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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 21, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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on jews here on. entry. ross president says he's open to talks with the u.s. but says conditions are not right. there were shot harry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up always found her remains to fiat after the united states blacklisted the company over national security. as well as president marks one year since his re-election and proposed as early polls for the opposition led national assembly. m wayne hay in bangkok with thailand's lower house of parliament to sit to convene for the 1st time since an election in much but we'll tell you why it's the military that remains in control.
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iraq's president hassan rouhani says he favors diplomacy with the u.s. but the current situation isn't suitable for talks he says iran's only choice is resistance tensions have been rising in recent days after the u.s. said it was a strength it was strengthening its military presence in the region because of unspecified threats from iran and washington lawmakers are demanding to know exactly what those threats are pedicle haim reports from their. leaving the white house president donald trump says he's willing to talk to iran is leaders when they are ready while seemingly downplaying a potential threat iran would be making a very big mistake if they did it even if they do something it will be met with great force but we have no indication that they will. but his administration just weeks earlier had said it had intelligence that he ran could attack u.s. forces or its allies sending in an aircraft carrier to the. earlier than planned
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along with bombers and missiles even evacuating some of its diplomatic personnel from iraq perhaps in response iran announced monday it's quadrupled its production of enriched uranium still at a much lower level that could be used for a weapon the capacity of the country is enriched productive through some technical modifications has been increased by nearly 4 times without i've been any new chains or centrifuges the design information related to this has been submitted to the international atomic energy agency and still some analysts say there are signs of a potential diplomatic breakthrough and there is an urgency for diplomacy and may be the signs in terms of the omani of foreign minister traveling today to iran and discussing some regional issues and oman has played a kind of a mediating role between the u.s. and iran in the past so maybe this is a good sign the u.s. president has sent mixed messages on iran but this is
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a man who prides himself on making deals and so far he's been able to find one in his foreign policy now saying he's ready to talk if you runs leaders only ask patty calling al-jazeera washington. iran is urging the u.n. secretary general to help facilitate a diplomatic dialogue to ease what it's called the alarming security situation in the gulf region our diplomatic editor james bass is following those developments from the united nations. the letter which has been sent to the current president of the u.n. security council indonesia and to the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists talks about the alarming security situation in the gulf it doesn't mention the u.s. by name but it says currently in their action is creating a lose lose situation instead it's proposing using a u.n. security council resolution for more than 30 years ago to create a new mechanism for talks between the gulf states. iran the proposal by the iranian
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ambassador. is one that shows iran is pursuing diplomacy is trying to be reasonable at the same time though coming up with a procedure that would cut the u.s. out of any negotiations it has already been welcomed by the russian ambassador but we fully support the need to do. to could mean something like. bush and go regional security architecture which would eventually wolf with the logic for months but the. need to have a venue for months to discuss good regional issues i'm busted in the benzene added he thought it was likely the security council would talk about the current tension between iran and the us in the near future hundreds of us politicians have signed a letter to the white house urging president donald trump not to pull troops out of
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syria a bipartisan plea argues the united states should remain engaged in the conflict citing deep concerns and threats to regional allies democrats and republicans have voiced worries in recent months after trump announced in december american troops will pull out of syria john jones's thank us foreign policy expert says members of congress know the stakes are high when it comes to security. this letter was a strike across the bow really sending a message that congress and both a bipartisan him by cameral fashion was just about united in stating that there needs to be a clear well defined policy as it pertains to syria there's tremendous concern across the house and senate and probably 4 within some element of the administration is well that you have open spaces within syria that can be taken over by the likes of hezbollah or. faction groups
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loyal to are iran or russia and so what leaders in the house and senate again both republican and democrat are saying is that we have to know exactly what the policy in posture of united states is going to be in the coming days and months as it pertains to syria the stakes are just too high when you look at the security issues on the ground when you look at u.s. national security interests that have to be protected the founder of speaking out for the 1st time since the u.s. blacklisted it. says the chinese tech giant will not be impacted by washington's sanctions and introduced measures that make it almost impossible for a to do business in the u.s. and so marks come just days after google announced its plans to cut ties with the company. although this time we're on the blacklist our own company won't be affected by it but the u.s. is a country with the rule of law u.s.
