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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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that was in my mind delusionary with other words governor was willing to play this out it's certainly became clear after kuwait gnomon said that they would not be able to accommodate feet in an expanded world cup. the idea that infantino was putting forward that an agreement. to share the world cup with saudi arabia and the u.a.e. would put an end to the gulf crisis was basically par in the sky got us since 2010 has been preparing for $32.00 team world cup and to expand that by by basically double half of that so going from $32.00 to $48.00 would have been an enormous task in the last stretch towards the the world cup and i think the got a may have been willing to share with with oman and kuwait keep in mind the romance been very helpful to god during the. during this whole gulf crisis in the last 2
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years and kuwait is the mediator but there was no way that they could be shared with saudi arabia and the u.a.e. as long as the boycott was in place and the boycott is about much more than the world cup. still to come for you here on al-jazeera high level talks on libya being held in paris but can it stop the fighting. class and we'll meet the venezuelans looking for a miracle to help them through desperate times. the web and sponsored by cattle and lands. how low we should see the weather quite in down across parts of the middle east over the next couple of days still a few shall clouds around the caspian sea siren can still see some showers afghanistan showers in the full cost here as well as showers just push up around the foothills of the and the last $40.00 celsius the back that warm even for
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baghdad at this time of the year 31 celsius there for barrett some lovely present sunshine around the eastern side of the med for a time that cloud will just spill its way and as we go on into friday the temperatures in baghdad continue to not out the skies are clearing you might just catch your child to northern iraq but for much of the region it is going to be dry hot and sunny that's the case too across the raven peninsula and a bit of cloud there into southern parts of saudi arabia so was a chance of one or 2 spots of right particular into the southwest of saudi arabia over the high ground just around the southern end of the i read say hey we're just going to foot $39.00 degrees celsius plenty of hot sunshine coming through it will be dry lots of dry weather to across southern africa might just can't see out shan't essential parts of maize and bake over the next day also pushing up north of the border to into southern areas to tanzania eastern parts of kenya as well but for many it's going to be warm dry and sunny this weekend. the
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weather sponsored by qatar airways i really want to get down to the reality where they are on line. that is in france with in our global federation and it is really hard to get that or if you join at sunset. their mind this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and talk to us there live you tube chat and you too can be a mystery join the conversation on how to 0. ok let's recap your top stories for you so far this half the huge task of counting
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the votes is underway after india's 6 weeks long a parliamentary election the world's biggest poll in history ended on sunday when the 900000000 people were eligible to cast a ballot exit polls released soon after pointed to a win for prime minister narendra modi's coalition throughout his campaign he highlighted his tough stance against his rival pakistan. there are reports the u.s. is considering sending more troops to the middle east against the backdrop of tensions with iran earlier members of the trumpet ministration downplayed the possibility of war with iran but strongly defended their military buildup in the gulf. one of the story football's world governing body for has now abandoned plans to expand the 2022 world cup tournament in qatar to include $48.00 teams. on our top story the election in india priyanka gupta explains what's at stake. it's the world's biggest exercise in democracy electing representatives in the
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lower house of the indian parliament and choosing a new government the numbers are simply staggering there are about 900000000 eligible voters this time that's more than the entire population of europe and almost 3 times the number of americans more than 15000000 indians a young 1st time voters 543 seats in the lower house are at stake 2 are reserved for india's anglo indian community now these are indians who trace their ancestry to europe and their representatives are no mineta by the president the magic number needed here to form a government is to 72 in the last general elections 5 years ago promised in the interim or these party of the party won 282 seats with the main opposition party the indian national congress fall behind winning 44 seats the big chunks over there are the powerful regional parties such as the
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a idea and the all india trinamool congress with 37 and 34 seats so who are the main contenders this time well they're in demote the lead soon ruling b j p his main challenger raul gandhi is the leader of the indian national congress spotty they're also powerful regional parties which have formed what they call a grand alliance against more the and may hold the cards if national parties don't win an outright majority among them a moderate the. party and uphill a shadow of the party for india's most populous state with a provision which has 80 seats and then there is the better g of the all india trinamool congress from west bengal where 42 seats are up for grabs. security in the indonesian capital is still very tight after election results deadly protests over the past few days now in jakarta 6 people were killed in riots and among the 200 were injured on tuesday protesters are angry that the president joker widodo it
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was to clear the winner of last month's election florence louis choices live now from jakarta how does what we're seeing as of last night compare to what was going on 2 days ago. well v seems to be a pattern emerging now this is day 3 now and since protest answered on tuesday afternoon and these protests really they start largely peaceful during the day and then the support grows the crowd builds up in the afternoon and then by nightfall for some reason the protests turn ugly with protesters throwing things throwing objects at police then police holding back and then finally responding with tear gas chasing protesters trying to disperse them from the main protest areas and this is what we saw happen on wednesday night now police say they believe though that the rioting was planned that the violence was instigated by people who've been told to provoke violence to create chaos and they say they've arrested more than 250 people they found fireworks and then billups just with cash inside vehicles parked
