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then the north koreans they're not looking for in the gym you see. on the world stage with the president don't want to negotiate with him public he said it numerous times because he said he's been disrespected and his twitter is actually an important part this entire disrespect campaign. if not the main pillar of it. donald trump would not be the 1st occupant of the white house accused of using iran as a useful distraction from domestic political troubles in a stream of tweets in 2012 and 13 americans were warned that barack obama was preparing to do the same thing to start a war with iran in order to get elected to save face. by donald j. trump. that kind of context hasn't made it into the headlines but it's a big part of the story. we're
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discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers tara tara the 1st story we're looking at strikes close to home it's about al-jazeera want to its digital online outlets a.j. plus arabic last week it posted a story questioning the holocaust what did that story actually say 1st off this video. and the offensive involved have been suspended and there's an ongoing investigation into it but let me back up a little bit and give you some details on the video itself it was produced by our brick and put out with the caption said what is the truth about the holocaust and how did the zionist movement benefit from it the report then claims that the killing of 6000000 jews was quote a narrative that was adopted by the zionist movement the video got hundreds of thousands of views before it was pulled down and we wrote the exact. director of
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digital division and he thinks of this statement we. deeply regret the mistake and the offense caused by the content individuals and communities across the world i want to reiterate that algis there does not tolerate any thoughts material on any of the network platforms and we are ensuring that additional profit being put in place for that this type of error doesn't happen again but the reaction online was instant it was already out there much of it came from within al-jazeera itself including a.j. plus the english language version did not that's right the video was widely criticized online some of the criticism has centered on just how different the content puts out by the arabic language with can be from the english language one the head of the english language version of a.j. plus with categorical tweeting i was personally shocked and appalled by a video on the holocaust published last friday by the editorial arabic language
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a.j. plus the video since removed was an unconscionable violation of. moving on to julian assange now the u.s. justice department is charging the wiki leaks founder who would already been charged under one law with another 17 counts of breaking a 2nd law the espionage act that is disturbing not just for us she was looking at up to 175 years behind bars but also has implications for other journalists tell us why because of the precedent these latest charges would set a son who was initially charged and computer fraud and abuse that since he's helped with source chelsea manning get classified material out of defense department computers that stage the justice department appear to be trying to make a distinction between a songe and the rest of the media including needs outlets like the new york times and the guardian that partnered with wiki leaks and published its material some of these new charges under the espionage. it's relate to how the sons encouraged to
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provide him with material the kind of thing journalists do every day but they also focus on wiki leaks publishing classified documents and that has implications for mainstream news outlets then the same remember the difficulty in differentiating what wiki leaks does from what news organizations do is what prevented the obama administration from using the espionage act against this in the 1st place which explains why the american civil liberties union calls these latest charges an extraordinary escalation of the trumpet ministrations attacks on journalism ok thanks to our we're turning now to dispatches from what they call the virtual war zone a story about the perils of online journalism reporters have always had to defend their work and the trolling of journalists is now routine but many female media professionals deal with the kind of hate messages men will never see comments about
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their gender their appearance and sexuality the language can be ugly and violent threats of sexual assaults and rape have grown alarmingly common because for trolls hiding behind an online profile is easy the anonymity of social media has made the dissemination of abuse and hate as easy as a simple click the listening post spoke to 2 journalists maria ressa in the philippines and said that he can go in india about very experience with online harassment and the impact it's had on their work and their wellbeing also talking us through this story hannah storm the former director of an organization that trains reporters on how to stay safe both on and off the web. and used to be a war zone correspondent but in a war zone you know where the enemy you know what to prepare for you know how to
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stay safe. in this new landscape. this is intimate you take it home with you you wake up with it it's with you all the time. i've been attacked as a communist operative busy a cia agent every kind of word. or and i'm all. for now and then you name it and it's been thrown out. as a journalist i'm used to defending the work i do but how do you respond when someone threatens you with rape when someone wants you dead inundated with the barracks are paid to the vitriol it's called do you think it's like a prostitute to a whole world because somebody else is a sex slave that they could just do things to you that are really sexually explicit
