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exodus of their troops and their country is still losing on the border approximately $250.00 people every day fleeing ameritrade on the one hand eritrea is future should be looking brighter but there's no sign on the ground of tangible improved amat to what about the new iraq of peace and cooperation with ethiopia that was promised ethiopian prime minister has been very much promoting our regional approach is i said out there were on board with that. well area has. welcomed their prime minister after his gesture and we've seen a more open eritrean formalised suit with visits of senior government officials and party officials to many countries in the region so i think on the from the from the outside. appears to be opening up and reengage in with the instructional
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community but there are questions about the peace. almost a year since it was signed implementation appears to be lacking the land was to be handed back to eritrea by here has not been transferred or the border demarcation has not started most all of the the main border crossings are cut still closed but have been opened and then closed again and so trade is not moving and so without the implementation of the peace deal i think there are questions about how deeply eritrea actually use and bracing new possibilities i want to ask you a bit more about foreign policy because you touched on that and i want to ask you about the role played by the united arab emirates in their approach between ethiopia and eritrea and there's no denying i think that the u.a.e.
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has been gaining influence in this region in recent yes but what has a country like every tree at gotten out of all of this. well eritrea has benefited from this opening and also in particular its ties with the united arab emirates the u.a.e. played. quite clearly. significant behind the scenes role in the rapprochement with with ethiopia and has been very supportive of trying to push the peace deal forward. it has a base in eastern eritrea at the port of. which is used for operations in yemen so it's a major partner. but eritrea has been invited to participate now in several regional forums the intergovernmental off already on the developments in the horn of africa and a new red sea the gulf of aden for that includes the united arab emirates saudi
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arabia and governments on both sides of that body of water. we see that there are trade is being very cautious in how it approaches these forums it's not really participating as a full member hasn't taken up its seat and you know one hand is still prefer to conduct relations laterally and in a very old fashion which makes it a clear wherever trade is foreign policy is actually going very interesting to talk to you thank you so much matt bryden for your insights. said ahead on al-jazeera a human rights activist in nicaragua call for the release of hundreds of people arrested since anti-government protests began last year plus director mira ny and looks back over 30 years that filmmaking since the cannes film festival on launched kerry.
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hollow is still got plenty of showers across the good process of year but temperatures warming up quite nicely for many getting into the twenty's by large still somewhat weather down towards the southeast there pushing across turkey greece you could catch a few showers system showers still in place for central and eastern parts not drifting a little further east was but look at the temperatures into the low to mid twenty's even in london with us 2122 there for paris so whether you notice into western parts of france into the northeast of spine in that crowd right which rift out into the western side of the made us we go on through saturday bad manners will see brought skies coming back in behind a 25 for madrid going to those temperatures up around 2021 there for london and paris acquire a rash of showers it has to be said for many by the southwest so weather that we have across the western side of the mediterranean that could also lap onto the
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shores of northern africa the northern parts of morocco will then areas of algeria you could see some wet weather here over the next couple days if anything might even pop a little bit as we go on into sas date seeing some rather wet weather to fall and dry across a good parts of libya say the central and eastern parts of the country just nature's for current temperatures 40 back a touch by saturday. the pollution is palpable. kelly shares the symptoms of many modern metropolis but its unique features have be gotten a crisis. people in power investigates the toxic mix feeding the city's invisible killer and asks why more is not being done to relieve its citizens.
