chance of a professional career maybe without what they thought he wanted what is catering now she got her dream job to work in a bank was it her dream job there she wants to design drugs it is
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a fine dresses but you kind of want to go to university that was a big thing and designing wedding dresses absolutely but. she got married. after her after finishing university if you sort of. the love of her life you know marriage they have to not want to not want to know just go to the biggest is about 4 years out for 4 months old i think. she doesn't need to work they have enough money to be happy and concentrate on their children but a great much for coming back to. you and that's a must to join us again next week and do check out the rewind page at al jazeera dot com wolf. in 2012 al-jazeera traveled to iraq people here are definitely scared to speak on
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camera saying that if they talk. down the line to take the pulse of a country ravaged under u.s. occupation some of these graves are completely destroyed it's one of the most holy and sacred sites in all of iraq turned into a battleground between the mighty army and the americans rewind returns to iraq after the americans on al-jazeera. the wedding sponsored by qatar. hello there we're expecting some more very heavy
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rain over parts of south america over the next few days the satellite picture is showing the cloud that's already building over parts of chile and across into parts of argentina and all of this is pushing its way northward so for many of us during monday then there will be a lot of cloud and a few outbreaks of rain snow as you might expect over the mountains as well and then this system just sticks with us really as we head through tuesday say for some of us in paris through the northern parts of argentina through your required and into the for them parts of brazil very very wet they could be a few more problems with flooding here if we head further north across the central americas there's quite a bit of unsettled weather currently lots of cloud with us and quite a few showers in that stretches all the way down towards panama and costa rica in this region again it's going to be pretty wet as we head through the next couple of days ahead for the north towards the yucatan peninsula that has brought a dry weather here and that stretches all the way up through mexico but most of us should enjoy some fine a settled weather for north america though here the weather has been very serious over the past few days this system has given us a lot of tornadoes not one as you can see is now easing but the only reason it is
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because the next system is already gathering behind it and this one is going to give us plenty more tornadoes a more severe thunderstorms over the next few days. the weather sponsored. ways new yorkers are very receptive to town to see because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that obviously our lives. this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes and they can't be threatening us president donald trump downplays fears of a war with iran saying all he wants is for terror not to have nuclear weapons.
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google comes times with chinese telecom john while away which washington considers a national security threat. ukraine's new president is sworn in and his 1st action is to dissolve parliament. pleading innocence in south africa former president jacob zuma is judges to drop corruption charges linked to a french warship deal. and sport books kept our wins the 4th major golf title at his career american holding his nerve to win p.g.a. championship by a shot. so that the u.s. president has issued a direct threat to iran tweeting that if iran wants to fight it will be the end of the country he later said he would prefer an economic invasion iran's foreign minister javid zarif has hit back saying that iran will not be intimidated by quote genocidal taunts tensions between washington and tehran have been on the rise out
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of the united states to provide an aircraft carrier group from b. 52 bombers to the gulf of unspecified iranian threats it's all about us. u.s. warships sailing in the arabian sea these the latest pictures showing additional u.s. military personnel deployed to the region a move to counter what the u.s. sees a thrifts from iran the tensions also is stimulating on twitter donald trump wrote if iran wants to fight that will be the official end of iran never thracian the united states again. to iran has described it's a psychological warfare and a political guy iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif tweeted trump hopes to achieve what alexander and other aggressors failed to do iranians have stood tall for millenia well aggressors all go on economic terrorism and genocidal taunts word in duran try respects it works it's been mixed messages out of the white house and
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a prerecorded interview on fox news trump said he preferred an economic war over a military one i want to invade if i have to economically we've created a much stronger country economically than when i took it over and on thursday he said this. we have that for that hopefully would not get out. and if we did that would send a hell of a lot more troops and that what i think is just well was that story in the new york times or the new york times as they do. saudi arabia's king so mom has called for 2 emergency summit some valving gulf and arab leaders later this month to discuss the . but analysts say talking won't work for tehran which wants the u.s. to stick to the iran nuclear deal or j c p a way i really doubt that the iranians are going to engage in any diplomacy until at least trumpet fires bolton and starts to abide by the g.'s if you wait because
9:52 pm
if the idea is to go to the table with this extra leverage the truck now who do you think he has because of the sanctions while the iranians are not. they go to the table without them 1st also building some leverage would most likely would mean that they would restart other aspects of their nuclear program is not a good scenario for anyone iran u.s. relations hit a new low last year pulled out of the 2015 agreement embry imposed sanctions they had been lifted in exchange for tehran scaling back its nuclear program under u.s. lead sanctions iran is suffering economically and wondering what trump's true intentions really the. palestinians are not going to take part in a conference about the future organized by donald trump's son in law. is expected to unveil the u.s. president's long awaited blueprint for palestine and israel in bahrain next month the event is expected to raise tens of billions of dollars for investment in the
9:53 pm