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companies cannot avoid respecting the launch as the media reports on this they should deeply understand that u.s. companies share a common fate with us adrian brown joins us live. on how significant are these comments from the way. well he sounded there both defiant but also very confident and he stressed again throughout this media conference with representatives of various state news outlets here in china that the u.s. was under has basically underestimated wild ways abilities and he also stressed that no one could catch up to our ways 5 g. technology in the near future so i think he was also trying to send out a reassuring message to war ways customers around the world he also said in a separate interview after that media conference richelle that he no expected his daughter among when joe who's being held in canada awaiting extradition to the
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united states to go to jail so he may well feel that he has no hope that the u.s. and canadian justice systems are going to give him what he wants which is the freedom of his daughter and of course she was detained more than 6 months ago and it's another facet to these multifaceted story so adrian also china's president has and visiting a rare earth mind what do we know about what we read into that. well this is a very powerful bit of symbolism from china's president he's been touring the southeast of the country and before he visited that mine he also laid a wreath at a monument that marks the start of the great march here in china one of the most important moments in the history of china's communist party this year of course the chinese communist party is a 100 years old but what was significant is that standing beside him during this
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wreath laying was none other than lu her who's been leading the chinese negotiating team in the 11 rounds of negotiations with the united states so it proves that in spite of those talks failing lou her still has pride of place now the fact that president xi visited a rare earths mine was a reminder that china controls 90 percent of the world's supply of rare earths now the united states has said that you know surprise surprise rare earths will be excluded from tariffs placed by the u.s. but perhaps cheating paying was sending out another message and it's this we could actually hold the delivery of the reverse that the united states also needs for its economy i write a train for hour at the latest from beijing adrian thank you order has been restored to the capital tripoli you don't recognize government blamed fighters loyal to work only for half tar or cutting off the un said the cut off could amount
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to a war crime took place home to at least a 1000000 people that's been under siege since early april when have tar launched a military campaign to take the city. yes today an armed group storm tripoli's main water distribution station and has reportedly closed the ward of valves supplying tripoli and other cities in the northwest of the country including gotti on an alice away potentially impacting 2000000 people and their access to water some districts in tripoli already experiencing low water pressure and it is expected that the full impact will be felt in the coming 2 days unless the valves are reopened were supplied to tripoli has already been impacted prior to yesterday as maintenance staff at the facilities were evacuated for security reasons due to the ongoing fighting. a judge in the u.s. has ruled against president dispute over his financial records he said congress should. have the right to investigate the president called the ruling crazy and
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said he'd appeal a sensible or me has more from pennsylvania. stressed that. out his. decision not to. quest. and is. pursuing. because they're upset. they say. this was a decision. and obama appointed judge. hearing . more.
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is not. earlier the president said publicly that they. want to testify and. the president's. response from the chairman of the house judiciary committee he said that the president has. just. the president returns to d.c. with these controversies swirling around. on al jazeera warrants and may have to suspend aid delivery to parts of. and happiness wayland's are trying to cope with problems piling up on many streets.
