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begin the following week and then she would stay on until at least the 7th of june and once it is selected she will then leave she said i have done my personal best to negotiate the terms of the exit within the e.u. she said she tried 3 times and as you know she failed 3 times adding that it was a matter of deep regret that she wasn't able to deliver breck said there you have it a very important moment in british politics the resignation of theresa may as prime minister laurence leigh is standing by outside number 10 downing street for us laurence this was an immensely personal moment for theresa may and moment of reckoning and a very emotional prime minister. yeah i'll turn if you notice right at the very end her voice went on from where i was watching which slightly the angle of her face as she turns to go back inside her face completely crumples
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this is not the reason may that you ever see you know she's disparagingly described by her detractors in this country as the may but you know a robotic figure in capable of him saying repeating the same store cliches over and over again it means you know deals better than the bad deals stable governments at all and all those and all those things and yet in the valedictory speech is completely different person a lot of it obviously was. having having failed to get bricks in that sense of the legacy you know she talks about all the things the shoot the she believes in as well in terms of social justice and stuff like that but she fails it like david cameron has done for here's a look back at her career. it began so well the new prime minister who emerged from the political chaos that followed the bracks that referendum set out her agenda. which suggested
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a bold change of direction for the governing conservative party we will make britain a country that works not for a privileged few but for every one of us. that will be the mission of the government i lead and together we will build a better britain. she'd been the home secretary in charge of police immigration and security for several years so the reputation for hard work competence respected but not loved by colleagues. but as prime minister less than a year into the job it was her decision to call an unnecessary election that was the beginning of the end the campaign was uninspiring trees of maize message repeated so often do you trust to have the strong and stable leadership strong and stable leadership that strong and stable government so the result will have faced that night said it she and the conservatives clung to power but their majority was
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gone and so was her authority she was not a personality politician in the same way. even david cameron was she doesn't believe in personality politics and that becomes harder and harder than the age of social media and. the country never fell in love with theresa may it tolerated her in the party tolerated her and the challenge now is to find someone who can lead the country but also bring some fears and dynamism that's been lacking in recent years she won a vote of confidence on the promise she would resign after delivering bricks at the parliamentary party does have. but an acceptable bret's that deal proved elusive the leader who originally backed remain was accused of flip flopping between the 2 warring sides and her party unable to make a decision about whether she wanted the u.k. a little bit in or completely out of the european union in the end she was undone by indecision in the marriage to the last 3 under 19 so the no repeatedly
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parliament voted down her breaks a deal which she believed the people would support and the speech blaming m.p.'s for the delay reinvigorated calls for her resignation you the public have had enough your charge of the infighting your charge of the political games and the arcane procedural rials. forced to cross her own red line she asked brussels for a short extension to the deadline when the calls for her removal reached a crescendo. politics at the top is a whiz lonely and perhaps her challenge was impossible to make a success of brecht's it while holding together a party but it's charlie and out there. if you're just joining us on al-jazeera breaking news out of london this hour theresa may has announced the date of her departure from number 10 downing street she will step down as prime minister on june 7th that announcement coming just moments ago from london to resubmit had
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been facing pressure to resign after her latest breck's it plan failed once again the prime minister saying that she had done her best negotiated the best deal with the european union but that she had failed and that that was a matter of deep regret that she wasn't able to deliver breaks it now she says she's going to stay on as caretaker prime minister until at least june the 7th after which the process of electing a new leader for the conservative party will begin so she's announced that she's stepping down as prime minister but will stay on until june the 7th lawrence lee is live for us in london outside 10 downing street laurence we were talking about the importance of this moment or it's amazed resignation for several months now she had been under a great deal of pressure there's been several occasions during which we were expecting her resignation and it's finally happened today. yeah
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you know i just think it's worked well in for a 2nd. possibility of bricks it's you know. it's a just it's politicians for breakfast this is this thing it's so in predictable you remember in 2016 well before. her speech david cameron had to go. to the morning after a break see what happens then stories i'm a came in and put in so high office as bricks that secretary foreign secretary the most important positions in governments people who said that they believe wholeheartedly in it and they all resilient because the because they couldn't get it done 35 government ministers of go in this administration has done for it's a reason why as well because they just can't find a way to do it right you know you can't leave the european union and shut yourself off while you keep the border with ireland open it's a contradiction in terms and they can't figure out
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a way to get it done and she's not been she says the self describes herself as a bloody difficult woman right she tried and she tried and she tried and has done for her as well did she know and in that resignation speech did she give a sense of home i think of direction for the country. i think the one thing that she said which which was a warning to her own party was which was a whole base in the speech about the about there being no shame in compromising because the problem the conservative party has now is being dragged to the far right of political opinion by a body of public opinion that says you just got to go stuff the european union were off you know good old britain and all and all that sort of mentality and the she's been undone by a cabal a small cabal of m.p.'s in her own party called the european research group who are ultra ideologues and euro skeptics who have tried their best to undermine her and
