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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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at least 2 killed and several others injured in a stabbing attack near tokyo. alone will come on peter w. watching al jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up an al-jazeera investigation tracks the military aircraft and spy planes that appear to be supporting the war telling seeds the libyan capital. need use youngest leader is ousted by the austrian parliament following a corruption scandal but to return to power. another day of deadly violence in
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brazilian prisons just 24 hours after 15 inmates were killed in a riot at a facility in the north. a top story young school children are among the victims of a mass stabbing in japan at least one child has been killed and 16 others were injured in the attack in qana saki close to tokyo the suspect is also dead when a joins us live now from wayne what else do we know. b.d.'s this attack took place at around 7 45 in the morning tuesday morning in a suburb of saki just outside the capital tokyo usually this part of the city fairly sleepy but of course at that hour of the day would have been busy in this particular area with people commuting to work going to school just. few metres down
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the road from where we are standing is a train station would have been a busy area because of that and also a bus stop where the children were waiting to go to school and it seems that that is where most of the people were attacked most of them it seems were school children waiting to get on a bus going to a particular school in the area a private catholic school and at that time of the day we are told that the children lining up for that particular bus were for the most part grade one students so we're talking about students aged between 6 and 7 years old hospitals are saying that the people they are treating for the most part school children as well as you mentioned the attack is now confirmed dead we believe he is a man aged in his forty's or fifty's believed to be operating on his own we don't know what the motive was but i witness accounts say that he was brandishing 2
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knives when he staged this attack just a few meters down the road behind me and it was reading wind to be a particularly quiet area it's a quiet time of day. yes i mean usually this is a fairly sleepy part of callus saki city we're certainly not in the heart of the city as i say it's just outside the capital tokyo at that hour of the day would have been slightly busier because people going to work as i say a train station down there a bus stop as well people going to school it will shop this neighborhood no doubt in fact it will shock the entire country of course this country is not immune to this type of attack happening we have seen this sort of thing happening over the years in japan but it is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world with one of the lowest murder rates there's no doubt that this attack particularly as it appears involving mainly school children will certainly hurt your hand wearing
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thanks very much. the fighting has intensified around the libyan capital as those loyal to the u.n. recognize government battled with forces led by the warlord after. the government is trying to push after us forces back from the airport road south of tripoli he launched an offensive in early april to take the capital from forces loyal to the prime minister fires also raj the fighting has killed more than 500 people and forced tens of thousands from their homes. and an al jazeera investigation has tracked several military aircraft and spy planes that seem to be supporting halftones forces 2 military cargo planes appear to have switched off their tracking devices to conceal them to and from eastern libya the countries under a u.n. imposed arms embargo after the supported by saudi arabia egypt and the united arab emirates. is a senior fellow at the foreign policy institute at johns hopkins in the states he
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told us why he believes the u.a.e. is so involved in this battle. over the last few years a lot of countries have been supplying have started without which he would not and never have been able to dominate bongos e and the eastern part of libya primarily it is the us that has been pointed out throughout the last 3 years or 40 years by the united nation and multiple reports that it is the primary sub supplier of weapons and ammunitions and so on to the half dozen side had also established an airbase in the eastern part of libya it and it is the one behind also they dipped in involvement in libya it is the sort of the the lead point in half that is. support the primary motive is that the us has a very irrational fear of what it's called that then wisdom
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brotherhoods which seems to be a broad stroke that it covers everybody that doesn't agree with its policies and it believes that it is if anything happens in north africa it will cascade down and undermine its own regime that is their primary reason which is really quite irrational in many ways because if you calculate the distance between tripoli and abu dhabi it is about 4 times more than the distance between to paly and rome so it's very hard to see that anything that happens to libya can effect day us directly in any way whatsoever except their their their absolute conviction that that will inspire revolutions order revolts within the e.u. if it's of.
