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whereas toyota. i thought that was you please stand up. that's pretty big stuff right thank you very much we appreciate it very much thank you. which is represented in number of people but we have the boss there's nothing like the boss thank you recently announced new investments of $750000000.00 in increased its 5 year investment plan to 13000000000 dollars preceded it. with lives ok we're just been listening to the resident donald trump who has arrived in japan he's addressing business leaders at the moment as we heard defense trades very much on the u.s. president's thoughts let's get more on this when hey is live for us now in the japanese capital where we have just been listening to see president donald trump there and it weirds appear that the main purpose of this visit seems rather focused on trade. yes well we have to remember is
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in that room talking to many business leaders both from japan and the united states and you're right he is talking a lot about trade despite the fact that the white house and the japanese government sit before this visit that that was not really the main reason for donald trump coming to japan and wouldn't be a main focus of the talks between him and the japanese prime minister shinzo arbor the main reason for this visit they said was for the imperial reception at the palace in tokyo where donald trump will become the 1st foreign leader to meet japan's new emperor but there's no doubt trade will be discussed between the 2 leaders there are trade negotiations going on right now they started in april the trade negotiation teams have been in tokyo over the past few days continuing those negotiations but i think despite what donald trump to say there about significant announcements coming up i don't think we're going to see any of those significant announcements while he is in japan over the next few days and may not see any
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significant agreement reached between japan and the united states on trade for some time yet i think there's a sense from the japanese side certainly that they would like this to be a little bit slower purely for domestic political reasons there is an upper house election coming up in july of this year possibly also lower house elections will be called by the prime minister so there's a feeling that the government the prime minister will not be one. to give away too much to the united states ahead of that election because it may affect his chances of being reelected if those concessions are viewed as negative from the voter base here in japan and so when the other pressing regional concern is of course north korea korea soon this will also make up some of the talks during this visit. i think that's a fair assumption and again donald trump mentioned the fact that japan is buying a lot of weapons military equipment from the united states because of the security
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concerns in the region those concerns have not gone away despite the disc diplomacy between the united states and south korea and north korea we saw perhaps the restart of provocations from north korea earlier this month with those 2 missiles being tested some sort of new short range missile being tested by the united states john bolton the national security adviser to the united states is also in japan and he spoke about that early on saturday saying there's no doubt that those missile tests from north korea were a clear violation of the united nations security council resolutions and i think that obviously this is a very important issue for japan it has been directly involved the direct target of some of those provocations from north korea over the years but despite the diplomacy between the united states and north korea between south korea and pyongyang there's a sense perhaps that japan's been
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a little bit on the outside of those negotiations now we're hearing that the japanese prime minister shinzo are bare very much is open to meeting with the north korean leader kim jong il and the national security adviser for the united states john bolton spoke about that as well welcoming that possibility so there's no doubt that will also be raised when shinzo up it meets with donald trump ok wayne hay in tokyo thank you. so if africa's recently elected president cyril ramaphosa has arrived at his inauguration ceremony which is to to begin within the hour. is choose to serve a full term as president he took office last year after jacob zuma resigned amid corruption allegations africa national congress won the general election earlier this month but it was the party his worst performance and 25 years but for me it's a miller joins us now live from pretoria and for me there what are we looking forward to in today's proceedings. well now that the
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official proceedings have begun that's with a prayer by with by various faiths we expect from a poster to be sworn in within the hour we'll take his oath of office there are about 32000 people at the stage and it's a momentous occasion for many of them as well as millions of south africans watching there at least 40 heads of state and dignitaries here many of them from other african nations including a list to do is what t.v. has a bomb where as well as a botswana though i think what is interesting for many south africans that while they are a number of former south african president jacob zuma the most recent former president appears to have chosen not to attend we do know that the relationship between zuma and president elect loom up or so has been quite tense and i think many would view this as
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a snub but we expect proceedings to continue for the next hour or 2 and by 1 o'clock local time i would have taken that oath of office following he is posed election by parliamentarians earlier this week. and certainly we're after the celebrations the real work begins who is ahead for president rather a poser. well we're more positive said that he's very much working towards rebuilding a unified south africa and that's especially the case after the design divisive nature of jacob zuma as a presidency. says this is about an inclusive south africa and repairing some of the damage and many times referring to assume us presidency as well as 9 wasted years and even looking at the inauguration itself it's moved away from the union buildings where it's traditionally taken place and is happening now at the love
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despairs felt stage and government referring to this as a people's inauguration but immediately after the celebrations the president. will name his cabinet members he's promised that he will cut down on the cabinet size work towards a more efficient cabinet cabinet looking at cutting costs but also this is very much about the people's mandate remember him up or so why is the president following jacob zuma resignation he's been office for the past year and a half but this integration follows an election where ramapo says if this is really about the people's mandate well the a.n.c. did receive a lower voted won the elections but this is very much about the a.n.c. returning to power and playing a dominant role in attending to south africans needs i mean there were reports in there live from pretoria thank you.