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want a no deal breck seats and they have brought with them probably about a 3rd of english public opinion and they're making all the noise the very organized and they're making all the running and in saying there's no disgrace in compromising that's a message to the rest of her party to say. you don't have to be dragged along necessarily by these people because. they could drag the u.k. out of the european union with no deal and collapse all sorts of things with it creates a very very volatile country and so i think i think basically was a message to whoever her successor is whether it's boris johnson or whoever else it's easy to talk about you know collapsing stuff and let's just do it in practice it just doesn't work like right now and stand by we are going to listen to prime minister theresa may announcing her resignation just moments ago outside 10 downing street. so i am today announcing that i will resign as leader of the conservative
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and unionist party on friday the 7th of june so that a success can be chosen i've agreed with the party chairman and with the chairman of the 922 committee that the process for electing a new leader should begin in the following week. i have kept her majesty the queen fully informed of my intentions and i will continue to serve as her prime minister until the process has concluded. it is and will always remain a matter of deep regret to me that i have not been able to deliver bricks it are i want to bring in jonathan list now who is deputy director of the think tank british influences live from london thank you so much for being with us a lot for theresa may to pull together there how did she project herself in your view and did she strike the right tone. world
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she did go she had to do look there is no emote theresa may has done she's the she had to be carried out of downing street her party has tried to get rid of her for several months so those this was a kind of embarrassing attempts to try and rescue sin dignity from an inevitable situation because she absolutely did not want to go but just look at the things she was to hear about talking about compromise that is the one thing she's resolutely failed to do throughout her time in office if she sought to compromise when she came to there on the street when she heard that the most power the most political capital she would not now be in the object position in which she finds herself she obviously i mean this was a very difficult moment for her did you hear any anything hold in that speech any sense of direction for the country do you think now she'll be able to bind her party together. you know that brit's in light of the conservative party is completely divided that it's also the conservative party is very off in one
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direction only to reason may is now an avowed breaks here and she was considered to remain a party which is now going off in a far more damaging direction towards no deal but parliament will not tolerate that and so her successor will find exactly the same problems as to resume a has done in britain is no closer to finding any answers what's the weather the problems the house what so what will her successor have to build on obviously she's going to stay on as caretaker prime minister until june 7th then there's going to be a leadership race who do you see taking over and what will they have to build on. well the answer is precious little because what we have at the moment is the deal has been rejected 3 times by parliament and a withdrawal agreement bill the legislation for that deal which has been rejected by virtually the entire party including treasonous cabinet so the leader the next leader will come into power having basically rejects is the only thing that's on
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the table but the e.u. is not really prepared to negotiate anything better and so we are going to continue in this absolute dead log for months ahead until we either have a general election in which the tory party will likely be annihilated for its indecision or a 2nd referendum which the new prime minister will have done everything in their power to prevent but i don't see another way forward jonathan is i just want to play you a sound bite now of the end of teresa mayes speech just moments ago outside 10 downing street just to give you our viewers also an idea of just how personal any motional a moment this was for take a listen. i will shortly leave the job that it has been the honor of my life to hold. the 2nd female prime minister but certainly not the last i do so with no ill will but with enormous gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love.
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she had tea is in her voice and her eyes just as she ended that speech there announcing her resignation theresa may jonathan less she talked a great deal about her achievements during that speech do you think that this whole fiasco over breck's said is completely overshadowing whatever she achieved during his term as prime minister. look i mean it's obviously a moment of personal story for her and you know she's a human being like the rest of us but i have to say there is very little sympathy anyone can reason we feel for treason may she chose to take a job which is manifestly ill suited and i'm afraid there are literally no achievements that she can speak of in that 3 year tenure she did nothing except. commit herself to an on the liver book breaks it which is based on total delusion and fantasy and it was her arkansas which got herself into this position numerous
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officials talk about how they tried to explain the e.u. series and may try to explain how difficult it was going to be and she simply said or even more about this the new ongoings to for you and i'm afraid the results of painful to see she has manifestly failed and there's very little comfort that anyone can draw from it and talk about the rise of our achievements the only other thing i can think of really is the windrush scandal in which the hostile environment which was pioneered by theresa may as home secretary was again revealed to be deporting british citizens to jamaica for example that's the legacy to be proud of the 2 she sank is she staying on as caretaker prime minister until june is 7 so you know how do you see this situation evolving between now and then i mean that's a few weeks from now what happens until then. well we assume that her party will let her stay on till the 7th of june because everything is incredibly feeble right now so we just had to european elections yesterday on