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near the main protest areas but the situation is largely on thursday morning but really following a pattern that's emerged over the last 2 days now on the train stations that were closed on wednesday have now reopened cleanup crews at the main protests areas stripping up the debris but there is no indication that these protests will not grow larger by the afternoon and in fact of reforming the pattern that has emerged and so every indication that they will grow bigger and there may possibly be chaos again by nightfall the paternal actually want to see happening now. while the protesters i mean support leaders in probably camp have basically our supporters to come out on the streets in a show of people power and when you speak to some of the protesters they say they want justice they believe the election was stolen from them. in his latest comments
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made on wednesday night as the situation was escalating he told his supporters to refrain from using violence he told them to go home and get some rest but he didn't explicitly tell them to see protesting now he did say however that he's going to use the legal. route that presumably means he's going to follow a complaint with the constitutional court which he has till friday to do so challenging the election outcome but that the moment the tide of public opinion seems to be against probable and his supporters you've got comments on social media and on local television stations commentators criticizing and his supporters for disrupting peace during the holy month of ramadan there's the hash tag dunk upriver which translates to arrest that was the top trending topic on twitter in indonesia on wednesday morning and then you've got 2 out of 5 of the coalition parties in probably with camp distancing themselves from the from the protest saying they accept the election outcome is counting on support from islamist group that he's
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aligned himself with these extremist groups and these groups in the past have been able to provide massive port for street demonstrations so really there's no indication there's no real clear indication that these protests are not going to continue here and carter thanks very much. canada is spending more than a $1000000.00 to bring dozens of containers of rotting rubbish bank from the philippines the government in manila so it was shipped illegally in 2013 and 14 mislabeled as plastic meant for recycling. has more from manila. between the period of 20132014 at least 48 container vents containing toxic waste were shipped from canada to the philippines it was discovered by the bureau of customs and has requested that the canadian government take that those shipments back to panda where they actually belong not much has been done since
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then this 5 cases having been filed against the companies involved both here and in canada in 2015 canadian prime minister just introduced says it wasn't legally possible for canada to take that trash back and a few weeks ago president of the beleaguered the terror to ordered and gave a deadline basically to both sides to find a resolution that deadline was in may he threatened to go to war with canada if this was not going to be handled properly and that media line was in fact missed last week the foreign affairs in manila ordered members of the philippine embassy in canada through return to manila and yesterday according to the spokesperson of president reagan that they're to the president remains visibly upset about what happened and said that the philippine government will now shoulder the cost of returning these toxic waste back to where it came from now according to the
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canadian government just recently they have announced that they have found a resolution they are going to sign with a loco a canadian company and all of these stocks requests will be eventually be shipped back to canada by end of june this is been quite an irritant for both sides and with the new commitment of the canadian government to resolve this issue they hope that this tension between the 2 countries will be resolved soon as well the libyan warlord has rejected friendship to put a stop to the fighting in the capital tripoli talks between hafter and the french president emanuel my parents failed to reach an agreement on a ceasefire. smaller from her. it was not the 1st time that the french president's a man or mark or is meeting with the renegade commander after they have met several times before but is the 1st time that they are having one on one talks and he calms nearly 7 weeks after have to launch an offensive to try and capture crude tripoli
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where the u.n. backed internationally recognized government is based now the u.n. backed prime minister fires i was right was also in paris a couple of weeks ago also had a meeting with the french president emmanuel mark on what michael is trying to do with these meetings is really talk to both sides to urge them to restore stability and calm to maybe he wants them to agree to a cease fire and to return to the un backed peace process especially because the u.n. special envoy to libya has actually said that at this stage unless this crisis is resolved in some way that libya could be facing a very long and bloody war while france's official position in libya is that it backs the u.n. peace process but there are some analysts and experts over the years that have said that paris is supporting. and france has admitted in the past that it is given a certain amount of what they called technical know just
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a call support to have to what paris says is that he is a useful ally in eastern libya in the fight against armed groups including i saw but what some say is that if you want to be considered as an honest broker a mediator as the french president does then it's of course very problematic if you are perceived to be supporting one side to the detriment of the other. general assembly has demanded that britain give up control of the cheek or silence within 6 months claims it was forced to give up the territory in the indian ocean in exchange for independence here's our diplomatic editor change brooch. a humiliating defeat for the u.k. and its ally the u.s. in the u.n. general assembly countries voting overwhelmingly 160 nations in favor of the people who still live on a small group of islands called the shah goss just 4 countries voted on the side of the u.k. and the u.s. back in the 1960 s.