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the u.k. will have a new prime minister by the end of july and the race is on for the top job several prominent conservative m.p.'s have put their names forward just hours after to recently revealed on friday she would step down next month but cross live now to london and speak with movie chalons worry it hasn't even been 24 hours since to restrain a certain party and already the candidates are lining up to take her place if you think it's going to be. that's right the woman who seems to have made a kind of strange art out of enduring political humiliation after political humiliation has finally announced the timetable for her departure and already the jostling has begun to replace now 5 british politicians from the conservative party have already said that they are going to run boris johnson is perhaps the most familiar to our viewers around the world the former mayor of london and the former foreign secretary he is also i think by some margin the favorite but there
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are the 4 others who have already tried their hats into the ring estimate rory stewart's jeremy hunt and matt hancock foreseen others are considering running including the home secretary and the defense secretary so it could turn into quite a crowded field it's worth saying though that although boris johnson is incredibly popular with the party membership he is much less popular with his parliamentary colleagues and it is also worth saying that historically the favorites in the conservative leadership race has never done particularly well already whoever takes her place is going to have a challenge on their hands aren't they when it comes to this brics it deal have any of the contenders indicated a way as of this brics deadlock. yeah you're right i mean the
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whoever takes over from to reason may will face pretty much the same scenario that she has battled with since the 2016 referendum and that landscape is shortening and shortening and shortening we have a parliamentary recess which is coming up which will take up a large chunk of the summer then we have of the summer then we have a looming break the deadline the end of october we have a bitterly divided conservative party a bitterly divided country a european union that says that it is not going to reopen the negotiations for the deal and somehow whoever takes over from to reason may is going to have to navigate this and deliver what she has not been able to do now if the tories do choose someone like boris johnson who is a hard brecht's it or someone who has said that he is willing to take the u.k.
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out of the e.u. without a deal then that could set off the next big battle because labor the opposition many tories as well do not want to countenance a no deal bret's it and they i think that certainly the labor party will try to bring down the government if it thinks that's what's going to happen and therefore we could be looking at a general election before. its deadline comes around in october we shall wait and see from nairobi chalons in london thank you. so other news now at least 9 people have been killed in an air strike by the saudi u.a.e. coalition on yemen somalia districts in tyreese province the raids reportedly targeted a petrol station some of the victims were children and funerals have been held for 6 victims of a size a u.v. airstrike in yemen's capital sana'a 4 of them were siblings killed last week
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saturday at the ports. family friends and neighbors perform the last islamic prayers for those killed in last week's coalition air strike in sanaa the coffins lined up one by 14 of the victims were children from one family 3 brothers and a sister the families only surviving son was in the same house as his brothers and sisters when the airstrike hit. my 4 siblings were killed my sister she her my brother abdul rahman khalid and wassim my father and i are the only survivors we're here to bury them our home is destroyed. as other family members said their last goodbyes. the children's father sat quietly seemingly loss in despair but soon turned to justice. the aggression on yemen isn't just may god avenge them they killed my 4 children for no reason was this attack is
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a reminder that no one in who controlled areas in yemen is immune to the saudi led strikes was dozens of others were injured in the attack including 2 russian health workers. yemen's capital sanaa has been held by the filthy since it ousted the internationally recognized government of abdul rebel months to head in 2014 the airstrikes and renewed fighting in yemen's for data port city have further complicated u.n. sponsored peace efforts to end the 4 year war that has killed tens of thousands of people and pushed the country towards the brink of famine sort of played at al-jazeera. sudan's transitional military council says it will back saudi arabia against all threats and attacks from iran the council's deputy had mets the saudi crown prince mohammed bin some man in jeddah earlier this week sudan is part of the saudi u.a.e. coalition phase in who see rebels in yemen meanwhile in sudan protests are
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demanding an immediate transition suit civilian governments. demonstrators in the bangladeshi capital dhaka have gathered to protest against forced disappearances they're calling on the government to release people who they say have been secretly detained human rights groups in bangladesh say and 435 people have disappeared in the last 9 years time their charge me has one story from. several 100 family members have gathered here in front of the national press club people relatives dear ones are missing for years they're here to protest and sig justice for their missing loved ones they want the government to trace them and at least give some sort of accountability as to where they are now there's been a very recently also some abduction i spoke to one of the person who was a colleague of michael was picked up on april mind this is what she had to say and
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i want to. just usual stuff we think the security services have taken him because of the current situation bangladesh michael jackson was fearful for his safety before he even went missing despite repeated requests by this family member seeking justice from the prime minister the home ministry and the law enforcement agency there hardly spain and they respond the usual thing is that we are looking into a law enforcement agencies are not behind it yet this people have been waiting for years in some cases 6 years 5 years they still don't know where their relatives are yet also there are eyewitness account that law enforcement agencies picked them up from various points in the country. at least $29.00 prisoners have been killed and 19 people wounded during riots at a prison in venezuela it happened in the town of a creek you are in the state of power to give police a special forces went into the prison to rescue visitors he'd been taken hostage
