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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 144  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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significantly to the young and 1st time much like he did in 202014 but in the last couple of years unemployment has been very high and and it will be something that he will have to address. as well as for the future of the country. but one senior leader says policies are working what's next in terms of how. all the sectors must move because if the impetus which is already there is the fastest growing economy has to remain the must produce results which will better performance at least until. the public too has those concerns. he should try and remove unemployment for the young of the country the problems of the villages lack of electricity water should be tackled the farmer should get more facilities and the marginal problem farmers get their problem solved these are the issues for money. and as the prime minister gets ready to begin his 2nd term many will be
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looking to see if he'll address these issues modi has received an overwhelming mandate to deliver on his pledges but it's not just domestically issues that'll be a factor in a 2nd term. global financial uncertainty is something that may affect india's growth and economy and regional stability with pakistan is something that modi has to balance while appeasing his nationalist vote base so whole raman al jazeera new delhi taiwan's parliament is holding has held that is its 1st session since disputed elections 8 weeks ago a government is yet to be formed as rival coalition squabble over seats as that goes on one of thailand's main opposition figures is on trial scot heiler reports from bangkok. kingma. addressing the new members as he opens thailand's parliament it follows a contentious election in march the 1st since a coup 5 years ago this week led by the current prime minister.
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it is important for everyone to be truthful and work together with full abilities. prates party. is positioned to take control of the government allowing him to keep his job thanks mainly to a recently written constitution allowing the military government to appoint the 250 member upper house but they'll still have to form a coalition to reach the 376 seats needed for control of both houses and there are strong indications that they have the numbers there's a physical transition with this new parliament as well the old parliamentary building has been closed and is set to be torn down the new building was supposed to open 4 years ago but remains unfinished the king had to meet with the new members here in the ministry of foreign affairs on the eve of this opening session the constitutional court decided to move forward with the case against qana torn june kit his new future forward party ran on an anti who to platform and did very
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well in the election the party is in the democratic alliance coalition with main opposition party it garnered the most votes there are multiple beagle cases against the court he says there trumped up charges by the military government and politically motivated earlier he told al-jazeera he's concerned about people losing faith in the system and look at the big picture i think it's clear the attempt to continue to be in power of the military government is that. they be willing to tax thailand to the bottom if need be for them to stay. some feel that this new government will be short lived mainly because of how it has run the country over the last 5 years he had not been talented so in order to answer to the parliament he has to be more polite this is not his way at all and
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also in terms of latest lead he process he will face a lot of challenges he could not run the country by i don't feel. also face those challenges. now operating outside the political vacuum for the last 5 years it will be a short term government. and the political tension could possibly lead to.
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again time for the sports news are peter there in thank you very much with the tennis world gearing up in paris for the french open australian player and the curious has made headlines again for the wrong reasons by pulling out just 2 days before the start of the season 2nd grand slam organizers haven't said why the world number 36 withdrew it comes off the curious was fine for his behavior during last week's italian open he also posted a video online in which he said the french open sucks compared to wimbledon as for the defending champion rafael nadal he's coming into the $200.00 off the back of his 1st title of the year in rome the man known as the king of clay is chasing a record extending 12th french open at roland garros i feel myself playing well being quantised my my goal is just to keep playing at that level.
