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u.s. federal agencies and contractors are barred from using weiwei equipment for national security reasons always chief legal officer says the u.s. is targeting the chinese tech giant for political gain. we believe that u.s. politicians are use in cybersecurity it's an excuse to gain public support for actions they they are designed to achieve other goals these actions would do nothing to make matter works most of cool they provide for sense of security and distract attention from the real challenges we face adrian brown has more from always headquarter sentients in china. well it's hard to think of any company in the world that could survive the sort of assaulted while our way is currently under this is china's biggest
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technology company of course and on wednesday the company invited the foreign media to their headquarters here in chains and once more talking to the media is one of the ways this company is responding to that assault now they wanted to update journalists on their legal moves that they've begun in the united states to try to scrap the legislation that was passed recently that prevents federal employees using weiwei smartphones and other bits of its technology the company also spoke of course about the blacklist the trade blacklist in the united states that it's now been added to that means that while awake can buy components key equipment that it needs for its smart phones that are made here in china the company said that the action the united states had taken had set a dangerous precedent he said effectively u.s. politicians have now use the resources of an entire country to to clobber one
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company he said today it was wild way and telecoms tomorrow it could be your company now this is a company that is notionally private but china's government is right behind it this is a company that president xi jinping the chinese government the chinese people are very proud of so if while away loses then china loses as well which is why this company may simply be too big to fail. china's state own people's daily has published an editorial titled us don't underestimate china's ability to strike back it talks about rare earth minerals used to make vital components and many electronics products and reads in part this way undoubtedly the u.s. side wants to use the products made by china's exported rare earths to counter and suppress china's development the chinese people will never accept this. as executive director at the asian trade center in singapore this is the u.s.
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is motivated not just by security but also technology and trade concerns. the u.s. has been planning to do something about huawei apparent for some time and put that on hold pending the resolution of the trade in tariff discussions in the united states appears to have decided that those trade have discussions are not going to be resolved as quickly as it dissipated than they might as well as we were with while a plan in so now the 2 things because of the timing and because the trade talks fell apart and why would a grand announce almost immediately those 2 things have definitely become conflated both sides think they have the upper hand so you're you're in a an unusual situation where both parties genuinely believe that they have the upper hand both parties point to specific important impact on the ground they think support that bolsters their claim when you start talking particular about digital and technology that fact that everyone that has helped nations that is the new
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chair of where we expect to be in countries large and small in developing countries we're all technology i mean this is what we all actually that was great in how this is resolved and the unfortunate thing for everyone outside of the united states and china is that there's nothing you can do except stand back and watch as these big parties. have this debate between each other and hope that they come to some resolution in the near term because it affects everyone today and is into its 2nd day of a nationwide strike their protests are so full force a transitional military council back to negotiating table and voice across the medical electricity and banking sectors stop work on tuesday as leaders call for the action as part of their push for a civilian led authority but the military council says it could lead to cuts in electricity or water services and that might put life at risk and racan reports
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from khartoum. day 2 and the looks remain in place called tomb is out and they stand still and the protest movement says it has the upper hand and is threatening more strikes if the transitional military council doesn't come back to the negotiating table. however the ruling transitional military council criticized the strikes saying the army was part of the revolution i don't know who the ns armed forces are part of that evolution by god we are and then think part of this revolution and without us all morning would have been instead empowered by god i'm telling you no one would have been able to remove him not was out us. a handful of shops and government offices did open but the strike is widespread enough for the organizers to deem it a success the plan today walkout was organized by the sudanese professionals association on behalf of the opposition coalition of the workers who walked out they hope that the military leaders who replaced ousted president omar al bashir