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they say inmates were trying to escape armed with guns and grenades. no it's tasty nutritious and has been touted as the next super foods can ya has been growing for generations in one of south america's most inhospitable regions now the green is being seen as a possible way to ensure food supplies in the face of climate change are just serious tantrum the reports from toledo in brazil. at 3600 meters above sea level this desolate arab landscape in the end these mountains doesn't produce much but what it does manage to grow here is a grain with more iron zinc protein and calcium that its cousin it also has a less bitter taste and them of the presidency than the mentor and sisters food production was an art the art of having a deep relationship with mother earth what we now call the environment they had to have a positive relationship. has that positive relationship to working with
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a husband and for children to grow and develop the consumption both at home and abroad as flower cereal bars soup and more. deliberate i believe all products must have a fair price for the producer that it covers the effort he puts in but it should also be a fair price for the consumer so they can afford it and then if air price for mother earth the cost of pollution a sustainable use of this oil she's keen that their organic product does not go the way of sold at high prices in the whole foods shops of london new york burlington elsewhere a so-called super food that the bolivians who produce it can no longer afford to be tough to survive up here both plants and humans both need to understand the other not just to survive and thrive but to provide solutions so they have a hungry world can yell what can withstand frost and heavy rainfall strong winds
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and even drought making it an ideal crop in areas affected by extreme weather called. by climate change. it then needs to be adapted to the modern markets that's my thing that's noisy this machine didn't exist anywhere else in bolivia it's a prototype the 1st we had to test our key in wa and the emraan to produce this toaster which transforms the product can yell is also providing work in regions which farmers how for generations been deserted for the cities to keep the air returned from the city and held her peace with mother or the also the she says a here if we would only take the time to look for the daniel shrine there are the little bolivia. this is all to syria and these are the top stories donald trump is sending $1500.00
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additional troops to the middle east as tensions with iran continue to soar iran's foreign minister called the deployment a threat international peace and security the u.s. president is also bypassing congress to sell $8000000000.00 worth of weapons to allies in the region. so trump says he hopes for progress on a trade deal with japan's shinzo abby has just arrived in japan for a 4 day visit both men are expected to discuss car tariffs and how to improve their working relationship with this deal we hope to address the trade imbalance remove barriers to united states exports and ensure fairness and reciprocity in our relationship and we're getting closer just last week u.s.b. vax boards again full access to japanese and to the markets in japan. for the 1st time since the year 2000 we welcome your support of this effort so we hope to have
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several further announcements soon and some very big ones over the next few months at least 9 people have been killed in an airstrike by the saudi emirates a coalition district in ties province the raids that reportedly targeted a petrol station and some of the victims were children funerals have been held for 3 young brothers and their sister who were killed in strikes that targeted military sites in sana'a this year on t.v. reported that 6 civilians died and dozens of others were injured including 2 russian health care workers south africa's recently elected president cyril ramaphosa is being inaugurated in a ceremony in pretoria it's a go 1st last year after jacob zuma resigned amid corruption allegations the african national congress won the general election earlier this month but it was the party is worst performance in 25 years of those are the headlines the news
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continues here and all to syria after counting the costs stay with us. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week where did it all go wrong for argentina's champion of the free market we find out if he'll stay in power as a populist makes a comeback potential multi-billion dollar fine and calls a breakup facebook we've talked to the founder of europe's biggest social media marketing company. and bail out number 13 pakistan gets another big loan from the
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international monetary fund to avoid an economic crisis. well it wasn't meant to be like this. election to the origin time presidency in 2015 was supposed to usher in an end to the economic and political crises international investors welcomed moves to float the peso and eliminate export capital controls a last year the international monetary fund increased the size of its bailout to $56300000000.00 as with all i.m.f. loans argentina had to agree to cut pension benefits and public utility subsidies not surprisingly makris popularity has fallen as so many people depended on those programs which had helped the country recover from a 2002 economic crisis of that austerity has crippled the poorest in society the
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economy is in recession a macro pledged to bring inflation down to single digits but inflation stands at 54.7 percent what's behind the spike in inflation of the currency has fallen 18 percent this year alone. now you would think a fall in currency would be useful for exporters but the cost of imported goods has risen and that's been passed on to consumers in a surprise move cristina kirchner announced plans to run as vice president with one of her former ministers taking on the role of presidential hopeful and that's much to the relief of overseas investors of many of the current crisis shows no signs of letting up putting the jobs of thousands of arjen tines at risk there is a met with families struggling. i was fired from a bottling company 2 months ago he says he has been working there for 12 years he's
