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a 2nd referendum. if we're going to deliver bricks it in this parliament we are going to have to pass a withdrawal agreement and we will not do so without holding votes on the issues that have divided us the most that includes votes on customs arrangements and on a 2nd referendum we can pretend otherwise and carry on arguing and getting nowhere but in the end our job in this house is to take decisions not to dock them so i will push those decisions to this house because that is my duty and because it is the only way that we can deliver bricks it largely has the latest from london so lawrence how long does theresa may have. just of given up guessing but it's not very long richelle is the short answer i mean the knives are out for everywhere looked at all the newspapers here like this this morning ready this is normally supportive this right wing paper teary eyed to
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resume a room you know looks a bit like margaret thatcher when when she had to go there they say she had to say tomorrow when she will go but whether that means she's actually going to resign some more or say when she's going to go tomorrow is a different thing in downing street in saying this morning that she's still intent on trying to table this with where we draw bill for the week after next and then say that she'll go after that but given that the withdrawal buildup see no chance of winning that's why everybody is saying just get out of the way and let us get on with something else because they want to have. a new leadership contest and get a new conservative party leader in before parliament breaks up for the summer but she's but she's dead politically you know bret's it's an absolute beast it's taken the careers of several very high ranking government ministers that's a reason they put in place to deliver bricks if people like boris johnson the foreign secretary secretaries david davis and dominic rather they all resigns
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because they couldn't get it done she's going now and the other thing richelle i would just think about as well is that this tortured relationship between the conservative party in the european union hasn't just done for some reason made for david cameron before her he had to resign when when when he lost the brakes the referendum it had for john major over maastricht the maastricht treaty in some ways if a moderate faction before that and this this possibility of the conservative party to try to work out whether it wants to stay in or to leave the your opinion is there done for the last 4 british prime ministers it's that toxic for so what is the e.u. think about this house or solve it all this playing out in front of their eyes. well you know just think it's worth bearing in mind. when they gave the u.k. and still the end of october to try to fund the solutions of brics it's and at that point the european council president said to them loud don't waste this time and
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not only have they are they not going anywhere they're actually going backwards at the moment because they don't really have a government in any shape shape shape or form or a prime minister and you know. the french of french ministers yesterday saying we just don't want the u.k. to be in the european union any more all over it is that between the summer and the end of october the u.k. is going to have to decide if you want to haul bricks it's or not to leave it sold and it might decide not to leave it all and have said so a lot because they just can't figure out a way to do bricks it but you do wonder if the european actually wants the u.k. in when when this is psychodrama just never ends never ends or in slane i have in line to thank you still ahead on al-jazeera we believe that at present the united states is engaged in a cover up i president donald trump walked out of a plan to meeting with democratic leaders and i'll tell you why illegal drug production is on the rise across the occupied west bank.
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hello again it's good to have you back we have seen plenty of rain here across parts of southern vietnam into cambodia as well you see those showers really popping up in the heating of the day that's going to be the trend as we go from flighted to saturday as well so don't expect to see a lot of sunshine in that area where we're going to be seeing plenty of sun sign is down here across much of central indonesia for java for bali things in quite nice it's really going to be hard to find any rain over the next few days with temperatures lingering into the low thirty's there manila though it is going to be a rainy day for you with a temperature of $33.00 degrees well across australia we are watching once and that is making its way across parts of perth and also into the bite that will drop the temperatures just
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a little bit we could see some showers as well there won't be too heavy at times but we're mostly see clouds passing through the area so here on friday adelaide will see some clouds melbourne will see some clouds as well the front going to make its way across parts of tasmania that is where we can be seeing some very heavy rain for hobart but up here towards brisbane things quite quite nice view with a time to them of about 24 degrees and then very quickly for the north and south island of new zealand we're going to really end the week here looking quite nice for much of the region but by the time we get towards saturday we do expect to see some rain for christchurch with a temperature of 14. people in a good fight. and remorse. when the boneless struck many died and many reste to end the epidemic. this is their story through the lens of a local filmmaker us we see people making sacrifice. of mission this is what i want