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will listen to their demands for a civilian led government so he just likes to do this right but we're going for more if they don't live without you know if your version was a little shocked at one or the 1st the sudanese professionals association of all organizing miche strike on behalf of the protests 3 minutes a day 2 will be even bigger than day one how about they also say that the central bank and all its branches will remain shuttered this is because many of the central bank staff turned up to work and say that they were actually harassed by the sudanese army the opposition coalition will be hoping that the strike gives them negotiating power and that the transitional military council will have to listen and we hope and talks if they don't opposition leaders say they will take further action such as more strikes for now the padlocks remain firmly closed as do the talks between the 2 parties imran khan i just thought. yes national security
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adviser says he has quote almost certain iranian naval mines damaged oil tankers off the coast of the united arab emirates earlier this month but he did not provide any evidence to back that statement he is currently visiting the u.a.e. for more let's go to same as he is live for us in tehran so what is iran saying about these accusations a. welder show in the last hour we've been hearing from iran's president hassan rouhani he didn't reference bolton by name but it's a see it seems to be a reaction to some of the comments coming out of the national security advisor president hassan rouhani in a weekly cabinet meeting said that the united states has made many contradictory statements in the past few weeks a lot of what they say can't be relied upon specifically a quote from him he said basis is not words whenever they stop their oppressive behavior towards iran and put cruel sanctions aside and stick to their commitments and return to the negotiating table presumably he means 1st then they the
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themselves have left then the path to iran will not be closed to them so making it clear that iran remains open to. moving forward but only if the u.s. comes towards it 1st really what's happened between the united states and iran in terms of the escalating tensions is it's become a battle of narratives and that seems to be happening again ahead of important talks in saudi arabia between a gulf arab leaders iranian government officials when this attack a legit attack on the ships in the u.a.e. port happened many to iranian officials said that it seemed to be a false flag operation possibly carried out by the united states or israel to ferment more escalated tensions in the region and in the weeks since they've doubled down on a sort of diplomatic push saying that their arms are open to arab neighbors and even pushing the idea of a non-aggression pact between iran and other countries in the region and the
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foreign ministry keeps pushing. lying to say that in their experience taking the united states at their rhetoric at what they're saying well it's important not to take those things too seriously. in his 1st media briefing as iran's new foreign ministry spokesman abbas moussavi wasted no time getting to the point if the united states wants talks with iran the starting point is returning to the 2015 nuclear deal. now we won't have any negotiation is the united states and on line has always been respect for international agreements to least they could return there with the rubber. and based on delusion so we have no prospect for negotiation and invades for developments. as to offers by 3rd parties while iran's leaders are open to hearing from concerned friends of he says mediation isn't necessary yet stubbornly sticking to his guns seems to have worked in the iranian
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government's favor the u.s. has rolled back hawkish language and even with the american military buildup still in the region a war seems much less imminent iranians often say they don't care about iran's strategic victories or even standing up to america they care about things like the price of diapers for their children the value of their real currency fluctuating from one second to the next and generally being unable to afford a happy life. in my opinion everything should be solved through negotiations but out of politics should be separate from social issues because innocent people are being corrupt into political games if iran and america. get better during a visit to japan this week the u.s. president struck an optimistic note i do believe that iran would like to talk and if they'd like to talk we'd like to talk also we'll see what happens but the iranian government says the u.s. pullout from the 2050 nuclear deal has shown negotiating with americans. it's
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a fool's errand and as long as meaningful reduction of sanctions remains unlikely talking is a waste of time to order your slimy to iran is not interested in empty rhetoric and pays more attention to behaviors and to decide upon them iran seems to be meeting american sanctions and military threats with more soft power doubling down on a policy of strong links with other countries to build a chain of consensus and condemn america's role in the middle east to that end the new face of the foreign ministry often iran's loudest voice on the world stage made it clear iran remains wide open to diplomacy with everyone except the united states . now john bolton also pointed out that iran should not leave the nuclear deal the 2050 nuclear deal the joint comprehensive plan of action which the united states pulled out of a little over a year ago he said the only reason and this is the message he's giving to arab