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a fragment. the verdict in the european parliament elections has opened up divisions between france and germany on who should have the european commission the german chancellor angela merkel says the president should be from the single largest grouping that's the center right european peoples party however emanuel macro position must reflect the results of the vote on sunday in which the far right as well as the greens and the liberals gained at the expense of the centrists . that natasha explains more now from paris. the face of europe's parliament is changing the traditional power blocs of the center right and center left that have dominated for decades lost seats as populous greens and liberal searched for the 1st time in 40 years since the 1st elections in 1879 of the european parliament due to classical party's socialists the. conservatives will no
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longer have a majority. nationalism and fears over immigration fueled gains for populist parties in france hungary and italy where matteo salvini is far right policy one more than 30 percent of the vote. in in not only is the league the 1st party in italy but marine le pen is the 1st party in france in the u.k. knowledge of the rajah's 1st so it's 3 france england it's the sign of a europe that is changing green parties in several countries celebrated their best e.u. election results highlighting concern among some voters and the climate change after ending the use of people all across europe want to form a peaceful europe together we haven't just got a great result in germany but as it stands in ireland and the netherlands in austria all across europe the greens are strong. the election results reflect a growing political trended me use 28 member states people are increasingly
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rejecting establishment traditional mainstream policies and supporting alter. it saves on voting for causes to center right european peoples party remains the largest bloc in the e.u. parliament but with no majority it'll be forced to seek support a former pro e.u. coalition sensorites uncensored after parties have scored badly they have both lost . they have both lost votes but we see a 3rd party emerging which is the liberals at the moment so the party if one includes the votes from across is likely to become the king made in the next european parliament. the european project was created after world war 2 to ensure their rivalries between countries would never again result in conflict while these elections show that politically europe is more fragmented than ever pro e.u. party still retain a majority suggesting that although some voters may be questioning the european
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union most still believe in it natasha butler al-jazeera paris a surprise breakthrough came from the greens stand to become the 4th largest group in the new european parliament the greatest success for the environmentalists was in germany where the greens came 2nd with 20 percent of the vote they took over a 1000000 votes from the country's 2 biggest parties they also came 2nd and finland on 16 percent france saw a major upset with the environmentalists grouping polling over 13 percent making them the 3rd largest party in ireland the green party treble their vote from 5 percent to 15 percent a result that was almost emulated in the u.k. where the greens vote rose from 4.6 to 12 a half percent overall green parties are projected to take 69 seats in the european parliament making the potential kingmakers when it comes to choosing the next president of the european commission's moniker for sony as the co-chair of the european green party she says the party's ability to unite is one of its biggest
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strengths. even if we are not a huge political force we are really able to be united in a few missions and we win because we are able to gather majorities so i think that this kind of unity will be our greatest patrimony and we're also over the next the in the negotiations which are i trust are not going to be very very easy but in which we have certain priorities that hopefully will be respected also because we are not alone in this hour the so-called green wave has been very much pushed by young people in the streets but also the vote of young people so i believe that the other parties will be contaminated by this kind of backward also because we have very little time to to reverse of the trend and be able to fight climate change we have some kind of paradox italy for example my own country and is the place where
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the mobilization of god students was the biggest in the world out there on the 15th of march i think that the reason there are 2 questions one is the offer that perhaps you were not strong enough or good enough to take and to interpret this kind of movement which was very sudden and very quick and the 2nd is that the political debate is basically stuck between momentum or selling the 5 stars movement and so binnie on issues like a power struggle the so-called migration rise except by which the doctor lour the green issues and planted questions to come out. still to come here on al-jazeera sudanese protest as a doing next. hello
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there the tornadoes have still been ripping their way through parts of the u.s. most of them have been across the great plains and you can see the latest system here as it's ballooned and worked its way northward still going to be with us over the next few days with plenty of rain in the northern parts of our map stretching right up into the southeastern parts of canada but also there's this trading leg towards the south so there's still the risk of seeing some severe weather here the cause of all this severe weather is the warm air in the southeast heating that cold air from canada so atlanta 33 degrees will be our maximum fall cooler towards the west with denver only struggling to 12 a bit further towards the south and there's plenty of showers here lots of them over parts of cuba jamaica and into his spaniel but also somewhat to whether they were down towards the southwest just off the coast of costa rica we've got a little area of low pressure and that's giving some of us a very heavy downpours they could well be a bit of flooding here and maybe a few landslides as we head through the next few days and if ever there was
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a south still on this plenty of sunshine force in salvador top temperature of 28 degrees for the some parts of brazil there and into parts a pair of why there's this there's a link of cloud here that's giving us some pretty heavy rains that system is only slowly nudging its way northward as we head through wednesday behind it is cool so what is ours will only be at 14. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of our lives. other stories. provided attempts into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers and the front lines i feel like i don't know if i have the data prove. witness on al-jazeera.