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the world to see survivors a witness documentary on al-jazeera. watching out to 0 let's recap the top stories right now the u.s. is reportedly considering plans to send thousands of troops to the middle east in response to what it says are threats from iran u.s. news agencies are reporting donald trump's national security team will be briefed on thursday. early vote counting in india suggests prime minister to read from modi is on course for a 2nd term in office courting to the election commission modi's ruling coalition is off to a bigger than expected lead at britain's prime minister theresa may is resisting
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calls to resign after her latest crisis plan backfired that included a possible vote on whether to hold a 2nd box of referendum was made legislation passes the 1st stage. security and a nation's capital still tied after election results sparked a violent protests 6 people were killed in riots and 200 injured on tuesday or testers are angry that president djoko we don't know was declared the winner of last month's election they say there was widespread cheating that the election commission says the poll was free and fair opposition candidate. is expected to challenge the result in court laurence louis has more from jakarta. it's a different scene in central jakarta on thursday off to today's street protests security is still tight the barricades are still up but police have taken off their full riot gear and there's not a protest to incite the sting of tear gas still lingers in the air the cleanup
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crews are here they swept devery off the streets left by riots overnight presidential challenger beyond terry has urged his supporters to refrain from resorting to violent street president joe joe issued a strong warning to demonstrate saying he will not tolerate those who seek to disrupt the security and unity of indonesia the tide of public opinion also seems to be against probable at the moment on social media and local television talk shows he and his supporters have been criticized for creating chaos during the muslim holy month of ramadan hash tag. which translates to a rest was the top trending topic on twitter in indonesia on wednesday 2 out of 5 policies in proposed coalition have distanced themselves from the demonstrations and saying they accept the election results still has a legal option and that is to follow a complaint with the constitutional court but the situation here is hot to read
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demonstrates as may not be out on the streets on thursday but it doesn't mean they've given up their fight. u.s. president donald trump has accused top democrats of tearing the country apart by pursuing investigations into his administration they refused to comply with congress after the release of a report into russian interference and the 2016 election separately a judge's ruling may now allow democrats access to trump's financial and business records emily haokip reports. it was supposed to be a bipartisan meeting with democrats about fixing america's roads bridges at the airport but when democrats arrived for the white house meeting on wednesday u.s. president donald trump abruptly ended it just took a pass it was planned when we got in the room the curtains were closed why trump is upset democrats are accusing him of blocking multiple attempts to investigate him we believe that the president the united states is engaged in
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a cover up and cover up trump later called reporters to the rose garden to debunk that argument i don't do cover ups on capitol hill for the past few days there have been growing calls by democrats and at least one republican to ready begin impeachment proceedings against trump in an attempt to remove him from office yes it was very very i would say. some lawmakers believe the president obstructed justice during the investigation into allegations his 2016 campaign worked with the russian government there has been no collusion and april report by the u.s. justice department clear trump of any collusion use them again as a legal obligation to be here still just this week trump stopped his former counsel don mcgann from testifying to congress about that investigation and on wednesday new york lawmakers voted to release trump state tax returns to congress trump is also fighting democratic attempts to get his business records from deutsche bank
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what they've done is abuse. this is addressed to geisha number 4 the same thing probably 5 and it really started i think pretty much from the time we came down the escalator interim donald trump argues his democratic opponents have been resisting his presidency since before it even started and continue to back efforts to impeach him but democrats are divided on whether it's even wise to launch impeachment hearings knowing it could take down trump or help him win support for his reelection kimberly helped at al jazeera the white house in northwestern syria rebels have launched a counterattack against pro-government forces fighting has been intensifying in live in hama provinces since last month that he were uploaded on social media appears to show the moments after a syrian government airstrike hit the city. activists say there have been at least
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100 airstrikes in the area since wednesday that's despite a turkish and question brokered cease fire #. a video has emerged appearing to show israeli settlers lighting fire to palestinian land in the occupied west bank it was released by an advocacy group which says the israelis burned fields into villages last week and there are rocks that residents homes the u.n. span a tarion affairs agency has recorded $122.00 settler related and students against palestinians since the beginning and the year vet of the un relief and works agency for palestinian refugees has appealed for urgent funding at least $1000000.00 people in the gaza strip depend on food supplies from un run the agency says funds are running out fast and it cannot afford to have its food distribution interrupted but israel has had back its calling for the elimination of been run as accuse the agency of inciting violence against israel. i'm. doing the guy that's the. only new thiab in violence against the.