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now trying to find other jobs that will help his family get by. i was fired in february and they said it's because of the amount of time i've been working there and the costs i represented for the company. is not the only one we met with a group of workers that went through a similar situation and are fighting to get their jobs back. the company has a plan to increase the use of machines for more production but for that they have to reduce the people that work in the plant finding work these days is extremely difficult. this people say that what is happening to them is part of the crisis argentina is struggling with in the past year. last year argentina received the largest emergency loan in the history of the international monetary fund but in spite of it the government of marketing has not been able to control the situation they play saw last around 80 percent of its value in the past
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year and now there are fears that the government is going to be able to pay the interest of the for being debt recession a rise in poverty and unemployment have had an impact on mackie's popularity in the past year the biggest challenge most bargain cons are facing this days is a double digit inflation rate that keeps on pushing the prices of basic food items up and that's why the government has a special program that includes 60 products which prices are going to be frozen for about 6 months but for many these are temporary measures that the government hopes will help be reelected. people. say that what people need are jobs and stability something that the government has not been able to provide all right. joining us now from one of cyrus to talk more about this is humana blanco the head of latin america research at various made for croft
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a risk analysis and for costing the company thanks very much for being with us so. did all the right things by international investors and the i.m.f. but the economy is in recession the promised flood of overseas investors hasn't materialized why is that. well there is a structural lack of confidence in argentina not just inside argentina but outside argentina and so you know when you talk about my quit doing the right things there's a lot of debate about whether he did that the pace at which he did that and also whether he went far enough soon enough and i think the you know the key area of criticism is late 2017 when the government changed its inflation. goals and didn't really explain why when it went early to the markets to fora ahead of schedule and it didn't explain why and then of course we saw in april why when the pests so went on you know rapid depreciation and then that happened
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again later in september so you know it's it's really a very difficult situation right now for mockery specially heading into a crucial election in october yeah the way things stand right now it doesn't look good for america as far as his reelection prospects in october does it i think it's you know argentina volatility economic and political volatility which feed into each other it makes the current political landscape extremely uncertain i think you know anyone who says they expected christina care center to announce her candidacy as d.p. rather than presidential candidacy would probably be lying it took the political you know arena by surprise last weekend we can expect anything i think between now and the 22nd of june when candidacies are announced for mockery really it's an uphill struggle as as you say christina kirshner's decision to run as as vice
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president called many people by surprise. because they were of course expecting her to run for president what do you make of that well i mean i think there's many readings to it. the way you in which it was announced. really begs the question whether she's actually running for vice president i can't think of precedent to anywhere else in the world where the vice president really says a video or potential vice president releases a video saying they have asked someone to run for president so even though the package says she's running for v.p. the manner in which it was conveyed really says she's running for office and there's of course you know speculation about whether going for the vice presidential position would alert the fernand this eventually relinquish power to her if elected is this just an electoral move is this a move to shield herself further from potential convictions from corruption you
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know there's speculation that a precedent can't part in themselves but a precedent can pardon a vice president who is convicted so of course there's you know we don't really know what her real motivation is there is clearly a political strategy to try to open the cures nor'east that movement which is quite dogmatic and quite close to the broader peronist movement and i'll bet the for now on this would be the vehicle through which they attempt to do this but what do we know about her running mate alberto fernandez this moment what are we to make of him. well i mean he's a very longstanding member of the political circles in argentina he's taken you know different public sector offices since the 1980 s. he's a crucial or was a crucial player in the nestor karishma administration he's you know he's got links to not just within the peronist movement but to other political parties so
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the radicals who are the 2nd largest and oldest party in argentina he's also have had links to them and served in the alphen seen precedent see when argentina returned to democracy so clearly he doesn't have the you know the accent q-tip experience that you'd expect from someone running for the top job but he does have a lot of negotiating experience with them peronist them and when we look at argentina that sometimes is more valuable skill that management experience so what needs to happen then in your view to get argentina's economy going again. well i think the number one issue is to reassure investors as to what will happen from 2020 on works at the moment with the bailout from the i.m.f. there there is assurance that the country can meet its debt commitments until the