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because nice things always that i can improve but small things and just work in business in that the small things but in general terms is just about being healthy may think and then just complete well and be fresh mentally and physically. 3 time champion serena williams was hitting the practice courts hard on friday last year's campaign at roland garros ended with an injury withdraw just before her last 16 match with maria sharapova serena who missed last week's italian open with a knee problem will be seeking the 24th grand slam singles title. well number one no me or sorcha is looking for her 3rd grand slam title in a row after her successes at the u.s. and australian opens but she admits her record on clay courts isn't her strong definitely for me i feel like i should be in our court play here. and it's
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honestly it's been a bit of a ride trying to figure out how to play better on clay throughout the series but i think this year i've been playing well so i'm really excited to see what happens here another big tournament coming up in france is the women's football world cup england's team won their 1st global title at the she believes cup this year beating hosts the usa in the final the players are preparing for the world cup which begins with a game against scotland a nice coach full never thinks the side of contenders for the trophy but it's the tournament is about so much more. the game is going from strength to strength there's a real popularity now growing i think is fantastic i think when you when you when you seen game sold out you know england's 3 games in the world cup group stage is sold out i mean that's never been done before you know also some people think is this just a one off it's not just a one off i think i think there's a real boom i think the ph is on the cusp of something really special and i think
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this will just be the start i don't think the world cup i want to start watching women's football i think now we're on a we're on a we're in a period for women's football that could be called domestic doubles are up for grabs in germany and spain on certiorari by munich going search of their feet for a record 12 time the team train the olympic stadium where they'll take on like to see in the german cup final the last time by end of the cup and bundesliga double was back in 2016. and over in spain the league of champions barcelona are preparing to face valencia in the capital re final the club won a record 30 spanish cup titles including the last 4 seasons but star striker messi admits winning the double again has been soured by missing out in the champions league. is a part of you. we knew that we couldn't repeat what had happened last season and yes it happened again it left a very sad impression and we played so badly this is something that can happen once but not why should we even less so consecutively missing the chance of playing
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a champions league final something we wished for so much what happened was inexcusable friday's 13th stage proved to be a chilly one for the riders on cycling 0 that talia the 196 kilometer trick in the mountains to largo to the limit plenty of snow laden roads russian korean broke away on the final client take the stage victory his 1st on a grand tour since 2016. team emirates retain the overall race the with pink jersey with a 2 minute lead over fellow slovenian primos rah glitch. the toronto raptors are in uncharted territory with just one win away from the n.b.a. finals ko i learned scored 35 points to be the raptors to a thrilling 10599 victory over milwaukee in the most important game in franchise history it was the 1st time to run to won 3 games in a conference final and beat the bucs and superstar player yanis n.t.t.
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combo. formula one drivers have had friday off in monaco as is the race tradition ahead of qualifying but they have to race on the street circuit has been providing plenty of drama involving the son of michael schumacher make the race driver was hit from behind by nicolas let the feet on the hip and which brought a yellow busy warning flags on the red flags were being waved when schumacher try to overtake tatiana culture on of the b.w.t. auden team later in the race was made to a large pile of cars of the turn and the drivers eventually were sent back to the plane for a restart nick to free some of the our team would go on to win. then that's all the world we have to during our rights we'll see you later on peter thank you well the cannes film festival is where director mira nair came to prominence in 1988 she became the 1st indian filmmaker to win the camera door for best 1st feature 30 years on her socially conscious work continues to have an impact charlie angela.
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welcome to cannes we're here with director mira nair talking about how the festival shaped her career and some of her future projects mira thank you for joining us just take us back to that day when your film salaam bombay one can prize the best 1st film the bovey was you know extraordinarily received we had a 30 minute ovation lamb and so on and then i went back home to my pencil on them and i had sort of the whole world you know in the morning and it was that kind of fairy tale and of course topped by the cab door and great prizes and certainly it launched me you know in the in the industry and made life much easier as a sort of sort of negotiate what to do next you stories i mean they not only take it to india but they take it to pakistan to uganda. countries that are often seen through quite a narrow lens is that very important is that i think every film is
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a political act you know and you can choose to have a point of view that becomes the bane stream or you can choose to make your point to view the mainstream as i have tried to do i just believe that you know where we come from matters our language our poetry our everyday struggles our humor you know is not just particular to us but actually if you get to the truth of it it's universal and just tell us about your current project is an adaptation of the pick novel suitable boy i jokingly call it the crown in brown it has that kind of big deficits and sweep but it is about us it's about our country it's about the india taking you know after independence from the british going to a democratic elections for the 1st time a country finding its voice and a young woman finding her voice through her harried mother who's keen to make her find a suitable boy because i really believe that if we don't tell our stories no one
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else will tell them. or if they were to tell them they would tell them their way and not our way on that note or the news hour thanks very much for watching we hand you over to our teams in london where morals announces there are. people that have to weigh your record on this travel in fact a few years ago there is place only for one state on the land of israel i do not believe in a 2 state solution the official story is that there are no on paper we all feel are you i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would
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say what has the media been telling the world isn't watching white there's lots of grays in here join me near the hot sun on up front as my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here on al-jazeera. after decades of being programmed with instructions data hungry computers can now on their own identifying patterns and predicting human behavior artificial intelligence can monitor our movement. and decide on our future the big picture decodes of the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine coming soon on al-jazeera what is left of the vast indigenous knowledge that colonize ation of the americas as assaulted for centuries to amateur astronomers in far can a journey of discovery and reach a remote village in mexico's mayan region but who has more to learn about the ways
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of the world. a route through mexico's contemporary wreckage and its mystical fost we'll find out flounces on al-jazeera. the 2nd person's prime minister announces she's resigning after failing to deliver i do so with no ill will but with enormous i'm doing during gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love. attention now turns to who will replace her with the former foreign secretary boris johnson the favorite.
