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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 21  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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i'm going to somalia so you've got to get more information about the. how we got from but if you should. take it you know. but i think. that. they give it up you know the 2 of them are like a lot actually but it looks like they thought of the very idea that they're going to have some of it and i'll. be glad i'll go with oh i don't like anybody and you are well i want.
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only i want to have the house give. it a good home to do allies we. might have. yeah you have a lot of. yeah now and. i don't know how your mom i don't know whose it was and it's a lot of us.
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i mean. we did but. here we fall. deeply in the ground because you only that small. box from the 3 maybe 4 we came here after one years. you would find that it was no life.
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still think about the phone. thief is. about 5 meters. and that is shown. in the drop. fife with the 5th. of an eco what. she did not. look like 40 years. ago but everything. about this. spot of these.
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9 minutes. i wish he'd be. different. being under-funded but. nothing with. a lot of. yesterday when we are in that that's after. his studies and it's totally caught in time. it's like the storms from the bottom get up up. all his. income come from just 3 so basically spying so he's trying to
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do. this deep like. album on mine. to for me to the next day even a 4 hour fraud if. i feel they had a voice. to tell everyone how they felt but what's a life. i am the voice we are the voice. of the tell you know. how he will be out of. my phone it's all moment of a study on google i mean if it's not me yeah i do you. remember that was you have to give him. the office a little bit. then one of the people that i'm not. going
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to his own home. i think it doesn't. because i. wasn't going to. become something you know. and that's. why i hadn't and that not yet. been a very much. written
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family time. and i think. that's an admittance busy. that's how they have. somebody seemed to want to know in a. mog that i did what i did is i like in a gun i love him to stop. and fix it in any order any problem prevent him from coming in all but a hold off took them but it gives a huge information about the ground about the law about the sound about the detention index level when. you need to find out if the kid on with the. new moon. can you. achieve great
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monitoring with the wrong you can do i. could be. going to go if. i think you don't actually want to. but you know really. i mean look. i don't know if i did my homework. and. you know i'm not as if. i could be with. you in hoping that all the mustn't i. and there then
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yeah you. could we a story i think it's a great opportunity it's all i want people to hear our voice more people with believe i want to go it's. like when they know the things i do any. good will go with you and i some of them and then the whole day they were going to have a home with all of them and i would be like that i think if it's the one week ago that would be the the law and i think we're going to get.
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a it's from 6 suspects he looked at my office and it's it's it's it's still a face that. i started yes when i was. told everything. would be ok today you know i was not on the streets. and so. let's stop this nonsense of the study it's. yeah it's. if you. like it because of that i have hunted and crying because a lot you know it. we
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. are very proud of. the.
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i j is that. i mean. i have not had any. second prong. but at the. again an emotional and 5 a day that would lead him astray out of my what a middle of. our.
