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have a shortage of imagines he sadness as an afghanistan is something the lives of millions of people at risk. and learns to don await deep divisions among the main opposition parties made long at night back in. the west and sponsored by cattle and ways. hello again welcome back we're here cross the run over the next few days we do expect to see off and on rain showers and also the temperature coming up particularly here towards the north so for tehran we do expect to see a high temperature there of about 33 degrees was in passing rain baghdad still very warm at 40 degrees there and then as we go towards monday and into tuesday you see the rain really hovering about the southern part of the caspian with plenty of clouds in tehran is going to come down a notch with attempted there of about $31.00 degrees where across the gulf we are
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looking at seasonal temperatures for us here in doha temperatures are going to have about 40 maybe a little bit warmer than average with some clouds pushing through there we did see some rain across the southern portions of saudi arabia now that caused flash flooding not a lot left of that system and drying out for many locations so that is a good thing up towards riyadh though it is going to be a sunny day we do expect to see $41.00 as your high so for cape town we're going to see some rain in some clouds as well look at the system pushing through there it could be quite heavy at times now the system is going to stay to the south but is going to be making its way towards the east bringing plenty of rain along the coast so for port elizabeth you will see the rain as well but up here towards your handspring you'll stay out of the rain will be a little bit cooler at 19 but durban rain for you the temperature of $23.00 degrees . the weather sponsored the time and always. stories generate sounds of headlines with different from different perspective on
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the sun just long standoff with international borders is finally over separate the speed of. the misinformation from good journalism protesters complained about the under-reported of police far looks the sensational or the demonstration with the listening. hello again i'm just. a reminder of the news this hour pro europe centrists have suffered significant losses in one of the most contentious elections in the u.s. history the center right european peoples party and the socialists and democrats together have the most seats and not enough for
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a combined majority and the right is gaining ground in those elections as sleaze league party led by material salvini has become the biggest party in that country under and from summer in the pen one of her symbolic jewel of president emanuel. president has praised the relationship between the united states and japan as he sat down with prime minister shinzo all day he says they're working together to address the trade imbalance between the 2 countries. and at that news conference in tokyo also spoke about the growing tensions between the u.s. and iran. i do believe that iran would like to talk and if they'd like to talk we'd like to talk also we'll see what happens but i know for a fact that the. prime minister is very close with the leadership of iran and we'll see what happens that would be fine. nobody wants to see terrible things happen especially me while iraq has spoken out against the u.s.
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treatment of iran in net escalating crisis but the iraqi foreign minister also told his iranian counterpart that they're willing to mediate about this and reports from baghdad on iraq's delicate position. if mohammed jeffords came to baghdad to clarify where iraq stands in the ongoing tension between the u.s. and iran iraq's foreign minister seems to have given him an answer and. against the unilateral measures taken by the us we are standing by iran in its position and god willing we can play an intermediary role between the parties if necessary. iran's foreign minister has proposed signing a non-aggression pact with gulf neighbors but iran says it will take action if necessary. we will defend ourselves against any efforts for a war with iran whether it is a military or economic one that would victimize the iranian people we will face it
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with strength and resistance iran and iraq have close ties to trade culture and religion but iraq relies on u.s. and foreign troops to combat the threat of eisel and it needs foreign investment especially to develop its oil fields iraq has been doing a diplomatic balancing act for years and some say that puts it in a perfect position to be able to mediate between the united states and iran but to do it successfully like most negotiations it has to be seen not to take sides there are also fears that some of shia armed groups in iraq who are allied to iran might decide to upset the doc balance. they might decide to take their own action their own initiative against u.s. assets in iraq. iraqis field tell to you square in the heart of baghdad on friday demanding that their government put iraq's safety 1st and that their country should be at the center of the talks to find a solution. to let out that the whole of. iraq has become
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a bridge where meetings have been held at the iranian embassy with european diplomatic missions and it's taken the decision to start talks with moderate countries affected by the situation to lobby the united states and iran to try to extinguish the fires of war. iraqis may need more evidence to convince them that they won't be dragged into an unwanted conflict rob matheson al jazeera baghdad. several kurdish politicians and thousands of prisoners in turkey have ended their 200 day long hunger strike they were responding to a call from their leader. who's been in jail for 20 is pro kurdish politician leila given started her hunger strike in november and a push to improve access to lawyers and prison conditions. syrian government forces have regained control of a village in the northwest just days after losing to rebels government troops initially captured earlier this month before losing it to fighters led by hired to
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reality that creep used to be linked to al qaeda government forces launched an offensive on last month that's the last major rebel stronghold in syria. well state media in saudi arabia says it's intercepted a drone with explosives launched by hoofy fighters it apparently targeted the airport in just than new yemen's border towards the south who the run media confirmed a drone strike on military hangars at the airport. the emir of qatar shake to men been a model tony has been asked to attend 2 emergency summits in saudi arabia the invitation came from saudi king in the highest level publicly known contact between the 2 nations in the 2 years council remains under a land sea and air blockade after saudi arabia led 4 arab nations in imposing a trade and travel involved in june 2017 the meetings will focus on the effects of recent attacks on saudi oil installations in the region. ambulances in the