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on the jersey. you're watching al jazeera live from doha a recap of the top stories in india prime minister narendra modi's b j p party has been reelected with a massive landslide win in the parliamentary election modi told supporters in new delhi that he has got a mandate to build a new india saudi arabia's crown prince has met the 2nd in charge of sudan's transitional military council to discuss corporation between the 2 countries meanwhile sudanese professionals have rallied in khartoum demanding a transition to civilian governments. now the u.s. government is considering an emergency declaration that would let it bypass
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a congressional ban on weapons sales to the arabia u.s. officials and politicians are concerned the secretary of state michael pale and other senior aides wants the president to be able to act without the approval of congress they say the president might use escalating tensions with iran as a reason to sell weapons to saddam arabia or the proposal emerge when democratic senator chris murphy criticize it on twitter he said i'm hearing that trump maybe use an obscure loophole in the arms control act and notice a major new sale of bombs to saudi arabia the ones they drop in yemen in a way that will prevent congress from objecting could happen this week alan fisher has more from washington. well normally under u.s. law congress is given 30 days notice before any foreign arms sales and then they can see you or name another appears that donald trump is going to subvert the process by using a loophole in the law and declaring the sales to saudi arabia
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a national emergency in this he's being pushed by secretary of state might pompey or in that case the sales will go ahead no matter what and all donald trump has to do is provide congress with a letter of explanation of why he's the clear the specific seal a national emergency no there's going to be opposition to this if there is a gap between donald trump and republicans on capitol hill it certainly comes over the issue of sodium arabia you'll remember that earlier this year a bipartisan move in both the house of representatives and the senate to limit american support for the saudi led war in yemen was passed and it was only defeated when donald trump issued a very rare veto now that a republican senators like lindsey graham big supporter of donald trump who says he doesn't want to see any arms sales to saudi arabia until the address the issue of crime prince mohammed bin salman who he says is responsible not just for the war in
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yemen but also for the mark of journalist jamal khashoggi there are republican senators like marco rubio who says he wants to see any details before he would be comfortable with selling weapons to saudi arabia and there certainly are many many democrats in both the house and the senate who are very very anxious at the u.s. getting involved in arms sales to saudi arabia no this is happened before but you've got to go back to the 1980 s. when a president declared a national emergency to force through arms sales in this way the president then was ronald reagan the issue was the perceived threat of iran and the weapons sales while that was to saudi arabia. warplanes have bombed the offices of a breakaway faction of one of the libya's 2 competing governments no one was hurt in the attack the building is used by members of the 2 broke based house of representatives who moved to tripoli soon after the war tally for have tom began
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his attack on the libyan capital in april the country remains divided following the overthrow of moammar gadhafi in 2011 the united nations backs the tripoli based government of national cause. wiki leaks founder julian assange just facing new charges in the u.s. bringing the total to 18 the u.s. justice department is accusing him of unlawfully publishing the names of classified sources and conspiring with former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning to obtain classified information in 2010 wiki leaks published thousands of secret diplomatic cables from the state department swedish prosecutors are currently trying to extradite a science from the u.k. to face a rape charge. to sri lanka now where a buddhist monk accused of inciting violence against muslims in 2014 has been released from prison the head of the buddhist power force was granted a presidential pardon while setting a 6 year sentence the pardon comes just weeks after a muslim on buildings were attacked in an apparent reprisal for the society bomb
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being a prole now fernandes reports from kabul. supporters of going to gadhafi or to ruwi to eagerly outside the valley could a prison in colombo. signed by prison mighty policy received on wednesday night wife clean his 6 year sentence book intimate of court but on thursday security concerns forced him to leave. only to reappear at this temple in a short while later. his 1st stop was to pray. nam a sort of pedo has attracted controversy since he founded a nationalist buddhist organization in 2012 called the. meaning buddhist power force. responding to a rise in nationalism after the end of sri lanka's civil war he began his campaign to protect what he called a single a buddhist identity but the organization has been accused of hate
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campaigns against the muslim community the theater himself was accused of instigating anti muslim riots in 2014 a charge he denies nana's out of hero was jailed on contempt of court charges for insulting the judiciary in 2016 during a case into the disappearance of a journalist where military personnel were being investigated you know people they're targeting you know there's nothing they didn't but destroyed my character they killed me with out actually. truth. we have and always will be committed and. there have been attacks against muslims on homes and businesses in recent weeks after the easter sunday bombings that targeted churches and hotels that killed more than 250 people so some are
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questioning the timing of his release genotypic devised i began by the president is belittling the judicial system by his action and proving that the claims made by the buddhist priest against judicial offices and the attorney general's department true on thursday the monk urged his supporters to stay calm during these tense times the controversial buddhist priest says after years of being vilified he's now been vindicated but some say president. will have to justify his decision to grant this presidential pardon. thousands of people in nicaragua have gone on strike opposition supporters are demanding the release of political prisoners human rights activists say about $800.00 people have been arrested since anti-government protests began last year al-jazeera is money a rap battle reports. the streets are empty across much of the nicaraguan capital many businesses have closed their doors for the day in an act of civil disobedience
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this is now the 5th national strike to take place since a political crisis group the country more than a year ago. the strike was organized in part as a response to the killing of any more this u.s. citizen held by the nicaraguan government as a political prisoner his shooting by prison guards was the subject of a recent meeting at the organization of american states that the u.s. . is in paris of the violations of human rights people to an end and nicaraguan citizens regain all of their political rights and privileges also that all political prisoners be released this is a maximum priority that's a clear and forthcoming investigation be launched into the death of the man says. in the nicaraguan capital small protests have taken place in recent days calling on the government to release political prisoners. but it remains illegal to demonstrate publicly against the government of daniel ortega instead those in the
