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steps up security in the capital after violent protests against the results of last month's presidential election. we believe that the united states is engaged in a cover up. what made us president donald trump. on a planned meeting with democratic leaders. a blow for boxing's governing body as it takes a step closer to being banned from the next limpid games and it will have the details in sport. the united states is apparently considering plans to send thousands of troops to the middle east to guard against what is potential threats from iran u.s. news agencies are reporting that donald trump's national security team will be briefed on thursday. the defense secretary downplayed the possibility of war with iran but strongly defended the military buildup in the gulf the pentagon has deployed extra warships and fighter jets to the region over the past few weeks mike
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hanna has the latest now from washington d.c. . various media outlets quote identified pentagon officials as saying that national security advisers will be briefed in the course of thursday one of the suggestions to be put on the table is the deployment of some $5000.00 troops to the middle east region this to support those forces already deployed in that particular area now it should be noted that the acting secretary of defense as well as the secretary of state briefed congress behind closed doors in the course of recent days they made very clear it would appear that the u.s. is not intent on any military action it is placing is trust in what is regarded as a policy after terence we saw that with the accelerated deployment of an aircraft strike fleet which was saved into the region weeks before it was due to be deployed the acting secretary of defense. telling reporters that this policy of the term and
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has actually helped deflate or contain this ongoing crisis with iran so certainly added troops in the region would inflame tensions even greater the reports though not confirmed by the pentagon the pentagon say that they will not comment on any troop deployment at any time basically refusing to comment. northwestern syria rebels have launched a counterattack against pro-government forces fighting has been intensifying in hama province and since last month video uploaded on social media has to show that moments after a syrian government airstrike hit the city center activists say there have been at least 100 strikes in the area since wednesday that's despite a turkish and russian brokered cease fire. but libyan warlord honey for half has rejected french appeals to put a halt to the fighting near the capital tripoli talks between hafter and president
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emmanuel mccord in paris failed to reach an agreement on a ceasefire after forces have been fighting troops loyal to libya's internationally recognized government in tripoli for weeks but i'm sure butler has more now from paris. it was not the 1st time that the french president's a man or my call is meeting with the renegade commander after they have met several times before but is the 1st time that they are having one on one talks and it comes nearly 7 weeks after have to launch an offensive to try and capture crude tripoli where the u.n. backed internationally recognized government is based now the u.n. backed prime minister fires i was right was also in paris a couple of weeks ago also had a meeting with the french president emmanuel mark on what michael is trying to do with these meetings is really talk to both sides to urge them to restore stability and calm to maybe he wants them to agree to a cease fire and to return to the un backed peace process especially because the
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u.n. special envoy to libya has actually said that at this stage unless this crisis is resolved in some way that libya could be facing a very long and bloody war while france is official position in libya is that it backs the u.n. peace process but there are some analysts and experts over the years that have said that paris is supporting. and france has admitted in the past that it has given a certain amount of what they called technical know just tickle support to have to what paris says is that he is a useful ally in eastern libya in the fight against armed groups including i saw but what some say is that if you want to be considered as an honest broker a mediator as the french president does then it's of course very problematic if you are perceived to be supporting one side to the detriment of the other security. after election results violent protests 6 people were killed in roach and 200
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injured on tuesday protesters are angry a bit president. was declared the winner of last month's election they say there was widespread cheating but the election commission shows the poll was free and. opposition candidate pro bono young too is expected to challenge results. you have to make sure you count. it's a different scene in central jakarta on thursday off to 2 days of street protests security is still tight the barricades are still up but police have taken off their full rides and there's not a protester in sight the sting of tear gas still lingers in the air the clean up crews are here they swept devery off the streets left by riots overnight presidential challenger john terry has urged his supporters to refrain from resorting to violent street president joe joe issued a strong warning to demonstrate saying he will not tolerate those who seek to disrupt the security and unity of indonesia the tide of public opinion also seems
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to be against probable at the moment on social media local television talk shows he and his supporters have been criticised for creating chaos during the muslim holy month of ramadan hash tag. which translates to a rest was the top trending topic on twitter in indonesia on wednesday 2 out of 5 policies in proposed coalition have just been themselves from the demonstrations and saying they accept the election results still has a legal option and back just to follow a complaint with the constitutional court but the situation here is hard to read demonstrates as may not be out on the streets on thursday but it doesn't mean they've given up their fight. president trump was accused top democrats of tearing the country apart but pursuing investigations into his administration he walked out of a playmate to a democrat to the white house has refused to comply with congress following the release of a report into russian interference in the 2016 election separately the judge's
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ruling may now allow time across access to trump's financial and business records can be held that has the. it was supposed to be a bipartisan meeting with democrats about fixing america's roads bridges at the airport but when democrats arrived for the white house meeting on wednesday u.s. president donald trump abruptly ended it just. took a pass it was planned when we got in the room the curtains were closed why trump is upset democrats are accusing him of blocking multiple attempts to investigate him we believe that the president united states is engaged in a cover up and cover up later called reporters to the rose garden to debunk that argument i don't do cover ups on capitol hill for the past few days there have been growing calls by democrats and at least one republican to begin impeachment proceedings against trump in an attempt to remove him from office yes there was.