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afghan capital of kabul are known for their quick response to attacks but most people needing to get to hospital for other injuries take a taxi sometimes halting their chance of survival schalit better find out why. income an explosion or gunfire is followed by. police military and ambulances racing towards the attack nurses and drivers without protection bury the dead and wounded to hospitalize despite the danger and. it is natural to be worried everyone is scared of places where there are attacks but it's our job and we have to get to the place and do our duty there is always a nurse in the driver's seat to a cool despite responding to more than 50 attacks since the ambulance services created in 2002 they haven't had any staff members killed or injured. this
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is what the ambulance service is known for what it is not known for its transporting other patients to hospital those not victims of attacks. there's a lack of awareness about ambulances and how to use them it's a free service for everyone and they don't understand there's a nurse and driver and we can take them free. on the lack of awareness there's also a capacity issue. the carboy ambulance service has just $29.00 says for $5000000.00 people it says its response time is usually less than 20 minutes but it can be up to an hour and a half to ambulances a facing further delays after the taliban day tonight had one packed with explosives in central kabul last january well 100 people were killed ambulances another search to check points. it means most afghans choose to use a taxi rather than call for an ambulance everyone in this intensive care unit was
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1st brought to hospital by a txi b.v. he was admitted unconscious with renal failure also with. i was feeling pain in my body and i was in trouble when i was travelling here by taxi i was not able to sit up properly i was in a lot of pain. most of the patients were brought here by taxi or in a serious condition coming in a taxi the patient loses 50 percent of the chance to recover because they come from a long distance without oxygen. and it's not a problem limited to the capital kabul ambulance service has 50 vehicles in 3 provinces it if going to start has 34 provinces and more than 30000000 people the ministry of health admits he doesn't know exactly how many ambulances exist. and on wednesday be sure to watch the next story and our 1st responder series of the covering imagine care in kenya where a lack of traditional ambulances doesn't stop work as from trying to save lives now
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one of sudan's main opposition groups has rejected calls from other protest leaders to organize a general strike on tuesday and wednesday and the latest sign of divisions between opposition groups trying to force the military to give civilians full control of the country and ron carter has more from khartoum. the national policy have made that announcement asking people not to take part in the nationwide strikes all the people here are listening from the ones that we've been speaking to certainly notes they are wanting to take part in the strike the national mall party seems to have misread the mood of the country the game seems to have changed they know the policy that they once were it's the sudanese professionals association that are now the key players they're the ones calling for the strike they say that they've been forced into this strike action because the army isn't negotiating in good faith they're also saying that they want everybody to take part in the strike action
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because they want the sudanese people to see them and to take part and to join in with them now the sudanese professionals association is actually representative of quite a number of industries including lawyers don't and people who work in the petrochemical industry communications industry it's a very middle class movement so it will have some impact certainly here in the capital but actually a lot of these protesters also very angry because of what they see as being the transitional military council acting as the defacto government of the sudan in the last few days we've seen the vice chairman of the sudanese transitional military council meet with mohamed bin so man the crown prince of saudi arabia we've seen the chairman meet with abdul fattah el-sisi the leader of egypt and also with the current prince of abu dabi mohammed bin zajac and that's
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angering people here so also may have been divisions within the actual opposition movement they seem to be now coming together to say actually it's time for us to call the strike it's time to put the army on the box and put ourselves in a stronger negotiating position. zimbabwe. main opposition party has elected nelson chamisa as its leader and the 1st congress held by the movement for democratic change since the death of its founder morgan tsvangirai last year the party has been plagued by divisions since his death. has more from where and. after months of infighting over who is main opposition party nelson chamisa is the elected president of the movement for democratic change he ran unopposed after some who wanted the top job left the party or dropped out of the race and we have shown the way out we have shown zimbabwe with from africa that it is possible to be
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democratic it is possible to renew it is possible to have a nonviolent peaceful contest internally and that is what we have shown the world look at the number of people we have come all on their own accord. zimbabweans are watching him closely to see how he plans to put pressure on president innocent of a rising inflation and unemployment along with fuel and cash orders nelson chamisa narry lost last year's presidential election to president innocent women that were the result showed he has significant support but whether he can appeal to a broader audience remains unclear. his m.d.c. party also has to show its different from the ruling zanu p.f. i think there's a lot of common ground between the ruling party and the opposition and i don't like to call frameworks and propositions. both pro free market business and therefore
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they don't just fall. out they may differ in terms of whether leaders whatever ages and so on but fundamentally i do not feel the same when it comes to his party jennie's a has achieved i thi opposition is the 1st congress since morgan signed that i died from cancer last year. soon after the death of the m.d.c. founder the party split over who should replace him. the next election is you in 4 years jimmy so will need everyone to work with him if he should oppose the only party many means that even know how to meet us algis or zimbabwe. now been in says it's working with the french government to arrange the return of precious artifact stolen during the colonial era but one of the challenges is looking after the items once they arrive home saying reports from where many of the treasures are thought to have come from. this is what remains of the palace of what was once the most powerful kingdom in french speaking africa we were given rare