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political opposition are calling for alternative forms of. this national strike as a legitimate form of peaceful and civic protests and as a way for us to show our support and solidarity towards those who suffer heavy presence of anti-riot police and pro-government paramilitaries have been dispatched to prevent protests in managua the country's finance minister also issued a warning that any big participating in the general strike would face sanctions by the national government but it up in new. mexico city. the dutch labor party's on course for a surprise victory in european elections in the netherlands exit polls show prime minister mark who has conservatives coming faired europeans are voting telex members of the e.u. parliament the outcome in the netherlands will reassure established parties carrying a surge among the far right. the cannes film festival is where director came
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to prominence in 1988 she became the 1st indian filmmaker to win the camera doff for best 1st feature for a salaam bombay now 30 years on her socially conscious work continues to have an impact on the industry chinee angela sat down with half. welcome to cannes we're here with direct amir and i are talking about how the festival shaped her career and some of her future projects mira thank you for joining us just take us back to that day when your film salaam bombay one the cannes prize for best 1st film the bully was you know extraordinarily received we had a 30 minute ovation them so on and then i went back home to my append see on them and i had sort of the whole world you know in the morning and it was that kind of for. of course topped by the cab door and great prizes and certainly it launched me you know in the in the industry and made life much easier as a sort of sort of negotiate what to do next your stories i mean they not only take
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it to india but they take us to pakistan to uganda. countries that are often seen through quite a narrow lens is that very important here that i think every film is a political act you know and you can choose to have a point of view that becomes the bane stream or you can choose to make your point of view the mainstream as i have tried to do i just believe that you know where we come from matters our language our poetry our everyday struggles our humor you know is not just particular to us but actually if you get to the truth of it it's universal and just tell us about your current project is an adaptation of the pick novel suitable boy i jokingly call it the crown in brown it has that kind of big deficits and sweep but it is about us it's about our country it's about the india taking you know after independence from the british going to
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a democratic elections for the 1st time a country finding its voice and a young woman finding her voice through her harried mother who's keen to make her find a suitable boy because i really believe that if we don't tell our stories no one else will tell them or if they will tell them they will tell them their way and not our way. much more on the cannes film festival and all of our other top stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories now render modi's b j p party has been reelected with a massive landslide win in india's parliamentary elections modi told supporters in new delhi that he's got a mandate to build a new india saudi arabia's crown prince has met the 2nd in command us dancer and
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military council to discuss corp between the 2 countries meanwhile sudanese professionals have rallied in khartoum demanding a transition to civilian government. eritrea is marking its 1st independence day since if these deal was reached with neighboring ethiopia last year the government has moved to block social media platforms ahead of celebrations the reason is unclear but there is speculation the government might be trying to prevent people from organizing protests. the u.s. government is considering an emergency declaration that would let it bypass a congressional ban on weapon sales busy society arabia u.s. officials and politicians are concerned the secretary of state mike pale and other senior aides want the president to be able to act without the approval of congress they say the president might use escalating tensions with iran as a reason to sell weapons to saddam arabia. in libya warplanes have bombed the offices of
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a breakaway faction of one of the country's 2 competing governments no one was hurt in the attack of the building is used by members of the 2 group based house of representatives who moved to tripoli soon after the war tiny for have tom began his attack on libya's capital in april may be a remains divided following the overthrow of more market afy in 2011 the united nation's banks the tripoli based government of national accord. wiki leaks founder julian assange is facing new charges in the u.s. bringing the total to 18 the u.s. justice department is accusing him of unlawfully publishing the names of classified sources and conspiring with former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning to obtain classified information in 2010 wiki leaks published thousands of secret diplomatic cables from the state department as wish prosecutors are currently trying to extradite julian assigns from the u.k. to face a rape charge. you're upset with headlines on al-jazeera the news continues right
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after inside story do stay with us. on americans are struggling to pay their rent the problem isn't just limited to the cities. of all the governor of the good social bankers caused doubt the country girls club. we bring you the stories that are shaping the economy we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. jailed for years now reported to be close to exit q should is saudi arabia ramping up the campaign against religious scholars why are they being targeted and what message would it send about human rights in the kingdom this is inside story. hello and welcome to the show i'm sam is
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a than saudi arabia has jailed many activists and dissidents since mohamed bin sound man became the crown prince 2 years ago now media reports suggest 3 religious scholars may be sentenced to death after the most the month of ramadan so man allowed the hour the out of me and he were arrested in september 2017 and what saudi arabia described as terrorism charges they're seen as reformists though who've spoken out about human rights our son says his father has been in solitary confinement the united nations and rights groups have been calling for their release last month saudi arabia executive 37 people on terror related charges most of them were shia activists so who are the scholars on saddam and allow the internationally renowned for his ideas on reforming islam ecl or he has more than $13000000.00 twitter followers. his supporters say he was detained for tweeting
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a prayer calling for reconciliation between saudi arabia and qatar during the gulf crisis. is a cleric and broadcaster who mainly campaigned against violence and called for more rights for women whose t.v. and you tube channels attract thousands of viewers are the only is a preacher and author has previously been accused of having links to the muslim brotherhood which is banned in saudi arabia and harmony was barred from tweeting just before his arrest we've asked human rights groups for comment amnesty international says it can't confirm the reports that the men maybe executive but says the saudi public prosecutions are occurring busy calls for the death penalty in cases of a number of individuals detained for peacefully exercising their rights to freedom of expression association and this including show exam manilow older raises the alarm about the fate of detained activists and religious clerics.