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britain did a secret deal with the united states to build this military base on the largest of the shagger silence diego garcia the islanders were forced to leave their homes more than 50 years on earlier this year the international court of justice ruled the u.k.'s actions at the time were illegal in 1968 when marisha skein its independence from britain the shire goss was split off from the rest of the country so that the airbase could be built one would have hoped. that any country found to be engaged in an ongoing wrongful act by the highest court of the word would hasten to make amends why will you not listen to the international court of justice to the un general assembly and give these islands back to the people they belong to . the islands around british suffering i want to make that point very clear that's
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point one. point 2 this is a binational so she then outlined the british government's detailed legal position so i followed up with another questions the principle don't the showgirls people though have the right on their side the united kingdom sincerely regret the manner in which the cheik are since where we moved from british indian nation territory in the 1960 s. and seventy's the shag also islanders say they'll continue their long protest they say they just want to return to their home or we left a paradise we were down. as we were left. of malicious there was no support mechanism the british did not look after us for the people of the shire goss the best hope now probably lies in the unpredictable cauldron that is post the brics it british politics the current u.k. opposition leader jeremy corbyn says if he is prime minister he will abide by the
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international consensus and hand the shadows back to its people james 0 at the united nations. overcrowded hospitals and widespread shortages of medicine in venezuela have left those in need desperate for help some are now turning to spiritual healers latin america editor lucien human. life might emerge. from 6 in the morning people start lining up to get their number every day hundreds guy. there in the spiritual center no created in the largest slum. the waiting room is full of images of local saints and dade's especially hall said that in this 1900 century venezuelan doctor who is said to still have extraordinary healing powers diana has just seen the media while she waits to receive a donation of chemotherapy drugs to treat her advanced user and cancer.
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decima is pressing on my thigh optic nerve i went to the hospital for treatment because of the excruciating pain but it did no good now at least i can take a few steps i have faith in. jesus. just a little of the biggest came with a 6 month old baby she says he's been coughing for months. and. the public hospital there either no doctors no medicine or it's contaminated and they send us away buying medicines at the pharmacy is too expensive so my sister recommended say come here. venezuela's acute economic crisis is drawing more and more people to the one place that at least gives them hope for less than $1.00 cases of depression are up 3 fold says although to leave us. lack of food especially for your children is one of the main causes along with violence and the deteriorated health system you see people dying so you can imagine how it impacts
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people's psyche many want to commit suicide we do what we can to calm them. he says the sessions which are not allowed to be filmed are a mixture of science religion and face now they're going to show me what they would do if i were a real patient in. media most merely says the 1st thing is to pass a candle over the part of the body that hurts in this case my back while in a trance the idea is to block and release trapped energy. if the case was serious he would do this. carry out a spiritual surgical operation. some call it a placebo others the power of suggestion but whatever it is people who are undergoing treatment here swear that they are being healed. which is why more and more are coming to find the kind of miracle that they say they desperately need to see in human i'll just see to it that it then israel and.
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this is al jazeera these are the top stories the huge task of counting votes is now underway after india's 6 week long parliamentary election the world's biggest poll in history ended on sunday more than 100000000 people were eligible to cast a ballot exit polls released just after a point to a win for prime minister narendra modi's coalition there are reports the u.s. department of defense is considering sending more troops to the middle east against the backdrop of tensions with iran officials have told news agencies that defense officials will go to the white house on thursday to discuss the possible deployment mike hanna has more from washington. according to these reports quoting unidentified defense officials these are points that are up for discussion that will be presented to president transnationals security advisers in the course of thursday now the reports put the number of troops at the pentagon wishes to deploy
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at anywhere between $5.00 to $10000.00 along with other resources such as added patriot missile batteries more nabl warships in the area the pentagon itself has been approached for comment today will not speak on troop movements basically declining to comment in any form of security in indonesia's capital is still very tired after election results sparked protests over the past 2 days in jakarta 6 people were killed in riots and another were to another $200.00 were injured on tuesday protesters angry the presidential core were told it was declared the winner of last month's election. the world football governing body announced the 2022 world cup tournament in qatar will not be expanded to $48.00 teams usually $32.00 teams take part but in 2017 feet for decided to include more in the competition those plans have now been scrapped cattles been under siege by saudi arabia the
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u.a.e. bahrain and egypt since june of 2017. canada spending more than a $1000000.00 to bring dozens of containers of rubbish back from the philippines the philippines government says shipments were sent to the country illegally in 2013 and 14 the cases sparked a dispute between both countries for nearly 6 years those are your headlines the news continues after the stream i will have 30 minutes of world news next i'm actually. with rex it's still unresolved in the u.k. will join the other $27.00 member states to vote in the upcoming european parliamentary elections but the far right populist parties make huge gains as predicted and if so would that change the very nature of the european union. get the latest iran al jazeera. and i have a d. and you're in the stream today who will win the new race to the moon with space