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access to the album a palace of 48 hector maze of compounds rich in history and culture dating back hundreds of years. ago it is himself a prince mature who is explaining how the apple makings conquered their enemies sold their people to slavery and took hundreds of wives. is asking france to return thousands of artifacts looted from the country during the colonial wars many of them thought to be from the kingdom of apple me these stars represent the spirits of the other making and they date back to the 1600s the obama people considered these and other stolen artifacts to be at the heart of their culture and that's why they want them back. the current king holds a position still steeped in ceremony we have to kneel while he grants us an audience and gives his view on the issue. of these objects are back we will perform ceremonies to recover their powers this will allow peace to reign in our country
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we've suffered so much since the reign of my father shot by jews we have only seen pictures today i am king and if they carry patrick. it would be a great joy for us. in december 28th in france as president announced the return of just 26 pieces but that hasn't happened yet because bin is not ready to receive them the government admits it needs resources and expertise we have in where you. ministry of culture in france for training health professionals here the curator is. fair in their. sights and museums and the professional courses has already started hearing been in the french institute in order to have a really nice exhibitions we have to modernize. howard museum and we're working on
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that really the french side because prostitutes to preserve the country's culture and history is a challenge that extends beyond me in the capital city of portland the best museum in town is also in need of support along with iconic buildings such as the central mosque built in the early 1900. the got all the much to the president of his people's past is his passion but it's going to take time before you look at the chance to see his kingdoms artifacts back on home soil. i'm aborting al-jazeera me . with the headlines on al-jazeera for europe centrists have suffered significant losses and one of the most contentious elections in the history the center right european peoples party and the socialists and democrats together have the most seats but not enough for a majority and the right is gaining ground in the elections italy's league party
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led by material sell vini has become the biggest party in that country and in france marine le pen came to what she called a victory for the people after projections put her national rally ahead of president emmanuel lachlan's party and in the u.k. nigel farage is new bracks at parties in the lead as voters express frustration over the deadlock on how to leave the european union for raj says his party's success is a massive message to the conservative and labor parties that have long dominated british politics president donald trump has praised the relationship between the u.s. and japan as he sat down with prime minister shinzo all day their talks are focusing on trade and regional security he became the 1st foreign leader to meet the new emperor in our heater. so our relationship i think i can speak from the standpoint of the united states has never been better than it is right now with japan i feel
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that we understand each other very well we're very committed to each other as nations so we have a situation where we have the best relationship that we've ever had with japan and we're going to keep it that way we are work you know and the imbalance of trade there's been a tremendous imbalance and we're working on that and i'm sure that that will work out over a period of time and during that briefing from also said he'd be open to dialogue with iran if they want to talk send extra troops to the region amid escalating tensions but has downplayed fears of conflict on sunday iraq spoke out against the u.s. over its treatment of iran but the iraqi foreign minister told his iranian counterpart that iraq is willing to mediate. syrian government forces have regained control of the village of catherine a buddha in the north west just days after losing to rebels last month government forces in almost a new offensive on edge led the last major rebel stronghold in syria those are the
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headlines next up is the missing post. now all jews iraq. with and for you. the world is watching iran this tension between 11th of next to ratify and we are learning also what like you increase tax. rates cuts right tack iraq a threat years radical intelligence threats to american shores. hello i'm richard guess what and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week journalists and news junkies are taught to consider the source and one of the challenges in understanding the u.s. iran showdown is that the key sources are unnamed. and antisymmetric video
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published by a.j. plus arabic is pulled down the network issues an apology and suspends 2 journalists julian assange now faces more charges in the u.s. that have precedent setting implications alarming ones for mainstream news outlets the perils that women journalists face in the age of the internet and gimmicks galore election coverage on indian news channels and what popped up but nowhere let's go there stop us if you've heard this one before anonymous sources in washington quoted in the u.s. media over purported intelligence reports on specific but on specified threats from a middle eastern country and this a build up of u.s. millet. forces around said country because as the narrative goes somehow maximum pressure perhaps even war is the best way to bring peace to the reach this would not be the 1st time the american media with italy or unwittingly has made the case
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for war on the basis of vague anonymously sourced intelligence in 2003 it was iraq this time it's iran much of american news reporting on u.s. iran relations glosses over president trump's role how his policies have led to this standoff there's even less space given to reflect on the history of american aggression against iran which is not to say that the islamic republic ruled by authoritarians and involved in wars in syria and yemen is an innocent player however inflammatory headlines unnamed sources and decades of misinformation in the us media over iran don't help our starting point this week is washington d.c. . headlines like beads about iranian belligerence a new tensions with the u.s. came from sources like the the official who declined to be identified the 3 u.s.