occupied west bank and gaza palestinian prime minister says they haven't been consulted about the conference. as any u.s. plan will probably favor israel and the financial blackmail for the palestinians. and the cabinet stresses that it wasn't consulted about the reported workshop and neither about the content nor the outcome and or the timing it clarifies that the financial crisis that the palestinian national authority is living through today is a result of the financial war that is being waged against us in order to win political concessions we do not submit to blackmail and we do not trade our political rights for money well let's hear now from one who is a committee member of the palestine liberation organization and she says the talks won't succeed while the rights of the palestinians and the mind. this is not a peace plan so i can't be rejecting a peace plan that i haven't seen this is just a workshop as a set and workshop and anomic workshop in which they can bring israel to meet with the arab world and with the whole region and with private sector in order to invest
9:54 pm
in the west bank and gaza the 2nd is not a peace plan it is something that the question i thought of as a businessman i don't know how successful he is and that's another way up again and of maintaining a sense of control over our land that resources let's not talk about was rejecting what americans will have rejected the thing so quite a lot of the agreements to the basic requirements of the components of a viable peace process. if you want a proper handle of the region you can start. by taking unilateral steps like recognizing jerusalem as capital of israel or undermining refugee rights or refugee institutions and organizations refusing to talk about settlements as illegal refusing a 2 state solution the 67 borders let all that be undermined all the basic issues and now they're saying let's carry out cosmetic changes which we can make the
9:55 pm
prison cell of the palestinians a bit more pleasant less unpleasant this is at a lack of understanding of the issue of the region. let's cross a committee how could he joins us from the white house washington d.c. and kimberly as record is opposed to the deals the done before even stalled. yeah there is concern about this controversy over plan not only outside but also inside the united states that it will be dead on arrival nic and that is because well it is comprised of 2 parts the 1st part being focused heavily on sort of the business and the economic aspects of what could be potential for the occupied palestinian territories it's that 2nd part and the fact that it is not even being mentioned the fact that there no is no discussion of palestinian sovereignty glenn claims borders that is what is making this really many people say what's the point
9:56 pm
the concern in all of this is of course who's behind this and that is just a cushion or donald trump's son in law and his very controversial ties the fact that he has family ties to the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu there is questions about the impartiality of this plan that it really is one sided in favor of israelis and then of course there is also the concern about his professional business ties your question or has long many people believe sort of carry the water for the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon who of course the u.s. cia central intelligence agency has pointed to being the one that ordered the killing of the journalists. and that the trumpet ministrations essentially never held accountable as promised they were said that they would take punitive action against the highest levels of the saudi government for the murder of those you but of course when it came to the crown prince that never happened so given these
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controversial positions in terms of business in terms of politics many people are questioning whether gerrard plan is going to be effective in any way well there is certainly this effort to take the businessman's approach to mideast peace many people. the state is naive at best. thanks very much and that's a picture from the white house one area we spoke to remy cory who's a professor at the american university of beirut and he's skeptical about the u.s. plan but does say that the involvement of other countries is very important for it to work well knowing the way that the trumpet ministration has gone about this barely consulted the palestinians and the palestinians in turn have refused to talk to them after the unilateral american moves but there's a trump an imitation will probably send an invitation to the palestinian leadership or the various leaderships but it's not really going to make very much difference if they attend or not because the plan for this kind of gathering in that promptly and world is for the u.s. to dictate what it feels is in the interest of the u.s.
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and what is in the interests of the netanyahu wing of the israeli government this is the real sad reality that we deal with it's really important to see the reaction of other major countries in the world the united states probably can count on some of the arab gulf countries egypt others attending because they're so dependent on it for security in arms and money and other things but we need to look at the europeans the russians the chinese the turks possibly who else is going to be invited to this and i think the reaction of the world is going to be really critical now all right let's bring you more on that story from iran the warning from president trump that if her own wants to fight it will be the end of the country i'm glad to say we can speak to france when you can know there's a former french ambassador to iran joins us live now from paris so 1st of all what's your thoughts what are your thoughts about the latest tweets coming from
9:59 pm
president trump that it would be the end of the country if they dared to threaten the united states. well it's a bit excessive let us say the $10.00 though one day mr trump tweets that sort of plea to me day rainy and through to make friends who are there in the next day threaten them to destroy the whole country. i hope that the the reality is in the middle let's hope that you won't destroy iran i believe that little chance in fact i think that i had lots of you know the war drums at the moment but frankly i believe that still a long way from the in the total war munich overby between the 2 countries of course no there is no risk 0 and that's for sure but on the way
10:00 pm
it all read the possibility of an accident in the persian gulf but i believe that to make it short today the present moment to us didn't quite fall from the possibility of the of the of a war donald trump would say he's trying to kind of calculated confusion is that good diplomacy do you think calculated going to serve one of the hottest part of the art of the deal i don't know 232 sand contradictory messages at the present moment too many contradictory messages too many languages in washington you have the language of mr john bolton. who whom you all know him is the whole. he's dreaming really of a war with iran you know not to go i believe it a meeting where the majority did next.


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