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back this decision i've always had a good working relationship with prime minister to resign me the departure of the u.k. from the european union is a major transition and regardless of what happens in british politics the german government will do everything to achieve a good partnership an orderly exit in good cooperation. indonesian opposition candidate. is challenging the results of last month's presidential election in court as lawyers filed the appeal saying he lost because of widespread cheating official results showing president djoko widodo won the voters which the election commission called free and fair the results been met by violent protests with at least 7 people killed and 200 others injured andrew thomas has more from jakarta. the middle back crowd arriving at the constitutional court in the heart of jakarta a lawyers for both will be at the feet of presidential candidate who found out earlier this week officially from the electoral commission but he had lost and lost
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badly to the president without a doubt will he because that he says that the election was systematically raped and that is what his lawyers are here at the constitutional court to claim the have been some fear but the lawyers when they arrived here model rife with protesters and those protesters could turn violent earlier in the week into carter there were big protests riots really and a number of people were killed well those scenes thankfully haven't been repeated on friday there's been a big police and soldier presence right across jakarta all day on friday there was certainly ready for a mass rally it hasn't happened for lawyers arrived on their own and this is the beginning of the legal process to dispute the election result while the weather is next but still ahead on al jazeera new york becomes the latest u.s. state trying to end religious exemptions for parents who don't want to vaccinate their children. and a maritime. tribunal enchanting is due to deliver its decision and the naval
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dispute between russia and ukraine. the west sponsored by cattle and. hello again and welcome back well over the last several days we have seen some very very hot conditions and dry conditions across much of the eastern med and the middle east i want to show these images that have come out from israel with the 4 fires i have been going on across the area here across israel we have seen about 40 homes destroyed because of the wildfires as well as 3500 people have had to be evacuated just across parts of palestine though people have been dealing with temperatures into the high thirty's and low forty's and getting relief any way they can unfortunate temperatures over the next few days are going to remain quite hot beirut not too bad for you at about 25 degrees your
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temperatures are coming down but for many locations here across parts of syria even to the southern coast of turkey we are talking into the high thirty's for some locations well across parts of the middle east and into the arabian peninsula we are looking at temperatures into the high thirty's here for doha at $38.00 over here towards of a dhabi at $36.00 really not seeing too much of a change in terms of temperature but for yemen of course we have been dealing with some flash flooding and more rain is coming into play if a son of their with the temps are there of about $21.00 degrees up to the north the riyadh is going to be quite warm at 40 and over here towards medina a nice day for you at $42.00 degrees. well sponsored by qatar airways. you were just. what was the country to go listen to the children or deeply affected because of war we meet with global news makers and the stories that matter.
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hello again i'm the star a reminder of the news this hour the white house has moved to bypass congress to sell billions of dollars in arms to allies in the middle east the u.s. secretary of state says it's to deter a rainy and aggression. several prominent conservative m.p.'s have put their names forward to become the next british prime minister after terrorism a announced he
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would step down on june 7th ending 3 to mulch a c is an office. and lawyers for defeated indonesian opposition candidate. father nor suit challenging the results of last month's presidential election official results showed president joko widodo won the vote but propose says he lost because of widespread cheating. in nepal at least 8 people have died while attempting to scale mount everest over the past few days the deaths have raised questions about overcrowding which means climbers have to spend longer hours in their journeys to and from the word. highest peak those dead include mountaineers from india the u.s. austria ireland and in the poorly guide more than 120 people scaled the peak on thursday nepal has issued a record 379 permits to climb is this year. this photo of recent climbers has gone viral it was posted on twitter and hundreds have shared
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the image as you can see some mountaineers were caught in a jam of people on the slopes which nepali officials said caused exhaustion dehydration and in some cases death. a u.s. judge has blocked president donald trump from building sections of his border war with mexico the preliminary injunction prevents trump from building the wall using $1000000000.00 in pentagon funds originally anti drug efforts trying to clara national emergency in february after congress refused to approve funds for the wall democrats say that was a misuse of presidential power. while a measles outbreak in the united states has officials looking for ways to get more children vaccinated the shots are already required to attend school but most states allow exemptions for religious or philosophical reasons christensen amy has more from new york where there's a movement to change that. the latest measles outbreak in the united states is
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concentrated in orthodox jewish neighborhoods of new york like here in borough park brooklyn there's nothing about the vaccine which has been proven safe and effective in the limited the disease that is contrary to the jewish faith in fact religious leaders have been at the forefront of urging members to vaccinate still this local elected official thinks people should have the option of opting out on religious grounds it is just a dangerous person and we will be opening a pandora's box 1st amendment issues with the state senator brad hoyle men is sponsoring legislation to eliminate the religious exemption in new york just like california did after a 2015 outbreak. of course you have a 1st amendment right to practice your religious beliefs in this country and that it sank or sank but you do not as the supreme court has said time and time again
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have the right to endanger your children or worse someone else's child all but 3 states allow parents to opt out of vaccinating their children on religious grounds even though none of the major religions in this country are against vaccinations here in new york it's as easy as filling out a form and bringing it to your local school for approval. but now several like new york are reconsidering why wouldn't we vaccinate our children alexander rappaport took part in new york's pro-vaccine ad campaign and runs a local social services agency but he thinks the limited aiding the religious exemption will simply fuel the conspiracy theories that lead to the distrust of vaccines it gives the end. platform they say you see what they're doing to their closing schools they're getting rid of the religious exemption there so then. instead of. being seen as
