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tv   Born in 48  Al Jazeera  May 21, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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to teaching young men whose life frederick push each of the siege of sarajevo on al-jazeera. hello again peter here in doha with your top stories from al jazeera the iranian president hassan rouhani has come out saying he favors diplomacy with the u.s. but the current situation isn't suitable for talks on monday iran announced its core group called the rate of production of low enriched uranium but comes a week after it said it was ending some of its commitments that the 2015 nuclear deal has practical aim. leaving the white house president donald trump says he's willing to talk to iran's leaders when they are ready well seemingly downplaying a potential threat iran would be making a very big mistake if they did it if they do something it will be met with great force but we have no indication that they will. but his administration just weeks
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earlier had said it had intelligence that he ran could attack u.s. forces or its allies sending in an aircraft carrier to the gulf earlier than planned along with bombers and missiles even evacuating some of its diplomatic personnel from iraq perhaps in response iran announced monday it's quadrupled its production of enriched uranium still at a much lower level that could be used for a weapon the capacity of the country's interest productive through some technical modifications has been increased by nearly 4 times without i've been any new chains or centrifuges the design information related to this has been submitted to the international atomic energy agency and still some analysts say there are signs of a potential diplomatic breakthrough and there is an urgency for diplomacy and maybe the signs in terms of the omani of foreign minister traveling today to iran and discussing some regional issues and oman has played a kind of
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a mediating role between the u.s. and iran in the past so maybe this is a good sign the u.s. president has sent mixed messages on iran but this is a man who prides himself on making deals and so far he's been able to find a. in his foreign policy now saying he's ready to talk if you runs leaders only ask . al-jazeera washington. resume on tuesday between sudan's military and protest leaders after breaking up for a 2nd day the question of who should lead the new governing body does remain a key sticking point protesters say they will keep on demonstrating on the streets of khartoum until the civilian led government has been installed the united nations says it may be forced to scale back the delivery of humanitarian aid to some parts of yemen on the who see control now earlier this month the world food program road to seat leaders after being refused access to those in need the agency says the biggest challenge it faces is what it calls the obstructive role of some who feel
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leaders. government have cut off a key water pipeline supplying the libyan capital tripoli the u.n. says it could amount to a war crime water supplies in the city and surrounding areas and suspended and people there are relying on private deliveries it's been under siege since early april when early for half that launched a military campaign to take the city. in the news year's election commission has announced president who has won last month's elections with 55 percent of the vote would go to one more than 85000000 of the 154000000 votes cast in the world's 3rd largest democracy his rival proposal be on to says he will challenge the election result the venezuelan president nicolas maduro has proposed holding early elections for the opposition controlled national assembly next shed your vote is not due to take place until late 2020 the proposal coincides with talks held in the us between
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officials from the pentagon and representatives of the venezuelan opposition leader on. politicians from europe's mainstream political parties are calling on voters to stand against the far right so ahead of the european parliamentary elections among them is the french president emmanuel macro he met with the european council president on tuesday to discuss the vote which starts on thursday mr macro has broken with tradition and joined the campaign trail through a us judge has ruled that congress should have access to president trump's financial records the judge ruled democrats have the right to investigate the president those are your top stories the news continues after al-jazeera world born in 48 by.
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a little but they said fair are very key and that will not snow where ben cardin shalev intially idea that a much more would break. if it got vast vatanen like to be held out in what's called. an inner logic the bus an ashram to none of. the other than a spear. and then on to south park mall how to call him up in a city i mean i. would not give a darn young and that it's not we'll meet me at the wheel of the match was he not to be did you think. i mean an oddity barry mccaffrey can live in. that a 1000000
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a bathtub in my lifetime what i mean this morning maybe are the socks. i need to sleep feel insecure bob a nice sheriff. where the democratic national magazine her eat. your most motor for your courage when many called. the bench. marks mode a glimpse of war i me and you got the shiny. and even then other means of change and tell me i'm clean and in a lovable tauriel. good being able to laugh without the glim between the hawker you got your mouth mowed as a. sheet for me in the commission we are at the really my only show you cause you got your mouth movie musical cleam i me any now some p.r. market at the cookie mine is that you know that you gon be shrinking. my will of
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is the going to call me names. sequel to the net mother in law at an episode that she is going to that she and then get to. video. it become what you fear. i have ships a company a flame should be it but dusty no definitive what actually show you live only of big showy need and. know they. sell them at the end if someone is a slight it's the end of some of them but in this morning. but doesn't mean fast and sammy of the linear a 1000000000 bad lead one has a sort of a laugh at us the one eyed 3 of us the many our share of samjhauta many a 1000000000. birds
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a quarter full to. bacteria americana to be dirty little you ill fuck out of. film and family long. hell of your existence a human is a film on taco. bell at sharia. law lab i may well say. about now all of the money at. the haddock of the earth that i'll. go and see to be in the home had a whole hour though. a day to me and. into her. little list for the stinney ok theater to hold on well how does your. who is innocent have the who is your meant a lot on what they learned home and what i.