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welcome back let's recovery top stories for you so far today young school children are among the victims of them are starving and at least one child has been killed and 16 others injured in the attack in color saki near tokyo the suspect is also dead. fighting has intensified around the libyan capital as those loyal to the u.n. recognized government battle forces loyal to the warlord to leave after and on al-jazeera investigation has tracked several military aircraft and spy planes that seem to be supporting his forces. france and germany are divided on who should head the european commission angle of merkel wants someone from the center right european peoples party but emanuel macro says that decision must reflect the gains
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made by the far right the greens and the liberal in the european parliamentary vote . austria is without a leader after a vote of no confidence forced the right wing chancellor sebastian kurtz to step down opposition parties joined forces to remove him from office over a corruption scandal involving a former coalition partner dominic cain has more from vienna. just over a week ago court said a stable coalition astri's far right. now his chancellorship is over after only 17 months in office and his country has no government. sacked this was the scandal that engulfed his family partners and eventually ended the coalition the secret video emerged at the freedom party's leader is filmed in 2017 apparently advising russians how their country could increase its influence over austrian politics the controversy led coats to force the party's cabinet ministers from office last week
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now they have returned the compliment. you have begun to see if he made the entire freedom party responsible for the wrong actions of 2 people who took the appropriate measures as we agreed that's what he did he tried to take advantage of a difficult situation of a government partner he tried to enlarge his own power base for the social democrats it was about denouncing what they call the unconstitutionality of course his actions it is then. this is a shameless unrestrained an irresponsible power grab this is what we are witnessing but the power in our country is based on the people and not you it was a stark contrast from sunday's scene when sebastian cortes led his party to its best european election result in 20 years which makes the opposition decision to force an early election seemed electorally questionable the chamber is now empty the politicians who voted the government out of left perhaps come to think about
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planning their election campaign the one irony of this results is that the man who's been forced from office might well soon be back on those same government benches if the opinion polls are anything to go by something mr cortes knows only too well as he told his supporters soon after losing the confidence of parliament in the hyperfocus by the me today parliament decided but at the end of the day in september and that's democracy the people will decide and i'm looking forward to that thank you for your support clearly he thinks he can ride that support back to the chancellorship dominic al-jazeera. at least 57 prisoners have died in fighting in northern brazil over the past 2 days 42 inmates were found dead in 4 different prisons in. a state just a day after 15 prisoners were killed in violence between rival gangs official say some inmates were stabbed with sharp toothbrushes whilst others were strangled. as
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a journalist in sao paulo he says there wouldn't be enough security in the prisons to break up the fights. the guards in these cases tend to leave the prisoners to themselves if you like to believe that these riots they use fights they happen in the in the. security area of the prisons we typically the guards are not there more in and out of referral area and when these fights break out. some conflicts there is these prisons obviously severely understaffed because brazil's prisons are 200 percent of the full so when these fights break out. you prison officials that are on the ground on control what is going on they know that so they rather don't go and they wait and told the fight is over until things calm down and then maybe they send in negotiators or they call
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in reinforcements which sometimes takes a while to arrive french police have arrested 4 suspects in connection with the explosion and on friday the police raided the main suspects house in the suburb just south of the city they later arrested 3 other people said to be his parents and another relative 13 people wounded in the blast on friday when a possible bomb detonated outside a bakery. there are fears in baghdad the growing tensions between the u.s. and iran could have dangerous implications for iraq's stability as the fight against eisel continues on the ground it's with the group is just waiting for any weakness an international coalition efforts chance stratfor now from baghdad. iraqi security forces and armed groups backed by iran known as the popular mobilization forces or p.m.s. hunt eisel sleeper cells in northern iraq. the u.s. calls the p.m.s.
