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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 81  Al Jazeera  May 22, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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the idea of dialogue but not with us bullies even if it means taking on the world alone. iranians too young to remember when their country last fought a war say fighting america seems unreal. yet many say they have more faith in the country's strategic defenses than its economy in the past year the prices of fast moving consumer goods like food and household items have all gone up even bread a staple of the iranian diet that has been price controlled for decades is more expensive now and in some places the price of a piece of bread has tripled whether they have known war or not a few here are keen to rush into battle with the united states in a meeting of the to her own city council this week. the son of a founding father of the islamic republic warned that dissatisfaction and the possibility of unrest over high prices is iran's biggest immediate threat more so than another american war in the middle east. the u.s.
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has announced it seen signs the syrian government may have renewed its use of chemical weapons and state department says that includes an alleged chlorine attack on sunday in the northwest of the country that comes a day after more than $400.00 u.s. politicians urged the trumpet ministration not to pull out of syria citing deep concerns and what they called threats to regional allies the u.s. state department said it will respond quickly and appropriately if it finds evidence of a chemical attack the u.n. security council has been warned that libya is on the verge of descending into a prolonged civil war the u.n. special envoy to libya briefed members in new york. assessment follows 7 weeks of fighting for control of tripoli by forces loyal to the warlord after diplomatic as a james bays reports now from the u.n. . the u.n. special representative gas sun salami reporting to the security council on what's been
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a dramatic and destabilizing period for libya. the country gripped by fresh violence his plans for a national conference representing all libyans overturned by a no day shifts offensive by wholly for hafter a renegade general believed to be armed by the united arab emirates and egypt $48.00 days into the attack on tripoli by general have to us forces there has already been too much death and destruction libya is on the verge of descending into a civil war which could lead to the permanent division of the country the damage already done will take years to mend and that's only if the war is ended now he said war crimes were being committed and some of those already listed by the international criminal court were involved in the most recent fighting there are numerous reports of extremists persons under international sanctions and individual is wanted by the international criminal court appearing on the battlefield on all sides or parties must publicly dissociate themselves from such elements without
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delay and referred to the i.c.c. laws for whom at arrest warrants have been issued addressing a security council that his itself deeply divided and has been unable to agree a resolution calling for a cease fire in libya he attacked regional and international players for fueling the conflict by sending weapons to both sides in defiance of an arms embargo officially in place since 2011 many countries are providing weapons to all parties in the conflict without exception the amount and sophistication of these weapons are already causing greater numbers of casualties without it robust and forstmann mechanism for the arms embargo into libya. will become a cynical joke some nations are fueling this bloody conflict the united nations should put an end to it the u.k.
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is what's known as the penholder on libya they would draw up any security council resolution it's likely they'll try again to negotiate a resolution calling for a ceasefire but it's also likely the negotiations will be difficult james pace al-jazeera at the united nations protesters in the indonesian capital jakarta have thrown fireworks at police as they rallied against the results of the presidential election riot police fired tear gas and water cannon as the standoff continued into the night the election commission declared the president joker would order the winner of the poll than april with 55 percent of the vote the opposition presidential candidate. says he plans to challenge that result in court florence louis has more from jakarta. what problem was doing now is he's using a 2 pronged attack so he's asked his demonstrators to come out on the streets in a show of people power to demonstrate against the electoral outcome now we don't know how long this protest is going to stretch it could take several days and if
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that happens it's going to disrupt in the city it's going to paralyze the city some offices some schools have already taken precautions and they're closed for the day and then proposal also has a legal avenue that's open to him he's expected to mount a legal challenge in the constitutional court and he's got until friday to do it but the court then has to decide whether or not it thinks there is enough evidence point to take the case now if it thinks there is then it will have to look at the case and its ruling however it's it's final and it cannot be appealed so once the ruling is out then the general election commission will make an announcement of the final results it's worth remembering that because dodo won the elections by quite a huge margin 2 digit 11 percentage points which translates to nearly $17000000.00 votes analysts have pointed out that this in a way undermines the opposition's claim that the elections were great and also worth remembering that international observers have largely declared the elections
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to be free and fair despite. claims that the elections were that they were fraud irregularities during the polls. u.s. president donald trump says tariff increase in beijing's plans to counter the amazing u.s. companies in china that's according to the american chambers of commerce now they found at least 40 percent of their members are considering or have already relocated businesses outside the country china's ambassador to the u.s. says beijing is ready to continue trade talks the last round ended 2 weeks ago in beijing. well the survey shows just how worried u.s. businesses in china are right now the survey was conducted by the u.s. chamber of commerce it involves some 250 of its members and was carried out several weeks ago just after the 2 countries levied more tariffs on each other's imports it shows that 40 percent of members are considering or have moved their manufacturing
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facilities out of china a 3rd of those members are now focusing purely on china business also they complain of harassment of sudden inspections at their plants also complaining of custom clearance delays and also delays in getting the licenses they need to function here in china meanwhile the propaganda organs here in china have been ramping up their message state controlled t.v. continues to show pictures of president xi jinping touring the south east of the country following in the footsteps of those who took part in the long march that was led by chairman mao the long march that of course brought the communists to power 70 years ago this year and a lot of people analysts are saying that in many ways this friction between china and the united states right now is very much for calling in to president xi jinping hands because president xi jinping at the moment is regarded as the strongest