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we've got sunshine and showers across southeast asia as per usual the heaviest of which lucky to be around borneo lots of fun behave showing up here philip a's say the usual rash of showers in the heat of the day i shall stretch their way across india china and big downpours into thailand just around the gulf of thailand so the 536 celsius there for bangkok on wednesday and thursday further south you might get . into indonesia but they will be few and far between now with a few and far between across australia as well we could do with the right into the southeast and kona dry stops of the year for melbourne basically out slide their way through with the systems trying to just ease on through the pipe but there's not a lot going on at the truth been 19 celsius in melbourne 23 for adelaide and also for save me which struck me to get to 900 but it is dry across much of australia as
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you can say and that fine unsettled weather continuing into the weekend but across into new zealand slushy fodder dry here as well last area high pressure keeping things generally settle 15 or 16 celsius to christchurch and also into all claimed thursday so the weather once again lovely 17 celsius the final thought and. the visit tipping point pinter's are telling us right now that we have just 12 years as the world's leaders to agree on a solution. taking matters into their. which is actually to get people to understand that it kills people and that it kills people now it's critically both fronts were to the people's doors don't know
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jazeera. this is out there and these are the top stories right now on iran's president haasan rouhani says he favors diplomacy with the u.s. but the current situation isn't suitable for talks on monday tehran announced it has quadrupled its production of logan bridge geranium. hundreds of u.s. politicians have sent a letter to the white house urging president donald trump not to pull out of syria lawmakers argue the u.s. should remain engaged in the conflict citing deep concerns over the security of regional allies and the founder while way says the company will not be affected after the u.s. blacklisted it because of national security concerns and his 1st comments since the
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ban he warned us companies share a common fate with the chinese tech giant. united nations may be forced to scale back the delivery of humanitarian aid to some parts of yemen that are under who they control but accuses the rebels of blocking convoys and harassing staff but insists the suspension of a maybe a last resort and all markets have reopened in the port city of who date as a fragile cease fire holds or manly has more. life is trickling back into this market place the yemen's port city of hard data as people buy goods without fear of smike with an aerial bombardment residents are hopeful as a fragile cease fire between saudi a mirage led forces and who the rebels holds at least for now. at the nominal value of the no money we hope the un and boys will continue working until the roads and ports are open in her data to let aid and supplies enter they need to be delivered
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to the people so they have enough to live. this month with the forces withdrew fighters from the ports of her data sally from russia isa underage deal brokered by a un led committee the start calm agreement was established between rival combatants in december but offered 2 similar agreements failed the ceasefire was fragile and sporadic fighting continued. for now it's holding but both sides of the ramping up rhetoric after saudi led coalition warplanes bombed the rebel held capital sama killing 6 people including 4 children this is off to hooty drone strikes on a key oil pipeline to the west of the saudi capital riyadh can tell you that we are following with great concern recent incidents and hardening rhetoric in yemen over the past days recalling the initial positive steps taken in the implementation of the data agreement we are encouraged by the firm commitment reiterated by president
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hadi and the government to implement the agreement. the world food program may also suspend aid deliveries to rebel controlled yemen because of harassment from hooty fighters. in a statement the u.n. agency said humanitarian workers in yemen a being tonight access to the hungry aid convoys being blocked and local authorities have interfered with food distribution today to port is the entry point for the bulk of imported goods and humanitarian aid to the war torn nation. but with aid organizations responsible for distributing food to millions of people across yemen the task of reaching yemenis on the brink of starvation appears to be getting a lot harder. and he says presidential candidate proposed to be ontario is refusing to accept defeat in last month's election and will challenge
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their results in court election commissioner kerik president djoko read over the winner with 55 percent of the vote but opposition party say there was systematic cheating something the election board has ruled out citing lack of evidence. australia's governing conservative coalition has now won enough seats to form a majority the liberal nationals picked an additional seat after it was previously too close to call prime minister scott morrison victory in saturday's election was a surprise most polls had suggested his party would be defeated and her thomas reports from sydney. australia as preferential system of voting means that an individual constituencies where the count is very tight they can take a few days for a full bill when it's to be declared so though we knew on saturday that scott morrison is running some sense of party have done enough to be returned to office we didn't know the scale of that victory and whether scott morrison will be leading a minority or a majority government without the support of independent m.p.'s and what we now