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end of of 2019 and into 2020 but there's a lot of question marks around what the next administration would do with that bellowed agreement with the i.m.f. and i think a clear position from all presidential candidates regarding that is a one key 1st step you know the big market concern is argentina heading for another debt default clearing that concern is the number one and the 2nd one is a plot for that again assurance markets that the country will be fiscally responsible their the main concern is whether an election off the front on this for now on the stick would result in an expansionary monetary policy again feeding into inflation again a return of subsidies to energy which would again expand the fiscal deficit so has made. some slow but positive progress in that regard and what markets are
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looking for and investors are looking for is an assurance that that kind of progress will continue regardless of who gets the top job good to speak with you him in a blanket thank you for the i.m.f. tough medicine has failed to help argentina and many other countries pakistan agreed a deal with the i.m.f. to get a 6000000000 dollars loan it's 13 since the one $980.00 s. but it's terms of very similar to those of argentina the currency will be devalued electricity and gas subsidies will be scrapped and it's likely to prove unpopular across the country come out higher as more. after months of negotiations with the international monetary fund an agreement on a $6000000000.00 loan package pakistan government. economic crises and their deal with the i.m.f. may not be desirable but it's necessary pakistan needs to undertake a very painful but it's an adjustment reform that the country will need to
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undertake most notably it includes a more flexible currency 2nd reforms in electricity and gas sector. reforms in the public sector enterprises which are. throwing up huge losses. and election campaign imran khan accused previous governments of boring excessively from the i.m.f. now he'd agreed to a loan with the organization saying the ball won't be affected by debt something many people here aren't buying. i'm a painter and if you talk about the dollar rupee parity it goes without saying that a falling rupee will mean rising costs for paint which will have a knock on effect on people like me. there's widespread anger including from the opposition my dear i might even the government the sold us into the slavery of the i.m.f. and we cannot accept this we announce rebellion both against this and the government
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sitting in parliament we cannot put is the destruction of a country. many economists and political opponents are calling the deal a sellout and it really poured a heavy burden on an already faltering economy and lead to hyperinflation their government and their delayed going to the i.m.f. because of the health care god from their saudi than the u.a.e. why did all record amount of watering by previous government mean that 45 percent of the annual budget had to be used for dead repayment and it had to acknowledge. where the falling rupee eccentric or didn't feel like getting off and that something many see as not what they were expecting from a government that promised change and relief for the fall. now on top of the severe shortages of food medicine and power venezuelans are now
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finding it increasingly hard to find petrol u.s. economic sanctions and mismanagement of the oil industry have pushed the energy sector to a crisis point on latin america editor lucy newman reports. the queues to philip cars with fuel at northwestern the. 23 to 4 kilometers long. near the city of motorists hope and pray they'll be lucky to make it to the pump before it runs dry. yesterday i was in line for 6 hours and couldn't fill up. is that normal i ask. with this government apparently it is we are a major oil producing country and. on top of shortages of water. the further you go from the harder it is to find petrol but in the past 2 weeks the hunt for fuel has become much worse. look we started
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a great check called in focus. these are the messages from today. there's several causes for the crisis a industry experts. refinery capacity is down to 20 percent of its normal level instead of $1300000.00 barrels a day where only 260000 which means we have to import gasoline. putting it from the united states but as of april 28th the u.s. government stopped all sales not just a fuel but of the additives needed to make the petrol that than his whale is still able to refine at home and then there's the chronic problem of price distortions all the patrol in this tanker truck or 13000 liters costs less than $1.00 which means it's practically free but only if you can find it these shortages and these
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long lines are creating a black market with some people charging as much as $10.00 for 20 leavers now anywhere else that may be considered peanuts but here it is the only thing cheaper than petrol is the air that you breathe that is considered a fortune and much more than the minimum wage. shortages have not yet impacted the capital caracas but experts say it may not be long before they do an irony that escapes no one in venezuela the country with the world's largest oil reserves you see a newsman. then israel. i want to founder of facebook calls for the social media network to be broken up you really do need to sit up and take notice social media giant has been at the center of a storm over the access to data of its users most notably by cambridge analytic of the british political consultancy harvested data on millions of facebook users
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without their consent while working with donald trump's 2016 presidential campaign in a financial filing facebook has said it expects to be fined up to $5000000000.00 by u.s. regulators for that and many other transgressions that's a slap on the wrist for the social media giant the racked up $56000000000.00 in revenue in 2018 so i'm concerned our investors by the find the company's share price has risen 40 percent this year alone pushing the value of facebook to $527000000000.00 joining me now from london is steve bartman c.e.o. of the global social media agency social chain thanks very much for being with us so there is no other company in the world that can claim 2000000000 people on its platforms and there's no way any company could police what what people post on it so surely that is the case isn't it to break up facebook. i think i would i would have to disagree i think the reason why you break up companies usually is because
