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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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it's just revelations follow a pattern that's been seen before this is not an isolated case and i think in recent weeks we have heard some new similar attempts at hacking telephones and spying on other this isn't. across the united states canada in europe particularly most recently in norway and it seems to be a pattern and unfortunately the publicity it received by the killing of. who was the victim of such hacking and spying before he was killed and mutilated. doesn't seem to have taught the people in charge of security and the right lesson i'm not sure it will make a big difference in terms of the larger picture but definitely in terms of specific cases i think people have to defend themselves i do not blame. those or you
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for doing that in an attempt to kind of protect himself better against such steps and to prevent maybe more ominous and more threatening steps from being directed at him the same thing with colleagues like omar abdel aziz in canada. that the most recently in norway and there seems to be a common pattern with regards to the origin of that software and the methods being used by the saudi government as well as other governments in the region and beyond . now with no party holding an overall majority in the european parliament after the elections this past week and there is uncertainty over who will replace. as president of the european commission david schaper reports from brussels. who's next for the top job in brussels the german chancellor angela merkel arrived with the name of only one man on her lips to replace him. as president of the european
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commission that to me is this one not to be in a great coalition i support men for their vote but not all coalition partners do the same with the 46 year old but varian has never held a government elected office in his life but as the leader of the european people's party recent tradition at least say the job should be here is we know that we cannot celebrate a big victory be lost seats but we are still 2nd as a 1st party and that's why we are ready to talk now is everyone to sit together to find a common understanding prosecutor the french president emanuel macron though was clearly against his job and part most choice and he's gaining support among other leaders supposedly confound you don't want today to speak about a name and to turn to names i think we must take into account what came out of the polls what european people expressed we must have decision makers who have the credibility required to be able to react. no party in the european parliament now
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has an overall majority each decision on policy east issues on appointments will take time and calm provided. the british prime minister to resign may run out of both of those commodities in her negotiations with europe over breaks it is a matter of great regret to me because i have been able to deliver threats but of course that's massive risk now for my successor and they would have to find a way of addressing of a strongly held views on both sides of this issue. their future of course impact of brecht's it were not discussed at the leaders informal dinner the president of the european council donald though did return to it in his end of summit statement reg's it has been a vaccine against. propaganda and fakirs. the president
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macro also had a warning for his fellow diners everywhere the extremes are rising he said and what are they thriving on on fear and on lies david chaytor al-jazeera brussels. a group of gunmen in northern nigeria has attacked 2 villages killing at least 23 people that happened in states in the early hours of tuesday morning all the victims were getting ready for their ramadan fast the un's refugee agency says ethnic fighting is forcing thousands of nigerians to seek refuge in neighboring new year around $20000.00 homes in the last month alone. rising violence in the country will be one of the challenges facing president hadi he will be inaugurated for a 2nd term later on weapons day 75 year old former army general won a closely fought election in february bihari will have to deal with an economic slowdown interests has the story. from killings and kidnappings by bandits in
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zamfara in the northwest to attacks by boko haram in the northeast nigeria is struggling to contain widespread insecurity. then there is a struggling economy rising unemployment and power shortages. these are challenges that president obama promised to solve when he was forced 14 years ago. i think people are resigned to the crisis that we're in a crisis of a comment a crisis of insecurity in the end in levels of corruption in the country people who are resigned with shouldn't be the case the elections as you know very controversial very content and it's caught up in the courts a lot of people did not think their election provided an opportunity for choice much of the violence is happening in areas where most of the hardest supporters live and that's undermining his presidency. right here in 2015 then
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president elect mohammed while he took his oath it was widely supported by nigerians who criticized his progress or for freely to tackle corruption in security and economic decline for years on many an idea of state those problems haven't changed and that he lost a lot of good will that propelled him to victory. the president's supporters blame decades of corruption and mismanagement for the country's problems and point to what they say i successes of the last 4 years one to do. something infinitely not established it were like do. you point out i was. appointed to do local government and with a. lot of the 1st and. none of the under control for the. ability to. do. with in the shortest possible future at.
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the least. this is campaign against corruption while there is widespread disappointment some nigerians hope the president will deliver on his promises. that things will improve the economy really in full i. suspect they'll be more jobs you know the 1st seems in the lasts 4 years there was a bit of a drag this. is why we. joined the force. and one of the 4 science nigerians will be watching is a composition of risk cabinet and whether or not mr behind it will be able to get a grip on the security situation that something many nigerians are hoping for. al-jazeera. ok let's recap the top stories for you so far today the u.n.
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security council is warning of a humanitarian catastrophe in syria's rebel held province of idlib as government forces continue their bombardment hundreds of thousands of civilians have fled and how more provinces to escape the airstrikes can't this council take any concrete action when attacks on schools and hospitals have become a war tactic that no longer sparks outrage millions of battered and beleaguered children women and men cannot wait for another geneva round to succeed chinese tech giant holloway has now filed a motion in a u.s. court to have bans on his business is deemed unconstitutional the u.s. federal agencies and contractors are prohibited from using equipment for national security reasons adrian brown has more from cheyenne gents. what they want to do is to try to speed up the process in the united states courts that follows
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that decision by the trumpet ministration to enact legislation effectively that bans federal employees from using huawei a quick moment so they want to get an early judgement on that today the company put up 2 key executives and i think they were trying to demonstrate that in spite of this massive assault currently under from the trumpet ministration that this is a company which is not going to crack under pressure serbia has put its soldiers on high alert after casa been police made several arrests and is dominated northern territory officers say they were targeting organized criminal gangs saudi arabia is being accused of using israeli spy ware to target a prominent critic in the u.k. it's. all to saudi regularly criticizes the saudi royal family those are your top stories up next it's the stream.