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know is that he has done enough to govern in his own right the scale of the victory is even greater than it's appeared to be on saturday what that means in practice is that scott morrison and his party have a free reign to do what they like when it comes to for example policy on tax they want lower taxes it's an equal richer australians less action on climate change than the would have been had the labor party won the election because action on climate change is seen by his policy scott morrison as economically damaging and the be no change either to australia's tough border protection policies refugees trying to come to australia by boat will still be sent to remote saw islands on top of a new guinea's mount a saw and all on the route but it also means that the hundreds of men still languishing on the particular will probably have to stay there long said to be despair sought and among them scott morrison would have a completely free rein when it comes to legislation he still needs to get new laws through the senate the upper house of. in that way doesn't have a majority nevertheless his party is in a stronger position now than it was even
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a week ago when they were in government but with the support of independent m.p.'s and that is against all expectations and against the opinion polls were saying a ceremony has been held in bangkok to remember victims of a military crackdown 9 years ago accounts of members of parliament prepare to meet for the 1st time since the march general election election was supposed to bring an end to military rule but the new parliament includes a senate that's dominated by soldiers by and he reports. to me what i might do you would think that thailand's history is stained with political violence and what victims say a fruitless search is for justice it's a pass critics say the military wants ties to forget and tries to prevent them remembering that our neighbor there's no denying people died here in this temple or it's supposed to be a save zone it's very cruel that authorities don't let relatives more properly. visits this buddhist temple in bangkok every year to remember her daughter a nurse who was one of 6 people killed by soldiers 9 years ago. a hard went to the
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temple to help antigovernment protesters looking for safe shelter as soldiers moved to end their rally but the military fired into the temple from an elevated train line 2 weeks ago charges against those soldiers were dropped because of a lack of evidence. the shooting was part of a crackdown against dissidents orchestrated by general prayuth. who became prime minister after leading a coup in 2014. he's likely to stay in the job after the next government is formed thanks to a system that's designed to keep the military in power. that's despite the country holding its 1st general election for 5 years in march more than a 3rd of the senate is filled with retired military or police offices the wrist are civilians who are also handpicked by military leaders some say. many thais have been brainwashed from a young age to believe that the military must have
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a role in politics when they grow up they have a very simple idea we have a problem because politicians are bad you know and military are not they are the ones who have successfully kept peacefulness the armed forces are entrenched within thai society when men turn 20 they have to report for duty and tens of thousands are conscripted fell into a military force that has around $1600.00 generals or admirals and a record budget this year of just over $7000000000.00 army commanders rejected al jazeera as request for an interview thailand's military is also being plagued by corruption scandals many centering around the purchase of the quickness that critics say it simply doesn't need what combat tanks submarines and an airship that cost $11000000.00 and spent most of its life on the grounds of thailand doesn't have any regional enemies and the military's equipment and personnel are often used against the public. they try to cover up to try to make themselves not guilty once
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you kill a civilian aren't prosecuted you may feel mighty but as a mother i won't let you get away with what you did 9 years ago she believes thailand can only have true democracy when the military gets out of politics only then she says will many human rights abuses be fully uncovered wayne hay al jazeera bangkok the salem police have formally charged the man accused of the christ church mosque shootings with terrorism front aaron already faces charges of murder and attempted murder $51.00 people were killed in that march attack a self-proclaimed white supremacist is expected back in court and jim. south africa's former president jacob zuma is back in court for a 2nd day hoping the judges will tire out corruption charges against him so he's accused of fraud money laundering and racketeering some of those charges relate to a controversial arms deal exposed while he was deputy president as lawyers described the case as politically motivated mob justice. workers at the vehicle
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manufacturer ford are being told if they are among the $7000.00 workers they made redundant the u.s. space companies cutting 10 percent of its office staff worldwide ford says it's reducing bureaucracy to make annual savings of $600000000.00 a year as that gears up production lines to build more electric and self drive vehicles of the future john hendren has more from chicago. ford motor company is laying off $7000.00 white collar workers worldwide that's about 10 percent of its salaried work force deep cuts at ford and those might just be the beginning that's part of an $11000000000.00 restructuring from the company why their sales actually went up in the united states in the past year but they've gone down in europe asia and latin america and as they're competing in the standard car market they are also competing with technology companies like tesla and way mo which are making self driving electric cars and this follows on the heels of cuts by general motors even
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deeper cuts of $8000.00 workers or about 15 percent of its salaried workforce they're facing similar industry pressures and those companies are regearing for an era in which perhaps people aren't buying so many cars but perhaps hiring self driving cars to take them where they want to go on a regular basis and all of this happens is those companies have been hit by tariffs the trumpet ministration has said on steel and other metals that has cost ford alone about a $1000000000.00 over the past year and to put that in perspective the company is saving about $600000000.00 with the cuts that it is announced on monday that doesn't get you quite to the $1000000000.00 the company has paid in terrorist for importing the metals it needs to make those cars so the tariffs have been bad news on top of a rough year for the automakers but israel's president nicolas maduro has proposed holding early elections for the opposition controlled national assembly the next
