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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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those 2 missile tests that there is no doubt that they violated united nations security council resolutions he also welcomed the prospect of a potential meeting between the japanese prime minister and the north korean korean leader kim jong il saying that that would provide substantial assistance in restarting dialogue with north korea shinzo are but his always been open to the prospect of meeting the north korean leader in the past he said though that they had there was a precondition that they would need to be a guarantee that in that meeting there would be substantial progress made on the issue of japanese abductions these are japanese citizens taken by north korea in the seventy's and eighty's recently though he has softened his stance saying that he's willing to meet the north korean leader without preconditions now so i'm sure that issue will be raised when he meets with donald trump ok wayne hey there joining us live from tokyo thank you very much indeed. the funerals have been
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held for 6 victims of a saudi u.a.e. air strike in yemen as capital sunnah 4 of them were siblings killed last week so to hide out reports. family friends and neighbors perform the last islamic prayers for those killed in last week's coalition air strike in sanaa the coffins lined up one by 14 of the victims were children from one family 3 brothers and a sister the family's only surviving son was in the same house as his brothers and sisters when the airstrike hit this is. still my 4 siblings were killed my sister she her my brother abdul rahman khalid and wassim my father and i are the only survivors we are here to bury them our home is destroyed. as other family members said their last goodbyes was the children's father sat quietly seemingly loss in despair but he still soon turned to justice. the aggression on yemen isn't
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just may god avenge them they killed my 4 children for no reason was this attack is a reminder that no one who see controlled areas in yemen is immune to the saudi led strikes was dozens of others were injured in the attack including 2 russian health workers. yemen's capital sanaa has been held by the full fee since it ousted the internationally recognized government of abdul rebel monsoon head in 2014 the airstrikes and renewed fighting in yemen's 4 day the port city have further complicated u.n. sponsored peace efforts to end the 4 year war that has killed tens of thousands of people and pushed the country towards the brink of famine sort of played at al-jazeera. so as to come on al-jazeera. travel to rural america volunteer i'm going to. drivers are the boxer and they can
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point out the front here. at. the wedding sponsored by the time. hello there we've had some very stormy weather over the eastern parts of europe recently in poland we've had a lot of heavy rain and in the southeast of the country we've still got some flooding those showers all still giving us a few problems but they are now trying to move away towards the east so here's what's happened over the last 12 hours then you can see this whole cluster of showers here and then gradually as we head through the day on saturday and into sunday you'll see those shouts retreat eastwards also we've got some other rather ferocious weather across europe as well with some very lively showers across many western parts those showers are also becoming confined to the south this time so here we see more dry weather so generally speaking then it is an improving picture
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over the next few days more of us will see some brighter drier weather and for paris which should get up to around 21 degrees now some of that messy weather over europe is also affecting us in the northwestern parts of africa as well you can see all this cloud on the satellite picture over out syria and tunisia and that is giving us a some heavy downpours lots of thunder and lightning out of this system as well it's going to stick around for saturday and as we head through sunday is still with us say for the coast about syria and into tunisia really looking pretty wet we're back should be dry of a 28 degrees. at 35. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. stories generates thousands of. with different angles from different perspectives on the sun just a long standoff with. is finally over separate the spin from the facts.