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let's bring in our guest then joining us we have from seed it was either in tunisia or via skype sami ham the editor in chief of the international interest current affairs magazine in waterloo canada best more money professor of political science at the university of waterloo and also on skype from washington d.c. i'll yell at my director of the gulf affairs institute and a former saudi political prisoner him self welcome to all if i could start with bessemer so how serious how wiring are these reports that saudi authorities are planning to exit q these scholars. i think it's very worrying of course this follows a number of very prominent and i would say mass execution of a number of people we saw in april 37 there is reportedly up to 100 this year alone and the rise and number of executions has been steadily going up in terms of the 3 preachers i think it is putting
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a chill on everybody i mean obviously the fact that this will happen after ramadan which is going to be i think a very interesting time regionally with a number of political shifting issues with particular with the deal of the century and a lot of focus on a whole host of regional challenges including iran it really is quite problematic but it really demonstrates i think the saudi government's attempt to put a chill in preventing all political opinions and views that counter frankly the the government's you know very monolithic kind of narrative sami. now they're accused of terrorism but they are very well known figures in the arab world have had t.v. shows they've got considerable followings on social media how credible all these charges against them actually seem in the arab world. i think it's a political that this is a bit of a steady gradual crackdown on the religious scholars let's remember that mohammed bin so mad as promised the u.s. promised europe that he will take saudi arabia towards liberalism towards opening
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up society and the like she has been clamping down on religious scholars in particular it began with that that is the 3 of you it began with really manage their wish diplomatically wish they say has been killed under torture and then after the gulf crisis it became so mad in order to turn and hour that got me and the like more over momma is the man has been placing heavy pressure on other top high profile figures in what the shipper mancienne or did she finance it to come out on t.v. szymanski for those who don't know is a very prominent human problem which is a very popular ask her to come out and publicly back me so mad i haven't gotten you who is obviously not the same has the same level of fame as these 3 scholars had to come out on t.v. and apologize for everything that he said in the car and everybody read this as a clear sign that he had been threatened by mohammed bin said men if you're 100 percent men and you saw how you got away with the case you saw that the international community didn't move in the case because as one analyst put it and bloomberg they put that idea of liberalization the idea of open saudi arabia is
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a great cause and why i'm against it man can't push forward with that the idea that if you don't have advanced and met and you see the reaction to liberal activists that i have when you see a big campaign to a half or quote on your own you see a big campaign when it comes to religious scholars the campaign is half hearted you see that religious scholars are now in the territories using hunting ground mardis a man is going after them because you know there will not be a great push against. pap's a lot of familiarity with them outside of the arab world you've tanked in a lot of points which we need to unpack then sanibel before we do that perhaps allie in washington d.c. just to clarify for those who are very perhaps familiar with these 3 figures these are scholars who are considered within saudi arabia pretty mainstream they've got considerable following. they they don't have a history of like revolutionary speech or activism or calling for violence or the overthrow of the ruling family right. yes definitely in fact that they were
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very close to the ruling family in the past before some money came aboard. my man does a man's behavior really comes from from his own personal. you know. from a person either is not like anyone who would not agree with him and these are not clap for him he's. not a club for him so you decide to get him out of the way because you only accept complete and utter loyalty and that's why you so i i had the you know there was basically and even the mom. calling my mom as. if i knew guy did individual so this is a dying woman is oh doing everyone to bow down to him and clap for everyone he says without that you are in my louder did not console the government.