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they are a fundamental and required product for civilization and they have a monopoly of about space and i think 1st and foremost you really need to define what monopoly where claiming that facebook have a social network social networking is a very broad topic and really you can consider social networking anything from i message to text messaging to twitter you tube except except when you look at facebook's business model they make 99 percent of their revenue from advertising and they certainly even on the internet alone don't have a monopoly of their advertising i think google 32 percent of the online advertising market so even google are more of a monopoly say than facebook are. but as though have gained an enormous concentration of power and data are they are they turning into harmful monopolies do you think i don't think so i think i wouldn't claim that they're a monopoly i think that there are so many different sort of competing forces for
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various parts of their business model from the social networking side to the advertising business to the communications side of their business and really you know they make their money from advertising but they are communications platform and if we're talking about communications and over xander the word then there's a lot of competition there across the internet or you are on some of the most popular pages on facebook so how does that affect your business if major changes are made to it. we own big sort of social communities over all of the biggest social platforms from from instagram to youtube to twitch to facebook to the podcast store and our sort of portfolio of media is split across all of these platforms we do about 2000000000 video of these pump month across all of the major platforms so breaking up the facebook specifically where it really impacts our business because those platforms will go into other hands but i think if you're trying to solve the problem of sort of misinformation or privacy i genuinely
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genuinely believe and i have no honestly have no vested interest in really saying this and if you look at the content and the stuff that i post online i've given my very honest opinion on the faults within facebook but i genuinely believe that breaking up the platform is facebook and the teams will probably not serve to fix the issue at hand but how easy is it though to access data on individual behavior. it's it's it's getting holiday it's certainly harder for i just sizing bodies and even social platforms to access the data the raw data on individuals i think a lot of it's moving to encryption now we've seen what that means to an encrypted messaging platform and that's the general trend that i think marks like a bug in its recent f.a.a. announcement outside facebook was going to come even more of a private platform focus on private communities and groups and also when we think about behavioral trends generally from a social networking perspective we've all gone a little bit more private and we share person from mation less than any time in
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recent history i think generally a lot of it has been caused because society of stuff the cab more i don't i don't entirely believe that as consumers we really understand the implications of. data being misused but i think the press generally have done a pretty significant job of convincing people that are stolen data is doing very very bad things even though i don't think we all know exactly you know when we talk about these hacks like crimson hexagon and what the actual implications were we just hear that your stolen data has gone ex post and i acted i think not said inflammatory enough for all of us to suddenly care about something that we don't really know a lot about your in a position though to be able to help companies tall get audiences and make products and ideas trend just talk us through a bit of that process. yes so all sort of core business is in advertising as well
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so where our global social marketing agency that's kind of our founding business and the biggest brands in the world will come to us to help us understand how to engage and communicate to young people and people across the internet and to stay ahead of the changes that happen every single day across all of these platforms and then our 2nd to business is a media company and we own and operate some of the largest social communities across a variety of meters on you tube facebook instagram podcasting and everything in between and really that where we operate as a sort of traditional social publishing house i guess all right steve paula thanks very much for being with us. thank you thank our matic facial recognition technology uses our unique facial dimensions to let us access bank accounts go cashless in holiday resorts and use automated border controls but they are far as it's known can also track us and invade our privacy for brennan reports on the u.k.'s 1st legal challenge against the technology. security or surveillance
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cameras have become a silent ubiquitous feature of cities across the world residents seem almost oblivious to the routine monitoring of their daily lives. at bridges was irritated the 1st time he realized the police automatic facial recognition vehicle that scanned his features in a shopping center but the 2nd time it happened was at a peaceful and arms trade protest and on that occasion the van was parked opposite the crowd i felt it was better to intimidate people and destroyed them from using their right to peaceful protest so ed has taken south wales police to court in the 1st u.k. challenge to the use of a f r i mean essentially what you have this is a situation where technology is running miles ahead of where the lorries and the law needs to catch up here for biometrics is increasingly used for things like keyless buildings and cashless leisure resorts but civil liberties groups are most concerned by its use in public spaces to scam more abiding citizens as they walk
6:45 pm
past the camera it takes a really sensitive biometric data from them without their knowledge or their consent says radio akin to them walking down the high street and the police forcibly taking their fingerprint or their d.n.a. automatic facial recognition has dramatically improved thanks to rapid advances in a computer technology known as d. planet the accuracy is still variable but the 2017 champions league final the system produced 92 percent of false positives and even if accuracy can be improved the still the other questions of governance and of purpose and the wider question of exactly when protection of the public tips over into intrusion and oppression. china's mass surveillance of its citizens including the use of facial recognition is well known in 2017 australia authorized police and some private companies to use and access a controversial new fast system but this month the u.s.