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and misinformation from the journalism protesters complain about the under-reported of police violence the sensationalizing of the demonstration with the listening post on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour. donald trump is sending $1500.00 soldiers to the middle east as the disputes with iran escalates the iranian foreign minister calls the deployment a threat to international peace and security. the u.s. president startled trump has just landed in japan for a 4 day visit he will meet prime minister shinzo abby for talks about trade sounds
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north korea's nuclear program. and at least 9 people have been killed in an airstrike by the saudi m.r.c. coalition in yemen the raids in my we a district and province reportedly targeted a petrol station some of the victims were children. now at least 10 people have died while attempting to scale minds everest over the past few days that raise questions about overcrowding on the world's highest peak this photo of climbers waiting in line near the summit has gone viral on the pole if in. will say the delays caused exhaustion and dehydration that's at include mountaineers from india the u.s. austria islands and the poli guides not the sharpest say manson climber and founder of wild yet expeditions he joins us now on skype from kat mandy thank you very much for speaking to us here on al-jazeera many of us were shocked and we saw
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that photo that went viral of the enormous queues where people waiting to summit mines have arrests just how big a problem which is a overcrowding is. the problem is you know it saves or not it's getting very common now on everest because since my experience and from 2008 climbing everest absent couple of times it's usually in consultants law also known as the creek or out on everest on the same place and basically what i give is that you know not getting very promising lives and the people coming from all over the lot to come kind of maybe even or whatever they have dreams what the thing is that people come with. a pretty ration that's what i feel because you know people have to start from country beaches like 7200 metres and they go to surf all the arrows nearly all the
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rest and then they have to continue again like 18 hours. meeting this time people don't bring in water and they have no time or all eat also you know because of all that you so people really get exhausted and at the same time you know a lot of plant grows they are not really prepared oxygen's you know how bizarre to new york are many hours of one bottle if so you know to check the time overcrowded or it's too good to continue or not. sorry to cut you off a preparation is is clearly key especially when trying to to the world's highest minds and but certainly the volume of people who are attempt saying that particular feats it's surely it appears unprecedented i've ever seen that many people attempting to climb the mountain one day after i have seen basically have myself
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manservant an american history done from the old and from the not sight and i've been to dance i couldn't some it's a total i've been some time on everest so i've seen all these cues you know all of my experience shows you know the future you are better you are and you know it depends on when you're up or else all are so and also about the gregory because there has a very limited better it starts from the beginning of farm aid to examine thank you and you could be opening day there are like all days of 5 years where you have a short window rural like around 530 kilometer of our parking so everybody checking on who's we know so are not the people people as. you know we now are so you know better this coming be not be so people all day russia or the senator and that's next next to me and then the tea party is here
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again i tell it's about this level and the knowledge about your oxygen yes you know me can only imagine you know like 24 hours of work what nonstop talking like you know and then you having just one liter of water and a better limited food and in this all teach you so well and then you know we are so this is this is a big. leg of our there are many facts obviously to take into consideration with this but just quickly what should be done to tackle this problem other than the proper planning and preparation the nepali government issued a record 379 paramedics this year do you think that fewer people should be permitted on to the mountain in the 1st place. out most nearly what i feel is that you know that's too much but at the same time what if you lose that you know basically from stock or from 7900.
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others a lot of especially bansal some jewelry. goes up to big flanks. you know and if there is an exam that there is one part in that sentence what are people going to do send also on the if you look at it it's all one big slang and then all people are scared because they don't want to get over the rock because then you will fall there's a chance of calling you know so that's also a reason everybody so i think from the born to do it is very important also you know the one who's you know on the in the last they have to be very. constant on the line of fixing where one can go out and one can boil them down ok thank you very much for speaking to is not bush nor bush after the finds are of well jack expeditions joining us than life from. thank you so much. now demonstrators in the bangladeshi capital dhaka have gathered to protest against
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forced disappearances they're calling on the government to release people who they say have been secretly detained human rights groups in bangladesh say around 435 people have to subpoenas in the last 9 years. and it is nearly elected m.p.'s from the governing bharatiya janata party will gather in the capital to select prime minister narendra modi as their leader it follows a landslide victory from the 6 week election the win gives morsi a powerful mandate to implement his nationalist vision i saw the raman reports from . india woke up on friday to news that the bharatiya janata party led by the renderer modi had secured an absolute majority in the 6 week long general election . b j p celebrations began on thursday when early indications suggested another wind was imminent. the election commission has been counting more than 600000000