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women genocide 3 times more likely to experience i want to ask the man hundreds of times shame them into silence by calling them names by undermining the reputation and by trying to violate their oldest child in august of 2016 rappler came out with a series of stories i call that the propaganda machine that series showed the social media has been weaponized that accounts that are that are in the middle of this the content creators are working for government and it was all connected to anyone who questioned the drug war a soon as the series was published i started receiving an average of 90 messages per hour i'll read one to you is that all right so this one this one this is from a real. kid maybe maria ressa is dream is to become the ultimate porn star in
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a gangbang scene so it's not but it's there. 2nd one is make sure maria ressa gets publicly raped to death when martial law expands to ensure it would bring joy in my heart. it's meant to tearing you down so low that. you don't have the confidence to continue reporting that's one and then the 2nd is to make. yourself stop you were doing. stories that go against the government narrative all of it's just a day to day. rubbish and horror that female journalists have to experience but it's not just it's very much physical it's very much psychological as well a lot of the journalists who are killed around the world get threats online certainly the physical on the virtual to collide one of the issues for news organizations is trying to understand the severity of the threat and that's often a difficult issue when you go on online harassment or go online threats to figure
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out how serious do you need to take in the beginning i never used taken seriously because i thought it was just you know people barking on social media lunatics on social media crazy people who i didn't have to dig seriously but then i started getting some very serious threat. one of the 1st threats that i got was a threat of get angry and it was a gang rape of me as well as my daughter was in school and they said we know where your daughter studies we know would school and we know what time she comes out of school and we're going to grab her and we're going to have a soul draw and we're going to perform gang rape you see what happens is that the bus and puts out a threat and then deletes the account but having deleted the account a lot of other hand will then take it up and disseminate it so its purpose is so
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because it creates a kind of chilling effect you get very scared you tend to sort of selves and because you're scared of what is out there the. troll posts to support sites that something like 30 percent of the much of us they spoke with had considered leaving the profession because of the impact it had on the cement 40 percent of female journalists about she stopped writing about certain stories if we're in a situation where journalists are impacted onto this. sixten it's really really time to freedom of expression as well the threads get on with growing and they keep getting more and more abusive and more ammo followed if you're a liberal you're on the right. if you're a journalist you're under attack if you're a liberal woman journalist and your public enemy number one there are women who were attacked on social media were then attacked off social media the threats can
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be online and then go offline my colleague and good friend go to was actually shot in september 27th teen and a facebook user. a hit list of me and 4 other women saying that when one has been taken care of we now need to locate these 5 other women find out where they live and we need to systematically finish them all and this was and shared by numerous other facebook users now the reason why i dig these the school twitter thread seriously is because you know this is exactly what happened to me. she faced social media threats as you know we should take it seriously the fact is she was killed you know and the scary thing about goatees death was of the modus our space has said that i didn't know who she was i was just told that she was damaging my religion and so i killed oh so that's the level of brainwashing in fanaticism that exists out there i don't think the government is doing anything about it actually i
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think number of these tools were there on social media i actually followed by government ministers i think social media companies need to do much more i would love it if people were engaging with me on my journalism all were engaging with me on my work but if it becomes a place for death threats and rape threats and full gang rape threads then i think it uses its meaning. social media companies need to have much stricter restrictions on what is hate speech and what is speech against women what is he'd speech against minorities for the. problem that i've seen is that they are in silicon valley looking at the world's lenses that don't take into account the global landscape they operate in when i hear mark zuckerberg say you know it'll take us 5 years. i just say you know we don't hound 5 years in our country you sort of people you shouldn't be in the philippines for. information is the core of our beliefs of our
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common reality and. we need to go get back to a point where this kind of dystopian use of information is mitigated. finally india even when you take the country's population into account it's the busiest most crowded television market in the world it has more than 900 privately owned channels more than 400 of those are news channels the 24 hour kind they've just covered a national election in which the voting not the campaigning the voting took 5 weeks imagine how much news content was churned out the reality is the prime minister narendra modi just want to 2nd term in office but we're going to look at the virtual reality and some of the other tricks and gimmicks that those news channels used to try to get viewers who vote with their remotes to tune in some of those