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sunday nights we get the results of that in which the conservative party is likely to have been totally pummeled possibly coming 5th in the national in the national result so they'll be renewed pressure then and then of course you have trump's visit which is going to be an extraordinary humiliation because you'll be having a biological with a prime minister who will literally be resigning 3 days after he leaves for 2 days after he leaves and then have a by election on the 1st day which the tory party holds that seat 2 years ago and they would like the whites out there as well so the conservatives were not going to be any sympathy for treason may until the 7th of june but i assume they will have some dignity in the last thing that week before she goes thank you very much for speaking to us jonathan lester good to get your thoughts on this breaking news story here on al-jazeera teresa man down saying as a nation as prime minister of the u.k. she will step down on june the 7th this happened just about 1520 minutes ago the british prime minister making a very emotional announcement an emotional speech outside 10 downing street that's
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bringing in. paris for the european reaction to how is this going to go down in paris in brussels and other european capitals. well we're still waiting to hear from european leaders with their reaction to the maze resignation but i mean on one level it won't be a total surprise because her situation has been so precarious now for in recent days and over the past few weeks and months but no doubt what e.u. leaders will want to know is where this leaves the whole breaks it process britain is supposed to be leaving the european union this year there was a summit in brussels in april last month where you leaders and treason agreed that the deadline that they would give an extension of article 50 would be october 31st they were supposed to review this process in june well what happens to that now
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leaders are going to be wondering who's going to replace terry's amazing going to be a hard line breaks a tear what will that mean for the negotiations in the process or will it perhaps lead to a general election i mean the situation is completely up in the air now e.u. leaders of ready been extremely frustrated that this whole process of britain leaving the e.u. has taken so long and now it's just engulfed in even more uncertainty and also the timing of to recently resigning as conservative leader. becoming caretaker prime minister quite significant given that e.u. elections european elections are happening this weekend. yes the voters have been already going to the polls across some european countries starting on thursday with the u.k. they'll be voting here in france on sunday and the whole idea of the u.k. taking part in these european elections when it possibly might be leaving the e.u. was already seen by many politicians within europe and elsewhere slightly absurd
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but those are the rules of the european union britain had to take part for as long as it was in the e.u. the question now is how will the trees mase resignation affect that we know for example that the french president emanuel mark karr had really wanted the whole break that negotiations and process to be wrapped up well before the european elections he didn't want them to be disrupted any further well i'm sure that we will be hearing from the french president and from other e.u. leaders with their take on this announcement just days before the european elections and without breaks it having been completed or brought to any form of conclusion all right natasha thank you very much for that mustache about the live for is in paris let's go back now to 10 downing street in lawrence lee who is there for is the official residence of the british prime minister where to resubmit just moments ago announce that she was stepping down as conservative leader. becoming caretaker prime minister until june 7th what happens between now and june the 7th
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and who is going to replace every semi. next week parliaments in recess so nothing the week after that is the big week and the reason why the trees are most chosen june the servant because donald trump's coming for a state visit. reportedly he's much more interested in the queen than anything else but plainly for some reason most points of view it would be insulting to the american president if there were no sitting prime minister to be in place. and there was a 2nd world war commemorations in. on the south coast of england and in and in northern france as well which they'll both attend so so she'll be with him for all that says as pieces of political theater i dare say will be absolutely excruciating if they give a news conference and all the journalists simply ask donald trump who he wants to be the next prime minister what do you think of boris johnson and things like that
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well to reason they just have to sit there and suck it all up but that's that's how it is and then after that is the process to elect successor the way it works inside the conservative party briefly is that there's there's there's a ballot goes on in among m.p.'s whittling down for say 10 or 14 candidates down to 2 and then it goes to the conservative party membership for a vote on the who they want and they have the final say in that process last about a month and they want to get that done before parliament breaks up for the summer in the middle of july but that's the choreography going forward for next month and a half and so then oh who is likely to be part of the conservative party's leadership race you mentioned boris johnson who are the other can 10 days. well. there are several from the hard side people you know you would know in the outside world dominic rob i mean he was secretary for world came from really from no it's become secretary and then resigned because he couldn't figure out to do it he's
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he's but he's i mean if you look at the polling boris johnson's on about 35 percent among among the among the conservative party leadership and robin about 13 and then everybody else below that there are others the former leader of the house resigns days ago andrea led some. you know a penny more didn't used to be in the navy navy reservist she's the defense sector the moment these are all hard brick sitters there's a couple on the softer side amber rhodes who has won its reason most process. as home secretary was actually when the windrush scandal happened so that tarnished her but she's she's seen as a source of much more so the consensual kind. person but i don't i don't think she's going to get anywhere in any of these people can go anywhere because they're all being driven now by the article right wing of the of the party and that's why it's hard to see polls boris johnson let's talk about the implications for europe now since january parliament is rejected that teresa mayes with dollar remained 3