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how well the how long the hockey. god that's $100.00 a lot of that is here now but a buck not a male of we've a commodity at. a buck now. we've heard that gathered to sort out how to stay low driven out of our management. give it all to hell and man the hudson ally man. is the mother i love and i hold tight yeah i know me about. whether that isn't the word philistine. the radar screen or slows the menu out of main. thought as. i said for a few medieval train units. and.
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the newness. dictated with a difference of manna from. american shine a you see your work no one element. in an. in with. i can say that you're done but i do you can know with me what i mean what is even heard what omission of us my. version of the hold up hold up it's not that nasr. had. not thought of how to use the house or both and i think anonymous had on a. side to. gotten so much so that they had a financial and political fall to play it out yanni and an account of them and the feel of them in the thought was similar to me. and then when the 3 of us.
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fumes a lot of. dukie. what a could for the total had to hit display in mctear sack maybe it would account for that and i can make that. so i think. i think it's a cut key for that of. the love of the new dutchy my money shabani. bits a lot that often pito me i'm outta a 7 on a molecule as it is or to knock it but it was awful to see which is any very big
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invite a ballad him. the amount to ozzy muster to the muster to. get on or. tiny me. coffee so i will crossly i was also yours in tel aviv and again a competitor but i rarely got over that i was served up and i'm sure we were going to some awfully want. to fit to do a new city. an immigrant might if this in a fear bad center seconds of 24 could then make history it's not a considerable way to do difficultly with the us into some percent of i had said it was a bit of theater some i mean really. at the end i would be. sort of told sticker.
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candidates are to me my. vodka and a double bass or more time out here they are called as my grandma from who thought they unlike the. blue. board with a skate team. in the soft skin calling with the mayor. to down. for bitter fog of war. most of us must look to double. to redemption the guys are more going to the law for a look not good for. business but also work. in disorder.
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so what it before. what i think is that any answer but the images that they need and i just happen to fall to had. a. say in it when. i took on an award with any command 10101 is share. a voice solution not. unless you want to most shimon peres got me scott about no where to vote you may know as my nightly. we've got an email or call you're doing ab out the soft. on the who but we're not. you didn't she say you like the women vote you start shit on the roof of that them do not. and the feeling typo i mean him to come once
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a muslim i'm sorry very moment i'm on your for we don't lay shotgun canopus raffle a new movie. on the eat we are eating out. of our been the seem. to support. i mean into a couple. no you someone from the north and there's a lot more good me hard than you shall be among among some comment as the mid. if you're sort of in about 60 a few that are fickle out there and you can measure that. for when i barley and. can and i've been. shot of a small paddle at the coil and a one. in the middle.
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of the big. bottle has a lot of. good thoughts also left a. message of good luck i lesage in madrid. that is their last lodger. and marketed by the hand in like a when i am on a house or as a fiddle i just. asked the manager of sad that is sad bach lazor to nocca at leisure so much a dog. as human measured the saturn man yeah it was all gentle voice that made me laugh and missed more and understand that it was on the one mash.
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the thank. god. that they can but how can a say i'm is sin. of the supply shops and the resume office lonely and that is because i'm mature had the most done with name had not ignored served and did according to the. the in one tell me a did not mission. and the mess in the that because of his shabby or the idea for the stay in fear that they had been fear show had at this hour of food so many of the many l.c. t.m. fear among the. mission bests. can see and. the via. is about
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a lot there and they feel it in our millions of i hear a k. feel it the clues matter much as a gift is that of what is meant and that is a get its fear and that the be the hand of called the of the sunni yet that he could gladly answer the sunni the simple the answer the sunni i. mean clearly they the water not so other than a man and i'm not alone aagot. so. jenna c.i.s.c. a scottie. the one is about out of siesta not out of pasta was a lot of us got a hint out of. sheeting out when she did you move. a limb here the mere thought of time much as she may have lottery. in old staffer york the ocean air frame where as eate a hot butter vibrating he got to me time you got to be tanya
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very thin up through email. so if you were near some of that they're holding some. i begin to pour men if i want i mean he says who are getting better val see where some nestle in thin ok. i'm going to mention the very macabre you know least of you know that you know could very young and i to be tonight will see him who it's a legitimate name when a funny big comps morning school new commissary went in again when the. thing in you mean 1000 will be naming. the most unique you have been in. binyamin. netanyahu.