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votes cast since early on thursday and everyone is waiting for the initial announcement modi still has to be formally elected by his own party parliamentarians he's expected to meet them in a special session on saturday we need to listen to the well being j p is celebrating the mood is very different from an opposition groups whose influence in parliament is now severely reduced given our experience the last 5 years. and. we will lead them. we will stand up as far as people's concerns will be i mean. analysts suggest job creation in rural and urban areas is a topic the government needs to focus on has one this victory also significantly to the young and 1st time voter much like he did in. 2014 but in the last couple of years unemployment has been very high and and it will be something that he will
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have to address for the young as well as for the future of the country. but one senior leader says policies are working what's next in terms of how. the. right sector all the sectors must move because if the impetus which is already there is the fastest growing economy has to remain the must produce results which will better performance at least until. the public to has those concerns. you should try and remove unemployment for the young of the country the problems of the villages lack of electricity water should be tackled the farmer should get more facilities and the marginal and rubble farmers get their problem solved these are the issues for money. and as the prime minister gets ready to begin his 2nd term many will be looking to see if he'll address these issues modi has received an overwhelming mandate to deliver on his pledges but it's not just domestically
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issues that'll be a factor in a 2nd term. global financial uncertainty is something that may affect india's growth and economy and regional stability with pakistan is something that modi has to balance while appeasing his nationalist vote base so whole raman al jazeera new delhi. south africans and government dignitaries have begun filing into the stadium where recently elected president cyril ramaphosa will be inaugurated in the coming hours more than $35000.00 people are expected to attend the ceremony m. pretoria on the positive office last year after jacob zuma resigned on corruption allegations. now in much of the us there's no national system for ambulance services in most rural areas for police and firefighters are generally paid emergency medical technicians are volunteers as john hendren reports from devil's tower wyoming the system is on the verge of collapse.
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there are as many people and twice as many cattle. here in the least populated of the 50 american states. are the modern day cowboys of the frontier. 250000 square kilometers of red rocks or. whatever this is. for the 46000000. trained certified experts. volunteer their time. people just go out of the.
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verge of collapse. the us population increasingly. with more 2 income households busier there are fewer. and for emergency services scrambling for volunteers and funding it's a system in crisis. for rural residents whose ailments range from rattle snake bites to rodeo injuries that means longer sometimes life threatening waits for help
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the answer many say is to fund rural ambulances through taxes like most police and fire services the volunteer model i do not believe a sustainable as it currently exists the organizations cannot be expected to continue to fund themselves and buy their equipment and provide their time for free it's just it's it's not a sustainable model. already across the rural us ambulance services are shutting their doors for good many operators who remain fear one day soon critically injured patients will down 911 and no one will answer john hendren al-jazeera devil's tower wyoming and we'll be continuing our series on 1st responders we're going to afghanistan next year and says they're often arrive on the scene of attacks quickly but struggle to do much else and report from the capital will be on monday on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera and these are the headlines donald trump is sending $1500.00 additional troops to the middle east as tensions with iran continues to grow iran's foreign minister called the deployments of threats to international peace and security the u.s. president has also bypassing congress to sell $8000000000.00 worth of weapons to allies in the region. u.s. president donald trump has just landed in japan for a 4 day visit he will meet prime minister shinzo abyei for talks about trade and snored korea's nuclear program trump will become the 1st state guest off the new emperor not a heater it came to the throne are there this month. at least 9 people have been killed in an airstrike by the saudi m.r.c. coalition on yemen's districts in tarries province the raid reportedly targeted a petrol station some of the victims were children and feel have been held for 3
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young brothers and their sister who were killed in air strikes that targeted military sites in samara the syrian television reported that 6 civilians died and dozens of others were injured including 2 russian health care workers. several prominent conservative m.p.'s have put their names forward to become the next british prime minister and he's managed on friday she would step down saying she regretted failing to leave the u.k. outs of the european union and at least 10 people have died while attempting to scale mines everest over the past few days the deaths of various questions about overcrowding on the world's highest peak this force of climbers waiting in line near the summit has gone viral the poet fishel say the delay is caused exhaustion and dehydration. and cyril ramaphosa will be sworn in for a full term as south africa's president in less than an hour's time if you cough as last year after jacob zuma resigned over corruption allegations and prioritize
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reform and economic revival well those are the top stories stay here stay with us here and i'll just here he is continues after the listening post. talk to al-jazeera we heard you're just back from yemen what was the glimpse of the country that you go we listen to the children are deeply affected because of war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter which is there are. all of us watching this tensions between the most radical and we're learning. what may have actually increased interest rates some. time ron i've read years rather than tell a chance that's america's choice. hello i'm richard gere's word and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week journalists and news junkies are taught to consider the source one of the challenges in understanding the u.s.