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officials familiar with the find a defense official who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly it's a safe bet that the official was authorized to speak anonymous if we were to write a headline on the coverage of this story it would read anonymous government sources u.s. news media risks being manipulated again. all of a sudden you have a news headline that takes over the world which comes from a rather dubious and questionable source but by the time that people start asking questions it's already too late because the narrative has been that has to take into account the a single source story we can potentially start as this disastrous. frontiersman this really i think increases the burden of responsibility. to make sure to take and they triple check their sourcing and they say what you mad with a media outlets relying on certain sources is not something peculiar or uncommon on
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the country because well why whether in the us or elsewhere and this is especially true when the masses relate to state security or intelligence which always involves particular sources who can provide verification or information. that there was a wall street journal report on the threat from iran would seem very interesting is that the headline was almost the exact opposite of what the story was describing all along the reporting you would see points and information would refute actual conclusion that one would get from the headline and there's a good part of the audience that only sees that headlines on their phones on their website and then they move on to the next story. those headlines have been largely based on 2 things the u.s. intelligence report that was 1st reported upon on may the 6th and gunboat attacks against 4 oil tankers 2 of them saudi the took place
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a few days later and have been blamed on iran or its proxies the intelligence report has not been made public its contents have reportedly been described to various news outlets by those anonymous officials who talk about specific but unspecified threat from iran against american interests in the region including u.s. forces in iraq and syria. for media watchers observers of american foreign policy and victims of those policies moving on is not an option because of memories of iraq anonymous sources were an issue back then too as was dubious intelligence vague claims of iraqi w m d's he develops weapons of mass destruction. that the u.s. media swallowed far too readily and obediently if he gets weapons of mass destruction jerry if he is what does that mean for the world iraq 2003 is
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considered the greatest collective failing in the history of american journalism and it is far too soon to see those kinds of editorial practices in use once again the us media was not critical at the george w. bush administration in the lead up to the iraq war even though there were multiple sources outside of the us government saying that there is no evidence that iraq had weapons of mass destruction and in this instance we are seeing the same sorts of after abuses begin again and us media they're talking a lot about threats from iran and yet they're not providing much intel about that we are now dealing with people in the top administration like john bolton who have a long track record of trying to politicize intelligence to advance their agenda whatever the shape. so the burden of responsibility is really on this sort of shoulders of the journalists to go beyond the trumpet administration and trying to talk to u.s. allies in the region and the iranians also to get their perspective. in the news
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business context and it's largely missing in the u.s. iran coverage for most americans this conflict goes back to $979.00 the islamic revolution and the subsequent hostage taking a $52.00 americans in tehran held captive in their embassy for 444 days but it's what led to the 1979 hostage crisis that iranians remember 953 and the u.s. led couth that brought down the government of prime minister mohammad mosaddegh and re-installed the autocratic shah of iran who would rule his people for a quarter century but there's even more to us iran has such as the role that america played in the iran iraq war in the 1900. eighty's when the reagan administration helped sadam the saints forces and his army used chemical weapons at least 100002 romney and were casualties despite that long troubled backstory in
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2015 iran came to an agreement with the us the e.u. and 5 other countries in which it agreed to limit its national nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions the iranians stuck to their end of the deal the trump administration did not pulling out of the pact last year unilaterally but u.s. news outlets that are usually not shy with their criticism of president trump provide him with much more leeway on foreign policy then on domestic issues when it comes to domestic politics especially under the trumpet ministration the us mainstream media has been quite good at trying to be critical of the administration and what it's doing what the president's trying to any budget proposal dead on arrival what is the political strategy behind this move when it comes to foreign policy traditionally u.s. mainstream media does not really push back and try to understand the bigger context of why are we even going to engage in something like this study u.s.