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but he did not clap for him and that's why he is is that i think with death and this is a very serious situation people might think oh this is just talk we thought that before they could cheer him up and then we were wrong and they executed 7 people couple weeks ago so this is the danger here is very high and we might be surprised and shocked but we must be prepared and try to stop this and we are. trying to do that with a capital launch best if this happens the execution of populist suddenly scullers would there be a turning point for saudi arabia. i think the turning point long past frankly you know we've seen this compass so many different people from activists of course we expect but you know journalists poets intellectuals yes religious scholars but even the collective punishment of family members who are associated or or may literally
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just be related to activists i mean that kind of collective chill is very problematic it is not frankly a sign of modernization it is a sign of a weakness inside the government and it's a shame because frankly some of the economic reforms and even some of the social reforms do you think that has been lost on inside his origins on burning cars in the west in particular. look i think the social and economic reforms are very popular and well done and i mean i think this is great news for saudis and saudi arabia but frankly when you go after wild critics when you go after a poet and intellectuals and professors it's a signal of weakness and it's a shame it's a shame because frankly not only do the saudi people deserve better but frankly it's unnecessary and all it does is i think create fear it creates a creates a mass you know chill in the air that ultimately i think really bites the entire
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country back in terms of the prosperity that they were on the right path to achieve in terms of the economic reforms and social reforms they were after sammy on a point which you raised it's important to keep in mind these are not the only 3 scholars who've been arrested right when you start going through the list you find some pretty what would appear to be normal well recognized respected people in recognized saudi institutions for example the former dean of the koran school at medina university who died after being arrested he died in january. human rights activist and also a professor at the islamic university in riyadh. should we be surprised that that type of person being targeted 100 percent man has been launching this campaign are fighting extremism i am fighting this is my fighting this extremist idea that is inspired by al qaeda inspired isis and the like this is america has been
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propagating in london in washington and in paris and brussels and the like the real problem here is that they have been receptive to this about islam there let me jump in here sami some people like saddam on another on the record as criticizing the ideas of some of bin laden and quieter. that's very true but you know that i know that the people in the arab world they know that the people outside see a man in a beard who's wearing the clothes are typical of religious scholars and the like and haven't been so many saying these people are the problem this is one of the real issues that we really have to discuss when it comes to saudi arabia what its bombing is a man trying to do and he let me make a valid point when he said that 100 percent match it's not enough that you stay silent you must be kept from him this is what he forced either got me one of the biggest scholars in siberia this what you forced him to do what t.v. you have to publicly platforming with us you said mello that was put in prison because he came out with a statement where he said that i hope that qatar and saudi arabia reconcile and i hope they come to some sort of reconciliation even that was considered too much from a pencil matter because money seminar is one thing in saudi arabia if anybody has been decided before and met there for the ruling family they will say that the
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ruling family always says we are ruling because we lifted the flag of god the flag of law and. in other words it is an emphasis of just how powerful these religious scholars are on the saudi society how much influence they actually have these unions religious scholars are celebrities in saudi society if they come out and they say like advertise it but if you wrote on twitter he was imprisoned for this tweet he said that if we give our article to the americans the americans will use our recording stars they will never accept us for who we are they are just trying to do to milk us and to embezzle us when you look at for example she demanded they wish only wrote on twitter was ok don't give your son too much power suffer when he was in a hospital bed when he was arrested shiksa for howard who was one of the mentors of similar or the one of the group that was called the working sufferer who were essentially wrote all saudi government if you follow that humanities if you follow the u.a.e. we want to be ruined and if we follow chuck chuck will keep taking money from us and using that money against us he was imprisoned for that so these are really not let me let me jump in these are these are seen as scholars who are slightly
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independent shall we say of toeing the usual government line that seems to be the common denominator that they all have let me come back the best way for i come to the arrest of such figures the. i mean this we're not it's one thing to talk about and for show we got used to talking about crackdown on women drivers the shia minority youth bloggers but this is now the backbone of the kingdom it's religious circles is this going to create more alienation amongst the backbone of the kingdom . absolutely because every even insider frankly let's be frank even a political an economic insider outsider might start to think wait a minute if i'm not clapping loud enough in my next that's the really the chill in the air that frankly stifles everything from economic investment ultimately to you know continue to face anyone's government it is a collapse of trust in government and authority in government if they continue to