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leaders in the region he said the only reason that iran would leave the nuclear deal was to pursue a nuclear weapon so giving a very clear warning your brawny and leaders have of course said over and over again that they have no intention to pursue a nuclear weapon that in iranian islam and the law it is illegal to do so and they remain committed to preserving the deal and to that end russia's deputy foreign minister sergei lavrov of is in teheran for meetings he's been meeting with the deputy foreign minister of iran's foreign ministry a boxer rocky and they'll be discussing a future meeting between the remaining signatories to the j c p o j c p a way and ways to preserve the deal going forward of course we're about 3 weeks in to a 60 day deadline to preserve the deal that president hassan rouhani set a few weeks ago when he decided to commit to some non cooperation with certain parts of the nuclear deal all right with the latest in tehran thank you. so at on al-jazeera. the ride of their lives the motorbikes providing
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a vital service to kenya's world community. the rain in the form of frequent thunderstorms is more or less where it should be at this time the much of indonesia particularly java is now looking dry but there are big showers from kalimantan westward so if you're in singapore or k.l. chances are you're in a high risk area for daily thunderstorms but that's to be expected in the cloud extend right through southeast asia of the most the philippines with daily fairly heavy showers a likely event nothing too surprising here is how things should be equal in australia the cold weather is coming back again look at this massive cloud speckled clarity that is cold showers stuff coming up from the south the real cold direction we're just about get into double figures in tasmania and in victoria but it's going
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to be quite a cold for the day and those showers could well contain hail even snow at heart of course it is warm a bit further north but you've got to get to brisbane to get into the twenty's or go across to purchase and enjoy it will $24.00 which gets a little bit lower with the cloud coming in during friday at the same time we haven't seen much improvement to the science here melbourne's just about up to 13 in contrast maybe each brought a wall makino clinton 19 degrees and even with the rain edging into washington most of south around his due course. when a military coup overthrew chile's marxist president one stadium's became prisms and the junta sole objective was absolute control. publicly refused to accept dictatorship episode 4 of football rebels expose the life of carlos. the
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footballer whose personal story swayed of votes that altered the history of his country carlos caselli and the demise of a un day on al-jazeera. watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories this hour chinese tech giant wild way has stepped up its legal fight against u.s. sanctions the companies filed a motion in court to have bans on its business deemed unconstitutional its national security advisor john bolton says he is almost certain iranian naval mines damaged oil tankers off the coast of united arab emirates earlier this month he made the
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comment during a visit to the u.a.e. he did not provide any evidence protesters are into the 2nd day of a nationwide strike in sudan hoping it will force the transitional military council back to the negotiating table. there's anger in algeria after the death of a human rights activist on hunger strike. for car was jailed in march after being accused of creating ethnic tensions between algeria's era and berber communities his lawyer has described his death as premeditated murder at the hands of the judiciary algeria seen months of protests against the ruling establishment despite the resignation of longtime president delegates but a flake and a role may want all of those associated with the previous regime to leave office. activists say syrian government airstrikes have killed another 10 civilians apollo's attacks across northwestern provinces a day earlier at least 27 civilians or killed mainly and live and then as warning that are not offensive an ad lib will lead to humanitarian catastrophe for its
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3000000 residents and the medical or james may pay phase pardon me reports in the united nations. yes another meeting on the 5th time it's been raised in the security council since the offensive by the syrian government and russia started yet again the division among council members means there was strong words but no prospect of action for a top humanitarian official made this appeal conta this council take any concrete action when attacks on schools and hospitals have become a war tactic that no longer sparks outrage he's done nothing to be said or done when indiscriminate barrel bombs are dropped in civilian areas ambassadors from the u.s. and europe talked of war crimes and the need for accountability attacks directed