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agencies and private companies are eager to bring humans and their plans for development to the next frontier so do you have any questions about moon exploration well if you do share them with us via twitter or in our live youtube chat. my name is katie and through this is this north carolina state university and you are in the stream. that's 29000 marks 50 years since the united states but the 1st man on the moon space agencies and private companies are calling for a renewed era of lunar exploration in january china became the 1st nation to successfully send a lunar probe to study the far side of the moon and last week the u.s. space agency nasa announced its exhilarated timeline to build the 1st lunar orbit outpost and let the 1st woman on the moon by 2024 other nations including india have plans for their own lunar landers that will examine the moon southern pole so
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what's behind the renewed momentum in bringing humans back to the moon well with us to discuss all of this from st louis missouri ryan watkins she is a research scientist with the planetary science institute and a member of the advisory board to the aerospace company blue origin from the hague in the netherlands bernard senior scientist at the european space agency also known as and the executive director of the international lunar exploration working group and in new york last but not least robyn see mangal a journalist and director of content for supercluster that's our website focused on stories about space so good to have all of you here in the stream thanks for being here so i want to start with this tweet because. really lays it all out here for why we're talking about this topic this is from the johnson space center nasa the u.s. space agency 2024 we are going and we are going to stay have a look at the promotional video behind that idea. just to years ago we. took the.
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trail we blazed up through the sections of science introduced. today are calling to explore is even greater. to go farther we must be able to sustain mission of greater distance and duration where he was use the resources we find that our destination. give us overcome radiation isolation gravity and extreme environments like never before these are the challenges we face to push the balance if you're. going to the moon to stay by 2024. to stay kind of ominous but kind of exciting bernard talk to us about what you think is behind this new impetus to get back to the moon and to to make that push for lunar exploration. any way to come from the moon.
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the moon 008 going to note in why do we want to go for good we want to go forward to the moon for peace for science faulty we want to also goes it to make business to exploit resources and inspire you to take it. that would be the future moon locos installed a new renaissance scuttled to the moon because you are part of an. extent and so we have a lot of things to do there we are looking to get everybody it would easily start on you for the sundays to follow as an engineer is useful old countries and we want old ages and or disappearing because we know because of the years we can be part of this movie ditch 7500000000 people should be involved no you know we we just tend to send some robot was the father of the baby do it i sent to the moon some 10
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years ago once we have got some of the new maps of the moon we have fun places there where these water we have this is where they do it because it tonight we can next to it so i hear the i do hear the. voice i love that several things that we're going to delve into today in the show but that 1st the 8th continent of the world so rhiannon you hear this as a member not as voice what do you make of this this push why are we going to the moon now i would definitely agree with everything that bernard just said i would also add to that we're going not only to stay on the moon to use the resources to explore to learn science we're also going to get to mars so you know people in their community you hear them say it's not the moon or mars it's the new man mars so we're going to the moon to learn how we can live and work in space in order to go beyond the earth moon system and you know i hearing you say that this reminds me of some of the converse
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a. since we had as we were preparing for the show which is now in our live chat as well as on twitter i want you to answer this robin if you can sammy saying there's a lot of money put into the space program but the public has never informed on what's going on why not and is there a way for citizens to find out then we have another tweet from being charlie putting it perhaps a little bit more simply billionaires racing to cash in on the latest space race what do you make of that robin is this about money as much as curiosity and anything else. absolutely. i think that's what's driving the commercial space industry if there wasn't money to be made there wouldn't be any innovation right now and i think that the innovations that we've seen and reusability and what both will origin and space x. are doing by reducing costs is making this possible in terms of the public knowing about what this space in history is doing we need more space journalists we need more coverage of what's going on we need we need more science communicators we need
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more stem outreach on the grassroots level so i can there's a lot of things we can do to inform the public and an informed public actually helps the space program because then they write letters to their congressmen or senators they call for space exploration that's a really important facet of getting funding so let's how do me and i have let's help educate the public right now but only it's only money i mean money. mean to do what you want to do and you want to do to. keep it cool you see t.v. going to. people to learn to look at about science and everybody to do most nice lot they in ok so even if money and maybe we need to get benefits money viewed exposed to be souces but as a society we make progress all together and that's i think that the biggest resources be could do between exploration it's just that we have all of those of the world is that we can inspire you to do the innovate to do seem to be looking at