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iran showdown is that the key sources are unnamed. and anti sematic video published by a.j. plus arabic is pulled down the network issues an apology and suspends 2 journalists julian assange now faces more charges in the u.s. that have precedent setting implications alarming ones for mainstream news outlets the perils that women journalists face in the age of the internet and gimmicks galore election coverage on indian news channels. let's go there stop us if you've heard this one before anonymous sources in washington quoted in the u.s. media over purported intelligence reports on specific but on specified. threats from a middle eastern country and this buildup of u.s. military forces around said country because as the narrative goes somehow maximum pressure perhaps even war is the best way to bring peace to the reach this would
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not be the 1st time the american media with italy or unwittingly has made the case for war on the basis of vague anonymously sourced intelligence in 2003 it was iraq this time it's iran much of american news reporting on u.s. iran relations glosses over president trump's role how his policies have led to this standoff there's even less space given to reflect on the history of american aggression against iran which is not to say that the islamic republic ruled by authoritarians and involved in wars in syria and yemen is an innocent player however inflammatory headlines unnamed sources and decades of misinformation in the us media over iran don't help our starting point this week is washington d.c. . headlines like bees about iranian belligerence a new tensions with the us came from sources like the us the official who declined
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to be identified the 3 us officials familiar with the find a defense official who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly it's a safe bet that the official was authorized to speak anonymously if we were to write a headline on the coverage of this story it would read anonymous government sources u.s. news media risks being manipulated again. all of a sudden you have a news headline that takes over the world which comes from a rather dubious and questionable source but by the time that people start asking questions is already too late because the narrative has been that has to take into account the ace. single source story we can potentially start of this disaster of confrontation and this really i think increases the burden of responsibility. to make sure to take and they triple checked their sourcing and they say what you mad
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with a media outlets relying on certain sources is not something peculiar or uncommon on the country because well why whether in the us or elsewhere and then this is especially true when the masses relate to state security or intelligence which always involves a particular sources who can provide verification or information. that there was a wall street journal report on the threat from iran would seem very interesting is that the headline was almost the exact opposite of what the story was describing all along the reporting you would see points and information would refute actual conclusion that one would get from the headline and there's a good part of the audience that only sees that headlines on their phones on their website and then they move on to the next story. those headlines have been largely based on 2 things the u.s. intelligence report that was 1st reported upon on may the 6th and gunboat attacks
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against foreign oil tankers 2 of them saudi the took place a few days later and have been blamed on iran or its proxies the intelligence report has not been made public its contents have reportedly been described to various news outlets by those anonymous officials who talk about specific but unspecified threats from iran against american interests in the region including u.s. forces in iraq and syria. for media watchers observers of american foreign policy and victims of those policies moving on is not an option because of memories of iraq anonymous sources were an issue back then too as was dubious intelligence vague claims of iraqi w m d's. he develops weapons of mass destruction that the us media swallowed far too readily and obediently if he gets weapons of mass destruction jerry if he is what does that mean for the world iraq
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2003 is considered the greatest collective failing in the history of american journalism and it is far too soon to see those kinds of editorial practices in use once again the u.s. media was not critical at all that george w. bush administration in the lead up to the iraq war even though there were multiple sources outside of the us government saying that there is no evidence that iraq had weapons of mass destruction and in this instance we are seeing the same sorts of attributions beginning again and u.s. media they're talking a lot about threats from iran and yet they're not providing much intel about that we are now dealing with people in the top administration like john bolton who have a long track record of trying to politicize intelligence to advance their agenda whatever the shape. so the burden of responsibility is really underscored shoulders of the journalist to go beyond the trumpet ministration and trying to talk to us