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mandate must come to an end i can simply not accept madam president the efforts that takes every single day in one of the most polarized if not the most polarized context on the planet to preserve the integrity dignity and neutrality of its operations be questioned in this manner i rejected robustly and the permanent representative knows it because we have had these conversations before palestinian police say illegal drug production is increasing across the occupied west bank and much of it is destined for use inside israel as palestinians face worsening economic conditions more are turning to drugs as a way to make money out of bellamy reports in the occupied west bank. as a young carpenter that's not his real name couldn't make ends meet so it was difficult to turn down the chance to make some quick money when the opportunity
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presented itself but it landed him in prison. in. a palestinian living in israel rented the 2nd floor of my shop he brought soil seeds water tanks everything needed he told me all the medical plant and it takes a month to grow and i would get 10000 dollars in exchange i don't have to do anything i barely have any work i don't have a permit to work in israel so i accept. $2500.00 plants were found on the upper floor of his family business now he's facing up to 15 years behind bars after being charged with growing cannabis plants and drug trafficking police say that illegal plantations have been spreading across the occupied west bank ever since it became more difficult to import the drugs through dishonor. brigade you have the law believes is due to an increase in demand in israel where merry one is tolerated for
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recreational use but production is illegal. but me explain over the past 4 or 5 years there's been this trend to plant drugs like this in the west bank especially synthetic cannabis known as hydro it's this one here they grow this in greenhouses or in secret labs at home this started when it became more difficult to traffic from sinai drug rates were stepped up by 30 percent in the occupied west bank last year about 33000 plants were seeds that's with an estimated market value of $7000000.00. it was the prospect of getting some of that cash that pushed some years to accept an offer to grow the plant 31 he's unemployed and has 5 children to feed. and i didn't produce for the local market it was all for export but the seeds come from israel to the bedouin they put them here at someone's place for a certain period of time depending on the type they could take 2 to 5 months to
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mature i planted them in a valley which is hard to access authorities suspect there are many more money $1.00 of fields out there but most would be in the soup called area c. which represents about 60 percent of the west bank but palestinian police are not allowed to operate there without prior consent from israel making it more likely that illegal drug production will continue to increase as the economic situation among palestinians continues to deteriorate but at the al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. japanese electronics maker panasonic says it has stopped some smartphone related business with while way to comply with u.s. restrictions earlier britain's vodafone and football's governing body pfieffer has announced the 2822 world cup tournament in qatar will not be expanded to $48.00 teams usually $32.00 teams take part but in 2017 they for decided to include more
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teams in the competition last year the organization's president john e. infantile no said the change could go into effect in 2022 but those plans have now been scrapped since june 2017 qatar has been under an air sea and land blockade imposed by saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt. the release a statement saying qatar had always been open to the idea of an expanded tournaments in 2022 but after joint analysis both parties have concluded that due to the advanced stage of preparations and the need for a detailed assessment of the potential logistical impact on costs are more time would be required and a decision could not be taken before the deadline in june it was therefore decided not to further pursue this option james dorsey is a middle east expert with the s. rajaratnam school of school international studies in singapore and he says speak this decision was a foregone conclusion. i think with that we have had months or weeks of basically just cussing art air and something that was in my mind delusionary with other words
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god i was willing to play this out it's certainly became clear after kuwait gnomon said that they would not be able to accommodate fish in an expanded world cup. the idea that infantino was putting forward that agreement. to share the world cup with saudi arabia and the u.a.e. would put an end to the gulf crisis was basically pipe in the sky got us since 2010 has been preparing for a $32.00 team world cup and to expand that by by basically double half of that so going from $32.00 to $48.00 would have been an enormous task in the last stretch towards the the world cup and i think the got a may have been willing to share with with oman and kuwait keep in mind that romance been very helpful to god during the. during this whole gulf crisis in the last 2 years and kuwait is the
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mediator but there was no way that it could be shared with saudi arabia and the u.a.e. as long as the boycott was in place and the boycott is about much more than the world cup tornado has torn through parts of the u.s. state of missouri killing at least 3 people many homes and are damaged and there have been reports of major power outages tornado touched down in jefferson city that is the capital of the state of missouri more severe weather is expected over night. john is accused of being responsible for a substantial portion of the mysterious rise in a band greenhouse gas that destroys the planet's ozone that's according to a new study that says beijing accounted for as much as 60 percent of the global increase in the illegal greenhouse gas known as c f c 11 and in the 3 years until 2017 countries agreed to phase out c.f.c.'s by 2010 after scientists found they
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destroyed the ozone layer as they probed on its own of course protects our planet from ultraviolet light. over an el stallion state of queensland have launched the 1st ever underwater ride sharing service so for $2000.00 an hour a scuba or yes i'll take you around the great barrier reef the severing it take on 2 passengers it goes up to 30 meters deep it will match the amount of each trip and donated to a conservation program. to show here here with their headlines on al jazeera and his prime minister narendra modi is promising to build a strong and inclusive country early vote counting suggests he is on course for a major victory in the world's biggest poll 600000000 ballots are being tallied so iran has more from new delhi. according to the election commission these are still early stages they are trends at the moment that the election commission is keeping