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iran's proxy militia they were set up after a decree by iraq's top shia cleric calling on iraqis to fight i saw when the iraqi military presence isolate fancy of on the city of mosul in 2014 tens of thousands of p.m.s. fighters were formally integrated into iraq security forces 2 years later. military analysts say they were vital in the battle against isis a fight the iraqi prime minister said was won in 2017 but some p.m.s. factions have warned they would support iran if there was a military escalation between the us and iran potentially jeopardizing the fight against eisel. any conflict would weaken iraq's security and defense establishment including the p.m.s. because some of these armed groups would divert their focus from fighting i sell to siding with iran i still would be given a huge opportunity to penetrate the areas they want occupied as we have seen
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sleeper cells trying to do in recent days. this video shows iraqi military strikes on eisel targets in the hum remounts ans insula who didn't province army commanders say sleeper cells of eisel fighters have been trying to recruit in the area and lists a eisel would exploited any deterioration in iraq's stability especially if there was a military escalation between the us and iran they have been increasing attacks by eisel in the west in the north of the country in recent months car bombs killed 5 civilians and 3 members of the iraqi security forces in 2 separate attacks in recent days the hunt for eisel sleeper cells goes on across remote areas of iraq. security forces continue their military operations across the vast desert. this includes search and destroy missions of any ice in the remenant and sleeper cells
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that have recently attacked remote villages and towns. as u.s. pressure on iran increased earlier this month u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o warned the iraqi government about what he said was intelligence showing increased specific threats against u.s. interests in iraq the iraqi government denied there were any threats from the p.m.s. days later a rocket was fired into the green zone in baghdad which is home to the u.s. and other embassies no one claimed responsibility a sign that increased tension between the u.s. and iran has dangerous implications for the stability of iraq and could ultimately weaken international coalition efforts to fight isolate which is killed thousands of people in attacks in this region and beyond the. fact that. sudan's opposition is pushing ahead with a 2 day strike set to begin in a few hours time processes of trying to pressure the ruling transitional military
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council to hand over to civilian rule there are signs of division within the pro-democracy movement with one opposition party refusing to support the strike imran khan has more now from khartoum. was the vice chairman of the transitional military council has been speaking he's issued a very strong statement at a dinner for fellow officers he said the army has no popular support than any other organization in sudar well the people who would disagree with the speaker over that he's reaching the word mayday mayday and it means several several days still demanding a civilian government now the sudanese professionals association the people call for their general strike tomorrow and also speak english at a press conference as you can hear every ticket sales and 73000000 civilian civilian now they've issued a strong statement as i've said and what they've said is this regarding the notes
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he rolled at the barrel of a gun let's take a listen to what they had to. a by me list so what are the sole guarantor of the revolution are the sudanese people and the law in order in what we agree upon as a constitutional declaration or otherwise this is the guarantor of the revolution not a military rifle has a lot i mean. right now these people are very much like that about a general strike it looks like it will hold but we'll see over the next couple of days. in malawi the president has been reelected for a 2nd term in office following the most competitive election in the country's history because 138 percent of the votes just 3 points ahead of his rival lazarus check whether the results were delayed after the high court ordered a review of tuesday's ballot the opposition has accused the ruling. democratic progressive party of vote tampering. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he's doing everything he can to build
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a coalition and avoid another election after the parliament passed a preliminary motion to dissolve itself less than 2 months after elections seen so often and yahoo a new mandate he has just 48 hours to form a government he's called on potential partners to put the good of the nation ahead of other interests if. a lot can be done in 48 hours the voters wishes can be respected a strong right wing government can be established we can bring stability and a good government to israel i hope people come to their senses and do the right thing colombia and peru have called on the international community to commit more aid to help with the influx of migrants fleeing venezuela the colombian president even touquet and his peruvian counterpart martin because carter said their countries are facing the worst migrant crisis in recent history across latin america duquesne warn the crisis will continue if the venezuelan president nicolas maduro remains in power. the 1st crucial test of whether u.s.