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a friend someone to take advice from being alienated i am concerned that the measles continued to grow eliminating the religious exemption has raised vaccination rates in california though the number of children seeking medical exemption is there has tripled the bill sponsors are hoping to bring it to a vote before the legislative session and in june kristen salumi al-jazeera brooklyn new york. an international court ruling is expected on the naval dispute between russia and ukraine in the coming hours russia detained $24.00 ukrainian say it is and seized their ships last november and waters off the crimean peninsula the hearing is taking place at the international tribunal for the north of the sea and hamburg john mccain has this report. these men have been in russian custody for months held because the government in moscow accuses them of violating its territorial waters when the vessels they were on board to try to
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cross from the black sea into the sea of as of last november. when. the korean ships did not respond in any way to the questions of our border guards surface they trespassed into territorial waters which were russian even before crimea joined the russian federation. the sailors say they were following a longstanding agreement between ukraine and russia on sharing the waterway for their government it's the russians who are breaking the rules treating their sailors as criminals and denying them the protections built into international agreements governing the military at sea. yes i spoke to the parents of the men one cannot remain involved so i met the sailors mothers i will do all i can to return them it is our top priority that saturday's ruling will be provisional and hinges on the way russia acted in detaining the sailors and their ships one maritime law expert believes the evidence points in one direction when it comes to the merits of
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the case i think that you group ukraine has a very good point by. arguing that the russian federation has violated the immunity of the warships and the military personnel on board of these ships and that essentially means the immunity of ukraine as a state this case needs to be seen in the wider context of the fraught relationship between the 2 countries the ceasefire in place on ukraine's eastern border with russia remains patchy international monitors there report regular violations of the truce from both pro russian and pro ukrainian sides both governments say they want the minsk agreement to be implemented but they have been saying that in the years. when this body makes its ruling its decision will be legally binding but it has absolutely no power to enforce it which means it's questionable quite how much he would russia will pay to the final verdict dominic kane al-jazeera at the
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international tribunal for the law of the sea. so ron opposer will be sworn in for a full term as south africa's president on saturday he took office last year after jacob zuma resigned over corruption allegations but after winning elections earlier this month from a prison now has his own mandate to govern and as for me to reports from pretoria he has many challenges ahead yes i do accept that. earlier this week sonny roma poor soul was elected unopposed by parliamentarians as the 5th president of south africa while the african national congress won 57 percent of the vote in may's election it was the party's worst performance in 25 years of democracy observers say the governing party supporters suffered due to the poor delivery of services infighting and corruption scandals while revelations of the extent of state corruption in an inquiry that began last year has shocked south africans some
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accuse the a.n.c. of protecting its own but i know that when those interests are about shielding those who need to take accountability for the time that has come before us for those who took from one nation i wish to say we will be holding you to account that those members were looted from our country actually seen. from up also a former trade unionist and business tycoon has been credited with leading the a.n.c. into a new dawn but some argue that he's not yet taken firm control of a fractured governing party he appears to be some uncertainty as deputy president david mark who's a hospice bonet being sworn into parliament. is one of $22.00 people the agency's ethics committee has singled out for bringing the party into disrepute i'm a pause as promised to trim an inflated cabinet which in recent years has cost taxpayers billions of dollars the president's under pressure to rid the cabinet of
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underperforming ministers many of us political appointments they're poor men of the cabinet. we're be a major indication of. whether to be not but certainly you can maintain the status quo south africa's struggling with a poorly performing economy and a 27 percent its highest unemployment rate ever as south africa tackles unfavorable economic conditions the government's been criticized for spending millions of dollars on a pause as inauguration many south africans say it's unnecessary but there appears to be some compromise the ceremony won't take place at the traditional venue the union bould ings in pretoria but instead here at the loftus festival stadium the government says that will save taxpayers more than $7000000.00. as i'm up or so i was sworn in in parliament ahead of his inauguration there was no shouting or heckling that often characterized the zuma air us perhaps a new start for
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a government that faces the old challenges of poverty and inequality for media miller al-jazeera pretoria. on kenya's government is bringing and new biometric id card officials say it will make the country safer and improve access to public services but others think the move could be risky as catherine sawyer explains. this kenyans are registering for a new digital identification card called who duma but all citizens and residents will be expected to hold a can government calls it a single source of truth it will contain details about people's physical characteristics combined with other data it's costing taxpayers about how awful $1000000000.00 and everyone above the age of 6 will be expected to have one official say it will make it easier for people to access public services and will protect national security we don't want you to register but just not enough but if
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you're going to seek sadnesses you need to get the services that is much more physically gifted and faster kenyon's hold of variety of identification documents all with different numbers from a national id passport. to a driving license and so on government officials say the who do man number will consolidate all those in one digital platform some kenyans see this as a good and progressive step but human rights campaigners are concerned that proper privacy protection laws it could prove dangerous critics also say people are being crossed into registering and they're not being told how the information will be stored or shared on the national integrated identity management system or names names is a major. all that everybody in kenya that would be put in the cloud or whether their clothes or not. we're not sure how that but it lessens the