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channels one slightly over the top we'll see you next time you're at the listening 2 2 2. stand with the headline right now closing the doors all said. let's go there. all of the people here but now we're setting the tone of following out of this to you know giving 20 did you really think that it could be a good you could be 90. 705 could have been 20 old song in 36262 is to the b.j. beat you know ok well 73 you can be 30 the nice guys playing and what is happening in the crowd not without a member this is a coup for the city for me and
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a little 6 for the congress various allies this seems to be a support of all those if they can quickly think of you. coming back in 2019 and let's head back to the studio. people have to weigh your own record on this trouble in fact a few years ago there is place only for one state on the land of israel all you do not believe in a 2 state solution the official story is that there are no i'm sure we all feel sorry i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been telling the world isn't watching wife there's lots to graze in here join me mad the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories on the big issues here on al-jazeera. once and then had to try now settled in towns and villages. but many are unregistered and invisible. parks explodes
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into homes one of the citizens al-jazeera world needs to upgrade people. who are out on the ground and put them around the person's going through the existing. stateless in lebanon. as iraq. the u.s. is sending more troops to the middle east iran's foreign minister calls it a dangerous escalation. alomar hittin this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up u.s. president donald trump arrives in japan to talk trade and security will be live in
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tokyo. and airstrike by the saidee u.a.e. coalition kills at least 9 people and yemen's ties province. syria around a poser prepares to take the oath of office for his 1st full term as sex africa's president. but 1st the disputes between the u.s. and iran is escalating with president donald trump now confirming plans to send $1500.00 soldiers to the middle east iran's foreign minister calls the troop deployment a threat to international peace and security trump is also bypassing congress to sell $8000000000.00 worth of weapons to sightsee arabia the u.a.e. and jordan well in a moment for here from say in basra v in tehran but 1st here's alan fischer in washington. initial report suggested the u.s.
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was preparing to send an additional 120000 troops to the middle east to combat the perceived threat from iraq but president donald trump is no confirmed he's sending $1500.00 we want our projection the middle east we're going to be sending a relatively small number of troops the u.s. defense department says the troops are going to include an anti missile battery additional intelligence and surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft it's also sending fighter aircraft for deterrence. the pentagon says the move is defensive and not meant to provoke war but adds to another rush deployment or this month the u.s.s. abraham lincoln carrier strike group started to move to the gulf we would continue . to call for caution and restraint both in terms of actions and in terms of rate and. the threat from iran is also being used to push through $8000000000.00 in weapon sales to saudi arabia the united arab emirates and jordan normally congress
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would be given 30 days to approve foreign arm sales but it's already put a hold on earlier sales so secretary of state mike pompeo decided to bypass congress and to clear the seal necessary to bolster regional allies against iran in the statement he said delaying the shipment could cause problems for key partners during a time of increasing regional volatility he says he sees this as a one off event the state department's decision to do this implies that they are very intent on increasing the weapons flow to saudi arabia but they did it within what i think they would argue is politically acceptable frame by adding jordan to the mix plus now of course although it may have been there originally these 3 countries together it's looks like a more robust package of defense against iran the sale has provoked criticism from both republicans and democrats in congress but it appears there's little they can do to stop it the president insists robust u.s.
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action sent a clear message to iran right now no i don't think iran wants the fight and i certainly don't think they want to fight with us trump maintains he wants to strike a new nuclear deal with iran having pooled the u.s. out of the existing deal he's cranked up tough financial sanctions to force them to reopen discussions alan fischer washington. well for more let's go live now to. tear on and saying what's the latest reaction been to these developments in iran. well we've heard from foreign minister jugaad zarif who called this a dangerous escalation dangerous for peace and international security in the region and he also said that the united states was simply doing this to justify its hostile policies against iran and to again as tensions in the region we've also heard from brigadier general mortars who are body now he's the advisor to the new
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head of the islamic revolutionary guard corps and in an interview with the state news website he said that it is unlikely that the u.s. will stage an attack on iran but he said if the enemy does the smallest stupidest thing in the waters of the persian gulf the enemy will understand what we will do to him he went on to say these warships with the smallest stupid action will be sunk by missiles or secret weapons the enemy shouldn't pull us so iranian leaders both civilian and military are taking every single step that the united states takes in the region very seriously and they're watching very closely and in terms of in terms of dialing down the rhetoric and diffusing this tension is there any chance this whole of the meeting between the iranians and the u.s. administration. i think that is the hope on part of a lot of the observers here a lot of the allies of both countries are hoping that this can be settled in a negotiated solution the dialogue can prevail iranian people have said as much to