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allies in the region and the iranians also to get their perspective. in the news business context and it's largely missing in the u.s. iran coverage for most americans this conflict goes back to $979.00 the islamic revolution and the subsequent hostage taking a $52.00 americans in tehran held captive in their embassy for 444 days but it's what led to the 1979 hostage crisis that iranians remember the 1953 and the u.s. led coups that brought down the government of prime minister mohammad mosaddegh and re-installed the autocratic shah of iran who would rule his people for a quarter century but there's even more to us of on his. such is the role that america played in the iran iraq war in the 1980 s. when the reagan administration helped sadam the scenes forces and his army used chemical weapons at least 100000 iranians were casualties and despite that long
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troubled backstory in 2015 there ron came to an agreement with the us the e.u. and 5 other countries in which it agreed to limit its national nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions the iranians stuck to their end of the deal the trump administration did not pulling out of the pact last year unilaterally but u.s. news outlets that are usually not shy with their criticism of president trump provide him with much more leeway on foreign policy then on domestic issues when it comes to domestic politics especially under the trumpet ministration the us mainstream media has been quite good at trying to be critical of the administration and what it's doing what the president's trying to any budget proposal dead on arrival what is the political strategy behind this move when it comes to foreign policy traditionally u.s. mainstream media does not really push back and try to understand the bigger context
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of why are we even going to engage in something like this study u.s. government official tells c.b.s. news this category of weapon is routinely supplied by iran to its proxies in iraq iran's policies in the region are often. aligned various destabilizing as if everybody else's actions in the region are benign stabilizing a look at what saudi arabia has done in yemen in the past 4 years look at what the u.s. the in the region by destabilizing iraq so i think this kind of demonizing iran and portraying iran as the source of all evil in the region is by definition hype and by the finish and results and misguided. policies that could produce another tragedy like the iraq war what nobody had to cover in 19531979 or in 2003 with iraq was an american commander in chief on twitter effectively
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negotiating with a major foreign state on a microblogging site donald trump not the most articulate president the us has ever produced can be remarkably clear and forceful on twitter however diplomacy is not easily conducted when the players are limited to $280.00 characters or few. from the very beginning trumpets used twitter as a tool in his campaign but he now uses it to make statements that differ from his actual policy when you threaten north korea with fire when he did so to restart negotiations well the latest threats by trump obviously make headlines as he's the us president they're no longer conceived destructing so his strategy is no longer is a factor when. you have now i know president trump has used that on north korea and it has worked and it seems like he's trying to use the same blueprint for iran to eventually get them to the negotiating table like he did with kim jong on but there
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are leadership thanks very differently than the north koreans they're not looking for in the gym to see follow up on the world stage with president don't want to negotiate with him publicly they've said it numerous times because he said he's been just respecting them and his twitter is actually an important part of this entire just respect campaign the iranians are talking about if not the main pillar of it. donald trump would not be the 1st occupant of the white house accused of using iran as a useful distraction from domestic political troubles in a stream of tweets in 2012 and 13 americans were warned that barack obama was preparing to do the same thing to start a war. to ron in order to get elected to save face. by donald j. trump. that kind of context hasn't made it into the headlines but it's a big part of the story. we're
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discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers tara can offer tarek the 1st story we're looking at strikes close to home it's about al jazeera want to its digital online outlets a.j. plus arabic last week it posted a story questioning the holocaust what did that story actually say richard 1st off this video. and the plea offensive to journalists involved have been suspended and there's an ongoing investigation into it but let me back up a little bit and give you some details on the video itself it was produced by arabic and put out with the caption said what is the truth about the holocaust and how did the zionist movement benefit from it the report then claims that the killing of $6000000.00 jews was quote a narrative that was adopted by the zionist movement the video got hundreds of thousands of views before it was pulled down and we wrote so yes
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a bishop the exact.


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