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government official tells c.b.s. news this category of weapon is routinely supplied by iran to its proxies in iraq iran's policies in the region are often described as malign and various destabilizing as if everybody else's actions in the region are benign and stabilizing a look at what saudi arabia has done in yemen in the past 4 years look at what the u.s. did in the region by destabilizing iraq so i think this kind of demonizing iran and portraying iran as the source of all evil in the region is by definition hype and by the finish and result in misguided policies that could produce another tragedy like the iraq war. what nobody had to cover in 195-3979 or in 2003 with iraq was an american commander in chief on twitter effectively negotiating with a major foreign state on
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a microblogging site donald trump not the most articulate president the us has ever produced can be remarkably clear and forceful on twitter however diplomacy is not easily conducted when the players are limited to $280.00 characters or few lines will be the from the very beginning trumpets used twitter as a tool in his campaign but he now uses it to make statements that differ from his actual policy when he threaten north korea with fire when he did so to restart negotiations well the latest threats by trump obviously make headlines as he's the us president they are no longer can see this shocking so his strategy is no longer is a factor when. you have now i know president trump has used that on north korea and it has worked and it seems like he's trying to use the same blueprint for iran to eventually get them to the negotiating table like he did with kim jong on but there are leadership thanks very differently than the north koreans they're not looking
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for in the gym to see follow up on the world stage with president don't want to negotiate with him publicly they've said it numerous times because he said he's been disrespecting them and his twitter is actually an important part of this entire just respect campaign the iranians are talking about if not the main pillar of it. donald trump would not be the 1st occupant of the white house accused of using iran as a useful distraction from domestic political troubles in a stream of tweets in 2012 and 13 americans were warned that barack obama was preparing to do the same thing to start a war with iran in order to get elected to save face. all written by donald j. trump. that kind of context hasn't made it into the headlines but it's a big part of the story. we're
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discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers tarek nasr tarek the 1st story we're looking at strikes close to home it's about al-jazeera want to its digital online outlets a.j. plus arabic last week it posted a story questioning the holocaust what did that story actually say richard 1st off this video was sematic and the plea offensive to journalists involved have been suspended and there's an ongoing investigation into it but let me back up a little bit and give you some details on the video itself it was produced by arabic and put out with the caption said what is the truth about the holocaust and how did the zionist movement benefit from it the report then claims that the killing of 6000000 jews was quote a narrative that was adopted by the zionist movement the video got hundreds of thousands of views before it was pulled down and we wrote so yes a bishop the executive director of al-jazeera digital division and in front of this
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statement we. deeply regret the mistake and the offense caused by the content individuals and communities across the world i want to reiterate that al-jazeera does not tolerate any thoughts material on any of the networks platforms and we are ensuring that additional process is being put in place for that this type of error doesn't happen again but the reaction online was instant it was already out there much of that came from within al-jazeera itself including a.j. plus the english language version did not that's right the video was widely criticized online some of the criticism has centered on just how different the content put out by the arabic language with can be from the. english language one the head of the english language version of a.j. was categorical tweeting i was personally shocked and appalled by a video on the holocaust published last friday by the editorial arabic language
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a.j. pluff the video since removed was an unconscionable violation of. moving on to julian assange now the u.s. justice department is charging the wiki leaks founder who would already been charged under one law with another 17 counts of breaking a 2nd law the espionage act that is disturbing not just for us she is looking at up to 175 years behind bars but also has implications for other journalists tell us why because of the precedent these latest charges with sets a son who was initially charged under the computer fraud and abuse that since he'd helped with source chelsea manning get classified material out of defense department computers that stage the justice department appeared to be trying to make a distinction between a songe and the rest of the media including needs outlets like the new york times and the guardian that partnered with wiki leaks and published its material some of these new charges under the espionage act relate to how the songe encouraged to
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provide him with material the kind of thing journalists do every day but they also focus on wiki leaks publishing classified documents and that has implications for mainstream news outlets then the same remember the difficulty in differentiating what wiki leaks does from what news organizations do is what prevented the obama administration from using the espionage act against us and in the 1st place which explains why the american civil liberties union calls these latest charges an extraordinary escalation of the trumpet ministrations attacks on journalism ok thanks to our we're turning now to dispatches from what they call the virtual war zone a story about the. errol's of online journalism reporters have always had to defend their work and the trolling of journalists is now routine but many female media professionals deal with the kind of hate messages men will never see comments about
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their gender their appearance and sexuality the language can be ugly and violent threats of sexual assaults and rape have grown alarmingly common because for trolls hiding behind an online profile is easy the anonymity of social media has made the dissemination of abuse and hate as easy as a simple click the listening post spoke to 2 journalists maria ressa in the philippines and said that he could go in india about very experience with online harassment and the impact it's had on their work and their wellbeing also talking us through this story hannah storm the former director of an organization that trains reporters on how to stay safe both on and off the web. and used to be a war zone correspondent but in a war zone you know with and you know what to prepare for you know how to stay safe
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. in this new landscape. this is intimate you take it home with you you wake up with it it's with you all the time. i've been attacked as a communist operative busy a cia agent every kind of word. or and i'm all. for now and then you name it and it's been thrown out. as a journalist i'm used to defending the work i do but how do you respond when someone threatens you with rape when someone wants you dead inundated with the barracks are paid to the vitriol it's calling you things like a prostitute to a whole world because somebody else is a sex slave that they could just do things to you that are really sexually explicit