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against protected medical facilities are prohibited by international law and are in defiance of many security council resolutions including 216-522-6824 extension 49. there must be accountability for the forces and leaders who planned and conducted any such strikes russia was represented at the meeting by one of its deputy foreign ministers he said his country's military will working with the assad government to fight what he said with terrorists because. the russian aerospace forces are providing the necessary support to the syrian government forces to force the terrorists out of the regions that are used to bombard russian bases and the positions of the syrian air force. he's right there all groups operating in international humanitarian law is clear it says military forces must show proportionality and as well as the armed groups that are off $3000000.00 civilians living in the province james out jazeera at the
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united nations white house advisers are a caution or as headed to jordan to gain support for the u.s. plan on the future of palestine in israel on tuesday he met morocco's king mohammed the 6th and robot son in law will travel to israel later this week he's due to present the economic part of a plan at a conference and bahrain next month the palestinians are rejecting the proposals and are urging an arab boycott of that conference saudi arabia has been accused of targeting a prominent critic and britain using israeli spy ware. satirise to use racked up more than 200000000 views on his youtube channel where he regularly criticizes the saudi royal family saudi arabia's embassy in london was notified of a legal claim on tuesday accusing the kingdom of hacking the comedian's phone and using it to spy on him it's a latest allegation linked to the israeli n.s.o. crew. is the executive director of the research organization the arab center in
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washington he says the latest revelations follow a pattern that's been seen before. this is not an isolated case and i think in recent weeks we have heard some new similar attempts at hacking telephones and spying on others this isn't. across the united states canada in europe particularly most recently in norway and it seems to be a pattern and unfortunately the publicist received by the killing of. russia who was the victim of such hacking and spying before he was killed and mutilated. doesn't seem to have taught the people in charge of security and briana the right lesson i'm not sure it will make a big difference in terms of the larger picture but definitely in terms of specific
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cases i think people have to defend themselves i do not blame him at those are you for doing that in an attempt to kind of protect himself better against such steps and to prevent maybe more ominous and more threatening steps from being directed at him this him saying with colleagues like omar abdel aziz in canada you had the most recently in norway and there seems to be a common pattern with regards to the origin of that software and the methods being used. by the saudi government as well as other governments in the region and beyond israeli government has again reduced causes fishing area from 50 nautical miles to 10 just 3 days after expanding at israel's military spokesman says that the decision the session was made in response to incendiary balloons of palestinians have been flying towards israel fishing area was extended as part of egyptian
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brokered cease fire deal between palestinian factions and israel. and gerry's president mohammad to the. is due to be inaugurated for a 2nd term in office in the coming hour a 75 year old former army general won a closely fought election in february he campaigned on promises to revive the economy and corruption and fighters and then northeast many reports. from killings and kidnappings by bandits in some for a in the northwest 2 attacks by boko haram in the northeast nigeria is struggling to contain widespread insecurity then there is a struggling economy rising unemployment and power shortages. these are challenges that president obama promised to solve when he was forced on him 4 years ago. i think people are resigned to the crisis that we're in the crisis of may come amid a crisis of insecurity. and in levels of corruption in the country people who are
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resigned with shouldn't be the case the elections as you know very controversial very contentious and it's caught up in it costs a lot of people did not think that election provided an opportunity for choice much of the violence is happening in areas where most of the heart of support is local and that's undermining his presidency. right here in 2015 when president elect mohammed while he took his oath it was widely supported by nigerians who criticized his progress or for failing to tackle corruption in security and economic decline for years on many nigerians say those problems haven't changed and that he lost a lot of good will that propelled him to victory. the president's supporters blame decades of corruption and mismanagement for the country's problems and point to what they say i successes of the last 4 years one.