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some lawmakers believe the president obstructed justice during the investigation into allegations his 2016 campaign worked with the russian government there has been no collusion and april report by the u.s. justice department clear trump of any collusion use them again as a legal obligation to be here still just this week trump stopped his former counsel don mcgann from testifying to congress about that investigation and on wednesday new york lawmakers voted to release trump state tax returns to congress trump is also fighting democratic attempts to get his business records from deutsche bank what they've done is abuse this is investigation number 4 the same thing probably 5. and it really started i think pretty much from the time we came down the escalator in trump tower donald trump argues his democratic opponents have been
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resisting his presidency since before it even started and continue to back efforts to impeach him but democrats are divided on whether it's even weiss to lodge impeachment hearings knowing it could take down trump or help him win support for his reelection kimberly health at al-jazeera the white house. japanese electronics make a panasonic says it has stopped some smartphone related business with while away to comply with u.s. restrictions against a chinese company britain's e e and vodafone announced their own measures to distance themselves from the chinese tech giant well u.k. chip design our m says it will suspend all ties and last week the u.s. blacklisted weiwei citing national security concerns well it clinton is a contributing writer with the technology publication wired and he says that while way has contingency plans for the short term but getting it all for us blackness could take some time. the company has been stockpiling ships for at least
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a year so we are just in anticipation of something like this happening it can also develop a lot of its own suckers we're going to as an operating system is even develop some of its own ships so it can definitely stave off disaster but not having any way to buy more ships once those stockpiles run out you know that decadent up being. a massive blow to the company especially outside of china it's not really clear to need it right now what else could you the companies already opened up its proprietary code to the u.k. intelligence and i would do the same for the u.s. if requested. but it's difficult to prove that that an error or a security bug it was an accident as opposed to malice so it can be really difficult to to to shake out whether or not what way it has malicious intent or not
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chinese president xi jinping has been touring factories in china the trip is being seen as a message to washington hey jim brown has more now from beijing. it is not what president xi jinping is saying right now that's interesting it's what he's been doing for the past few days he's been touring central china and earlier this week he visited junk c. province to go to a rare earths mine now china at the moment controls about 90 percent of the world's supply of rare earths one of the country's exports to the united states but so far the trumpet ministration has not been slapping tariffs on rare earths as it has been on just about everything else that china exports to the united states so this visit was filled with powerful symbolism now last week one state controlled newspaper suggested that perhaps it was time for china to start reducing rare earth
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exports to the united states as one way of hurting the trumpet ministration the other message that's been coming out from president xi jinping this week and it's a message that's been loud and clear is that it's time for china to become self-reliant when it comes to technology he feels that china has been left to vulnerable too dependent on what the united states makes things like microchips and that's why he is determined to press ahead with his made in china 2025 policy this is his signature economic policy that the trumpet ministration is desperate to dismantle but china regards that as one of its core interests and it's one concession it's simply not prepared to make. also in china news of the country is responsible for much of a rise in a band greenhouse gas that damages planet earth those only are those according to a new study that says that china is behind up to 60 percent of
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a global increase in the gas known as c.f.c. 11 in recent years the team of scientists fans that hike came from 2 northeastern provinces where insulation materials are made countries agreed to phase out c.f.c.'s by 2010. after the impact on the ozone layer was discovered. and if you will have all the weather with kevin still ahead here and not just. trash talk we'll have the latest on the problems between canada and the philippines. and why illegal drugs production is on the rise across the occupied west bank. and sport coming up from behind the iron curtain to germany's formant dissident team from the east finally join football's link to any will be here with more on.