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the. person you're our world tomorrow night out and you know you. are our spirit here on our own i got our own car so. their own sake not pet. have it up in shame bow one of it's a knuckle damn. you i'll come to you what we did show a little bit of a fish one of my must be true that the fish when they say it enough of a keen should love with a. dose of him love all the us embellish kind of. a bite of the temple that was the but in the back yeah you come up to me. i know
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nothing. the other have it in my alicia. disappeared and i'm. in a city she don't want solution i have built up though. mortal boy tongue level yes additional by both do you so much into martial. schimmel saw. a horny mug. shot i mean hamas i mean hamas. fired back by the whole under like as a deal don't really pull them a warning. that by missing in this. video to all the t.v.'s my bike the whole lot all but a simple as in most of them isn't it lots of. dummies and it's a good time line for smiled the ticket out in the dim city. they go well i think you'll see that my own business. how long or how long. they may
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decide i am i decided to tell us of my in my house and that you have so much in the media. especially she said that i have to fuss about she's a. 20 years of china's transformation. told through one young girl's journey. from birth to these. 2 decades following the development of her life m h. rewind returns to the story of k.k. the girl from wang joe. on al-jazeera. al
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jazeera says there was always breaks but it's also good to see what happens next situation. fired by the leaders for a model barricade of the old 7th street that b.b.q. here the movies now is being all about change people have gone here the area the mission of the national army is just 6 the entire complex and i'll just do a stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. and investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable the people that are called to the h one n one is it getting much difficult like you know. those who says don't hear terms of trust that you trust.
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put it over here in doha with your top stories from al jazeera iran's president hassan rouhani says he favors diplomacy with the u.s. but the current situation isn't suitable for talks on monday iran announced its core group pulled its rate of production of low enriched uranium last week tehran said it was ending some of its commitments on the 2015 nuclear deal talks are due to continue on tuesday between sudan's military and protest leaders after breaking up for a 2nd day the question of who should lead the new governing body does remain a key sticking point protesters say they will keep on demonstrating on the streets of khartoum until a civilian led government installed. the united nations says it may be forced to scale back the delivery of humanitarian aid to some parts of yemen areas under
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control now it blames hoofy rebels for blocking aid convoys and harrison staff and says the suspension of aid would be a last resort. the agency will do everything within its powers to ensure that the weakest and most vulnerable especially the children do not suffer he still hopes the good sense will prevail and the suspension will not happen the ultimate responsibility for the welfare of their people lies with the yemeni leadership gunman of cut off a key water pipeline supplying the libyan capital tripoli the u.n. says it could amount to a war crime water supplies in the city and surrounding areas and suspended and people there are relying on private deliveries it's been under siege since early april when the after launched a military campaign to take the city in indonesia the election commission has announced president yoko widodo has won last month's elections with 55 percent of the vote to one more than $85000000.00 of the $154000000.00 votes cast in what is
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the world's biggest democracy now his rival sabean to says he will challenge the election result. the venezuelan president nicolas maduro has proposed holding early elections for the opposition controlled national assembly the next shuttle vote isn't due until late 2020 the proposal coincides with talks held in the us between pentagon officials and representatives of the opposition leader one. and us judge has ruled that congress should have access to president trump's financial records that george will democrats have the right to investigate the president back. from 3 g. tomorrow. thank . you and we.