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the indian public abreast of data suggesting that the beach road in the lead in 292 constituencies that if they win over those 292 constituencies they've won 10 will seats than they did in 2014 and they themselves can then form an absolute majority is 272 is the magic number that any one party needs to an upset majority not what would be g.p. one there's apparently considering plans to send thousands more troops to the middle east to guard against what it says are potential threats from iran u.s. news agencies are reporting that donald trump's national security team will be briefed on thursday. in northwestern syria rebels have launched a counterattack against pro-government forces fighting has been intensifying in atlanta province since last month despite a cease fire brokered by turkey and russia security in indonesia's capital is still tight after election results sparked violent protests 6 people were killed and
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riots and 200 injured on tuesday protesters are angry that president choko veto was declared the winner of last month's election opposition candidate provos beyond who is expected to challenge the results in court. a tornado has torn through parts of the u.s. state of missouri killing at least 3 people touched down in the capital of jefferson city more severe weather is expected overnight voters across the e.u. will elect members of the european parliament in the coming days between now and the 26th of may people from 28 nations will choose to represent them you can the netherlands are the 1st countries to vote. and britain's prime minister theresa may is resisting calls to resign after a latest for exit plan backfired and included a possible vote on whether to hold a 2nd brock's referendum once may's legislation passes the 1st stage so the headlines keep it on al jazeera more news to faultlines is that next. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're
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very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. high in bringing out and honor to be here with all of you today if you want to be heard and listen to you must see you you must talk to people is it comfortable no we came to washington state during an outbreak of missiles a highly contagious and potentially life threatening to see how many of you here are worried about autism how many of you are worried about caesars on. the. grandstand. that we're not living in alternate realities this is our reality life with vaccine injury i just was one of more than 20 states with confirmed cases of measles across the u.s. at more than 800 cases so far 200-1000 has already broken a 25 year record the department of health will take it upon themselves to make the
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decision of whether a child should be vaccinated or not that's insane these protesters berkus to change the law that would make it harder for parents to opt out of vaccines for their children to see yourself or you start talking to be afraid to be on social media you have to talk to your church members you have to talk to your neighbors at the heart of this crisis is a fear in belief that the measles vaccine is dangerous a claim this been repeatedly disproved by the medical community overly new evidence showing just absolutely no link between vaccines and autism measles is a leading cause of death in children worldwide a multiple countries are currently battling outbreaks the disease was declared a limited in the u.s. in the year 2000 in this episode of fault lines we look at what's behind us return now from parent tries to download any health care information about facts seems overwhelmingly double down that. misinformation the 1st thing we have to do is
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figure out a way to dismantle a campfire this was all preventable. and vaccine preventable disease and we shouldn't be saying it this is no longer i got back. this is a civil rights matter. that. i. was. telling you to understand how washington state ended up with one of the largest museums outbreaks this year look no further than the state house in the capital olympia. forward in late march state lawmakers held a hearing to discuss doing away with an exemption that allows parents to decline
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the measles vaccine for philosophical reasons. while the vast majority of families in this state choose to vaccinate washington is home to 2 of the least vaccinated cities in the country in part because of these exemptions. doors in the capitol opened at 7 am here this morning is already a line down the sidewalk this bird filled up and maybe it really we're told it's 3 overflow rooms at least 800 people all of them opposed to vaccines as far as we can tell you know the uses those who are most a risk to getting missiles or children who are unvaccinated either because of their parents' decision or because they're immuno compromised and can't. the elderly are also at risk as are babies who are too young to get the missiles mumps rubella or m.m.r. vaccine which is to. given in 2 doses starting at 12 months my daughter in law is
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pregnant and she's concerned about going into public she's concerned about her friends who may bring over children who are an immune it's a real concern for those who are at most risk and that includes those infants faced with more than 70 confirmed cases washington declared a state of emergency in january and mobilized a response that cost more than a $1000000.00 it's because of this work that the outbreak wasn't much worse but it shouldn't take the outbreak of a potentially deadly disease to encourage people to obtain a safe and effective vaccination to protect themselves their families our schools and our community outside the hearing vaccine opponents continue to make their case you can easily walk in there whining thinking that you're getting this wonderful thing that's going to make your kid healthy and then when the system you know you you feel betrayed and that's how i feel i feel betrayed i think many of us are here
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because we feel betrayed lydia says her son changed after he received his m.m.r. shot 13 years ago he would stop breastfeeding he would not breastfeed anymore he was not interested in looking up at me like he used to before babies don't really make my eye contact but still he would like to look around will his eyes eyes i'm just staring at one point. and i don't put the $2.00 and $2.00 together but i knew that something happened to my child and i didn't understand what it was so on day 3 he was screaming day and night screaming bloody murder i would like somebody killing him it was terrible so i started questioning my doctor i said what is in this vaccine to do any doctor ever confirm it was from the vaccines what would happen to your son. so basically after i took him into the doctor they they didn't want to admit that i was from a back the no i don't. like they did they were trying to say that it could be an allergy and i was scared and because of my faith i prayed and that's why i think