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times she negotiated 3 times with the e.u. and even the recent attempts to find a compromise with labor failed where does this only accept plans. i mean plainly that needs to be a new plan you know because her plan rested on the assumption that in telling some solution would be found sue the irish border which would allow the u.k. to leave the european union while not putting our border in yet and they and they talk in vague terms about technology and stuff like that without actually having any plan about how to do it. but the point of the european union keeps making is that they will not allow the border to reemerge that they just they just won't let the u.k. do is and so that's where any putative idea to just drag the u.k. out completely falls over because no one's gone the plan about how to how to do
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without for the border back which they promised they won't do and so this is the problem that boris johnson or whoever else takes over is going to fall in and as well as that hard bricks it with or without suborder in ireland will not pass through parliament so they would have to either try and force it through without a problem and she votes which i just can't see how they could conceivably do all as i've said about 5000000000 times is go to the people another have a general election or a 2nd referendum to try to put all things about once and for all and a 2nd referendum would actually end up i think at this point being a choice between a hard bracks it's whatever you take it to mean or no breakfast at all and i think based on all the polling over the last few months. no brooks of the would wind up it's probably about 5842 some sort of an orange flee outside 10 downing street in london thank you very much for the moment we'll of course continue to follow all of the developments out of the u.k. with us throughout the day here on the day that to recently announced that she will quit as conservative leader on june 7th paving the way for a contest to decide
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a new british prime minister the announcement made just a few minutes ago outside 10 downing street theresa may stepping down as conservative leader she'll stay on as caretaker prime minister until june the 7. still ahead on al-jazeera a human rights activists in nicaragua call for the release of hundreds of people arrested since anti-government protests began last year. hello again it's good to have you back where across parts of south asia particularly down here across indonesia things looking quite nice crunch much of the area not a lot of clouds down here across indonesia malaysia though more clouds few as we go here towards saturday heavy rain is pushing into the philippines as well bangkok we do expect to see off and on clouds and rain for you at $36.00 degrees here on
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saturday may be getting a little bit cooler slightly by one degree as we go towards sunday but that means we do have some rain pushing in as well well speaking of rain and also some wintry conditions we're going to be watching the southern part of australia over the next few days now we do have back to back fronts that are going to be pushing through the bite as well as across the southeast and with that it is going to be dropping the temperatures once this front gets through so in some of the higher elevations such as tasmania we could even be seeing some snow and we're going to be watching that carefully so be one of the 1st signs of snow as we go into the fall and into the winter months so adelaide here on saturday 18 degrees melbourne and 18 degrees and then as we go towards sunday will not looking bad here across much of the eastern coast but look at that rain right there and in that rain across tasmania that is where we do expect to see some snow up to there after darwin isn't quite nice at about 32 degrees and a beautiful day on the coast here in townsville with a temperature of 27.
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millions of dollars are being stolen in a scam that stocks in the philippines and stretches across the globe one on one ace gains exclusive access to this cop throat on the world through a criminal turned whistleblower on al jazeera. americans are struggling to pay their rent the problem isn't just limited to basic cities. of all the governor of the idiot several banks has cost the country grows. we bring you the stories that are shaping the economy we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back to bow out a reminder of our main story this terisa may has quit and say she will step down as
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british prime minister in a fortnight may says it's a matter of deep regret she could not deliver back said her departure triggers a leadership contest within the ruling conservative party weights rejected her proposal to hold a vote on a 2nd referendum. so i am today announcing that i will resign as leader of the conservative and unionist party on friday the 7th of june so that a successor can be chosen i've agreed with the party chairman and with the chairman of the 922 committee that the process for electing a new leader should begin in the following week. i have kept her majesty the queen fully informed of my intentions and i will continue to serve as her prime minister until the process has concluded. it is and will always remain a matter of deep regret to me that i have not been able to deliver bricks it. i
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will shortly leave the job that it has been the honor of my life to hold. the 2nd female prime minister but certainly not the last i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love. let's turn our attention to other world news now and india's prime minister narendra modi has led his janata party to a landslide reelection victory with most of the 600000000 votes counted the b j p has secured a big majority in parliament and then a powerful mandate implement his nationalist new india vision which promises a strong economy and a more influential role in international affairs sale raman has the latest from new delhi. yes well in terms of the updated figures it's been confirmed by the election commission that the b j p has won 302 seats so you've got the absolute majority
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there's still one constituency left to be declared and then we expect in the next few hours for a final statement at the press conference by the election commission of india to confirm that and then the clockwork scenario of what happens next continues what we will see is the prime minister modi as he is at the moment of our nic he will get together all of the employees that have been elected they will. elect him as their nominee as prime minister and then there will be the swearing in of this will happen over the next few days now the reason that is the case is because . that senior leadership are quite good they consult astrologers they like to choose dates at all suspicious so we will wait to see what days they