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thank you and. we. thank. you. yes. i have a decision in mind as will move out of my job the mother light hearted to
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have done. with the had to be. shut off. i did very in order to live where they did that he had me to be. a bit of metal. and i certainly would do with it but i'll shut it down if it is in that is in santa barbara and because fish will be a mom and daughter are made to feel i caught him in it at. all because in auto. loan a mother all subtle or heard of on that i'm not muzzled nigga for shit i've heard a faint of course it. was little beer octet i'm in. the know what are a sort of my dear man what about the stuff that it interferes in son be now on her
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way of anonymity and i was there the other states will get the one who did night on earth. here's him that in a way he had that in. atlanta and now will be so he heck will treat us in the midst of our. need to chat. and that cane or hernandez new question i want is did you know what is it. a new idea it's a lucky time to pitch vice like a bunch more nicely and it like you know what i need to get yes they meant should be but it suddenly show on 80 but the hawk technician vizsla in the city that's what is it the. kid did he taught everyone the question in us lots about the any to
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have to think of as a lost dog at the white man's room sit in addition not to be true at all but in this morning and say i was a lot of thought he said. then let's see if i should have to be clear that that i wanted. to duck the fanfic aha that's a law that was in the shop sort of the time to me let me shoot a 10 lot of. i mean i'll get even with. this year's useful because when i for i need oh so i think about that i mean he said you know again she looks. great through codified the law and if you want that it's a mockery of one business and he give you all emotional to. remember such
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a review. where i mean after. the laugh you know. that's a kid i know they see india and he invented. the p.s. impossibly when f i'm not trying to learn or frankly every resource i mean because of. their color by. end up in the speed of a book called this wonderful. goodness what if what i've had to go for the. well let alone i don't know them said nothing at all joe's a hefty awful. i don't wish to not feel and. then hand the. thought of leaving me in out of the sun all of would have been on the.
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i think then fill in a hovel have all been the seen fit to have been. magical acme to do it in a long line of this and that has limited them. and in most of which offend her ham i had to this what i now understand them had really been a candid advice then mischief. out of rest is. going to shift. some of us how little some. of us my saw by this map on the web let's see how did you get this is going to have it your whole made up will officially. i miss because of the whole cum of her.
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3rd solo. more particularly more the. sort of the must move diamond behind. her. i mean the most you must. my. my. my. hero my mvp. came. out. while i.
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was. my. love. my. when my little one and i'm a. mother to my. little hind most and i'm not. going to quit. but at the risk of. not this a man left of the have left him a sort of well if no book at the. magic fast in an impossible module how to
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hack. defeat an enemy lad not by yet i went about a flash a clear sky. above my he that i've been out of. but at the here. and looked on because i thought. well of him and when the face of it the. him and the death. of my.
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oh i'm afraid minute to see you know what he says he says he. not that i'm no excuse for them you know. a lady miss a meal at the home a awfully foot high and has in my eyes and is a minority. long as a. minute home of as she will. she had we i mean. home like in which i'm 100. oh well some of my. kind of my but then even if it made me let me kind of took action i thought of washing off you know i mean i mean when because you've had to. go back to. in the cold war fatigue. that moved.
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me the ability my maybe not the most of us. to me because show me i'm. not him not to say anything. and you know minute to minute it's. that he's got to see the from me. then you send me and i said to me the minute. the at that and we want to hold should meet me come up on the most on the 40. the whole should i do not need very very much he spotted us as an image of the
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shiny team shiny can't see a lot of good she gets you seen the humming as if i mean my own will not make me get a new kind and among the more medina. but was she i knew a dutch shell in the hole she was. and he. showed it with them. and about the if it had been about us. my mother had had an idiot ad then yeah just the next day how many bad not 100 out of the not a 100 men and i mean you understood what i had to do. well i know you did sure enough seats and whatnot that i am not. a comic to kind of.
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the sun. or. the i mean but then it got the hype to. the show that they should be. you know the satire but come along to claim it's easy for. me to live in for the susumu he. was looking for they seem. a new car this is one of them people on the for the.
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machine. through in the movie night. that's like a dream as a needle perceive it on the stove. when any gimmick of us or lawyers offices doesn't you must to say after a few more the whole. time many. of these sub i live in the protests in a good moment because. in. my view. in new. ad that says membership in the model so be it and here. is your own body. in
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a working mom conceived minute like the. bad most of last season had to and i thought if. i must submit. an authentic.