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you know something in fact since he did not stop teaching and were like do. you point out i really. like to do to look i'm going to think. of this as it's. time for the. realty to. be fresh and. we didn't refute it and the list. is complain that it is. while there is widespread disappointment some nigerians hope the president will deliver on his promises i suspect that things will improve the economy will improve i mean i suspect they'll be more jobs you know the 1st seems in the last school year is there was a bit of a drug. dealing. with joining
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us. and one of the 1st science nigerians will be watching is a composition of risk cabinet and whether or not is to provide it will be able to get a grip on the security situation that's something many nigerians are hoping for. and men are soldiers implicated in atrocities against her henschel muslims 2 years ago are being accused of committing more war crimes recently amnesty international says ethnic rebels are under attack by the man maher army's western command soldiers from the same units were suspected of genocide as 3 quarters of a 1000000 mainly minority rahel fled to bangladesh in 2007 writing has forced another 30000 people to leave this year. and kenya patients needing emergency care are often transferred to hospital by taxi or even bicycle rather than ambulance and the situation is worse and roll areas where medical services are in short supply and the latest in our series on 1st responders catherine sawyer reports from orang
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where motorcycles are now being used to help save lives. yet in the town of moore this lance has got a call the service is run by a local nonprofit organization that operates in remote villages across the country today the team starts off i join nina why removes home she's 6 months pregnant with her 2nd child and she's getting an ultrasound scan for the fust time. i'm happy to see my baby it's alive healthy and so playful next door several mothers have brought their children to get tested for pneumonia it's easy to treat but about 10000 kenyan children die every year mainly because they're taken to hospital late. the rainy season is approaching and health workers here are taking no chances are that they are. the classes hospitals are private and too expensive for many here when they find sick children would take them to the man government hospital in
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good time so it can help save lives. kenya has more than 600 ambulances that's a big improvement from a decade ago when there were only 70. steel they fall short of the 1000 that the world health organization recommends for a country like this with a population of about 50000000. mainly in auburn areas like the capital nairobi have a poorly coordinated imagines response and most don't come cheap what we why intending to do was to ensure that there is a created a fund for all my deaths in medical care as we speak based t.v. know what you measure and somebody has to save more than 50 maybe less contacts of ambulances to be sure that he has enough which could be minimised by just having a single number of emergency. in morong are there only 3 government
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ambulances and a few private ones for close to a 1000000 people. and for many like thomas guba who needs argent medical help this service is a lifeline. and you go. so thomas tells us he's not feeling too well and now he's being taken to a government hospital that he's not too far away from here but he says that he is not strong enough to go to hospital by himself. he gets to the health center in good time and is now recovering well he's lucky many other patients in more remote villages don't have a service like they still help them catherine saw 0 central kenya. recap the headlines right now on al jazeera chinese tech giant wall way has stepped
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up its legal fight against u.s. sanctions the companies filed a motion in court to have bans on its business deemed unconstitutional yes federal agencies and contractors are banned from using one way or quit meant for national security reasons u.s. national security adviser john bolton has leveled more accusations against iran bolton is visiting the u.a.e. he says he is quote almost certain that iran has was behind an attack rather on oil tankers off the coast earlier this month but he did not provide any evidence has more. now what we're seeing in terms of this attack on the u.a.e. port the allegations of an attack that the united states says was carried out by iran iran has said that that was possibly a false flag operation carried out by the united states or israel also providing no evidence for this so certainly they are on opposite sides of a story that both countries leaders are trying to control and to that end in the
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last few weeks what iran has been doing is pushing the diplomacy narrative they've been trying to reach out to gulf arab neighbors they've said that their arms are wide open and they're willing to sign a non-aggression pact sudan is into its 2nd day of a nationwide strike that protesters hope will force the transitional military council back to the negotiating table protest leaders call for the action as part of their push for a civilian authority but the military council says the strike could lead to cuts and electricity and water services and that may put lives at risk. israeli government has again reduced causes fishing area from 50 nautical miles to 10 after 3 days just after expanding at israel's military spokesman said the decision was made in response to incendiary below instead palestinians have been flying towards israel. and manned mars soldiers employed catered in atrocities against her henschel muslims 2 years ago are being accused of committing more war crimes
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recently amnesty international says ethnic or kind rebels are under attack by the man maher army western command soldiers from those same units were suspected of genocide and 2017 i having us forced another 30000 people to leave just this year and so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera more to come football rivals this next. talk to al jazeera. you're just back from yemen what was the glimpse of the country that you're going to we listen to the children are deeply affected because of war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter how does iraq. because i'm going to get. this from pyongyang a month on a concept that can keep. the jumps in the business.
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