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states can hold drug makers responsible for the opioid crisis starts in oklahoma on tuesday lawyers will argue that the company johnson and johnson is to blame for the widespread addiction that's devastated the state the case will likely affect around 2000 other pending cases across the u.s. and agalloch from oklahoma city. it's a drug crisis of epic proportions that's what i wouldn't die for it according to the center for disease control in 2017 close 250000 people died from overdosing on drugs more than a 3rd of those deaths were caused by prescription opioids given to patients for pain faced with a growing crisis oklahoma's attorney general decided to take action to big drug companies purdue pharma and tiva pharmaceuticals have already settled before being taken to court that leaves johnson and johnson who lawyers say are an opioid
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kingpin these companies we believe made no effort. when this process began 20 years ago to ensure that they were providing in a clear and informed way what the downside was oklahoma's case is just the 1st of almost 2000 lawsuits brought by states local municipalities and native american tribes this then is an important test case for the entire nation if lawyers here can prove a multi-billion dollar company like johnson and johnson played a role in the opioid crisis the ramifications could be huge ultimately campaigners say it will save lives and could be the beginning of tackling a crisis has claimed so many legal experts say whatever happens drug manufacturer is watching closely i think it's going to have a really good benefit for the public and the whole in terms of the safety and the marketing of drops in april president trump valid to tackle the opioid crisis by
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providing more treatment and oversight of big pharmaceutical companies we will end this terrible menace we will smash the grip of addiction we will make our cities safe our communities strong and our future brighter than ever before as one united nations we will work we will pray and we will fight. for the day when every family across our land can live in a drug free america. the opioid crisis has already claimed countless victims over the last 2 decades and continues to blight the lives of millions pharmaceutical companies claim they're not responsible but courts across the us and now primed to hold them to account and gallica al-jazeera oklahoma city . the u.s. attorney in corporation for crimes learn has proposed a merger with the french carmaker rose to create the world's 3rd biggest carmaker
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now the new company will be worth $40000000000.00 and combine forces in the race to make electric and self drive vehicles run as merger with the japanese carmaker has faced challenges following the arrest of the former boss carlos caution on financial misconduct charges. this is al jazeera mining's peter dhabi these are your headlines young schoolchildren are among the victims of a mass stabbing in japan at least one child has been killed and 16 others injured in the attack in car saki near tokyo the suspect is also dead when he has the latest now from our saki. this is a fluid situation 2 people did at the moment although even that is not confirmed and not japan they say that those people have no vital signs because they need to wait for an official doctor's report before the police will declare them did what we're hearing from hospitals in the area is that they are treating 16 people for
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stab wounds among those 16 the police quote in local media 13 school children and 3 adults france and germany are divided over who should lead the european commission angela merkel says it should be someone from the center right european people's party however emanuel macron says the decision must reflect the gains made by the far right the greens and liberals in sunday's european parliamentary vote austria as a leader after a no confidence vote forced the right wing chancellor sebastian kurtz to step down opposition parties joined forces to remove him from office over a corruption scandal involving his former coalition partner. fighting has intensified around the libyan capital as those loyal to the un recognized government fired up forces allied to the warlords. and an al jazeera investigation has tracked several military aircraft and spy planes that seemed to be supporting
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his forces. at least 57 prisoners have died in fighting in northern brazil over the past 2 days 42 inmates were found in 4 different prisons and man in the states just a day after 15 prisoners were killed in violence between rival gangs officials say some inmates were stabbed with sharpened toothbrushes whilst others were strangled . in sudan the opposition is pushing ahead with a 2 day strike set to begin in a few hours time protesters are trying to pressure the ruling transitional military council to hand over to a civilian administration but there are signs of divisions within the pro-democracy movement with one opposition party refusing to support the strike those are your headlines up next it's witness sudan seeds of inspiration i will see you very soon . on counting the cost where did it all go wrong for argentina's champion of the free market can actually stay in power as a populist makes a comeback
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a potential multi-billion dollar fine of course to break up facebook and bailout number 13 for pakistan counting the cost. ready ready i would. have. ready thought of the good the. very heart. apart for your country. for your civilization your coach.
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