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the web sponsored by. we're looking at another severe weather day here across united states and it's the overnight hours and i want to show you i want to go back just a little bit more on the what we have seen 24 hours ago this is what the satellite looked like i want to put this into motion and you can see the thunderstorms that really begin to develop in the overnight hours here across the central plains in this particular area i want to show you the damage that has come through jefferson city they are calling it catastrophic damage right now as rescuers are going neighborhood by neighborhood across this area power lines are out they consider this a violent tornado that swept through the capital city of missouri in the overnight hours it is still dark right now we're getting preliminary images out of that region but i want to show you what it looks like a little bit further in i want to show you the radar across this area this is from windy and you can see right now this is the line of thunderstorms we're dealing with across the united states going through parts of indiana across st louis
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missouri and then back through parts parts of oklahoma we're not done with this yet so far in the last 72 hours 9594 tornadoes have touched across this area the other big factor we're dealing with across much of this area not only the tornadoes but also the massive flooding that continues to go on. the weather. cateye always.
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i remember the 1st time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just that we all come from different places but it's one that gives us bankruptcy us the ability to identify the. other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al jazeera. 0 a reminder all top stories this hour and india's prime minister nuri demoed you can see it promising to build a strong and inclusive country vote counting suggests he is on course for
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a major victory in the world's biggest poll 600000000 ballots being counted. voting is getting underway to the european union to elect members of the european parliament speech we know and sunday people from 28 nations will choose any piece to represent the. united states is reportedly considering plans to send thousands. of troops to the middle east in response to what it says of threats from iran news agencies are reporting that donald trump's national security team will be briefed on thursday. more than 120000 students in the libyan capital are missing school because of fighting by forces of warlord highly for have to take control of tripoli several education facilities have been damaged by explosions including vital warehouses some schools are now being used as temporary shelters for displaced people. had reports from tripoli. 50 days of fighting in southern tripoli has changed many aspects of people's lives the education ministry
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decided to close schools down until the end of the fasting month of ramadan but this school in this neighborhood near the city center is the exception it's remaining open for displaced students to catch up on missed classes. my year most of us is a 12th grade science student she was displaced along with her family from the where they will be area in southern tripoli after the fighting broke out on april 4th she has joined other students in this school tim primarily but she still has concerns. that i'm still worried about the missed curriculum the time wasted and the powerful where will sit exams if the original students of the school return hair after ramadan have no idea what happened to my old school it could have been damaged by the ongoing war there i don't know how long this will continue where under stress.
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5 weeks ago a school in a neighborhood in southern tripoli was targeted by a fighter jet belonging to the forces of warlords have turned to days later another jet hit this education warehouse in the same neighborhood it's the government's main reserve for school supplies books turn it into ashes and the whole all age groups for months to come the education ministry is postponing classes in safer areas to it says that's because fuel shortages and other problems have made it difficult for students to reach their schools. education will be resumed after aid and all students from the troubled areas can resume their classes and safer areas they moved they can also be set for exams in the areas they moved to although i'm sure it will face a problem of overcrowded schools by then. the fighting 3 more
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than 120000 students are unable to go to school other schools have been used as temporary shelters for those displaced by the fighting not only libyans but foreign migrants and refugees as well. my office says she's still traumatized by the sound of rocket explosions near her home her dream is to talk to missing classes at the university late at this year but she's wanted she might not be able to fulfill her dream yet if the would move closer to the city center would have to do a. tripoli. a flu outbreak in the united states largest detention facility in texas has forced officials to remove hundreds of detainees the decision came after a 16 year old guatemalan migrant died after getting sick in custody he's the 6th child to die in the u.s. border patrol in the u.s.