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order to see who can access that information. who will be able to who apply and be given this information if somebody applies for my information relayed notified. the government announced it was bringing in the system weeks after this attack by somalia's armed group al-shabaab in january that left 21 people dead at a hotel complex in the capital nairobi some security experts say having data on one platform will make it easier and quicker for security forces to identify people who pose a threat to doing this ditto together is going to help the management of human resource in our country some rights groups try to block the scheme in court although judges rejected that they do drew the system should be falloon terry and not limited to access to public services the state was also bad from gathering people steal any and from sharing information it collects with other organizations but activists say
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that's not enough and only robust laws can protect people living in kenya from their past all information being misused catherine sorry al-jazeera nairobi. and on sunday we'll be looking at concerns raised in india where the world's largest biometric system has captured the personal details of more than a 1000000000 people you can see that reporter here on al-jazeera on sunday. hello i'm astounded handover with the headlines on al-jazeera the white house has moved to bypass congress to sell billions of dollars in arms to allies in the middle east the u.s. secretary of state says it's to deter a rainy and aggression. we want to our project the middle east we're going to be sending a relatively small number of troops mostly productive. some very
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talented people are going to the middle east right now and we'll see how it works see what happens at least 9 people have been killed in an airstrike by the saudi iraqi coalition on yemen's mo we're district entires province the raid reportedly targeted a petrol station and some of the victims were children. several prominent conservative m.p.'s have put their names forward to become the next british prime minister that's after to resume a announced she would step down on june 7th ending 3 to mull she was she is in office. lawyers for defeated indonesian opposition candidate proposed to be and so have filed a lawsuit challenging the results of last month's presidential election official results showed president joko widodo won the vote. says he lost because of widespread cheating. in nepal at least 8 people have died while attempting to scale mt everest over the past few days the deaths have raised questions about
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overcrowding which means climbers have to spend longer hours in their journeys to and from the world's highest peak more than 120 people failed to peak on thursday. a u.s. judge has blocked president donald trump from building sections of his border war with mexico the preliminary injunction prevents trump from building the wall using $1000000000.00 in pentagon funds originally a mark for anti drug efforts declared a national emergency in february after congress refused to approve funds for the war democrats say that it was a misuse of presidential power. young activists have rallied in cities around the globe demanding world powers moved swiftly to fight climate change they're calling on politicians and businesses to take urgent action the strikes were inspired by student grettir turn burge who became a global figure on climate change after protesting outside sweden's parliament and 2018 well those are the headlines and next up is talk to al-jazeera.
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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. to how you take. bring in the news and current affairs. see. when israel's political uprising is now in its 4th month on january 10th president is sworn in for a 2nd term following elections not recognized as legitimate by opponents nor much of the international community this sets in motion an opposition plan to declare the president of the national assembly. as venezuela's interim president more than 50 countries recognize him and call on me to step aside to allow the new elections
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. in 2013 than israel is economy has plummeted along with the production of oil the country's lifeline. to mystic and foreign opponents for widespread shortages of food medicine water and electricity more and more of an israeli believe their once rich nations collapse is the fault of gross government incompetence and corruption in the united states which has already imposed selective sanctions declares an all out economic war on to cut off access to oil revenues and financial markets opinion polls show has wide public support but the government proved to be far more resilient than predicted russia and china which have heavy investments in the coming and he maintains the crucial support of the military high command. unsuccessfully attempts to encourage a military uprising 130 s to crisis enters
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a new critical phase opposition deputies are arrested others go under. ground except. that government doesn't dare touch for fear of even stronger u.s. reprisals. u.s. military intervention are escalating and surprisingly last week both sides agreed to send on boys to go to explore a possible negotiated way out of a crisis that has taken on global dimensions the man whose job it is to try to convince the world venezuela is a victim of u.s. aggression is foreign minister. he has been traveling tirelessly to countries all over the world as far away as china russia turkey and iran all of them allies of venezuela he wants their political and economic support we caught up with him here at the foreign ministry just before he got on the plane yet again. foreign minister. thank you for talking to see that i'd like to start by asking you
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is there any reason to go to mystic that there could be a peaceful resolution to this conflict. see i am which of us on not being sued by those who are. merely financial product those who need to be going to want to see a minister then i know korea for your blood to be no him or the neocon well going to sleep then sent there when i would assume seen president this and they thought that the moment it gonna lead to going to board i mean monkeying with the money on them been doing while boccardi look at oakwood here and the other synthesis and democracy now they're going to do so as we look on them play democrat us sort of your own is going to be me and grown up i see i said no but in their most. well you can honestly the more you go is the moment the busy and the motorway joe want to your moment yellow rope with that on top of this and the
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reports and then us allowed to go there to court romances is there a moment when communes have it set up remember who they have but what 1st of all you call it a dialogue your opponents call this the best mediation that's taking place right now with the under the auspices of your no which i'm counterpart but more than that the opposition for the 1st time seems to agree on something and that is that they are demanding you all of them unanimously a demanding that president you could ask mother to step down that there be a transition government and that there that it will be free fair transparent elections under international supervision to quote them are any of those things negotiable for you talk about them and then go aboard at those when we'll see a lot of things he didn't know sort of on. the yellow and white getting it at the right iow what get out the corner going to the c.n.n. center lemmings. dolla noir scone or the bomb a corner going to those who don't either until are going to do so much for the book