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he's here today and he's normal he's not to stick or anything talking to vaccine opponents for this story becomes clear that there's a deep well of terrifying but unverifiable anecdotes often found and spread online and now they want to take our medical rights away so they want to tell us what to put on our bodies and there are stories of people getting euthanized that are mentally ill i mean where is the fine line where do you hear stories like that online yeah mostly online or there are like certain sources you go to or emissions so there's like newsletters i'm signed up to get. and also you tube videos. there's a lot of information if you just dig. i don't have time to dig but i have people that send me this did you consider vaccinating your 3 year old never never again not for me not for him not for anybody. lydia and her family were living in
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california when the state tightened just vaccination last so they moved here and there ever washington. now that washington is taking away that in a more philosophical exemption they may be looking for a new home again it's scary for a family like my family i was even talking with my husband and i said well if if these laws are all going to come to play let's go somewhere else you know we don't have to stay in this country even though we love this country i've been here for 30 years but i love my kids more than i love this country. for the outbreak had you ever seen measles here in the united states. is this radical it is or it wasn't educated and now they're going to come back and come back with more and more numbers. is there causation between the movement to not that city. belzer and and the return of the sauce optional of course but as
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i don't put my hand on a lion that is the strong bush especially people who want to know that felicity you know who talk things about i cloud and good things. and a lot of life is just plain light is dr tatiana older rich runs a family practice in clark county washington the epicenter of the outbreak she believes that vaccinations have been so effective that they become a victim of their own success people don't see those diseases they don't know how they look they think it's harmless and the proof of that is some of those missiles appeared people method to get exciting methody you know 5 times and works nationwide. do they trust you as a doctor not all of them obviously i mean that's an interesting one child to said that's just me. but when a child is healthy they don't. public health officials suspect that the clark county missiles outbreak began after an infected child visited from ukraine where
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there's also an outbreak. as the disease spread officials launched a massive investments dollar tree store was exposure site that trader joe's that urgent health center that store over there fred meyers was a exposure site. county officials also jumped online since the internet is often where skepticism about vaccines begins. we didn't want to get into the thing you have up there says there's no studies that link autism to the marsh on 1st comment no studies question except these 30 peer review links to autism but this is the head be vaccination the stop again it goes back to that kind of pieces of truth and i had seen even some where they would link their things but it would say like they conclude. one of the study would be like but this was such a small you know population we can't draw any definite conclusions to this more
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research needs to be done but people wouldn't read that part wouldn't we try to respond with out without getting sas so the risk the response here is vaccines do not cause autism that misinformation has been thoroughly were purely debunked but if i'm a parent how do i know it's been working i get where this other guy's giving me all these leanne's doctors these studies we have had other posts where we would you know link to vaccine safety information another thing we would run into is commenters repeatedly posting the same thing over and over and over on every single you know they go back for the last 2 weeks and post the same comment over and over and over and it can very easily overwhelm. the misinformation that we're seeing on social media is not just about the vaccine it's about news also itself it is explicitly contagious if you have measles
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and you're with a bunch of folks who are susceptible for example not immunized 9 out of 10 of them will get infected airborne and can stay in the environment for a while the early symptoms are runny nose cough conjunctive virus which is a pink eye red a red eye in fever after a few days you develop a rash on this starts on the head and goes down to the rest of the body it's not a benign disease before we had measles vaccination the united states we had 400 or $500.00 deaths every year for measles in the united states. are we so focused on was that 153 people there have musicals yeah right right last year because it's so so with so little pieces of him put him out and stressed or. or like there's a so many other infection why are we. just go underneath but what if the immunocompromised already did that that way for them they would be worried about
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the comet and we're not saying that things are the only cause of autism we've got a lot of toxins that are impacting our children that are genetically or otherwise susceptible to something how do you sort through the deaths of formation out there to figure out what is it for me as a mother i'd say a lot of it was just my gut intuition of doing something wasn't right. the defense of vaccines in this country falls just to a handful of academic scientists and pediatricians who are totally outgunned by this incredible media juggernaut that's become the anti vaccine movement dr hotez is a vaccine researcher pediatrician an infectious disease specialist he's also the parent of a child with autism which led him to write the book back seems to not cause rachel's autism to counter the myth that vaccines cause autism we have now 99 genes that
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have been linked to on to some of the early fetal brain to go in but the full clinical expressions often not manifest until one between one and 3 years of age but you see that takes time to explain it's not a quick sound bite and it's very important to get that information passed because one of the vaccine lobby does is they keep moving the goal posts right 1st they said it was the measles mumps rubella vaccine in the scientific community responded with large studies and understands children showing there's no link between the m.m.r. vaccine and autism so we've been doing now is to link this kind of look very global of whack a mole game where you knock one down another one pops up so do you still believe that autism can be caused by the m.m.r. shot yes i do don't big treat a former daytime t.v. producer is one of the leading voices of the anti vaccine movement. she hosted. weekly internet show that focuses just on this issue. again in 2016 he