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the moon but investing in. oh yes. so i have to agree with bernard and just say that exploring the moon and building the architecture to get there and the infrastructure to stay there is like building the internet you're allowing a new platform for new startups new entrepreneurs students and just about anybody who wants to get involved with space exploration. need now have that platform to go do so and that's what's important about settling on the moon so i want to get a little geeky right here for the science nerds and our audience and also just for the general public so we know scientifically what it is that we have to explore why in talk to us about some of the unanswered questions that we still have from the last trip to the moon what is there left that we don't know about what is there left to learn scientifically yeah well we could spend several episodes talking just about that question but kind of some high level things that we haven't answered
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there's a lot we still don't know about the different types of volcanism on the moon there's a lot we don't know about the impact history the age of different basins which if we can get that kind of information we can know a lot about the impact history not only of the moon but of earth and the inner solar system and by impact history you mean so what these were asteroids or these for these were explosions or these were hits on the moon yeah so yeah asteroids impact in the moon you know over what time frame says that happened had there been spikes in the impact history throughout history throughout the moon's history. you know there's a lot you know there's a recent discoveries of water ice on the moon but we don't know what forms this water's in you know is it you know solid ice beneath the surface is it mixed in with the soil on the moon we don't know and these are just you know a couple of things you know we could hit on topics regarding their lunar atmosphere
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and the interior of the moon the actual regolith there's just so much we don't actually know and we need to go back to answer all these questions. in the years to be essential then we made you discoveries the old question. new questions indeed we stand. out of the moon but also we found. out again these are. signs of the moon would be key to. just a bit for the very least leaving are very very busy because this one has come up twice voted is that what is and is not simply to keep in a brand as you will but also in the future we are going to take samples. and as a state we are going to do science from today school to observe the beginning of the universe look for extra to a source of edition and also we do science on the moon we bring life to the surface of the moon so yes go ahead go ahead rob meant it to answer your question about
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volcanism so volcanism on the moon isn't quite the same as what you might think about walking as i'm on the earth you know there's there's no large volcanoes sitting on the surface spewing lava. and the moon is not what we consider active so there's no volcanism currently taking place however if you look up at the moon you know often see light and dark features and the darker that this little rubber flows are or basalts so that's kind of the main type of optimism you see this is generally lava flows that have welled up from inside of the moon and solidified on the surface but there's all sorts of different types there's some explosive explosive all cannick products on the moon there's areas that are solicitor are not as iron rich is typical basalts like you might see on the near side of the moon or hawaii for example to play a terrestrial analog so there's a lot of questions about the duration of optimism when did it happen what types are there what kind of materials were produced so that's kind of what i mean i don't as
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i think the focus of go this recent rush back to them is sort of focused on the south pole and because of the indian mission the chandran mission chandran one mission over the last decade we've had a really good look at the salt hole of the moon and what scientists are discovering there is that there's ice beneath the surface now we don't know if that is filled with regular. we don't know if that ice is in solid rock form but we currently don't have the technology to well mind that ice because we don't know how to but we just study it this ice but that could be a resource for a fuel for oxygen just for general life support but i think going back to what ryan was saying about walken is a very important aspect. relating to this terrain and when it comes to the terrain of the south pole especially it's far rougher than what neil armstrong and buzz
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aldrin walked around on. and remember it's on a permanent shell so it's dark and it's cold and it i don't think it ever gets above minus 250 degrees yeah you're going to hear you're making that sound very enticing very robin here if we could take a step back i mean there's a lot of people talking about how incredible this all is obviously space exploration is exciting even for those of us who don't understand the intricate inner workings of it elizabeth rainey on our you tube live tad asking this question admitting that the space race is an amazing achievement for all humans but saying i hope it doesn't become another form of colonize ation and this has been at code even on twitter by a lot of people saying seeing as how we've already trashed this planet from the immediate space around it to the deepest parts of the ocean why should we as an obviously sub par species be allowed to leave our trash heap and go destroy someplace else you talk about needing to exploit resources bernard what you know
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what would you answer to people. moved to new we did a system able to wait for the mission for human kind even for as a wrist of playfulness and so we have to go 1st to see what he. meant and then we go these robots but. at least respectful what he sent it so we are going eventually. basically we have long been told of what we could use maybe just that they don't use direction to stop these humans to get fuel to. dip into economy but we do each of these respect and also some areas we could use full settlement but we also put to him those that should show that we do we don't talk. so you're saying that this time will do a better will do it right i want to share with all of you a little clip from amazon c.e.o.