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do. side b. things are going to happen but it all is going to be triggered when the election commission actually declare that. the general election we know that the cabinet is meeting goes well on friday just to discuss what to do next because the cabinet will be dissolved in theory after it's had its formal dinner with the president the sebring and then of course when they start to reform the capital sworn in the official slowly as in 2 or 3 days a new indian cabinet about the sort of scenario that we're seeing right now but it all really depends on you might say the moon the. indonesia's presidential challenger. is expected to file a legal challenge to last month's election results have been days of violent protests in jakarta with at least 7 people killed and 200 others injured in the past week protesters are angry that president joker we don't know was declared the winner of last month's election they say there was widespread cheating but the election commission says the poll was free and fair that speak to foreigners so we
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live in jakarta so far as today's the deadline for the presidential challenger to find a legal challenge to the election results talk as to what's expected to happen. while the proposed team was supposed to follow the complaint at the constitutional court which you can see behind me here a couple of hours ago that's been pushed back to later on friday evening now if and when that happens then the next steps will be the courts will hold hearings court official has indicated to us that that could take place sometime in mid june with a ruling expected at the end of june now the court's decision is final and cannot be appealed now and probably also beyond those running mate you know gave a press conference just a while ago explaining again the reasons why they were taking this route filing a complaint with the constitutional court now he said it in some parts of the press conference sounded like a political campaign speech he talked about how indonesians deserve to determine their own destiny but that they. can only be done if the democratic process can be
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trusted if elections off and fred well international and independent observers have declared that last month's elections were free and fair and this weekend election supervisory agency rejected a report followed by pro bowl team alleging widespread cheating they cited a lack of evidence and proposed team had the report providing links to online articles as evidence of fraud it's also worth pointing out that this is the 2nd time that probable has gone up against president joe cole with this time into the 2019 elections he was defeated by a margin of about 11 percentage points or roughly 17000000 votes and academics have pointed out that if fraud as alleges did take place then it would have to be fraud on a massive and immense scale and so far nobody from probables team has produced evidence of that we expected more protests from supporters.
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while it's very quiet on friday on friday just as it was on thursday with not seen protesters out on the streets there is still very heavy security as you can see behind me there's a police police have created a barricade and a couple of 100 meters beyond that's also another barricade to prevent access to the constitutional court but in the last couple of days his running mates and jago have appealed to the supporters to not resort to violence and to remain calm they've also said to trust them while they seek redress through legal and constitutional means. it could also be that because things have calmed down perhaps because the problem can't realize that the public opinion is against them at the moment and his supporters have been criticized in social media and on local television stations for creating unrest during the muslim holy month of ramadan and supporters some probable supporters are expected to. when the legal team come to
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the constitutional court to follow that complaint but we're not expecting a huge turnout and setting not like what we've seen on choose day and wednesday. thank you. violence against muslims in 2014 has been released from prison ahead of the buddhist power force was granted a presidential pardon serving a 6 year sentence the pardon comes just weeks after a muslim on businesses were attacked in an apparent reprisal for the easter sunday bombings in april and now fernandez reports from colombo. supporters of. theatre waited eagerly outside the valley could a prison in colombo. a pardon signed by president might the policy received on wednesday night wipe clean his 6 year sentence for contempt of court but on thursday security concerns forced him to leave through would be a gate only to reappear at this temple in
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a short while later. his 1st stop was to pre. paid on has attracted controversy since he founded a nationalist buddhist organization in 2012 called the bull by the same meaning buddhist power force. responding to a rise in nationalism after the end of sri lanka's civil war he began his campaign to protect what he called a single a buddhist identity but the organization has been accused of hate campaigns against the muslim community the theater himself was accused of instigating anti muslim riots in 2014 a charge. now in a sort of hero was jailed on contempt of court charges for insulting the judiciary in 2016 during a case into the disappearance of a journalist where military personnel will being investigated people there.
6:36 pm
chatterton you know there's nothing they didn't say but destroyed my character they killed me without actually doing so finally child to me but there's a thing truth will prevail we have and always will be committed to the motherland. there have been attacks against muslims on hormones and businesses in recent weeks after the easter sunday bombings that targeted churches and how does that killed more than 250 people so some are questioning the timing of his release genotypic devised in i began by the president is belittling the judicial system by his action and proving that the claims made by the buddhist priest against judicial offices and the attorney general's department a true on thursday of the month urged his supporters to stay calm during these tense times the controversial buddhist priest says after years of being vilified he's now been vindicated but some say prison. would have to justify his decision to
6:37 pm
grant this presidential pardon. a man is stepping up stepping in rather to try to defuse a growing tension between iran and the united states in a twitter post a foreign affairs minister said the seriousness of a war could harm the whole world meanwhile u.s. president donald trump has met pentagon officials to discuss iran the u.s. has already sent extra warships and fighter jets to the region over the past it's facing unspecified threats from tehran iran's president hassan rouhani says his country won't give in to pressure from washington even if it's bombed the acting defense secretary of the u.s. has downplayed the possibility of war. we worked with the risk of brain destruction which so. i think those are fair comments our job is to trance this is not about we have a mission but just freedom of navigation. counterterrorism serious.