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border patrol facility since september reynolds has this report the largest border detention center in the u.s. has stopped taking in new migrants for processing after a large number of people at the center came down with high fevers and flu symptoms officials say the closure came shortly after the death of 16 year old carlos hernandez vasquez on may 20th the guatemalan boy who traveled to the u.s. without his parents spent 6 days at the macallan texas processing center before he was diagnosed with the flu he was transferred to another facility and given medication but was not hospitalized he was found dead on monday hernandez vasquez was the 6th child to die after being apprehended crossing the u.s. border since september late wednesday a u.s. official said the texas syllabi had resumed normal operations. in the rural guatemalan village of san jose del oro dale the boy's family mourned and asked
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questions oh ok open though i am fighting for them to send me the body as soon as possible because why do they want him there why do they want him because they did not take care of him for all they can how or from what. they won't get clarification something must have happened or they did something to him it's conditions in migrant detention centers sparked this exchange at an oversight hearing on capitol hill at this point with 5 kids that have died 5000 separated from their families i feel like the evidence is really clear that this is intentional it's intentional it's a policy choice being made on purpose by this administration and it's cruel and inhumane and thank you mr chairman i that's i don't care i know if you were a shoot down are men or women fight hard to protect people in our custody every single day record numbers of families and unaccompanied minors are fleeing violence
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and poverty in central america and seeking asylum in the u.s. in some cases to. palestinian land in the occupied west bank it was released by an advocacy group which says the israelis burned fields in 2 villages last week and threw rocks at residents himes the un's humanitarian affairs agency has recorded 122 subtle it related attacks against palestinians since the beginning of this yeah the head of the un relief and works agency for palestinian refugees has appealed for funding at least 1000000 people are dependent on food aid from in the gaza strip the agency says money is running out for us and cannot afford to have its food distribution interrupted but israel is hit by kids calling for the elimination of and has accused the agency of inciting violence against israel. failed to pay the guy the 3. i think theater only new 3rd in violence against the state of. mandate must come to an end
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i can simply not accept that i'm president of the efforts and that takes every single day in one of the most polarized if not the most polarized context on the planet to preserve the integrity dignity and you travesty of its operations be questioned in this manner i rejected robustly in the permanent representative knows it because we have had these conversations before palestinian police say illegal drug production is increasing across the occupied west bank and much of it is destined for use inside israel as palestinians face worsening economic conditions more turning to drugs as a way to make money or to report from the occupied west bank as a young carpenter that's not his real name couldn't make ends meet so it was difficult to turn down the chance to make some quick money when the opportunity
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presented itself but it landed him in prison. a job in. a palestinian living in israel rented the 2nd floor of my shop he brought soil seeds water tanks everything needed he told me all the medical plant and it takes a month to grow and i would get 10000 dollars in exchange i don't have to do anything i barely have any work i don't have a permit to work in israel so i accept that $2500.00 plants were found on the upper floor of his family business now he's facing up to 15 years behind bars after being charged with growing cannabis plants and drug trafficking police say that illegal plantations have been spreading across the occupied west bank ever since it became more difficult to import the drugs through dishonor. brigade you have the law believes is due to an increase in demand in israel where mary one is tolerated for
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recreational use but production is illegal. but me explain over the past 4 or 5 years there's been this trend to plant drugs like this in the west bank especially synthetic cannabis known as hydro it's this one here they grow this in greenhouses or in secret labs at home this started when it became more difficult to traffic from sinai drug rates were stepped up by 30 percent in the occupied west bank last year about 33000 plants were seats that's with an estimated market value of $7000000.00. it was the prospect of getting some of that cash that bush said to accept an offer to grow the plant 31 he's unemployed and has 5 children to feed. i did produce for the local market it was all for export but the seeds come from israel to the bedouin they put them here at someone's place for a certain period of time depending on the type they could take 2 to 5 months to mature
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i planted them in a valley which is hard to access authorities suspect there are many more money $1.00 of fields out there but most would be industry called area c. which represents about 60 percent of the west bank but palestinian police are not allowed to operate there without prior consent from israel making it more likely that illegal drug production will continue to increase as the economic situation among palestinians continues to deteriorate but at that hamid al jazeera in the occupied west bank south african m.p.'s have formally reelected. president and oppose it took the oath alongside new members of parliament and. the african national congress won the general election earlier this month but it's with a reduced majority enabling the party to pick the president that will be formally inaugurated on saturday. 5 activists accused of plotting to overthrow zimbabwe's government to appear in court they were arrested on monday at the airport in harare