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and blue origin founder jeff bezos so this is on may 9th and he was unveiling his plans for returning humans to the moon and he was also agreeing with the trump administration's push to do this all within the next 5 years have a look vice president pence just recently said it's the stated policy of this is ministration and the united states of america to return american astronauts to the moon within the next 5 years i love this it's the right thing to do it's time to go back to the moon this time to stay so he loves it take a look here you see see that web page for blue origin and they are working on a robotic lunar lander called blue moon so ryan take us through this are you as excited as jeff bezos is or are you worried at all because the next 5 years sounds too soon. yeah you know i'm definitely i would say i am as excited as he is if not more because i have been in the inner community for
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a while and i would love to have you know my own apollo to see humans back on the things i'm concerned about the timing is really short i'm not saying we can't do it but there's a lot of infrastructure that still needs to be in place and we need to have a rocket that's ready to go into the lander that's ready to go we need to have astronauts who are who are trained not only to fly these things but trained and feel geology and how to actually do science once they're on the moon and how to exploit the resources so there's a lot of work that needs to be done but i think it's very feasible and i'm excited to see all of the excitement from the administration and the commercial companies. so it's i know you're excited and you know there are many optimists or time into this conversation and i don't want to be too negative but because there are some critics on twitter are for now saying listen trying to put a caveat on his previous trade saying don't get me wrong i mean i want to eventually be a spacefaring species i mean with the universe however i work from a place of realism our species has not earned the right to go permanently off
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planet we need to clean up our messes here before we explore there rob and you're nodding there is another tweet from kyle william marston and this is what we love to see when a conversation happens online saying replying to him saying well i totally respect your view i remain an optimist but also a pessimist i think humanity is shouldn't go extinct and to ensure that happens we need to be a space faring species what do you think robyn i mean is that a fair criticism that there are going to go ahead those both these individuals are correct. and my answer for that is i think that space can help us start to fix ourselves here on earth too ready i think it's you know we've all over the past decade we've looked to the internet we look to social media as a great united or and it's turned out not to be but i think in space exploration we can make it cheap and we can make it accessible to the everyday person i thing. there's a new frontier to be explored there's new technology to be moved and i think it's going to be an even playing field i think on this new frontier and it will be great
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you know. i just i love that optimism as well but i also i'm kind of still chuckling at that the person who tweeted and called humans a subpar species so i want to put this to your attention this from the united nations office for outer space affairs i'm sure you're all familiar with it the treaty on principles governing the activities of states in the exploration and use of outer space in 1067 countries around the world agreed to a set of rules on governing exploration and using space and one of those things was that it was supposed to be free for exploration and for use only for peaceful purposes so you see headlines like this this is from defense one pentagon wants to test a space based weapon in 2023 that's on one side of that spectrum on the other side that is just today this headline dropped the southern russia signed joint statement on no 1st placement of weapons in outer space this from the international news
1:41 pm
bernard you're trying to jump in there what does it mean go for it. we're all just going to be greet. you no. no you can it does need to take you to slow the moon you could of destruction you could. do you have to. do it to reach. the countries sung to the st bernard bernard no no disrespect i just want to quickly push back on that i mean you could say many countries here on earth have signed many treaties and then violated is done here on earth hold on they violated them here on earth so what's to suggest that they want to the same on the moon. these 2 big treaty because this was so new a time of we need all of conflict and if only it was the best way to have a space for peaceful purposes because then you can mostly do economy co-development they don't know she could use iti and you know like on the international space station it's
1:42 pm
a place of peace between countries which have no tension conflict space is used for exchange for full knowledge and also for for peace so i think he knows the country . so touchy if i do treaty keep to it even. gives us china all of them so let's keep peace treaty but i need i need to point out that if this is coming from the united nations the u.n. really has the ability to enforce its laws and regulations here on the planet i don't see them i don't see these treaties being upheld and i can tell you right now they're i don't know if you can really define them as offensive weapons but there's a defense of weapons in the form of satellites and experimental technology being launched to orbit right now without the permission of anybody and i know that. you just agreed to do it. to do it in the space around us but it's fall be done on the
1:43 pm
moon so the moon is we do a continent of peace so when we expose a moon we start he's a peaceful approach from here and i want to believe everything you're saying and i really do and so i am going to for this moment no i am i think it makes sense why not but i do have a question that's coming in and i live you to chad maybe right and you can answer this he tender a rapper saying wait a minute who has a story over the moon. you know no one no one has that authority i mean there is this treaty that's been signed but essentially no one owns the. you know the u.s. is gone and we played it flags but we don't own that soil beneath you know the landers there so no one owns it no one really truly has that authority it's just like bernard said it's a peaceable place we hope that everyone who who plans to send a lander or a spacecraft to the moon does it with the intention of exploring and learning and you know getting humans out yonder but you don't need to know you'll need to because the deep sea nobody owns it but you can go fishing there on the moon result