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women genocide 3 times more likely to experience all my trust in them and hundreds of times shame them into silence by calling them names by undermining the reputation and by trying to violate their oldest child in august of 2016 rappler came out with a series of stories i call the propaganda machine that series showed that social media has been weaponized that accounts that are that are in the middle of this the content creators are working for government and it was all connected to anyone who questioned the drug war as soon as the series was published i started receiving an average of 90 messages per hour. i'll read one to you is that all right so this one this one this is from a real. kid maybe maria ressa is dream is to become the ultimate porn star in
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a gangbang scene so it's not but it's their 2nd one is make sure maria ressa gets publicly raped to death when martial law expands to mention it would bring joy in my heart. it's meant to tear you down so long that. you don't have the confidence to continue reporting that's one and then the 2nd is to make. yourself stop you were doing. stories that go against the government narrative all of it's just a day to day. rubbish and horror that female journalists have to experience but it's not just it's very much physical it's very much psychological as well a lot of the journalists who are killed around the world get threats online certainly the physical on the virtual do you call it one of the issues for news organizations is trying to understand the severity of the threat and that's often a difficult issue when you go on online harassment or go online threats to figure
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out how serious do you need to take in the beginning i never used taken seriously because i thought it was just you know people barking on social media lunatics on social media crazy people who i didn't have to dig seriously but then i started getting some very serious threat. one of the 1st threats that i got was a threat of get angry and it was a gang rape of me as well as my daughter was in school and they said we know where your daughter studies we know what school she is and we know what time she comes out of school and we're going to grab her and we're going to a soul draw and we're going to perform gang rape you see what happens is that the bus and books out of threat and then deletes the account but having deleted the account lots of other hand of them take it up and disseminate it so its purpose is
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so because it creates a kind of chilling effect you get very scared you tend to sort of selves and because you're scared of what is out there the. troll posts to support sites that something like 30 percent of the much of us they spoke with had considered leaving the profession because of the impact it had on the cement 40 percent of female journalists have actually stopped writing about certain stories if we're in a situation where journalists are impacted on to this. extent that's really really touching to freedom of expression as well the threads get on with growing and they keep getting more and more abusive and more ammo followed if you're a liberal you're on the right. if you're a journalist you're under attack if you're a liberal woman journalist and your public enemy number one there are women who were attacked on social media were then attacked off social media the threats can
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be online and then go offline my colleague and good friend go to was actually shot in september 27th teen and a facebook user. to hit list of me and 4 other women saying that when one has been taken care of we now need to locate these 5 other women find out where they live and we need to systematically finish them all and this was and shared by numerous other facebook users now the reason why i dig these the school twitter thread seriously is because you know this is exactly what happened when. she faced foolish media threats as you know lisa take it seriously the fact is she was killed you know and the scary thing about goatees dave this is the modus our space has said that i didn't know who she was i was just told that she was damaging my religion and so i killed oh so that's the level of brainwashing and fanaticism that exists
1:44 pm
out there i don't think the government is doing anything about it actually i think number of these tools were their own social media but actually followed by government ministers i think social media companies need to do much more i would love it if people were engaging with me on my journalism all were engaging with me on my work but if it becomes a place for death threats and forgery of threads and full gang rape threads then i think it uses its meaning. social media companies need to have much stricter all restrictions on what is hate speech and what is speech against women what is he'd speech against minorities for the. problem that i've seen is that they are in silicon valley looking at the world's lenses that don't take into account the global landscape they operate in when i hear mark zuckerberg say you know it'll take us 5 years. i just say you know we don't hound 5 years in our country you sort of you know you shouldn't be doing the philippians. information this is the core of
1:45 pm
our beliefs of our common reality and. we need to go get back to a point where this kind of dystopian use of information is mitigated. finally india even when you take the country's population into account it's the busiest most crowded television market in the world it has more the 900 privately owned channels more than 400 of those are news channels the 24 hour kind they've just covered a national election in which the voting not the campaigning the voting took 5 weeks imagine how much news content was churned out the reality is the prime minister narendra modi just want to 2nd term in office but we're going to look at the virtual reality and some of the other tricks and gimmicks that those news channels used to try to get viewers who vote with their remotes to tune in some of those
1:46 pm
channels one slightly over the top we'll see you next time you're at the listening . 2 2 2 stand with the headline right now closing the doors all said. let's go there. all of the people here but now they're setting the photos probably out of this to you know giving 20 do you really think it could be a good you could be 90. 7 he's saying 305 could have been 20 old song in 36262 is to the bee to pete you know ok well 73 you can be 30 the nice guys playing and what is happening in the crowd not without a member this is
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a crucial thing for the city for me and a little 6 for the company gave us a life this seems to be a squad of all those if they can quickly pick of you. coming back in 2019 and let's head back to the studio. june on al-jazeera people in power returns with an investigation into why india's capital delhi has some of the worst air pollution in the world. 2 years into the blockade we look at the future of the g.c.c. crisis and its impact on life in qatar join us for special coverage the big picture examines the power potential unprejudiced of ology official intelligence says it used to shape world leaders from the group of 20 nations will gather for the 14th g. 20 summit to be held for the 1st time in japan and in brand new episodes we follow people from around the globe who are risking it all just to make
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a living june on al-jazeera. the official story is apparent on it will show you i don't care about the official story what has the media been telling join me there the hot sun on top of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we'll debate the week's top stories are big issues here and i'll just. gains for the populists in european elections the centrists lose their majority for the 1st time in decades and nigel for that party gets the most u.k. seats the ruling conservatives are badly beaten after failing to take president out of the european union.