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us they don't want to see another conflict especially now with the united states but it is really difficult to see how diplomats how the political leaders of both sides can sit down when there is such an enormous trust deficit between them the iranians say that the departure from the drone comprehensive plan of action the 2015 iran nuclear deal showed that the united states isn't serious about negotiating with the. or with fulfilling its commitments to the country mohammad javad zarif during a visit to pakistan this weekend addressed a reporter's question which was exactly that will you be speaking to any members of the current us administration his answer was unequivocally no they will not be ok same dystrophy they're joining us from tehran and i thank you. iran's foreign minister charged serif is heading to iraq for talks with its leaders his visit comes out iraqi protesters demands their government stay out of the disputes between the u.s. and iran but matheson was that. as a writer like us one between the united states and iran iraqis are worried that
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it's going to spill over into violence and that's going to mean that their country and self as a battleground in a proxy war the right has good relations with iran in terms of trade but also help and religion and iran supplies about here to this i know they have a city that iraq needs from the south of the country but iraq also needs the troops from the united states and foreign countries to deal with the threats from myself and it needs investment in those countries this rally has been called by god i'll cite he's a shia cleric also the leader of one of the largest political blocs in the parliament is also a nationalist has made no secret of the fact that he wants to get us and fallen troops out of iraq and iraq has been in a period of relative cynicism like i saw but now the iraqis are concerned that they're facing the chance that their country is once again going to be pulled into
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conflict. well the u.s. president title trump has arrived in japan for a 4 day visit let's listen in so what he's saying well as mr peter jennings the president of the american chamber of commerce in japan thank you very much thank you peter fantastic thank you also in the room tonight are dozens of the distinguished representatives from the american and japanese business communities the greatest business men and women in the world you really have some people that are just been incredible and incredible investors in our country thank you very much he said of i when you're going to put 50000000000 in and you put the 50000000000 in now he says more he actually raised it to 100000000000 that's probably higher than that to thank you very much i appreciate that confidence. we also appreciate all of your spouses being here very special people without the spouses it doesn't work that we will all admit so thank you all for being here
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we're deeply grateful to you for your presence and. the relationship with japan and the united states i can say for a fact has never been stronger it's never been more powerful never been closer this is a very exciting time for commerce between the 2 countries that we both love the united states and japan are 2 of the largest economies in the world you're right there you're doing fantastically well i was looking very closely on the right over at some of the numbers being produced in japan and doing great today we're cooperating closely across many industries including defense technology digital economy and energy also infrastructure science and so much more as you know the united states and japan are hard work negotiating a bilateral trade agreement which will benefit both of our countries i would say
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that japan has had a substantial edge for many many years but that's ok maybe that's why you like a so much but we'll get it a little bit more fair i think i think we'll do that we also have a tremendous relationship with the military in japan is ordering a great deal of military equipment we make the best equipment in the world the best jets the best missiles the best rockets the best everything so japan is doing very large orders a way appreciate that and we think it's probably appropriate right there with everything that's going on world is changing with this deal we hope to address the trade imbalance remove barriers to united states exports and ensure fairness and reciprocity in our relationship and we're getting close just last week u.s. beef exports gain full access to japanese and to the markets in japan. for the 1st
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time since the year 2000 we welcome your support of these efforts and we hope to have several further announcements soon and some very big ones over the next few months and we're also here as you know for a very special occasion not having to do with trade we all know about that our nations are also working together to promote mutually beneficial investment the united states is currently japan's top foreign direct investor by far and overall japanese investment in the united states supports nearly a 1000000 jobs and that number is going up very rapidly in fact we're looking at projections with all of the money coming in for the new auto plants and other things that number will be doubled in a very short period of time over the past 2 years alone japan has invested tens of billions of dollars in the united states in march toyota. whereas
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toyota. i thought that was you please stand. that's pretty big stuff right thank you very much we appreciate it very much thank you. which is represented in number of people but we have the boss there's nothing like the boss they q. recently announced new investments of $750000000.00 in increased its 5 year investment plan to 13000000000 dollars preceded it with play of say ok we're just going to think the president told trump he house arrived in japan he's addressing business leaders at the moment center as we heard defense trade very much on the u.s. president's thoughts let's get more on the best way to hate life 1st.


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