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world a world who. was right it isn't even the one to give up for 5 years someone into it and that's what we are trying to assure. i don't feel 4. 5 years ago we have nothing you have nothing else now we have everything we did alone we stood against everything. and just name of artificial reef is your. land my. brother is a donkey it would vote for a system of brawn i think we can get all the awards to our project and i want
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impediment to show because the people opposed it. does not allow to see the light on the end of the tunnel so we have to catch up and meet believe we can. be anything but was a company. that was. a career reporting to the one doing it here one journalist documents life beyond the headlines. that certain stories can change us in the easiest cleaves you still eat well you know your history. ginny what a unique journey into what it means to be human the things we keep
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a witness documentary on al-jazeera. june on al-jazeera people in power returns with an investigation into why india's capital delhi has some of the worst pollution in the world. 2 years into the blockade we look at. the future of the g.c.c. crisis and its impact on life and qatar join us for special coverage the big picture examines the power potential unprejudiced of ology official intelligence as it used to shape world leaders from the group of 20 nations will gather for the food to feed 20 summit to be held for the 1st time in japan and in brand new episodes we follow people from around the globe who are risking it all just to make a living june on al-jazeera. when a military coup overthrew chile's marxist president one stadium's became prisms and the hunters sole objective was absolute control. publicly refused to accept
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dictatorship episode 4 of football rebels expose the life of carlos casserly. the footballer whose personal story swayed of votes that altered the history of his country carlos caselli and the demise of i ended a on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to the saudis era news hour live from doha i'm martine dennis coming up in the next 60 minutes gains for the populists in european elections while the centrist lose their majority for the 1st time in decades. in france
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marine le pen's party out stages president while the far right the leader leads initially. nigel farage is bret's it party ahead in the u.k. the ruling conservatives routed after failing to. take britain out of the european union. and in other news iraq signal support for iran in its standoff with the us and they get in office to play mediator. and the cash shortage that's threatening un peacekeeping missions will look at who's not paying their share. of the proof europe centuries have long dominated the european parliament has suffered significant losses in this one of the most contentious elections in the history is not just the euro skeptics far right to gain at the expense in
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a vote that seen the biggest turnout across europe in 2 decades now the center right european peoples party and the socialists and democrats together they've got the most seats but they've not got enough for a majority even combined but they have 2 potential allies who have made gains of their own in the liberals they've been their numbers and so has the greens their become the 2nd largest force in germany the far right has made major headway in these elections it is far right leader party led by the anti immigration interior minister salvini is the biggest force in that country in france marine le pen she won her symbolic jewel with president emmanuel mackerel while in the u.k. the opinion is divided over breaks it early results show nigel farage is brecht's it party in the lead or the pro europe liberal democrats have come in 2nd both the
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conservatives and labor the main opposition party are losing support. right let's start our coverage now by going live to brussels we'll go to london in a moment but 1st to barbara sara who's in brussels and barbara with the result so far they're coming in fast and furious on the what is the complection of the new european parliament is it is it possible to tell at this stage. i think we definitely have a pretty strong indication we're going to get official results i guess in the coming hours but we can more or less see which party has made surges and which parties have suffered in these most recent elections so as you said martine the most clear indication yet is that the mainstream party so the center left bloc the socialist democrats and the center right a bloc which is called the european peoples party so basically these groups made up of various like minded parties from across europe have lost their overall majority
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before those 2 groups combined had more than half the votes in the european parliament and so could basically within reason control most of the business that was done within it now that majority that overall majority has been eroded question is who could they form alliances with when they have options the liberals have done very well president mccrone party is part of the liberal bloc the greens have been surprisingly well certainly in germany where they are now the 3rd party. and they've seen that you know we've seen this in the green success for implicated across europe of course there are also the far right groupings and perhaps the which is the center right party might decide to join with some of the far right party so we don't really know yet but we do know is that you are probably that always dominated the parliament seems now to have been broken other good news i think if you want to see the parliament is of representative member part of the
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european union is that turnout within the e.u. had actually increased another looking at 51 percent the great irony was always that it's the one time the europeans can democratically elect directly elect a european institution but usually turnout was very low but the reality is that we still don't know exactly what shape the parliament will take but we will see a change from the decades of dominance. of the center right and center left coalition right and barbara let's look a little more specifically then italy for instance a mento. was predicted to do well but his anti immigration euro scripted law has really transformed the other contending parties in this in the. it is a remarkable victory because he has managed in the last elections he was the 2nd biggest party polling at 17 percent was the 5 star movement was at around 33