1:44 pm
ownership you still have to go to rekey to deploy to to there to show to explode the resources and then after we have to discuss how we distribute the bit if each of the sources so that's an interesting debate do we can we use it also for the rest of the road what both you key for the one that is investing in putting to 2 and so now are you actually have a retirement plan you're thinking yeah i mean it's about that i don't know most of we are looking on the movie dish t.v. dish and they put a moon base in 20 years i plan to movietone the moon. but that's you're talking about you know we're going to take a look at the animations on the european space agency and its purpose of our moon abilities that you're talking about so talk us through why this excited me and why does this not scare here and yet we have a soul these are lenders that we have designed we go 1st in all beat and here we have looked to. be dug we start out and then we create some structures we want to
1:45 pm
examine st d. printed structure that diluted by robots is enrico these humans so he said leave some of that 1st that's a lot to do in 10 years we have some 10 us who know their own this is a near the peak of it to know it's check it on twitter and know based on the experience that we have. but something to the show's decision we use. the moon also do something it's a place where the fun thought this can be just something so some interest in the robot that you sleep with it breaking a candle only called the structure which is very light it's not going to take some . housing the 2 of you can keep going. if you take it home. and i think you might have thought that. it could be ready for use in the if you're an artist and do that which comes you want to live i hope
1:46 pm
so no doubt but a quick question just to snap back to reality robin we have a tweet from you saying all states venturing to the lunar surface are nuclear powers doesn't this make sense to someone here and a lot of other tweets asking about why it's single nations working on this rather than working together your thoughts quickly robin i don't think it's single nations yes the nations may be covering a lot of the cost but these kinds of missions whether it be the moon or mars i'm require the efforts of universities reese research companies private companies manufacturers people busy who train astronauts you know there this is an international effort and i think we're not seeing the many pieces connecting right now but when it comes time to go to mars the 1st humans there will be an international effort everybody's going to have their hands and it will be a crew of ross cosmos jacks nasa astronauts it's going to be the most expensive thing and it's going to be the most complex thing we've ever done so go back to the
1:47 pm
moon go back to mars no matter how much conflict there is and how much of complimentary everyone's going to have their fingers in the pie right robyn we shall see and i have to leave it there robin for night and ryan thank you so much for being part of this discussion today that's all the time we have for now but the conversation as always will continue on my. i'm at a tasting thanks for watching. stories
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generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives around the sun just a longstanding international is finally separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the journalism protesters complain about the under reported of police violence the sensationalizing of the demonstrations with the listening post 0. vote counting gets underway across india the world's biggest democracy exit polls
1:50 pm
suggest it could be again for the next 5 years. welcome on peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up u.s. defense officials consider sending thousands more troops to the middle east as tensions with iraq. abandons plans to expand the number of teams allowed to compete in the 2022 world cup in qatar. and u.s. border officials evacuated child detention center break of flu kills a 16 year old guatemalan. the mammoth task of counting votes is now well underway after india's 6 week long parliamentary election the world's biggest poll in history ended on sunday more than 900000000 people were eligible to cast
1:51 pm
a ballot exit polls released soon after pointed to a win for prime minister narendra modi's coalition throughout his campaign he highlighted a tough stance against its rival pakistan let's take a quick look now at some of the key issues that are at stake in india about half of $1300000000.00 indians are under 25 years old a leaks government report says the official unemployment rate is at a staggering 45 year high about a quarter of indians are farmers and they're suffering from low crop prices and rising levels of debt hate crime has been a key topic to attacks against religious minorities and marginalized communities have been on the rise since moody's hindu nationalist party b j p came to power security is also a concern especially after febreze attack in indian administered kashmir which killed 40 indian paramilitary soldiers warplanes was shot down as pakistan denied involvement my colleague so he'll raman covering that big story for us live out of
1:52 pm
new delhi this hour so what do we make of the early trends so far. indeed p.t.'s the election commission was saying that there was a 67 percent turnout on average nationally around about $600000000.00 votes to be counted across that a 1000000 electronic voting machines and paper ballots the trends in a very small percentage the election commission i think actually how much that small percentage is but a small percentage of votes have been cast in the early trends seem to show at the moment that the b j p are leading in certain constituencies as many as over 280 seats congress is in the lead by. if you want to say it's only early days but this is the general trend that we're seeing it could all change in the next hour or so what we had were 2 and a half hours into the counting process and we've had the votes the postal votes
1:53 pm
counted indians who live and work abroad the diplomatic service the military their votes being counted we've just been told by the actually commission that the electronic voting machines that were under lock and key after each phase of the vote have now been transported respectively to the district commission offices in each of the constituencies there the candidates and the agents will view that count process we expect results to start trickling in within 4 to 5 hours and that's the way it stands at the moment how does it compare to last time around. the last time around there was the incumbency factor we've had 10 years of a united progressive alliance government led by a man 100 saying and of course the congress party which is in this particular election is being led now by rahul gandhi and apathy about that the party there were corruption allegations about the way they had offered. way licenses the 3 g.