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question at my am. company going to. sum up to me. because i. am sure you. know your whole. thing. i feel empowered by people holding them up to run the show and. hirsch why mounted on talk of real as a city also and a lot of those reality. behold. there was a line. here before it was too obvious to model reality. in the election mccain futility. what are the flip i should read it if you would feel if somebody. he could be
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danish he's heard whatever he had liam and that was written. and macand mcafee. said he so we had the map would have been in the s.s. and we commend it and the s.s. mystery then we have to question how you met him i can hardly you. will and i. looked out of the glass benignly. for. a still mr where you left hello t. alone or sort of the way your hair do you ma'am which termite always let the 1st holy man nurse in the top in a year. or 2 for. yes they're far and a lot of mothers for cheever is
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a hawk it's scorching babo love. should look all into but the blood has all our city years. in and hope because they knew what a lovely. passage persico are and your dad did no work because she was stuck here on the bus and she seemed so numb as on a local i was in awe is there a lot below you or didn't belong to. militias die off in general in 70. ad for questioning about the happening other. than getting in and out of the. shot if you took a muslim holiday dinner. and we're actually god i was going to let me share when i was the whole north. yes with her beams on a low ceiling. we did not let me listen i'm hoping as we are. where i need a hospital in the limit for i mean 3 me are you will you. be to let me love just a little boy and that she beautiful or don't follow paul. and the stuff will see
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him smash them after the scene in the gin and the roma while it in a minute has to submit what is intimate lumbermen is intimate and money 9 minutes there the mr men get motion would have no other to do how can i need them most of the. past so caught up with the credo of oh yes i don't want money i will i'm gone i stick a cell unorthodox arsenal to be there with about my story out of so lock up but none of the opposite i stole your sugar money else problem but a lot of thought and the mother gave me a likely breeder near here to have a car because she figured you. were more best to have been. in the summer in the. hope in the saddle in the. mean when when when judy when and you're there with him when doesn't didn't. have
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been wind here with us lawn money is a better job than macand michigan how we rose. and. the loss of lives and the market for a shilling home she gave. him to make them. feel safe play make. it feel a mature. i needed that he let. me go. and the scene.
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2 for his little lad went to a. summit. i know. i wanted you headed for was a big tea. because i was a few well out of. a few other was the thought. as he had to have. i'm going to fit a witness. for one of several of my limited cause it. was a little mistrust between phone one of his sky. for the daily. insane e.-m. mamata could deny that she. did not feel. undue. excessive if they are humble in saying you will just said you will be shared all.
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the football be a you haven't a shot of the ring my mesh lot for the way you. look a little as it does you. do when you're out of a clue it is in the community pm you know look i've served my. god. car on the. tibet in the last year expired and. as i've said himly who had the army so war in rural america land of all the lives that the whole why that columbus ohio. law far away i am old enough to
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where in the corner of my dock land locked in and most of the he thought mrs a man . at the a was so solemn or mississauga has an idea a model of that model to russian and that little tid at the water out of the interior of the yacht there lay ahead if they have to fall dead maggots or. most all their cattle to a home or an acquittal for the state all of the whole sort of do and no hair a last ditch shiny a stick would have to have been and they were had is a very without a shadow been a good one headlight where the job done of. the axe and she had. come to show a leg of the building efforts. once
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and then had to try now settled in towns and villages. but many are unregistered and invisible. 6 boys and 2 reels none of them have citizenship al-jazeera world needs to operate people. out on their own been around persons can see the existing. state list in lebanon. on al-jazeera. hello again it's good to have you back well we are seeing some off and on showers here across parts of iran and you can see the clouds here on the satellite image
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that will continue through the mid week but we don't expect any of them to be too intense at times plenty of clouds so across much of the area also a lot of humidity is starting to come up so the temperatures are see here the heat index is a little bit warmer than that over here towards baghdad though $38.00 degrees and warm and dry conditions there and as we go towards midweek we do expect to see the winds continue out of the northwest where the temps there of about 39 degrees where here across the gulf we are seeing our relative humidity in doha quite high for this time of year making it uncomfortable with attempt here of 36 degrees but the big problem across the region is actually the thunderstorms that we have been seeing across parts of all maan yemen as well causing some localized flooding a. the region we do expect that continue as we go towards wednesday and then very quickly across parts of southern africa we did have one from about a push through durban that brought some rain as well as some clouds but by the time we get towards wednesday things are going to be approving across much of the area
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more sun time just coming up to about $23.00 degrees in capetown we are looking much better there at 18 in johannesburg a temperature of 21 degrees for you. it isn't a good fight. when they're both struck many die and many reste to end the epidemic. this is their story through the lens of local film make us sick people making sacrifices. this is why when the want to see survivors a witness documentary on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . where every your.
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friends president says he's open to talks with the u.s. but says conditions are not right. richelle carey this is al-jazeera life and also coming up at the u.n. war and said may have to suspend aid delivery to parts of yemen saying some cooties are making it difficult to operate. as well as president marks one year since his reelection and proposes early polls for the opposition led national assembly. warm welcome for a popular politician in the democratic republic of congo but not everyone is happy to see them return from exile.


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