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produced a documentary called faxed it was directed by and heavily features andrew wakefield the c.d.c. had known all along do this this and this and this wakefield was the main author of a fraudulent study linking the m.m.r. vaccine to autism good morning good afternoon good evening wherever you won't the study has since been widely debunked and wakefield was stripped of his medical license. but not before sparking an anti-tax movement online. pulled backs off of his video streaming platform after pressure from doctors groups public health advocates and at least one member of congress but here's the problem they're going to try and make it so that i can't tell you about it on facebook this is what is what number still is this 105105 right now talks about vaccines big tree often brings up something called pears it's a program run by the u.s. government anyone can report any adverse reaction after being vaccinated as yet
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when we go to the various databases this is vaccine adverse events reporting system this is the only system that we have in america where you report vaccine injury so in 2018 alone the various reports had over 50000 reported vaccine injuries over 400 reported back seeing deaths in the united states alone in one year alone the numbers the way you're using them though it's explicitly warns against using them that way yeah you're saying that there were 412 deaths last i don't want to say is there 412 reported deaths i've never said there were 412 supervisors some of those losses a death on various you know one was a drowning one was from closely being one was a preexisting heart condition the there is no doubt because a death is reported and fears there's no way to show causation to that scene but in watching your speech you want your show. but you would come away thinking 400 people died from vaccines last year and then i can start to see ok where they get
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the number and then i go to the source of the 4 says don't use the number that way but in 26 team victory founded the informed consent action network. a nonprofit dedicated to investigate in fact seems in its most recent tax filings i can took in contributions of nearly one and a half $1000000.00 so you're a journalist yes but you're c.e.o. of a company that has a position on the only issue that i think you're actually journalist on right now is that a conflict of of interest what one can't be a journalist and be c.e.o. of a company that like has a side on an issue our side of the issue is the informed consent action network we seek to eradicate manmade disease in so the in the the nonprofit so you better get all you can is journalism but you can't do you can't be but. i don't even be honest
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with you. i'm simply finding the information as i find it. victory has been touring the country giving speeches to cheering crowds of vaccine opponents like this one in austin texas in march. he stirred controversy after wore a yellow star similar to what nazis forced used to wear during world war 2 to compare new york county's ban on vaccinated children in public spaces to nazi treatment of jews. not the pharmaceutical industry my god. this is now becoming a very well organized very powerful very dangerous anti science movement in the united states yeah i believe it is a move that i think is probably one of the fastest growing movements in the world. the movement is finding a foothold in texas where activists are trying to loosen vaccine laws. we've taken
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those social media warriors we're taking those i think with keyboard warriors that are in there and we've gotten into the capitol and we've trained them and we've gotten them in front of their legislators in 2015 jackie sleazeball founded texans for vaccine choice a political action committee focused on opposing required facts seems. she says they lobby state legislators here weekly and their success has become a model for other states every single day our phone rings with people in other states wanting to know how we organize to how we became so effective and i don't know if there's any secret other than you just show up when you learn the ropes when you get it down not content with just lobbying for now putting up candidates for elections who are opposed to required vaccinations even though texas already has some of the most lenient actually nation laws in the country from a public health perspective though we've interviewed a lot of state public officials their job is to prevent breakouts not wait for a break up to happen but there's
6:42 pm
a fine line where they say ok you can still make your choice for your child they just can't be a part of this and my child or any of the other children who could potentially be opting out of vaccines that doesn't necessarily mean they have a disease they can't share. they formed their pack they started showing up at the capitol and after that legislative session we realized that the one voice that was missing that was really important was the voice of the regular everyday person to be soon founded a group called immunize texas in a rare case where parents have come together to politically organized in support of vaccines to address what she says is an alarming trop in immunization rates across the state most common story for someone that supports vaccines as i vaccine my kid and nothing happened and it's not that compelling but it's important and people have had enough i think now that we're seeing things like measles come back we're seeing one thing cough moms on the rise people are starting to wake up and say you know what enough is enough. it's gone too far the situation is crazy and we need to
6:43 pm
we need to rein it back in like many people we met during the reporting of this story soon became aware of this issue soon after having our 1st child i went into facebook groups i tried to join you know various moms groups and that's when i started to realize that there are people who choose not to vaccinate living in our communities and at that time back in 2012 the sentiment was that you weren't supposed to judge them i look at the mothers. i don't want to invalidate their anxiety about their child i feel very i feel a lot of empathy for them and their fear of accident has and i understand i mean if you don't have a training in biology or medicine and you see some of this stuff on facebook or the internet it sounds scary and it's especially are dealing with a diagnosis that maybe doesn't have treatment or a cure or even really unknown cause i can understand why you're looking for an answer and if everyone's tired it's vaccines after