6:46 pm
city of san francisco banned situ with or at least from deploying the technology academic dr anna hence has examined digital citizenship and surveillance our data trails makers transparency says the balance of power is shifting we have become very transparent on the other hand the process by which we are assessed also through our data and not very transparent and in that sense and we can see there is a reversal in empowerment and power shifts from the citizen to the state al-jazeera approach the company and e.c. and other providers but none responded to interview requests in a statement london's metropolitan police said it's a pilot scheme it now and it and the results are being assessed judgement in bridges legal challenge is expected to be handed down in the autumn. and that is our show for this week remember you can get in touch with us by tweeting me at has i'm sick at and you use the hash tag a j c t c when you do autopsy an e-mail counting the cost that al jazeera dot net is our address and there's more for you
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on line i was always at al-jazeera dot com slash c d c that will take you straight to a page which has individual sports links and entire episodes for you to catch up on . so that is it for this edition of counting the cost and has a secret from the whole team here thanks for joining us the news on al-jazeera is next. once and the magic. now settled in towns and villages. but many are unregistered and invisible. 6 boys and 2. none of them have citizenship al-jazeera world needs to upgrade people. walked out on the identity of the person is considered nonexistent. stateless in lebanon. on al-jazeera. i really want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality whether on line. male
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chauvinism that is managed with in our global federation it is really hard to get. or if you join us on saying. it's because this is a dialogue everyone has a point talk to us in our live you tube chat and you too can be. joining the global conversation on now to 0. 0. this is the news hour life from our headquarters in doha i'm coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. is sending more troops to the middle east iran's foreign minister calls it a dangerous escalation. 9 civilians are killed by saudi u.a.e.
6:49 pm
air strikes in yemen as fighting intensifies and ties problems. cyril ramaphosa is sworn in as south africa's president we'll look at the challenges he faces in its 1st full term. i'm joined with one of your sports roger federer is playing down his chances of victory on the paris clay as he prepares to return to the french open after 4 years. hello there a dispute between the u.s. and iran is escalating with president donald trump now confirming plans to send 1500 soldiers to the middle east iran's foreign minister calls it a threat to international peace and security well trampas also bypassing congress to sell $8000000000.00 worth of weapons to saudi arabia the u.a.e. and jordan. in a moment we'll hear from same bus ride be on iran's reaction to the latest developments but 1st here's alan fischer from washington. initial report suggested
6:50 pm
the u.s. was preparing to send an additional 120000 troops to the middle east to combat the perceived threat from iran but president donald trump is no confirmed he's sending $1500.00 we want our protection at the middle east we're going to be sending a relatively small number of troops the u.s. defense department says the troops are going to include an anti missile battery additional intelligence and surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft it's also sending fighter aircraft for deterrence. the pentagon says the move is defensive and not meant to provoke war but adds to another rush deployment or this month the u.s.s. abraham lincoln carrier strike group started to move to the gulf we would continue . to call for caution and restraint both in terms of actions and in terms of rate and. the threat from iran is also being used to push through $8000000000.00 in weapon sales to saudi arabia the united arab emirates and jordan normally congress
6:51 pm
would be given 30 days to approve foreign arm sales but it's already put a hold on earlier sales so secretary of state might pump decided to bypass congress and to clear the seal necessary to bolster regional allies against iran in the statement he said delaying the shipment could cause problems for key partners during a time of increasing regional volatility he says he sees this as a one off event the state department's decision to do this implies are very intent on increasing the weapons flow to saudi arabia but they did it within what i think they would argue is politically acceptable frame by adding jordan to the mix plus now of course although it may have been there originally these 3 countries together it's looks like a more robust package of defense against iran the sale has provoked criticism from both republicans and democrats in congress but it appears there's little they can
6:52 pm
do to stop it the president insists robust u.s. action sent a clear message to iran right now no i don't think iran wants the bite and i certainly don't think they want to fight with us trump maintains he wants to strike a new nuclear deal with iran having pooled the u.s. out of the existing deal he's cranked up tough financial sanctions to force them to reopen discussions alan fischer washington let's get more on this from joining us from tehran what is the view from iran to the increased u.s. rhetoric. plans to deploy more u.s. troops to the region. well iranian leaders civilian and military are seeing every single move the united states makes through the prism of a conflict with them so they are very sensitive to every every step that the united states is taking now 1500 troops is a relative drop in the bucket in tactical terms the united states already has tens
6:53 pm