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scheduled vote isn't due until late 2020 and they said as an assembly members have been stripped of their life a slate of immunity in recent weeks and face charges of treason and subversion inside the talks held in the u.s. between pentagon officials and represented as opposition leader was. as venezuela faces political and economic crises rubbish collection in some communities is on the verge of collapsing. but american at or with reports on how people are coping. almost everything is in short supply these days in venezuela except this. enormous working class area where the 400000 residents co-exist with monckton's of rubbish. right now mark sometimes the worms go all the way up the street. and they're not the only thing crawling around rodents roam the rubbish in broad daylight helping to spread disease. janet shows us the disinfectant and chlorine
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she uses to keep her home immaculate but she says it wasn't enough to keep her granddaughter from catching viral hepatitis which is spreading all over. like you know it's horrible the rubbish is right next to the schools we try to rush by is false just possible because the flies embrace the children. like other public services rubbish collection in venezuela is collapsing for a bit. why am i throwing my waste on the street because there's nowhere else the containers are full if you can find any. scores of the miscible rubbish compressor trucks are out of service for lack of spare parts. the rubbish remains on the street because there are no schedules no proper plan for collecting it and to make matters worse or economic situation means people are constantly picking through the rubbish breaking the plastic bags looking for food or whatever else. this fly
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infested rubbish smells as bad as it looks but it could be a lot worse the rainy season is about to begin and once it does all this will start floating down the street and into people's homes. deficient rubbish services are not new but the. when israel is economy in freefall it's not likely that this mess will be cleaned up any time soon you see in human i'm just sita back us. scientists are warning sea levels could rise twice as high as predicted by the end of this century if carbon emissions continue unchecked data published by the us national academy of sciences reveals how ice and greenland and antarctica is warming and melting a 2 metre rise in sea levels would swap maybe even submerged many island nations and coastal cities that are home to close to 200000000 people the experts say rising global temperatures can be avoided if countries cut carbon emissions. the
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website al jazeera dot com check there for all the day's news and keep it here we have a recap of all the headlines in just a moment. it's out there and these are the headlines right now iran's president hasan rouhani says he favors diplomacy with the u.s. but the current situation isn't suitable for talks on monday tehran announced that it quadrupled its production of low enriched uranium. hundreds of u.s. politicians have sent a letter to the white house urging president onil trump not to pull out of syria lawmakers argue the u.s. should remain engaged in the conflict citing concerns over security of regional allies. and israel's president nicolas maduro has proposed holding early elections for the opposition controlled national assembly the next scheduled vote actually isn't due until late 2020 at least
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a dozen assembly members happen stripped of their legislative immunity in recent weeks and face charges of treason and subversion. the founder of wall ways says the company will not be affected after the u.s. blacklisted it because of national security concerns the measures that make it almost impossible for the tech giant to do business with the u.s. . although this time we're on the blacklist our own company won't be affected by it but the us is a country with the rule of law the us companies cannot avoid respecting the launch as the media reports on this they should deeply understand that u.s. companies share a common fate with us the united nations says it may be forced to scale back the delivery of humanitarian aid to some parts of yemen under who they control blames the rebels for blocking a calm voice and harassing staff but says the suspension of aid would be a last resort. israel and police have formally charged the man accused of carrying out the christ church mosque attacks but terrorism britain terror already faces
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charges of murder and attempted murder the attack in march $51.00 people dead and a nation's presidential candidate for bowa subiaco is refusing to accept defeat in last month's election and will challenge the results and court election commission declared president djoko veto the winner with 55 percent of the vote but opposition parties say there was systematic cheating this space vehicle maker ford is cutting 10 percent of its office staff worldwide plans to lay off $7000.00 people for hopes to make annual savings of $600000000.00 a year as it gears up production lines to build more electric and self drive cars of the future so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera more news to come or crisis next. al-jazeera where every.
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climate change is an existential threat to life on. the world health organization predicts that in 30 years it will be directly responsible for the deaths of over $250000.00 people each year. many feel governments are failing to respond and it's unlikely that the paris agreement targets of keeping the global temperature rise below 2 degrees centigrade will be matt's. put to time and pressure groups believe change is possible they're seeking to push urgent environmental action to the top of the political agenda. and the.


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