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when they were coming back from a foreign trip. from the capital. the state says the activists traveled abroad to receive training on how to overthrow zimbabwe's government it also says they were taught how to use small firearms they've been charged with subverting a constitutional government opposition party officials believe the allegations are false and insist the state is trying to silence voices of dissent. we are now visiting the courts as frequently as we used to do. this time people are still being charged summary executions are carrying on in the streets for any sign of dissent. with government officials say the opposition is planning what's being called winter of discontent protests over the economy the government has got a responsibility to was told law and order in any government of the sun as well as
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the responsibility and the ensure that they will not be any. wonder and destruction of property and there won't be any violence and those will break the law. but. several people were killed j the heavy crackdown on protesters by security forces in january hundreds were arrested and beaten reports of rape and torture was a protest against a fuel price hike of more than 150 percent 4 months later prices have again increased. this time. to the same time as everything is now. there. to transport economists warn that interest as. frustrated. as life becomes more of a struggle every day in zimbabwe human rights workers fear they will be more arrests as the government try to stop protests and says are being planned by
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opposition groups al-jazeera. a country that's home to nearly a 3rd of africa's elephants has decided to lift a ban on hunting for its one as government says they've increased the number in recent years to a point where they are threatening the livelihoods of small scale farmers conservationists estimate there are around $130000.00 elephants in the country the largest animal walking the earth is considered vulnerable with conservationists warning that poaching is pushing closer to extinction the world wildlife fund says . the elephant population has fallen from 10000000 at the beginning of the last century to just over 400000 today well but it's one of the population is growing those in east africa have been reduced to nearly half over the last decade by poaching. well it's an important story let's take it on we can speak to will travers who is the president of the born free foundation joins us by skype from portion in the united kingdom well so it seems that botswana is an exception to the
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trend that the problem is that has been caught is that sheer numbers are destroying the livelihoods of farmers and it sounds like something does have to be done. well it's a bizarre situation nic the 1st thing is to remember that what's hard is one of the wealthiest countries in sub-saharan africa where that g.d.p. of over $800000.00 u s dollars a year it does have around $130000.00 up and but it's a down by 14 percent since 2006 and the zimbabwe sorry the parts one of government's own position here is that trophy hunting will increase numbers this is in their own state and publish yes they try to be will increase but most and non trophy hunting will also increase numbers so it doesn't appear to be about the money it doesn't appear to be about reducing numbers because everyone who knows anything about trophy hunting knows that that's not a population control measure so my question is what is it about outer stands that the president of what. dr c.z.
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wants there to be a so it's a sovereignty issue he's been very democratic he's reached out to the communities to n.g.o.s to experts in the country and has come to this decision but i think you have to recognize that while he is entirely inside to manage what's one is that a population in the way that he sees fit countries that import trophies are also entitled to say no they will not allow the import of elephant trophies into. country such as the united kingdom i met with. the environment secretary only a few days ago pressed him to ban the in water of elephant trade he's not just from botswana but from all other countries not possibly doing the same with the european union. says ok well so standing there putting the issue of transparency as i just for a 2nd despite this downturn in numbers that you refer to the numbers of elephants are still very high aren't they and they can be very destructive as we all know when they encroach on farmland this human wildlife conflict is is brought into
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sharp focus the population rick control is still required when you say in some shape or form. i would challenge that and and what i would say is that there are a lot of smart compassionate conflict resolution strategies out there be thanh says julie wrote all sorts of other things that can be done to reduce conflict and one of the interesting things that research has thrown out recently is that trophy hunting of elephants may indeed increase conflict we have communities those very communities that. support and protect all right well tribes well even their very much thank you. kind of there is spending more than a $1000000.00 to bring dozens of containers of rotting rubbish back from the philippines the philippine government says it was shipped illegally in 2013 in 2014 and it's labeled as plastics meant for recycling. the u.n. jenner.


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