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security of israel jordan. saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman has met the deputy head of sudan's transitional military council he and general mohammad how gado discuss cooperation between the 2 countries and other issues affecting the region meanwhile back in so don doctors engineers and artists have rallied on the streets of khartoum demanding a transition to a civilian government protesters have voiced concern that regional powers are trying to influence the future of saddam but the analyst it's not enough we're marching through our voices can be heard and to inform the sudanese people that we are all on strike no matter what the circumstances we started a strong revolution and will continue with the same struggle. all fall under the establishment of a civil state and i worked with the oh you on this march which is organized by the sudanese professionals association with so we could all participate and stress that
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we will go on a political strike and civil disobedience to support the position held by the mass sudanese people and the opposition groups negotiating in the name of the sudanese people have these mohammed is director of justice africa he says so don doesn't want or need any help from interference from saudi arabia. the crown prince and saudi arabian united arab emirates want to influence the shape of the coming government in sudan and that something is not going to be acceptable by sudan because this. millipede security they took power because of the revolution a popular revolution and they have to appear to be a mom of the sudanese people not the foreign government there it's a regional policy you know you have. you know sudan have to be either between.
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also did a big united arab emirates and actually we don't actually want to dance to be part of you know read the review no power fighting for. the interests of the currency and that's been stupid and that is something that's going to be totally rejected by sadat and i bought into the need handouts from saudi arabia to then have a little peace what's what's done is need the good management of problems figure to manage our resources both lawful resources we have more resources that anything in that heated but we have a fair point up government which is actually moved to rule today on all this time that is why we feel economical but what we need we don't need a handout saudi arabia nothing about it i'm going to use to be used with any government handouts for the last 5 years but that never seems and that that never actually improves economic situation or life then these people. the u.s. government is considering an emergency declaration that would let it bypass
6:41 pm
a congressional ban on weapons sales to saudi arabia u.s. officials and politicians are concerned the secretary of state mike on pale and other senior aides wants the president to be able to act without the approval of congress they say the president might use escalating tension with iran as a reason to sell weapons to saudi arabia the proposal emerged when democratic senator chris murphy criticize it on twitter saying i'm hearing that may use an obscure loophole in the arms control act and notice a major new sale of bombs to arabia the one state drop in yemen in a way that will prevent congress from objecting could happen this week alan fisher has more from washington. well normally under u.s. law congress is given 30 days notice before any foreign arms sales and then they can see you or nay another appears that donald trump is going to subvert the process by using a loophole in the law and declaring the sales to saudi arabia a national emergency in this he's being pushed by secretary of state might pompey
6:42 pm
or in that case the sails will go ahead no matter what and all donald trump has to do is provide congress with a letter of explanation of why he's the clear the specific seal a national emergency no there's going to be opposition to this if there is a gap between donald trump and republicans on capitol hill it certainly comes over the issue of sodium arabia you'll remember that earlier this year a bipartisan move in both the house of representatives and the senate to limit american support for the saudi led war in yemen was passed and was only defeated when donald trump issued a very rare veto the republican senators like lindsey graham big supporter of donald trump who says he doesn't want to see any arms sales to saudi arabia until the address the issue of crime prince mohammed bin salman who he says is responsible not just for the war in yemen but also for the mark of journalist jamal
6:43 pm
khashoggi there are republican senators like marco rubio who says he wants to see any details before he would be comfortable with selling weapons to saudi arabia and there certainly are many many democrats in both the house and the senate who are very very anxious at the u.s. getting involved in arms sales to saudi arabia no this is happened before but you've got to go back to the 1980 s. when a president declared a national emergency to force through arms sales in this way the president then was ronald reagan the issue was the perceived threat of iran and the weapons sales while that was to saudi arabia. in afghanistan at least one person has been killed in an attack on a mosque in the capital kabul a bomb reportedly went off during busy friday prayers suff ghana's sons in terry ministry says at least 16 other people were wounded it's not yet known who is responsible for the attack thousands of people in nicaragua have gone on strike
6:44 pm
opposition supporters are demanding the release of political prisoners human rights activists say about 800 people have been arrested since anti-government protests began last year algiers money are up and all reports. the streets are empty across much of the nicaraguan capital many businesses have closed their doors for the day in an act of civil disobedience this is now the 5th national strike to take place since a political crisis group the country more than a year ago. the strike was organized in part as a response of the killing of any more this u.s. citizen held by the nicaraguan government as a political prisoner his shooting by prison guards was the subject of a recent meeting at the organization of american states is simply that the you will cases it is imperative that violations of human rights people to an end and nicaraguan citizens regain all of their political rights and privileges also that all political prisoners be released which is of maximum priority that's a clear and forthcoming investigation be launched into the death of the munsters.