6:44 pm
a while it sounds true for me it's really the activists that are the problem they take facts they twist them they don't they don't show the whole story they. sometimes just tell blatant lies. texas has i think some of the lowest vaccination rates there are some cases the music is in texas but it's not really they're not connecting the dots into the full blown. breaks what's happening it's only a matter of time the situation in texas 3 daughters we have the texas department of . 60000. kids not getting their vaccines the state of texas the ones we know about these are highly. side of houston texas will be at risk. it's very much in life or death issue where she contracted chicken pox that she contract of musicals and she contracted the flu and she contracted among those. all
6:45 pm
life threatening disease the surgery. right after she was born giuliana had a heart transplant. she looks like she's a normal child but she's not we already had 2 hospital stays this year and it's just barely able and one of them is from a vaccine preventable disease that she's not able to be vaccinated against most wrote a virus. she voted i have no idea i have no idea we were i mean she could have gotten it from the grocery store or she could have gotten it from a part i mean i try to keep her away from certain things but i can't she can't live in a bubble not why we live close to our hospitals i had to rush her down to the hospital a week ago a week ago today i was in my car driving the costs i could to get to emergency center and she was in a trauma shock or a. little thing yes we're going to let our viewers. you. giuliana will become public school next year and recuse nervous about the
6:46 pm
other children she'll be exposed to want to daily basis the same school that my son goes to and i have to make sure that i know that school is at least 95 percent vaccinated or else she can't go to school there have you been able to get the vaccination numbers for that school not recently now you know what do you say to the mom who's going to be in the kindergarten class or who chooses to not that silly i just feel really sorry for their child in case they get a disease that's really painful or harmful or they can't breathe i would tell her about my experience with giuliana being in i.c.u. and how terrible it was and how she was on a breathing tube and how i would never hope for that for her child and. try to see if they might look at the research and change their mind. and it breaks my heart that i even have to do this to protect my daughter life is hard enough for us and most of the parents that i know that have healthy children and strong. well and hard enough that we shouldn't have to worry about any kind of
6:47 pm
public health issue living in the united states. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together people have to weigh your own record on this travel in fact a few years ago there was place only for one state on the land of israel i do not believe in a 2 state solution the official story isn't there and i'm sure we will show you i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been tallied for now the world is awash in white there's lots of grays in here join me mad the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories on the big issues here when i was in iraq. and the good fight. when the bonus struck many died and many of them to end the epidemic.
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this is their story through the lens of a local film make us sick people making sacrifices. this is what won the war to see survivors a witness documentary on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. this is the news. coming up in the next 60 minutes india's prime minister appears to be on course for a landslide win the. vote counting continues in the world's biggest election. media suggest washington may be considering a possible troop buildup in the gulf in response to unspecified threats from iran.
6:50 pm
$100.00 elephants despite the animal being endangered elsewhere. in sports football's world governing body shell's plans to expand the 2022 world cup to 40. 8 country event originally planned. so yes we begin with the biggest election on earth and with the vote counting underway in india the country's prime minister appears to be on course for a landslide win and a 2nd term early figures suggest is a b j p party has the lead in 300 out of the 542 seats modi has just tweeted and is promising to build a strong and inclusive india let's go straight to hell robin who joins us now from the capital new delhi. especially compared to last time or.
6:51 pm
well of course yes the election is so very different 2014 you might say no and it was an unknown quantity a controversial figure both on the domestic and international stage but 5 years changes the party and indian politics and just to discuss that with me. is professor shruti patel from the university of cambridge it's good to have you with us here on the program the press a capella in terms of the trends that we're seeing state seems like at the moment the b j p is doing very well and the public seems to be behind the incumbent government that's correct and i would like to correct you by saying that actually this is been a mandate. and the personality this is been a almost a plebiscite a referendum on the personality politics of the prime minister rather than the party itself secondly money muscle and media have really helped move the win this in this election and thirdly nationalism won out over economy if those are the
6:52 pm
issues and you think perhaps media money made a massive impact on the selection how about the actual issues of unemployment caste politics the regional dimension that we see with the smaller state parties that normally influence the way the public vote when it's not all gone i don't think it's the economy as they say the stupid it is actually all politics and identity that has been shown i think that the opposition made a catastrophic ever in ceding the ground on nationalism to prime minister and secondly i think there is no denying that the mike macroeconomic situation of india and the big issues like unemployment exist but somehow people have proposed face to face in muti to actually deliver on the economy in terms of the opposition if we look at the trends at the moment going from the election commission to not doing very well perhaps doing worse than they were back in 2014 where does that leave
6:53 pm
a credible opposition in a modern india i think serious introspection because the longer term trends of the last 20 years which saw the 2nd democratic upsurge in india which meant hit it to lower sections of the india had come into political power was now stand. bank wished so little politics will now have to be rethought in terms of plus the liberal establishment as represented by the congress is in tatters in terms of the image of modi if he was not an unknown quantity in 2014 and perhaps you might say started the ball rolling with the type of nationalist jingoism that we've seen in the last 5 years which is of an influence has he been on the international stage i think reaffirm global populist such as. such as. in brazil. but whose are the brics in. britain so in a way more the who is leading the trend on global populism where strongman new