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we understand the differences the similarities of cultures across the way around. al-jazeera international bringing the news and current from that matter to. al-jazeera. ok and join the stream today how can. i make a chat with developers about using video games to build communities and tackle social issues tell us what you think by joining the chat or. you know. it's easy. to buy from your computer. money for the 3 years it was like that moment that just
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time now good thing like everything is possible for me 73 percent of the population in south sudan is under the age of 13 they are born and raised up in the wall so the a mindset and attitude just. i decided to ditch my so programming so that i can make a priest. as a refugee living in uganda and had to walk 3 hours to an internet cafe internet cafe so he could charge his computer and play video games and now is the founder and c.e.o. of 2 new games he's winning awards partnering with other developers to create games with a social impact of course is not alone in that pursuit video gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry and as it's grown so too have the number of civic minded game developers organizations and conferences working to educate players about humanitarian issues from the plight of refugees and migrants to the horrors
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of war so. welcome to the stream and you so much new friend this. is the president of games for change that's a nonprofit organization that brings together game creators and social innovators and around me it's now is a video game developer and co-founder of the netherlands based studio. he also helped start the game well developer conference hello everybody it's good to have you here i should really say thank you to your mom because without my mother sitting it will literally but also because the subject matter let me just i looked around the internet i found obama here he is right here the story about how you got into gaming was all about what your mother did in order to help you get into gaming you spent all of your life in a refugee camp and you love video games how did you even get to play them. from
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a country with a civil war. a long time ago to flee to the roof and when they were going to the roof and you come i was born on the way learned from their growing up as children who love you know the good thing about video games it doesn't matter with him. where you you have to make sure that you have to find something to play and formula growing up in a refugee camp i never thought i'd video game a credible people as opposed to just for from having. read everything is out there i never thought about it and one day i went to like. refrigerate just christian center and i saw a computer and i was asking my mother like what is that and she said as a computer and i will write i want to use that one day and then like i went to internet cafe and my friend stole for me a video game called drop that was all right then i started playing a show like like when i stopped playing i was like you know this is
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a great video game and how can we be able to use game 4 for game to bring peace and your misery saw that because most kids when they're playing grand theft auto i'm not thinking how do i change the well because i think you have any point that the reason is because what i was saying in the game was actually what is happening in my country and i was like how can i use this to be able i'm because i'm from a country that i was over 73 percent of the population is under the age of 30 these are young children who were born in what they were raised and when they start playing this kind of game because it can be able to change their mindset and i went and i told my mother need a lot of and she love me and see like what are you going to do with a computer and with no money there's no place where you can charge it and she spent almost 3 years looking for $300.00 to buy from a computer so one day when like this is the money and i was like wow what do i do and it is the best. so like a highlight work every day because i know making video game is the best thing that
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i can be able to do because video game can be able to you know change the mindset of people and people can be able to play it and the whole idea is about you know when you play a game it become part of your life especially when you play with a friend when your friend kill your career you feel like why did you kill me it's like why did you kill my character and become a part of your life and us were like when we have kind of impact it can be like and you see like. industry grows every day so for the handful of people in our audience who don't play video games because our audience think they actually love this topic and i want to share that i want to share with them this this page this is grand theft auto so this is what really caught your attention there it was actually grand theft auto by city was just one of the wind sway on line we got a comment from someone who writes in on twitter that 1st person shooter games what's your grand theft auto could arguably be considered one of those glorify killing and they glorify the military so you talks briefly about the link between
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theme that game and seeing what was going on in your own country but then how did that how did you take that next step to say i'm going to turn it on its head and i won't be glorifying killing i won't be glorifying shooting and that's why i will become a game because what we have to identify the problem and the solution that we want to solve and for me i saw a solution of conflict you know of what is opening in the world today i believe true peace is something that is built over time and when i start playing video games is that if we can be able to create something like grant we can actually turn it around depend on what is your what is your solution to the problem that you want we want to solve. we have a responsibility to be able to create things that can bring social impact along a lot of them and that's why i would like susan to talk about the game. balance is
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an object that. has such an extraordinary sight so in a wonderful way to solve a private have. you found you know how did you find. i was not mistaken what was your 1st. as for moten is his game and he had been invited by the organizers ms festival to show this game that had gone viral through social media actually. to the point where it caught the attention of the men organizing i remember meeting a law and the law you were talking about you know being so amazed by that community in south africa very young infant unity at the time as well and people helping each other sort of wondering about whether something like that could exist that homeless outside on. in the refugee camp and they come to the conclusion that you could just
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make that yourself if you want to. and it was i remember being very impressed about that already you would want to do you mind if i'm just going to say that while the festival was coed at the lal you go out in a refugee camp in northern uganda maidens at home it's called sam well you know what counting carol is when people say oh. this was this was a phenomenal game obviously as low pointed out games are an international language day extend far beyond. far beyond just the stories that we tell playfulness and player such international such international things. i travel a lot or for my work trying to promote involvement in emerging territories in developing countries and one thing i notice is that no matter where in the world you go if you put a ball on the ground and get it to work somebody they're going to pick it back you don't need to speak their language and single use. games to to tell
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this message that is. you know you would hope is a very global message but it's such a privilege to many of us in the world that we grow up and be nice to see the wall use his experiences and tell old that story to tell that perspective through this video game was extremely. impressive and it drives he had to to make that a bigger thing to turn that into a structural and for both for himself and in the industry i was just i was incredibly impressed that are you go out. and see what you've done since obviously it's been. it's been incredible.


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