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i want us all to see on the. numbers and the north done and i want to do so while you talk about the constitution so does the opposition you're both holding up a. the constitution in your hand but this is a political conflict i think you would agree that it's political that needs a political solution so what concessions can your side give to the opposition one that comes as you are now more than i was told that i would be most i want to have as i don't know someone and i was. one of your lesser political warty you know you only got daughters and your mil this is you had to draw a line you immediately said they will come with us ellida i love you lend support us a lecture on this go go to rio and i told myself don't send your ticket elephant. id then you go go real lost and behold it up by a secular course you don't go you're known as well i know that argument as well. my point is you're not getting you know ok you had jonathan i wanted this your own you
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know sore throat and will continue well to get him ok yeah look at him ok i see him but i look political i think i can do that and we just saw the report then to see if i could you conflict authority and venezuela didn't know when to use 11th but related to him i know that i would receive even most of those winnings he let me guess are you up but i don't see you have no one cared only that oh they don't recall him in his way that you know those when you wonder come on then you're but a young boy that gets up at the letter you know and didn't wear what they contain went down the mine on that i would guess yes you know and don't mean that with. no wonder you know their own sort of letter gets up early in the editing and bodo because you know inside of them b.b.n. they felt to do it element this young indoor has a political selling going on that it was somebody and went up and i thought again i would go see a book about the amount of water that my brain is going through that went up at the later people who didn't have cell and supplement them look at me throughout a conflict with the conflict that actually the place they would get alexy on the
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get a conflict or so you know class and simple about that percentage out of the numbers a minute out of them completely see in the body to go and promote you would then of course i mean if that end in the end but it gave them to the frenzy then they got to where the foot of the can be and so how do you get along with the ones that you call the bush but actually i would argue that they're not but it's not necessarily the case in the actions for the national assembly 2 thirds of venezuelans voted against the government candidates but going beyond that just the other day and i want to quote him president medvedev said come rain thunder or lightning the revolution will remain in venezuela for the rest of the 21st century i didn't create is that the type of democracy is that what the constitution says it all assume but as we thought it got out i will do so knowing what we have no or unprecedented. whom process and not it's a mountain air controller they let me guess honest or not but if they're willing to
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put going through either party then well people who are. in there by. mixed maybe of your own that i would assume process from what i'd be to do yeah that would tell us what it was doing to do so now and again control oh no we're going to do some what to do a 2nd lesson then assume. that you see. talking only here on of the world to see if you're going to turn on us and let us know so in the present done to the lead and to him but as i have over time to one go there i don't think that if he thought he could have been as well that i think up appeal political doubles as you are you not going to put us in economic or i want us on this or not who doesn't want to head for that and go to say i want a photo of a. part of the of the not that we look at economic or in the us a person i thought i meant they didn't but let's go back to what's happened today what's happening today this political crisis for cuba and i was surprised to hear
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this has been requested by canada and norway to to help mediate does some kind of a dialogue which and i don't wonder what could be cuba's role especially since the opposition sees cuba as part of the problem rather than a solution. you know say better than i could and i thought i had a man who worked at us or anyone else or learn how to boil over as well and over that we had no one else will learn oh you know where my kit on the human psyche and being as a whole we have a bed or a lot of i think in the end there you go there but i know boys are going to the media to undergo one of them to be and when i was yep it was some. ok ones where he ended up only begin to understand it what can you tell me about what could have been discussed in no way no boil your. imprudence that it died in the process would have been had then i see him but would you say that there's reason for optimism or is it still too early but this and when i confront this your own lead to see in them but i really don't want to confront those whom barely can see i'm going to
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what i know as we speak the opposition leader why those representatives in washington got a lot of a.q. is about to meet with the us military southern command. and i'm about to ask of course for it to co-create help or assurances that the united states will come to the opposition's aid militarily do you believe that there is a real credible threat of u.s. military intervention in minnesota was it a bluff no. laws are going to like us i've learned bluffs going to who's going to like us olenka see and break it then add more more to more talk we always put editorial has and ideas for the president that they don't bring i want to belittle me this is here because they go ok you're going to own up with us your military control in this world and elsewhere was only for one bill for the wrong boat on the beach on the vessel bailed out the 2 bands of each of the other hopes and i thought sort of a mess and we ended up going to rip it up but it will get us and i do see lawson
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going to have in his reload what i'm going to call my note i'm going to and he got i was on my you know you have all done by the tour or going to a place in africa are going to be saying i see on the i don't have to i get brought the headed north and i swear that venezuela and at the moment to the center here political they would have us you know. i didn't and it isn't honest and i guess he better me deems it better meeting my ethical money international i'm going to swear i said i did i'm going out on this and why would i can but in the video where you keep saying that one was always a is a puppet of the united states but what about the more than 50 other countries that support him that recognize him as the interim president of this country countries that like canada like germany like france that do not particularly i'm not exactly known for taking orders from president donald trump how do you explain this you know you're going to get what i contracted go to go and do most i know it all but telling us when we see a view then look at those when the economy to see own there will boost.