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leader that this country has had since chairman mao and of course president xi jinping is arguing forcefully this is one of the reasons why china needs to strengthen its military to buy more aircraft carriers and i'm the man to help you stand up to the united states lots more still to come for you here on al-jazeera including fasces exiled former president is offering to return home also one of latin america's most polarizing politicians goes on trial over allegations of corruption. the web sponsored by cattle. hello there we've got plenty of unsettled weather across the middle east at the moment plenty of clouds showing up on the satellite picture over parts of iraq and iran and all of that drifting its way
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eastwards we're going to see more showers as we head through the next few days as well showers and storms from those systems and they will gradually edging their way towards the east so that system then becoming more confined to the east as we head through thursday and the weather calming down for us in tehran with a maximum temperature of $27.00 towards the west the next weather systems edging in here those that will be over parts of turkey with ankara getting to $21.00 with the risk of one or 2 showers a bit further towards the south and that's plenty of cloud over the arabian peninsula at the moment that cloud has given us a few outbreaks of rain the most loyal of them have been over parts of oh man and actually sticking around as we head through the next few days so there's always the risk of seeing one of the timor showers there showers also extend down through parts of yemen so here there's also a very violent thunderstorms at the moment down towards the southern parts of africa or there's more showers here today mostly i have parts of mozambique and into tanzania and through madagascar words well towards the south
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a more in the way of dry weather here plenty of dry weather elsewhere to note that will make a ton there a maximum temperature on wednesday just of 18 degrees. in ways. one and. now settled in towns and villages. but many are unregistered and invisible. 6 boards and to go one of the citizen soldiers here on. the way to. work out i'm going person is going to. stay clear in lebanon. are not just iraq.
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welcome back let's update your top stories for you so far this half hour the acting u.s. defense secretary says there will be no war with iran and that the recent deployment of additional forces in the gulf has deterred possible attacks by tehran the u.s. is under pressure to reveal details of what the trumpet ministration describes as unspecified threats from iran. the u.n. special envoy to libya has one the country's on the verge of descending into a prolonged civil war that assessment follows 7 weeks of fighting for control of tripoli by forces loyal to the wall lot after. one of the story protesters in the indonesian capital jakarta throwing fireworks at the police as they rallied against the results of the presidential election the incumbent joke of a dodo was declared the winner of april's poll the opposition presidential candidate says he'll challenge that result in court. 3 prominent saudi scholars are
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to be executed after the end of ramadan according to media reports salmond. carney and mari were arrested in september of 2017 on what the saudis described as terror charges all 3 a large online following. thousands of students marched in the streets of the algerian capital calling for free and fair elections the young protesters want all politicians connected to the ousted president. to step down including the interim president and prime minister a presidential election to shed jobs for early july. argentina's former president cristina fernandez de kirchner has appeared in court on the 1st day of what's expected to be a year long corruption trial that's happened just days after she announced she was running for vice president in october selection as a result from brain as iris. she was argentina's president for 8 years from 2007 to 2015. 4 years later cristina fernandez that
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continues to be one of the most important politicians in the country. now she's on trial for her alleged role in a corruption probe worth millions of dollars during her administration. lawyers likely got of them one at a sun say the links between kirshner and the businessman are a crucial part of the investigation. of the the nobody has been able to prove that you had corruption money but what has been demonstrated is how the former president used their hotels and other places to launder illicit money. money that i legibly came ask it backs from public works contracts from last advice a family friend who was a bank clerk turned tycoon when he 1st met the commissioner family cristina kirchner will be appearing in this courthouse regularly from now on even though she's been implicated in more than 10 corruption investigations this is the 1st
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case that makes a full court pristina kirschner is now a senate or still sees protected with parliamentary immunity which prevents her imprisonment but not her prosecution. since leaving office cristina kirchner and members of her government have been indicted and accused of corruption one of them was even caught trying to hide around $9000000.00 in a monastery. but the former president says she's seen a cent and a victim of political persecution from her rival precedent. and the judiciary in argentina tends to lean towards those in power. there is political persecution there is animosity and judges pushing cases improperly against certain political figures but i believe it has to do with the justice system as a source of power and not because they're responding to those who are in government coercion or was expected to run in the october presidential election against modi.
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but the former president surprised everyone on saturday when she said she would run for vice president instead i company i'll bet the farm and this a former political ally a strategic move that is supposed to help her party win more votes. to her supporters say cristina is in a sense isn't it was. with her we had a better life education health care she's been persecuted because she defended the poor. the trial is expected to last for a year. a year in which she could make it back to power once again. after 5 years in exile the former president says he wants to return home offering his help to try and broker a peace deal with the armed groups that the government has been struggling to stop religious based attacks and into communal violence.
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bringing hope to the hopeless. smokie. with sectarian attacks and enter communal violence multiplying this song serves as a reminder to politicians that if they fail to bring the country together the people will take to the streets again. who profits from this violence and divisions politicians do especially those from the old regime who are looking at the country's instability to make themselves relevant and come back to power. back in 2014 smokey was among those leading the popular uprising against his long time ruler. after he sought to extend his 27 year long hold on power.


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