of thousands of troops some estimates put that number at 70000 in the middle east so 1500 additional troops primarily for defensive purposes and put possibly reconnaissance doesn't represent a major uptick but iran's leaders are seeing it as a destabilizing factor yet another one they would say that the united states is committing in the region foreign minister zarif calling it dangerous for peace and international security in the region and saying that the united states is laying accusations against iran only to justify hostile policies towards it and escalate tensions in the region we've also heard from a senior military officer from the islamic revolutionary guard corps brigadier general mark the zocor body an advisor to the new head of the i.r.g.c. saying that it is unlikely that the u.s. will stage an attack on iran but if the enemy does the smallest stupid thing in the waters of the persian gulf war ships american warships will be sunk by missiles or secret weapons in the enemy shouldn't believe us and so really very strong rhetoric
6:54 pm
and that continues to escalate iranians taking every step very seriously and what about regular iranians as they are already feeling the effects of sanctions how do they feel about these escalating tensions with the u.s. is there a fear that war could be breaking out. existentially yes iranians keep saying that they don't want to see another conflict with the united states or with anyone in the region and they say that dialogue is the way forward many see this as hope of negotiation as counter to the stated policy of the iranian government and whether the united states and iran will be able to sit down and talk again the iranian senior leadership here says with the administration of donald trump that is not going to happen but the rounds make a report this making the rounds in iranian media this morning is a call by the national security and foreign policy commission of parliament all the foreign minister zarif to explain a meeting that is emerged that he had in new york during his last trip to the
6:55 pm
united nations with a democratic senator dianne feinstein who sits on the u.s. senate intelligence committee so iranian parliamentarians are demanding to know what was discussed iran's foreign ministry has issued a statement saying that they were consultation meetings they don't necessarily mean that there was any negotiation of any kind there were just consultation meetings with a member of america's political elite to try to be able to deescalate tensions but there was no negotiations that happened so iranian leaders are also very sensitive about the fact that they have promised they will not negotiate with the united states and now we see the foreign minister being asked to answer questions as to what the nature of the meeting with senator feinstein was about all right with an update from tehran thank you for the rounds foreign minister mohammad javad zarif is heading to iraq for talks with its leaders his visit comes as iraqi protesters demand their government stay out of the disputes between the u.s. and iran. is there. i thought rhetoric has swung between the united states and iran
6:56 pm
iraq there's a worry that it's going to spill over into violence and that's going to mean that their country and south as a bottle of ground in approaching the line has good relations with iran in terms of trade but also hope church and religion and iran supplies about here today so i know they have the city you know out of the rockies in the south of the country but iraq also needs the troops from the united states and foreign countries to deal with the threats from life and needs investment in those countries this rally has been called by god i'll cite he's a shia cleric but neither one of the largest political blocs and it's also a nationalist has made no secret of the fact that he wants to get us in foreign troops out of iraq and iraq has been in a period of relative seems like i see now the iraqis are concerned that they're facing the challenge that their country is once again going to be pulled into
6:57 pm
a conflict there's been violence between saudi backed forces and who's the fighters near the yemeni city of ties the reports of loud explosions and clouds of smoke in the area as you can see the local sources say a soldier was killed in the fighting and earlier at least 9 people were killed in an air strike by the saudi you eco listen on a district in size province that raid reportedly targeted a petrol station some of the victims were children let's fix and also has a yemeni journalist who's joining us from. new york covering developments in ties what can you tell us about the fighting between the army and who is taking place there right now. let me 1st give you the data from the ministry of health here. which in a statement the. death toll of the bombings of
6:58 pm
yesterday on i just asian rosa to 12 people 7 of them were of children under 14. the youngest of them was was 8 and of course this is a violent. setting your question is related in a way or another to the development. of the limitation of the stockholm agreement in the data especially after the yemeni president had the accused that you in involved siding with her with the. with the forces with draw from the 3 bolts of the day that. the ball is in the court of the saudi amount of back to forces in there because the. u.n. envoy and the u.n.
6:59 pm
is waiting for them to implement their step. which is also withdrawal from the out . because he is have stepped up their missile and drone attacks on saudi in the past 10 days in a resurgence of tactics and attacks but going back to what you were saying about the. presentation of the agreement what does this seeming escalation that mean for any peace agreements going forward. well the agreement is only applied on her data of course. the war is everywhere but. it has the i mean the violence in. the relay is related to. what's going on in the data in a way or another because they are i mean the. saudi
7:00 pm
authorities iraq forces are. both of them know that what's going to happen in the data would still what's going to happen in owen or liam and this is why it's always related. to each other how strategic has ties for both sides. sorry for t.j. ties for both sides yes yes. it does is a very very strategic bind and it's also one of the flashpoints because of many things because 1st of all because there is deep division between the between the factions that are. fighting on the ground and also between the main bottlenose of this coalition of the saudi iran.


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