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them with them and thousands of those embers look at the oh i don't know what up in the band the end will now know it'll be i guess i got by them yet in the conflict in the noise when madison are looking for a problem anything will read the fine alysia. how many gonna come and sit on the road either going to their net or going to say they never get that idea the motor thought it will go away but it's almost what reform are going to say no way you know and we know each other last night he got on a committee said on day and bloody giacomini threw at us when i thought the order that is remotely the same as if went all of us alone or go back and i know so much we had no what i got a better noise when we had a meal and washington anybody morning sam but i got aboard us here on a good dinner but if you're in a political angle we had no law my important and i guess i like in washington but i mean better than a but if you and daughters of bicycle see and don't they mind then what i say and they don't want going on monday why the need to get him on the nepali so all the problems of it is the economic collapse in this country the hyper inflation the highest in the world the fact that millions have left the country
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trying to survive as best they can some of it had to come back and are you going to say that that's all the fault of the empire your government has no fault at all in this realty here that we have no but if a. no comment then the time being i see a letter we are not perfect i hold my nose and mouth that economic i say what i meant i want to has your knickers who isn't one up or 2 in the open eyes you see on the bus or on your bed on one economy a better. idea can only come in. the middle to point to yourself speaking the psyche i mean that if you answer it that i had of her going to meet the dollar but i mean normally you know somebody in care said going economy absolute i mean that better than that of any other bloke and with that i'm on air then with the. inclusive media and at the moment a single meeting me john in the door that i've looked it over and it's orlando kerry celebrating ok because a lot of our model and michael duffy granted that i know the home i would have sort
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of out of what home as an adult but i live a corner. less in media but i love it so i could equally every night every night about our saloon but i mean for to do that but i am going to sweat it but i don't or compromise so internationally but i also saw myself records will they help well know and as well that get an absolute time and meet any and all i look at i'm going to sort of. say listen see and then i see and i want to look at me and then call me up what are you meant to. put on the mantle on a sofa not open to me than if you get it and then say. wonder woman saw that i see on t.v. that you're always a pussy and. citibank their horse at bunco got up on sullivan as well a bank of america there has said one quarter point i learned so at a tender wonder said i didn't. want to be honest with me again so he said if he had one to say let me give us your mr leno me this is a. look at me and said listen if you'll never make things that he said he said that and then i say i'm going to n.c. . they're going to samuel i see this is going to politically economically or
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somewhere we have no money no one point about what i want to say that that they don't like i will not get i want to live in a sweater you know then i won't buy you had another thing going on. there you. better get on the home by going on that you can go sort of in a sort of less. the timetable is debatable that the heaviest the strongest sanctions no doubt began this year and they are brutal nobody can deny that they were meant to overthrow your government quickly and that hasn't happened how long can venezuela survive this way how long can the not just a government how long can the people of venezuela survive you could ok but why would i know they can. put on our president i mean again and say lawyers in a way like the independence in mind so i'm eager to see interview with them you know me or just entering the room or you're my head i mean your own. you know sort of that i'm going to swear that i'm going as well and i did and i. am or leave
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you're going to but i might as well my face know i want to go but i see him but at the border it up it up but i will get sick with and then we have that $100.00 guns were leo get that $101.00 i would hold the fuel and said get out the central importance you on board we're not the boiler so you're go more get out of it and at that i looked up a southern look at not all sorts of weapons but all of them want to go down the sea said they want the lessons you want to. look at because we want to have a go good he went on and i know that the work said yes it does and i got on the governor's where you are really saying that the venezuelan people should make that kind of a sacrifice isn't it a sacrifice perhaps to make a concession couldn't is it conceivable that president nicolas maduro could step aside for the good of the country as many former chevy stuffs chavis dissidents are asking for not just the very last year and be able to see and present them i would have said before they are here border because he said to me
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you want to have us on island a bus because this is a political conflict and you're saying this could last for years but. the end of the ongoing conflict those are the only those who were purposely entered the wrong no live under. not repeat that internacional enough so that anyone as well than. workability and put them on notice better than us you know we need to use who got at the edges one of at the end and get them out of the boys if you want to know if you don't tell us what any of us will learn and give your own when we have only one president you know sort of i don't but at the end was a by what gives equal terms are you sure that that's what all of the been is waiting people want and like and or good i want to get on top and i want to continue show not really a woman as well yes see care in a salon could get on the bus or on the venice where the see i going to learn to get inside a look at those i'm going to you know look i thought when you were being put on what you would hear were no good esle but what a horrible pulled out of i want to go to my home base but i could do as i had this on the dia and i got a call normally but influence you know almost all you see in that he says and more