1:49 pm
and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up japan's charm offensive ahead of tricky trade talks donald trump becomes the fast foreign leader to meet with the new emperor and our heater. and our shortage of emergency services in afghanistan as putting the lives of millions of people. brisk. now provisional results show the pro europe centrist survey long dominated the european parliament have suffered significant losses and one of the most contentious elections in e.u. history 2 allies the liberals and greens made gains so too did the far right as barbara sarah explains from brussels. she is the face of european populism and this was a moment she wanted to say for very little pain and her far right national rally came 1st in france's european parliamentary vote upstaging president of
1:50 pm
a crohn's centrist pro you are in a sense with. live for some of the view but to see a libel or not is assume the fading of traditional parties in the polarization between the national ready party and the renaissance party confirms that the political scene is now split between nationalist and globalist this fundamental debate will determine our nation and our peoples future i will determine what voters will have to choose in the next elections. marine le pen's victory was echoed across the alps by methe tail salvini whose leg party was the biggest winner from italy's election results a strong anti immigration message and the focus on europe's christian identity won him around 30 percent of the vote so vini has formed a new right wing populist alliance with other like minded politicians from all over europe their gains weren't as big as some polls had suggested but the newly formed european alliance of peoples and nations could still be
1:51 pm
a force to be reckoned with in the european parliament of course we would see that happening. parties. a which parties within the smaller groups inside the rupee in parliament in order to achieve major and more influence within the policymaking activity of the rupee in parliament they may well decide it is better for them to join. something is a license and therefore we could see is group grow and achieve perhaps 80 or even 90 parliamentarian's the elections major losers have been the center right and center left coalition for decades they've been able to dominate the chamber with their combined majority but they're both set to lose dozens of seats and their majority with them there is no stability there recent no stable maturity without the e.p. and that's why the e.p.a. is ready for compromise ready for talks to join them but they have to work together that is our main. compromise and
1:52 pm
coalition building would be key in the new european parliament the green party has emerged a stronger from these elections coming 2nd in germany and the liberals also saw their numbers increase through these elections had the potential to change the very nature of the european union a fact that wasn't lost on voters turnout across the block has been the highest it's been decades at just over 50 percent that result has been a fragmented parliament which in many ways reflects the divisions faced by the european barbara sarah al-jazeera the european parliament in brussels and italian interior minister matteo salvini has welcomed what he called a new european renascence as he celebrated his far right league party a success in the polls. not only is the league the 1st party that italy but also is the 1st party in france. is the 1st party in the u.k.