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welcome to the program my maryam namazie a with al jazeera live from london also coming up interim says the u.s. is sending another 1500 troops to the middle east amid heightened tensions with iran. iran remotely forges ahead with talks on forming a new cabinet after his dramatic winning india's election. and hundreds of same sex couples tie the knot in taiwan a week after it became the 1st asian country to legalize gay marriage. she's clung on for months despite losing 3 parliamentary votes on her breaks it down and suffering constant attacks from her own party but now in an emotional speech to resume a has announced that she will resign as leader of the u.k.'s ruling conservative
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party on friday june 7th after president trumps state visit to the u.k. and leadership contest will then begin the following week with may staying on as prime minister until her replacement is chosen in late july the leader of the official breaks it campaign boris johnson is the favorite to win and what's expected to be a field dominated by breaks its supporters whoever replaces how will then have a till october 31st to deliver breaks that that's the deadline for britain to leave the european union sunday gago is outside parliament in westminster where she's been following the day's events and joins us now and we were just saying that the reason may have hung on for months there was an expectation that her time at downing street was drawing to a close what prompted her resignation now. well really it's a combination of 2 factors the fact that her deal the withdrawal agreement that should come up with the european union really was failing to garner any support and
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a majority of votes to get it passed through parliament and that was really not going to change at all given the numbers and now and then at that point then it came to the fact that there was real on happiness with the way that to resume a was dealing with the situation and the fact that it wasn't just the withdrawal deal that was annoying or certainly sort of frustrating people here but also her approach to it as well she started off the week by promising a bold new offer on this to try and get people on side on both sides of the bridge those who are pro brecht's the tears and those who are against it or certainly against her version of the deal she failed on that count in fact entrenching or all that discontent against that when the leader of the house of commons resigned and then the set of tory backbenchers held a secret ballot which they threatened to use on her if she would not resign by friday paul brennan rings up today in his report on what led her to today's
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situation. it is in the best interests of the country for a new prime minister to lead that effort to recent days resignation announcement speech began a little hesitantly and ended reluctantly but with her close staff and her husband philip standing by for support the prime minister conceded defeat it is and will always remain a matter of deep regret to me that i have not been able to deliver bricks it she will officially step down as party leader on june the 7th but remain as prime minister until her successor is chosen so in the end the emotional strain of recent months overcame her i will shortly leave the job that it has been the honor of my life to hold water. the 2nd female prime minister but certainly not the last. i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring
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gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love the prime minister's resignation became inevitable after a hostile reaction to have final bricks at compromise offer even senior figures within her own party were demanding that she quit now that she has many of those same critics have now praised her dignity and determination i found it moving actually i think that we know the promises to the heart and soul is trying to do the best for this country at a difficult time facing a challenging climate in palm and many of those currently paying tribute are keen to succeed her in the top job more than a dozen conservative m.p.'s could contest the leadership with the new prime minister emerging by the end of july but parliament then takes a 6 week recess and some observers see the whole process as self-indulgent with the october 31st deadline approaching we're wasting the time that's been allotted to us we are wasting good will and the next prime minister will have no different arithmetic from theresa may the same problems in parliament getting the deal 3 by
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the same promise in parliament if they try to get no deal the opposition labor party is demanding a general election has a new conservative leader isn't going to solve the problem. there has to be another opportunity for the people of this country to decide who that want government how they want the government to run what the long term structure is that government i think we did a general election in brussels reaction to the resignation was diplomatic presence younker followed prime minister mays and now instruments this morning without personal injury the president very much liked and appreciated working with prime minister may and as he has said before terrorism a woman of courage for whom she has great respect choosing to resubmit a successor is a 2 stage process with conservative m.p.'s 1st with lean down the candidates to a final 2 and then a postal ballots of the party's wider membership choosing the winner the early frontrunner is boris johnson who has massive support among the $125000.00