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inclusive much everything yes and i'm. sure many of the other than as well and as i like have a look and we through and through them up what the romance and what the road was associated said like always you know it's a company on the point that isn't but we've also seen desertions not just in the military but also more quietly more subtly but for the people that once supported you so who are real in that role to see honestly empathize with them with the neo. con and rio that i was on and on your own window and i only got them easier than i mean but as i said i could i'm going to is that they don't get to see and look at the good is a simple quarter that you say that people have roaming the streets freely with that at least 14 deputies have been stripped of their immunity and i mean hiding or in exile or annoying embassy saying they've got they haven't tried yet i. don't every day and the mental for them didn't go to me that it didn't. matter no north
1:40 pm
to let them have been done to your tongue and for them to go to many that are. but that's not that's what i do want to. see when they pulled those it's like when i start my. day get us out here i don't like it but them will get us ready and those will. the nancy pelosi selling in may want to be. when i go to. another drum and will get by him along with the sec to want to go. on the made a demo to their own chief to. europe he said that if i go to the northeast. a lot romano have called the sale of roma. you know lands on the road. and so every saturday on your loan. your daughter who. also represented a lonely bust up wouldn't see my eardrum i know i'm one of the people who yelled of a woman that i thought says they imposed. on us when they are imported see the
1:41 pm
silly arms with me makoto menace when i keep one of them one of course like i said on my ledger when the most of them want to is young wonder what others. who these think i want to get the mileage of door the drill out those sort of earnest well opinion but at the only moment of what about the united nations commission for human rights has issued a blistering account of committed allegedly committed by your government also more recently amnesty international which is suggesting that this government be taken before the international court of justice for alleged crimes against humanity are they are making all this up to. want to kill me when i'm going to be on the commission and i would rather have it with one of pre-med i think about being the i don't know you get me to say that but on the ice i want to inform i have a plan i'm going to order them all before definitely going to the end ok and thought oh here's in defeat go did you send your butt a quarter of what i have while getting close i mean it only so if i don't fairly say they had only said what's going to go and you know in
1:42 pm
a sweater but i know whatever i want to say on the report said that they were extrajudicial executions that there was a little bit of that set up what they had to want to hear let me see don't go you know and i swear that i don't know and reported this so i said one thing but i see and i would say led by i said winthrop. this order looking to be to invent a sweater let it go to the international or any in the valley that and then as well as in print well includes a frequency counter going to land north and i will play videos from it at the known by perfect i gave it as an average woman to see and it goes with them being a place you had everything being going to going to love it oh man oh nkombe i think about that i think along the i meant elemental yeah beautiful and it's one of the look on them a lot of the highs they've given as well as like i like that he said to me a book i want done to you and the thought as a man i will see him able going to boy we're not going to like i you am a woman is that he said i'm a korean what is going to say look at i am not going to hear you i like i was in the way i gotta do to somebody she wanted the no one chilling new night and tina
1:43 pm
dundas we're here don't know who's about to see you so here why keep the meadow and let them all get us here in a store then where is hidden but that of the deputy has disappeared he's been disappeared for more than 20 days so i thought by this he'll see that nobody has said what he is and i'd be happy to hear where he is he'd read it so how about. your own benefits you know that they don't benefit from the book at wimbledon and dollar said you have your lens and your militancy at the saloon beneficient i was. feeling they would but they did he and don said when if you consider yourself ever did oh i suppose as always he had. done the ways that he was he was detained before the 30th of versailles i meant you will move on to a 4th when i meant what it is you know you know we don't know not know who knows you know why do what minute that i am in this weather i could say well i. got on i got to be up a lot more out of my mental you can plan it but when you have an israel at the embassy you know you always have you about doing dental they were going to be
1:44 pm
doctor in venezuela he keep it they would both think for the men out of might need to look what it was you want to put in the other thing that he had 7 or so then and tell me something why isn't one of the idle under arrest then i got on with that with the show and i still don't really see. do you think you should be or you would have done one thing that i should with john also wes affordable now meant to but i. well i liked him by asking you this then where do you see me. in 6 months or even in 3 months if there isn't a peaceful settlement to this conflict or you've done one well guess what the man said that i want to hold to kill you so you know what i done them i hold your i love going to process said come in the yellow why don't you i don't wear the bloody people but i. don't poilus i'm going to and i'm going to hold what the board of political minister loss of wales was going out there on the hold my head up will see i said i know i said that was going to be my last question but i just have to
1:45 pm
keep insisting if you're going to negotiate you have to give up something so you're going to cede some of it was i don't know what i will see and what will you concede tonight so this time when i was said you know and i was just feeling so that i disciplined then i guess i said the whole lot of that the nicaraguans as you and i was discussing concepcion all high level to hamper going to support the local money and then us from then on libya. and it's in your way your yes i'm going to have given it was going to be when it was going to. get in was in it and i go and i am i'm going to get out of than picking up in these and those we need to get on scene i thought b.n. though i mean that in venezuela that said i am out of one of them but i guess i should live it i get it and i'm going to those who want to look at it a look see here in the local money and don't assume that i you you know. going to see me in the form of or need to go i want to say no to ken i think doug want to look into this you want to minister with an update on the cme but at the moment this is you take with him simple i 2nd that a lot of it was your own point that will go into the mode he looked at didn't get