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do this and this is where i think it's so short sighted on the part of the saudi government frankly let me try to be devil's advocate here for a moment with allie and the saudi government the line is that you know they've arrested people under the terror law who have committed offenses and they're going through the legal process you've had a particular personal experience with the legal process in saudi arabia how much of a fan and legal process does one get. in there have been a long time ago and it was no political and judicial process there is no generational process today as well because you have a court. just to deal with the political opposition everybody is a terrorist and we know so well that this court or court is basically just a commission they stuck to the only and you you were. sent there is no process. i don't call it to judicial process they call it
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a court because it lacks basic requirements for judicial system and we know that sound. racist. not meet the minimum international standards when it comes to the judicial process the prosecution is the same thing people were tortured or even executed like we have a case of one of the people who were executed he was not even sentenced to death but he was executed these are political executions. aimed at getting the population today it is very hard to do that because just today for example your people come out on twitter saying we are against their own kind so what mohammad design man is starting to do is try to use relations and if he goes ahead and execute this very popular. cleric steps that might know
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that particular he's not that much more people coming out against him so he's going to be destroying his own sway. media here but who are dealing with is an instability right the increasing instability of well that night it's definitely an issue on a pick up on before we do that on gerry the 2nd 2018 the united nations human rights experts which is part of the human rights council condemned saudi arabia for ignoring u.n. calls for the release of detainees some of which are included in these 3 that we're talking about today and they said they were arrested for things like arrested for breaking allegiance to the ruler arrested without a warrant in some cases and subjected to secret trials with that sort of background besmirched what are the chances that they could actually fight their way out of this one. you know i don't think as pointed out you know there isn't
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a clear judicial process here these are kangaroo courts in the sense they're pretty much you know fed accompli before they've even started we know what the sentence is going to be by virtue of the process being so unfair we haven't seen in many cases media being allowed to come in or some sort of you know transparency is just really not part of this process and so again it destroys faith in these kinds of institutions it again creates this entire feeling throughout society that one could be next and of course as we know there's no real red line it seems with this particular government in terms of you know who is going to be on the chopping board next in terms of sacrificed for being a critical of the regime certainly we saw with the $200.00 some persons that were arrested a few years back in the ritz carlton that could include family met or members that could include of the royal family that could include political insiders and that's really quite problematic it's not
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a healthy way to grow your country both financially and frankly from a nationalistic perspective it's very very problematic. sammy has the lack of i guess you could say he wants to get in go ahead ali yes yes well look. the single person found innocent in these courts not one person tells you when there's you will get the. court system so it works i guess saudi authorities i'm trying to play devil's advocate here i guess saudi authorities say that's how good our criminal conviction system is although as i mentioned a lot of human rights groups and the un have some serious doubts about the process let me take it to sami hundley and say the lack of i guess some would say very serious consequences for the killing of jamal for the exit q sion of 37 saudis mostly shia activists in april has that kind of background do you think it's
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it's given the authorities the feeling or the impression that they can get away with more exit q sions. like this. i think if you really want to play there was a book i think i don't agree with best man dalai lama when they say that this causes really severe distress in the institution and it hurts one of the cement image and it has his regime on the country muppets and melody came to power he came on the on the great text of the fact that saudi arabia is a hub for terrorism is a hub for extremism mahomedan said masses and every occasion to watch it and to paris to london i am here to stop this extremism and i will take all necessary necessary procedures there was a new york times article i think it's by friedman who said that these were jarring but necessary measures to be taken when he imprisoned the people in the ritz businessman is going to do was a cease and say no you may not like the way you are doing it but this is all to get rid of extremism and terrorism the problem is not that he got to the shock of the problem is that there is a genuine resonance and mohammed been sent man's message they believe that this is
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saudi arabia the rules are a bit different but with the fact is that this cause whether it's a man wrote this hour that got it whether it's either get it whether some of us the fact that the religious authorities have such power society is a problem it must be a secular liberal society and bin cement is promising that he is promising to remove the difference of religion it doesn't matter if someone or that is considered a reformist this is where although here we are talking we are seeing this is wrong the executions are wrong the americans are saying this is this is necessary europe is saying this is necessary and the group of that is the one that is not to shock you because the bigger picture means that 100 misstatement is required is required to implement it you know the century has required to fight against iran is required to push back against really influence he's required because he's pushing forward this narrow ideas that we've been calling for for ages business and seeking to cement his part oregon on the one where it was in line and i can see i was shaking his head in disagreement so let me give him a chance to come in. and was really going after.