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grassroots conservative members but he enjoys less support among parliamentary colleagues the party's internal divisions would once again generate international repercussions it was breakfast which marked the beginning and end of teresa mayes premiership rex it will certainly mark out her successor paul brennan al-jazeera. i'm picking up on that point about possible successors to terry's in may we know that a brutal leadership contest lies ahead doesn't it on what is always going to mean for bracks it. well that's the question that's really floating about everyone's minds here and not only just in the u.k. but also in the european union as well sensually it's going to be a case where the leading actors will be different but the scenario is still the same in there and that is facing the conundrum of trying to square that brics that circle ultimately what is going to make it extremely difficult is the fact that the
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numbers in parliament have not changed there is still no majority to have no deal there is still not an outright majority either for any things resembling such as a people's vote a 2nd referendum a 2nd referendum if you will so there is still this element of of things being very much stop within parliament here and really there's little likelihood of anything changing drastically as far as that is concerned given the circumstances as well however you know with the possibility of perhaps a more probe rexx a tear prime minister in place that could perhaps change the dynamic a little bit but that would be perhaps. quite a interesting tactic to use with the european union now the european union have so far remained diplomatic obviously they've not rejoiced over the fact that to resume
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a has resigned but they've been very adamant about stating that the withdrawal agreement that they've done with to resume a that's not going to change according to them they've been several voices echoing that as well they seem to be pretty united on that so really at this moment the only thing that we can really say is that to resume a's withdrawal deal and anything resembling doesn't it likely at all but perhaps what looks more likely would be the prospect of no deal or no breaks it thank you with the latest from westminster sunday gago. well the german chancellor angela merkel has been speaking out expressing a sense of respect for terri's in may and says that will continue to work closely with the u.k. to secure an orderly writes it. we respect this decision i've always had a good working relationship with prime minister to resign me the departure of the u.k. from the european union is a major transition and regardless of what happens in british politics the german
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government will do everything to achieve a good partnership an orderly exits and good cooperation all tourism a's decision could further complicate the brics that process the withdrawal agreement has so far stalled in the british parliament and e.u. leaders a in the u.k. to give racket clarification so what happens now has more from paris. well the big question for european union leaders is what does to reserve may's resignation mean for briggs it we've heard from the french president a man will not call calling for rapid karf occasion spain's prime minister says that for him it looks as if a halt breaks it is the most likely outcome my limbs prime minister very concerned about what it would mean for ireland talking about entering into now a very dangerous period indeed britain was supposed to be leaving the european union this year it was 1st effect in march that was delayed they had a summit in april e.u. leaders and to reason they agreed on a new at the deadline all of the 31st but of course european leaders do not know
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who they will now be dealing with who will replace to resume a will it be a hard line breaks it is so to speak anything that is certain is that the european commission spokesperson says that there will be no new renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement but there is no doubt that sense of frustration that has been there within the e.u. circles for many months now and years over the break that process is only getting worse. the u.s. president says america will send an additional $1500.00 troops to the middle east amid heightened tensions with iran donald trump says the deployment is mostly protective and will strengthen american defenses in the region on thursday the acting u.s. defense secretary said u.s. policy towards iran was about to terence war meanwhile u.s. senators say trump is clearing the sale of billions of dollars worth of weapons to
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saudi arabia and the u.a.e. citing tensions with iran democratic senator robert menendez had used his powers to block sales of thousands of precision guided bombs fearing that they would lead to more civilian deaths in yemen but he says the driver ministration has told lawmakers it will bypass a legally required congress review and go ahead with the sale. joins us live now from the white house kimberly 1st of all what do we know about the deployment of these troops. yeah it's not the 120000 that we were hearing at one point or even the 5 or 10000 that we were hearing in the last couple of days but confirmed on the south lawn of the white house that he was planning and is sending 1500 troops and here's what it will look like in terms of what the administration has been continued to say is escalating threats from iran we know there will be a patriot battalion to defend against missile threats additional intel.


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