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percent whereas in the europeans that almost seems to have reversed the knee is by quite a stretch represents his party was the biggest single party just about a week ago it was him and his colleague in this you know what they see is a fight against a 2 powerful europe standing side by side in milan announcing a new alliance between a van and other like minded parties so we see salvini do very well the biggest party in italy in france we see marine le pen do very well the biggest party there be seeing by not as much as 70 but still beating president. party and of course with the brics the results will be talking about later but even there the brics a party overwhelmingly the largest party so what we've really seen is a lot of these far right parties not quite dominating but certainly in key areas really showing that they are now a force to be reckoned with and the real question is whether they will be able to
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form an alliance within parliament because remember these elections that actually have an impact nationally unless new elections are called but it's more about their power within parliament if they manage to form a grand coalition a far right populist parties but they do have a lot the divides them as well as unites them so it's not necessarily a given that they will speak with one voice all right barbara thank you for that barbara sara them live in brussels. well as we've already mentioned the new deformed breck's it party is the leader in the u.k. is the european election results and this result follows the resignation of prime minister tory to reason may on friday because of her failure to deliver bracks it the leader of this party nigel for arjun's capitalize on the anger of those who want to leave the european union. the intelligence i get is the best how he's doing pretty well the lib dems clearly on the inside and doing reasonably well but it looks like looks like he's going to get
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a big win the rest of the. week of these about. right let's go live now to rory chalons he's in london for us and rory i suppose the question is does this vote heavy vote for the brics it party does this represent a confirmation if you like of the british public's opinion as expressed in the 2016 referendum to leave the european union is it a rican confirmation of that. well certainly a large portion of the rich public feel that way and have voted accordingly that man you just heard from nigel fraud has done it again as an 85 years ago his ukip party scared then prime minister david cameron in 2 calling the referendum on britain's membership of the year opinion now his new party the brics it party has shaken the tree again it is doing very well in these elections they currently have 21 m.e.p. s.
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elected. in these elections. the liberal democrats are also doing pretty well with 10 p. so far. labor and the conservatives really taking a punishing labor on 7 the conservatives only on 2 this is the government's here the government's policy only on 2 piece that's trading behind the green party so really this is i think 00 a wake up call for the conservatives and should be a wake up call of some sort for labor how is brics it done this house of bricks it partly done this considering they've only been around 6 weeks really well obviously they have nigel farrar shoes a skilled and experienced operator and he has managed to harness all of the anger of the leave voters have at the moment at not getting the bricks that they wanted not getting any bricks at all and he's managed to poll votes away from the conservatives and to some extent labor as well using a combination of guile and
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a lot can a very favorable environment so operates in because basically the tories didn't want this election chose pretty much not to campaign for it and the remain votes in the u.k. is is has been splits between the greens change u.k. the liberal democrats and to some extent labor as well so this has been around financial for us to work and. indeed because these elections were being portrayed wary when they as almost the referendum almost to a 2nd chance for the people of britain to vote on that key issue that has dominated national life for more than 2 years now and that is to leave or remain in the in the european union. yeah absolutely and you know considering that the government's the conservative government has failed to provide the brakes it's that just over half of the u.k.'s population voted for in 2060 and considering that
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that failure has led to the resignation of to reason may there are now a large number of tory politicians who are going to be looking what is going on the sebring looking at this election and the ones that have ambitions to replace to reason may are going to be thinking will how should i play this now because if i am going to have any chance of chlorine any votes back from the breaks that party to my party the conservatives then i am going to have to be pretty hard line when it comes to bricks and i'm going to have to try it out for raj nigel for our show that is going to be i think quite concerning for anyone that has worries about the sense of grounds of british politics because certainly on the on the sensorites things are likely to drift rightwards rory chalons live in london thank you very much for that right now we can speak to matthew goodwin who's
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a senior visiting fellow at the europe program of chatham house he's joining us live now from italy via skype thanks for talking to us matthew how does it look from where you are i mean did we see this great surge from the right wing that was predicted by many before the elections took place. well it certainly seems the national calculus pompey's to very well it's really hungry overland. prompts and the way your eyes get policies to reduce migration into europe have effectively finished in their elections but we've seen a mixed picture where we see some green policies doing well on the left wing he's doing well some liberal policies doing well and i think it is it's bad to say the press the main story tonight.


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