4:42 pm
the people who bombed the mosques in the super committee has not been put on trial not a single member of isis has been. execute it. for . what government. is we. do. want to share ok let's fight it out i mean just there just to clarify a few things a of course says it has arrested. members and there have been trials and an exit when it comes to the situation of course that might be a bit different but before we get perhaps off the rails let's hang on hang on sally let's let let's go i think i think the point which sammy was trying to make there is the message that comes out of 100. that i'm
4:43 pm
taking measures to crack down on extremism whether or not it's really extremism that he's cracking down on and certainly in the case of some of these scholars who've spoken out against extremism that would put a question mark on that but whether or not that message that i'm taking necessary measures to reform saudi arabia and make it a more liberal country or make it a country in which religion doesn't have all religious powers don't have so much influence bessemer does that at all resonate in the west is that in your understanding cause some to overlook the abuses that can occur to or miscarriages of justice according to human rights groups to people like these 3. yeah look without a doubt many people in the west see these long beards and they are men with long beards and do a frankly unfortunately associate them with an extreme and radical view of islam
4:44 pm
and of course we know there's lots of shades of gray there and many of those with long beards are not violent and deed may have in principle some reformist or moderate views but yeah absolutely let's not forget here i think you know sammy is right in the one point and that frankly the west doesn't care the more you know islam make leaning. political advocates you can execute one less potential long term terrorist that's the unfortunate you know misperception here in the west it is a reality and i think very much just does you know i'll be blunt just as much as a shot of assad used it to label every person that fought against them as terrorists similar the regime is doing the same in saudi arabia and it sells in certain quarters who don't understand the variation and frankly i would say that the problem here is yes absolutely there are way too many men with long beards throughout the entire arab and muslim world who are very much and tolerant very much liberal but this is a very wide net it is not selective and saudi arabia does have
4:45 pm
a lot to pay to basically answer for in terms of causing so much of the radicalization and it stems frankly from a very obscure interpretation of islam that doesn't resonate with the vast majority of muslims so there's a lot for them to be accountable for but i think they are playing on western ignorance they're playing on indifference particularly in the white house which really frankly does not care about what's happening in political circles as far as the democracy promotion in the middle east and they are not sense frankly when all right so that was a sweeping critique of saudi arabia the whole arab world as well as the west very nicely summarized. and in the words of i guess thank all of us. that's not. months. and thank you too for watching you can see the show again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion head
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their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable using the people better vault of the h one n one porsche is it getting what if it were you know it w h o has just chest who says don't your terms us trust that you trust who on al-jazeera . british prime minister teresa mayes expected to announce her resignation in the coming hours after a revolt over her latest prexy plan. for the back to watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up there and said to be reelected as india's prime minister after his b.g.p.
4:49 pm
party wins a landslide in the general election saudi arabia's crown prince mom had been sound the need sudan's military leaders a move that could spark more protests in cox. and dire warnings about this year's hurricane season in the u.s. the scientists say the storms are getting more. thank you very much for joining as british prime minister to resubmit is expected to announce her resignation after a meeting with conservative m.p.'s on fyvie that's according to several u.k. media outlets may will likely stay on the job until june 10th out to u.s. president donald trump's visit her departure would trigger a leadership contest within the ruling conservative party which rejected her latest . let's speak to lawrence lee who's outside the prime minister's residence in 10 downing street in london lauren so obviously teresa mayes been under
4:50 pm
a lot of pressure to resign will she finally do it and when. well you know she says she's meeting her executioner right now the guy who's the heads of the rebellious backbenchers the rank and file conserve them who have lost all confidence in her he's going to tell her right now and she knows anyway so it's all a bit of fear that if she doesn't announce voluntarily that she's going to step down they're going to change the rules to try to force her else and so you know it is really checkmate and she and she's got no option but but suited to your question the problem about the reason may that even cabinet colleagues and ministers complain about is that she's completely unknowable you know they can go into a meeting with there and talk for 3 hours and come out none the wiser about what it is that she thinks and the only person really who she confides in these husbands. you know that's why one of the newspapers this morning has been pitching him to
4:51 pm
tell it to go it is that sort of level to that we're at but the working assumption as i said yesterday is that she will announce that she's going to quit as head of the conservative party at some point in the next couple of weeks in order to allow the race who succeeded to begin with but carry on as prime minister a bit longer and her reason for arguing that is that she thinks it would be embarrassing for the u.k. and for president trump when he comes the week after next for a state visit to come for that and not have a prime minister to meet him which is a reasonable argument except that naturally when all of the media are going to be asking donald trump what he thinks about boris johnson or whoever else might succeed and so it'll still be embarrassing but yes it looks like it's over for her and that's just a bit of choreography from now on and so who then might succeed. and also what happens to the backstop pads. while boris johnson the former
4:52 pm
foreign secretary is the favorite part of the reason for that is that ultimately the choice is to. who becomes the leader of the conservative party is in the hands of the conservative party membership. over 100000 people very right wing very euro skeptic like boris very much because he's a much better communicator of our anything else than series a mayor there was in terms of what it means to the brics a process it's really difficult to say because he's been saying openly the u.k. needs to have a much simpler and a whole lot of bricks it's the sort of. thing that the reason may has been trying and failing to promote but he can't get it through parliament because parliament keeps voting against it over and over again and there are already die walls and if he does try that probably in the early autumn it could collapse the parliament on the conservative party so it doesn't actually get anybody anywhere but the nice to be this sort of bloodletting at least inside the conservative party because she's tried and failed 3 times already to go plant 3 and it's basically dead and i thank