1:46 pm
a full song. look i wouldn't run out of their muscle but affect will so on some of the agenda were not of any sort of the most against. foreign minister podcast that thank you for talking to i just in turn as i. stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles just from different perspectives giuliana's on just standoff with international borders is finally separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the judge of the some protesters complained about the underreported of police violence the sensationalizing of the demonstrations with the listening post on al-jazeera. they call this bleeding the tree. first substance the world is addicted to
1:47 pm
now at the center of a global trade war. it's latex in its purest form found in tires phones toothbrushes satellites or mattresses it is an essential element in daily life and so deep in the ivorian forest goes from tree to tree scarring them for the precious liquid trump is imposing $200000000000.00 in tariffs on china the world's largest manufacturer of rubber goods china in response imposes tariffs on some i really want to get down to the nitty gritty the reality whether on line when you have a male chauvinist and that is in plants with in our global federation and it is really hard to get a piece of that hog or if you join us on south. of the country to beef up their mind this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us in our live you tube chat and you too can meet in the street
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join the global conversation on al-jazeera. jews iraq. where ever you. the u.s. confirms it will speed up weapons sales to its allies in the gulf to counter what it calls instability caused by iran. hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the race to replace to resume
1:49 pm
a as british prime minister breaks it advocate barra's johnson is tipped to the frontrunner. a long ways and lethal conditions the traffic jams being blamed for multiple deaths on the world's highest mountain. and why volunteer run ambulance services are shutting down in rural areas in the united united states for many here in the vast expanses of rural america the distance between the gravely injured and the nearest ambulance is growing wider. while the u.s. national security adviser says intelligence on the threat from iran is quote deep and serious john bolton was speaking to reporters in japan where president trump is due to arrive late on saturday it comes as washington is stepping up its pressure on iran on several fronts a few hours ago secretary of state mike pompei a move to bypass congress to sell $8000000000.00 in arms to u.s.
1:50 pm
allies in the middle east president trump is downplaying the chances of the conflict but says he's sending an additional $1500.00 u.s. troops to the gulf also on friday the pentagon for the 1st time publicly blamed iran for recent attacks on saudi and amorality ships and infrastructure alan fisher has more from washington d.c. . initial reports suggested the u.s. was the. airing to send an additional 120000 troops to the middle east to combat the perceived threat from iran the president donald trump is no confirmed he's sending $1500.00 we want to add protection of the middle east we're going to be sending a relatively small number of troops the u.s. defense department says the troops are going to include an anti missile battery additional intelligence and surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft it's also sending fighter aircraft for the terrence. the pentagon says the move is defensive and not meant to provoke war but adds to another rush deployment earlier this month
1:51 pm
the u.s.s. abraham lincoln carrier strike group started to move to the gulf we would continue . to call for caution and restraint both in terms of actions and in terms of rate and. the threat from iran is also being used to push through $8000000000.00 in weapon sales to saudi arabia the united arab emirates and jordan normally congress would be given 30 days to approve foreign arm sales but it's already put a hold on earlier sales so secretary of state might pump decided to bypass congress and to clear the seal necessary to bolster regional allies against iran in the statement he said delaying the shipment could cause problems for key partners during a time of increasing regional volatility he says he sees this as a one off event the state department's decision to do this implies are very intent on increasing the weapons flow to saudi arabia but they did it within what i think they would argue is politically acceptable frame i think jordan to the mix question
1:52 pm
now of course although it may have been there originally these 3 countries together it's looks like a more robust package of defense against iran the sale has provoked criticism from both republicans and democrats in congress but it appears there's little they can do to stop it the president insists robust u.s. action sent a clear message to iran right now no i don't think iran wants the bite and i certainly don't think they want to fight with us trump maintains he wants to strike a new nuclear deal with iran having pool the u.s. out of the existing deal he's cranked up tough financial sanctions to force them to reopen discussions but there's nothing coming from iran which suggests they are ready to sit down and talk again alan fischer washington. at least 9 people have been killed in an as strike by the saudi m.r.c. coalition on yemen's nowhere district entires province the raid reportedly targeted
1:53 pm
a petrol station and some of the victims were children. and funerals have been held for 3 young brothers and their sister who were killed in strikes that targeted military sites and sun are who the run t.v. reported that 6 civilians died and dozens of others were injured including 2 russian health care workers who have controlled the capitol since 2014. well president on trunk has greeted u.s. troops in alaska on his way to japan he is due to meet the new emperor and empress during his 4 day trip but big business will be analyzing his meeting with prime minister shinzo abbay for any talk on trade when he reports from tokyo. away from high profile trade disputes between governments small and medium sized japanese businesses are forging their own relationships suck a casting company used to make car parts of the large japanese companies now it focuses on making products for other industries instead of relying on the japanese