1:53 pm
there for you to leave for us it is the sign over europe that is changing well as you had there nigel farage is new bracks at party is in the lead in the u.k. for hours says his party success is a massive message for the conservative and labor parties that have long dominated british politics for a chalons has more from london. nigel farage has done it again 5 years ago his ukip party scared david cameron into calling a referendum on britain's e.u. membership now his new brics it party is on course to win big in the u.k.'s unwanted here appear in elections the intelligence i get is the facts of how he's doing pretty well the lib dems main side doing reasonably well but it looks like looks like there's no reason to think with the rest of the. as the hours passed the bracks it party tally of any piece grew and grew leaving the traditionally
1:54 pm
dominance of labor and conservative parties far behind it's an astonishing feat considering this party didn't exist before april the 12th leave voters have severely punished the tories for to resume a failure to deliver bricks it remain voters have deserted labor over it's a vase of attitude to a 2nd referendum consequently the liberal democrats have done very well as have the greens what we're left with are these elections is an electorate looking all new lives at least are the remains are one that's very skeptical obviously he's one that clearly wants to let the political parties and politicians in westminster know how they feel nigel faraj with his message that britain has been betrayed by its complacent politicians found the daughter victory wide open britain only voted in these elections because marches last minute breaks a deadline extension required to the tories barely bother to campaign and
1:55 pm
astonishingly spent the run up to the vote dethroning their leader labor hardly showed much more effort there's a lesson here for the tory leadership hopefuls competing to replace to reason may end as a lesson that will concern anyone who is worried for the sense of ground of british politics the next leader of the conservative party may well be thinking that if he or she is going to. any of the voters that they've just lost they're going to have to how far are nigel farage retellings to 0 the. president donald trump has praised the relationship between the u.s. and japan as he sat down with prime minister shinzo. he became the fast foreign leader to meet the new emperor in our heater in tokyo trump is also invited to a state banquet at the palace in the evening but the focus in talks with the prime minister is mainly on trade and security away in his life for us in take care when you are outside the palace where trump and i are they have been meeting and we're
1:56 pm
expecting some statements from the 2 men shortly but we're not expecting any announcement of a trade deal. probably with that right now or. no i don't think we will be having any significant announcements regarding trade between the 2 countries japan and the united states donald trump wasted no time when he arrived in japan on saturday talking about trade despite the fact we've been told by the white house and the japanese government that this trip wasn't really all about trade it was about that historic 1st meeting that you mentioned with japan's new emperor but he spoke to japanese business leaders he talked about the big trade deficit that the united states have has with japan and he spoke about that a few hours ago here as well inside the state guesthouse behind me having said that it is a very complex process these trade negotiations only really began in april so it seems that there is still a long way to go the latest that donald trump has said that he is hoping that they
1:57 pm
can announce something on trade in all importantly there will be an upper house election here in japan in july and there's a sense that japan's prime minister shinzo out they won't want to give away too much in the form of a trade deal before that election and when just a couple of hours ago pyongyang released a statement calling us national center. and he advised the john bolton a war fanatic given the tensions on the korean peninsula presumably north korea would have been high on the agenda at today's meeting. yes i think particularly given those 2 missile tests that north korea conducted earlier this month and that is what has prompted that statement from the korean central news agency aimed at the u.s. national security adviser that came after he made a comment when he arrived in japan on saturday talking about those 2 missile tests saying that they were clearly in violation of united nations security council
1:58 pm
resolutions the day after that also in japan donald trump himself seemed to contradict that when he since sent out a tweet talking about these 2 missile tests as being tests of small weapons he called them that seem to have disturbed some people including some of his own so clearly it was it was a swipe if you like at john bolton but interestingly enough the japanese prime minister shinzo had said exactly the same thing that these tests by north korea were in violation of those u.n. security council resolutions but the important to note also that they were short range missiles and i think that will be something specifically that they will talk to donald trump about in the short range and medium range missiles that north korea has which of course can strike south korea and japan with so much attention on their long range missiles over the past couple of years with the ability they say to reach mainland united states and also the nuclear program program i think there
1:59 pm
will be a reminder from shinzo of it that beneath that there is a huge arsenal apparently in north korea that needs attention as well as there is when have fun and trumps visit for us and take care thank you for that update where well let's now speak to stephen nagi who's a visiting fellow at the japanese institute for international affairs and he also joins us live now from tokyo stephen it's been an action packed visit for president and prime minister are they so far talk us through the relationship between the 2 men they share a relationship that's closer than many other world leaders. well prime minister rabin and president trump have spoken over 40 times on the phone and they've met an amount countless times at international gatherings as well as bilaterally just last month prime minister rabin is wife's birthday party with melania trump and mr trump really and i think it's really so just that the relationship is not only a relationship that's based on transactional politics and national interest but there's a personal relationship i think promised often has been very astute to. understand
2:00 pm
how to engage in relations with mr trump he's moved away from a conflict or arrogant position he's tried to make japan part of that story of making america great and i think that they've actually done a pretty good job we've seen the japanese invest in japanese in the united states we've seen them step up in terms of the japan-u.s. alliance in terms of burden sharing and we've seen the japanese really forged a position of leadership with the free and open in the pacific with in this region helping the united states push back against what some understand as a sort of china in the region well stephen are they reportedly nominates a trump as well for the nobel peace prize for his work to open up a dialogue with north korea but now john young badly attacking members of trance administration how is that all playing out for the u.s. japan relationship. well i think that you mentioned in in your report i'm in.


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