6:45 pm
in the nicaraguan capital small protests have taken place in recent days calling on the government to release political prisoners. but it remains illegal to demonstrate publicly against the government of daniel ortega instead those in the political opposition are calling for alternative forms of dissent. or so for this national strike is a legitimate form of peaceful and civic protests and is a way for us to show our support and solidarity towards those who suffer the heavy presence of anti-riot police and pro-government paramilitaries have been dispatched to prevent protests in managua the country's finance minister also issued a warning that any banks participating in the general strike would face sanctions by the national government but little up a little dizzy to mexico city highlights for you some live pictures from london now where to raise some may is on her way to meet the queen after she announced that
6:46 pm
she will step down as consent of the leader on june 7th paving the way for a contest to decide i knew british prime minister theresa may will remain as can take a prime minister until the conservative party elects a replacement as she made an emotional statement in downing street saying she had done her best to honor the 26th referendum all with how many dean in just a few minutes to stay with us in the philippines the black market for gold is worth hundreds of millions but not everyone is reaping the rewards for some of the ultimate price when i went east investigates why people like dying for gold on al-jazeera business updates brought to you by qatar airways it's going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. culture a dance thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to brace and maintain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are a whether. this is a suburb of the idiot capital new delhi tibet so be refugees here since 964 buttons here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up
6:48 pm
to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient setting up a business says and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm in the is that live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes i do so with no ill will but with enormous and even during gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i. british prime minister. the reason may
6:49 pm
announces her resignation after facing revolts over her latest threats at. the rental movie is set to be reelected as india's prime minister after his governing party wins a landslide in the general election. saudi arabia's crime prince mohammed bin sultan manmeet sudan's military leaders and if it could spark more protests in khartoum. i'm going to get your oscar with the sports the toronto raptors are in uncharted territory just one win away from the n.b.a. finals. well after 3 to mulcher its years in office british prime minister to resign may has announced her resignation she'll stand leader of the conservative party on june 7th and stay on as prime minister and so
6:50 pm
a successor is chosen well she made the united simonson short while ago outside downing street in london calls for her to leave had been growing with the process for the u.k.'s departure from the european union in disarray. but it is now clear to me that is it it is in the best interests of the country for a new prime minister to lead that effort so i am today announcing that i will resign as leader of the conservative and unionist party on friday the 7th of june so that a successor can be chosen i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love. well we'll have an update from paris in a moment but 1st let's talk some more and slee in the london and lauren prime minister she tried calling on admitted she a defeat but she could not deliver breck sets that sound to you prime minister.
6:51 pm
no you know i mean you can he can say she didn't try. i mean she is notoriously stubborn. and says so herself but the other thing is that there's a definition of insanity which says the try and do the same thing over and over again to get a different results and in the end you know it was doomed to fail if you cast your mind back to the 3 votes the 3 times she tried to gets. deal through parliaments a loss on the 1st occasion by a larger number of votes than in any time in british parliamentary history tried 2 more times and then the 4th attempts which is what's now lead having to go. at the demands of bread and peace was basically only a rehash of what she drives 3 times before with the additional offer of having
6:52 pm
a 2nd referendum if he's voted for it and that was the thing that was absolutely no good for the conservatives because they would say that they cast that as a betrayal of democracy in the 1st referendum results but it just shows you how the possibility of getting pricks it done it did for david cameron he had to resign the morning after the bracks the referendum is on for 35 ministers in this administration and now for some reason may as well and the 3 years she serves as prime minister promised a lot but her tenure as prime minister has been marked all the way through with downfall and dissolves one of the other here's a look back at the reason most political career. it began so well the new prime minister who emerged from the. little chaos that followed the bricks and referendum set out her agenda which suggested a bold change of direction for the governing conservative party we will make britain a country that works not for a privileged few but for every one of us. that will be the mission of the
6:53 pm
government i lead and together we will build a better britain. she been the home secretary in charge of the police immigration and security for several years with a reputation for hard work competence respected but not loved by colleagues but as prime minister less than a year into the job it was her decision to call and a necessary election and that was the beginning of the endless. the campaign was an inspiring stories a maze message repeated so often that who do you trust to have a strong and stable leadership strong and stable leadership that strong and stable government the results well her face said it that night she and the conservatives clung to power but their majority was gone and so was her authority she was not a personality politician in the same way and jimmy called even david cameron was
6:54 pm