1:54 pm
government to do the deals for it it's going directly to the united states. there is a global political trying to put your country 1st but even if there is an existing framework for trade i want to build relationships with other countries that are private sector level the relationship between japan and the united states is good but donald trump is trying to push japanese prime minister shinzo around on trade the u.s. president will attend a sumo tournament while he's in tokyo and may find that japan is determined to hold its ground trump is threatening to increase tariffs on imports of japanese cars if trade talks are successful within 6 months when the talks are going on between the 2 nations neither party should call for any unilateral action most of the threats are coming from the u.s. side which wants to correct its trade deficit with japan. but japan's government
1:55 pm
knows it's in a fairly strong position because the united states needs it strategically mainly because of the threat from north korea. and is a foil against the growing regional influence of china which is involved in its own trade dispute with the united states the white house is trade will not be the main focus of the president's trip to japan instead. it's mainly about being a state guest here at the imperial palace when donald trump will become the 1st foreign leader to meet japan's new emperor and empress you know he became emperor on the 1st of may after his father akihito abdicated giving this historic 1st meeting to the u.s. president is being seen as a symbol of the strong alliance between the countries and a desire to keep it that way i think. that these are very important gift for him. to. keep a good relation with japan. is unlikely to be
1:56 pm
a trade agreement reached while donald trump is in japan meaning the threats and strong rhetoric may continue in the meantime japan's small businesses have no choice but to carry on innovating and making their own deals wayne hay al jazeera tokyo now several prominent conservative m.p.'s have put their names forward to become the next british prime minister that's after tourism a announced she would step down on june 7th ending 3 to mull choice years in office and an emotional statement she said she deeply regretted failing to lead the u.k. out of the european union paul brennan reports it is in the best interests of the country for a new prime minister to lead that effort to recent days resignation announcement speech began a little hesitantly and ended reluctantly but with her close staff and her husband philip standing by for support the prime minister conceded defeat. it is and will always remain
1:57 pm
a matter of deep regret to me that i have not been able to deliver breck's it she will officially step down as party leader on june the 7th but remain as prime minister until her successor is chosen in the end though the emotional strain of recent months overcame her i will shortly leave the job that it has been the honor of my life to hold. the 2nd female prime minister but certainly not the last. i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love the prime minister's resignation became inevitable after a hostile reaction to her final breaths at compromise offer even senior figures within her own party were demanding that she quit now that she has many of those same critics have now praised her dignity and determination i found it moving actually i think that we know the promises to the heart and soul is trying to do
1:58 pm
the best for this country at a difficult time facing a challenging climate in palm and many of those currently paying tribute are keen to succeed her in the top job more than a dozen conservative m.p.'s could contest the leadership of the new prime minister emerging by the end of july but parliament then takes a 6 week recess and some observers see the whole process as self-indulgent with the october 31st deadline approaching we are wasting the time that's been allotted to us we are wasting good will and the next prime minister will have no different arithmetic from theresa may the same problems in parliament getting the deal 3 are the same promise in parliament if they try to get no deal the opposition labor party is demanding a general election is a new conservative leader isn't going to solve the problem. there has to be another opportunity for the people of this country to decide who that want to be in the government how they want the government to run what the long term strategy is that government i think we did a general election in brussels reaction to the resignation was diplomatic presence
1:59 pm
younker followed prime minister mays and now instruments this morning without personal joy the president very much liked and appreciated working with prime minister may and as he has said before terri's i'm a woman of courage for whom she has great respect choosing to resubmit a successor is a 2 stage process with conservative m.p.'s 1st with lean down the candidates to a final 2 and then a postal ballots of the party's wider membership choosing the winner the early frontrunner is boris johnson who has massive support among the 125000 grassroots conservative members but he enjoys less support among parliamentary colleagues the party's internal divisions were once again generate international repercussions it was bracks it which marked the beginning and end of teresa mayes premiership bracks it will certainly mark out her successor paul brennan al-jazeera. indonesian opposition candidate probably has to be until his challenging the results of last
2:00 pm
month's presidential election in court pub or his lawyers filed the appeal saying he lost because of widespread cheating official results show president joko widodo won the vote which the election commission called free and fair the results been met by violent protests with at least 7 people killed and 200 others injured and you thomas has another from jakarta. the middle back crowd arriving at the constitutional court in the heart of jakarta a lawyer. to defeated presidential candidate we found out earlier this week officially from the electoral commission that he had lost and lost badly to the presidential power without a will he just that he says that the election was systematically rigged and that is what his lawyers are here at the constitutional court to claim the have been some fear that the lawyers when they arrived here model rife with protesters and those protesters could turn violent.


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