1:54 pm
scandal to various companies and nobody who said he would clean up that corruption so he comes into power in 2014 and what we've seen is what you just suggested the way communal violence certainly hate crime is on the increase unemployment rate he hasn't been able to tackle with infrastructure projects some have been completed but some of mainly stayed as they are he's been dare i say it saved in the last few months by banging the national security drum after that clash with pakistan in kashmir region and that sort of galvanized to support. the week's progressed but the unemployment figure is an interesting one peter that you mentioned the potential to set. point 6 percent that was issued a release start may the 2nd the opposition had wanted that figure released before the election so they could tackle it as far as the election campaign with concerned it didn't happen and that is the highest rates in 2016 so figures being brushed
1:55 pm
underneath the carpet and the media here as well that a very you might say supportive of the beach a people that should because those big channels are owned by major conglomerates many of them aligned with the beach a p but again trends at the moment. in favor of the beach a.p. we have one question peter if you'll bear with me a viewer from nigeria. has asked why does the voting take so long take so long because there are over 600000000 ballots to be counted and hopefully we'll get to all of that count by the end of the day so hill good to talk to you as over we'll see you later. we move on there are reports the u.s. department of defense is considering sending more troops to the middle east as tensions with iran increased sources have told news agencies that donald trump's national security team will be briefed on thursday now earlier members of the trumpet ministration downplayed the possibility of war with iran but strongly defended their military buildup in the gulf extra warships and fighter aircraft
1:56 pm
have been deployed within the past few weeks mike hanna has the latest now from washington. various media outlets quote identified pentagon officials as saying that national security advisers will be briefed in the course of thursday one of the suggestions to be put on the table is the deployment of some $5000.00 troops to the middle east region this to support those forces already deployed in that particular area now it should be noted that the acting secretary of defense as well as the secretary of state briefed congress behind closed doors in the course of recent days they made very clear it would appear that the u.s. is not intent on any military action it is placing is trust in what is regarded as a policy of the terence we saw that with the accelerated deployment of an aircraft strike 38 which was sent into the region weeks before it was due to be deployed the
1:57 pm
acting secretary of defense telling reporters that this policy of the term and has actually helped deflate or contain this ongoing crisis with iran so certainly added troops in the region would inflame tensions even greater the reports though not confirmed by the pentagon the pentagon say that they will not comment on any troop deployment at any time basically refusing to comment. donald trump has accused top democrats of tearing the country apart by pursuing investigations into his administration he walked out of a planned meeting with democrats at the white house he has refused to comply with congress following the release of a report into allegations of russian interference in the 2016 presidential election separately a judge's ruling may now allow the democrats access to his financial and business records can really help it explains. it was supposed to be
1:58 pm
a bipartisan meeting with democrats about fixing america's roads bridges and airport but when democrats arrived at the white house meeting on wednesday u.s. president donald trump abruptly ended it just. took a pass it was planned when we got in the room the curtains were closed why trump is upset democrats are accusing him of blocking multiple attempts to investigate him we believe that the president united states is engaged in a cover up and cover up later called reporters to the rose garden to debunk that argument i don't do cover ups on capitol hill for the past few days there have been growing calls by democrats and at least one republican to begin impeachment proceedings against trump in an attempt to remove him from office yes there was. some lawmakers believe the president obstructed justice during the investigation
1:59 pm
into allegations his 2016 campaign worked with the russian government there has been no collusion and april report by the u.s. justice department clear trump of any collusion use them again as a legal obligation to be here still just this week trump stopped his former counsel don mcgann from testifying to congress about that investigation and on wednesday new york lawmakers voted to release trump state tax returns to congress trump is also fighting democratic attempts to get his business records from deutsche bank what they've done is abuse this is investigation number 4 the same thing probably 5 and it really started i think pretty much from the time we came down the escalator interim donald trump argues his democratic opponents have been resisting his presidency since before it even started and continue to back efforts to impeach him but democrats are divided on whether it's even wise to launch
2:00 pm
impeachment here.


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