just believe in personality politics and that becomes harder and harder than the age of social media and old timidly the country never fell in love with theresa may it tolerated her and the party tolerated her and the challenge now is to find someone who can lead the country but also bring some fades and dynamism it's been lacking in recent years restless colleagues sensed opportunity then foreign minister boris johnson amount of power. undermined her repeatedly with less than coded criticism of what he saw as her cautious approach to breakfast. then came the policy speech where almost everything went wrong the interrupting prankster the coughing the letters falling off the set behind her none of it her fault but it created a fatal impression that not only was to resume a competence she was also unlucky the windrush scandal the violations of the rights of people from the west indies who had come to britain decades ago only to find themselves at risk of deportation because of policies established by may when she
6:55 pm
was same secretary did her no good either so much for a country that works for everyone but bricks it proved impossible for her to manage the supposed hard liner accuse of flip flopping between the 2 warring sides in her party unable to make a decision about whether she wants of the u.k. a little bit in or completely else of the european union in the end she was undone by indecision. $319.00 so the no politics at the top is always. only in perhaps a challenge was impossible to make a success of bricks it's all holding together a party at war with itself. well let's head back to lawrence lee outside downing street and lauren bricks it was the undoing of david cameron to resume a next to take on the mantle. what it looks like in the book is favor certainly boris johnson the former foreign secretary who
6:56 pm
used to be a complete you're a folly if you have a look on you tube you can find a video of boris johnson standing on the on the side of the bosphorus talking about how wonderful it would be if turkey joined the european union but he's in a complete about cern since since those days and is now styled himself as much more of a euro skeptic talks glowingly about donald trump. and as a sort of creative chaos if you like that that's obviously one of the hallmarks of trump and that the same creative chaos he argues of just leaving the european union and seeing what happens and that sort of language might sound quite loose but it's very entirely sing to the conservative party membership who in the end will get the vote on who. becomes the next prime minister but the problem and a lot of enough of this before but the problem that they're all going to have is that the the way british politics is that we organize in a confrontational way pitching the 2 main parties against each other is the direct
6:57 pm
opposite of the sort of compromise needed that series i'm a lot but she talks about in her valedictory speech there is to get bricks it through i mean it's a reason may have actually been able to go until soon opposition parties and much earlier in her premiership about how to get a deal done in a coalition sort of way the way that politics is done on continental europe and she must've thought it through but she left it fast sued late did her deal in secret so didn't tell anybody what it was and still too late and then presented its go this is what is going to be. everybody said well we don't want that and then she refused to change it so whoever takes over in his boris johnson or anybody else is going to have to find a way of not simply saying i'm just going to do this and this is how it's going to be because that's not going to work either. i just think as well or just just very quickly if there's one thing that the u.k. could learn out of this it it's got to be something to do with electoral reform this would never have happened in continental europe where they do coalition
6:58 pm
politics you know because bracks it has split all the parties a new parties are emerging to do very well they they have a right to be heard as well and the public i think the large is very frustrated that the 2 main parties can't do a deal and that's and that's where you see in these alternative forces coming from and they need representation to ok lawrence the enlightens and thanks very much for that update let's cross now i see paris where the tasha butler is standing by that's ashley has there been any initial reaction from european leaders to the news over to resume a standing down. well we're starting to hear from some european leaders a french media is reporting that the french president emmanuel mack or has said that he salutes to resign made courageous work but he wants to know he wants rapid clarification on the brakes and process there was a similar statement from the prime minister of the netherlands saying that
6:59 pm
britain's departure from the e.u. remains on the table and that really is going to be the crux of the reaction you can imagine from european leaders today because britain was supposed to have already left the european union this year last. last month in april there was a summit in brussels where 2 reserve may and leaders agreed to a flexible extension of article 50 which meant that britain had until october 31st this year to come up with some sort of clarification or end of a process on break that i the britain was supposed to be leaving the e.u. by then or not but either way european leaders said they wanted the whole process resolved by then so what european leaders will be looking at very closely now is exactly who is going to take over from theresa may they know to resume a well but what they want to know is will it be a hard line breaks a tear will the government in the u.k. collapse i mean all these questions now up in the air and that of course means that
7:00 pm
the whole break that process itself is up in the end i think some of those comments from those european leaders i told you about bit earlier really suggest that for them they want clarification on what's going to happen and fast because they are fed up and frustrated with the process of britain leaving the e.u. that has now gone on for several years certainly has. one guess it's not just the european leaders who are fed up with doing this process and dragged on but given we are where we are is there an appetite in the e.u. for extensions or even potentially renegotiating that deal. what i think more european leaders will be looking at closely is exactly what's going to happen next in the u.k. because they don't even know where they go from here who will they be talking to who is going to replace to resume a who's going to take over the negotiating process as far as the european union is concerned they have agreed to.


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