4:53 pm
you very much for that noisy life i said 10 downing street will of course be going back to you live throughout the day here for the latest news there are now prime minister terry's amaze impending resignation. now india's prime minister narendra modi has led his. party to a landslide reelection victory with most of the 600000000 votes counted the b j p has secured a big majority in parliament and this gives modi a powerful mandate to implement his nationalist new india vision which promises a strong economy any more influential role in international affairs. for us now in new delhi so just a few seats left to be declared when do we expect a formal announcement and what's going to be happening throughout the day today. yes well in terms of the updated figures it's been confirmed by the election
4:54 pm
commission that the b j p has won 302 seats so you've got the absolute majority there's still one constituency left to be declared and then we expect in the next few hours for a final statement at the press conference by the election commission of india to confirm that and then the clockworks inari of what happens next continues what we will see is the prime minister modi as he is at the moment of our nic he will get together all of the m.p.'s that have been elected they will. elect him as normally as prime minister and then there will be the swearing in of this will happen over the next few days now the reason that is the case is because the. senior leadership. that they consult astrologers they like to choose dates that are all suspicious so we will wait to see what days they decide these things
4:55 pm
are going to happen but it all is going to be triggered when the election commission actually declare that modi has won the general election we know that the cabinet is meeting as well on friday just to do. discuss what to do next because the cabinet will be dissolved in theory after it's had its formal dinner with the president to see evening and then of course when they start to reform the cabinet and of sworn in in the official ceremonies in 2 or 3 days a new indian cabinet will be formed that's the sort of scenario that we're seeing right now but it all really depends on you might say the moon the sun and where does this leave these results leave the opposition the congress party this is the 2nd consecutive major loss but then the way forward for the opposition. is a question that lots of analysts perhaps wondering themselves folly because it's not just the congress that has been decimated in the 2nd general election lots of the
4:56 pm
smaller regional state parties trinamool congress in west bengal we saw s.p. and b.s.p. parties of their seats are all the vote share also decreases well i mean the only party that seemed to do well was. pradesh where the regional party they seem to hold onto its power base and also obviously we saw the make a near concession speech. tonight he lost the family seat of the met the end of the pradesh party he won a seat in winner in kerala so he basically. is in a very difficult position as are most of the opposition parties because there is no actually official opposition to be the official opposition you have to have 110th of the parliamentary seats no one party has done so the congress will be the official opposition that have about 5253 seats a lot of soul searching has to be done is cast politics still relevant to the
4:57 pm
modern india today has the b j p managed to gather and collaborate. people from different social structure to believe in one india what is. what india is it is a hindu dominated india or is it a secular india going by what you and remote he said in his us his victory speech on thursday night secular india is still on shaky ground but certainly these are the questions that will be posed to the prime minister who has to be said in his 1st term as prime minister has never given a press conference where he takes questions from journalists it's quite a unique situation was the opposition were quite happy to discuss all the issues the issues that the government at the time did not want to speak about thank you for their so here raman live for us in new delhi. saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon has met the deputy head of sudan's transitional military council the prince and general mohamed hamdan di carlo discuss cooperation between
4:58 pm
the 2 countries and other issues affecting the region meanwhile back in sudan doctors engineers and artists are valid on the streets of khartoum demanding a transition to a civilian government protesters are voiced concern that regional powers are trying to influence the future of sudan but the line of also thought now we're marching through our voices can be heard and to inform the sudanese people that we are all on strike no matter what the circumstances we started a strong revolution and will continue with the same struggle. all fall under the establishment of a civil state. this march which is organized by the sudanese professionals association with so we could all participate and stress that we will go on a political strike and civil disobedience to support the position held by the mass sudanese people and the opposition groups negotiating in the name of the sudanese people. their speech our fees mohamed who's director of justice africa is also
4:59 pm
a civil society activists is via skype from khartoum thank you very much for being with us so how is this meeting 1st of all between the military leadership and the saudi crown prince being viewed by the protesters and. i think it's. clear that the crown prince and so. it's want to influence the shape of the coming government in sudan that something is not going to be acceptable by sudan because of this. military security. because of the revolution it's a popular revolution and they have to pay the demands of the people not the foreign government why is who rule so don important decide arabia and the u.a.e. why does sudan matter yeah sudan this of all because of the. export sawyer's to fight their war supporters who are in yemen and this with any sort of
5:00 pm
fighting or the other thing is you know we there is regional politics you know you have. you know sudan have to be either between. or saudi arabia united states and actually we do not you know in sudan to be part of you know. power or. the interests of the country and it's been it's and that is something that is going to be totally rejects. but both the saudis and the u.a.e. have pledged to send $3000000000.00 worth of aid to sudan they've already deposited $500000000.00 into the central bank of saddam this will strengthen saddam's financial position will it not know that i bought into the needs. of a lot of the sources what's done is need.


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