6:54 pm
nationalism trumps as it were domestic economic issues that we are seeing worldwide in terms of india 20192024 what is your forecast if you had a crystal ball that i would want to forecast but i think we will see the shoring up and even further shoring up of executive powers this will be a very personalized government greater control over the organs of the state particularly the supreme court and other bodies off even the press in fact so i don't hold any sort of significant change on that the big ticket question is going to be that he's going to open up the economy more or is he going to follow the global patent on protectionism which is the what happens a professor. thanks joining us from the university of cambridge and of course early indications certainly the trends that the election commission are publishing at the moment do suggest that he may be on course for the absolute majority of course there just trends at the moment we're still in the early stages of voting the
6:55 pm
complete results will be announced by the chief election commissioner maybe today but there is a thought that a marriage may happen on friday we'll keep you posted as to when we get that news and say thanks very much of a woman reporting from. now to the 2nd biggest democratic exercise in the world and voting underway for the european parliament between now and sunday people from 28 nations will choose any piece to represent them the united kingdom the netherlands are the 1st countries to vote britain is taking part in the poll having failed of course to agree on a break sit deal to leave the european union all the while britain's prime minister to resign may is resisting calls to resign after her latest plan backfired and may's new pitch failed to win over both the opposition and many in her own party one of her senior cabinet ministers the leader of the house of commons that's led some she resigned after saying she doesn't believe the new proposals kind of look at the revised plan included provision for
6:56 pm
a possible 2nd for exit referendum it's very nonchalantly who's got the latest from london and lawrence it's gone from bad to worse than even what further worse we're still. got to think. i think it's all tomorrow i mean the how how how could they have got themselves in the position when the you know there were literally hundreds of conservative m.p.'s demanding her resignation the day before the european elections it's insane the entire thing she's still there but but but she's a dead woman walking i mean everybody is though it is now saying this is the daily mail is a supportive newspaper usually of teary eyed echoes of margaret thatcher in the 1980s when she was hounded out of office that says she's set to go to some to say tomorrow when she'll go there's a slightly arcane conversation going on in newsrooms like like ours nick as to whether when she makes an announcement on friday it will be to say i'm resigning and that's it or whether she'll say which i think is probably more likely i'm going
6:57 pm
to step down on x. date june the 7th or the 8th or whatever been part of the reason for that is because donald trump is in the u.k. next week for a state visit and so world war 2 commemorations and even the foreign secretary jeremy hunt's who wants to reason those job has has said this morning that she'll still be prime minister when trump visits next week but it's over there's absolutely no doubt the plan has failed. has taken her career just like it took david cameron's and the and various government ministers appointed by some reason made to deliver bricks it's resigned along the way and and it has proved impossible to accomplish and what will happen after she goes is a conservative leadership contest that they want to have finished before the parliament breaks up for the summer the favor of us boris johnson the former foreign secretary who has turned himself into an arch hardline the brics it. and then they will disappear for the summer and then come back in the autumn and try to
6:58 pm
figure out what it is exactly that they're going to do before the deadline imposed on them by the european union of up to 31st comes into play so you know the. there's still no closer to accomplishing brix it but i think with some reason why out of the way will sort of clear things a little for the choices that the parliaments in the sincerity will have to make lawrence is the world is watching this is right old mess troll what is a european think about it if you've got it well you know i mean cause to mind back to 2 to when the european union gave the u.k. this extension until until the end of october. the european council president said use this time wisely don't waste your time you know me in the conservatives in the party spent spent 6 weeks trying to negotiate a softer brecht's even got absolutely nowhere now she's gone. said before you do wonder if the european union actually wants the u.k. in anymore because you know this this tortured relationship between the u.k.
6:59 pm
and europe is now done for a reason a david cameron john major who lost his job of the maastricht and margaret thatcher not in a sense the last 4 conservative prime minister all that lost their job over. the u.k.'s relationship with europe there's a perfectly good argument to say that if boris johnson became prime minister he might pursue hardbacks and just say we're going anyway in that seat but the beer revolt in parliament against that because parliament doesn't want to know till bracks it's something i think which would clear the air would either be a 2nd referendum or a general election and that have between presumably the end of august and the end of october to try to do it if they could but i think in europe just thinking what what why why can't these people make their minds up or is leave there for the moment you know how it will unfold lawrence lee reporting from london. a pretty well still ahead including indonesia steps up security in the capital after violent protests against the results of last month's presidential election.
7:00 pm
made us president donald trump. meeting with democratic leaders. for boxing the governing body as it takes a step closer to being banned from the next games and it will have the details in sport. the united states is apparently considering plans to send thousands of troops to the middle east to guard against what is the potential threats from iran u.s. news agencies are reporting that donald trump's national security team will be briefed on thursday the defense secretary downplayed the possibility of war with iran but strongly defended the military buildup in the gulf the pentagon has deployed extra warships and fighter jets to the region over the past few weeks my kind of has the latest now from washington d.c.
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. various media outlets quote identified pentagon.


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